MMM 434

Another week begins. Have you done your 2020 taxes yet?

Another Monday, time to work again.

She looks fun.

Is Reebok still sponsoring crackfat, or are they the ones who ran Glassman out of his own creation for BadThink?

These look nice but uncomfortable. Maybe she’s used to them.

I don’t know what sport this is, but it’s about to be destroyed by mentally-ill men who want attention.

Flashdance flashbacks.

She needs some shorts or something.

I think she wants to speak with the manager, but if I’m the manager, I almost wouldn’t mind.

I have a strong suspicion of aftermarket accessories here.

Another locker-room selfie. What was life like before selfies?


  1. “I have a strong suspicion of aftermarket accessories here.” – And your point is?

  2. Aftermarket accessories smell like FREEDOM!!!

    (and department store perfume with a hint of glitter)

  3. “I don’t know what sport this is, but it’s about to be destroyed by mentally-ill men who want attention.”

    i may have raffed a little at that –

  4. Reebok split ways with crossfit years ago.

  5. I’m still confused by these posts. I can’t seem to grasp the meaning.

    Mushrooms I understand. Ancient rock formations? You bet.

    Not sure about these girls.

  6. It’s supposed to motivate you to not be a FPOS.

  7. Too late. Im a FPOS

  8. Wakey wakey.

    i forgot to do that.

  9. what about ancient girls with rock mushrooms?

  10. excerpt :

    “”“Just little over half of women will have an immediate and massive response,” Holliday explained on the phone. The other half, he said, will think “This smells like crap.” According to his hypothesis, the women who orgasm from the smell of the mushroom are those equipped with a functioning vomeronasal organ (VNO). “It is found in about fifty five percent of humans,” he noted. “The same percentage of women that had a positive response to the smell of this.”””

  11. the titillating parts read like some seriously rock solid mushroom research by teh wimmins:

    “”What did it smell like, exactly? I guess if I had to put a name to the odor, the closest I can come up with is semen, but this was not the healthy biological fluid fresh from a male donor — more like fermented, decomposing semen. Or diseased, fetid semen. Maybe what the semen from a zombie would smell like. Yes, that’s it—zombie spooge! That’s what it smelled like. “

  12. that last little bit has raised some questions in my mind….

  13. I need some spores. I bet I could get rich growing those.

  14. it’d be nice if mare and Cyn would weigh in on this.

  15. and Peej

  16. The elusive V-Spot

  17. Getting my new range at some point this week. Hopefully today.

  18. Complimentary sample for signing up to our mailing list, to test if it works for you.

    If it works, you’ll buy more.

  19. Seems like there’s grounds for a revival of the fungus-centered Mondays here with the luv shrooms.

  20. GND and I have been debating the pandemic thing for a year, just like everyone else.

    I think we’ve both been resigned to the fact that all of life is now going to be virtual. Streaming concerts, sports, plays, musicals, work meetings, conferences, etc. Unless you’re in the political class of course.

    What say you?

  21. So is this mushroom like cilantro? Genetically you either love it or it tastes like weeds.

  22. Do any of you know the name of the website “rational something” that has the chart showing that lockdown and masks don’t work? They compared Florida and California and New York and it was damning to the stupid governors who locked down. POLITICAL bullshit.

  23. The COVID death numbers are cratering. Why are we still doing mask theater and keeping businesses either partially or fully closed?

  24. Because universal mail-in voting isn’t there yet, and we need to keep people divided over trivial bullshit so they can’t effectively resist the communist takeover. Also, churches still exist, gotta keep up the pressure until that’s over.

  25. I had fun cooking on my nice gas stove this weekend. Made steamed rice, prime rib au jus, stir fried some veggies.

    Mmmmm, gas stove.

  26. death numbers aren’t cratering in iowa.

  27. and they just changed their reporting, so all my data is now gone.

    GOP governor must be hiding data again.

  28. all of a sudden, 0 deaths from Covid in Iowa. dropped from 26-64 a day to 0.

    big changes in Covid policy coming up, just watch.

  29. Jay, how many people are dying of regular flu? How many people are dying of heart attacks, diabetes, and other comorbidities?

    You don’t know because they are your “covid deaths.”

    WTF would Iowa be a covid hotbed when Florida has 22 million residents and a shit ton of people visiting from everywhere including other countries?

    Maybe, maybe?????? Lack of sunshine on the skin therefore low vitamin D levels????????

  30. Comment by ChrisP on February 21, 2021 1:12 pm
    What I found ‘interesting’, is that the revised WHO guidance on the PCR test(Drop the replication ‘Ct’ from 40-45 to 35 cycles, or less) happened on 20 Jan 2021. What else happened on that day? Inauguration…
    Suddenly, the number of ‘cases’ plummets by 70%+.

    It doesn’t matter, as the economic damage is done. They accomplished what they wanted to do, including get rid of Trump.

    All the talk of “Asymptomatic Cases” was bullshit. They were false positives.

