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  2. I had a crush on Randy Mantooth when I was a little girl. Didn’t know the Emergency theme was composed by Nelson Riddle.

  3. We used to watch that show as kids. It would be funny to go back and watch a few episodes just to look at the medical technology and what was considered an “emergency” back in 1970’s Hollywood script writers’ minds.

  4. I bought a jar of their “Everything Butter” from Thrive Market that we have yet to open. The above Smoke & Fire butter looks interesting but expensive

  5. If the roads are okay, Rocketboy and DIL are coming over for lunch today. I was going to barbecue something on the green egg knockoff, but I think I changed my mind after seeing how cold it is out there.

    I never did get the smoker tested – turns out it pulls just enough current to pop the GFI circuit outside, so I need to figure out an alternate location.

  6. That peanut butter sounds like it might be good in a satay sauce.

  7. Yeah, I can’t imagine putting it between two slices of bread and calling it a sandwich.

  8. We’re going with chicken wings in the air fryer later on this afternoon. Should be fun watching Old Tom try for #7. For anyone who thinks he’d retire after 7 I have some bad news. He wants at least two more seasons. It will be interesting to watch how the end of his career plays out.

    The WSJ had an article about how “many Patriots fans are in mourning” and interviewed relationship coaches about break up advice. The comments roasted the article and its author. Pretty much every Patriots fan I know is rooting for Old Tom. The Patriots had landed in the zone where they couldn’t pay their talent and gave Brady a low offer to save face for all involved so he could go elsewhere.

  9. It’s never too cold to barbeque.

  10. 7 hours of pregame this year.

  11. For some reason I thought “Old Tom” was a turkey and that the turkey was going to fight its fate. Strangely my brain has no problem merging this scenario with the actual Tom in question.

    I like my version better, personally.

  12. I remember watching Emergency! Every time, they were advised to start an IV with Ringer’s Lactate or something like that. Every time they had to be told to do it.

    I think Emergency! and Adam12 were what we watched.

  13. Emergency! and Adam12
    That’s it, I was thinking of a pair of shows and couldn’t come up with the other one. Big time network television on the antenna TV back in the day.

  14. Spoof of the sea shanty I posted last week.


  15. Yes, I watched Adam12, too, but not quite as faithfully.

    M*A*S*H, reruns of Wild Wild West, Gilligan’s Isle, I Dream of Jeannie, Happy Days. If my sister was home, it was Brady Bunch and Partridge Family, which is probably why they weren’t on my must-watch list.

  16. Procrastination, thou art a cunteth.

    I have a homework assignment due today and I have to run and go to lunch with people. Yuck.

    Naturally I’ll put off the homework.

  17. All of the emergencies on that show actually happened.

    The writers got their material from fire station logbooks.

  18. https://theferalirishman.blogspot.com/2021/02/it-was-at-that-exact-moment-that-irish.html#more

    Here MJ, there’s a treat for you at the bottom of this post.

    *content warning but only if you scroll to the prize*

  19. I liked those memes, J. Good memes.

    The half day is so me.

  20. The one about signing in the car, I’m depressed that I assume that’s a real song. I’m not about to go searching for it to confirm it’s a real thing.

  21. I just heard Amazon workers in Georgia are voting on unionizing tomorrow. Evidently Amazon objected to them voting by mail, but the NLRB (cocksuckers all of them) approved it.

    Hey Bezos, eat a bag of dicks. LOL

  22. I know Dan is making wings and guacamole. I don’t know the rest of the Game Day menu. He did get green chile from the garage freezer.

  23. Jay got all the way to home base with this post, unfortunately it was with Hotspur’s mom.

  24. It’s home plate, Blondie.

  25. Hotspur, how to you like your pellet grill? We have decided to go that route when our Weber kicks the bucket.

  26. *crunch crunch crunch*

    Still working.

    I wont watch sportsball today probably for the first Superbowl in 50 years.

