Space Age Love Meme

Not many can match up to Jennifer in the looks department, right?


  1. And why is there a photographer in there with Nancy et al.?

  2. The Home Depot one is me. The SMS is me. The “Not You, Or You” is me but I would have a bit more profanity in there.

  3. Those are both good songs and the 1980s freaking ruled.

  4. iii. When does the racist card finally fall apart into tiny pieces from being used so damn much?
    Right? I’m so tired of the race being used in a totally racist way.

    Here are things black folks are not expected to do because they are black:

    Achieve on merit
    Speak English
    Be responsible
    Be healthy

    Ironically, this is pretty fucking racist.

  5. Is the Pelosi pic the demrats waiting for their turn to do a line?

  6. My Jennifer Connelly knowledge deficit is huge. Other than that gif of her on the mechanical horse I haven’t seen much more than that. Don’t even know what that movie that scene was from. I looked on IMDB and recognized some of the movies and TV shows but can’t recall her roles. Because I don’t know her politics that makes her a perfect actor … just working and collecting the check. No one cares what you think about fur, factory farms, abortion, gay frog rights, or windmills!

  7. Also, being on time is racist, as is showing your work. THey also don’t know how to use a computer.

  8. Oh yeah I forgot about those.

  9. wakey wakey

  10. New Chevelle. Keeping you guys up to speed. Pete’s voice is still amazing.

  11. People are interesting.

    If I was at GITMO the above music would be played to make me go insane and tell them where all the safehouses can be found.

  12. They’ll play Miley Cyrus for us in the camps, you know.

  13. Ladies and gentleFPOSes, BidenCat.

  14. which music above, mare? Directly above you, or above in the post?

  15. oso wants to go to camp, to hear Wrecking Ball over and over

  16. Not my cup of tea, dear chap.

  17. The word racist has lost all of its meaning due to over use.

    Now we’re all white supremacists.

    Keep up.

  18. Directly above.

  19. I still love that Harris called Biden a racist to his face. Man, that was funny.

    She even did the, ‘I’m not saying you’re a racist…’ which means you’re a racist.

  20. Miley Cyrus…7/10 would smash

  21. MJ, I know that you being one of the youngsters around here is an indicator that you still have hormones and shit flowing around in your body that some of the rest of us don’t have to deal with much any more. But Miley Cyrus is a 7/10? Fuck me running backwards, dude, get a grip.

  22. Or let me put it another way, I wouldn’t smash her little white trash ass with Hotspur’s mother’s dick.


    The good stuff:

    In 2020, the Department of Justice brought exactly five criminal cases against “white supremacists.” 14 individuals were charged.

    In 2019, another five cases. 75 people charged. Many of them members of the “1488s”, a vicious Nazi-type group that deals narcotics and assaults people.

    It’s a similar situation on the state level. Last year in all 50 states there were only three prosecutions tied to “white supremacy.” Nine individuals were charged. Nine. In 50 states.

    In 2019, the number of white racists charged: eight.

    So, what exactly are Joe Biden and his far-left supporters talking about? I mean radical leftists occupied blocks in downtown Seattle last summer. Based on arrest statistics, the white supremacists barely have enough personnel to occupy a deli.

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. America is so so racist.

    From Bill Riley’s fact-checkers.

  24. Miley Cyrus is a skank. Shut up, MJ. Keep your dick skank free. It will last longer.

  25. Also important to note, all individual “I’ve been targeted because I’m black” cases have been proven hoaxes.

    For example, the pull rope some dumbass half black NASCAR driver thought it was a noose.

  26. LOL you guys kill me.

    She’s totally cute and has an amazing voice. Great body too.

    I’m not saying I’d marry her and bring her over for Sunday dinner to Uncle Pendejo and Aunt Hotspur’s house.

  27. She does not have a great body. She is riddled with drugs, STD’s and has been taking anti-depressants and sleeping pills since she was an early teenager (she accidentally sent a private DM to all her followers).

    She is leading the pack in “my sexuality is fluid.” She’s terrible for young people to emulate. Plus her shows are basically porn. Don’t agree, simulating getting it the ass is porn especially when she’s wearing tape over her small tits and a thong.

    Shut up, MJ.

  28. It’s just the 90s playbook again. Remember when Billy Jeff was kinda sorta not really the president because EVERYONE knew without Perot he would have lost?

