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Your model for today was born September 11th, 1988 in AustraliaShe stands 5′ 10″ and measures  543345 and 200 lbs on a good day.  Please take a waiver for Miss Penny Brown AKA Penny Underbust AKA Plunder Bunny.


  1. L to R

    H2, Penny


  2. Fun-bags

  3. A walking, talking, suffocation hazard.

  4. zaftig


    “Stephen K. Bannon blasted Ted Lieu after he said the quiet part out loud: the Democrats are using the military to enforce political speech.”

    There’s that formulation again … “the quiet part out loud”. Who can educate me on the full meaning of that phrase? I mean, I can grok the meaning but I’m a guy who every so often obsesses on a new word or phrase and needs to pursue it like I pursue your mom.

    bad example, your mom is not what you’d call “glansphobic” IYKWIM

  6. You’ll need a Confined Space Entry permit just to motorboat her.

  7. As I understand it, “saying the quiet part out loud” is speaking your true intentions rather than spinning and subterfuge, accidently telegraphing your true thoughts (which should be the voice in your head) by vocalizing the inner monologue. “We have to pass it to learn what’s in it” comes to mind. “We have the greatest voter fraud organization in history”.

  8. Got it, good explanation.

    I’ll read that a couple of times today to settle that minor kerfuffle in my mind

  9. wakey wakey

  10. I’m horrified.

  11. I watched snippets of her videos (“Hello boys, girls and gender rebels!”) and she seems like she’s having fun with her glandular dysfunction and monetizing it. Sure she’s a little wacky but I’m fine with her doing her thing Down Under, it’s not like her massive tits are invading my personal space.

  12. the Motor City battery boys are not going to be happy with this.

  13. 5/10 would smash

    I’m with the motor city crew on this one.

    However, she is classic BBF material.

  14. Some gravitational distortion going on.

  15. Nice eye candy in the model gif for me. Probably ghey but I’m gonna look anyway.

  16. The guys at MCB might enjoy this other blog today.

  17. Old school BBF?

    /looks at calendar

    Fuck. Could I get another six months between today and tomorrow so my birthday can be not a fucking waste of breath?

  18. If they’re still looking, send the crew here

    Content warning, everything but the curtains is on display


    She’s delightfully horrifying.

    *High fives pups*

    And your first comment made me lol.

  20. Sign language you can use

  21. President Biden warns that China will “eat our lunch” on infrastructure development.

    WSJ newsletter headline. “… officials said the Democratic president and his aides are already focusing on a second economic recovery package that would be unveiled in the coming weeks and have infrastructure spending at its core.”

    If we had a functional opposition party they’d already be lambasting this with highlights of the Obama/Biden disaster of Shovel-Ready-Jobs. Instead we’ll get Mitt telling us how important this all is and we need high speed rail everywhere because gasoline is so expensive.

  22. Might as well eat our lunch, they are supplying it.

  23. But but but Mitt was THIS CLOSE to a rioter before a policeman “saved” him!

  24. During a dinner recess, Sen. Mitt Romney (who else?) told reporters he hadn’t realized just how much danger he was in until he saw footage of a Capitol Police officer leading him away from the mob. “It was obviously very troubling to see the great violence that our Capitol Police and others were subjected to,” Romney said. “It tears at your heart and brings tears to your eyes. That was overwhelmingly distressing and emotional.”

    Romney was of course playing the part Democrats have assigned him. The point of the footage, paired with over-dramatized narrations of events by impeachment managers, particularly Del. Stacey Plaskett, who went through the events of Jan. 6 in detail, was to depict Trump as the true leader of the mob, commanding and directing them from his perch in the White House.

    What is the over/under line on when Mittens switches parties?

    From here:

  25. Another one distancing herself from a man who helped her career. Probably setting up a Presidential run. Move over DeSantis, here comes Nikki!

  26. isn’t it amazing that the 2 GOP presidential candidates before Trump are universally despised now (even though one is dead)? Almost like the party is trying to go places the people don’t want to go.

    If only there was a party that would recognize that. We’d win 49 states (like we did before the Dems stole this one, I still believe).

  27. Mitt is an attention whore. He gets far more notice if he plays the role of a Principled Republican than if he joined the Democrat party and did the exact same thing he’s doing now.

