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  1. Ham and Beasn soup today on an accelerated schedule, have to get it done for lunch instead of the usual dinner time.

    Mrs. Pupster is going to visit her Grandma (in hospice) in Ohio, Six hour drive with a couple of green mountains between here and there.

    Lit candles, sage and incense, voodoo rituals, happy thoughts, gregorian chants, well wishes, throat singing and prayers appreciated.

  2. All of the above initiated as well as rubbing my 4 leaf clover 🍀

  3. Will there be cornbread?

  4. Oh yes. We’ve actually found an organic gluten free cornbread mix that everybody likes and checks all the boxes for Boy1. And it tastes good!

    Simple Truth Organic Gluten Free Cornbread Baking Mix =

    Also fuck daylight savings time. My accelerated schedule is even more so now.

  5. Ahhhhhhhh, back to memes I understand.

    Vikings and summer plans went well with my coffee.

    Crossed fingers for the drive, Pups.

  6. North and south is legit. Screaming possum. And quit gutpunching me with the “men only want one thing” memes, willya?



  9. I want to play poker with kittens.

    I’m going to get in an airplane for the first time in a year. Curious to see how this works out. Going to California. I told my kids I’d love to bring them back a souvenir, but the only thing I would want to buy is a t- shirt that says “this is a garbage state run by garbage people,” and I don’t think they sell those in the airport shops.

  10. Later, in the kitchen, oldest son says “hey mom, want to hear a funny joke dad told us today?” I’m at the sink, frantically making that gesture where wave your hand by your throat. The one that means “please don’t keep talking,” not the one that means “I’m going to sever your trachea.”

  11. Pupster, thank you for your meme-collecting skills. I will ring my Tibetan prayer gong for a safe journey.

  12. Apparently it’s a thing on YouTube to do recreations of classic firearms using LEGO. Here’s one on the M1 Garand + scope + grenade launcher. (Non-functional, obviously.)

  13. Frak, how do I get that to not show as embedded? Fook.

  14. Fuck the Irish.

    I’m probably a day late but the sentiment remains.

  15. I rubbed your mom’s four leaf clover.

  16. I know of not a single person who thinks daylight saving time is a good idea.

    And if you say you do, you’re dead to me.

  17. Fuck the Irish.

  18. Since I can’t seem to bang your mom unless it’s dark daylight savings time delays her nightly gratification by an hour. Gives her anxiety attacks.

  19. I was (am) lazy and didn’t drain the old gas out of the lawn mower until this morning from last season. Turns out the underside of the mower was a lizard habitat. Sorry dudes. Looks like the anole’s and the skinks are able to coexist in the same space, which makes me pretty happy.

  20. Scott is removing some old shelving and cleaning part of the cellar. I hear exclamations: “WOW!! THAT’S where that was!” etc but have decided to not investigate.

    *sips coffee*

    I took Mom and Sis to two asian markets yesterday and now I have bulk spices to incorporate into my hoard and cooking to do, etc.

    I’m pissed off that I’m missing one key ingredient for something. But I’m not going back for just one thing. Next trip.

  21. But I’m not going back for just one thing. Next trip.

    Narrator: She did, in fact, go back two days later, with a list of five other things we she suddenly discovered that she needed, all of which were merely an excuse.

  22. Comment by MJ on March 14, 2021 10:40 am
    Fuck the Irish.

    If it’s Ciara O’Doherty I will.

  23. Fuck the Irish.

    Are they playing against the Wolverines?

  24. “WOW!! THAT’S where that was!”
    I repeat that expression when I actually do any cleaning beyond just “picking up”

  25. Mrs. Pupster is on the road

    Miss Daisy is Driving

    The Falcon is flying

    Radio Flyer rolling

    We have first stage separation anxiety

  26. *dispatches Flying Monkeys to perform a flying escort*

    She’ll be fine.

  27. Fingers crossed, Pups.

  28. Heres one for ya, my daughter is just entering her 7 month of pregnancy with my 2nd grandson. During a routine ultrasound early last week baby was diagnosed with a aortic stenosis. This required immediate intervention. My daughter, her husband, my wife and my grandson are currently in Boston. Daughter and baby are recovering from what has been characterized as a perfect procedure and outcome. Praise the Lord and pass the ammo. We are thankful for the blessing, and stand in awe of the skill and technology used to save this child.

    PS. FOMJ

  29. Awesome.

  30. Terms and Conditions
    Guys Want
    Nice Things
    Fire me dic unit, because it can be read three ways.

  31. That’s great news T Roy!

  32. Fire me, Dic unit?

  33. It’s either a challenge to your boss, or something you scream during sex.

    With your boss’s wife.

  34. We are thankful for the blessing, and stand in awe of the skill and technology used to save this child.
    Damn! That’s incredible. Moving bones around is like The Flintstones compared with fetal heart surgery in utero by The Jetsons.

  35. It’s either a challenge to your boss, or something you scream during sex.

    With your boss’s wife.

    For maximum style points. this should be done on the boss’s desk.

  36. Awesome T Roy. Prayers up for Mrs Pup.

  37. Sounds like voice actors might have less time than I thought.

  38. Dan watched Mass at 6. I wasn’t ready for Mass. He put the TV on Santa Fe Mass. I H8 Commie mass. I watched Latin Mass on Twitter. 3 Masses in one day. Now, we’re watching Golf. Marital Bliss

  39. I watched Latin Mass on Twitter.

    Latin mass via tweets? Trad cat Twitter is getting hardcore.

