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I accidentally caught about 2 minutes of 60 Minutes yesterday, and you’ll be unsurprised to know that “this is far from over”.

Stay isolated. Be afraid. We’re all in this together. Get Vaccinated!

This is the drumbeat that plays every minute of every day on TV, near as I can tell. New Zealand had 1 (one!) case and locked down their whole stupid country again. The whole fucking world has gone mad with this new religion that pretends to be science, and I want OUT.

But, in any event, the week begins whether we want it or not. Classic images from year 2.


  1. I’m starting to get the generation-war angle. Statistically the boomers are

    1) the only people who still watch TV news
    2) the only people at significant risk of death from the Chinese coronavirus from China that came out of a Chinese lab that was paid for by the US NIH and directed in part by Anthony Fauci

    And because their lives are at a very slight risk, globally, we must destroy the world so they can keep their risk of death lower by 0.7%.

    The 30-something Karens are far worse and more numerous, I know, but it’s hard not to see this correlation.

  2. I hope everyone had a happy Steak and Blowjob Day.

  3. Wife was out of town on drill, so I sent her a pic of Mr Favulous and told her “was thinking of you and I heard girls like these”.

  4. Forgot to mention a bumper sticker I saw on my ride Saturday. It was a picture of Herr Faucher With “Essential” written underneath. Definitely not a cult.

    Also, the Stevie Wonder Sign meme from the other day made me wonder, “That dude move to Ghana yet like he said he would?” So I googled him and guess what came up. Roger Waters is trying to out woke him. Roger wants Stevie not to accept Israel’s Wolf Prize.

    Imagine that, a white man telling a black man what he should do.

  5. It completely true, leon, and tv networks know who’s watching. They probably are amping it up, because people like my family don’t believe their bullshit. So they turn up the volume. Only problem is, I’m not listening, no matter how loud it gets. The louder it goes, the more effort goes in to ignoring it.

    And Roger is british, so he can’t be racist. Or canceled. He’s been trying for years, makes being a Pink Floyd fan an effort, I tell ya.

  6. I think it’s corporate driven. What I mean is that you are correct, older people watch corporate news. The corporate media are (is?) simply catering to their customers.

    70% of democrats think the media is truthful because they are being told what they want to hear. It’s nothing more than corporate media vying for attention so the attention can be sold.

    Corporate social media is basically a reflection of this in the US. Older people use Twitter and Facebook and don’t realize it’s an information gathering organization that is trying desperately to conform to their users wants to keep their attention. Instagram is a pure advertising platform so it doesn’t really matter. The corporate social media just follow along because they pay no price for it.

  7. flip them the middle 20 percent of the fingers of a Bulwark staffer’s primary erotic partner?

    Kurt Schlichter slicin like a hammer. Quite AOS like I think.

  8. They pay no price YET. When the conservative sites get going, and are free from threats because of Amazon Web Services no longer being able to deplatform them, and they lose 50% of their audience? Then freedom reigns.

  9. I agree Jay, that’s the best outcome we can hope for.

    The risk is that they’ll just keep moving upstream.

    Perhaps in a good plot line would be people actually concerned with freedom of speech in the US have to move outside of the US to conduct business. I’d wager Liberia is for sale. We should buy it.

  10. I’d wager Liberia is for sale. We should buy it.

    Conservative Zionism: buy up land in some small out of the way country, preferably somewhere shitty with few people. Once we own enough of it, move there en masse and form a new country.

  11. I think we should take a country by force just for fun.

    Whoever can’t make it off the beach because they’re a FPOS gets the Iron Spork for Valor.

  12. doesn’t matter. Wherever we go, the producers will be successful, they always are. Others will follow, and invariably there will be coat-tail-riders, and sooner or later they will get control, and demand support.

  13. We should ask Obrador for a chunk of Messico that the cartels currently control.

  14. Should have bought Greenland when we had the chance …

  15. Sounds like a future dem candidate.

  16. Comment by MJ on March 15, 2021 8:59 am
    I think we should take a country by force just for fun.

    I’ve been advocating this for a while. If 10% of the 75 million Trump voters were willing to support such an endeavor, and 10% of those were willing to take up arms, then you’d have 750,000 troops, which is larger than the standing armies of most countries. And it wouldn’t take much to turn those 750k into the most disciplined and effective army on any continent.

  17. probably a fair ratio of people who could self arm themselves too.

  18. I’ve been advocating this for a while. If 10% of the 75 million Trump voters were willing to support such an endeavor, and 10% of those were willing to take up arms, then you’d have 750,000 troops, which is larger than the standing armies of most countries. And it wouldn’t take much to turn those 750k into the most disciplined and effective army on any continent.