  28. Buyden trying to make trump look bad again, and failing.

    I agree with Kassam, This just makes Trump look tougher (Twitter link)

  29. Gaetz is a fighter, I like him. First went to Wyoming to rally against Liz Cheney, now firing back at Adam Kinzinger (IL) about targeting his seat (F-ing bring it!) Twitter Link

  30. Unlike so many we’re seen here of late, hers really are.

    PS She’s got the chubby you usually see on larger girls.

  31. Does MJ still watch Scarborough and MSDNC? Sounds like he’s really gone off the deep end, re: Trump. I haven’t watched a second of him in years, so…

  32. JFTC! Really?


  33. I see HS is really awake now.

  34. I don’t know what poll Mitt and Nicki are reading but it’s a shit poll. And Nicki wouldn’t get my vote if she was running against Hillary. I mean that sincerely.

  35. I’m with you, mare.

  36. I could tell she was a two faced bitch phoney from the get go.

  37. Someone mentioned a HIPPA violation for whoever disclosed Trump’s health info.

    P’shaw! … they clearly are unaware of the Different Rules For Dems Clause

  38. I think you meant JTFC, Hotspur.

  39. What happened with his records, Jimbro?

  40. to be fair, she was a good ambassdor to the UN who represented us well. Seems that Trump pushed her in that direction, and now she’s fighting against it. More to her true colors now.

  41. That was the Buyden link I posted, mare. They released medical information about Trump’s Covid 19 case, that he was close to going on a ventilator. Just makes him look more impressive to me. Covid can piss up a rope, says Trump.

  42. How is releasing that remotely legal?

  43. Those fucking things have their own zip code.

  44. Hell, each one probably has its own.

  45. Gotcha, Jay.

    Makes him seem tough as nails to me.

  46. The comments Hailey made in that article are actually pathetic. She’s bought and paid for and Pence is the quintessential c*nt.

  47. I’m informed the US Geological Survey gets involved whenever she smacks her chest.

  48. Again, horrific. She’d have to pay me.

  49. Pence is the quintessential catchfart. Save ‘cunt’ for the cunts.

  50. Miss Brown in the news:

    Pictured: Jessica Rabbit fan has breasts enlarged and waist shrunk to get extreme hourglass figure

    Penny Brown has had two boob jobs and downsized her waist to a tiny 23 inches to look like the animated character

    Not going to link Mirror UK but you get the idea.

  51. Tag

  52. They must have Andrew Gillum type pics of Pence somewhere.

  53. I’d cut Pence some slack. He’s been good in the past, and I’m not sure he could have done anything legally anyway. Should have fought a little harder, but i don’t think he’s on the take. he did really well in IN.

  54. There was precedent for him to object to the count.

    Even if he’s not the bad guy, he pussed out when it mattered.

  55. I think Pups just met his BBF quota for the entirety of 2021.

  56. 10:30, and it’s not above zero yet

  57. I feel the same as Leon. He had an opportunity to either take a principled stand with his boss, or stand apart and duck for cover.

    He chose the latter. Fuck him.

  58. oh man, great news! kyle rittenhouse, the kenosha kid, ran away against the terms of his bail. The judge has refused to arrest him again and increase bond. finally something fair happens!

  59. Pence didn’t have to go full Trump, but he certainly could have stood up for voter fraud, etc.

  60. If biden catches Covid, he’s a goner. I mean, usually they don’t aggressively treat people with dementia.

  61. Rubbish, pence is an asshole and you suckers can stand him but you’ll be burned and bitching later. Pence is a cunt.

  62. Pence/Hailey 2024 “We’re users but we’re also spineless!”

  63. And treachery is a c***’s way of operating. Pence had the meeting with Trump, challenging was a go ( what do you think the meeting was for…duh) and he backstabbed Trump.

    He’s worse than most. Trump is loyal as hell until you backstab him, then you get called out which he did. Fuck Pence. He’s one of the worst in this whole farce.

  64. Trump/DeSantis 2024 would be better.

    Pinochet 2022 would be fine also.

  65. Where has Colorado Alex been?

  66. I’m not defending Pence. I don’t think I did? I just meant he didn’t have to go full Trump to have earned my support . But he didn’t even go sorta Trump. He just left Trump out hanging.

  67. Where has Colorado Alex been?

    Not Colorado. I see him at the HQ a lot these days.

    He and Jay had what I think was just a misunderstanding, and Alex hasn’t been back to mend that fence or whatever. I miss him, but it’s not up to me to drag him back if he doesn’t want to be here.

    He’s gonna really miss out when Hannah becomes single and wants a real man, though.

