It’s the End Of the Meme, and you know it

What’s wrong with this? Let’s start a list!

Also notice that it ignores the fact that the new trailers that are so desirable were obtained by the Trump administration, making the system better. But Buyden gets the credit.

On a more serious note, I know that you’ve noticed me questioning the validity of elections, and also the validity of GOP response to this, sometimes on the side of the left. I know we will have to compromise some things if we ever hope to get anything done in this country, but in my opinion it’s the left that moving farther and farther away, not us. We are required to give up our position, never the left. They get away with this because of the dominance of the press on their side.

I’ve been listening to MeAgain Kelly’s podcast a lot lately, because she’s a middle of the road person, her dustup with Trump in 2016 notwithstanding. She still refers to it, as it’s part of her fame on the left side, and also to the neverTrumpers. She insists that it is all water under the bridge, but she has never acknowledged it was perpetuated from her side, which is my opinion. Trump is Trump and I think she was unfair, but she doesn’t see it that way. Anyway, she’s still pretty fair, when not tooting her own horn. She has smart interviews with people, mostly on the right side of the aisle. It’s interesting to get a centrist opinion on right figures.

Tulsi Gabbard was a pretty good guest. She’s classified as center left, and I think that’s pretty fair. A military vet and reserve member, she really seeems pretty reasonable. That is what the left can’t stand about her. She talks a lot about her guiding principles being based in her Christian faith, and I can believe that, unlike when Buyden and Pelosi claim it. She really walks the walk. She isn’t abortion crazy, introducing bills that limit the practice. Personally, I don’t think they will ever get rid of abortion, nor should they. There has to be situation where it’s available, because like it or not it will be employed at some point, and we have to support basic medical procedures. We can limit the damage. She is mistaken in her views on health care, because she thinks the government should have more control, and that’s just a disaster waiting to happen, but we can argue about that. The interesting part about the interview is that she is an absolute Trump hater. She said she would be willing to serve in a split party ticket, but not if Trump was on the ticket. She is convinced that Buyden won fair and square. Says the numbers support that. These are the things we have to come to grips with. These are the parts of our positions we are going to have to compromise on. I believe our positions are correct, but the other side does not. Sometimes these positions will have to be softened to make them more palatable for the other side to get on board with.

Where do you guys get your assessments of the other side? Hope it’s ok if I get into this once in a while. I think our views will have to be softened at times, no matter how right we think we are. We have to present ourselves as more amenable than the other side, and it will be hard to do. The media will paint us completely differently.


  1. I did not explain what a clam was. They were already taking up waaay too much of my time.
    If it weren’t for the mask you might have been able to dig one out from your nose to demonstrate

  2. No. No compromise with the corrupt. No compromise on the truth.

    Compromise on methods, perhaps. Never, ever, EVER on the truth.

  3. And no, I do not trust Gabbard. We’ve played this game before and it always plays out the same.

  4. “90% of young women report using a filter or editing their photos before posting”

    Somehow this is all the fault of white people and the patriarchy

  5. … but in my opinion it’s the left that moving farther and farther away, not us. We are required to give up our position, never the left. They get away with this because of the dominance of the press on their side.
    Completely agree with you there Jay. BroTim raises another good point about not compromising on the truth. At some point you think actual conservatives would have figured out a better marketing strategy. Sure there are shining stars like Rush or Breitbart but they are few and far between.

    When I listen to the crazy shit the left puts out there I often wonder why we’re not putting equally controversial stuff out there rather than compromising so the libs get 70% of what they wanted (this time around) and we call it a “victory”.

    I’ve become more aware of Failure Theater and the UniParty concept and I give Trump, Ace and Rush for highlighting it, each in their own way. Things like BlueAnon are good because they point out the hypocrisy of the left but the relentless exposure to liberal ideas through the media is hard to overcome.

  6. The problem with “compromise” is that it assumes good faith on both sides. The Left is made of bad faith. That makes “compromise” suicidal.

  7. Very thoughtful.

    I have a few things that I like to think about to ground me when trying to deal with the left.

    First, I remind myself that they are interested in power. They often dress up their wishes as something more palatable but it’s always about power. Their worldview is zero sum, so every interaction or opportunity produces a winner and a loser. The person or group with the power can cut the pie more equitably, which just happens to mean a bigger slice for them.

