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Sorry, this tickled my funny bone…


  1. ‘Sup ball trippers?

  2. Super windy out there with lower temps than we’ve been having. We’ve got a week of 30’s ahead and then next week global warming returns with some 50 degree days!!!

  3. I just read last night’s comments and see Miss Lumps made the same observation as I did.

    Hopefully we get the “… out like a lamb” part of the old saying.

  4. I heard Glenn Beck teasing his upcoming interview with Tulsi but missed the interview. I also caught the tail end of a segment where he was talking with Dan Crenshaw. He was talking about Crenshaw’s podcast in the last bit I caught and said it was so good he might be a replacement for Rush. I’m sure it was just Beck flattering his guest and I’m sure he regrets saying it. At least I hope he does. Don’t get me going on Crenshaw.

  5. Quick look at the headlines in the NY Post:

    Cuomo is toast

    Dr. Seuss is a racist

    Drop in Covid 19 rates has “stalled”

    Any one of those is grounds for a fertile discussion. Cuomo would have been hounded out of office years ago had he been in a different party. I will watch with equal parts horror and amusement as Dr. Seuss books are burned and statues pulled down across the country. And finally, prepare for the word STALL to be all up in your face for the next phase of the plandemic

  6. If STALL doesn’t work I’m sure VARIANT will do the job of keeping teachers off the job

    “If it saves just one life … “

  7. Crenshaw is attention whore, garbage. He’s one of the politicians I caught on to the fastest.

  8. This is something PJ would have liked.

    {youtube video)

  9. I have or had that Avalanches CD.

    Never saw the video which offers a glimpse into PJM’s brain.

  10. wakey waeky

  11. In reality, Loudain would have lost to Brian.

  12. I think our rooster woke me up. I first noted the time at about 602 when I heard Mr Favulous greeting the coming dawn.

  13. I currently have zero useless male birds

  14. Mr Favulous is our only hope in the Burning Times. We’ll need some way to breed more chickens.

    And he’s keeping the hens from fighting eachother.

  15. I’m sitting in my office wearing a jacket waiting for the facilities management guy to come by and figure out why the electricity is off. I think it might have to do with my well meaning MA who turned both space heaters on to the max setting when she noticed our office was cold. I share an office with my NP and the windows are awful at keeping the cold out, hence dual space heaters.

  16. And we’re back in business. Flipped the circuit breaker and -BOOM- electricity!

    Which is weird since we’ve had both computers and both space heaters on with my radio and the overhead lights AND made coffee with no problem before.

    I should have asked him if he saw any squirrels near the wires

  17. That story about Peel in Canada should result in public health officials hanging from lampposts.

  18. Leon, was that where they said to isolate your 6-year-old by themselves?

  19. That was horrible grammar, but I’m too lazy to fix it.

  20. Canada may be too far gone to save. Hell, I’m not so sure about us.

    Meanwhile, even early bedtimes don’t seem to help my sleep issues. I sleep but it’s not restful. This is really, really getting worrisome.

  21. 4 year old, iirc, but yes.

    I’m pretty sure we’re in Just War territory, but I seem to recall guerrilla actions aren’t allowed in those. Those are all we have, though. This will continue until the people pushing are afraid to push.

  22. Lamppost also has space for Frontier for kicking a toddler off the plane for not wearing a mask.

  23. And everyone on the plane that cheered.

  24. BroTim, me, too. It seems like my body says, “Five hours sleep is sufficient” (it’s not), so it doesn’t matter what time I go to bed.

  25. It would be fun to tell people to get in line for their ‘Caring Award’ or something like that and have it end at a wood chipper.

    You’d be able to see the line from space.

  26. Weak minds.

  27. Tulsi should go on a good old fashioned Listening Tour.
    You’re a cunt.

  28. Clapping because a toddler is kicked off a plane for not wearing a mask? Weak minds. Dumb. You’re an asshole and you’re very dumb. Silly even.

  29. And we’re back in business. Flipped the circuit breaker and -BOOM- electricity!

    Dude, you had to call a maintenance guy to come flip a breaker?

    You’re a democrat?

  30. Agree (again) with Matt Walsh, if you quarantine a child for two weeks because they were exposed to Covid you should have your child taken away and you do not love your child. Period.

    Weak minds.

  31. Who said Tulsi should go on a listening tour?

  32. people to get in line for their ‘Caring Award’

    Same ones who post pics of themselves in their masks. Notable exceptions for “this is stupid”, “come and take it”, “this does nothing”, “Fuck Fauci”, etc. masks.

  33. to be fair, the circuit breakers are usually in a locked closet, because they don’t want anyone getting hurt.

    We have that issue here at times, usually it’s a router that’s shut down.

  34. Hotspur, they actually have bars with padlocks across our breaker boxes so we don’t reset them on our own. Union’s gotta get their cut.

