Not for Meme

This meme made we momentarily wonder if I was actually in fact an otter.


  1. Memes! Sweet, delicious memes.

  2. The face emoji right after the word “sticking” and American Ramen.

  3. Thanks for the memes, Pupster. Definitely worth get woken up by a phone call at 3:00 am.

  4. You would think scientists would have figured out the whole plastic 6-pack ring thing by now

  5. Me thinks the cat with the sombrero is Pupster last night on vacation.

  6. The lights are much brighter there
    You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares
    So go pound town
    Things will be great when you’re pound town
    No finer place for sure pound town
    Everything’s waiting for you.

  7. ets ye boi elstupido

  8. El pupster got highwayed my the cartel , twould seem.

  9. By

  10. Autocucmber is a weird beast.

  11. Sobek – re tiff wuh… terr ay zaaa – in a John the lurch Kerry voice.

  12. FOMJ!!

  13. Ok … it’s now time to form-late a weekend workie-workie plan.
    T minus 2 weeks till move to new joint.
    It’s amazing how much little piddlyass shit I never finished and or needs to be touched up in this place.

  14. Nice tits yesterday puppino.

  15. Jam, are you moving to a new state?

  16. Wakey wakey. Beautiful day here in Michigan.

  17. Leon, you might find this interesting.

  18. If you google “who is President in 2021”, one of the answers (for now) is Richard Grenell. He is enjoying this.

  19. Heh, Fauci is “the Michael Avenatti of science”. Pretty much.

  20. I was looking at reviews for a kindle book on the 10th Mountain Division and after reading a bunch of 5 star reviews decided to check out some of the 1 and 2 star ones. One of them was griping about how the events of the book (destroying Hitler’s “Gothic Line”) are remembered differently in Brazil after their fight there. It was a little bit of sour grapes but it spurred me to look up “Brazil World War 2 Troops” because I had never heard of such a thing. Lo and behold:

  21. Nice tits yesterday puppino.

    Thanks. They are pretty much always like this.

    I finished off next weeks BBF post here in the beach cottage with my mother-in-law hovering around doing her mother-in-law things, I got tired of closing windows when she got close so I just let it roll. I’m sure I’ll hear about it later.

    Also the block editor is stupid and actually detracts from the ease of use of the software. If one of you smarty types can tell me why blocks are better I’ll listen but you are wrong.

    I guess it might be better if you were building a website instead of a blog, maybe, but Mrs. Pupster does that for a living and prefers the classic editor over blocks when she has to use wordpress.

  22. Pupster, what is currently working for me is to copy an old poat, make some change to it (usually deleting all the old pics), save, go back to list of poats, hit refresh, click on “Classic Editor” for copied poat.

  23. Nice memes but I’m still pissed I can’t own an otter

  24. It was interesting, Alex. I am curious by what means non-believers define anything as “evil” beyond “I don’t like that”. They didn’t go there in that discussion, just seemed to explain that the average atheist is steeped in Christian ethics whether aware of it or not (something perpetually lost on the evangelical atheist). Tom seems very cognizant of the fact that racial equality is ultimately a Christian notion (not “judeo-christian”, sorry Mr Prager), but I felt like there was an undiscussed understanding between the men of why slavery was “wrong” even in the absence of a Christian God.

    Also, it felt like they gave far too much credit to the Protestant Revolution, but that might be unconscious bias on their part as Englishmen and Aussie, unaware that the Church made owning a slave an excommunicating offense centuries prior to the “peculiar institution” of racial-ized slavery in the British Empire and the Americas.

  25. String of warm days beginning. March is delivering on the ‘…out like a lamb’ reputation.

    Out poking around in the garden.

    Yesterday I was making soup, and at one point I needed to get several more parsnips. So I went outside and pulled four more parsnips out of the garden bed. I thought to myself “I’m going to miss being able to do that next year.”

    There’s a bunch still left out there, I think I will leave them and let them flower and set seeds for saving.

  26. Are you planting any cover crops?

  27. Yes, Jimbro. I am going to re-orient the rows in most of the garden so they run East-West properly and then I am covercropping those new rows. I will have a few veggie patches, but not the stuff that needs much attention or runs my life. Like sugarsnaps and green beans. Love them, but once they start pumping out pods you have to stop everything and pick every other day religiously. Meh. Gonna go for a few carefree and essential things this year and try to love my Summer.

  28. Looks like some cabbages and turnips and kales survived winter. I’m gonna have a good year for yummy flower sprouts. Om nom nom nom.