    Recapitulating Irish history. After one of their revolts one of the nobles on the losing side headed to Europe with a bunch of his followers, where they earned their keep as soldiers for hire. They were so good at it half the Continent wanted “Irish Brigades”. They were so effective the English actually had to crack down on Irish men going overseas to make their fortune at warfare.

  19. See also: the Swiss, the Normans, the Spanish, etc. Hell, after Crecy many of the English soldiers turned to mercenary work and went south to Italy to fight for the various city-states.

  20. They were often referred to as the “Wild Geese”. It’s where the book and later movie get the name from.

  21. We have a country today partly because of Hessian mercenaries.

    They didn’t leave after the Revolution, either.

  22. It’s an interesting thought but I’m ambivalent about it. Feels like we’re forever ceding ground and fleeing elsewhere, where we build up only to surrender it and flee again. It’s how we got in this mess.

  23. heh, catching up on MeAgain Kelly podcasts. They really hammer the Jan 6 “insurrection”. Attacking Steve Scalise and Dennis Prager about it. But they both gave back as good as they got.

  24. Fleeing to the frontier rather than revolting in place is a time-honored tradition of Western Civilization.

    Problem is, we can quite get to the High Frontier. Yet.

  25. Heh, Prager is making MeAgain look silly on her own show. She keeps trying to catch him, but he works his way around her effortlessley with words. He’s not even raising his voice.


    Democrats do this all the time. It’s time the GOP did it too, rather than being nice.

    tldr version: Buyden asked for the resignation of the EEOC directory, appointed by Trump, just because she’s a Republican. She said no thank you.


    Marine corps regerts. Tucker wins this round, by not apologizing, and sticking to his guns (he’s right too).

  28. The lesson for republicans is there, too: don’t quit, make them fire you.

  29. If pregnant pilots are fighting wars, it’s time to resign and negotiate terms of surrender.

  30. Unless you’re Israel and it’s that or extinction.

    SPOILERS: We aren’t and it isn’t.

  31. I’m all for pregnant women fighting in combat. It’s not a baby until after birth.

  32. just got notified that a cousin’s son (so a cousin, but I hadn’t seen recently) died, after working on a car, and the jack failed. Terrible.

  33. Awful, Jay. So sorry for your family.

  34. Speaking of Kurt Schlichter, I am currently reading “Crisis”.

    Also currently dealing with a kidneystone. Lots of water and some Tylenol with codeine.

  35. Sorry for your loss, Jay, that’s terrible.

  36. I feel really bad for the cousin I know.

  37. Because I’m a masochist who reads Althouse, this was her response to the news about the Vatican’s position on blessing homosexual unions:
    If I’m reading that correctly, there is no “objectively ordered” way to have sex other than within a marriage between opposite sex partners.

    Her commenters are pointing out that, yes, she’s amazingly discovered the church’s position on sex for the past two thousand years.

  38. Bummer Jay.

  39. Roamy I hope you pee that little bastard out quick fast and in a hurry. Those things suck.

  40. “Whoever can’t make it off the beach because they’re a FPOS gets the Iron Spork for Valor.”

    That’s actually funny.

  41. And one more thing:

  42. I’m with Tim-b re the ceding ground.
    Fuck them They need to go someplace else and build their own playground and shit in it.
    The first place that comes to mind is hell, but I’ll help them pack their shit for any other place than here.

  43. There’s a ton of fuckin’ room in canada.

  44. Too cold up there.

    We should take Venezuela. Nice climate, lots of oil, hot women’s, under the thumb of communists for the last generation and ripe for revolution.

  45. We have let them have control of all the institutions all along. Gonna be a little harder than “no, I’m staying, YOU move”.

  46. Her commenters are pointing out that, yes, she’s amazingly discovered the church’s position on sex for the past two thousand years.

    Anne is an astoundingly shallow observer of the world around her. This is why I can’t trust anything else she bloviates, she’s patently ignorant of the foundations of western civ, and a million other things.

    But she’ll boldly offer you her uninformed analysis.

  47. awww, bad news for David Hogg, and Good Pillow:

    Worse still, it appears Hogg and his partner forgot to trademark the “Good Pillow” name, and now a third party — a person out of North Carolina — appears to have filed an application for their mark, leaving Good Pillow all but defunct as a brand.

  48. But she’ll boldly offer you her uninformed analysis.

    Just like other Obama voters.