  68. Leon summed it up pretty well. I think CoAl was reaching a bit of peak frustration with life and things just … got out of hand. It wasn’t a big dust up and most “missed” it.

    I’m sure he’ll eventually be back. He wasn’t around my facedouche page at all for a while, but he’s been popping in now and then.

  69. Yeah, all Pence had to do was say “There are legitimate questions still being resolved in state courts, the count from those states cannot be included in the total until such time as those cases are concluded. For the sake of legitimacy, and because there is no electoral majority absent those votes, we must wait for a final count.” It had been done in the past, and the final count has been as late as March before, iirc.

  70. pupster contacted him via email, and he said he was taking a break from this place.

  71. Calm down, Mare.

  72. Very likely, he believed the choice was “riots or no riots”, when in fact the choice before him was “riots or dissolve the union”.

  73. Jay, if you hadn’t been such an asshole FPOS…

    Actually, if you have a problem with someone and can’t work it out with that person, but need a “break” from the whole blog, grow the fuck up.

  74. He probably found Cyn. And they started a new blog.

  75. haha, FPOS is a welcome addition to our lexicon. I’m glad I could inspire such greatness.

  76. and with that you realize the effect all this has had on me.

  77. Thanks for being honest. Sometimes people skirt around things and I’d just rather know what actually happened.

    I don’t take things personally here and forgot that some do. I’m sure I’ve scared off my share and, well, sorry in advance to those who are always mad at me.

    But Jay is a FPOS!!

  78. When I’ve taken a break from here I’m either traveling or I can’t take the news. Sort of a disengagement from real life (because I’m white and I’m fragile *snicker*

    I’m going to California in a week ( if Floridians aren’t banned from domestic travel). I’ll be at my MIL’s house and using the phone for checking out this dump will be difficult.

  79. I was listening to a YouTuber and I had to unsubscribe when she said she’s basically been in quarantine for a year. WHAT??? That’s mental. Why? Because you’re government said so? Eff them.

  80. First and foremost :
    Holy Fucking Mother of Mountainous Mondoness!!!!
    Sir Pupsalot is king of the boob purveyors.
    My FPOS hat is off to you my good dog.

  81. I’ve effectively been there for the same amount of time because nothing I want to go to is open or is only open to those who wear the Mask of the Beast.

    Won’t even be able to go to a park until April.

    Archbishop of Detroit said he wants people back at mass (dispensation ends) on March 13. But masks and social distancing and 50% capacity and no Precious Blood.

    That’s a man who fears God and God alone, I tellz ya.

  82. don’t read Ames People on facebook then, mare. These Karens are locked in their houses, somehow calling out people for not masking and “taking the virus seriously”.

    Not sure how they encounter these people, since they are shut ins (self professed).

  83. 99% of people I see wear masks. Not sure why they are so worried.

  84. I’m slightly concerned that while staying with my MIL one of my husband’s dumbass sisters -who voted for Biden will show up and say something political. I made a vow to not take political bullshit in my personal life. My husband is probably more nervous than I am.

  85. Secondly –
    Pence is a fucking punk.
    I agree totally with my nice horsey pal mare-zee-dotes.

  86. Carin, Jordan Peterson interviewed Gregg Hurwitz for his podcast. DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT listen to it.

    It will ruin things.

  87. Turdly- FPOS’s Rule

  88. 10-4 good buddy. I will not listen.

  89. heh, now I want to listen

  90. It’s Friday so I’m going to get some shit off my chest:

    1. If you interviewed Janet Yellen for a job would you ever call her back? How the fuck did she get where she is? She sounds like some spinster nitwit reading children’s books at a library.

    2. Why all of a sudden do we have to tolerate these douchebags waving their arms around on a split screen in every fucking government related speech? How fucking many deaf people are there that depend on sign language and can’t read close-captions? This is virtue-signalling ass-fuckery taken to eleventy!!!!

    3. Your mom is a whore.

  91. 99% of people I see wear masks. Not sure why they are so worried.

    The only power the TV media still has is to scare the gullible, but boy howdy does it still work like a charm.

  92. I’ve effectively been in quarantine for years. It’s called “severe depression” and it is NOT healthy.

  93. We’ve been in an oligarchy for a while. Dems vs. Repubs is just a show. The real fight is the Establishment/Ruling class vs. everyone else. The problem is, very few are aware of it. They are occupied with left vs. right, black vs. white, social justice bs, etc.

    Trump was an aberration, a joke that went too far. He wasn’t allowed to win. Pence is just establishment, he did what they told him to do.