  29. We were overwhelmed with produce with our farm share last year so we skipped it this year. We know where the farmers market is now and will stop by when we’re jonesing for veggies.

  30. Cauliflower continues to be way high priced, so the wife has suggested that be the only crop.

  31. I’m proud to report that I’ve completed preparing my income taxes for the 2020 year. And I’m also proud to report that for 12th straight year, and 29 of the past 30 years, I’ll be mailing the IRS a check. I had enough medical expenses in 07 that I ended up itemizing and getting a refund. I was hoping it would be around 2k but it’s gonna be closer to 3k. I hope the Biden* administration uses it wisely.

  32. My gardening input. I put in a couple of dozen onion sprouts a week ago and they’re taking off like gangbusters. Late May is gonna require a bit of extra Listerine in the house.

  33. Im not sure if taxes killed it or onions killed it, but it’s deader than the proverbial doornail.

  34. Taxes are complete and submitted. I’m getting a refund, but not much of one, which is good news. I don’t like loaning Uncle Sam any more money than necessary.

  35. Your mom’s doing her donkey routine on Only Fans, Pendejo, people are tuning in to it.

  36. I’ve been busy doing small quick little projects all day. Burning scrub brush right now – waiting for it to completely die out then it’s time for a run.

  37. Started some of my seeds. I’m on a STRICT schedule with my seeds this year. Not going to start them too early then have to deal with leggy plants.

  38. oh sure now even pendejo is gardening

  39. just burned all my brush too. up to 60 here

  40. Been chained to my desk all day babysitting a giant spark job.

  41. AND…gardenblogging is here. I remember lauraw’s poem at the IB. I wonder if it as proprietary as the Crap Tree?

  42. Spring awakening

  43. Yah

  44. horseradish and rhubarb is coming up

  45. Typical Democrat – it was the messaging we got wrong. A page out of the obama playbook.

  46. Comment by leoncaruthers on March 20, 2021 3:42 pm
    Been chained to my desk all day babysitting a giant spark job.

    Can’t you just accidently let it choke to death on some peanut butter.

  47. AITA: my mom has oxygen issues. My mom has more incoherent conversations than I do. I have nothing to say to my mom. Her voice gets on my nerves. I’m Team deceased dad. She lost a first cousin last night. He was very supportive of Anglo Dan. I really don’t want to talk to Team Biden.

  48. Last Night, Dan watched me sleep walk into our bedroom, turn on the light, (He woke up at this point), heard me fall in the bathroom, watched me walk to the sofa and lie down. I don’t remember any of this. Dan chronicles my midnight perambulation

  49. Dan needs a twitter account


  50. CoAl Hard no

  51. Sorry about the cousin, oso.

    Team Oso

  52. I was going to post my gardening calendar (which includes best times to start many different varieties of seeds in this latitude) as a gift to the world, but then I decided to not.

  53. I started some sweet pepper seeds.

  54. FTW

  55. Dan needs some game cameras.

  56. And a salt lick.


  58. Sorry, wrong -berger name.

  59. These assholes really did think that once Trump was out of power things would go back to the way they were before.

  60. Poor Brad, all that work to throw an election, and now he’s on the outside.

  61. Singularity, dickholes. Adapt or die. Kinda like when you fucked us all over with NAFTA and 0bozocare and Obergefell and…

  62. I love you guys. Rewatching Role Models because I see who you are

  63. so who gets what in casting, oso?

  64. Kiss my anthia

  65. I really don’t want to talk to Team Biden.

    I totally understand this, Osita. One of my co-workers at JSC passed away. I should tell the people who worked with him. The last time I talked to two members of the team in Seattle, one was vigorously defending BLM violence (payback for all the lynching over the years, everyone who voted for Trump is racy racy racist) and the other was going through a divorce and his daughter transitioning. Last email I got from the latter, he was talking about his “son”, and I just can’t play that game, not even for someone I like.

    So I am letting them remain ignorant and hoping someone else will tell them.

  66. Tried to go out to a bar, but it was packed with middle-aged couples doing karaoke, and seating at the bar was closed so I said fuck it and came home. So much for being social.

  67. Sorry

  68. Much love Romacita

  69. #TeamThatOneRandomFuckerWhatPostedBackIn2017

  70. I am stuck in the bizarre position where my long term habits of social minimalism may actually be keeping me sane for once. This does not make the slightest bit of sense whatsoever to me. The entire goddamn world has been reworked in the image of a middle aged depressive. That’s not right, I don’t care who you are and what you believe.

  71. I’m gonna have to go with Instapundit here:

  72. Disputes ended Ray’s placidity.

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