The Media is Awesome!

I know what you’re thinking. I’m off my meds again. But nothing could be further from the truth! These games we play, ‘well, if Donald Trump said black people were too dumb to use the internet we’d have wall to wall coverage on every alphabet channel,’ are undoubtedly true but also don’t matter in the slightest. The media knows you exist as an enemy but never considers that you might have a legitimate point of view, are thinking, rational human beings, or deserve to live for that matter. We all know they want us dead but for some reason we haven’t imbibed the message that they don’t care about us.

Pictured: Dumb Fucking Conservatives Outside of the NYT Building

How many times have we read an article or essay by a ‘principled conservative’ in a mainstream paper in which he or she basically begs for the forgiveness or acceptance of the elite media? Looking at you Dan Crenshaw. Are you looking back? Hard to tell where you’re looking, honestly. It’s the eyepatch. I can’t take my eyes off your…lack of eye eyewear. We read this stuff a lot and get pretty pissy when it’s someone we like or think shouldn’t be so naive. But we’re reading it!

So it turns out that democrats by and large trust the mainstream media and it’s been going up since…you guessed it…2016. According to Gallup, democrats trust in media has basically been flat since about 1998 at 55%. But when OMB, GEOTUS, NaFPOS, was elected the number increased significantly. In contrast, republicans trust in media has been on a steady downward trend since 1998 and bottomed out completely in 2020. The data are very clear: we are not their audience and they don’t remotely treat us as such. They know they’re only catering to the batshit crazy left and have increased the content for their eyes only over the past 20 years.

This all leads me to my next conclusion: we need to ignore them completely. GND said something to me a few days back that struck me as totally genuine and completely true. We were talking about the difference of two supposed first hand accounts of a contentious meeting at the White House just after the holidays. The first hand retelling on the meeting of an actual participant was basically the opposite of what the NYT published. The NYT piece was anonymously sourced and used the old chestnut, ‘people with direct knowledge of the meeting,’ which means, ‘the guy on the barstool next to me who heard about it from someone else.’ The first hand retelling was boring. The NYT piece was dramatic, shocking, and contained a series of unveilings where the black hats were exposed for all to see. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which was true but we all know that life is pretty boring most of the time and there are rarely moments where the masks are ripped off and the monsters are revealed to be the least likely suspects.

GND looked at me after we talked about it and asked me, ‘why would you believe anything in the NYT anyway? It’s not written for you, it’s written for democrats.’ She’s right. The meeting was repackaged for democrats because they want the hate-hit and the writers know their audience.

Her comment made a lot of sense and I’ve tried to adopt her line of thinking. Conservatives are waiting in the wrong line much of the time when they shouldn’t be waiting in line at all. Just ignore it. It’s all just repackaged garbage for their garbage eating audience.


  1. *rests on laurels

  2. I’m thinking once again that the time may be right for a Hostages podcast. By that name, since once again, America is being held hostage.

    I can spring for the werdpuss upgrade, at least until we get deplatformed.

  3. What would we talk about?

  4. Same shit we talk about here. Like every other podcast, our interests.

  5. Quit the government jerb this morning. So my day is basically the same.

  6. I figure we could pick a few topics from the news aggregators (with attribution to both aggregator and origin) and riff on implications. Prognosticate a bit on big trends, track the activity of the big monsters like Gates and Soros. Touch on some tangential topics like space and tech, gardening, etc.

    Sort of like comment threads, but out loud. We could livestream and take calls if we actually had listeners.

  7. It’s gonna sound like shit but ok great. I’m in until it’s boring.

  8. I’m willing to sit at the center and do a few hours a week with a rotating set of co-hosts/partners.

    It’s this or try to become a precinct captain for the Rs. I have to do something.

  9. FINE

  10. Okay, I’ll do some research and get a decent mike. Sound quality from my built-in is probably trash.

  11. My voice is shit I’m boring as hell so naturally, I’ll talk the most.

  12. This is the worst idea ever, so I fully support it.

  13. I bought a card for my best friend that said:

    That’s a horrible idea!
    What time?