  94. I’m starting to see double-masked dingbats, at the store. Wtf?

  95. yup, they are here, too.

    Even in their cars.

  96. Pepe, you’re still missing the real enemy.



    Embrace it. Everything falls into place neatly when you see the truth.

  97. Oh God, I looked at the post again when I edited my last comment.

    Big mistake, I had just eaten.

  98. But leon, Joan Jett is HOT!

  99. She’s no Melissa Etheridge.

  100. Saw this on the local news and thought it hilarious. St. Louis public school kids having a tough time with virtual learning. 1 in 4 do not even show up. BUT teachers were told to pass them anyway and the suggested grading scale is such that 64% = B. These will be your future representatives in congress and Healthcare administrators.

    A more rural city was mentioned and they pretty much told parents that if their kids continue to be no-shows, there will be calls made to child services.

  101. Chris wallace can go fuck himself.

  102. And yes, st louis public schools spend more per kid than any other school district in the state . RAYCISS!

  103. car in, he probably does on a regular basis.

  104. When people show up at the hospital they make them put on a hospital mask because the provenance of their outside mask is unknown. A lot of people just put them on over their cloth masks. I haven’t seen any double maskers put a hospital mask over their double mask yet. Which is good because I’m sure they’d fire me after I finished pointing at them and laughing my arse off.

  105. what did chris do now? Haven’t seen him since November


    One week suspension = Zero tolerance?

  107. huh, the hospital didn’t make me change masks when I went in to check on Mrs. Jay, at the ER

  108. mrs jay probably warned them

  109. Thoughts?

  110. DId you guys see Styen last night? His bit on andrea mitchell was awesome.

  111. Our BBF “model” has a couple of things she’d like to put on her chest.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  112. I will dearly miss Rush’s Andrea Mitchell impersonation.

  113. Very few, from what I can tell.

  114. Everyone needs to watch. It’s marvelous.

  115. is that the new show that replaced Martha?

  116. heh, Chi Com Charlie popping up on Car in’s page

  117. Holy crap, Stein skinned those dummies.

  118. Jay, I looked at your “thoughts “ link but since I’m old and gross like Hotspur I didn’t understand any of it.

  119. Back in the days when Andrea Mitchell would blow me, she thought Shakespeare was just a company that made rods and reels.

  120. The Steyn bit was good, but I wish he had pointed out Mitchell was an English Lit major.

  121. She’s no Melissa Etheridge.

    The first 20 seconds of today’s musical selection makes me feel funny in the swimsuit area.

  122. Joan doesn’t care, Pupster, She’s a tacotarian.

  123. Well, shitballs. That’s all I got. Seriously.

  124. Something tells me we’re about to have a “shitballs” category now.

  125. Spaghetti & Shitballs

  126. well then Joan has a shot with Melissa Etheridge

  127. could happen, TimBro

  128. Shitballs, memes; poh tay toe, po tah toe.

  129. I haven’t watched morning joe in 5 years or so.

    The writers were fairly thoughtful for a few months in 2015 but then went totally nuts in late 2016.

    I mention the writers because a normal human being can’t switch positions that quickly. He’s more of a news reader, then comments on what he just read. He doesn’t really have opinions.

  130. Heh, Dave Ramsey slicing like a hammer.

  131. not surprising, MJ, haha. most of the talking heads are just that, mouthpieces.

  132. Holy shit. If you’ve managed to make Dave mad, you done fucked up.

  133. Major League Shitball

  134. Joan doesn’t care, Pupster, She’s a tacotarian.

    1988 Pupster didn’t care, 2021 Pupster cares less.

    2019 Joan Jett

    Born in 1958?  I did not know that.

  135. Whatever else she is she’s at least marginally more sane than most in that business. I do give points on that basis.

  136. I saw Joan Jett at House of Blues in Vergas somewhere around 02 or 03. I didn’t have any idea as to her sexual preference until I looked around and noticed that there were only about a dozen of us penis-Americans in the whole crowd. The rest were vaginated-Americans and were not one iota interested in hiding their infatuation of each other.

    Two semi-interesting notes from that evening: 1) Joan wore a pair of tight black leather pants and a tight black leather vest with nothing underneath. Her nips were very noticeable under the leather. 2) I had a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts washed down with a quart of chocolate milk for breakfast that morning. (I ustacould eat a shitload at one setting). This caused me to produce massive amounts of methane for the rest of the day. Which was expelled with wild abandon in the midst of the young lezbos ising the cover of loud rock and roll music for plausible deniability. At one point this young chick wretches visibly and shouts, “Oh My God somebody needs to change their diet!!” I laughed a little too hard at that.

