MMM 436

Good morning, welcome to a new week, and a fresh chance to shine.

I have my doubts about the claim of membership on her shirt. Maybe it’s just advertising for select clientele.

Open hips.

Lots of B&W today, first of 3.

And the second.

The tattoos have paws and give me pause.

3rd of 3.

And that’s all for this week. Go do something worthwhile.


  1. This Not The Bee article reminded me of a blog I used to follow regularly until he went all Little Green Footballs over same-sex marriage. Out of curiosity, I checked in to see how he was doing. He’s horrified by what’s going on in Congress but still thinks Biden is better than Trump. Very, very woke. Zero comments on all of his posts, so he’s just yelling into the ether. Trump broke him utterly. He’s run off all his regular commenters, or they just keep their thoughts to themselves now.

  2. Time to go let the birds out.

  3. Yuck

  4. Wakey wakey

  5. The RCC will start with “Deaconesses”, not “marriage equality”.

    Or — it could be argued — it started with “altar girls”.

  6. day 1 of the new jerb. I have 48 emails already. LOL

  7. Should I send you an email too?

  8. I came home last night and my wife is watching Oprah interview the skank that married into The British royal family. If there are two things I give less of a Fuck about than British royals and American skanks I’d have to search. Now she’s up and watching the aftermath on some morning show. I love my wife, but fuck all of I understand why she’s captivated by this trash. I wonder what halfass important story the media is covering with a pillow and choking the oxygen out of while this bullshit is front and center.

  9. It’s no different than a guy watching “worlds worst train wrecks.”

  10. First picture must have left an impression on me because I recognize it as a repeat

  11. Meghan = Me-again

    Saw a meme with the Queen hovering over two buttons labeled Car Accident and Covid

  12. I like to think that the Queen has standing orders that, the minute her death is announced, one of Charles’ longest and most trusted aides will pull out a silenced pistol and shoot him in the head.

  13. Newscaster: “The Queen is dead. Long live King William!”
    Charles: “What?”
    *plink* *thump* *plink**plink**plink**plink**plink*

  14. William may have given the same order.

    I know which I’d choose.

  15. I wonder what halfass important story the media is covering with a pillow and choking the oxygen out of while this bullshit is front and center.

    The ignoring of the constitution, and the process of legislatures passing laws and not the pen of an actual dictator?

  16. heh, my wife is binge watching Suits (the one with MeAgain Markle), so I’ve caught a few episodes. Her character is basically the same one she is playing now in real life, so she doesn’t have any range as an actor, either. Not that great looking, but checks that diversity hire box for Hollyweird.

    Same as most of those assholes out there.

  17. I tried watching suits but the whole show was stupid. The premise was interesting, but the characters were all so horrible.

  18. The lead lawyer is interesting, as is weaponized autism, but yeah everyone else is boring. The secretary for the lawyer is all kinds of hot, and interesting, though.

  19. I watched the first half of “Going Postal”, the mini-series based on the Terry Pratchett Discworld book. So far, so good. The casting of Vetinari is near perfect.

  20. that sounds interesting, roamy

  21. She’s an aging ginger who in reality would be a wreck after realizing she wasted the best years of her life following a douchebag with mommy-issues.

    Legal Eagle, back before he went insane with TDS, actually had a decent takedown of the first episode.

  22. What happened in CT? They are lifting mandates.

  23. Everyone is dead. Laura and Scott rule the wasteland with an iron fist. All survivors must offer a yearly tribute of heirloom seeds.

  24. Hah, a steal in baseball, broken down

    Don’t try it on Molina.

  25. Did the skank say the Queen is racist?

  26. *Roars up in armored dune buggy, wearing muffin-topped battle bikini*

    ‘Sup fags

  27. OMG. We’re wearing the same thing.

    *changes into jock strap, shoulder pads, under eye black, and quickly combs hair into mohawk

  28. MJ, what are you doing now? Does it involve kneepads?

  29. wow, fashion faux paux at Thunderdome today

  30. This place is a racist shithole.

  31. *waggles eyebrows at MJ*


  32. MJ, what are you doing now? Does it involve kneepads?
    No kneepads yet. But it’s early.

    They’re calling it a Frankenstein position. Mostly data/quality and audit but also a bit of implementation. I have about 40 people working for me. Half onshore, half in the Philippines.

    Very large data acquisition company that aggregates and sells the data and also provides products for specific markets.