    They ginned up a ton of fake ‘separatist’ shit and pretended like it was real. As if someone nut job holed up in Idaho is any threat to America.

    Then they killed some people and got the response they wanted.

    The appropriate response isn’t anger, I think, it’s laughter. What a fucking joke. Are there really nazis roaming the countryside? LOL, no one believes that.

  29. She does not have a great body. She is riddled with drugs, STD’s and has been taking anti-depressants and sleeping pills since she was an early teenager (she accidentally sent a private DM to all her followers).
    She is leading the pack in “my sexuality is fluid.” She’s terrible for young people to emulate. Plus her shows are basically porn. Don’t agree, simulating getting it the ass is porn especially when she’s wearing tape over her small tits and a thong.
    That last critique belongs in the plus column. Just sayin’

  30. That last critique belongs in the plus column. Just sayin’


    When you are standing at her concert with your daughter, get back to me.

  31. It turns out, Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball has some issues with it:

    Also, I just learned that she is fully naked in parts of that video she recorded in 2013, so although you don’t see anything, it may be NSFW and is definitely very trashy. Also, I somehow managed to never hear that song before, because it didn’t sound familiar at all.

  32. 350 million people, most of them white and we basically have a statistically zero issue with “white supremacists.”

    If you are not stating openly you’re a racist, every racist critique against you is some dumbass being offended with their own biases.

  33. So I’m looking for convection oven recipes to try out in my new creature. I check one Classic Roast Chicken recipe out in Food& Wine, and at the end of the recipe it says, “discard skin.” Laugh, close the page. Are you kidding me with this? Who the fuck does that? What other purpose is there for roasting a whole chicken in convection than to crunch down on some crackly skin?

    I would literally purchase sheets of chicken skin just to roast it up. Fish skins too. Forgettaboutit.

  34. I think Miley is more sad than anything. She was a cute little girl, and I assume some really bad stuff has happened to her, and that’s how she got where she is today.

  35. Chicken skins yes, fish skins no thanks.

  36. it’s all marketing.

  37. That’s funny Sobek.

  38. check out air fryer recipes, lauraw. It’s just a big air fryer.

  39. That Wrecking Ball crap makes me sick, really. She’s a child. Maybe legally an adult, but still a child. And that’s what some Hollywood predator or series of predators turned her into.

  40. My new thing actually has an ‘air fryer’ setting on it, but I have to assume it’s not as powerful as a real uni-function air fryer.

  41. Crispy chicken skin? I love it. But in a more wholesome way than MJ forfeiting his dick to God knows what.

  42. The more I think about this, the more I’d like to delete that video comment. My stomach turned a little when I got to that part in the video. I thought it was funny enough to hit post, but I’ve changed my mind.

  43. The appropriate response isn’t anger, I think, it’s laughter.
    Totally agree

    That list of actual cases versus the hysteria is also important to repeat often to put it in perspective

  44. Want to watch a scary documentary? (twitter link) (fixed)

    Gen z is stupid

  45. linky no worky

  46. When you are standing at her concert with your daughter, get back to me.
    Well that was a really good point but I stand by assessment so far because there’s no way I’d ever admit to being wrong.

  47. Also my calm and relaxed head dent hurts and the green play doh is drawing more attention than expected.

  48. hahahahahaha, Mare loves MJ.

  49. It’s gorgeous here today and I’m feeling incredibly guilty for not being outside.

    Have a good one, H2.

  50. link fixt

  51. 38 deaths with covid in Iowa, after 0 yesterday

  52. Huh. Didn’t think my offhand quip would stir up shit like that.

    /takes notes

  53. One of the recent factoids that I saw being pushed by critical race theory racists: “children as young as 3-4 years old identify that that being white is better.”

    As an aside, I would like to point out that 3-4 year olds also identify that being Spiderman is better. But, let’s move on.

    What are we to do with these racist babies? What kind of justice is it that eliminates the concept of innocence, even for children? At what age does a baby become responsible for evils committed in all of human history? Why don’t the good deeds of the past confer upon them, as well?