    Second, they don’t believe in objective truth. Most of them probably don’t really know what it means so they’ve become enthralled with concept of ‘my truth’ or relative truth. It’s really just a derivative of post modernism which is interesting but has become twisted through critical studies to construct new meanings for everything. 2+2 really can be 5, if you believe it. Think of how seductive that is…everything a person believes is real because of how it made them feel or how they viewed a particular event.

    And lastly, the left has fully embraced the victim culture. I’m not being glib…society has moved from a honor culture to a dignity culture and about half, if not more, of the country is moving into a victim culture. The victim is admired, so therefore there will be demand to create more victims. Rather than adjudicating slights between adults, ignoring them, or appealing to a third party if the slight is large, we now adjudicate every microagression in public or with a third party – and most importantly, the social capital gained by the victim is huge.

    When you combine these three things you get the modern left. Short hand for this is power mad, divorced from reality, and thin skinned.

    I’ve put together this assessment of the left, mostly from heterodox lefties that are willing to criticize the left. The IDW people, mostly.

  8. Yea, the problem with trying to … find some sort of compromise position with the left is that they build their entire argument on a big old heap of lies. They can’t be honest about anything. From the definition of poverty, to school funding, to basic economics …

    it’s just hard to compromise with that.

    wakey wakey. .

    Go forth and eat a bag of dicks.

  9. MMT is relativism as a monetary policy.


    He’s not wrong, but the obligation goes both ways: lose weight, lift some weights, and dress appropriately, dude.

  11. Where do you guys get your assessments of the other side?

    Reason guided by experience.

    The left wants to destroy my thoughts and freedoms, so I don’t think I’ll be compromising. That’s my baseline.

  12. The left is like this stomach bug I’m dealing with. I don’t want to live with it, I want it gone so I can get back to a full and proper life (or as much of one as I can normally manage). The Left’s nature is to dominate. You can’t live with that. You expunge it or are enslaved. No other choices.

  13. The guys at the bottom of the leftist heap that just want decent jobs and cheap entertainment aren’t natural enemies, they’ve just bought the lie that they can live at the expense of everyone else. Trump was bringing them in with populist class war against the oligarchs, and that’s why we had BLM summer. We’re in a class war but the left insists on fomenting a race war to keep us divided so America can be just another economic market under globalism.

  14. But yes, we should be staking out radical positions and forcing the window.


  15. ^^^

    There you go Leon. I bet this shithole blog could crank out 100 of these without breaking a sweat. 200 if we did a double.

  16. #repealthemachinegunact

  17. Also, is there a Gatorade shortage or have I single-handedly depleted the stocks locally? (Unlikely but stranger has happened)

  18. #banforeignsteel

    I could go all day.

  19. Shit is deep in here today. I better go find my boots.

  20. Nothing I’ve heard of but I’m not exactly in the market for sugary beverages.

    You can buy ascorbic acid, KCl, and NaCl and make your own that doesn’t have corn syrup.

  21. Congress and members of their immediate family should be banned from owning stocks or banned from contact with each other for the duration of the office.

    Congress would never, ever vote for this, but actual leftist voters might be inclined to press for it.

  22. And lastly, the left has fully embraced the victim culture.

    this is the worst. Look no farther than the Oprah interview of multimillionaire victims Harry and MeAgain (the other other one, not MeAgain Kelly or MeAgain McCain).

    Maybe we should ban Megans.

  23. So I didn’t get a “Don’t be a Cunt” mug because Leon trusted the people who packed my Secret Santa gift BUT my friend Danelle gave me a mug yesterday that reads “Eat a Bag of Dicks”.

    Sorta the same sentiment. Or the opposite, I’m not sure. I like it either way.

  24. Again, I am so sorry.

  25. Maybe we should ban Megans.

    But not Karens. Karens should all get a hard spanking.

    I volunteer to do the job with Karen Gillan. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the good of us all.

  26. I tie it to my triangle model of politics, which holds that society is trading off between three principals: equality (progressivism), stability (conservatism), and personal freedom (libertarianism/liberalism). Maximizing any one of the three at the expense of the others eventually becomes destructive, so most people balance between two and minimize the third. Progressivism seeks to maximize equality, which means aggressively attacking any perceived forms of inequality, no matter how small. This eventually turns destructive, as the natural result of this is the Khmer Rouge, the Cultural Revolution, the French Revolution, and the modern SJW movement. Likewise, maximizing stability at the expense of other factors leads to fascist ideologies, naziism, radical Islam, etc. Maximizing personal freedom leads to assholes spouting ideas about marijuana based economies, “what if the twelve-year-old consents?” and Reason magazine.

