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Alex, no.  Just stop.


  1. First Sunday spring 2021 … the memes are filled with fresh life and an air of rebirth

  2. Alex, no. Just stop.



    Nice fun pictures with alternate meanings, Pups.

  3. After scrolling through these I’m regretting I don’t have enough room in my brain to permanently upload them and play them like a slideshow whenever I’m bored

  4. We finally made our corned beef and cabbage yesterday. Cooked the beef in the crockpot on low for about 7 hours. By the time dinner rolled around I didn’t feel like making bacon to go with the cabbage. I just cut it into wedges and used olive oil to roast it in a cast iron pan. I’ve never made it that way before but it won’t be the last.

  5. Heard a Federalist podcast on Rumble with these filmmakers

    They’re doing “My Son Hunter”. Distribution is a problem as you might imagine.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. How to artificially increase Covid deaths

  8. Sean did a Pseudo-Queensrych derp

  9. Paula ran a road race yesterday. “Lucky 7K” or something … St Paddy Day idea. She was running a lot earlier in the winter but had some sort of muscle strain in her left calf. I thought it was a plantaris tendon rupture but her pain was like a squirrel and it was hard to localize. Her left leg muscles are relatively atrophic because of her dislocated hip all those years. Anyway, she was a little over 2 minutes from her goal even with not running for 4 weeks and still having some pain. I am not a fan of her running because of the total hip but I’m just a dumb doctor who is her husband so what do I know. As long as the mileage stays low it’s not horrible I guess.

  10. Speaking of total hips…

  11. Might be time to switch to swimming.

  12. Agree, Jimbro. A meme library would be great to replay in my head while feel stabby.

    Also, hilarious avatar.

  13. My sister is getting a new hip in April. I’m very excited for her.

    I may need one but my pain comes and goes and I’m still praying it’s surrounding muscle tightness and or tendon issues. But genetics tells me it’s probably arthritis and getting to bone on bone.

  14. Might be time to switch to swimming.
    She’s doing a triathlon with her crossfit friends this summer so I’m sure there will be swimming at some point. I think she’s making up for lost time where her hip was painful and exercise caused her to writhe in pain for days afterwards.

  15. The “Biden falling up stairs” avatard makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. The karma of Dementia Joe ridiculing Trump for slowly descending a steel ramp with no hand rail while wearing dress shoes is coming back to bite him in the ass like an unruly rescue German Shepherd. At the same time, he is our Asterisk President which is scary.

  16. Mare, say hi to Herbert.

  17. roast it in a cast iron pan

    Oven roast or stovetop? I’ve never had corned beef and cabbage where it wasn’t all together in a deep pan with water and a cover on the stovetop, and I’m not a fan. Your method sounds much better.

  18. In the oven. I used a generous amount of oil. It wasn’t swimming in it but just more than I ordinarily do. My wedges weren’t really wedges and the casserole pan was dirty so I went with the cast iron fry pan. The site I looked at recommended a higher oven of 450 but it was already in use at 350 so I just went with that. You’re supposed to flip your wedges at the halfway point and my wedge flipping turned into something else so I just ended up exposing new leaves of cabbage to the heat.

  19. I always roast corned beef in the oven with the cabbage and potato chunks. Usually turns out well.

  20. Thanks. As a young pup I knew it was going to be a bad day when the house started smelling of boiled cabbage. We were a “eat what you get” and sit at the table together family, so there was no getting out of it without divine intervention. Yuck.

  21. Weather for this beach weekend has been a bust, windy and only occasionally getting up to the low 60s, overcast with rain, furnace has been running most of the time. In March you take your chances.

    Still, the house is nice, food has been good and the company reasonable so all in all better than sitting at home or going to work.

  22. Thanks. As a young pup I knew it was going to be a bad day when the house started smelling of boiled cabbage. We were a “eat what you get” and sit at the table together family, so there was no getting out of it without divine intervention. Yuck.
    Same here. “Boiled dinner” was awful.

    Lent was awesome because —–> FISHSTICKS !!!