  49. Hogg deserves every bad thing that could possibly happen to a human. More please.

    I hope his boyfriend cheats on him with a girl and then dumps him. I hope he gets a bad batch of adenochrome.

  50. Sorry about your cousin’ son- that is tragic.

    Roamy, pass that STONE.

    Althouse – haven’t read her in years.

    what else? Wakey wakey, I guess?

  51. Bummer on the stone, roamy. Those suck.

    Bummer on the cousin, Jay. Death sucks.

    Nothing worth a damn is built by always running when the fight gets hard. Especially when there’s no place left to run to. We used to understand this.

  52. Tim, ‘merica was built by the runners. Great Britain was built by Roman runners. Rome was built by emigres from the Near East and Northern Africa. They had somewhere to run to, though. We don’t.

    Good people would rather walk off the field than use force on their kinsmen. That’s to their credit, as there’s nothing quite as bloody or wicked as a civil war. There’s nowhere left to walk to, though, thus the frog boiling.

  53. So very sorry for your loss, J’ames.

  54. Pass that stone! Pass that stone! Neighbor that had stones said it was the worse pain she ever had…mother of 4.

  55. a person out of North Carolina — appears to have filed an application for their mark, leaving Good Pillow all but defunct as a brand.

    Jesus, what a fucking tool. His fifteen minutes of fame is well past its ‘best if used by date’.

  56. Yes, leon, we ran. Until we didn’t. That’s when this place got founded, when the runners stopped running and started fighting.

  57. That’s sort of my point, though. They ran first, then built, then flipped the bird, then defended what they’d built. All of that is moral and decent, it’s the culture and character of an America you’d want to live in. Now, the enemy is here, controlling every lever of power built by the decent people they displaced. What has to happen now is guerrilla action, revolution in place; French, not American. Thus far, we’ve not had the stomach for it.

  58. We do not have the stomach for it. Months of mostly peaceful riots, on 1/6 we had a mostly peaceful riot and the people are being persecuted. Sharon Osborne stands up for her friend, and CBS is going after her. We are a joke.

  59. Prosecuted.

  60. Which goes back to my point – we’re still far too comfortable to fight. We can “flee” into our comforts. When that stops, the fighting starts.

  61. I gots foaty yeahs experience in avoidant behaviors. I know a thing or two about this.



  64. so, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine used fetal stem cell lines. I thought the fetal lines weren’t producing results, and only the adult stem cell lines were.

  65. hah, pepe, both of those

  66. They weren’t “Developed” using Fetal Stem Cells. They were tested on “Fetal Stem Cells that weren’t a product of abortion”. 🤪 (I don’t get it, but the latter is A OK for Catlicks. 🤪

  67. They use the fetal cell lines successfully to produce antibodies and tests. All those “cures for paralysis/seizures/parkinson’s” were utter failures. Could they use adult cells for the antibodies and tests? Probably, but that doesn’t appease Moloch.

  68. Umbilicus and cord blood, Oso.

  69. Thanks, Leon. I kind of knew that in the back of my brain, but Twitter Catholics have been fighting about Fetal Stem Cells and why it’s ok now, even though St John Paul refused to accept Parkinson’s treatment with aborted Fetal Stem Cells. BTW, did you know that even the Commie Papa Frank won’t bless same sex marriage?

  70. Lotion doesn’t seem to be cutting it. I’m still peeling skin. 3 more spots. All smaller than the initial peel. Petroleum jelly works post skin peel.

  71. I’d rather fight here than invade some sh*thole like Venezuela.

  72. Most of the woke tools out there will go whichever way the wind blows, they’ve just gotten used to thinking groupthink means domination.

  73. I’m always floored by my college buddies who have suddenly woked up. Same with artists. I wonder if Zappa would be cool with censorship these days. Or Dead Kennedys. California Uber Alles anyone?

    Haven’t watched a news program since the election. Don’t need to. Citizen Free Press, Gateway Pundit, Citizen Treehouse, HQ and a few others. I’m done with legacy media. I only need them to remind myself to question the establishment. One of my favorite Rush beliefes was to identify where the herd was going and then go the opposite direction.

  74. I’m more find a place to hide, American. Lost an antecedent to Bacon’s Rebellion. Posthumous pardon. Family that fought in the Revolutionary War, accepted land in OH for payment. Lost family to the Indian Wars in OH. Lost family in the Civil War. Great Uncle was on the USS Indianapolis during WWII. Home on leave that August. The guilt weighed on him for years. Years. My dad was the only Buckeye family member that served after Uncle John. Great great Uncle served in WWI. Family plot. No Messican military until my favorite Marine. My favorite Marine has inspired 3 of our familia to enlist.