    A theory of justice can’t just contain the concept of guilt. It has to also contain the concept of innocence. If you eliminate the concept of innocence, what you have is not a theory about justice. Eliminating the concept of innocence- even of children- is how you dehumanize the people you hate. So when even babies are evil (because of their parentage/ color), what you actually have is just another ethnic blood feud looking to clothe itself in political language. To justify whatever you want to do next.

    At best this is how you create second-class citizens of the people you hate. At worst, this is the thought process that has animated every ethnic pogrom in Europe, Africa, Asia…every continent inhabited by different people, really. It’s how you get to the idea of “Kill them all, men, women, children…” It’s the emotional impetus behind ethnic cleansing.

  54. 90% of 100% of social science is garbage.

    Surveys of 3-4 year olds is how you get the FBI chasing underground satanic cults with daycare storefronts.

    I swear, no one stops to think, ‘does this pass the straight face test?’

  55. I think I’m going to name my panic rifle Señor Ethnic Cleanser

  56. Seriously, MJ, if they ever present that data to me in person anywhere, I will straight up laugh about anybody trying to prove something with data gleaned by surveying 3 year olds, and follow it up with “Are you kidding me with this bullshit?”

  57. They don’t believe it. But they want to make a case to the hateful and the guilt-ridden.

    This will end badly for everyone involved.

  58. it’s all marketing. Cover stories.

  59. YES!

    That’s my approach with most things these days.

    Are you serious? Followed by laughter.

    I think I stumbled across something with my FIL that I like as well. When people say dumb things, just go one step further. 70% tax rate? Why not 90%.

    $15 minimum wage? Why not $20?

    The logic you follow in your comment above is very thoughtful and well reasoned. It’s smart.

    But most people can’t or don’t think that way so rather than even engaging I just decide to be confident in my position and move on. Not to belabor the point but laughter helps. There’s nothing to talk about with people who aren’t reasonable thinkers.

  60. I’m guessing that I’ll have to go through these corporate brainwashing sessions at some point because I’m a corporate hack.

    But I can’t believe anyone would think information from a 3 year old somehow underscores a point rather than draws a line through it.

    Just last night my three year old almost starting crying because I forgot to let him open a can of black beans for dinner. The waterworks were starting. Big glossy eyes…the beginnings of a frown. I could see legit pain in his eyes. He was actually hurt and worried that the black beans were going to make it the dinner table without his deft touch on the can opener.*

    Love him more than chocolate chip cookies but I won’t be turning to him for his thoughts on race.

    *I let him open another can of black beans and put them in the fridge for another night. He was instantly happy and then called me the n word

  61. I swear, no one stops to think, ‘does this pass the straight face test?’

    See Gizmodo’s story on “Fake Snow Conspiracy Theorists!” from the ONT for an example.

    It’s complete bullshit, but it made Deplorables look like dipshits so they ran it without evidence that anyone actually believes it.

  62. First rule of analysis is does your bullshit meter explode not does it confirm my bias so ok great.

  63. We desperately need to find my daughter some friends to play with. She’s been getting weird. We had to talk her down from anxiety attacks over the idea that there was a spider inside her. She wanted to go to the hospital to get it taken out.

  64. Dude.

    Can’t you do playdate things with friends? Any mommy and me type of classes running? Swim lessons? Soccer?

  65. We had just moved and were starting to make friends when the lockdown bullshit started. Every class we could take her to would make her wear a mask. She can’t even go to the bowling party my niece is having without wearing one. The county says it’s okay because she’s five, but the bowling alley is run by monsters.

  66. Just don’t have her wear one. No one will force a kid to put on a mask, right?

  67. One more thing before I fuck off the for the day.

    We need to start analyzing data to determine how many reliable voters we need to move from blue states to swing states.

    We need to start relocating strategically to win, assuming there will be elections fairly counted.

  68. There’s a large opportunity for “causing a scene”. Plus, she’d still be surrounded by Hygiene Dystopians and other kids who think she’s a disease vector.

  69. Just don’t have her wear one. No one will force a kid to put on a mask, right?

    I wish that were true. But the mask Karens would definitely verbally assault a 5y/o.

  70. Well, if I were you – which I’m not – I would reach out (through social media) to find other like minded parents. When I was younger/five kids/living in Detroit – I had to find a homeschooling group online (I don’t remember how I did it back then) and was able to get my kids around other kids at least once a week. Different circumstances, but sorta similar actually.

