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  1. lobster/gouda quesadilla
    Go on, you have my attention …

  2. It was funny seeing the craft ale/hipster beard one. It’s like we’ve completely moved on from that notion in the last year of Two-Weeks-To-Flatten-The-Curve

  3. “I’ll burn this city down” made me laugh out loud.

    I need to think about this.

  4. Comment by Jimbro on February 20, 2021 6:46 am
    It was funny seeing the craft ale/hipster beard one.


    Dear beard wearing H2 men (or women), no offense to you but that pic of the craft ale hipsters was 100% douche infused.

  5. Carl Sagan got a lot of the symptoms right, but as patient zero of the euphoric fedora-tipping that grew in his wake, he got the cause exactly bass ackwards.

  6. In many ways, Sagan was the cause. Hell, if NDT is what passes for “science” these days, give me Voodoo. At least that’s an ethos.

  7. https://tinyurl.com/33wdgghs

  8. Carl Sagan got a lot of the symptoms right

    In many ways, Sagan was the cause


    I’m not sure what the connection is here, can you get out the whiteboard and bright markers and ‘splain?

  9. wakey wakey

  10. Someone linked a Sagan quote about what his grandchildren’s America would be like, after all we did was information and service industry work and all the manufacturing had been outsourced, and he was dismaying that we would them be ripe for “superstition and pseudoscience” because people would no longer be confronted with concrete realities, and because media would be able to exert too much control over them.

    He got the symptoms right, but abandonment of what rabid atheist Sagan would describe as “superstition” was a large part of the cause.

  11. What should we talk about this morning? I’m in the mood for a conversation of some sort.

  12. Sagan gave me the creeps.

  13. I was busy as crap last night. Huge section and for some reason the hostesses just kept slamming me. Highest sales. Made good money.

    If we are doing 25% capacity, then it’s proof that “new math” has destroyed folk’s thinking skills. But we are at reduced seating. But we have bigger sections, so in that sense it’s pretty cool. 6 tables on a friday night, constantly full for 7 hours is … work. lol

  14. Jimbro, I have an upscale (hipster-douchebag) SouthWestern Tequila Bar/Restaurant in my neighborhood:


    It’s a great place to go if you like $15 margaritas and the food is excellent. Here is the quesadilla in question:

    lobster & roasted corn-
    sweet cold-water lobster tail, corn,
    spinach, gouda, avocado cream

    When MJ comes to town again this is where we will go for fish sticks.

  15. Carin, do you still have snow?

  16. Someone linked a Sagan quote

    Ah, OK sorry…I was trying to link the bearded hipster craft beer meme and fedora tipping to Sagan but I missed the linked article.

  17. Yep. Lots of snow.

  18. And it snowed last night night. It’s snowing right now.

  19. Sol restaurant looks great. Well, the food does, don’t know about the $15 margs. I’m a lightweight, one drink kind of guy, so maybe if it was the size of a pitcher we could split it. I do miss having a lot of restaurant choices. We have good restaurants here, just far fewer than you’ll find in your larger cities.

  20. Pups, the food looks amazing at SOL.

  21. Somewhat related, I made a delicious Canadian bacon and cheese omelet for breakfast.


  22. I’ll be in town in the next few months, I’m sure. I like Charlotte.

  23. I’ll be in FL next month for a long weekend. We’ve decided to travel again to places that are open.

    My buddy on Davis Island said it never really closed. The people just kind of said, ‘nah, fuck it.’ The bars and restaurants stayed open and people continued on as normal.

    He mentioned that when he saw every single one of his coworkers laid off he changed his entire political philosophy and voted for Trump.

  24. It’s nice when the mugging is of the non-violent variety.

  25. Trump won in a landslide victory and the magnitude of his win meant the cheating was so obvious that the Democrats exposed their cheating apparatus to the world. Subsequent to this embarrassing spectacle, the media and politicians have been doing a lot of strong-arming and threatening and mindfucking in order to try to obliterate what we all saw happen in front of our eyes.

    Phew. Sometimes I need to say it out loud, just so everyone understands we still have the right to THINK it.

  26. People who won with 80 million votes don’t outlaw asking questions about those votes. They show you and rub your nose in the undeniable reality of those votes.

    People who steal elections outlaw asking questions and threaten to jail, sue, or kill you for claiming that they stole it, and destroy ballots and records that might prove the matter either way.

