Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born in Norway in 1998.  She stands 5′ 4″ and measures 342433 and 120 lbs.  Please tell a joke to Miss Camilla Hasselgaard.


  1. She looks a lot like our 2019 Champion, Sofia Bevarly 

  2. Hover over the “Hello” gif with the song playing.

    An exquisite harmony of several art forms results

  3. Lacking the requisite back fat and sporting a single visible tattoo which appears to be the combination to her heart (sadly it’s illegible at that magnification).

    Contender for 2021 BBF Champion

  4. Whoa!

  5. 10/10 would smash

  6. She’s a feast of lovely.

  7. That tattoo is coordinates I believe, 34N 118W which is middle of nowhere north of Anaheim, west of Los Angeles. Correlation unknown. The 118 could be 718 which would put it in Algeria.

    Buried treasure probably. 

  8. Translation please. 

    (Youtube video)

  9. Life lessons for free.

    Don’t start the dive too soon, and eat a cheeseburger. 


  10. wakey wakey

  11. This is for Sobek.

  12. If this a taste of the entire album, it’s going to be HUGE.

  13. scandis, great

  14. I remember the first one they reviewed. I’m pretty sure their faces melted.

  15. Amplified Anger.

  16. Why does a Norwegian have so many swimming suits? Isn’t it cold and usually nighttime up there?
    Dirty scandis.

    But this one cleans up nice.

  17. A girl who looks like that has all the swimsuits she wants, typically.

  18. Three enormous tits up for Pup’s Poats!!!

  19. Not bad at all.

  20. So.

    Who’s the fucking idiot that told Ted Cruz going to Cancun was a good idea right now?

  21. Bishop of Brownsville, TX dispensed with Lenten abstinence from meat today, says eat what you have.

    The dreaded black ice is on the roads this morning, so I get to work from home again instead of play in the lab.

  22. Roamie, I didn’t mean to imply when I criticized the coverage of the Mars landing yesterday that women shouldn’t be involved in the mission. I just didn’t like the virtue signaling of only having women commentators.

    If they spent a little more time interviewing women like you who are actually doing the heavy lifting, instead of some fluff reporters who couldn’t calculate their way out of a wet paper bag, then maybe I’d have more respect.

  23. So you had a trip planned to Cancun before any of this happened, and promised your kids. There is nothing you can do in TX to make this situation better. You have no idea what else went into the decision to go. Plus, you have a chance to go to Cancun where it’s warm. And you’re out of the way, and not plugging up any response.

    the only reason that the Cruz situation looks bad is because the media is making it look bad. It’s none of our business why he went, because a senator doesn’t have anything to do with the weather, or the response.

    Yes, he should have stayed, but only because the media jackals are after him.

    Why aren’t we up in arms because Buyden hasn’t said a word, or sent any water to people who need it?

  24. Is Cruz an electrician or a plumber? If not, he doesn’t really need to be here. Never cave to the sjw bullies. It just emboldens their stupidity.

  25. I saw a video of a line of people at a grocery store in Texas that was over a thousand people (that’s what the makers of the video guessed, seemed like more). This was taken 3 days ago. Am I to believe that people have no food or water that would last a few days?

    Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in Florida over 20 years and have experienced several hurricanes. But come on, you all should have stuff you can eat to get you through a week. Throw a couple of cases of water in your garage.

    Pro-tip, before the cold/hurricane/power outages happen cook pots of pasta, put in plastic bags add sauce and refrigerate. When the power goes out you’re not using fuel (propane/firewood) to cook you are just using it to reheat. Big fuel savings. And you can eat without reheating if necessary.

  26. Comment by Pendejo on February 19, 2021 10:05 am
    Is Cruz an electrician or a plumber? If not, he doesn’t really need to be here. Never cave to the sjw bullies. It just emboldens their stupidity.


    Agree. Cruz is not going to fix this mess or even help. Maybe get congress to put pressure on the Feds for relief?? I don’t even know what they could get.

    But the left will use this to bludgeon Cruz. If I had the means I’d leave too. It’s not like Gavin Newsom how dictated that everyone stay home and wear masks then left to go to a ritzy restaurant and didn’t wear a mask.