  31. Yes, dying with a covid positive test is a covid death.

    Until today, apparently

  32. Whoa, I hadn’t heard this. I knew about air travel, but just travel period?

    Papers, please. *adjusts monocle, with German accent

  33. I’m feeling much better. I think I’ll go dancing.

  34. MSM news quoting CNN .

    *loud buzzer noise*

  35. I still think it’s a class war all dressed up in other bullshit.

    The upper middle class are trying to hold onto the ladder as it’s being pulled away.

    Everyone else will be in a mask and tied to failing government programs like education and healthcare. Most won’t even know it’s happening.

  36. Old, J’Ames. Though whether it’s better or worse now I can’t say.

  37. The upper middle were pulling it up from everybody else, they just assumed they would still be on it.

  38. Why?

  39. I don’t get it. Can a government look through your documents to try to find a crime?

  40. It’s probably mostly for network analysis, to ruin anyone who ever worked with Trump.

  41. NY DA has been trying for that since 2019. Now he gets his way. Cyrus Vance.

    In other news, Supremes denied Stormy Daniels another shot at TheDonald.

  42. MJ, apparently now you can. Which begs the question, why have an IRS. Pretty sure if Trump committed fraud, they would have found it. Only reason the swamp wants access is to harass the man and invent crimes.

  43. We long ago divorced the collected revenues from Federal spending, which means the tax code now serves the purposes of carrots, sticks, and data mining, and no other.

  44. I told you Barrett was a K8nt.

    When she said she cried with her children over George Floyd, I knew she was an idiot. And didn’t the catholic go to the fake catholic university, Notre Dame?

    Fuck her.

  45. ^^^ I’m referring to the vote counting bullshit.

  46. Mark Steyn is talking with Rush’s wife, on the show today. Callers are making my eyes leak.

  47. I came to this conclusion a few weeks ago. The tax code is merely to reward allies and punish enemies. It serves no other purpose as long as we’re doing MMT. I guess it’s how a certain amount of dollars are taken out of the market but the first point remains.

  48. It does maintain the market for dollars as a currency, but I imagine that’s of limited value overall.

    Not sure it makes much difference overall in velocity of money, either. I think the MMT-driven inflation will keep that high no matter what.

  49. What say you?

    I figured they’d keep up the lock down charade until after January, then start to open things back up to normal after vaccine, herd immunity and end of flu season in the spring.

    I don’t think they realized how easy it was, and how well it worked to swing the big Covid stick, so now they are planning to keep flattening the curve on our faces forever.

  50. 41 years ago today – Miracle on Ice.

  51. Washington’s birthday, too.

  52. the coolest thing about 41 years ago today…..
    General Washington wasn’t a racist scum like he is today.

  53. How could he be a racist? He’s black.

  54. Silly MJ, Washington owned slaves, and only white people have ever done that ever in history of Gaia.

  55. But I saw it in a play.

  56. It was called Hamilton, which was all about Washington and how he prevented the Germans from bombing Dresden.

  57. Ok I have an economics question. I read a little while ago an article about how we are in a giant asset bubble and it’s looking like we are getting to the end of it. When this all pops there will be all this bad debt, student loans and mortgages etc., that will never get paid back. When those bad loans get written off isn’t that deflationary? Isn’t this the problem with Japan? They have tried to cause inflation, but they haven’t been able to and have been stuck in multi-decade deflation.

  58. Ask AOC. She’s an economist.

  59. I thought she was an expert on climate change and cocktails. But mostly cocktails.

  60. With a rack like that I imagine she’s an expert on cock.

  61. So MJ, Disney has rated you Offensive Content.

  62. If we didn’t get rated for Offensive Content, I’d take that as proof we weren’t trying hard enough.

  63. New kitchen range report: Chicken with mushroom sauce and three-cheese risotto, BISHES

  64. Macs BBQ takeout for dinner.


    No one has it better than me. No one.

  65. I’m glad you didn’t have to modify your range hole.

  66. This is ingenuity!

    I wish he was American so we could take credit!

  67. I linked a video…bitches!

  68. Things that make me giggle:

    Lumpy and I called all y’all bitches at the same time independently.


    *giggles some more*

  69. That’s a pond.

  70. YOU’RE a towel

  71. We had to special order our new fridge from a company in New Zealand.

    We will be lucky to see that in 2021.

  72. Sumo oranges are here!!!

  73. haha, Pizza Hut now has Detroit Style pizza.

    Read: square pan pizza with sauce on the top

  74. Leon, you didn’t watch the video, that’s not the lake he “fixed.”

  75. I had to bail for something, I forget what.

  76. Why was your fridge special ordered? What is the brand? Tell us everything.

  77. Leon, what is the difference between glycemic index and glycemic load?

  78. Our fridge hole was created in 1948, when refrigerators were small, and nothing new will fit.

    The fine folks at Fisher & Paykel are going to build us one that should be about perfect.