  14. I’ll start my own podcast and we can have each other on as guests. That seems to be a winning formula.

  15. LOL

    I want to be on with Mare because I think that would be the dumbest conversation on earth. Worse than when I call into wassisname’s show.

    I think it would be mostly burping and chugging noises followed by dares to eat whatever is in the back of the fridge.

  16. If you are on solo, MJ, won’t you still be on with mare, since you’re the same person?

  17. I’ll start my own podcast and we can have each other on as guests. That seems to be a winning formula.


  18. We’re actually not the same person. Wait, yes we are.

  19. Hahahahahaha TX Bath = Crawfish pot

  20. That reminds me MJ, I could absolutely talk about my death defying 3 week old ham eating. Who wouldn’t want to hear about that?

  21. And of course, I could chat about my epic personal battle (which no one is involved with except for myself) with my neighbor and her dog crapping in our yard and her face which my Son in law described as “3 tweeks too many.”

  22. Wait, hold the phone, to make things spicey I can talk about my local Walmart and how everyone in it (including me) is a candidate for “the people of Walmart.”

  23. Oh and how about my expose on the difference between Costco’s and Sam’s club bacon selections?

  24. I fucked up yesterday (I know, you’re shocked.) so I wanted to correct myself. Back in the days when I started listening to Rush, I think it was Snerdley opened each show with “America held hostage”, not “America in exile”. He would then list the number of days since Clinton’s election, “Day 233”, etc.

    It was an allusion to the way the media used to keep track of the days the hostages were held by the Assahola in Iran, until Reagan freed them.

  25. We’ll need “segments” with timestamps in the show notes.

    “Mare stops talking” 55:27

  26. “MJ eats a bag of dicks.” 22:18

  27. as of this morning, I weight less than 1/8 of a ton. 75 down.

  28. Speaking of fifth grade humor.

  29. Jay, that is awesome. Now what do we call you?

  30. Wow!!! Jay!

    Especially in the era of Covid!!

  31. took a long time to drop the last 10 pounds, over a month. Hope the rest doesn’t go this slow.

  32. How many more pounds to be where you want to, Jay??

    *high fives jay* *hard* *the kind that makes that awesome sound*

  33. Leon gets his cargos ripped down, pantsed if you will 5:13.

  34. Why did mare smack jay in the forehead?

  35. Okay, finally out of morning meetings.

    I might want to host the podcast on another domain, maybe change the name slightly to keep all the soon-to-be-rabid fans and stalkers away from this place. Someplace that will also let me host a show-related email or 5.

  36. 200 is the initial goal, mare.

    Thanks. now my hand hurts.

  37. Congrats, J’Ames!

  38. Pendejo, I love that video.

  39. I think PG is reliving a night at his casa

  40. Yeah, who is FPOS now???

  41. still me, mare, still me

  42. I saw it linked on last night’s ont while eating breakfast this morning. It made me giggle like a retard.

  43. 2:22, mare blames it on the dog. Mare doesn’t have a dog and we can’t smell anything over the phone.

  44. J’Ames I have in fact been swatted by the missus for allowing methane to escape my sphincter.

  45. can’t smell? Covid?

  46. BTW, 42 Covid deaths in Iowa, last 2 days.

    We’re dropping like flies out here.

  47. I wonder if my enlightened neighbors will hear about Cuomo. They were all singing his praises and telling us how he’s just the best thing ever, not bad like Trump.

    Of course they won’t.

  48. MJ, did you get another jerb or you just couldn’t take the last one and said fuck it?

  49. yeah, heard a lot of how great Cuomo is.

    Not so much now. but not one correction

  50. The Cuomo’s are scum. All of them.

    And creepy, really creepy.

