Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born February 23rd, 1994 in Los Angeles, California.  She stands 5′ 8″, and measures 402636 and 143 lbs.  Please sing and dance with Miss Danielley Ayala.



  1. She’s got the crazy eyes.

    And Daddy issues.

    Lots and lots of Daddy issues.

  2. That reminds me – I have to go and get a mammogram later today….

  3. Pneumatic

  4. Wake up at 4:55? Why the hell not?

    wakey wakey

  5. Eh.

  6. 6/10 would smash

  7. Today’s musical selection comes from the “Stoner” playlist, I like the slow build and buzzy guitar, the hook and hammer don’t fall until 3:15. Unfortunately, the last riff and jam lasts too long for me, you can shut it off after 5-6 minutes and not miss a thing.

    I should be a record producer.

  8. We’re on Ollie-time here. I was asleep at 2100, woke up at 0100 when Ollie started whining and fully awake at 0400. Not even a hint of “I can drift off if I just turn over”. I tried getting the coffee maker going and it wouldn’t work. After confirming it was plugged in and jiggling the bean I decided to wait until Paula woke and figured it would give her a chance to laugh at me after she got it going. Nope … d-e-d, dead.

  9. Let’s talk about coffee makers

  10. This chick just got a huuuge modeling career handed to her.

    She’s Kameltoe’s stepdaughter.

    Think the two facts are related?

  11. I’m old school now. I use a french press.

  12. This stock thing…..welcome to the revolution. Spicy time in 3, 2,…

    They have to respond to this and its gonna really piss these people off.


  13. I guess we should just be glad chelsea never got a modeling contract.

  14. *leads Carin back to the assault bike

  15. I’m thinking the same thing TeeRoy. It was a little hard to follow at first for a non-finance guy but as it progressed and I read more about it the scheme became obvious. At this point, even for someone who hasn’t read up on it, the fucking over of the little guy by big Wall Street is obvious. Weren’t the Dems the ones that wanted to “Occupy Wall Street” just a short time ago?

  16. Chelsea Clinton is perhaps the most annoying person on earth with the notable exception of her mother.

    I can’t wait for the Obama girls to be ‘something’. They’ll totally deserve the $1B contact for ‘something.’

  17. I’m thinking the older one will be given a movie studio or a hedge fund.

    ‘Something’ she’s really interested in like movies or money.

    Perhaps she’ll become the EVP of The Obama Foundation. That way people can give her money directly without the messiness of anyone doing anything.

  18. Chelsea: no modeling contract

    But: TV contract, book contract, member of several boards including the Clinton Foundation, married to another grifter from, wait for it, a hedge fund (IIRC)

  19. TPG Capital with 103 Billion in the coffers

    Not sure what his role there is nor do I give a flying dildo

  20. The week before she arrived on campus, her mother published an open letter in her syndicated column asking journalists to leave her daughter alone. Malia arrived at Harvard in a motorcade with her parents, Secret Service agents, and almost 250 journalists. For her security, bullet-proof glass was installed in her dorm windows and surveillance cameras were placed in hallways. Secret Service agents in plain clothes lives in her dorm.

    Initially, Obama turned down many modeling offers to concentrate on school. Obama eventually became an instagram model after which she was pursued by her sister. She is one of the most followed people on Instagram with over 150 million followers. Obama shot pictures for Chanel, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Fenty x Puma, Isabel Marant, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Escada, Fendi, and Giorgio Armani. She has also model campaigns for Guess, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Ralph Lauren, Halston, Vivienne Westwood, Giles Deacon, and Nike.

  21. everybody is awake today. I went in to work early.


  22. Chelsea Victoria Clinton is an American author and global health advocate. She is the only child of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

    All I see on Malia is how many modeling contracts she turned down.

  23. American author my ass.

  24. The world of high risk finance is shady AF. There are private equity firms that do nothing but buy companies, blast the fuck out of the cost by laying people off, show a huge increase in short term profitability which drives up the share price, then dump the company making billions. They created zero value. Nothing. The company is actually in a worse position but it looks better on paper.

    The private equity firm that held the company I recently worked for laid off 40 people on the leadership team, including yours truly, so they could pocket the bonuses. The company was sold a few weeks after the layoff, which means it was in the works the whole time. They didn’t make more money on the deal by ‘restructuring’ but they were able to avoid paying out around $20M in bonuses. The total deal was around $1.1B and they fucked people over to pocket an extra 1.8%.

    It happens. People are unethical when it comes to money.

    Which leads me to another thought.

    People lie cheat and steal for money, love, power, etc. But not when all three are combined in politics. LOL OK BOOMER.

  25. I saw a story on Gamestop from an ISU professor, saying that these “pauses” in trading are “totally normal” and have occurred all through the pandemic.

    Yeah, the ones where only private citizens cannot buy stock, just sell, because the price is being manipulated. Uh huh, totes normal.

  26. People lie cheat and steal for money, love, power, etc. But not when all three are combined in politics. LOL OK BOOMER.

    Only Republicans do those things, silly MJ, the news keeps me informed.