  27. I don’t get the mug that says I like to wrap my hands around and swallow. Isn’t that the whole point of a mug?

  28. I mean, you can’t grow potatoes in there, or anything. Just seems way too obvious.

  29. Or is the joke that it’s way too obvious?

  30. Or maybe it’s like those coffee commercials where the actor just smells the coffee and smiles, and you’re like, “dude, just drink it like a normal human being”?

  31. This is going to bug me all day.

  32. Sobek, how long have you been married now?

  33. 19 years. Why do you ask?

  34. No reason. Congrats.

  35. Thanks. I have a good feeling that I might get to this base this year.

  36. Ask your mom. She knows.

  37. Hotspur can explain it.

  38. Were house took me a moment.

    Possums are on point as always.

    Fuck Ted Cruz and my shitty instincts.

    Power to the people, and ban the fucking Feds.

  39. What should we talk about this morning? I’m in the mood for a conversation of some sort.
    That mug seems like a fine topic for a conversation

  40. Never heard of ligma before


  41. No reason. Congrats.

    Fucking LOL

  42. I didn’t get the one with the house and the moon. It took me a long time thinking “there has to be a joke here somewhere”.

  43. Just noticed that “ligma” is an anagram of “gmail.”

  44. It’s all connected . . .

  45. Thanks, Jimbro, I was about to ask about ligma.

  46. Comment by lumps on February 20, 2021 10:02 am
    Trump won in a landslide victory and the magnitude of his win meant the cheating was so obvious that the Democrats exposed their cheating apparatus to the world. Subsequent to this embarrassing spectacle, the media and politicians have been doing a lot of strong-arming and threatening and mindfucking in order to try to obliterate what we all saw happen in front of our eyes.

    Phew. Sometimes I need to say it out loud, just so everyone understands we still have the right to THINK it.


    Thank you, Lauraw. I think this every day.

    I was radio channel surfing and I caught a guy talking about Rush and he said, “Rush said things I disagree with like after the election saying it was stolen when clearly it wasn’t.”

    WHAT???????? I still can’t believe there are people who think it wasn’t stolen.

  47. I mean I understand people knowing it was stolen and glad that it was but pretending it didn’t happen makes me sick.

  48. And it’s impossible for me to believe that Biden got the most votes IN HISTORY and he literally couldn’t fill a room on the campaign trail.

    Kudos to Obama for keeping his huge ego in check and allowing Biden Believers™ to think Biden got more votes than Obama. BWAHAHAAHAHA

  49. The only thing Biden got more than Obama was dicks up his ass. And that’s saying a LOT.

  50. Found this map of the north american ice sheet from before, well, all of recorded history:


  51. Were-house, Hotspur.

    Took me a few looks, too.

  52. I’m watching a Gunsmoke episode with two actors from Star Trek in it, Michael Ansara (Kang) and France Nuyen (Elaan, though better known as Liat in “South Pacific”). Trying to get motivated to go do something, may punt doing anything active and just work on the taxes.

  53. You should work on Texas.

  54. Been a pretty good Saturday. Got BBF done for next week, new model with lots of gifs, found another new model for a future special occasion. Sunny and warm enough to sit on the porch with shorts, just grilled some steaks and made a mushroom gravy that turned out well as a topping. Sitting out back in the sun with a cocktail now, thinking about my life is pretty cool. I wish you all could be here in person and we could feel like this together.

  55. You would have poop on your porch.

  56. Our 3 season porch was finished just in time for the 4th season. Other than putting a chair and small table set out there we’ve hardly used it.

  57. I’m sure they’re already prepping their hit pieces at the NYT and WP


  58. Porch in CT = giant refrigerator

    There’s really no limit to the amount of food I can keep cold in a given week.

  59. Beasn tagged me with the bear in the outhouse in AK. The Hills Have Eyes movies give me outhouse nightmares. We could develop our own Sharknado type movie. Nuclear bears living underground in NM, attacking from below in outhouses.

  60. Circling back (that’s what the cool elites are saying these days) to the stolen erection, I sent my two brothers and sister the meme from Ace’s place with Biden* saying he was going to send Hunter to Texas and Obumble informing him that Texas had cracked pipes not crack pipes. My sister texts back that he’s probably a coke user rather than a crack user because he’s too rich and too white to do crack. My older brother and I had to spend a few minutes schooling her up on the whole abandoned laptop and what all was found on it story. She had literally not heard about any of it. She doesn’t follow politics as close as us boys do nor as close as all the hostages do, but she follows it more closely than any 3 out of 4 random people you might meet. She ain’t stupid, she’s got a master’s degree in speech therapy. My point is, if she didn’t know about any of it, the tech and media’s squashing of the story was damned effective. Americans are routinely misinformed and uninformed. Goddamn these tech and media fuckers.