  51. How do I get in on that sweet podcast shindig? Sounds like a blast.

  52. Somewhere Jimmy Hoffa is saying, “How da fuk do deez guys get away wid dis shit?”

  53. I’m considering reaching out to a guy I used to buy beef from who has a hosting company. I’m not sure where he lands politically, but it might be a safer bet than werdpuss premium. OTOH, maybe I should keep that in a back pocket for when the deplatforming comes.

  54. he’s probably on amazon servers. Everyone else is

  55. Comment by Mare on February 18, 2021 11:35 am
    The Cuomo’s are scum. All of them.

    And creepy, really creepy.


    This is the type of comment you’d get from me on the podcast.


  56. no one hear can comment consistently, but we’re gonna have a podcast?

    Yeah, this will go over well.

  57. We’ll have an entire generation of kids that have never read Shakespeare, Chaucer, Aristotle, or Augustine, so we’ve got that going for us.

    That’s been going on since before I went to school. None of those were taught in the city public schools I attended. And no way in hell I’d get it from my parents who never finished high school.

    My daughter read those authors in her honors English classes, in high school. Regular lit classes barely touched any of the classics.

  58. sun is out, and there is actual liquid water on the ground. Amazing.

  59. he’s probably on amazon servers. Everyone else is

    He’s not, actually, he’s got his own racks, or did when we last spoke.

    The other possibility is a non-AWS host like Digital Ocean. I’ve worked with them as a host for an API I built, and it wasn’t too bad. They’ll host the wordpress software on their servers so the UI wouldn’t be any different for us as users.

  60. We read Shakespeare in high school, but only the really well-known ones.

    God help you if you wanted to teach Merchant of Venice today.

  61. There is a picture management software package that might be worth looking at, too. That would take the load off our current picture storage issues.

  62. My english teacher was good about Shakespeare. I wonder if anyone currently in that high school has heard the name, much less read it.

  63. That reminds me, I need to set aside time and yank the images from year 2 of MMM.

  64. MJ, did you get another jerb or you just couldn’t take the last one and said fuck it?
    I got an offer and I’m expecting another tomorrow. So naturally I’m pitting them against each other.

  65. I read Merchant of Venice in 7th grade.

    WTF is wrong with people?

  66. wakey wakey

  67. Todd Herman sounds like he’s going to start crying.

  68. That would be a tough gig, following up on rush, the day after.

  69. wow, he really does, not even hiding it.

  70. I read Midsummer Night’s Dream in sixth grade. The other class did Taming of the Shrew. I can’t believe a public school did Shrew back then, and no way would it happen today.

  71. In tenth grade we spent damn near an entire semester reading Winesburg, Ohio. Don’t know what Mr. Golden’s fascination was with that book but we dissected it in excruciating detail. It was gag-worthy.

    Anyway, I bet today it couldn’t even be in a public school library.

  72. I’m waiting for Mr President Unity to make a statement on the passing of Rush.

  73. you’ll be waiting a long time

  74. I got cropdusted by an old man yesterday. Methane that made my eyes water. He took off, two women came out of Deli audible “WTF is that smell”, both looked at me as if I was the bog of eternal stench.

  75. Oso, why you blaming some poor innocent old man? He who smelt it, dealt it.

  76. shame on you oso. He’s at higher covid risk. Take one for the team

  77. 9th grade: Romeo and Juliet
    10th grade: Julius Caesar
    11th grade: Hamlet plus sonnets when we studied poetry.
    12th grade: MacBeth

  78. Perseverance rover landing on Mars today at 3:55 PM Eastern. NASA TV coverage starts at 2:15 PM Eastern.

  79. pretty cool!

  80. Ophelia: Hey, you! Yes, you! Hast thou Gorilla Glue in your placket? Mine own curly mane is askew from this foul breeze.

  81. 9th grade: no idea.
    10th grade: don’t remember.
    11th grade: no recollection.
    12th grade: not a fuckin clue.

    I know that somewhere in there we did Tale of Two Cities because I actually found the story to be stimulating. What with guillotines and all that shit. All the rest of them stories were pure iunadulterated grunt work to read. Not sure what I’d think of em at 60.