    Post WWII, the left consisted of an arc that covered the equality-stability axis, while the right consisted of an arc covering the stability-personal freedom axis. Conservatives were the “center” and split largely along class lines: blue-collar conservatives aligned with the progressives over issues like unions and public services, while white-collar conservatives aligned with the libertarians over issues like trade and deregulation. Once the cold war ended, that alignment shifted. The progressives increasingly found allies in the libertarians over social issues such as drugs and gay rights, and adopted much more supportive positions towards free-trade and open borders, since those issues allowed a transfer of wealth from the first world to the third world, reduced the cost of environmental and other regulations, and threatened to disrupt the perceived cultural inequality in the west via mass migration. Both were happy to abandon conservatives, who found themselves increasingly under attack from either side.

  27. Fuck compromise. And fuck Megan Kelly. She tried to polish her turd of a resume by taking on Trump, much to the delight of the left. She didn’t need to do it, and she only did it for self promotion.

    So I wouldn’t piss on the best part of one of her fucking interviews.

    And Tulsi Gaggard can eat of a bag of dicks. We don’t want her on a ticket with a true conservative. She’d sellout faster than condoms during Fleet Week.

  28. Gaggard was a typo. But a fitting one.

  29. Did wealth really flow to the Third World, or just select groups and individuals? Who, naturally, diverted much of that “wealth” back from whence it came…

  30. Certainly jobs left for the third world, which would result in some transfer of wealth.

  31. Yeah, from American workers to foreign oligarchs and/or transnational corporations. Lots of slave labor filling the gap.

  32. I don’t listen to Glenn Beck much other than in my truck between places I’m driving but the day I heard the end of an interview with Crenshaw he was promoting his upcoming interview with Tulsi Gaggard and I had to wonder if he was feeling alright. Missed 95% of his Crenshaw interview and all of the Gaggard interview which I’m okay with.

  33. Tulsi is all about protecting the Bill of Rights, however they didn’t veer into abortion or her fetish with medicare for all. So Glenn’s interview was meh.

  34. It flowed toward the third world. The guy with big shoulderpads got rich, the poor bastard managing the rubber plantation got nothing.

  35. third world = startup, and they can launder all the govt sweet sweet lucre through them

  36. Your mom could be the master of a rubber plantation

  37. “Ukraine” is one of those third world countries. The money went to Ukrainian oligarchs, Bidens, and Romneys.

    Haiti’s money went to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding planner.

  38. I caught a little of Becks show one time heading to work. He was talking about his pain management. I’d bet money the guy is a oxycodone addict. Also I don’t trust Beck at all. He’s a lying shit weasel that worries about civility on the right as the left burns the country down.

  39. Beck has let us down before, but now he isn’t the only one in charge of making decisions at his media company. Lots of good people there to check him

  40. but yeah, he’s a drama queen of the first order.

    He always completely denounces the Jan 6 “insurrection” completely overboard.

  41. Prince Andrew features prominently in the group of people with entirely too much influence who bought The Population Bomb hook, line, and sinker.

  42. I’m blacker than Megan Markle.

  43. I bet I’ve had more dates with black people than she has, too.

  44. Beck threw Andrew Breitbart under the bus back in the Shirley Sherrod days. Beck ran that edited video then blamed it on Breitbart.

    I will never forgive him for that. Never.

  45. Beck is not a bright guy. He’s entertaining sometimes but he strikes me as a grifter without principles. Or that his principles are always evolving…toward the position that pays the most.

    Whatever. He looks like he couldn’t bust a grape in a food fight.

  46. Beck is a talker… and that’s it. He’s never done anything.

    Andrew was a fearless warrior who walked into lion’s dens again and again. Why was he able to take over Wiener’s press conference? Because he was there.

  47. The only reason I saw any of that Oprah sewage was because Matt Walsh played a clip of it last night. In one part she blatantly tells Harry to shush.

    He’s a pussy-whipped loser. She’s a cunt. That was all I needed to know.

    BTW, if you aren’t subscribing to The Daily Wire you aren’t serious about our side. Put your money where your mouth is.

  48. Why was he able to take over Wiener’s press conference? Because he was there.

    God that was hilarious. Thinking about it makes me miss him all the more.

  49. The lesson of that moment was simple. Just show up. The enemy is stupid, corrupt, and arrogant. They will give you an opportunity, but you have to be there.