  27. You just wait. The next senator from TX will someone like Beto. Now that they know how to get hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes they’ll be doing that shit in TX.

    And because the republicans are dopes they’ll help, just like they did here in GA.

  28. I had that same discussion with GND last night. I guess I don’t have much of a heart but it seems like there’s a huge lack of preparedness going on.

    Was this a stealth storm? Did it wear a hat and glasses and introduce itself as something else?

  29. Listening to Glenn Beck, from WOWO in Ft Wayne, IN. They are introducing bills to lock down elections. Make mail in voting harder, and vote in person.

    The sponsor has already thrown out the requirement to prove citizenship to vote. This is in a red state. Imagine what a blue state is going to try and do.

    IN did not decide the election. The only places that need reform are the ones where all the controversy was. The Dems know it, and the GOP is too chicken to call them out.

  30. everyone must be working on the podcast

  31. I’m working on your mom.

  32. Heh, FB douche lib update. Some background.

    This person used to work at the pizza place, which is how I know him. He now has a PhD in economics (!) and works for a major bank. He is running for local office in a suburb of DSM, and is a far left dem.

    At what point does Ted Cruz man up and resign? He’s been caught lying, lying some more, throwing his children under the truck, and had the group chat text message receipts proving he lied publicized. It was a small scandal until he used his kids as a shield but now that he has no person of any honor or integrity should hold him in anything but contempt.

    This is what we are up against. I keep him as a friend to point and laugh, and to know what the far left is thinking. This is a single payer healthcare Elizabeth Warren democrat.

  33. and yes, he worked for me, and I was in charge, not him. Doesn’t seem to register when anything management comes up.

  34. Dude, drop him.

  35. I’ve been trapped in a meeting since 9.

  36. I don’t understand why ANYONE talks about who is running in 2024. We allowed voter fraud and election theft. We will NEVER be in charge again. Any other thinking is laughable.

    They know how to do it now. It’s over.

  37. You should have fired him when you had the chance.

    They need to pay with their jobs when possible.

  38. he’s one of the calm ones, people.

  39. The guys in The War Room put Cruz on the behind-the-scenes anti-Trump list.

    Makes me wonder.

    But voting wise he (as far as I can recall) is rock solid.

  40. My friends in a rather nice area outside Dallas had a pipe burst. Ufffffffff

  41. I didn’t finish my thought. They have insurance and can financially handle any of this inconvenience. Imagine people living on the edge and they get flooded from a pipe bursting.

  42. Sounds like Stu on the Glenn Beck show had a pipe burst too. Of course they came out immediately to cater to his rich ass. Others have a 4 week wait.

  43. They are currently ripping on Cruz with OReilly re: Cancun. Of course OReilly is anti-Cruz.

  44. OK, NVM, apparently I’m out of bounds asking for people in the public eye to have at least some idea about when not to look bad while your opponents are positioning themselves to look useful. My bad.

  45. you can ask, and we can respond when we don’t agree completely.

  46. Yeah, I know. Just frustrated, nevermind me.

  47. Brother Tim, you were right, it was a stupid move. Everything a conservative does is under scrutiny.

    I think “we” although I can’t speak for Pendejo, do not want to jump on a bandwagon of ripping Cruz. It is NOT like Newsome or the several other lefties who said one thing and did another.

    One of Rush’s great lessons was this: Never go along with a false premise.

  48. Cruz can’t do anything right per the media, so why not just do and not apologize? If you’re punished regardless, may as well commit the “crime”.

  49. True. But also never give the enemy an unearned down.

  50. There’s nothing Cruz can do besides stupid PR visits to people with burst pipes. It’s an anomaly of nature.

  51. Comment by Brother Tim on February 19, 2021 11:14 am
    True. But also never give the enemy an unearned down.



  52. Cruz can’t do anything right per the media, so why not just do and not apologize? If you’re punished regardless, may as well commit the “crime”.
    Exactly this. Tell em to get bent and move on.

  53. Exactly this. Tell em to get bent and move on.


    If he asked my opinion, that is what I’d tell him to do.