  82. Tale of two cities? We’re not talking about Faulkner here!

  83. Christopher Nolan’s version of that was the best film adaptation.

    It’s better with Bane.

  84. Jay, Tale of Two Cities is by Jules Jordan.

  85. Car in, that new Gojira is absolutely brutal. It’s got everything I like about metal.

  86. Charles Darwin. Back when Galapagos was a destination and shit.

  87. I hated Tale of Two Cities in school. Pretty much everything I was assigned to read, I hated all of it. After I finished college I re-read a bunch of them and realized they were actually really good. I even called my ninth grade English teacher and apologized to her.

  88. Sobek’s 9th grad English teacher…4/10 would smash.

  89. Car in, that new Gojira is absolutely brutal.

    Yes, it is.

  90. sobek, it’s like an episode of Longmire.

  91. I grew up in a rural area, so evidently our teachers were more focused on shit that might actually matter. I imagine they said something like, “These kids are going to grow up to be farmers, and carpenters, and auto workers. They don’t need any of that highbrow english bullshit that even we don’t remember the significance of.”

    So we read Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, A Stillness at Appomattox, Robert Service, the aforementioned Winesburg, Ohio (yawn), Hawthorne, Poe, Thoreau, Longfellow, Whitman, etc.

    We were going to study Faulkner, but our teacher said he was a plagiarist.

  92. I loved Longmire. And yes it is.

  93. Car in, that new Gojira is absolutely brutal.
    Yes, it is.


  94. Yeah, because Shakespeare is more complex than Twain, or Poe.

  95. What RFH said except my Jr English teacher hated me and blocked me from Sr English. Fucker was the year book editor. He chose my picks. I had to Macbeth on my own when I was taking classes for others for money at UNM. Good job if you could get it.

  96. Years after I finished all my schooling I finally got on Facebook and found out that teacher is a hard core republican. Never would have guessed. Which means she did it right – the students shouldn’t know how the teachers lean politically.

  97. Pics. Dean of English was willing to let me take Sr English and be on the English Competition Team. I loaded up on History classes.

  98. Yeah, because Shakespeare is more complex than Twain, or Poe.

    They didn’t skip it because it was less complex. They skipped it because it was irrelevant dickassery.

  99. HS, my dad had Faulkner. He read Poe to us. Kipling. Tennyson. Seuss was later. He was a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. I’m a band wagoner. Books and movies.

  100. Hey Roamie, you’ve probably already discussed this, but is any of your shit on the rover mission?

  101. LOL NASA is social distancing.


  102. My dad had Dante’s Inferno on the shelf. I found it while browsing and it captured my imagination, so I read it and loved it. That was the first time I ever actually read literature on my own without an assignment. I’ve been hooked ever since. I think I was a senior in high school at the time. I’m so glad he had that book on the shelf. You never know which spark is going to ignore.

  103. Plus they’re simulcasting in spanish – all by wymyns.

    I can’t wait for the sign language broadcast.

  104. We always had the complete Shakespeare, but my dad focused on American authors. Until he didn’t. When he passed, I got his leather bound complete Oscar Wilde. His Abbott and Costello DVDs. Kind of a cultural wash

  105. I’m more of a Mad Magazine, or Reader’s Digest type.

  106. I’m done with the Spanish. Their contribution to the program was what? Street tacos?
    Posted by: Dr. Bone at February 18, 2021 02:20 PM (03n3v)

  107. LOL

    The game was to keep the Mad magazines secret from the nuns. If they caught you with one, it was immediately confiscated and torn in quarters, and you got sent home with a Green Slip.

  108. Is the Mars landing real life?

  109. It’s old.

  110. The Spanish contribution to history was making English colonization seem humane and genteel by comparison.

  111. Should have been “which spark is going to ignite.”

    I’ve read my share of Mad magazine, believe you me.

  112. wow, the NASA crew is viewing data representations on screen, creating a visualization. That’s frakkin cool.