  50. How and why should anyone compromise with a cartel that is all about power, graft, and the destruction of a system of government that is designed to protect us from them?

    Example – I’m supposed to compromise on killing babies, how, when I am forced to pay for it. They won’t even give an inch on that. How much of my tax dollars given to PP, grifting into campaign coffers? They don’t even have enough compassion they give a fish, to give medical support to a babe that survives the abortion. Or to protect the elderly in nursing homes.

    Now imagine Cuomo and Pelosi running healthcare. Only you will be required to compromise into worm food.

    Fuck ’em.

  51. Again, I am so sorry.

    Oh, man. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad about it. You trusted them. lol. Now i have a mug with a funny story so that’s cool too.

  52. She is convinced that Buyden won fair and square. Says the numbers support that. These are the things we have to come to grips with. These are the parts of our positions we are going to have to compromise on.

    Then let’s start with a public auditing of the vote, where the spikes were, and why Zuckerberg was allowed to participate in demrat areas only, in certain states, and have access to voter rolls. No censorship. Let’s discuss how ballots have been stored since the election. Let’s discuss how it’s not been done yet. Have they been in a secure location? I hear tell that they have not been and there have been reports of shredded ballots found outside facilities where they’re held.

    They do NOT want to go there and Tulsi doesn’t find that a wee bit suspicious?

  53. Speaking of Beck, have you seen him lately? He does not look healthy.

  54. No comments on the pastor story linked above?

  55. Also re: the vote — if they won fair and square then why have so many people in the media been warned to shut up about it or else?

    Shouldn’t Xiden have already made some kind of speech before congress?

  56. Oh yeah, the pastor story. Why is that even making the news? If the congregants find it offensive, let them deal with it. Seems as though it only became a problem when some atheist schmuck leaked the video.

  57. If Tulsi hates Trump so much and if she is sooo about the Bill of Rights, then she should tell us what America first policies she’ll toss, what restrictions would she be willing to make re: abortion, and how will she deal with trannies in girl’s bathrooms and sports.

  58. Where do you guys get your assessments of the other side?

    I watch what they say and do.

  59. BroTim here is a cheap, effective alternative to Gatorade. Be accurate in your measurements. It’s what they use in the third world where they have outbreaks of dysentery, etc.. It worked for oso.

    Rehydrating Solution –

    6 tsp sugar

    1/2 tsp salt

    4.25 c water

  60. Then get some chicken broth. Swansons has a nice one in a 32oz aseptic container. Get the 33% reduced sodium one. Alternate it with the above if you feel you can stomach it.

  61. Preacher wasn’t completely wrong, but he didn’t have to sound like such an asshole.

    The make up stuff … meh. Taking care of yourself and your appearance, imho, doesn’t necessarily include using artifice to make yourself more appealing.

  62. Honestly, people should want to keep themselves to some level of their best FOR THEMSELVES. Covid spoke truth to power about beauty at any size. There is a REASON for that.

    I think the “I NEED to look attractive for my husband” can easily slip into unhealthy territory. Not I “want” – but I need.

    I do have to shake my head though at the divorce diet phenomena. Kinda sorta says you really didn’t care about what your spouse thought of you. Other factors come into play, of course. Some women get so stressed through a divorce the lose weight (my friend Dana is like that).

  63. Best advice on personal grooming from a church leader I’ve heard, greatly simplified, was you do what you can in the morning to make yourself look the best you can, and when you walk out the door forget about it completely. Threads the needle between not caring about your appearance and caring too much.

  64. That was assumed at teenaged and young adult women. Best advice for dudes in that age range is please, please, please take a shower and use some deodorant sometimes.

  65. Viva and Barnes were talking about our two-tiered justice system, on Sunday. All the freaks who burned/looted in OR, WA, NY, and DC, during the Summer of Love, are not being charged with anything. Everyone Christopher Wray can find, who stepped foot in the Capitol, is getting the book thrown at them….except the BLM guy who was there in photos which the FBI is saying noone from BLM was there.

    Barnes is saying the only way it stops is if there is a public outcry. As if our corrupt courts/DOJ would listen.

    Compromise with that, how? Trump’s biggest mistake was not firing everyone at the top of the DOJ and FBI on Day 1.

  66. Great memes today, James. The “more serious note” sucks donkey balls, because I don’t come here for serious notes. I’m here for memes and FOMJ.

  67. Maybe Barnes can get a group of lawyers to represent those folks, who have zero Hollywood stars and vice presidents there to bail them out. Maybe sue the DOJ for unequal treatment.

