MMM 435

Here we are… it begins again. I fear for what is to come.

But here’s a happy girl at the gym.

And another.

Redhead bonus points.


Impending structural failure on this bra.

A lot of these have bellybutton piercings. Are those still a thing or is it all NXVKDM brands these days?


  1. wakey wakey

  2. MJ, you’re a brown-thumbed FPOS. if it’s your first time gardening, put your effort into prepping the beds and just buy flats of plant starts. Marigolds are your friends. Save seed heads from the ones that do best and you can start those next year.

  3. FPOJ. Jeez, it’s like no one ready the style guide around here


    But seriously, if it’s your first time, make good beds and buy starts for most things. Anything with a really big seed is probably a good first “seed-to-harvest” idea. Melons/cucumbers/squash varieties are much easier than tomatoes and peppers. If you do melons, keep them segregated because giving them the water they need will overwater other things. Turnips are also really easy and make greens and tubers, but you need good, loose soil for any root vegetable.

  5. I made two really good new dishes last week if anyone wants the recipes. Pat basically ate the second one until it was gone and I only had one SMALL bit the night I made it.
    Both chicken.

  6. Yes please.

  7. What’s the temperatures in your area right now, MJ? Is this for a sunny or a shady area? Is the bed up against the house or out by the road?

  8. Is the bed already established and mulched, or are you trying to make a new garden on a lawn? Are there big weeds in the area?

  9. ..and a partridge, in a pear tree!

  10. I need to get the big black tarp out to kill some of the lawn now that the snow has melted.

  11. Just along the sidewalk. There’s shitty GA clay and rocks so I’ll dig that out and put in some better soil.

    It’s still pretty cold at night…around 35 but then up to 70 daytime.

    It’ll be full sun. Very small area.

  12. Day lilies, cone flowers, daisies, hostas.
    Anchor with an evergreen and water the fuck out of it.
    Miracle grow is your friend up until you go eco-nut and compost your urine and amend your victory garden with used sanitary products.

  13. Oh yeah……
    And FOMJ!!!

  14. And if you want some low cover color (racisssss) use ice plant They have multicolor mix and are sort of bullet proof.

  15. I love flowers.

  16. Don’t dig out the clay. Get some good compost and lay it right on top, about 4 inches or more. Let the worms and springtails worry about creating drainage, that’s their job. Cover with a couple inches of wood chips. Bada bing, plant straight into the compost (don’t let the wood mix into the soil, it has to stay on top only) and love your easy life. You may need some landscape timbers or other edging to keep the compost from washing out in rainstorms. By the end of the season you will be surprised to see the level of the dirt return to almost the same as what you started. Compost gets dragged down under the soil pretty fast by creatures.

    You can put a couple pots of dirt outside right now and sprinkle some tall variety of mixed zinnia seeds on them. Keep moist. When they are big enough to transplant, plant them in groups, maybe 8 or 10 inches apart. They are super easy. Also, go to the job lot store or walmart and check out whatever summer bulbs they are selling bagged. Cannas are pretty easy and great for a tall back-border thing. Also you can direct-seed some cleomes behind them. That’s my favorite backstop in the sunny border. By the time the cleomes get ragged at the bottom, the cannas have filled in and take over the show.

  17. *sashays away*

  18. I love lamp

  19. Wait, how small? You may not want a 4 foot tall canna plant or 7 foot tall cleome…

  20. can’t you just grow pot? that shit will grow in anything.

  21. Along the sidewalk…is this for a green strip between the sidewalk and the road? Dimensions, please. Length, width. If the strip is narrow you probably need smaller plants, mounding plants like what Jam said.

  22. I live in a townhouse. I have about 6-10 feet up to the house stairs from oh fuck it.

    I’ll take pics and send to your email.

    I think you’ll get a better idea of the space and what not.

  23. 4 calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves…

  24. …and an FPOS on the bloooooooog.