    One- it pisses off the left. They get no traction.
    Two_ it energizes the right because they love it when the right tells the left to shove it and ignores them.

  54. Is he handling it that way, though? If so complaint retracted. Otherwise complaint remains.

  55. Our local TV couldn’t be happier:

    WHO 13 News
    3h ·
    The United States is back in the Paris climate accord, just 107 days after it left.
    The U.S. return to the Paris agreement became official Friday, almost a month after President Joe Biden told the United Nations that America wants back in. “A cry for survival comes from the planet itself,” Biden said in his inaugural address. “A cry that can’t be any more desperate or any more clear now.”

  56. I’ve always been confused about things like this. If the national policy is to not go to war, what does signing a treaty do? It’s not like anyone follows them anyway, especially when it matters.

  57. Jay, if that story is true, WTF was Haley trying to accomplish after trashing Trump in the Politico interview.

    I’ve heard people say she’s not THAT dumb, but she trashed Trump in the first place so she is THAT dumb.

  58. PBS has managed to defacate another racist program called The Black Church – supposedly about churches historically for blacks in America.

    Replace the subject with white churches in America and watch the left set the country on fire.

  59. Finally got out of meeting, then had to do confab with wife over taxes and barn doors.

    I think I’m settled on Audacity for editing podcast recordings, going to try and test a Murmur/Mumble connection this weekend for doing connections.

  60. Plumbers are backed up for several days here – we may end up having to check into a hotel if we want to take a shower or flush a toilet.

  61. I’ve heard people say she’s not THAT dumb, but she trashed Trump in the first place so she is THAT dumb.

    She’s not that dumb, but she is that desperate for corporate donors.

  62. Nikki Haley can go pleasure herself on a saguaro cactus.

    Fucking gold digger.

  63. Well they got Cruz to apologize for going to Cancun.

    Meanwhile Cuomo killed thousands of seniors and crickets. Tell me again why I should care where Ted Cruz goes?

  64. good luck, teresa. Have you talked to any neighbors, who might have a plumbing contact? even someone that does little jobs.

  65. Meanwhile Cuomo killed thousands of seniors and crickets. Tell me again why I should care where Ted Cruz goes?



  66. What is the left going to do without their woobie?

  67. I sort of think we should start working on getting a hostage a house seat.

    I really don’t think it would be that difficult as long as we have the paperwork and $ to get on the ballot.

  68. You know who I think is a pathetic, weirdo?


    Has there been anyone wrong more often than him?

    If you read about his handling of the AIDS fake shitstorm and his handling of the funds. Holy shit, what a dumbass.

    Like Ace said, this guy fails upward.

  69. MJ, being here, which allows people to read our thoughts, is generally an instant disqualifier for a conservative.

    I’m nervous my comments here could affect my children.

  70. Hotspur, no worries. They were indeed virtual signalling.

  71. I really don’t think it would be that difficult as long as we have the paperwork and $ to get on the ballot.

    I’m in Upton’s district. I was born here, have lived here for most of my life.

    But I drive a Toyota and I’m short, so non-starter.

  72. Hahahaha:

    Standard Buttload
    Mars is stolen land.

  73. Twitter link: An adult in the White House gets paid to write this

    buyden’s dog is tweeting

  74. I think we can make it work. The Toyota is actually more concerning than your height.

  75. Jay, that’s fucking embarrassing.

  76. This is really going to cut into our Mad Podcast DogeCoin gainz.

  77. can’t we just have someone read the blog in a dramatic voice?

  78. TinFW, if you have a source of water, you can just use a bucket to fill the toilet tank so you can flush.

  79. Jay, I think that’s brilliant.

  80. All the famous FPOS are dead, like John Candy, or Chris Farley, so I don’t know who will read my part.

  81. TinFW, if you have a source of water, you can just use a bucket to fill the toilet tank so you can flush.

    All you have to do is pour the bucket of water in the bowl and it will flush. It works by siphon.

  82. so I don’t know who will read my part.

    Ask Mare. But ask in a nice way.