  33. So, basically half the people can’t communicate in a way you can understand, and the other half speak Philippino.

  34. It’s called Tagalog, Hotspurt. They liked the cookies so much they named the language after it.

  35. *tags Hotspur with the Racist Stick*


    *runs away*

  36. Who the hell is this lumps poster and why has she stolen Laura’s avatard?

    And how many bullwhips does she have shoved up her ass?

  37. BTW, if you are in the market for bluetooth earbuds, take a listen to the aftershokz Car in recommended. Ears are free, and they sound great. buds don’t fall out of your ears all the time, and they are comfortable. I’m getting another pair.

  38. Earbuds cause brain cancer.

  39. so do podcasts, but here we are

  40. but only with other vaccinated people. Look out for vaccine passports, coming soon!

  41. Chances are good I’ll never fly again. Trying to map out a future where I can bail on my job in the next couple of years when push comes to shove and the dollar collapses anyhow.

  42. LOL St. Fauci’s halo just slipped.

  43. I’m getting vaccinated day after tomorrow at 9:30 – my birthday.

    Fuck it. I’ll be 72, and there are places I want to go.

  44. The induced sterility probably won’t affect you, then.

  45. I don’t blame you, HS. I’m in no hurry, but I’ll get it too. Just less trouble, and no fertility issues here either.

  46. That will be a good thing. Hotbride and I don’t want anymore kids.

  47. we should start a GoFuncMe for them, Car in.

  48. gotta get some of that magic pussy, must be quite a thing!

  49. How is it that we’re supposed to give a popcorn fart about this race hustler and her silver spooned twat of a husband?

    Tell me she hasn’t tried to pass for white a time or two in her useless life.

  50. and they are comfortable. I’m getting another pair.
    How many ears we talking here?

  51. Which ear buds now? The cheap ones? I need.

  52. Why aren’t we giving Harry shit for being too racist to marry a dark girl rather than one who’d pass for Sicilian in a strip club?

  53. not cheap, but not too expensive.
    Use code UAW598 to knock off a big chunk.

    6 hours listening time, so I need a pair when the others are charging, sometimes.

  54. Never mind. Looks like they cause brain damage.

  55. That’s what I’m sayin’.

  56. do you really think they can do any more damage, at this point?

  57. Jay’s the kinda guy who’d taunt Happy Fun Ball.

  58. So I’ve been driving Boy2’s car while mine is in the shop, he works nights so when he comes home I hop in and go. He packs his lunch and eats in the car, usually a sandwich or leftovers. Last night he pulled the jalapenos off the leftover pizza and put them in the baggie he packed and left them on the passenger seat. I hopped in and started driving to work and his lunch trash started sliding around so I grabbed it and it looked like about a gram of dope and I just about drove in the ditch. Heh.

  59. do you really think they can do any more damage, at this point?

    That depends. If you listen to Carin’s music, then yeah, you’ll be a goner.

  60. I sort of pity Harry; he would have been far happier if he wasn’t from that insane family. He would have done twenty in the Army, then started up a YouTube channel of himself doing extreme trips around the world and banging local girls.

  61. “Oy, it’s your ol’ mate ‘arry! This week myself and these three lovely birds-” *pan over three giggling strippers* “-are going to skydive naked into the Amazon, construct a makeshift shelter, get absolutely ripped on psychaedelic mushrooms and ayaheusca, and then hold an orgy before building a dugout canoe and sailing back to civilization. As always, remember to hit that like button and subscribe so you always know when my latest video is out!”

  62. should have tried to smoke it

  63. I’m reading a story about some guy at Bowling Green State who died of an alcohol overdose after some supposed frat hazing.

    *serious voice* A full investigation is being started on the entire Greek organization and the no hazing rules.

    This dude is 20 years old. Been an “adult” for two years. How is this not entirely his own fault?

  64. My mom got the Pfizer vaccine and evidently had no problems with it. We’ll probably get it when we absolutely have to, haven’t decided yet.

  65. Facts be damned, someone’s outraged: “~PS on the above: When the Markles married, Harry was raised to a dukedom. So their son is entitled to the courtesy title of earl – to be specific, Earl of Dumbarton. Yet, upon his birth, the Sussexes announced that he would be styled plain old “Archie”. We now learn that this is because the lousy earl shtick wasn’t good enough for Meghan. She complained to Oprah that even though he’s the only “royal of color” the Queen refused to make him a prince.