    Old Tom went to that school up north, so fuck him.

  27. Were it not for Brady I’d be skipping too

    New England fans still like their Tahmmy

    Even when the Pats were in it I’d avoid the pre-game coverage and given how close their wins were I could barely stand to watch the game as it unfolded out of concern for potential angina

  28. AN-gina, not MAN-gina Hotspur

  29. I don’t have a pellet grill. Mine is gas hooked up to the house.

  30. Hey, dick, my phone says what it wants and I guarantee I’ve played more softball than you’ve ever played baseball.

    Also, you’re mom is a whore.


  31. Lol

    Pups is still pissed about Ohio vs Michigan. Which really was always a great matchup.

    I’m not watching it the game either, but it’s Super Bowl crazy here as you can imagine.

  32. Dammit, I was hoping to not find out when it was until after it happened.

  33. Probably going to #1 son’s house to watch.

  34. Lil Smokies in BBQ sauce on Hawaiian Rolls. Blanco Basura appetizer.

  35. https://tinyurl.com/23nj9f5u

  36. https://is.gd/Guess_what_I_saw on my drive in to work this morning?

    A quick search shows them all over the country.

  37. IMGUR VIDEO with sound

  38. Oso, the dumbasses running St Teresa’s in Maui decided you must make a reservation to go to Mass.

    “Fear not.”

  39. Pups, those billboards are disgusting. I know people who were there. The trouble makers were bullshit artists not Trump supporters.

    Warning. I’m going to post this a lot. Think the FBI could do this. Lol…no.

  40. IMGUR VIDEO with sound nother one

  41. runzas and wings for dinner, mmmm. made cake for next weekends layer cake.

  42. close game at the end favors Brady. but Mahomet can come from behind too. this should be fun

  43. Mare, our Archbishop closed Mass without a fight. No reservation. No Bluetooth. Watching Mass at home, no Communion.

  44. I had runzas for the first time while driving through NE.

  45. stop on 4th and goal! bet they give it to him, it’s brady

  46. Best bud got in an accident. He’s physically OK but the car (which he had forever) is totalled. Was a KIA, a good car. Some fuckery with the witnesses from what I hear so insurance is going to take a while to sort out. So he’s fucked on transport. Also he was my evening ride home so I’m fucked by association.

    I swear, sometimes I feel like anyone who tries to have my back gets screwed over for their troubles.

  47. wow call stands!

  48. J’ames, i’m Dying here.

  49. Bro Tim, good Catholic Prayers for your Best Bud.

  50. I had runzas in NE, too, they were good. I’ve also made them, ain’t nobody got time for that right now. Wings and a cucumber/tomato/avocado salad.

  51. I made baked chicken and penne pasta with steamed asparagus. Side of Caesar salad and the wife made fresh bread. Num.

  52. We needed reservations for Christmas Eve. Haven’t really needed them at any other Masses, lots of people staying home.

  53. first time we didn’t attend church on Christmas eve when we were all home.

  54. can’t keep giving Brady chances

  55. Watching football with a loud active toddler. Not recommended.

  56. I’ll be quiet then

  57. What was the Pringles ad about, everyone is saying how wrong it was.

  58. must have missed it

  59. It was layering the woke flavors.

  60. So far all the ads suck

  61. I was hoping it was like Pupster’s link ^^^ but there’s no Tesco here.

  62. Osita, I liked the one supporting the Para Olympics, it was kinda pro-life, too.

  63. I was rooting for Brady, but they are calling everything on KC. Without penalties it would be a lot closer.

  64. Also the NFL commercial on racism almost had me turn it off. This is the first game I’ve watch all year.

  65. Replay is confirming the penalties.

    KC is being stupid.

    Offsides on of 4th and 4?
    Time out with 30 seconds to go?
    Unsportsmanlike conduct?
    Unnecessary roughness?

    If they keep this up their players will start getting ejected in the 2nd half.