  83. oh SNAP

  84. I just realized I’ve been misreading FPOS. Does the F stand for fat? I thought it was a different word.

  85. I am very hungry, there is nothing but meat in the house, and I’m past the hour where I could get pick-up grocery today.

    I may have to just eat meat. I haven’t been to mass since the dispensation lapsed because they still have all the Church of Covid requirements in place, so I this is probably low on the relative scale.

  86. It’s just “fat”, Sobek. Not the other F word.

  87. hahahaha, sobek

    No, I like your reading better

  88. H2, putting the fat in FPOS

  89. You were reading it as “fellating”, weren’t you?

  90. Jay has alleviated the first meaning with his diet regimen. But the second meaning still applies.

  91. That’s what I get for assuming.

  92. TiFW, my fort worth living brother and his family spent the night in a hotel last night so they could shower and do laundry. He said it was the easiest $184 he’s spent in a while.

  93. Farting. That’s what it stands for. It’s sorta embarrassing.

  94. Frisian. I assumed everyone here was Dutch.

  95. I may have to just eat meat. I haven’t been to mass since the dispensation lapsed because they still have all the Church of Covid requirements in place, so I this is probably low on the relative scale.


    We are simpatico.

  96. I thought it stood for Fabulous. I assumed everyone here was gay.

  97. I really enjoy laughing along with you Frisian Pots of Stew.

  98. “All you have to do is pour the bucket of water in the bowl and it will flush. It works by siphon.”


    Yep , but it usually flushes better by using the tank.

  99. Foreign Ports of Shipping.

  100. Huh. And I thought it was “Fellow Person Of Salubriousness”. Silly me.

  101. French Pastries of Size.

  102. Flaming packers of shoes

  103. Fake person of substance.

  104. Some cunt left a review of my company on Yelp giving us one star saying the representative refused to wear a mask. Total bullshit. We would never do that.

    Here is my response:
    Comment from Geoffrey P. of Perkins Construction
    Business Owner

    2/19/2021 There are two categories: Things That Happened – they’re over here, and Things That Didn’t Happen – they’re over there —>.

    This supposed incident is over there —>. Way over there.

    We wear masks upon entering every client’s (and potential client’s) property. We have never refused to wear a mask because we always wear one.

  105. Anyone want to bet whether Yelp will take it down?

  106. People actually read Yelp reviews?

  107. Five Pretty Old Sausages

  108. I wouldn’t know, except a friend saw it and sent me the link. And I can’t leave a one star review unreplied to.

  109. The bearded, bald “trans-vegan” guy who keeps me informed about the confluence of veganism and globalist mathusians has started challenging female vegans to fight him, UFC style, because he’s she’s also a transwoman now.

  110. somebody reads yelp reviews, because someone cares

  111. Very cool, Jay, I hadn’t seen that Twitter post.

    At the very beginning, at 0:01, in the center of the frame, there’s white fin-looking things. That’s the radiators for the MMRTG power source with the coating I tested. One fin is edge on and hard to see.

  112. Watching same guy fisk an Anderson VanderbiltPooper/Bill Gates interview.

    Bill wants to end irrigation to stop climate change.

  113. Is that Perseverance or Curiosity? Because the RTG is the same, but that doesn’t look quite right.

  114. Wow, what a catch from the roamster: Twitter link: That’s the Curiosity

  115. Ok, that is Curiosity.

    Here’s the view of Perseverance from the skycrane during landing.

    Fins are top right here.

  116. Fins to the left, fins to the right, and you’re the only bait in town…

  117. it seems like there’s a huge lack of preparedness going on.

    Was this a stealth storm? Did it wear a hat and glasses and introduce itself as something else?

    Paul went for an interview up here while in college; one week later, the entire area was snowed/iced in for over a week.

    He is retiring in 2 weeks, after being on the job for close to 37 years. In all the time that we have lived here, it has NEVER been like it was this week.

    We set all-time record lows for several days.

    We were all as prepared as we knew how to be, but this exceeded anything in most native Texans’ experience (unless you live in the Panhandle, where they are quite used to ice and snow).

    Our pipes were wrapped; we still haven’t gotten a plumber here to let us know what happened (and given Paul’s back issues, I don’t want him under the house).