    Up by me now- NO one “believes” in the virus anymore. Or hardly anyone. Or wants to continue living like this.

  71. […] blog of the day is The H2, with a post on space age love […]

  72. We have a local facebook group for community information. I’d start there. Of course – that means social media. But I don’t know what options you have. If you don’t know any parents IRL you feel comfortable asking … posting this on facedouche is a pretty easy way to find like- minded folks.

  73. Yeah, baby, TRACKBACK!

    Everyone loves Jennifer Connely

  74. Surveys of 3-4 year olds is how you get the FBI chasing underground satanic cults with daycare storefronts.


    Those lives were ruined MJ. That was such a miscarriage of something- but it wasn’t justice.

  75. There’s a large opportunity for “causing a scene”. Plus, she’d still be surrounded by Hygiene Dystopians and other kids who think she’s a disease vector.
    I get it. We have some of the same issues here but we’ve decided that he needs to be in school even if the teachers look like plastic covered robots and we take him to his normal activities because he needs to be around other kids.

    He has friends from before the masking times, who we still get together with because they are like minded. I understand you’d have to find these new friends. Difficult task.

    Look, you’re an awesome guy. Love ya to death but my unsolicited and therefore worthless opinion is to make some compromise with your beliefs for her sake. I could have this all wrong and I’m probably making assumptions. Dunno. You tell me.

    This is also worthless but when MJr was first set up to go to school and I was super happy that we were able to get him into the class and then it all went POOF when the mask thing happened. I said to GND that there was no possible way I’d send him with a mask on or would have him around plastic robot teachers. But after a few weeks of thinking about it, mostly on this blog, I decided he’d adjust, I’d adjust, and it was up to us to help him understand what was going on. We were a bit lucky because he only had to ‘voluntarily’ wear a mask so we told him it was ok if he didn’t.

    I probably should have emailed this and feel free to tell me to fuck off (everyone else does LOL).

  76. I went into CVS yesterday and was shocked (which is ridiculous) that a guy about 25 walked in without a mask, shopped, chatted with the cashier, said “Have a good day!” and then left. No one said shit. I HATE HATE HATE wearing a mask but do so because where I live generally it would be more a matter of a race war if I was confronted and less about Karens.

  77. Fuck off, MJ

  78. I probably should have emailed this and feel free to tell me to fuck off (everyone else does LOL).

    No, I’m glad you didn’t email. I thought this was interesting. Really. But, yeah, eff off.

  79. we all have to take that advice. We can’t control other people, but we do have to live around them.

  80. Those lives were ruined MJ. That was such a miscarriage of something- but it wasn’t justice.
    There’s going to be a remake of the McMartin Trial starring Miley Cyrus as Virginia McMartin.

    No there’s not. Calm down mare.

  81. coming in like a Wrecking Ball!

  82. There’s going to be a remake of the McMartin Trial starring Miley Cyrus as Virginia McMartin.


    There was a movie with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth (that’s how she met him-her husband she’s since divorced) and I really liked that movie.

    So STFU.

  83. Liam was so adorable in that movie I was mesmerized and should have been arrested. Now, his body…whoa.

  84. I have an update to the H2 style guide. I’d like to propose the motion that FPOS be changed to FPOJ.

  85. The movie was called The Last Song and it was made for teenagers but I liked it. Miley looked great in that movie, it was before she lost a lot of weight.

  86. There can be zero style guide changes.

  87. Shoot, forgot to tell MJ to STFU.

  88. We decided early on that we’d subject her to as little of the nonsense as we could stand, and we’ve stuck to it. Didn’t help that her parochial school wanted to redline her into another year of preschool. So, we’re homeschooling, and that’s going well, but she’s not getting social interactions that she needs.

  89. You told me to eff off. That’s acceptable.

    *circles Car in’s name, taps pencil on desk

  90. Jay, have you seen Bill Whittle’s youtube video about Cuomo, the nursing home deaths and Bill’s own mother?

    It’s really good.

  91. Meh. All the stupid talk made me go listen to Miley sing. Yuck. Boring and … meh voice. She does covers. She’s obsessed with her own self. Not original.

    You guys can all fuck off for making me do that.

  92. no, I haven’t, must have missed it. One of his newest?

  93. Fabulous Part of Jay?

    Yeah, that’s this post. See the Trackback?