  35. We have this local app called Next Door. It’s good for posting shit you want to sell, and recipes, I guess.

    Anyway, some “dad” posted over the weekend asking if there were any recommendations who he could have check his infant car seat installation.

    HotBride will affirm that I “lost it”.

    As of this morning there are over forty replies, and not one of them include the words “weiner face”, “douchebag” or “asshole”.

  36. because they don’t want anyone getting hurt.

    Who is “they”?

    And how do you get “hurt” from a breaker?

  37. The server room in the Virginia office has an RFID lock that only admits security personnel and admins.

    Theft, sabotage, etc.

    Ford was even worse. All the stationery was in a locked cabinet with no more than 1-2 people holding keys. And you had to buy coffee in the cafe downstairs. No free coffee, too many thefts.

  38. As of this morning there are over forty replies, and not one of them include the words “weiner face”, “douchebag” or “asshole”.

    You know what you must do.

  39. Crenshaw replacing Rush. Beck is going off the deep end. He is also constantly telling his listeners how horrible the events on Jan 6 were, and how much he deplores them, and we just have to be better.

    Some people walked into the Capitol unarmed, Glenny boy. It’s not the end of the fucking world.

  40. Who is “they”?

    And how do you get “hurt” from a breaker?

    um, the maintenance guy with a key? And you know damn well why they lock that door, liability.

  41. We have this local app called Next Door. It’s good for posting shit you want to sell, and recipes, I guess.

    Ah yes, the Karen channel.

    It’s also useful for complaining about people not wearing a mask while walking their dog.

    Someone yelled at Mrs. Jay for Elliot being off leash. Um, he has an electric collar, and is under supervision. Ames city code also allows for that. But do go on about our leash law.

  42. “you know what you must do”



    Please, Hotspur, reply to him.

  43. Better security at the coffee machine than in Hillary Clinton’s state department? Yeah, that sounds about right.

  44. Glenn Beck can be very interesting and accurate. Then his meds somehow get disrupted and he says stupid, crazy shit.

    Dan Crenshaw can eat a bag of dicks and isn’t worthy of sniffing Rush’s chair.

  45. Heh, exactly mare. And glenn will be shocked when his listeners clue him in.

  46. I didn’t think anyone could make 3-D printing of lunar dirt boring, but it’s being done. Holy cow, I need moar coffee.

  47. Please, Hotspur, reply to him.

    HotBride says I can’t. She’s kinda pissed at me for even downloading the app. She said, “What the hell did you think was going to be on an app called Next Door?”

    Point taken.

  48. she knows you well. Hahahahhaa

  49. Someone posted the other day, “Beware of invisible ice on the sidewalks.”

    Another guy posted that when he was a kid his parents told him not to walk on snowy sidewalks because it makes it harder for the homeowner to shovel them.

    One other person warned of “porch pirates”. He’s had two packages stolen in the past six months.

    How did we ever live without Next Door?

  50. “What the hell did you think was going to be on an app called Next Door?”

    I hoped there would be Girls there.

  51. There are. Even the men are girls.

  52. Without bars being open I could see some actual men resorting to such things as a drastic measure. They probably aren’t, though.

  53. Agree (again) with Matt Walsh, if you quarantine a child for two weeks because they were exposed to Covid you should have your child taken away and you do not love your child. Period.
    In GA if your kids take the bus, they have to quarantine for 2 weeks if a kid knows someone who may have been exposed. So far our old nanny has had her kids home for six weeks

    The parents who report their kids as being exposed are going to get wedgies from the smarter parents at some point.

  54. Most men are women now.

    I think the kids raised in the 90s and above are actually cared for almost exclusively by women who set up everything to be very girly.

    Dudes can’t figure anything out except that they want to be pegged and play vidya games and the lesbians, lipstick or otherwise are trying to be men. It’s almost as if there’s a man deficit that nature is trying to fill.

  55. What is pegged?

  56. Or all the hormonal birth control really did fuck us up via the water supply.

  57. Just do a safe-search-turned-off search for “pegging” in the “images” tab of your favorite search engine, Hotspur.

    It’ll be fine.

  58. Pupster, my daughter liked that video. She assured me that it was not weird.

  59. It’ll be fine.

    Never mind. I’ll remain ignorant of it.

  60. Leon, what if Hotspur takes a look at that shit and decides he’s down with it? Now Hotbride’s got a problem on her hands. Unintended consequences…….they’re not just for governments.

  61. That was WEIRD AS FUCK, Pupster. I bailed after 15s.

  62. Pendejo, that’s an extremely funny risk that I’m willing to take with Hotspur’s alimentary canal.

  63. Hotspur, it’s a little exercise in roll reversal between consenting women and…..cough, cough……consenting men. The problem is neither have the proper accessories for the exercise and thus improvisation is required.