  113. Sorry, that should be “believe all y’all me.”

  114. If the quality of this broadcast is any indication of how NASA is communicating with the ship, it’s fucked.

  115. Haha, announcer just said that Now would be a good time to get a break, and stretch, get some peanuts.

    1 hour 9 mins

  116. Non spanish SJW broadcast: Space Videos>Mars Rover Perseverance Landing on Mars

  117. It’s been a while since I looked it up so I may be full of shit. But the best I recall, about 500,000 Africans were transported to the US during the roughly 2 centuries between 1619 and 1833. By contrast, the Portugese transported about 8 million Africans to Brazil between the mid 1500’s and 1887 or so. Their philosophy was that it was cheaper to capture and transport than it was to invest in keeping them alive.

  118. not surprising, PG

  119. it was probably a bit deadlier in Brazil even then.

  120. Internet says Audacity for editing, looking at VoIP options for linux now.

  121. Thanks Jay. Between the all wymyn narrator cast and their continual references to the ship as she/her instead of it, I was ready to choke a bitch.

    Yeah, I know, ships are referred to as female, but even we sailors would refer to the ship as it, not her.

  122. They’re having a hard time understanding one another.

    Take your fucking bulishit masks off you morons, before you crash this mother fucking thing.

  123. I did not know that, haha.

  124. If they take them off, they’ll die.

    St Fauci of the Gaping Anus told them so.

  125. heh: Put the mic in the fucking mask so the bitch doesn’t sound like she’s face down in the pillow……
    Posted by: Sponge – Saying Ashli Babbitt at February 18, 2021 02:16 PM (Zz0t1)

  126. they are ALL wearing masks at their stations.

  127. did you read the latest about Fauci at AOS? The Gay Bathhouses in the 80s?

  128. Look closely, Jay.

    Double masks.

  129. Important question: Is the rover wearing a mask?

  130. hahahahha, no shit?

  131. No shit.

  132. “Hey, it look like a Tesla crashed over there with some dummy sitting in it!”

  133. Double masks.

    Fuck this gay earth.

  134. Idi Amin?

    He works at NASA?

  135. I’m watching a teardown of the obvious propaganda outlet “HipHopPublicHealth” that has pro-not-really-a-vaccine rap to convince black people to let Big Pharma inject them with the sterility cocktail.

  136. I’m over here being schooled in NM alien conspiracy. I knew about Roswell. Zamora and Socorro 64 and the Alien base in Dulce were new to me. Going down the YouTube rabbit hole.

  137. This just in: The rover has found 200 thousand more votes for Joe Biden

  138. Yeah. Aliens with incredible intelligence that predates ours by eons, figured out all of the science and technology to cross the galaxy, and make it all the way to Earth, then crashed.

    And we fear these people?

  139. The best part is that they came here in person in a spaceship for funzies. Didn’t send robots first or try to talk to us, just crashed in the desert and left a broken weather balloon instead of the spaceship, too. They’re just pranksters, really.

  140. oh come on, they built the pyramids, and were just back to check on their scheme.

  141. How do we justify polluting Mars’s space with our cruise stage module debris?

  142. I always wondered about the weird shit we’re leaving on the moon and now mars.

    Someone is going to find it sometime and have their minds or whatever totally blown.

  143. Plus Tommie Lee Jones’ skeleton

  144. It’d be like us driving to Yellowstone and chucking some old worn out tires into Old Faithful.

  145. we’re not supposed to do that?

  146. Someone is going to find it sometime and have their minds or whatever totally blown.

    Future finders of our relics will be discarded as cranks and conspiracy theorists.

  147. firing pyros! First ones! Venting

  148. they keep mentioning crew stage separation? Is that a support module, or something? 2 minutes from that

  149. ah, CRUISE stage

  150. I must be deaf from listening to that Gojira clip

  151. ah, CRUISE stage

    Fauci had one of those.

  152. There’s a thermal control coating on the radioisotope thermoelectric generator that I tested. Maybe some other materials onboard that I don’t know about. Every now and then I get a notice from ResearchGate that my papers have been cited elsewhere, but I don’t keep up with it.