  75. My Uber driver last month was a Venezuelan “refugee”, I didn’t press for details on how he got here. He said “There is no gasoline, people have to walk or ride bikes to work. Electricity is only on half the time. The government is a military. I like it here in America, I can work and be more here”. He was driving a car he rented from UBER, saving up for his own.

  76. My HS Spanish teacher was Venezuelan. 1980. She was constantly talking shit about Mexicans. She was worse than my Anglo teacher that openly called me a Bean Eating Pepper Belly. My Anglo teacher saw my family at Pizza Inn. She wanted to know why I never said anything about the Bean eaters. The pepper bellies. I have always believed in letting the H8ers showing their H8.

  77. “Bean eater” means Seventh Day Adventist around here.

    “Peanut eater” is also used.

  78. I had a cabbie from Haiti back during the time of Dear Leader. Dude hated the Clintons and thought Dear Leader was a p*ssy. I tipped him bigly.

  79. so Thomas Jane and Rahda Mitchell made a Daily Wire movie. Are their careers over?

  80. I had a baked chip migraine today. I read the nutrition label for my diabetic BS. Didn’t read the ingredients. MSG. FUCK. In addition to losing layers of skin for no reason, I’m getting migraines. I’m reading Michael Yon dispatches from the Darien Gap. Makes the US border look like kindergarten

  81. I Zillowed Hondo NM. Y’all don’t even know what Hondo is like. I can’t afford to even visit.



  83. Let’s invade Hondo then.

  84. It is actually a very beautiful place. Texans have been driving up the prices. Mi familia has acreage along the Rio. Orchards.

  85. I’ve ridden through NM. Mostly along the AZ border. I love the West. Once you’re up in the mountains it’s a the kind of place I want to retire.

    Perfect for invasion. Red Dawn style.

  86. Scott and n8sebaka are simpatico.

  87. Fernando is my mom’s cousin. Salcido. He married my mom’s cousin, Torrez. Lots of history. Lots of love. He and his wife were first adapters when it came to Dan. He is currently in hospice. His oldest son died in 2007. Pancreatic cancer. He has been lost since then. We can’t be with him at the hospital. COVID bullshit.

  88. Sometimes, it really hurts.

  89. They made Mrs. Pupster do a Covid test before she could see her Grandma. In hospice.

    We are renting a beach house next week, and in addition to the rental agreement I had to sign a waiver releasing the property owner of all liability in perpetuity forever and amen if I caught the Covid from their house.

    What a stupid time to be alive. Look what they’ve done to us.

  90. Yes indeed. Was telling my Dad I’d rather die from the Wuhan virus than live the rest of my life like this.

  91. Where we are. Mom had 2 cousins that married each other. Lost a son to pancreatic cancer. These cousins loved and accepted Dan from Day 1. Fernando is in Hospice. He is expected to be lost today. I can’t explain how much he is loved by my Grammo.

  92. The COVID test for hospice makes sense. It’s easy to say, “she’s dying so why does it matter?” but the reality is that if grammy dies of the disease then I have no doubt that some family somewhere will see it as a payday.

  93. It does make sense. We’re beyond the payday.

  94. Busy day. Tomorrow is also sorta busy.

  95. Going to bed with Dan. Hoping I don’t lose skin. It is pretty creepy.

  96. Good luck with not losing your skin, Oso. Words i never expected i would write.

    I have an interview for a promotion tomorrow. Feeling nervous. I really, really, really want this promotion. I’m too burned out with what I’ve been doing.

  97. Good luck, Croc-God!! Remember, the interview is an afterthought,
    a formality. You already got this.

  98. MIL fell at the memory care, early evening. Knot on her head. They’re concerned because blood thinners. BIL took her to ER, since he lives super close to her. Husband met them there since he has her medical cards, etc.. Husband texted around 10 that they were still waiting to be seen. They only allow one person to hang around. So BIL is most likely in his bed, sleeping like a baby.
    Yes that irritates me. Mr B has shit breaking at work which puts him in a rotten mood and he can’t let his brother take the wheel. Again. He’s been up since 5am.


  99. Good luck, sobek! You’ve got this!

  100. Wth with the skin, oso? You sure you aren’t scratching it off in your night terrors?

  101. Dumbest damn thing I’ve read all day.

    “Longtime oppression and historical barriers have kept many people of color from feeling comfortable in the American outdoors. Now that may be changing. Groups in Southern California and around the nation have made it their goal to introduce people of color to nature in a positive way.”

  102. Delta Echo Romeo Papa


    Kept watching for the 3rd flip …

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