  64. Hotspur, it’s a dude getting railed in his exit port by a chick with an affixed fake wang.

  65. If you are isolating a child for two weeks(child abuse) because he’s been exposed to covid (hey, dumbasses, we’ve all been exposed) you’re crazy. First thing I do, is hug my child, explain to them that people are crazy (a child’s first experience learning the finger twirl around the ear) and then hey, let’s spend the day at the playground, or some other fun activity. IDIOTS.

  66. If only the chinese would have designed the virus to link with the stupid gene. IF ONLY.

  67. Globohomo, Inc. has been desperately meme-ing pegging and actual cuckoldry via MindGeek sites for years now. The “consenting man” is ALWAYS a white male.

  68. I get really tired of the overreaction about the Capitol protest. The only real violence was done by a security guy who shot an unarmed woman, who wasn’t attacking him, from about 5 feet. I’m much more upset about the cops standing by while businesses were destroyed and lives ruined.

  69. I’ve been on some planes where I might have applauded a toddler being removed, especially the one screaming, spilling juice and kicking my seat.

  70. Agree Pepe. I’m probably one of the most irritated with an annoying kid (and parents) on a plane.

    But clapping because he won’t wear a mask? Come on.

  71. WAP is song of the year, but the muppet show is adult content.

    Give me a frakkin break.

    Do you know what WAP means?

  72. I do, and it’s the auditory equivalent of twerking. It’s base and vile.

  73. It’s an ethnic slur for Italians?

  74. And Dr Seuss has racial overtones.

  75. Dr Seuss has too many gibberish words and made-up critters. I don’t like having to explain that every time we read one of his stupid books.

  76. No, that’s WOP.

  77. I didn’t believe the WAP being song of the year, but it was thus declared by both NPR and Rolling Stone.

    I can’t even.

  78. I going to have to listen to Tool and rock myself in a corner for a little bit.

  79. According to Expertstm, clear plastic is supposedly better for killing all plant life in an area than black plastic, so I’ll be putting that to the test since clear 6mil plastic was cheaper than black.

  80. What is pegged?
    Pegging is a sex act where the ‘girl’ uses a weenus shaped device strapped to her hips to penetrate the ‘boy’.

  81. What is WAP?

    I looked it up.

    I think it’s great that mentally challenged people are performers now. My generation had Corky from that show with Corky but that was about it.

    Good for her!

  82. Huh, good question. Steve Deace just asked on his show:

    What was the last corporation that tweeted out: God Exists.

  83. Leon, clear vs black plastic doesn’t work that way in my latitude, but YMMV. My tough weeds will not cook down unless I starve them of sunshine. Maybe if the weather is super hot and sunny? Dunno.

  84. Why are you lumps now? Did I miss a memo?

  85. or, you could just make your plants wear a mask.

  86. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just rototill them to death.

  87. clear plastic is supposedly better for killing all plant life in an area than black plastic

    Only because it takes longer and you can watch it happen you sick f*#k.

  88. Tell the weeds to check their privilege.

  89. I’m trying to kill some lawn so I can pile some composted horse and chicken poo and plant the garden for the year.

    No root vegetables, so I’m not too fussed about the totality of the composting. I might grow potatoes in straw piles if I make enough room.

  90. Finally caught up for a minute. We called the maintenance guy because in all the years I’ve worked here I’ve never had to flip a circuit breaker switch. And because of that I have no idea where the panel is located. Thirdly, if I flipped the wrong one you might be reading a story about how some idiot ruined 1000 doses of Covid “vaccine” in Maine (we don’t keep it in the office but who ta fuk knows what machines are deliberately off around here).

  91. WAP

    Why no, our society is not degrading faster than any time historically or Biblically, why do you ask?

  92. OUT: Telling a woman she looks nice at work

    IN: Publicly describing the condition of your vagina.

    Crazy pill time.

  93. No, seriously, I need some effing pills to deal with the crazy.

  94. Calm your vulva, Mare.


  96. Dumb-Ass Bitches walkin’ down the street

  97. Calm your vulva, Mare.


  98. Dumb-Ass Bitches walkin’ down the street

    Singin doo wah diddity, dum ditty do

  99. Wet ass mare

  100. Beasn’s fish chowder recipe still not there.


  101. Singin doo wah diddity, dum ditty do

    That’s funny, right there.

  102. Day 5 of people telling me to fuck off and they’ve already forgotten.

    No wonder you people can’t win elections.

  103. I’m saving mine, until it means more.

  104. Last time I told someone to fuck off, they did. I’d miss MJ.

  105. Top golf was fun. I got vertigo after my first 3 balls and was shaking so bad, I couldn’t hold the Club. A 9 iron. 10 pts though. Dan had to play for 2 hours. Prepaid. They have cold beer and really good spicy bloody Mary’s.