  153. chick on screen has 2 masks on, neither one fits, nullifying their use. Air just shoots up past her nose.

    Fit is important. But not for virtue signaling.

  154. Hotspur, I have that Bruce Catton trilogy, but I confess I haven’t read them.

  155. Funny how our spaceships look nothing like science fiction spaceships.

  156. The virtue signalling is so stupid at work. I hate the people who put a mask picture as their avatar or profile pic.

  157. There’s a thermal control coating on the radioisotope thermoelectric generator that I tested.

    Can you GET ANY cooler?

  158. Bruce Catton grew up in a village about seven miles from where our inn was.

  159. They should have named this ship The Roaming Fire Hydrant.

  160. Sci Fi ships are often constructed around Clarketech type propulsion, so design constraints are basically down to the artist.

    Roddenbury’s inspiration for the Enterprise was two cigars and an ashtray.

    Then later on some poor writer had to make up a reason for the “warp nacelles”.

  161. 7 minutes!

  162. One of the writers for TOS had a way more audacious idea for starships that would have been way more fun but too expensive for TV. Pick up Cities in Flight if you ever see a copy.

  163. How low are the reserves of Strontium-90 for those generators now, or do they use something else?

  164. This simulation is pretty cool.

  165. 10 g’s deceleration? wow

  166. generated by a data stream, too. way cool

  167. parachute deployed!

  168. touchdown!

  169. \o/

  170. It’s plutonium-238, and IIRC, we have enough left for 2 or 3 more spacecraft. It’s one reason Juno is solar-powered.

  171. Woot!

  172. Sweet landing!

  173. I know I can be a cynical prick at times, but even I get a tear in my eye with shit like this.

  174. but what if the Martians build nukes from the Plutonium?

  175. that is just cool. Much better TV than moon landings.

    Cameras are a little better.

    Can’t wait for Pictures!

  176. I read a lot of Shakespeare in high school. We had this one teacher who was really into it.

  177. camera feed on the screen, of MARS!

  178. I don’t care how many landers we send, it’s always cool.

  179. but what if the Martians build nukes from the Plutonium

    But Mark Watney will need it…

  180. But Mark Watney will need it…

    White male. Expendable.

  181. So, how soon until a Martian red light camera sends us an automated traffic ticket for doing 4 zighuns in a 3 zighun zone?

  182. Okay, the cynic in me is back. These folks who have been social distanced and double masked the whole time are now fist bumping, high fiving and back slapping one another.

    Fucking super spreaders.

  183. Now they’re all visibly sanitizing their hands.

    Jesus fuck this is hard to comprehend the stupidity. Aren’t these scientists?

  184. They’re crippled by HR telling them what they must do to keep their jobs, Hotspur.

    HR should be outlawed.

  185. BTW, I smoked a stogey in honor of Rush last night – sitting on my 15º screen porch with my kerosene heater warming my hands and shins, I reflected on all of the time I enjoyed listening to him over nearly 30 years.

    Godspeed, sir!

  186. Hotspur, maybe it was a black alien woman on the phone at the controls.

  187. I love Roamy, however, her co workers are mental. Double masks??? No wonder we haven’t colonized other planets- they don’t get enough oxygen to the brain.

  188. They are in California, Mare. ‘nuf said.

  189. BTW, I smoked a stogey in honor of Rush last night – sitting on my 15º screen porch with my kerosene heater warming my hands and shins, I reflected on all of the time I enjoyed listening to him over nearly 30 years.
    Godspeed, sir!
    For some reason this makes me really happy. I like quiet moments of reflection, I guess.

    I always thought I’d be a cigar guy but I can’t seem to muster up the…whatever.

    Maybe a bit later in life.

  190. I am supposed to report to my supervisor if I get so much as a *headache*, quarantine, and go get tested. Guess how honest I am about that. Fever, yes, I would. Headache, no, especially with the level of stress lately.