  23. I made corned beef yesterday, too, but served it with sauerkraut. Going to try roasting cabbage wedges, too.

  24. Re: Jimbro’s avatar – I put my guns upstairs so they are safe from Biden now.

  25. I texted my gardening pupil about the weather this week. “This is the kind of weather when people get excited about the warmth and go out and plant things in the yard that will suffer because the soil is still too cold and then it will all get murdered three weeks from now by a deep freeze.”

    She texts me back, “It’s eerie how you know what I was planning to do?!?”

    Heh. She’s still gonna plant some of it, probably, because she’s impatient and young and has a hard head.


    Rand Paul posted this about how both natural infection and the vaccine protect against Chyna flu variants.

  27. Say I to Herbert


    I love him!!!!

  28. That’s silly, Roamy. We all know immunity can only come from experimental vaccines that used aborted babies to test and/or produce and who’s makers were paid massive amounts by the federal government, and were coincidentally directed by people who believe the world is dangerously overpopulated.

    Don’t miss your annual booster!

  29. I would never shave my chest like that, just to be clear.

  30. My cousin posted this. She is VERY liberal, and obviously very ANTI- Trump.

    Her commentary:

    “It’s vaccination day!!!!!! Can’t wait to volunteer with #vaccinatestate48”

  31. Gross

  32. Right? I don’t know which is more depressing. the video or that my cousin was so excited about it.

  33. I made it to 3 minutes before I had to stop.

  34. Also, I’ve never seen Frozen. This is a disincentive. Plus Disney.

  35. My legs are turning to shit and I still handle stairs better than POTATUS.

  36. That singing guy is totally convincing, he looks like a true believer. I bet he can really suck a dick.

  37. Broke apart one of my raised beds to see what sort of job I have ahead of me. Drinking coffee and may go bust up another.

  38. We had to get your mom a step stool.

  39. I’m planning to do some manure shoveling later after the sun gets a little lower in the sky. No yard work for me between 11 and 3 for the remainder, I think. Too much skin cancer in the family.

  40. was debating making traditional corned beef from the trimmings of the home cured one I just put in sous vide for 72 hours. after hearing pupsters rant I’m hesitant, but roasted cabbage sounds pretty good. was going to simmer mine like meathead does

  41. I love boiled cabbage. Always have. I like it in about any form

  42. Another riff on roasted cabbage is cabbage ‘steaks.’ Cut parallel to the core into 1.5″ thick planks and fried in a skillet until desired tenderness.

  43. I love cabbage. Roasted, slaw, boiled, baked any way. But I’m a peasant and like almost anything.

    You know how people think their ancestors were royalty? Mine weren’t. Don’t know for sure but about 99%.

  44. I’m going to YouTube and leave a ban worthy remark on the channel of the assholes who made that vaccination day video.


  45. This is a couple that does videos with the Manitawok minute guy and Dude Dad. I think Manitawok minute guy is a dem. He’s done almost public service like announcements during the whole covid debacle.

    I’m wondering if this is a sarcasm?

  46. so jimbro, do you cook the cabbage with the corned beef at all, or just fry it in bacon grease?

  47. That should be a mares musing

  48. Wasn’t that vaccination video all tongue in cheek? It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between sarcasm and the democratic party line any more.

  49. No, it wasnt

  50. He’s the modern day pajama boy.

  51. This time around I cooked the cabbage separately with olive oil. We bought bacon and I had this idea to cook the bacon and use some of the grease from the bacon plus cut up bacon in it. I was just too lazy to cook the bacon.

  52. Today I learned Jackie Gleason smoked 6 packs of cigarettes a day.


  53. Crap, a cocaine habit would be cheaper nowadays.

  54. Works out to 7-8 an hour.

    He was also fat and a heavy drinker, kind of a miracle he lived to 71.

  55. Great memes, as usual!

    Love the border collie one 😂😂😂

  56. My dad was a 2 pack a day smoker. Piker.

  57. Watching NCAA tournament, announcers have glass between them, but they sit so they are above it. What is the point of having glass then?

    This is so stupid.