    It would also be a much closer game if they had a punter who could punt. That guy is killing them.

  66. Hey, Rubes, only BLACK lives matter.

  67. Mr. RFH wondered if there were more dancers than people in the stands.

  68. Pretty sure LGBTQRS matters too.

  69. That wasn’t PI in the endzone, uncatchable. Maybe holding, but Mathieu had position. No problem with the other calls.

  70. Huh, Scott is correct!

  71. Trading fields goals for touchdowns also is not a good recipe for success.

  72. Pretty sure LGBTQRS matters too.

    But what about TUV and WXYZ?

  73. Scott is always right. Even Steven. He’s the Trump of the Moronverse

  74. What will be the new name for the Redskins?

    I bet it will be woke.

  75. That was holding.

  76. Oh I don’t disagree on most of the calls. The personal foul was weak. KC is mostly killing themselves. Also Tampa is playing very well.

  77. The player sacking Mahomes was being held, don’t know about the next play. No call on that one.

  78. Holding can be called on EVERY SINGLE PLAY, they call it or they don’t.

    I’m not even watching the game and I’m sure those calls are frustrating.

  79. Or non calls.

  80. Calm down.

  81. Brady wins again.

  82. My current hometown is spanking the Chiefs

  83. Ah. The Pringles ad consisted of astronauts floating in their capsule on the ocean, waiting to be picked up, but everyone in Houston and on a passing ship are too busy stacking chips. Yeah, I can see why the Mission Ops people would be torqued about that.

  84. so budweiser puts out a big deal about not buying an ad this year. But just saw an Anheuser Busch commercial.

  85. Springsteen with an ad for the middle, unity? Whatever.

  86. Tee hee, Springsteen’s daughter is a high end dressage horse rider. He’s soooooi the middle.

    Her horses, lessons, outfits, etc., cost more than 10 Hostages incomes. Any 10 Hostages.

  87. Without Remorse, my 2nd favorite Clancy book. John Kelly is a black man? OK then.

  88. We won Mare!
    When I took Zeke out earlier, we scored our first touchdown. I heard yelling from the nearby apartments, fireworks from RayJay, and distant gunfire from Florida Man.

  89. Bucs were better today.

  90. Tampa Bsy had a crazy good sports year. Although on principle I didn’t watch any.

    Political correctness f-u

  91. I don’t care what team you’re supporting, Tom Brady not wearing a mask (ever- before during or after the game) is fantastic. Plus, he’s a Trump supporter. Makes me smile.

    And yes I turned on local news after I heard several loud fireworks go off.

  92. so, our entertainment options are all black, all the time now?

  93. What are you going to do about it, just sit there and take it?

  94. pretty much. not watching is another option.

  95. Equalizer was what I thought it would be.

  96. Springsteen looked ancient.

  97. we did
    the Lightning won the Stanley cup, the Rays went to the World Series and the Bucks won the Super Bowl. Tampa Rocks!

  98. Bucs autocorrect blows

  99. Debbie’s explanations rambled preposterously.

  100. everybody knows all about that little hussy Debbie

  101. That was a hell of a game if you were a Bucs fan. Heartbreaking for the Chiefs I’m sure. The penalties in the first half were a little outrageous and definitely tipped the balance. Second half was more balanced but by then the Chiefs had to make big plays and the Bucs could focus on the pass game. Having a banged up OL and QB didn’t help the Chiefs either.

  102. I tried my best to ignore the commercials which was hard. I did see that talking piece of beef jerky Springsteen talking about unity but the one that tipped me into rage mode was the Jeep commercial with some fake cowboy driving to a chapel in the winter in an open top Jeep and celebrating the “Reunited States of America”


    *grabs crotch with left hand while giving the finger with the right*

  103. workie workie

  104. I’m happy for Tom Brady, however I don’t follow football.

    I like the calls for unity at the business end of a gun barrel.

    That shit makes me laugh.

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