  68. And for Lumps rolling up in her truck and saying “sup, fags?”

  69. And metal. Here’s my favorite Megadeth song:

  70. And endless garden talk. Don’t forget about that sobek.

  71. Definitely the garden talk.

    Which reminds me, I wonder what I could get to grow in south central Montana soil.

  72. Pot. talk to leon

  73. I can’t grow pot, I haven’t bribed the right people to get permission.

    I think you misunderstood me when I said my primary crop was grass.

  74. BBF is my touchstone.

  75. xbrad used to have Tushy Tuesday.

  76. Memes and, face it, just seeing folks talking about normal shit from a perspective I sorta grok. It’s fresh fucking air these days.

  77. I wonder how opium poppies would do around here. They seem to do alright in Lasker Gah.


    Shouldn’t “The world will end in 11 years due to climate change” be on this list?

  79. Opium is about the only thing Afghanistan can grow. How close is your climate to that?

  80. Pot. talk to leon

    /avoids direct eye contact with everyone

  81. I’ve never been to Afghanistan, but the pictures make it look dry and dusty, so not too far off. I should start a side gig selling H to Portland.

  82. Anyone know where I can get some poppy starts?

  83. *hands Car in Hotspur’s Visine

  84. duuuude. I don’t smoke. Or partake.

    I’m just a lowly gardener.

  85. The president’s son can probably hook you up.

  86. Don’t coca plants grow in the mountains?

  87. The mountains are on the other side of the state, where housing prices are going completely nutso from all the Californians moving in.

  88. Sobek, you’re a Mormon iirc. Can you send me some ephedra starts? They hand those out at Temple, right?

  89. I was going to try and grow Jerusalem artichokes, but they’re a controlled plant here.

    I could grow marijuana if I really wanted to, but I can’t grow sunchokes. Can’t grow water chestnuts, either, but that’s more understandable.

  90. Who told you?!

  91. Convert at one of my Christlife retreats.

  92. I figure caffeine’s going to be tough to obtain in Mad Max times, trying to find a good crop to trade for .45 ACP when that happens.

  93. One of my favorite things in all of life is hearing from other people about my temple. The stories never disappoint.

    I just looked up ephedra and it says you shouldn’t use it with caffeine. So now you know.

  94. I haven’t smoked in a few years. What I have in my box of shit is so old it’s probably turned to dust.

  95. Why are Jerusalem artichokes controlled?

  96. ¿Hotspur, have you ever tried dried up jalapeños?

  97. because they are Jewish, can’t have that.

  98. Invasive species that can easily displace native grasses.

    Mustard can do that too, I learned at my old place, but good luck stopping mustard.

  99. You can’t stop mustard:

  100. I just looked up ephedra and it says you shouldn’t use it with caffeine. So now you know.

    This is hilarious, because that’s how it was sold back before it was a controlled substance. Anhydrous caffeine, ephedra, and BCAAs. Add an aspirin and you have the classic “ECA stack” pre-workout potion.

  101. watch out if mustard gets a lead pipe in the conservatory

  102. Leon, I have no idea what you just said. Not asking for clarification, just thought I’d mention it.

    The bit about caffeine was from Wikipedia. The fact that ephedra being mixed with caffeine back in the day is nothing compared to cocaine in the soda.

  103. “Back in the day” in this case is the 90’s. Bodybuilding mags back then had ads for ECA preworkout powder. Ephedra got the Schedule 1 treatment because (1) it worked, can’t have that and (2) it made for a clean crystal methamphetamine cook. OTC drugs swapped it for pseudo-ephedrine, then the meth cooks learned how to use that instead.

    Which is why you have to show ID and sign your name to buy real Sudafed and why it has a nasty-tasting outer shell now.

  104. Opium is about the only thing Afghanistan can grow. How close is your climate to that?

    Not the only thing, just the one that pays the best. And Afghanistan is an awful lot like Eastern Oregon/Washington or the Western Slope of Colorado.

  105. *sprays blog with disinfectant*

  106. Lorena checks quite a few boxes for me.

  107. Those legs…

  108. She smolders, truly.

  109. One of the best parts of Argentine Tango: the community is full of milfs who love wearing heels and outfits which show off their legs and pressing up against you while you dance with them.

  110. Jay, RE: Tulsi Gabard

    I know you liked Rush. One of his main lessons was never allow a false premise to rule the day.