  25. I love cleome. I grew some at our old house. I need something to replace the iris Mr B smothered along the garage and those just might be the ticket.
    While at Walmart yesterday, I picked up some Shirley Temple peonie roots. Hopefully I can get those going in the back garden where the hydrangeas used to be (and haven’t bloomed the past 2 years).

  26. The rental needs to get landscaped this spring, too. Especially after we had all the trees cut down. Poor thing looks kinda shabby and lonely without them. Besides picking out a couple of new trees – maybe a magnolia or dogwood – need to get bids to replace the 95 ft driveway.
    Dropped something off over there, yesterday, for the daughter and son-in-law asked us what we would be willing to sell the place for. They’ve been looking for a house of their own and places have been either selling faster than they could react or they’re like, “what we have now is better (new kitchen/bath) and our stuff is already there.”

  27. Happy birthday, Mr Chumpo!

  28. I can’t even tell you how gratifying this shit is.

    I’ve been banging this drum at work and with my family for almost a whole fuckin’ year. Everybody is on this double-triple mask nonsense. I’M RIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS. I’ve always been right, all this time. Goddammit.

  29. good luck trying to get anyone to read that right wing winger article.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s right or not.

  30. The Cult of Covid is a modern Mystery Religion, similar to the Church of Woke. Elder Fauci is never wrong, only your perception of his inconsistency are wrong. This is the most deadly virus humanity has ever encountered, and we must all Stay Safe and Follow The Science, as well as Listen To Scientists like Presbyter Tyson told us on the Colbert Worship Hour.

  31. Against my better judgment I listened to a bit of Hugh Hewitt on the radio today. He gave his bona fides and talked about who he’s worked with and then he said he’s known and worked with 3 geniuses.

    Richard Nixon
    Justice John Roberts
    Mitt Romney

    Please Lord Jesus save us from these idiots with a platform like Hugh Hewitt. He’s doing the devil’s work.

  32. heh.

    Gas prices spiraling higher than Buyden vote totals at 3am.

  33. Was Hewitt trying out for The Bee?

  34. I was a rebel yesterday and didn’t wear a mask in Walmart.

  35. If my dad dares to complain about gas prices in my presence I will laugh in his face until I’m disinherited.

  36. Truly, Carin.

    Beasnsnsndn, I’m proud of you. I also want to not wear a mask but I am sincerely worried about starting a race incident.

  37. I wear a mask in walmart to avoid that too, mare.

  38. it’s easier, just to avoid confrontation.

  39. The woman in the top pic has a pretty face. I know we’re not supposed to notice but I’m a sucker for a pretty face. Luckily, Mrs. Pendejo keeps getting prettier as she gets older.

    I took a jaunt across about a third of Texas and back this past weekend to see my mama. I stopped at convenience stores twice up and twice back in four separate small, rural towns. Apparently masking is over in rural Texas. Not a single customer nor employee in any of the four stores were wearing. Good for them.

  40. I haven’t been inside a building that wasn’t a residence (other than one visit to a restaurant at my parents’ invitation) in a year now.

  41. I live in a bubble where Covid isn’t a thing.

  42. I live in a city/county that is quite red and not as stupid as most of the country.
    Imma get on my computer to tell y’all a little story told to me by my sisnlaw, who lives in a county still shut down like MI.


  43. Agree with you Pendejo. I noticed her cute appearance first time through as well.

  44. Awww, pendejo, I don’t care what MJ says about you, you’re a sweetheart.

  45. I live in a bubble where Covid isn’t a thing.

    We all live in that bubble. That bubble is the whole world. The Cult refuses to acknowledge that their god is a false one, that’s all.

  46. I put a mask on to go to work and after my part time week leave it in the truck. I’ll wear I if there’s other people at the post office when I get my mail or if I’m picking up groceries. The manner I wear my mask in the grocery store is wildly ineffective but it’s all mumbo jumbo anyway.