  191. Jimbro, that was some video this morning in the old poat. That is why I prep.

  192. I am baking a smoked ham. Smells amazing right now.

    Going to try and persuade Possum that it’s just like the chewy bacon she prefers*.

    *I have perfected making crispy bacon because that’s how wife and I like it. It is SO hard to not do that.

  193. Maybe a bit later in life.

    I didn’t take them up until I was in my forties. I have never inhaled (*cough*), and only on very rare occasions smoked inside. That was back in the days when I lived in my condo and I had a ginormous whole-house fan. It still left a lingering smell for a day or so. Once HotBride and I got married I never smoked indoors again.

    Then I gave it up for about ten or twelve years, and only took it up again last year after covid insanity took away lots of my other life pleasures.

    Anyway, I do enjoy it.

    You probably shouldn’t take it up. It stunts your growth.

  194. Possum needs to start cooking her own meals. It’s time.

  195. Bacon is the only non-nugget meat I can still get her to eat, so I’m doing what I can. She tried the ham without any tears (only wails and “bleh!”), so I think this might be a win on the next try in a couple of hours.

  196. non-nugget meat


  197. Not a joke or euphemism in my house. Part of our personal chapter in Lamentations.

  198. Put some beef tallow into the fat the chicken nuggets are fried in. And make real homemade pudding with eggs and cream to serve with her strawberries.

  199. Just throwing this stuff out there, without understanding that you probably have already tried everything.

    Why are you grinding your teeth? That’s adorable.

  200. Our freezers have been over taken by non meat solutions. We’re team riced cauliflower. That’s it.

  201. I just got the most amazing package of seeds in the mail. THANK YOU SO MUCH Lauraw. WOW, is all I can say. Lots there, but I’ll start it all and share and etc. I already sent a picture of everything to my gardening buddy up here.

  202. I say … chill. They’ll eat when they’re hungry. Of course, I’m also the mom who let them leave the house in a hoodie when it was 25 degrees out because they said they were “fine”.


    Look, I didn’t kill any of my kids. And they’re mostly pretty well adjusted.

  203. Rice cauliflower is awesome, but also super easy to make from scratch.

    Every now and then I think I’m ill prepared in case we have an end-times event, and then I remember that a lot of people buy rice cauliflower.

  204. I’m a freak. We all know this. I may or may not be taking advantage of cutting opportunities.

  205. I’m with carin on chillen raising style. Obviously every parent has the best vantage point to gauge their child’s individual requirements – but most kids will naturally respond in a rational fashion to most stressors.

  206. I let lil jamette do stupid shit so that she could test boundaries.
    She’s a strong little monster now.

  207. It didn’t always work out SO great. Matt had stitches in his head twice, and stitches in his legs twice.

    In my defense, one of those legs deals – he didn’t know that if he built a ramp and rode full speed into/over the lake it wouldn’t turn out like it does in the cartoons. It was a learning experience.

  208. She’s enough like me that I wonder if I created a beast.

  209. She’s a great driver
    This summer I have to make sure she is more firearm proficient.

  210. We had a couple of ED visits that Mrs jam had some pointed things to say to me.

  211. kuntz

  212. Only a couple of scars tho.

  213. I had a few trips to the ER for sutures and one for a burn. They all healed fine except for the one on my lip. They didn’t quite match up the vermillion border so I have a fucked up zig zag on my lip. They also used some slow absorbing suture on the inside so I had a small grape size lump in my lower lip well into my 30’s.

  214. UPDATE: It’s the size of a fat raisin now

  215. That was quick! Post office must be back to normal now.

  216. (Imgur video)

  217. OH, nm- we sent it fedex ground. Post office is still AFU

  218. Next up on the pole

  219. How does my sister deal with this regarding her boss, who makes hellalot more money than her and gets aggravated if my sister asks her questions re her jerb, if which her boss is supposed to train her (boss told her that she is no good at training/has no time/too much work…which is why sus was hired to help relieve but has to study/train herself).