  79. Cool! But sounds expensive.

  80. Index is what your mom can handle. Load is what she is handling at the moment.

  81. Index is how readily a particular food down-converts to glucose. Load is how much your blood sugar will be affected by a particular meal, which is related to the GI of the foods in it, but not identical since most meals are mixed. A lot of fiber and fat will reduce the GL of a mixed meal that includes some high-GI items (protein actually increases GL, a lot less than sugar, but it’s closer to sugar in how your hormones react than it is to fat). You’ll still get all of the carbs eventually, but a lower GL correlates with a milder sugar/insulin response curve.

  82. The fine folks at Fisher & Paykel are going to build us one that should be about perfect.


  83. Thanks, Pups.

    Also, put down that bag of dicks.

  84. Cheaper than a remodeled kitchen.

  85. That website that shoes the graphs that debunk lockdowns and mask is rational

  86. No doubt, Scott! How is the epoxy holding up?

  87. Thanks so much, Leon!

  88. Shoes??? Shows!!


  89. Well, Biden said it.

    But it’s ok because he didn’t mean it.

  90. Is this the “nigger” deal, MJ?

  91. He says it all the time.

    He just got recorded for once.

  92. I’ve been blackout drunk and never said that word. Dementia Joe says it all the time, he’s just usually careful and now can’t hold his tongue.

  93. I mean, he said it.

    I think it was just last week that we were told the context didn’t matter, the rationale didn’t matter, or if it was quoted from something else – that didn’t matter.

    If you say the word you should be canceled.

    Well? I’m waiting.

  94. GND doesn’t think he meant to say it but I reminded her that we didn’t make the rules. They did.

    Then I told her to calm down and relax.

    And now I have a calm and relaxed dent in my head. I’m going to fill it in with play doh so no one notices.

  95. Well, crap, don’t cancel me.

    On the other hand, whatever.

  96. Then I told her to calm down and relax.

    And now I have a calm and relaxed dent in my head. I’m going to fill it in with play doh so no one notices.



  97. By their rules, he must resign immediately, to be replaced by the woman who never won a single delegate in the primary.

  98. guess I missed the n bomb

  99. whoa, Naomi Wolf on tucker? She really did take the red pill

  100. I don’t believe he even knew what he was saying. pResident Silver Alert was “Stuttering”. I’ve had a stammer for years. I was in “The special language class for 2 years”. AKA SPEDs. The “R” word. I’ve never said the “N” word in 57 years.

  101. Intellectual stammer.

  102. I used to try to play the Brain was moving faster than the Mouth card. Still ended up in SPED. Still get called Elmer and Porky. Tha tha that’s just Dan. Spit it out, Porky

  103. My log in at work is “GORTO”. I loaned my log in to Lizcet. Lizcet is Mexican. (Anchor baby). Lizcet “Gorto is fat in Spanish” Me “Actually, Gordo is fat in Spanish. No ‘T’” Lizcet “Wow, you seem defensive “

  104. Even gringo me knows that “gordo” is fat in Spanish. Hell, I learned that back when I was still reading shit Castenada wrote.

  105. Kidney report – followed online instructions on removing the fat and other weirdness, braised in red wine, onions, and mushrooms. The taste was fine, the texture was weird. We ate it, but I’m not making it again unless I’m broke and desperate.



  108. I was able to listen to the first hour of Rush. Room was full of dusty onions.

  109. I made liver and onions a couple weeks ago. Was definitely having a craving. Wonder if that’s a common Winter thing.

  110. Pepe, that was excellent, I showed that video to Mr. RFH. What happened with the dog near the end, was that an airbag deploy?

  111. Why Leon misses going to the gym….

  112. In my case, Lauraw, it was reading some of the paleo/low carb posts about nose-to-tail (sywm). I am trying to move away from the boneless, skinless chicken breasts and cook more whole chicken or at least bone-in chicken thighs and get collagen.

  113. I think so, Roamie.

  114. if you want collagen, fire up that smoker, and cook chuck, or brisket.

    Pork shoulder, ribs.

    All excellent.

  115. That’s great, Romacita. You can’t go wrong with saving bones and scraps in the freezer for making broth later, too. Raw and cooked. Chicken backs are especially good for roasting and making rich broth.

  116. Which reminds me, I need to teach Rocketboy and Mini-me how to carve up a whole chicken. Plus spatchcock is fun to say.


    A. This makes me really, really happy that I cancelled Scientific American a long time ago.
    2. The largest clean room suit we have is 5X. Two of the black women I have worked with are too big to fit. It’s not “weightism” if you are too fat to do your job.
    iii. When does the racist card finally fall apart into tiny pieces from being used so damn much?

  118. I have never cooked a whole chicken, only pieces. You folks make me want to spatchcock a chicken, and yet, there is at least 30% waste in the bones/water/fat that makes the low price of a roasting chicken pretty deceptive.
    It would seem that buying boneless skinless thighs is really the way to go. I’m gonna have to toss this over in my mind for a bit…

  119. Disdaining education, Russell played.

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