  94. Calling someone a Fabulous Part of Jay is very funny.

    It has a gentlemen’s sausage ring to it.

  95. I was gonna say it doesn’t roll off the tongue very well, but then thought better of it.


  96. How likely is it that the Supremes aren’t ruling against lefties, in hope they won’t pack the court?

  97. Why is Gateway Pundit still a thing? I consider Fiat engines much more reliable.

  98. Ha!! Poor Carin. We ARE garbage if we’re making people listen to Miley.

  99. Bad news for MJ

  100. I liked Daft Punk.

    I think I’ve said too much.

  101. Sitting on my deck in my shorts, listening to the EIB, on the radio.
    Think it’s about 60 degrees. It’s wonderful.

  102. I was in a grocery store, wearing a mask, and I asked the cashier (also in a mask) what their policy was. He thought i was complaining about other shoppers who weren’t doing it, and I very quickly corrected him on that. I just wanted to know what would happen if I forgot my mask in my truck – do I have to go back and get it? He said no, is fine, no one will say anything about it. That was great news.

  103. Wife tells me I won’t get harassed if I go without, but I’m used to the online groceries at this point. I’ll give it another month before I go try to browse.

  104. J, that was good.

    I never really liked Daft Punk. But Get Lucky was catchy.

  105. Get lucky was probably the only song I knew. There might have been another I really liked.

  106. Harder, better, faster, stronger is good too.

  107. I like they way they increasingly distort the words as the song goes. It’s a good running song.

  108. That’s it Carin! I liked to listen when I was working out!

  109. The Last Song was filmed on Tybee. I really like Tybee. Radio playlist at work has The Climb and Party in the USA. I believe her brother and sister are more messed up than she was.

  110. Hey Carin, if you’re still being forced to mask at work, your boss might need to see this.

  111. I a still being forced. I think it really depends on local enforcement agencies. They have come out around us – at least they did before. I don’t know if they have checked on the 25% thing – because we obviously aren’t doing that.

    But as a server – you see it for all the bullshit it is. I go to the table, where the people aren’t wearing masks, take orders, etc, walk into the kitchen and immediately take my mask off. It is SUCH a charade.

  112. Here’s a conundrum – the left wanted to shut down drive thru restaurants because it wastes fuel – people sitting in their cars with the engines running, AC, etc., is very eco-unfriendly. In fact, my town was going to pass an ordinance making it illegal to let you car idle for more than so many minutes – can’t remember how many.

    So along comes covid, and what is the solution? carryout food. People sitting there with their cars idling while someone brings out their order.

    Also, no inside dining so now people sit outside in tents heated by portable heaters – no insulation, no fuel efficient burners. In many cases there isn’t even a tent, just patio heaters blazing away radiating most of the heat up to the sky.

  113. Dont forget banning plastic bags at grocery stores.

    Pandemic, and now that’s all you can use. None from home, NEIN!

  114. It is in healthcare, too, Carin. We sit in the office eating lunch with our masks off, then walk out into the hospital milieu and tell patients to put their masks on. Then they retire to their multiple-patient bedrooms at night and sleep with no mask on, a few feet away from another patient. Not even a curtain.

    It’s a bunch of utter bullshit. The main problem, I think, is that the worst fuckers are allowed their unearned sense of righteousness without being called out on their hypocrisy. If I started harassing the worst mask-and-isolation pushers with the crap I see them doing every day, maybe they would catch a clue. But I never do it. Because job.

  115. LOL I hadn’t noticed that, but you’re right.

    I think bags from home were an asinine idea – always thought that.

    You’re bringing in a filthy fucking used cloth bag, and setting it down where my groceries are about to go. Go fuck yourself, then eat a reusable bag of dicks.

  116. I like the cloth bags, since they are usually bigger, and don’t break. but yeah, some look pretty nasty.

  117. Any other sluts that you guys really hate? I’m want to start tomorrow off right.

  118. why, what’s tomorrow?

    Sarah Silverman can eat a bag of dicks, and isn’t horrible on the eyes.

  119. Madonna, but I’ve hated her for decades.

  120. a DSM area man is being arraigned on charges for the “insurrection” because he was carrying a weapon at the Capitol.

    What weapon, you ask, dear readers?