    “my boss never, ever, ever, ever brings her lunch and she is constantly asking me to go get food or can I pick her up something if I go out and get something or order if I have something delivered. If I bring my lunch, she doesn’t eat or she’ll grab cookies or go to the gas station and get a soda and cookies. Not once does she ever get something herself and pick it up for me. Other than never eating out, how do I even handle it? I don’t want to order for her some days.”

  220. Find a new job. Life is too short to work for assholes.

  221. Never order out. Food prep as a mission to starve this bitch.

  222. ….and what Pupster said. *high five paws*

  223. “I’m doing IF right now, it’s supposed to be super good for your skin.”

  224. Also, “my husband/friend/kid is meeting me and bringing me lunch” etc. so she can’t horn in.

  225. She also needs to ask the boss to pick her up a Mountain Dew the next time she goes out for supplies.

  226. Another thing she can do, to transcend the situation entirely, is to bring in to work a cauldron of soup and some pile of bread or biscuits, or a bunch of baked potatoes and all the fixins, which is actually a very cheap way to feed a whole lot of people for a portion of the day. I have employed this with great success.

  227. Also, when the boss asks if she’s going out for lunch, your sister should lie.

  228. I’d hand her the receipt first, maybe even circle the total with a red pen, then wait expectantly before I handed over the goods. “You buy I’ll fly” is the rule anywhere I’ve ever worked.


    Pay attention to the dates involved.

  230. Test

  231. My heart just aches today.

  232. What is going on with that dead child on the reservation, Sobek?

  233. Last seen 2 years ago?

  234. I had some innocent fun at Cain’s expense at Christmas with regard to USPS. Then I poated their ridiculous performance on a few packages of my own recently. So last week I paid ten bucks extra to select Fedex instead. Package was picked up Friday, and is now scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Just as bad as USPS plus I’m ten bucks lighter.

    Probably slower because they use double masks.

  235. What is going on with that dead child on the reservation, Sobek?

    Trump’s fault, obviously. They only found her because Biden.

  236. So I can’t get into any details, Carin. I can’t talk about cases, but I can share links because they have public information.

    I can also mention that reporters get basic facts wrong. There’s no crime lab in Big Horn County, so no autopsies are done there.

  237. In the last 10 years I can’t remember filing any claims for lost packages with UPS or FedEx.

    I have lost $7000 worth of stuff with USPS last month.

  238. more details with every iteration. and not in a good way.

  239. Laura, my sister doesn’t cook. The boss pays for her own food but for some reason acts like my sister is her lunch bish. Sis said the gal didn’t eat today and seemed annoyed that she brought her lunch. Boss told her she didn’t eat breakfast either. Sounds l like a real ditz.

    I told her she should make a deal with her…I’ll be your lunch dog one or two days a week, if you get me approval to work from home the other 3 days (other agents in the office either work from home full or part-time. Her boss keeps dragging her feet to get approval for my sister to work from home. This is a sorta new job for sis…in which she is basically training herself).

  240. Sober, can I ask what you do for a living?

  241. Sobek…stoopid phone…

  242. Well, we were fine until sometime tonight. Neighbor knocked on our door and told us that water was spewing out of our sump pump drain.

    Which would explain why there was no water pressure upstairs when DD#3 wanted to take a shower – one of our pipes has burst, but we won’t know which one(s) until it is light outside.

    Thankfully, our neighborhood FB page posted names and numbers of plumbers that folks have used in the past, and I have convinced Paul to hire someone to do this job for us.

  243. Law enforcement. That’s as specific as I’ll get. So it’s not like I don’t see dead bodies. But this one…

  244. What an awful story, Sobek!

  245. Government & Media Ridicule;

  246. I’m sorry you have to deal with that, Sobek.

  247. Doctors expected Randy’s prognosis.

  248. Awwwww, Sobek is telling us this little girl’s death was more horrific than already stated.

  249. Roamy, that guy is a fricken hero.

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