    Our neighbors across the street heard of our plight and were kind enough to bring us water to pour into the toilets; they also told us that we could get water from their outside faucet whenever we needed it until our water is back on.

    We’ll be okay; it could be a LOT worse!

  118. During the last major glaciation, Texas was not under a mile of ice.

    It was only under half a mile of ice.

    Plan accordingly. Sol is taking a nap. Could be a long one.

  119. Joe Bastardi was talking about the TX storm on Twitter 2 weeks ago. His TV spots kept getting bumped. Pretty sure he lost his meteorologist job for denying “Climate Change”. I didn’t even know that the windmills in TX aren’t winterized until I read his tweets.

  120. *Be dickfaced executive
    *Be True Believer in Global Warming
    *Be owner of “super-green and sustainable” Texas wind farm, a place that is hot and only going to get hotter, comrade

    Do you winterize anything at all ever, at a risk to your obscene margins for subsidy fed money?

  121. TiFW, that does put some perspective on what’s happening. I admit my head was spinning about how the whole thing had gone so pear-shaped earlier, sorry I went so crazy about it a couple of days back.

  122. /checks for pulse

  123. That helps. I guess I’m with Mare. I lived in FL for so long that you were just prepared for disaster. It was common.

  124. And I’ve lived in Michigan all my life. I can imagine not being ready for snow and ice, but even if I moved to Texas I’d have my sweater ready, keep my freezer stocked, and have a pig full o’ propane.

  125. I can understand if you’re broke and can’t prep. I can understand if you don’t have a backup plan in case the power or the water goes out. But last March’s madness run on the grocery stores should have made you think about at least some ramen or a bag of rice or a bag of lentils or some canned soup juuuuuuust in case that grocery store scene repeats itself.

    Mare, that was an excellent idea with pre-cooking the pasta, I’ll remember that.

  126. In for my yearly comment…
    This gal is a yowzer supreme.
    The Cruz thing… Every question about him should be answered by “that’s not important, what is important is (Biden being half in the grave) (Coumo being a granny killer) (Fauccii changing his friggin mind to suit the moment) The GOP never fails at taking the bait.
    Also, howdy all!!

  127. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited about 39f.

  128. PG, LOL!!!!! I know, right?

    FWIW, we did stock up on groceries, so we had enough to eat all week. And having grown up on the Gulf Coast, I know how to prepare for a hurricane (if it gets too bad, evacuate!).

    We have been fine all week – except for the pipes failing yesterday. Temps are finally above freezing. It may take a few weeks, but everything will get back to normal in this area.

    Just in time for tornado season….. 😂😂😂

  129. Hello, TGSG, how ya doin’?

  130. TiFW, I figured you were prepared. Thinking about the hundreds of people standing in line outside a store.

  131. Most people here are prepared for one winter storm with precipitation and low temps, but those usually come in and are gone over a period of 3-4 days. We might get a couple of those in any given winter, but they are spaced out.

    Back 10 or 11 years ago, we had 12″ of snow fall on Valentine’s Day. But the sun came out and the temperature was above freezing the next day, so we were only stuck at home for a day.

    This time, we had 2 HARD freezes – both with significant precipitation – back to back, with no break in between. Today is the first day in over a week that the sun has been out and the temperature has gotten above freezing.

  132. North Texans are more used to this than those in Central or South Texas – that’s probably where a lot of those pictures were from. They REALLY aren’t used to that type of weather, and most of the time when the weatherman says it’s going to snow, people take it with a grain of salt, because it usually misses them.

    I first saw snow when I was 13 years old living down south of Houston. The next time I saw ice on the roads in that area was when I was 20-21 years old.

  133. Doing great Roamy! Thanks for asking. I still lurk here almost daily but haven’t found anything worth talking about. Hope you’re all doing well too.

  134. haven’t found anything worth talking about
    Doesn’t stop the rest of us from commenting

  135. haven’t found anything worth talking about


    It isn’t hard to beat gardening talk about made up vegetables…

  136. How could you not have anything worth saying? We talk about 92% stupid shit.

    Throw down already.