  47. damn, bluetooth earbuds just broke.

    anyone got a favorite? Raycon was recommended, these are DAK and sound good too.

  48. aftershokz. They’re bone conductive.

  49. I’ve got a pair of Raycon earbuds and they work fine. There’s always a a sale so don’t pay full price.

  50. Your mom is bone conductive

  51. Well, she conducts a lot of bone.

  52. the Raycons are 2X more expensive than the ones I have, but they do have more battery life

    gonna check out the aftershokz, thanks!

  53. which ones do you have carin?

  54. Pretty sure I just have the entry level ones- the ones that are about $80.

  55. I don’t really know what the pricier ones do

  56. look pretty cool, and I have a set of headphones of that shape that I like. I have a fat head, so headphones don’t fit. around the neck is much better. These are pinch fit?

  57. can you hear them? I’m listening in a cube farm, so everyone would hear if they don’t plug in the ear

  58. the only thing – it takes a little bit of time for your brain to get used to them. The first week or so, the music didn’t seem loud enough. But your brain adjusts and before you know it – it is perfect. But you can still hear – if need be – the world around you. If you put in earplugs while wearing them, you get FULL sound. I never do that, because I want to be able to hear cars, etc.

  59. They don’t pinch. If you turn it up ALL THE WAY, people can hear a little bit, but not much. I always worry people can hear, but they don’t.

  60. yeah, I have to hear what’s going on in the office, too.

  61. heh, I listen to right wing hate radio, so it’s important that the office not be offended by 2nd hand listening

  62. So St. Louis and St. Louis County still have lockdown measures in place, though restaurants in the city are at 50% capacity while the County’s are at 25%.

    Well, a well-known restaurant and owner, is ignoring those capacity ‘guidelines’ and the health department got wind of it, showed up, and fined the guy $25,000. He got out his checkbook, wrote them a $25k check and then told them (there were three of them, all of whom he knew by name), “I’m paying the fine and now consider this matter over. If you come back here, I am going to sue you (pointing at each one saying each one’s name) and you and you, for harassment and then I’m going after the county. I’ve got a lot of money and I can keep this thing going for a loonnng time. Goodbye and have a nice day.”

    They haven’t been back and he continues to operate his restaurant at a capacity he sees fit.

  63. Beasn, wow. I want to vote for that guy for mayor.

  64. nice move, but not eveyone can pay the $25k fine

  65. The county executive, who just may be Bitchmer’s male twin, is one Dr. Sam Page, anesthesiologist at Mercy Hospital, and specialist in pain management (HA!).

  66. In these times it would come in handy to have “Fuck You” money. Sadly, I don’t. I have “Thank you sir, may I have another” money.

  67. Very true, Jay. My friend’s son, who owns/runs a restaurant in the city is hanging on by his fingertips. He couldn’t swing a fine like that (he’s still young – 31) and his place is pretty popular.

    There is a fight going on in the county – on the city council – to rein Sam Page in. Three of the seven council members are republican but I think, this last election, they were able to grab a fourth seat but the demrat gal is a bish and won’t give it up….so there is that mess to sort through. In the meantime, lots of county residents come out this way if they want to dine out. Only recently did they ease restrictions on kid’s sports.

  68. I have “hooray, I’m not getting kicked out of my house!” money. And “occasionally treat my kids to root beer floats” money. I do not have f you money.

  69. He should have fought the fine.

    We are NOT doing 25% capacity – we closed every other booth and removed about 7 or 8 tables. Another restaurant in town is 100% right now.

  70. It’d been nice had that restauranteur pooled his money with other restaurant owners to fight the bullshit. Lots of democrat Karens out that way, though. Just wants to run his business and be left alone.
    Too bad it looks too much like a payoff to the mob bosses for that to happen.

  71. I thought so too, Carin.

  72. Sobek, I’ve been digging Gojira even more lately. dang.

  73. Restaurants in my city have to be at 100%. Their parking lots are always packed on weekends.

  74. Born in Winter is a PERFECT running song.

  75. stopped at Culver’s for walleye last night (delicious, try it!) and they have inside dining, finally, in Ames.