    A knife. Want to bet it’s a pocket knife?

  121. we don’t want to look at current madonna. Use old madonna pics if you have to.

  122. Hotspur, I’d say ‘bite me’ regarding my cloth bags, but you might enjoy that too much. My bags (which I wash once a month.. or more if something oozes in them) sit in a cart that never gets washed and then I bag my groceries myself by placing them on the same carousel plastic bags are loaded.

  123. Dont forget banning plastic bags at grocery stores.
    Pandemic, and now that’s all you can use. None from home, NEIN!
    Hotspur’s comment about no drive thru idling immediately made me think of that. Maine had a full statewide ban set to go into effect on EARTH DAY 2020 but along came Covid to shove a pointy stick in the enviroweenies’ collective eye. Suddenly using plastic bags became as important as social distancing and no-masks-are-needed-wait-yes-masks. On the way in this morning I heard a quick soundbite on local NPR that they were considering making single use bags permanent.

  124. I have my groceries delivered by someone I don’t know, who looks like they rarely bathe, who drives a car that looks like it’s packed with trash so I can stay safe.

  125. Tiger was either drunk, asleep, or got knocked out by an airbag.

  126. I couldn’t imagine thinking that the idling time of a car in central Michigan would make a fuck of difference in the 100 year temperature prediction for the PLANET.

  127. Why not all three?

  128. ICGAF about Masks. You bitches want to play the game, let’s play.

  129. Tiger nearly ODd on a drug cocktail a few years ago. In 2009 as my Dad was dying, he was worried about Tiger. My dad believed he was standing between Tiger and the Golf Gods. It was actually funny. My dad’s dialogue with the Golf Gods. My dad died in Sept. November 2009 was when Tiger’s world exploded.

  130. Looks like he had about 100 yards to hit the brakes.

  131. I’m gonna guess texting.

  132. So, I’m normally nervous on my frozen lake, but I had to trudge across it to chase my dogs. The top 5 inches are slush, so that was disconcerting. But I texted my neighbor and he said it was still 7 inches thick.

    The fence was down and they finally figured it out. THey crossed the lake and started just … trotting down the road. Like they were having a little walk-about. I didn’t have a car- ethan was at the gym. So I crossed the lake and started following their path. Called my gym wife and ethan to come help. I get on the road and I’m about a quarter mile down … when I look up and I see two small figures HAULING ass back toward me. Way too fast for moose. He can’t keep that up.

    Well, there was a school bus coming up behind him and he’s a bit afraid of big trucks. lol

    I’ve never seen him go at that speed for that long. he’s probably going to be sore tomorrow.

  133. Poor poor tiger. His drive to be the best prevented him from staying home and banging a swedish nanny on a huge pile of money.

  134. You can’t leave your car idling in Albuquerque, mainly because someone will steal it……

  135. Car in, I was crying. I can’t handle four legged drama.

  136. Pepe, my former CoW is joining his BIL in a lawsuit against Albuquerque and sanctuary city BS. 45 Operation Legend.

  137. Pepe, my cousin is even a worse DA than the bread baking bitch that preceded him.

  138. My Lunar New Year shirt left HI last week. Waiting. CO has an Hawaiian restaurant. Hangry Ohana. Parker, CO. IN n Out is in CO.

  139. Dan made Anglo tacos. Very much yum. Mid level tacos. Not quite Cali. Better than NM

  140. {IMGUR VIDEO with sound}

  141. what is an anglo taco? hard shell?

  142. Pups, I love that dog so much!

  143. Hard shell, taco seasoning, usually black olives, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and avocado. Recently, Cilantro and pico de Gallo. I’m all about the cheddar

  144. I thought you were anti-cilantro

  145. BTW this anglo (Scandi iceback, can’t get any whiter, my brother is completely blond, not me) doesn’t do hardshell tacos. Soft shell all the way

  146. Play-Doh Taco

  147. Hardshell tacos: one bite and you’re eating a taco salad with a fork off the plate

  148. I’ll do chimichangas, or tostadas. Weird

  149. exactly jimbro

  150. I am anti Cilantro. Most Anglos and Mexicans, are not

  151. I prefer Dan’s tacos to my mom’s. He’s not weird about the toppings. Frito Pie is where it’s at though

  152. Tacos have to be crunchy. or they are just unrolled burritos.

  153. CoW the other day asking what we did for Ash Wednesday. I had a chile relleno burrito. Dan had cheese enchiladas. CoW “We had Torta, beans and spinach, and corn and squash” Oso “ you had calabacitas and quelites? Yum. CoW “No. We had a traditional Lenten meal


