MMM 431

Still no new sources ID’d, so enjoy another “classic” MMM photoset.

Monochrome ballet.

Might be some chemical and mechanical enhancement here.

Oly plates make guessing the weight here difficult.

Is a triptych-style image with six frames a sextych?

Someone told her to look intimidating. That or she’s got some bad RBF.

There’s a lot to like here.

Nike should be shunned by any and all.

Are the bewbs real? The hair probably isn’t.

Happy Monday, y’all.


  1. Snatches are always impressive. Even if it’s just an overhead squat.

    wakey wakey

  2. I do enjoy looking at snatches.

  3. Seeing a woman in the water wearing a mask was infuriating. Our Country is full of stupid, garbage people.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  4. It’s easy to scare a stupid population. Well done lefties, well done.

  5. You got them to use the term “woke” seriously and w/o laughing. There is no limit to what the left an accomplish now.

  6. Stella just went on ALERT. Saving us from a deer invasion is luckily a labor of love for her.

  7. hopefully Stella is also on point when the canadian shock troops head over and start what’s-is’faces expansion plan

  8. *wonders if they carry poutine MRE’s*


    to which I would add “Biden is a devout Catholic, the most religious President evah!!!!eleventy!!!!”

  10. Deer invasion here, too. I just saw a couple cross the yard, probably just missed the rest of the herd.

  11. GND got notification that Biden admin is seeking to have air travel restricted to only those with a negative covid test or the vaccine.

    No timeframe but they’re doing it because they forecast increased air travel around May.

  12. at some point, the value of the content on a website will be overtaken by the rage of closing all the ad popups, which are now necessary to view because you can’t read the content without allowing ads.

  13. a little freedom here, a little freedom there, pretty soon you’re talking socialism.

  14. American thinker article was worth the popups, thanks.

  15. Silver eagles were fetching about $635 a roll on Friday, today they are going for $800.

  16. How many ounces are those?

  17. My coin guy always gives me a new year’s silver eagle as a “good customer” type thing. Wonder if he regrets doing that last week …

    From his perspective he’s earning money on both sides of a buy or sell transaction so probably not an issue for him.

  18. My coin guy is a peanut butter jar that’s half full right now.

  19. It’s an ounce.

  20. I buy them frequently and give them as gifts. My wife and daughter laugh at me … I think they’re a very nice coin.

  21. “Those are the kind of women I want but you should see the ones I get [whistle].” -Abbot, Africa Screams

  22. 20 per roll.. if that was the question.

  23. I got a great deal on a number of rolls that a guy had to dump a few years ago.
    Once in a while deals can be had on craigs list.

  24. Hey man, can I get an ounce too?

  25. $32.98 for a planer? This is almost worth the certain ripoff it would be.

  26. But FB is going to tell us what is real and what isn’t. That is an ad on The Borg.

  27. In other news, the Cardinals get Nolan Arenado from the
    Rockies for damn near nothing.

    How’s your baseball team looking, scott?

  28. It’s an ounce.

    Good God. Last I checked an ounce of Ag was $30.

  29. Animation of Mars landing inside, pretty cool!

  30. Each coin is an ounce.

  31. I haven’t followed spot prices in a while but I think the crazy years of JEF saw silver pushing 50 bucks an ounce.

  32. There’s still plenty of room to buy IMO.

  33. If you have a couple g’s that you wanna go short on buying silver and selling @ 48-50 an ounce probably would work for you.

  34. I buy and hold.

  35. I’m a bitter clinger

  36. 369 COVID deaths in Iowa, since 1/28

  37. 369 COVID deaths in Iowa, since 1/28

    And how many of thoses were actually flu?
    What I’m seeing is nearly zero flu and other disease deaths in lieu of C19.

    Almost like they’re inflating the numbers at expense of other normal causes of death to make it a bigger deal than it is.


  38. Jimbro, about the bitey puppy thing. So when we had our red ACD pup in dog training, the trainer demonstrated to us a method for interrupting a bad behavior; she grabbed her collie on both sides of the face, looked him in the eye and said “NO.” The collie looked utterly chastened and repentant. Destroyed, really; I now think this is kind of abusive to a sweet dog like that one.

    Fast forward to a few days later, I’m trying this with our spicy girl. I only did it a couple times because she went fucking apeshit each time and lunged at me, snapping an inch away from my face. Nooooope. Do not want!

    She ended up being the sweetest non-bitey dog. Just took time and her growing up a little.

  39. For the first time in probably 15 years I’m actually listening to my own ‘Mix Tapes’… put .mp3s on phone like an old-school baller and set random.

    Because iHeart is now broadcasting every 3rd song “You are a hero” if you social distance and wear a face diaper.

  40. SOmething dawned on me as I was working out this morning: President Xinghao is doing exactly what Obama did in his first term, throw hundreds of thousands out of work (remember Cash for Clunkers? What it did to the auto industry?) who will not be on the unemployment rolls come his re-election bid because they are “chronically unemployed” AND dependent on government largesse.

    It’s a two-fer from that playbook

  41. J’Ames, that’s a lot of ambrosia missing from church potlucks

  42. Are we still misting the slit? Or was that last month?

  43. Last month. We need a new one.

    There was a drive by comment from a person telling us to repent all ye sinners. Good stuff in there that would make a nice tagline.

  44. Ugly Hunchback wasn’t telling US. He was telling YOU.

    None of the rest of us sin.

  45. I used to get mad at how easy politicians dupe everyone with memory-holes and shiny new promises. Then I remember the Egyptians under Ramses with Moses. None of them went to Ol’ Ram after the lice and flies and said, “You know, stop fucking around! Let them go already!”