  27. I was really curious to find out how malia is doing in college/if she was going to graduate any time soon. Alas I could find zero information.

  28. It’s 12 degrees out. I think my short run will be in the afternoon.

  29. They just towed away Pat’s Honda Insight (the new car I drove to the Meet-up in St Louis). 420,000 miles. Great car until someone hit it last week.

  30. 31 here.

    There’s no way I’m going outside to run. Even the garage is cold af.

  31. Remember when Laura would diagnose 90% of BBF models with fetal alcohol syndrome?

  32. Ragnar Trail Atlanta is on for April.

  33. I would have a new coffee pot by now.

  34. It’s 125 miles total. You want to split it Car in?

  35. I like the Hamilton Beach. It’s weird having hot coffee again. Takes 10 mins for a pot, though, seems slow.

  36. Robert Gordon resigned. For his own longevity the motherfucking asshole should probably move way the fuck out of the Pleasant Peninsula.

    Twat announcement.

  37. Do you think she has names for those things?

  38. I just know there’d be a certain amount of fear mixed with the excitement if they were coming at me fast.

    She probably calls them “the girls” or “left/right mealticket”.

  39. What did Pay get for a car now? Please tell me a Hummer.

  40. I was really curious to find out how malia is doing in college/if she was going to graduate any time soon. Alas I could find zero information.

    And we never found anything on her cum guzzling old man either.

    Don’t be so racist.

  41. What would you like for lunch Barack?


  42. Big Mike is here with your lunch!

  43. I would have a new coffee pot by now.
    Just bought a new Mr Coffee at Walmart. I drove through a snowstorm to buy it. I didn’t want to wait for delivery.

  44. Produce was wiped out, about half of what they normally have. Just for the heck of it I walked by the gun counter and saw a whopping 5 rifles in a case that normally holds 30 or so. No ammo visible in the case.

  45. Our Wal Mart has no guns. They have remodeled the store to remove any trace of it.

  46. Guns are icky. Even Santa Claus hates them.

  47. Nah. Santa has a Glock and Colt Navy.

  48. Ragnar Trail Atlanta is on for April.

    you think they’re going to go through with it? I have the Michigan trail in june and I just hope hope hope it’s not cancelled. Then – of course – the road in September!

    I don’t think I’m up for 62 miles just yet.

  49. Bergoglio is supposedly in the hospital for some sort of emergency.

    $20 on a potato in the wrong end of the alimentary canal.

  50. Are you saying it’s curtains for him?

  51. Could be his end.

  52. Probably nothing with our luck. Though it would be the first Pope in my lifetime I didn’t feel bad about losing.

  53. Whatever happened to Leahy? Is he dead?

    In the next few years Pelosi, Leahy, Biden, Clenis, Feinstein, and a few other assorted commies are going to die.

    It’ll be wonderful.

    If GWB croaks soon it’ll be better than wonderful.

  54. $20 on a potato in the wrong end of the alimentary canal

    beasn ❤ leon

  55. they took leahy to the hospital the other day. He’s back now.

  56. Damn

  57. He’s back now.
    Just Biden’ his time until the inevitable

  58. I’d like to hear Corn Pop’s side of the story.

  59. Testes. Testes. 1, 2, 3.

  60. That’s freaky.

  61. Takes a lotta balls to say something like that.

  62. Has anyone pointed out that a number of those retail investors can now pay back some or all of their college loans now?

  63. Wow, if only they had tried investing before, instead of playing games.

  64. I get to go back to work on Monday.

    I hope I remember everything.

    Maybe I should practice.

    [approaches table]

    “what do you fuckers want?”

  65. ((Gives Car In a thumbs up))

    Sounds great!

  66. *rattles coffee cup

    miss? Miss? MISS!

  67. let test her patience some more. HS, you start.

  68. Rattles ice in empty glass at Car in.

  69. “What are you guys going to tip me, so I know whether or not to refill your kid’s soda 9 times”

  70. “Fried fish platter, French fries with ranch, and Potato soup. But you want a diet coke with that? Ok ….”

  71. “You are aware that ranch is a SALAD DRESSING, not a sauce, right?”

  72. “Oh, your well-done sirloin (butterflied) is dry? Weird”.

  73. “No, i will not bring you ketchup for your steak. Any other questions?”

  74. “What is you just said sir? Oh, can I refill your drink? Yea, right after I bring the refills that I JUST SAID I WAS GOING TO BE BACK WITH”.

  75. “What soups do we have tonight? Well, good question. It’s the same four soups we serve every night, which are written RIGHT there on the menu, and I’ve repeated – already- three times while taking orders at THIS VERY TABLE. “

  76. I think I’m ready.

  77. Practice serving while maintaining a 6 foot distance.

  78. you should get 2 new masks

  79. Can you sub the garnish on the plate for a lobster tail?


  80. Car in, will your restaurant be open full capacity ?

  81. Will everyone be singing Joebama’s praises for curing wuflu?

  82. so not only is Yellen hedgefund compromised but Psaki’s bro works at Citadel.