  106. Top Golf is a hoot. Their clubs aren’t very good, but it’s fun to hit.

  107. when is the podcast coming out?

  108. We’re playing Putt Putt/Miniature Golf tomorrow.

  109. VULVA UPDATE!!!


    Status: Calm

  110. sounds moist

  111. HA!

  112. I read some panic piece pretending to be news, talking about legislative pushes to set up Roe v Wade challenges. I couldn’t help but smirk at the sky is falling quotes. Here’s what I wonder:

    If you think that restrictions after 20 weeks are an extreme right wing position, and if you presumably think your own position (no restrictions ever, taxpayer funding, no parental consent or notification, legal infanticide after failed abortions) is moderate, what would you consider to be an extreme left wing position on the issue? Or is this a spectrum with no extreme left?

  113. when is the podcast coming out?

    After I get through the certification exam I’m studying for.

  114. I, like the residents of Texas, will also not be wearing a mask anymore.

  115. My new governor (R) said he will sign any abortion legislation passed by the legislature (majority R) this session. He also once punched a reporter, so he has my full support.

  116. Meanwhile, some of you guys live in Michigan…

  117. I hereby certify you.

    We’re doing a podcast? Cool.

  118. This is one of those “improve my job/keep my job situations”, so I’m trying to really focus in the near term.

    I plan to demand a raise if I pass.

  119. They called it a “secret deal” like 10 times after explaining it in detail.

    no longer secret deal

    the deal formerly known as secret

    the now well known deal

    the deal that was secret but is not secret anymore

  120. FOMJ

  121. Does anybody know what mare is saying?

  122. And no hotspot… not even your mom…

  123. Does c ari n still hate you all?

  124. Why did that little felt-o-philiac mj drive Cyn away??

  125. Does anybody know what mare is saying?

    Something about her vulva being ready to receive visitors, I think.

    I’m mostly just thankful that someone remembers the word. The modern feminazis seem to think that “vagina” is external genitalia.

  126. Leon just remember we are the anti science cave dwellers.

  127. In other news:
    I got outbid on all the 45’s at the auction.
    Holy fuk a cannoli … shit went upwards of double retail.

  128. Ammo is nearly impossible to find here in commie country.
    We are a friggin powder keg.

  129. I hear even some of the new york demorats talking about shit going to far …. that’s down right amazingvto me.

  130. Let it burn baby.

  131. I got Red Army 7.62x39mm for ~$0.49 per. Steel cases, should be dirt cheap. Wasn’t.

    I’m hoping it ends up being a bad investment and not the most important one of my life.

  132. The modern feminazis seem to think that “vagina” is external genitalia.

    I finally finished “Sense and Sensibility” (oof, what a slog) and am now reading “The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity” for Lent. Much more interesting read and quite a change, to go from Regency proper manners and quiet pining to Madonna and Beyonce and WAP.

  133. Is NYC ever coming back?

  134. Daughter and SIL in California are losing their shit over Texas lifting the mask mandate – swear they won’t go to any store that doesn’t require masks, because “people are going to DIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! “.

    They weren’t too happy to hear us say that Freedom means choices, and there are plenty of people who will happily shop at businesses that don’t require masks.

  135. no mandate here, but stores require them. Blue college town.

  136. wow, watching a video where The Federalist walks around the Capitol, showing the fence. It’s huge.

  137. I have meat sweats.

  138. That may be the sexiest shit I’ve ever heard.

  139. Is NYC ever coming back?

    I doubt it. You’ll need a Giuliani to crack down on the criminals, and a de Blasio or Yang won’t, it’ll be all social workers wondering why none of the businesses are reopening. The museums are doing timed-entry but not allowing anyone in from out of town unless they’ve completed a 14-day quarantine. Maybe Broadway will open back up in the summer.

  140. I want cameras on the ground in Austin to see what the lefties will do after all the mandates are lifted. Will they continue to ‘protect themselves and others’ with masks and distancing, or not?

    I’ll take easy copout #1 “Well, what’s the point if everybody else in Texas isn’t doing it” for $500, Alex.

  141. I hear even some of the new york demorats talking about shit going to far …

    I’ll bet you any money they’ll continue to vote for the same dirtbags because why not.

  142. LOL, Roamy! Thanks for that 😂😂😂

  143. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 2, 2021 11:00 pm
    wow, watching a video where The Federalist walks around the Capitol, showing the fence. It’s huge.

    So…..border fences DO work? /

  144. Darjeeling especially relaxes Paula.

  145. Football player is actually 1966 KC Chiefs Curt Merz, Guard and part-time DE

    Small world… teamed up with Rush in ‘86:

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