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  1. First

  2. I noticed the Lincoln and Kennedy crackers. I think it’s great that Scott takes the time to explain my meme posts to Wiser when they get together. That is the sign of a true friend.

  3. “Like”s post without even looking at all the memes

    Past performance predicts future behavior in this case

  4. wakey wakey

  5. I missed the Lincoln and Kennedy crackers. Then I had to go and look for the Garfield and McKinley crackers, but they didn’t look any different.

  6. “Employee of the month”


  7. I don’t get the you hardly touched your campaign promises.

  8. Last year on this date I scored some awesome Tool tickets.

    Then 14 days to flatten the curve happened.

  9. “14 days to flatten the curve” reminds of this app on my phone, “6-pack in thirty days.” This is why I have trust issues.

  10. I’m listening to Tool all morning in mourning for what we’ve become.

    I found demos from 1984 – from the Ænima album. it’s amazing.

  11. I feel like I’ve aged 10 years this past year

  12. Earlier reports said they can’t put the minimum wage thing in the democrat graft bill but the news is reporting it’s in there.

  13. And if blue states got bailed out, can red states sue?

  14. Supreme court would say they lack standing.

  15. Nevermind.

  16. It is 75 outside. Feels like tornado weather, but the only weather warning is for flash floods.

  17. Fun fact about Garfield: he might have survived his gunshot to the back, but they could never find the bullet. The doctors kept sticking their dirty hands in the bullet wound for days afterwards, looking for the bullet, filing him with infection.

    A scientist at the time figured he could invent a metal detector to look for the bullet, and he did actually get a working prototype going. He wasn’t able to find the bullet with it, though, because when they tried the machine, Garfield was lying on a bed with metal springs. It wasn’t until years later that they figured out what went wrong.

    After Garfield died, they did an autopsy and figured out his body was riddled with sepsis. His personal doctor had heard about germ theory and the importance of sterilizing your hands, but blew it off as a bunch of malarkey.

  18. Only 9% of the Covid relief “ bill is for Covid relief.

  19. ^^^^as per some guest on Prager who has see a form of the Bill.

  20. The 15 week leave of absence for federal workers actually tripped my BS detector.

    I just didn’t think it would be possible that the government would allow it’s workers to take paid leave for the express purpose of helping their kids with homeschooling while everyone else just deals with it.

    But yep. $1400 per week for 15 weeks. Almost 4 months of paid leave to deal with the situation that they created while everyone else gets FUCKED.

  21. I think it’s funny that we’re even pretending about things like the minimum wage.

    Democrats totally get it. Pass it, they win.

    Pass it, Republicans challenge in court, they win because we’re monsters.

    Instead we’re wondering if it’s legal or something trite like that.

  22. I forgot about this

    What a circus. We’ve got a week before the Blue Checkmarks to pivot from Trump’s CPAC speech to this trial.

  23. Looked thru carin’s link and went down the Twitter hole. Someone had posted a video put out by WEF in ’16 (think I read that year right), pure propaganda that highlighted the following…”You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” (Like them rich fucks are going to give up their private property? You’ll be paying them rent and you’ll be made to like it.)

    It got so much negativity, they took it down. Didn’t see the same one in youtube but other videos talk about it.

  24. Anyone know where I can watch Trump at CPAC? I’m sure it will be recorded and available on Rumble at some point but I’m looking for live.

    My friend suggested C-SPAN or Newsmax … any others?

  25. Watch live from CPAC’s site too

  26. trump used to be on time. now everything is Obama late

  27. Trump parade stalled Traffic throughout Orlando. Thousands in their vehicles, thousands on the side of the road between airport and hotel.

  28. Hi CPAC, miss me yet?

    best opening line possible

  29. I miss him. I miss America. FL is more open now, than November. I want to eat inside a fast food restaurant. Dan is a pretty good cook, but I want my Taco Cabana.

  30. Trump on TV. It could only be better if Rush were on the side stage watching .

  31. I understand the Rush memorial was cringe

  32. Ham and cheese slider or Little Smokey sandwich?


  33. I miss having a President that put America first.

  34. Me too, Osita, me too.

    Wondering if Supreme Court will have a spine when it comes to forcing the Equality Act on us.

  35. Holy cow. I look at this and think to myself, what’s your excuse?

  36. He’s competing against women. 🤪

  37. Supreme Court is compromised. Fork us.

  38. (IMGUR Video with sound)

  39. Focus!  Don’t lose focus!


  40. Trump had a great speech. He included the BS about voter integrity that he was advised to ignore. We saw, what we saw.

  41. We have Top Golf in the Q

  42. Circuses

  43. and shit

  44. Dis homie dead n a mufuq.

  45. Sunday night. Everyone is busy dreading the week to come.

  46. I took a look at my proposed home reno projects, and our future plans, and had a clarifying moment and talked it out with Scott. Originally this Spring I wanted to do a lot of cosmetic work to the place. Redoing bathrooms and such.

    We do not want to live here any longer than absolutely necessary. I’ll never have the heart to invest anything significant into this property. Any more little improvements I am willing to make to this house will only be superficial, and likely immediately gutted by the next owner, who will want to bring the place into this century, probably with the help of an architect.

    We’re just going to conscientiously maintain the integrity of the structure until we can unload it.

  47. Scott & Laura be wise.

  48. SeanM, you’re up. Do yo thang.

  49. Laura,
    When we moved here, it was into a 1904 farm house with a 100 watt service, no insulation, three out buildings built on the dirt(100 years ago), and dial-up internet.
    There are no original buildings standing. The “Bunkhouse, the barn, the chicken-coup” are gone. The original house has been moved a couple miles down the road and re-assembled.
    The property is the same, everything else is gone.
    We asked our builder friend about ‘fixing’, he said throw it away and rebuild.
    We did that. We have a 2,000 sq’ house with good insulation, cat-5 internet, e-glass windows, a tank-less propane water heater, gas stove, gas log in the corner of the living room, and a 1,000 gallon propane tank. It’s on 4 acres. Could be worse, could be raining…

  50. Disguises enabled Robert’s plan.

  51. I hear you on the home stuff. My tie to my current home is the location. 10 acres on the Penobscot River with an amazing view down the river. The opposite bank is so steep and close to Rt 15 that there’s only one visible house over there. We’re close to town but given the layout we really don’t see a lot of traffic (can certainly hear it and downshifting trucks on the Main Road make Rowan think a delivery truck is here and lose his mind with barking). The house was built in the late 60’s/early 70’s as a vacation home for a funeral director who must have hired clamdiggers who were looking for work when he built it. At least that’s what my retired contractor said about the workmanship.

    The house isn’t set up to age in place given the layout and it needs a lot of minor repairs to make it presentable. We’ve discussed either selling house and camp and moving to a year round place on the lake or modifying this place at some point. Still up for discussion but I think Option A will work the best.

  52. Well gardening idiots, this is it. Your time is now.

    What seeds should I order for nice pretty colorful flowers? Thank you in advance.

  53. I know next to zero about what grows well near you.

  54. Last night I got to pretend for an hour or so that we still had a president that cared about us.

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