    You can’t be professing your “christian faith” and support abortion. Thinking Tulsi Gabbard is the answer to any question the conservatives are asking is ridiculous. I’m never compromising on abortion.

    And another premise that needs to be shut down, the whole let’s work together to get shit done. No. That never works and never has. The right ends up giving up ground. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    And I don’t want to get shit done other than getting rid of regulations (which has been done at the state level…Idaho for example), streamlining and keeping an effective military and necessary equipment, and figuring out how to change the stupid tax code.

    “She is convinced that Buyden won fair and square. Says the numbers support that. These are the things we have to come to grips with. These are the parts of our positions we are going to have to compromise on. I believe our positions are correct, but the other side does not. Sometimes these positions will have to be softened to make them more palatable for the other side to get on board with.”

    I disagree with every sentence in this paragraph.

    “positions have to be softened”???????? Yeah, how many aborted babied does that compromise equal.

    Lastly, if Tulsi (STUPID NAME) thinks Joe won fair and square, she’s an idiot. Come on.

  111. And anyone who wouldn’t work with Trump is a partisan dumbass.

    Based on foreign policy progress, the economy, jobs, getting out of bad deals and general love of country he’s the greatest President, certainly in my lifetime if not more.

  112. Oh, and the border. Shit, he’s the only President who has been serious about the border.

  113. Hotpsur, I mentioned yesterday that Matt Walsh is my absolute favorite podcast. Look forward to listening during my morning walks.

    He’s articulate, funny and nails the absurdity of everything.

  114. For Leon

  115. Shoot, forgot to be like Rush, what numbers exactly prove that Joe won.

    More votes than Obama???

    Strange dealings at 3 am with vote counts changing??

    Joe could not fill a high school gym during the campaign. There was zero excitement for Joe.

    Plus his obvious mental collapse.

    Where does Tulsi get these “numbers’ that support his “win?

    And Glenn Beck can go fuck himself.’

  116. Matt is by far my favorite at The Daily Wire. His analyses of issues and motives are always spot on.

    And BONUS – His sense of humor and timing are impeccable.

  117. Lithe. I don’t get to use that word often enough, and my wife would charge me 50 cents for it.

  118. I’m with mare

  119. Isn’t this the same dog that Biden was chasing while getting out of the shower and slipped and broke his foot?

    He fingered the dog. The dog bit him.

    We all know the truth.

  120. I like it when mare leaves her filter at home. Makes this dump more entertaining.

  121. Here’s my MJ impression:

    Biden’s Dog. 2/10 would smash.

  122. Here’s my Biden impression:

    Biden’s dog. Huh? Where am I? Why is my wife licking my balls? And why is she dressed like a dog? Who am I?

  123. I hate her too.

  124. If Trump had German Shepherds I wonder what the media would say..

  125. Gatorade shortage was last summer. Gatorade production was back online by November. At least for Clubs receiving product from Cheyenne DC. We did have generic packaging, no variety packs, and smaller bottles for several months, while Gatorade was totally slammed. Beasn is right, that hydrating formula helped me out. 🐻

  126. Uh say there white man. Your roll in life is to give skank hos the luxurious lifestyle they see other skank hos getting theyselves on IG. That is all.

  127. Not making any excuses for that wench, but did her ex tell her before the cheat that that is what he was doing or was she kept out of the loop about the important things? If that was the case, they both may have dodged a bullet.

  128. Trump should get a german shepard and name it Blondie just to troll.

  129. GND stopped social media in part because all she saw was how great everyone’s life was.

    I think the moment for her was when her friend told her their vacation sucked, she fought with her husband the whole time, and the kids were awful.

    But on social media it was all smiles and beaches and sunsets.

  130. Social media feeds the worst part of women’s brains. It’s a mixture of insecurity, inferiority complexes, and consequence-free gossip.

  131. I H8 her, too.

  132. Oso, how’s your jujutsu?

  133. I took judo, not jujitsu. Mexicans do like their jujitsu and MMA, though.

  134. I miss aikido.

  135. women who fall for the bs on facebook really just need an adult in the room to guide them.

    I honestly just like to have fun with it. I find funny memes, get links to good articles, recipes, and keep in touch with friends.

    When people post their fake bs/perfect life, I usually have some sort of passive aggressive response eventually. Or I’m just so bored by it I ignore.

  136. Alex, Matt Walsh talked about the pastor story and gave a rather beautiful monologue on why you should look good for your spouse. The stupid pastor was a fatty and should not be the one to preach that sermon.


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