  46. so much spam, so little time

  47. I thought for sure you were going to stand up and say, “I AM MJ” followed by the rest of the hostages.

    Guess not.

  48. Busy day. So much to do. Wanna try to run before work too but it’s chilly outside.

  49. “2/10 would smash” is not really the sort of platform you can build a Spartacus moment upon.

  50. I believe my status as one of the damned has been well established at this point over many comments, so it’s not like it’s just MJ.

    It’s only the two of us. Rest a’ y’all’s saints ‘n’ shizz.

  51. Barry Obama built a movement on Yes We Can.

    2/10 Would Smash is much deeper, and 6 more characters.

  52. We should all go in together and get leon a hair shirt. Are those expensive?

  53. We’ll fix you up Leon.

  54. WTF? Am I beyond redemption?

    You guys are the worst fake internet friends ever. 1/10, would NOT smash blog. Repeat…would NOT smash blog.

  55. MJ gets a hair shirt too.

    Shesh. You sinners are so sensitive.

  56. Wasn’t Ramses from the ancient Egyptian Dickiner Dynasty?

  57. My parish is following Vatican guidelines and sprinkling ashes rather than marking foreheads this year.

    You know, just like we did during the Black Plague.

    No? We didn’t do that? Huh.

  58. I don’t need a hair shirt, I’ve made my peace with it. If I’m damned, I’m still glad that there’s a God there to do the damning.

  59. See? This is why I don’t talk about it anymore. Kills threads like Jen Psaki kills boners.

  60. That said, 5/10 would smash.

  61. Calm down, leon.

  62. Kills threads like Jen Psaki kills boners.
    That said, 5/10 would smash.

    You need to get laid moreso than anybody I know.

  63. I went on a run. Plus, I’m doing shit today. I can’t be around to entertain YOU people all the time.

  64. Silver spot is $28.74. I’ve got 30lbs of it I bought at $5, 45 years ago…

  65. I reserve scores below 5 for morbid physicalities like life-threatenng obesity or excessive piercings and the like. She’s literally as low as I’d smash.

    Unlike MJ, I have standards.

  66. No, no…shes cute. Easy 7.5 with redhead bonus points.

    All you MFers need Jesus. Leon is the only one who needs less Jesus and more Buddha.

  67. i use to have a sliding smash curve based on alcohol consumption and time of day.
    now i’m old and married and just laugh a lot about it like a retarded monkey dreaming of the always fruiting banana tree

  68. I think Pupster just called leon a FPOS

  69. He’s not even the first person to do that today.

  70. every time we replace something related to plumbing, a valve breaks. This is ridiculous.

  71. I don’t know what you’re talking about, however, I am MJ.

  72. Chrispy has made good choices and is rich because of it. Everyday millionaire. Except he and Anita are originals.

  73. IMGUR Video with sound

  74. We shouldn’t reject her because she’s a liberal.

  75. did mare just reveal that she is a cross dressing muppet?

  76. MJ, how do I get a nose picking jerb like you have?

  77. Mr B facetimed his mom the other day. She said that the man who installed the (mind) listening devices throughout her apartment, and now room at memory care, at my behest, called her and apologized for doing it. She forgave him. Mr. B was playing into her delusion until I, standing there all wtf, told him to say..’beasn would never do that’.
    When he said that, his mom changed the subject with “let’s talk about something else”, annoyed he would say what he did.

  78. Well, beasn. I’m not sure. But I can tell you its awful.

  79. If a FPOS ate ice cream alone in the woods, would Dr Now hear it?

  80. Screech is dead, 3 weeks after cancer diagnosis. Don’t know what kind.

    Someone I know in the collecting community, her mom was diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks ago. Within a week, she went from diagnosis to hospice to ded. She was a nice lady…think she was in her 60s.

  81. How did you get your nose-picking jerb? Who or what did you smash?

  82. Comment by Hamslicentu on February 1, 2021 10:39 am

    369 COVID deaths in Iowa, since 1/28

    And how many of thoses were actually flu?
    What I’m seeing is nearly zero flu and other disease deaths in lieu of C19.
    On cue I heard that Covid cases are on the decline in Maine on the radio and then later today I got a Maine CDC alert that THE FLU IS IN OUR STATE!!!!11!!!

    Everything is fake

  83. she grabbed her collie on both sides of the face, looked him in the eye and said “NO.” The collie looked utterly chastened and repentant. Destroyed, really
    We just use the loud voice of a “NO!”, push his head away and shove a chew toy in his face. When he muckles on to that he gets a “Good boy!” Pretty basic.

  84. It would be nice to be sitting on a Monster Box at the moment

  85. And yes, that’s your mom’s nickname for her snatch

  86. I almost sold some this morning, but figured another round of stimulus could send it higher

  87. Yeah, hard to know when to sell. Chris is sitting on $5 silver and I’m sitting on $12 silver. Reassuring to have if we go full Venezuela. An ounce of silver might buy a whole chicken some day

  88. I applied for a job that needed a very specific certification that I happen to have.

  89. Six Sigma Brown Nose?

  90. Why not seven?

  91. Our hawks are back. We Max Bonused again. Paying off our Condo. Looking at Amarillo. Dan is making ribs and baked beans.

  92. Over a foot of snow today.

    Got another nor’easter coming on Sunday.
    Loving the new snow blower.

  93. Witness sample for flight hardware looked like someone sneezed on it. That ruined today for several people.

  94. Why did no one ever tell me that this song existed?

    It is literally now my new most favoretist song!!!

  95. Ms. Wilson asked us not to.

  96. Doves escaped, Randall panicked.

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