  83. According to Louis Rossman, Robinhood took calls from pissed off hedgefund assholes and the white house, before shutting down retail buys of gamestop.

  84. Ma’am? is this bread gluten free?

  85. Beasn…oh that’s just precious!

  86. Is it really gluten free, or is it pizza joint gluten free crust gluten free that isn’t actually gluten free?

  87. My ammo is shipping, my ammo is shipping!

  88. I shot some holes in some paper today, felt good. Got a new rifle that I sighted in. Walked away from the range with a lot more ammo than I arrived with. I’m winning at life today.

  89. The paper was racist, so it got what it deserved.

  90. I’ve not eaten at a restaurant in nearly a year now. The only part I miss is the people. I’d go to a place that only served calamari and bud light if there were no masks and they were watching MMA on the teevees.

  91. The paper was racist, so it got what it deserved.

    It was white, wasn’t it? You did the right thing.

  92. Every GameStop store that’s still open should be hosting tailgate parties tonight.

  93. I’d go to a place that only served calamari and bud light if there were no masks and they were watching MMA on the teevees.

    I’m not drinking beer anymore either

  94. I lost my taste for it, if indeed I ever had it. I might try to make some gruit this year for fun I get some yarrow plants started.

  95. As I drove from the Walmart today I noticed a sign for a GameStop in a mini mall. I vaguely remember stopping there with Paula and the boys when they were in elementary school.

  96. No tailgaters, but it was snowing

  97. I get to shoot my new CZ457 tomorrow…


    Much racist target shall be sent to Valhalla

  98. What’s hilarious is that CA calls it an “assault rifle” with a 15 round mag…

  99. I googled CZ457 and everything I saw was a bolt action. Please, please tell me that California thinks a bolt action rifle is an assault rifle.

  100. I bought some big mags for the mini-30 right after the AWB expired under Dubya.

    So, you know, he wasn’t all bad.

  101. I liked GWB’s attitude towards terrorists, at least. He only scores a 33% on his attitude towards Supreme Court justices.

  102. The mags can be used in the CZ semiauto .22LR. I guess the BA isn’t an assault rifle, but the semi-auto one is. That’s why they’re banned.

    This is one reason I can’t wait to retire to someplace other than SoCal

  103. We went to Hooters for lunch yesterday. One of the few restaurants with a patio. It was cold. My burger was pretty good. Server refilled Dan’s tea. I didn’t get a water refill. I called her Porsche. -South Park’d Raisins episode

  104. I read Antiracist Baby by that CRT grifter Ibram X Kendi. We carry it in the Club.

  105. I’m going to do an ammo inventory tomorrow. I don’t know if it will make me feel better or worse. I have to fight the panic buy impulse constantly.

  106. Pupster, my grocery store sent me an email about a liquor and wine clearance event tomorrow at IN locations. Skrewball peanut butter whiskey is on sale.

    I’m fighting the urge to panic buy.

  107. Oso, what did you think of the book?

    I suspect that if I read it, Mrs. S would get mad at me, because I would think critically about it, and pointing out flaws with modern liberalism gets me sent to the doghouse.

  108. Me and Leon


    This guy has the best accent ever. He told a long story about how he’s only been drunk 3 times in his life. The first time when he was 4 years old.


    I love the Scottish.

  110. The part that’s really aggravating for me is that right now, every primer, every bullet, and damned near every grain of powder is going in to loaded ammo. Until the manufacturers can get ahead of the runaway demand, reloaders have been told to eat shit, pound sand, and any other euphemism you can think of for “fuck off.”

  111. Oh, you guys have to buy your own ammo? That must suck.

  112. Sobek, I can’t believe anyone would read it to their children. It is worth the read, though. BITD I read that reading children’s books, could help you break down facts to the lowest common denominators. I don’t Math. I barely Science. We had a children’s library on Campus for teachers and EDU majors. I would go to Tireman (The kid library) and check out books on astronomy. Chemistry. Physics. Starting with the most basic books. Worked my way up to Middle Grade readers. I got As in classes because of kiddie books. If you want to get the message CRT is promoting in our society, I recommend this book. Don’t buy it, but read it.

  113. Pointed out by Carin earlier, just more explanatory,in the sense of “A picture is worth 1000 words”

  114. you guys have to buy your own ammo?
    Pluck mine off the ammo tree.

  115. Make up and a few tweaks and she’s ok. Symmetrical features. Better than Legend’s Bikini ho.

  116. The Rainbow baby cake art is seriously twisted.

  117. Our local Ace Hardware was bought out by a new guy a few years ago. Store is mostly the same but he carries less of the Yankee Candle stuff and added boxes of ammo to the shelf in sporting goods. Last time I went in there was some .380, 9 mm and 22LR. Just a few boxes of each so I passed on buying them.

  118. Sobek, Tebow has a children’s book as well. Lame, but still better than the CRT guru

  119. Little Mike.

  120. MJ probably wouldn’t smash that, and that never happens.

  121. Bidens worst Exec Order:

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