  137. Dude, you’re killing me … I’m laughing uncontrollably here!

  138. LMAO at Pendejo crop dusting. Saw J.J. in the early 80s. I forget who they opened for. Golden Earring opened for everybody.

  139. Tumblr video

  140. I think today counts as a double.

    Worked in three different states.

    VT was the best, nobody was wearing masks.

  141. Holy shitballs that Joan Jett story was hilarious. What kind of FPOS drops crop dusts an entire crowd of lesbos?

    An H2 FPOS, that’s who.

  142. Ahhhhh. Three day weekend. Gotta love it.

  143. Pendejo’s fart dance was read aloud to Mr. RFH so I wouldn’t be laughing alone. (I read Sobek’s sonnet, too.)

  144. Guess what I had for dinner?? You are indeed correct…shitballs.

  145. Brother Tim, I hope in whatever relative terms you can, have a great birthday!

    I’ll pray this a better year than the last one.

  146. Tim, regardless of the shitballs thrown at you, be determined to throw a few back!

  147. Is a…

    Stupid commenting on a phone!!!

  148. You know what’s worse than commenting on with a phone.

    Smelling Pendejo’s farts at a packed lesbian concert.

  149. I’m honored that some of you upper crust type citizens were entertained by a recounting of my low brow behaviors of yesteryear.

  150. Mare, were you there? Were you the chick standing behind me in line waiting for a beer who showed concern about my diet? Cause I don’t remember her being nearly as hot as I imagine you to be now.

  151. Or then.

  152. I can see mare from where I’m staying in FL.

    Her ass is that big.

  153. Mare, I’m praying that for all of us.

  154. Pendejo, yes, yes I was.

  155. Whew. Got the Trich tests back from the vet. Fortunately, all our bulls were clean. Dodged a bullet.

  156. Yay, glad to hear good news, Pepe!

  157. Fortunately, all our bulls were clean.

    This could also be a Dispatch by the Bulwark.

  158. MJ wishes he could say that.

  159. Happy for you, Pepe. True Story, we call you Magdalena. Starting to see more people that are double masking. We are Essential. We can get the vaccine. So far, most of my CoWs getting the vaccine, already had the COVID. Everyone asks me if we’re getting the vaccine. I started telling the sheep the problems with the vaccine. Dropped the “Why would I take an 95% effective vaccine for a virus that 99.99% survive?”

  160. Osita, I’m guessing NM is still locked down and likely to still be locked down in March. We were thinking about trying to do the same thing as last year for spring break this year, and it’s just not looking good.

  161. Commie governor, Roamie.

  162. Problem solver

  163. Nah, trillion dollar coin is less messy.

  164. We are expecting temps to fall to 0° on Monday, and they are forecasting 4″-6″ of snow (on top of ice, natch, ‘cuz North Texas) this weekend.

    BLIZZARD conditions, people – I have never seen a blizzard!

    Pray for Oso.

  165. From Insty’

    WELL, ANDREA MITCHELL IS DUMB ENOUGHT TO ENTER A BATTLE OF WITS WITH TED CRUZ: How Dumb Are Reporters? “In short, by trying to match wits with Ted Cruz, Andrea Mitchell revealed herself as a person who knows little or nothing about either Shakespeare or Faulkner. That isn’t necessarily disgraceful, except that 1) she shouldn’t have picked a fight with a very smart guy from a position of ignorance, and 2) her fallback position, claiming to be a Faulkner scholar, made her look dumber than ever. Deservedly. This is all trivial, except for one fact: the politicians, reporters, writers, editors, ‘intellectuals,’ college professors and so on who try to intimidate you with their claim to be smarter and more knowledgeable than you, are, with only occasional exceptions, frauds.”

    The really smart people — Richard Feynman, say, or Freeman Dyson — don’t waste time telling you how smart they are.

    This reminds me of a meeting that Anita attended with her electrical design firm;
    Who’s your favorite celebrity?

    She responded: Richard Feynman.
    The boss said;
    You mean Richard Gere.
    Anita; No, I mean R P Feynman, the physicist!
    She, and the person across from her shared eyerolls.
    The boss is a dumbass…

  166. I’m not sure her real last name is Underbust. That seems fake.

  167. But her boobs are totally real.

  168. Daily exercise reduces pressure.

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