    Well, that’s because he’s not a prince, and never will be: The House of Windsor is not the House of Saud, where a new prince is born every twenty minutes. Per George V’s Letters Patent of 1917, only grandchildren of the Sovereign are princes and princesses. Because of improved longevity (ie, more great-grandchildren), the Queen in 2012 amended this to accord princely style to the kids of a Prince of Wales’ eldest son (ie, William), because they’re in the immediate line of succession. But Archie isn’t, and isn’t ever gonna be. So the Duchess of Woke was demanding, as is her wont, special treatment.”
    – Mark Steyn

  66. Didn’t watch the lying Meghan thing. Can’t stand her or the cow, oprah. But, I am paying attention to my Brit friends and stories about the situation coming out of the UK. The tone of the stories and vast majority of comments are in agreement with their dislike of her and thoughts of him being a dunce. Bets are being made about when she takes him to the cleaners, along with full custody of the kids. Then what’s he gonna do?

    Saw that she complained how she was suicidal while pregnant with their 1st kid (I think because of the blowback from the media and public, at large….they caught on to her quickly)…went to senior royals staff for help and they blew her off. Umm, why didn’t The Cow ask her why she didn’t just seek help from her doctor. Unless Markle went to them to stomp on the press.

    To answer your question pendejo, your wife is a women and women are interested in relationships and trainwrecks. I don’t pay much attention to royals but will tune in enough to form an opinion or confirm a suspicion.

  67. Second to the last girl has a cute little figure and a pretty face..

  68. I kinda thought hope wished Harry had his shit wired tight but I guess not.

  69. Update:

    I was wrong. The dude isn’t dead yet. They’re prepping to harvest his organs.

  70. Did oprah ask the twats about Meghan’s bullying of her staff and how senior staffers didn’t address it because black and “what Meghan wants, Meghan gets”. This wasn’t one complaint…there were a half dozen who walked away from her employ.
    I hear she turned the story about her making William’s wife cry (witnessed by others), into William’s wife making her cry.

  71. I think they can skip the dude’s liver, just spitballing.

  72. It’s not the fertility issue I’m worried about for myself, it’s the possible auto immune issues. If I want to go back to Hawaii, the place I love more than anywhere else, these fuckers may make me get a vaccine, but they won’t be sure of it went into my arm.

    And if you get the vaccine why TF do you care if I don’t unless it’s not about Covid?

  73. Yea, pretty sure if the Vaxx works, no one should care if I don’t get it.

  74. same thing is said about the other anti-vaxxers. Their kids don’t get vaccinated, but still a threat. They are the vector for everyone getting it, I guess.

  75. What if most vaccines are basically just a confidence scheme, don’t actually work very well, and the only way to perpetuate the scam is 100% compliance combined with 0% liability?

  76. I’m going to say this out loud, as a human who wishes to see people’s faces, hug, laugh, go to public places, etc, I don’t give a shit who I give what to.

    Slippery slope, dumbasses are already talking about masking every winter.

    No. This is not how humans should interact.

  77. I guess people don’t already know that “flu shots” aren’t very helpful. I think Leon is onto something.

  78. Who are this non vaccinated kids a threat to?

  79. this year was the first year I got the flu shot

  80. Hahahahaha, that’s funny because I keep reading that there is no flu this year!


  81. If that’s how we “have” to live, we should just stop. The failure of the species will be complete.

  82. England has statistically zero flu cases.

    Pssssst, maybe if you stopped calling everything Covid the flu cases would fall right in line.

  83. mare, stop pointing out the obvious. SCIENCE!

  84. Wait. Megan Whatever is black?

    I had no idea. I thought she was hispanic or something. Who cares?

  85. She’s HALF black like the Lightbringer.


    Behold the man who got 80 million votes!!

  87. I just looked her up. She’s really pretty.

    Looks kinda dumb.

  88. Heh: We’re two accusers away from
    letting restaurants reopen at 125 percent capacity.

  89. Fog City Midge is a smokeshow. She was on WarRoom for like a month. Smart as a whip, too.

  90. If I recall correctly, there are children with chronic disease or compromised immune systems that cannot be vaccinated. These children were held up as vulnerable to getting preventable diseases unless all the other kids were vaccinated. Percentage of population I have no idea.

    At this point I have less than zero confidence in the propaganda on Covid and I won’t get a vaccination unless I must to remain employable.

  91. If children have compromised immune systems have a lot more to be worried about than covid.

    Additionally, I have to possibly compromise my kids’s immune system to protect your kids immune system. No.

  92. Did you guys watch that Biden video? Yikes.

  93. The playback kept stuttering and failing to buffer correctly.

    At least, that’s what I thought had happened.