  61. Is she liberal? Because the line about crack/coke is a pretty common liberal line of horseshit.

  62. Pendejo, the lap top should be more common knowledge than even the Awan brothers. Have we ever learned who compromised the Yemen mission in the first month of Trump’s presidency? Dead SEAL. The Big Guy should be impeached. His EOs challenged. We are a Province of China.

  63. https://is.gd/BJoLZX

  64. Beautiful, sunny day and white all over the ground. Perfect day to sit near the fire and draw some pets. Watching my baby girl paint with my paint set. It’s a bit of work to clean up after her, but totally worth it, and I’m glad she’s not watching TV.

  65. My fav part of this shitshow is that the people who are saying there’s no way an election can be stolen told us Trump stole the election in 2016.

    Every. Single. One of them.

  66. Is she liberal? Because the line about crack/coke is a pretty common liberal line of horseshit.
    You know who told me Hunter Biden smoked crack a lot?

    Hunter Biden.

    He mentions it a lot.

  67. No, she’s not a liberal.

  68. There are some truisms that I’ve forgotten but was reminded of in a podcast.

    Most people, like 90%, don’t want to be free. They want to be safe.

    We are experiencing that BIGLY.

  69. Sobek, my dad dabbled. He was always sketching, water colors, oil, blah blah blah. FF. My mom moved him to ABQ, divorced him. One of my cousins is a Dr in ABQ. She would take her kids to visit him at the assisted living. Her daughter was intrigued by his art set up. He would let her draw, sketch, paint. When he moved to AZ in 2007, he gave all of his art supplies to Savina. Savina had her art featured in NY and at Congress. Savina Romero.

  70. Scott is bringing takeout home tonight for dinner and I’m pacing like a caged cheetah.

  71. So maybe you were wondering, “has anyone made chainmail out of titanium?”

    Yes, yes they have.


  72. Dan is making chopped steak with onions and mushrooms. I think he’s mashing potatoes. I’m not allowed in the kitchen.

  73. Sobek, if you check out her art, I need to tell you about her. My dad was an atheist. My cousin was 8 months pregnant. Scans showed that the baby had no brain activity. Drs recommended abortion. My cousin refused. Cousin asked for prayers. My Atheist Dad, started to pray. First time in his life. He prayed every day. Savina was born. She was tested. No one expected her to be okay. She was tested every year until she was in High School. I have more stories about challenging the Death Cult

  74. As much as I love her, she joined a BLM project where artists are painting pictures of all the victims of ACAB crime. I’m not very popular with familia right now.

  75. Pepe never told me about Lonnie Zamora. I had to hear about him from the son of a guy I went to gradeschool with.

  76. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/photo-essay-washington-dc-now-complete-hate-filled-cesspool/

    Good idea on the next Republican president moving out of DC. (Or that will happen anyway in the national divorce)

  77. Had to look up Lonnie Zamora.

  78. Roamy, what did you think?

  79. I watched the documentary. I have a lot of questions. I’m not the conspiracy guy.

  80. This Savina Romero?

    Those are both really cool stories, Oso. No matter what she thinks of BLM.

  81. Yep, that’s her. Prior to BLM portraits, her art was very watery.

  82. Cardinal Sarah turned 75 in June. His retirement has been accepted. If you know, you know. Catholics are fucked

  83. When the Roswell UFO happened, it was actually near Corona. At the same time that happened, there was supposedly debris found on the San Augustine plains as well.

  84. Pepe, Lonnie was from Magdalena. His 1964 experience is considered the most believable encounter.

  85. I just watched a documentary about the Socorro incident. More believable than Roswell/Corona.

  86. I don’t know anything about Cardinal Sarah, but the one person I’ve met from Guinea was a very good person, so I’m automatically biased in favor of Sarah.

  87. I like Savina’s style.

  88. Zamoras have a ranch next to ours. Probably related.

  89. Stewardess, may I have another scotch, please?


  90. Flesh wound.

  91. Pilot snuck a foil-wrapped brisket in there before takeoff, didn’t think anybody would notice.

  92. Government and Media Ridicule;

  93. Saturday Funnies;

  94. Chris’ first link has a WaPo tweet saying Tucker Carlson is the biggest threat to democracy. Oh really? A journalist who says things you don’t like is a threat to the nation? Very well. I accept your premise.

  95. “Don’t even,” replied Paul.

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