  76. I was pro-mask when I thought it was mainly a droplet disease. As soon as I heard it was airborne I started asking “why the Hell are we doing this then?”

  77. Another story….internets friend from way back when littlegreenfootballs was a thing…then that blew up and a group of us found ourselves on a blog of our own. This friend was living in Boston, nicer part of the city, and renting a nice, large, studio-type apartment when the ’08 housing crisis happened. Next thing they knew, their rent checks were sent back to them because whoever owned their apartment, had just walked away, foreclosed on, and noone knew which bank owned the joint because the way the banks had bundled and sold and sold and bundled. So each month, they’d send their rent via registered mail and the check kept getting sent back. So they would deposit each month’s rent in an escrow account, just in case. They hired a couple of lawyers to help find who owned the title because they wanted to buy the place, and to know what the laws were as they pertained to renters and their returned rent, how to protect themselves, etc. The last lawyer said to keep making an effort with the rent, that they couldn’t be kicked out if someone came knocking, and it’s possible if and when they do find which bank owns the place, they won’t have to pay all that back rent because the entire banking fuck-up. The property was worth right under a million bucks.

    That went on until 2019, when the friend and her husband, decided to retire to a sunnier state. They picked up and moved in the middle of the night and left no forwarding address. The monies in that escrow went with them and probably helped pay for their nice, oceanfront property.

  78. Soon as I figure out how, Imma poat my fish chowder recipe, I made this past Friday. Stay tuned.

  79. That’s a feel-good story right there, beasn.

  80. As soon as I heard it was airborne I started asking “why the Hell are we doing this then?”

    Now you are a smart person. I suspect most people in the healthcare field, doctors-nurses, are smart people. So if you know that and they know that, which would include the a-holes at the CDC knowing that…why do we hear nothing but crickets in that regard or crickets when it comes to ‘hey, here’s what you can do to keep your immune system fit and strong enough to battle the viral warfare released by the Chicoms’. Crickets and a WOMP when any smart doctor mentions ‘Vit D’ or HCQ or ivermectin on social media.

  81. It’s about power and control, not intelligence. Intelligence has nothing to do with it.

    Aperture Science: We Do What We Must Because We Can.

  82. wait, I was still under the impression this was a droplet disease.

  83. Like any bug, it’s both but with social distancing and wipes, there is less chance coming in contact with someone else’s mucus.

  84. Explains why a lot of people who swear by being masked and doing everything they have been told to do, have still come down with it.

  85. “Your career might not run so smoothly if you don’t get with the program” is a powerful motivator. Intelligent people understand that.

  86. Plus, this particular bug is really tiny. Easy to get through a mask, or your eyeballs, while walking in someone’s breath swirls or by touching what they touched and then rubbing your eyes or licking your fingers.

  87. I’m waiting the Crown with GND.

    There’s an episode about the fog that killed a few thousand people in 3 days in London and when asked about masks Churchill replies that they don’t do a damn thing and are all theater to make people feel safe.

    We died laughing.

  88. Sobek, that is what is so frightening. Not allowing what has been working for doctors willing to try things even the CDC said worked after the first SARS, to get out. Not even Vit regimens that have helped.
    It’s malpractice and malicious.

  89. Informed consent…..thbbbbt, who needs informed consent…

  90. How do I poat something in the recipe link? Or should I put the recipe here and some nice person can put it over there for me?

  91. I’m not afraid of germs (meaning, we’re all exposed to them constantly and if healthy will not get deathly sick). What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Let’s get back to smiling at each other and living our lives as freely as we are allowed at this point.

  92. just paste it in, beasn, just like here.

  93. I never use hand sanitizer and only wash my hands after using the bathroom or preparing food.

    Before mandated I never wore a mask.

    I’ve traveled quite a bit since last March and will continue to do so.