  94. This is frightening that these ignoramuses vote. Ami Horowitz starts off asking NYers about how high should the minimum wage be….$50, a $100..YAAASS. Open borders, YASSS. Free healthcare for all YAAAAsss.

  95. Lockdowns 6 months to a year to reduce carbon emissions…YASS!

  96. Is Biden progressive enough…NOOOO.

  97. Everyone should ride bikes…..

    Then go to CHYna, bish.

  98. Btw, saw a headline where senate democrats may abolish the filibuster and ram through mail-in voting, no voter id.

  99. They need Sinema and Manchin for that, and they have said no.

  100. Oprah Winfrey looks like shit.

  101. Somebody else should be the face of Weight Watchers.

  102. She watches her weight just fine. She can’t fucking control it, but she sees movement and her eyes lock on like it’s a stray pastry cart.

  103. Michael knowles points out that Trump was right once again.

    Two years ago when asked about Harry and Meghan encouraging Americans to vote for Biden Trump said “Good luck to Harry, he’s going to need it.”

    Hahahahaha. I love Trump.

  104. Comment by scott on March 8, 2021 5:25 pm
    Somebody else should be the face of Weight Watchers.


    And the body.

  105. Hotspur, Matt Walsh has quickly become my favorite daily podcast (any podcast). He’s articulate, funny and hits the heart of the matter.

  106. This strawberry wine turned out pretty good.

  107. All I know is, our government is allowing people with COVID to waltz across the border with no containment, then dispersing them all across the country.

    This isn’t the behavior of people who are worried about some dread, fatal disease.

    I will behave accordingly.

  108. Well said, Teresa.

  109. Hey Jay your new headphones are here.


  110. Plumber’s crack killed it

  111. you should listen to Steve Deace sometime, mare. BlazeTV, has a podcast too

  112. actual footage of Iowa 2 weeks ago.

    Today it’s 70

  113. So Pepe Lepew has been canceled, wtf? He promotes rape culture? RUFKM?

  114. I love Pepe LePew. He dates outside his species, like hunchbacks do. I myself managed to capture a human male over 20 years ago, and it would have looked pretty rapey according to modern standards of behavior,

  115. It was just a little bit rapey.

  116. mmm pastrami is pretty good the night after

  117. *tosses scott a tiny piece of beef jerky*

  118. MJ has such interesting and varied Jerbs. Such a wide array of things to do! Me I move from designing residential, commercial, industrial and municipal projects in Florida to doing the same thing in Texas, Colorado and back to Florida. Go MJ! You don’t need to use kneepads! That is prolly why you get 15 jerbs a year but stay with a good one.

  119. What is a good word for whore.

    That’s what he is.

  120. new elastic in the mask. well fitting now!

  121. Waited on a couple straight out of flint:

    1.They were unaware how ordering occurs.
    B. When the female/mom said she wasn’t ready to order and needed more time, the male just started ordering.
    c. The dude asked me what “Clam chowder” was and I assumed he wanted to know if it was New England/New york. Nope. He didn’t know what a clam was.
    &. No food was ordered for the children.
    6. The salad of the parents was given to one child who then threw most of it underneath the table. Where it was left. For me to clean up.

    Bill: $60.

    Tip: Zero.

    But please don’t make any sort of racial stereotype here. That would be wrong.

  122. How do you explain what a clam is?

  123. The guy also smacked his toddler in the face.

    I did not explain what a clam was. They were already taking up waaay too much of my time.

  124. Mr. B is convinced he married an alien. I will not confirm or deny….though your planet is sucking pretty hard right now.

    Oops, I’ve said too much.

    *Sends signal to Mothership to come fully loaded. May need to give them Leon’s coordinates in the event the sooper serial fire cannon chokes in this atmosphere, and they need an extra set of brains.*

  125. How many kids? What the heck did they eat if nothing was ordered for them?

  126. Wtf, car in, what did the kids do while the parents fed their piecholes?

  127. Why the fuck do you have to clean up the greens thrown under the table? You were not paid.

  128. What is a good word for whore.

    That’s what he is.


  129. people are assholes at restaurants. they leave a horrible mess.

  130. Horrible assholes make up a outsized share of restaurant diners. They don’t cook much.

  131. yes, they do. horrible tippers, and messy. plus they are a pain in the ass to order, always want something special.

    Luckily there are people that make up for them.

  132. Roamy,

    Thanks for the suggestion on Postal. The first ep. was quite good.

  133. Dude, Erik rarely panics.

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