  155. Pepe! Hahahahah

  156. Crowder suspended from twitter

  157. somebody check on pupster. He’s babbling

  158. Nick Searcy is in timeout also

  159. Former Houseguest made hardshell tacos that didn’t shatter. She just ran the empty shells under a little water really quickly. Worked great, still crunchy, but you can actually keep eating it the way you’re supposed to.

  160. Looking at buying a compact track loader, like a skid steer, but tracks instead of wheels. I called the place we rented the bulldozer from, because they were so nice to work with. They have something that would probably work for me, but it’s at their place in Colorado. Guy says, no problem, I’ll check it out and if you’re interested, we’ll bring it down to your place and let you try it for a few days…. If you don’t like it, we’ll find something else.

    Pretty impressed with them. I talked to a friend who bought equipment from them and he said they’ve been great to work with.

  161. Penelope cooks the corn tortillas in oil until they start to get crisp, but don’t shatter like premade shells.

  162. Burrito >>> taco.

  163. Hard shell tacos are a food of the debil….
    Fight me.

  164. Fuck off MJ

  165. “As an aside, I would like to point out that 3-4 year olds also identify that being Spiderman is better. “”

    I too identify that being Spiderman is better.

  166. If I could only have one piece of heavy equipment it’d be a skidsteer.
    They’re kind of the vice grip of the motorized equipment world.

  167. Oh …
    And mylie Cyrus is kind of a skank. But … the rape culture that she grew up in I’m sure is not an environment conducive to good mental hygiene.

  168. Car in, I was thinking about Chevelle today and realized it’s been a ridiculously long time since I heard La Gargola. Just turned on Jawbreaker, and holy crap. Just wow. I might need to scream along to that one a few times in a row.

  169. For those of youse willing – would you keep Damon G in your prayers. He’s the son of a friend of mine. The kid has had a rough go the last few years. I think he’s around 12 ish.
    He had a leg amputated when he was 9 or 10 and I just got word that he’s going to start chemo for multiple metastatic sites that were recently discovered.

  170. Thank you nice ppl.

  171. Surveys of 3-4 year olds is how you get the FBI chasing underground satanic cults with daycare storefronts.

    Good Lord, yes. I used to be a member of the YMCA, to use the exercise equipment and for Rocketboy to take swim lessons. I didn’t use it for a while, but I kept the little key card with the bar code for years, even though all my keys were wearing off the printing on the card. Until Mini-me declared, loudly, that I didn’t like black, that’s why I was rubbing the barcode off the card.

  172. They’re kind of the vice grip of the motorized equipment world.

    I first read this as ‘monsterized’ and got unrealistically happy about heavy equipment.

  173. Re masking, I missed Mass at my usual church last weekend, so I went to a different church. Must have taken someone’s usual pew, as an entire family sat down in my pew, when there were at least five other completely empty pews. They filled nearly the entire pew, with only a small space between them and me. I sat there, anxious that they were so close and berating myself for being anxious, because it’s the bastards like Fauci that have done this to us, that I can’t sit two feet away from a stranger without being neurotic about it. And then to compound the stupid, after Communion, the dad sat in another pew rather than sit next to me. By golly, if sitting next to me for 45 minutes didn’t give you the ‘rona, the last 10 minutes of Mass aren’t going to matter, and you left your wife to wrangle all the kids while you sit in peace.

    $20 for lighting candles.

  174. WE HAVE WATER!!!!!

  175. Prayers up, Jam.

  176. Yay, TiFW!

  177. Boil that shit TiFW, just to be sure.

  178. I said a prayer for Damon, and for his family. Theresa, I’m glad to hear it – I’ll second pendejo’s advice to boil that water.

    I had a really rough day today. Thoughts and images of a girl who was killed a very long time ago, and never received justice despite an enormous amount of work by law enforcement. My heart is heavy, and I’ve been weighed down by this and other things for a while. I’m glad to have people here to talk to.

  179. Disguised, Eddie replaced Paul.

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