  40. Someone over at Althouse is bitching that Trump’s vaccine distribution plan was “nothing more than flying the vaccine to individual states and dropping it off, saying ‘you sort it out’.” No shit. That’s all it should be. Some bureaucrat in DC shouldn’t be responsible for figuring out how many doses of the vaccine get shipped to Albany versus NYC versus Watertown. The whole point of state and local government is that they are the primary organizations for providing government services.

  41. Livestream. Agnes Dei

  42. I much prefer the idea of a latin mass entirely done through tweets.

  43. CoAl, this whole Trump administration was people not understanding 10th Amendment and States Rights. Reason I H8D 45. His BS respect for the BOR.

  44. CoAl, that would be cool, but the Anti Trump assholes would still spam the comments.

  45. Time to shower again and petroleum jelly my ability to tear off my skin.

  46. Trump was the guy who actually expected people to do their jobs, which is why they hated him. State and local governments are full of people who got cushy jobs in exchange for helping politicos get elected, and who expect to shove the hard work off on FedGov.

    It’s not DCs job to figure out how many doses of the Kung Flu vaccine the Shady Acres Retirement Home gets. It’s not DC’s job to figure out an evacuation plan for New Orleans in case the levees are threatening to overflow. It’s not DC’s job to figure out how to keep the power on in Texas. It’s not DC’s job to figure out how to stop wildfires in California.

  47. Time to shower again and petroleum jelly my ability to tear off my skin.

    Throw the vaseline jar at Dan and scream “grease me up, stud!”

  48. Typical crazy unsettled March weather today. We planned to go for a walk. It was bright outside but starting to cloud up. We went for the walk but turned around and went back to the car one minute in because it darkened up, started spitting rain, and the wind kicked up so hard it was making it difficult to walk.

    Rest of the day has been squalls, crazy windy, and bright full sun, alternating. So, so, March.

  49. Covid vaccine killed Marvin Hagler.

  50. CoAl, I was the petroleum jelly Police for his skin cancer, he is pretty creeped out by my midriff skin loss. I’m creeped out. It is getting smaller with the PJ treatment.

  51. Scott, and Hank Aaron.

  52. According to Thomas Hearns .. ‘A real true warrior Pray for the king and his family.. he’s in ICU fighting the after effects of the vaccine! He’ll be just fine but we could use the positive energy and Prayer for his Full Recovery!’

    Hagler’s website says he died of natural causes near his home.

    His son says he died after going to the ER.

    His wife says he died at home.

  53. Throw the vaseline jar at Dan and scream “grease me up, stud!”

  54. Scott, now do Hank Aaron. I can’t see my underboob midriff. Dan greased me up. Told me to slow the roll on golf drinking. Corned beef is two hours away.

  55. Man, the pure joy on that kid!

  56. Mr. B is on his way home with the flesh of 7 bass. There’s going to be good eatin’ this next Friday.

  57. Covid vaccine killed Marvin Hagler.
    I’ve been watching clips of his old fights off and on today. He was a hometown hero for us and I watched all his fights when they were on. I remember fretting about the cut above his eye and how it would affect him. Edge of my seat stuff. My friends and I used to see him running in DW Field Park often while wearing old school gray sweats and combat boots while shadow boxing. We’d say Hi as we ran by and he’d give a head nod in our general direction which would make our whole week. After retiring from boxing he became a movie star in Italy. He must have moved back at some point. The vaccine coincidence will be vanished. Don’t want black Americans losing faith in the experimental treatment!

  58. They tried really hard to get him to come out of retirement and fight Sugar Ray Leonard one more time.

    Offered him millions.


  59. Hello again allergies, you slut.

  60. Really nice weather here all weekend. We spent a ton of time outside, which was fun.

  61. I’m not really up on sports but does anyone today have a nickname like ‘Marvelous Marvin Hagler?’

    Man that’s cool.

  62. “Amazingly Inflamed Vulva Mare”

  63. Yeah…allergies. The shit is wreaking havoc with my gut.



  65. Mr. B is on his way home with the flesh of 7 bass. Beasjdhfjesnes


  66. Hitman Hearns. Ya know. The guy that said marv was dealing with vaccine issues. The guy.

  67. Comment by beasn on March 14, 2021 7:49 pm
    Yeah…allergies. The shit is wreaking havoc with my gut.

    You’re allergic to semen?

  68. In my lift heavy run long group there is a guy who runs a “be humble” gym all for special needs folks

  69. CoAlex, I have no idea what Y’all are talking about. I just know that spring is here and it’s making me feel ill.

  70. I wonder if the new party chair, Whitmer, is related to MI Whitmer.

    “Every Nevada Democratic Party staff member quit after Democratic socialists won party leadership roles, according to a new report.”

  71. “Amazingly Inflamed Vulva Mare”
    That earned a “What are you laughing at?”. Too many words to explain so I went with “Oh, just a funny meme”

  72. Best nickname out there right now is owned by a female MMA fighter.

    The Raging Panda.

    Geologist by day, ninja by night.

  73. This is her. She’s got knockout power. MJ would smash.

  74. Okay, but would a dude pretending to be a chick fracture her skull? Because if so, I’m not impressed.

  75. Raging Manda would beat her.
    MJ would smash.

  76. MJ would smash Lena Durham. So that’s a non-starter.

  77. Just re-listened to this and thought I’d share it. A lot of times, I turn on music just for the background sound. But there’s something about turning on a song and just listening to it, not doing anything else.

  78. Lol

  79. Dimness exaggerated Rhonda’s pulchritude.

  80. DST is bullshit. MMM shortly.

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