  58. I heard about a certain federal employee who was busted with crack (not Hunter Biden). When confronted, the employee figured the jig was up and so confessed to using a certain amount of times over a certain period. I worked out the math and figured this person, on average, was using twice a day, every day, for about seven years.

    So I’m not impressed by Jackie Gleason.

  59. My son forgot his mask for church today. He was super self-conscious. I asked if he would feel better if I took mine off, and he said yes. So I did. My daughter saw and asked if she could take her mask off. I said sure, why not. Next thing I know, her little friend has her mask off. No one said a thing, no dirty looks, nothing. It was cool.

  60. Meh. That person was just medicating.

  61. Jackie needed his medicine 120 times a day.

  62. Oral Roberts made the Sweet Sixteen, as a 15 seed.

  63. Cmon Abilene CU

  64. corned beef taking FOREVER!

  65. My son showed me this reading list:

    His English teacher assigns them certain books, but then also says they have to pick two or three from that list. When I first saw the list I think I had read about 47 out of 101. I decided to work through it and right now I’m at 52. Today I started A Farewell to Arms.

    Have any of you read A Death in the Family by James Agee, or The Awakening by Kate Chopin? I’d never heard of either, but those are the last two I read.

  66. I have read 35 on that list, Sobek. Loathed Great Gatsby. I was starting to think I was an idiot but got 9 on the last page.

    I have read “A Farewell to Arms” and liked it better than “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. They’ve made it into a movie at least a couple of times; the one with Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes is pretty good.

  67. I’ve never understood why Great Gatsby is such a big deal.

  68. Moby Dick, ugh, it’s the worst.


    And no Gravity’s Rainbow? Sean and Car in will be crushed.

  69. Pretty sure no one can read Mark Twain any more.

  70. I am in dutch with one of my favorite coworkers. Because I did something nice for another coworker who she considers a PITA and who she is always trying to smite. This other coworker *IS* a PITA, but I’m not all that invested in workplace-smiting, that kid is usually pretty nice with me, and I sure as Hell don’t make my coworkers smite others for me or police their interactions. Frankly, it’s all a bit weird. She even called the Boss on me, even though I did nothing wrong. No one was harmed by my act of kindness for someone she doesn’t like. Like, are you actually kidding me, here? The boss was laughing about it. Thank goodness.

  71. Honestly, a 90% majority-female workplace is a strange place. Unlike women, at some point, men stop punching each other. Also, in the presence of more male coworkers, women stop acting like this because they aren’t so surrounded by women telling them that everything they are doing is valid, when it isn’t.

  72. The bakery I worked was 90% female. When the fur started to fly, I’d go stand by Tony, in bread, and we’d watch the train wreck happen.

  73. No Gravity’s Rainbow, but that’s on my list to read just because I hear it’s an Unlock Achievement kind of book.

  74. Did Elvis ride ponies?

  75. I stopped reading books just because they were on some list when I graduated from college. I don’t read as much as I should anymore, but when I do, it’s for the only two valid reasons–learning or pleasure. And there is overlap in those circles.

  76. Have any of you read A Death in the Family by James Agee, or The Awakening by Kate Chopin?
    Awakening is one of my all time favs that very few people have read. I think it became popular around my HS days as it’s a STRONG WOMEN type of book. Sort of the antithesis of the sisters fighting over who will marry the most eligible bachelor.

  77. Just got a call from the boss on something hot at 730 on a Monday, so my week is off to a crap start.

    Anyone want to do the Monday poat?

  78. No Gravity’s Rainbow, but that’s on my list to read just because I hear it’s an Unlock Achievement kind of book.

    It also serves as a great doorstop.

  79. I got it

  80. 46.

    Meh. The list is ok, but does a bit of box checking.

  81. “This book list, compiled by the College Board, includes classics, contemporary fiction, short stories/essays, plays, and poems your student should read before (or during) college.”

    Are they high? What kid is going to read Beowulf before college?

  82. I did, but it was the translation to contemporary English.

    Alt Aenglisch I couldn’t read until I’d had more German.

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