    I said from the beginning this was bullshit and I still believe it is Yes, there is a flu going around, but there is always a flu going around.

    Did you know that England has not had any cases of flu this year? Not kidding.

  94. The same government that ran the Tuskegee Experiment for forty years is looking out for your safety.

  95. I don’t see you as a member over there, beasn. I sent an invite to @yahoo addy. if you accept that, I can change that member to posting privileges

  96. Jay, paste it where? Do I need admin rights over there, to do it?

  97. check email, then I can get you posting rights. I thought you had them already

  98. K…hold on, need to dig up yahoo password.

  99. This push to vaccinate everyone for a virus that is going away and isn’t particularly deadly is insanity.

    This is how you turn a law abiding, government supporting anti-conspiracy theory citizen into a total “Eff the government” and “the CIA killed Kennedy and Bush and Cheney are too shady to believe 9-11 wasn’t in the military industrial complexes and the globalist’s best interests” housewife.

  100. Okay Jay, I accepted.

  101. of course it wouldn’t let me modify it. I sent another one for admin rights. Hope that works

  102. so Grassley wants to support Garland in a vote? Well he can count on my support going to his opponent, both in a primary and in the general. If a democrat opposes him, I will vote for the democrat.

    He has my contact information now. I am becoming a lot more vocal.

    I think I should start sending actual letters, and request return notifications.

  103. Thank you for contacting me.

    I appreciate your input and look forward to responding in greater detail to your questions, comments and concerns.

    Keeping in touch with you and fostering dialogue between those of us in elected office and the people we represent has been a priority of mine for a long time. The dialogue is essential to the process of representative government. I appreciate your participation in this process by sending me your message. I will respond in another message with more information and detail.

    I’d also like to get information on a range of subjects to you on a regular basis through my newsletter and news alerts. If you’d like to receive those messages, please click here.


    Chuck Grassley
    United States Senator

    Wonder what I’ll get back

  104. Tulsi Gabbard on Glenn Beck’s podcast. i know she’s for aborting all babies, but she talks about being God’s children, and has a working knowledge of the constitution, and isn’t crazy in the race department. Finding more support from me all the time.

  105. must be quite a podcast

  106. Part of standing up for the Constitution and your constituents is to fight against radical appointments. They know that but don’t care.

  107. Only 1 visitor from Antarctica… ya’ll need to try harder.

  108. That was me when I was visiting the Nordics that have holed up there since Lemuria sank.

    But I’ve already said too much.

  109. Dude, that is the same pro forma letter I have received from every elected rep I have ever contacted.

    You will never hear from him again. If you do get a response, it won’t be from him. It will be from some snot-nosed intern, and will basically state some bullshit party position.

    They’re all grifters.

  110. well, when I sent one to Ernst, I didn’t even receive a form letter.

  111. Aborting all babies is an immediate no go for me.

    Fuck tulsi gabbard.

  112. In one sentence she talks about all god’s children but aborting children is okay?

    She sounds like a typical non rational thinker. Or what I like to call “an idiot.”

  113. not one sentence. there are things that we’d all agree on. But some no gos, too.

  114. Mmmm…Culver’s.

  115. Going to Top Golf tomorrow. Pray for Oso.

  116. Tulsi is a 7/10 would smash

  117. Tulsi should run for Senate in HI. She’s fucked up. Way better than what they have. I wore my L&L Year of the Ox and the take out box tee. No one got it.

  118. At this point you can leave off the ‘would smash’.

    We all know.

  119. 7/10 ws


    Or just #/•

  120. Barbara Bush .000000001/10.

  121. Why not 9 zeros?

  122. Too bad about grassley.

  123. Which Barbara? The twin is kinda hot. Or at least was when she was 20.

  124. Sunday Funnies;

  125. Cold snap tonight. Windy as a somnobeesh.

  126. In like a lion…

  127. David explicitly rejected perfectionism.

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