  137. Hell, I’ve been going on and on about weather, and they put up with my ramblings – just throw something out there about what’s going on in your neck of the woods!

  138. Tell them all about the joys of gluten-free living – they LOVE that! 😂😂😂

  139. One of y’all lives in WA, right? I’m looking at a trip to the eastern part of the state in March.

  140. The Ps live out there, Croc Eye Dude.

  141. Where parts, Ps?

  142. The Ps and BIW

  143. Goodness gracious, I’m the Queen of babbling. The Seinfeld model of nothing.

  144. The P’s are close to the coast, but someone here is in eastern Washington.


  145. Oso, are you a native Spanish speaker? I need some Spanish language music and I’m looking for recommendations.

  146. The guitar work on this one is awesome:

  147. I have some Ranchera, Mariachi, and Classico knowledge.

  148. C3P0 has a better library of Spanish Music.

  149. TexMex as well.

  150. I’m thinking pop or rock, with clear vocals, and I’m not really into mariachi.

  151. anything by the Gypsy Kings

  152. Little Joe and The Mafia. And shit.

  153. I’m more Norteno and Jalisco. When I worked at Target, they carried an extensive Mexican music library.

  154. Hey Sobek

  155. I’m sorry, pupster. New standards, you have to have something to talk about.

  156. Humm…I guess I should have taken a picture of the lobster/gouda quesadilla I had for dinner tonight.


  157. From Ace, I love this:

    One of those puppers is at least part cattle dog.

  158. Sam the Cooking Guy’s new video: ribs on the PBC. not sponsored, he just likes it.

  159. I love you Bro Tim, but the Cruz story is a nothingburger being blown up by the fuckers in the media because he’s on ‘the list’.

    If it’s such a crime worthy of an apology and getting voted out, then I want an accounting of where every single state/local politician of Texas is/was this past week and until every burst pipe is fixed.

    Oh, look at that, the energy company that shit the bed, has 5 members on their board, who don’t even live in Texas.

    Cruz should tell people to GFT.

  160. I want every politician in NY brought up on Murder 2, regarding the nursing home deaths. Certainly such a thing should have been their business.
    AOC, should be indicted first. Hey skankface, what did you know and when did you know it? Seriously, why isn’t anyone asking her that question? Why does she want to euthanize old people?

  161. Hundreds of thousands of people died because Orange Man bad.


    Cruz can do what he wants.

  162. Why are they covering for the genocidal retard in the governor’s mansion? All of them are complicit, including CNN, for those deaths. Cuomo should get the death penalty and his roided brother, 25 to life.

  163. If I were still on Twitter, I’d ask the barmaid.

  164. Sigh. Guess I’m still getting my brain to switch rulesets like everybody else.

  165. Sobek,

    I’m in eastern WA. You headed to the HAMMER site for some training? Sorry it was busy day and the wife and I went out for dinner since we finally can go out.

  166. Tim, part of it is smoke and mirrors to cover for the shit Joebama is doing and Cuomo did and Newsome being close to getting recalled.

    What pisses me off about Cruz is his caving. Never kneel before the mob which seems to get bigger and crazier with each scalp they think they got. They’re like the Blob and it’s getting into Mao territory.

  167. I’m just getting older and crabbier and not caring for all the noise. Too many asses, not enough feet.

  168. 13.7 million vaccinations, 113 deaths, no problem…

  169. Therm, I don’t know what hammer is. I’m going to Tri Cities, driving thru Spokane. If you’re around maybe we can meet up somewhere.
    But nothing’s been finalized.

  170. In the face of a recall, Pelosi’s nephew says that ;’ I’m not evil, just incompetent.’

    Beasn, nice catch on the Sagan quote!

  171. Sobek,

    I live in the Tri-cities and that sounds good. There’s good beer here and lots of very nice wine if you’re into that. Restaurants/Bars just opened up Monday so we could meet up somewhere if you want.

    Hammer is a DOE facility to train for all kinds of first responders.

  172. Once Upon a Presidency is very good…

  173. Oso ?

  174. Thanks for that link, ChrisP – it is very good!

  175. Deer eat Reginald’s parsnips.

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