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  1. These feel like “No Step On Snek” memes for the most part

  2. wakey wakey.

  3. Favorite is the Gordon Ramsey one, but I stole the Simpsons one for later.

  4. Today’s crossfit workout absolutely sucks. It’s all assault bike.

    Pray for me.

  5. Does an assault bike have a thing that goes up? I’m told assault anything always has that.

  6. Assault bike. That’s a clever rebranding.

    That POS used to sit in the corner of the gym or old ladies would ride it for a min or two.

  7. It does. Don’t ask what it goes up if you dare to try and sit down, though.

  8. This isn’t your grandma’s airdyn. It is literally horrible.

  9. A min or two full force will leave you dying on the floor. We do minute sprints and it’s the worst thing ever.

  10. I’m trying out a new pair of shoes today. Turns out I had my last pair for about 2 years.

  11. Heh. Been breaking in a new pair for a week now. Previous pair was four years old.

  12. Test

  13. Off to work.

    I’m going to protest the diversity class with an interpretative dance.

  14. In zero sum game theory is it best to mirror your opponent?

    I think I remember that correctly but I’m not 100% sure.

  15. Notes: people like Tuesday posts when they aren’t on Tuesday.

    Got it.

  16. Tit for Tat. So show ’em yer bewbs.

  17. *shorts H2 stock

    *notifies Reddit

  18. My cousin was called to be pastor of a church in Rosholt SD. He will be commuting 6.5 hours to be there 3 days a week, and continue running his winery in my hometown in Iowa the other 4. His son is running the winery on the other days. That’s brutal, but he seems happy with his decision.

    Glad he’s happy, and pursuing his dreams, but hoping he hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew.

  19. Gonna be honest, Jay, scratchin’ my head on that one from prioritization standpoint. But hey, I only recently came to terms on my long standing feud with Him, so what do I know…

  20. Not the only thing he has going on in his life, either. Long story.

    I wish him the best, and he does have a lot of energy. Just hope his focus is in place.

  21. Lemon Bear Dick Punch!

    This just popped up in my feed.

  22. The Pelosi buying Tesla calls is really a big nothing. Like no one couldn’t see that the Green New Deal was going to be talked about and pushed by President Xinghao

  23. Sold my DJIA tracker ETF just now. My gut says a correction is coming after the Capital Insurrection effects reverberate a bit. Rigged casinos don’t have as many patrons.

  24. Except they bought it before the news was out, so the market hadn’t been changed by the news.

  25. Mind you, it’s not just the Pelosis doing that. It’s every member of Congress that can be tied to that. It’s the hypocrisy of them calling someone else out on something they have been doing for years.

  26. My oldest kid is legally an adult.


  27. would you like a refresh for your glass on Ensure sir?

  28. Last night I watched this with my family:

    At the end, everyone laughed. My nearly 5-year-old daughter, who is a sweet little angel princess lemon butterfly fairy, heard everyone laugh at the very last word, which happens to be “dammit.” So she laughed, too, and then started running around the house yelling “dammit dammit dammit dammit!” Oops.

  29. Thank you James, very kind of you.

    *swirls Ensure in brandy snifter*

  30. Cynical VDH is good VDH

  31. Its amazing how they key on the swear word, isn’t it?

  32. My mom called today and wanted to know how we got here.

    I had no answer.

    I told her I don’t think it matters. What matters is what happens next.

    So what happens next?

  33. Its amazing how they key on the swear word, isn’t it?
    I can’t believe MJr hasn’t started swearing. I’m restrained by GND is more…colorful in her expressions.

    We were at a friends house on Sat for a kid birthday and he just doesn’t seem to care. Everything was F this and F that. LOL

  34. TBH, I would rewrite the Constitution that there would be a maximum allowable wealth for members of Congress and immediate family. Excess would have to be donated to National Treasury upon election.

    Or make citizenship subject to a UBI only. If you are just a resident, you can accumulate all the wealth you want. But citizens would be limited to 350% of poverty level. You have to purchase citizenship by donating some fraction of a percent of the GDP. (Millions of dollars) It only accrues to you. Not your spouse or children. Only Citizens can be elected officials. We need to separate the Abilty to Rule from the the Ability to Reign

  35. Very Starship Troopers.

  36. It’s simple. One term only, of any kind. Selected at random from the ranks of taxpaying citizens age 30 or over. Hired and appointed, four years maximum, then ineligible for hire/appointment/electoral lottery.

    I mean, if you’re going to lean on systems to solve the problem rather than doing something about the shitty state of the moral and ethical landscape of the population, just go whole hog.

  37. Not just taxes, but income tax.

  38. The problem with term limits is that it make the bureaucracy immensely powerful.

  39. I really don’t like the idea of having government at the median but I’m sure it wouldn’t be any worse.

  40. Spoils system had advantages. I’m beginning to think that they outweigh the disadvantages. And FDR was right about government unions.

  41. I’m amazed by how the left can completely ignore the parts of FDR they don’t like.

  42. I’m not. They’re dishonest. It’s all about power no matter what they say.

  43. Rush just said the losses on the short sales are estimated to be 70 billion.

    Yep … with a B

  44. guys, we’re only supposed to root for catastrophe when it hurts Trump
    Posted by: x4, the dumbass who didn’t short GME at January 28, 2021 12:24 PM

  45. Aaaaaaaaaaaand the fix is in now.

  46. Haha:

    Let It Burn

    This could be our new 3rd party name
    Posted by: Carmenzoid at January 28, 2021 12:36 PM

  47. but of course! It’s the rich man’s game, he can shut down the board.

  48. All of the Left is now rooting for hedge fund managers to destroy day traders and day trading.

    I admire how they can just turn on a dime like that.

    Cop shoots an unarmed female protestor in the head? She deserved it!!!!!

    Hedge fund manager might miss a payment on his 9th yacht? Prosecute everyone for something, something!!

    Trump is a fascist dictator? Put all of his supporters in camps!!!!!!

  49. whoa, Buyden’s National Security Advisor was a Clinton staffer, Jake Sullivan.

    Benghazi is back.

  50. Thing is, it isn’t the Left rooting for it, it’s the left hand of the uniparty. The actual left is the reddittards that are all in on this and finding strange new allies with magats who want to help with whatever the next move is.

    “We”, whatever that means, really do outnumber “them”.

  51. Glenn Beck is breaking down the Buyden ties with Black Rock, world’s largest “hedge fund”.

    Interesting tie in, with the shut down of markets to rein in the autists at Reddit.

  52. Wife okayed turning a big chunk of my casino winnings from DIA on russkie surplus ammo.

  53. Twitter link: Look, we fixed politics!

    Surely this is one of the seven signs.

  54. AOC not happy about that, though

  55. Panic ammo inbound. Red Army Standard.

  56. AOC is incapable of happiness, that’s what the sin of envy gets you.

  57. Taking a walk thru /r/wallstreetbets. It’s interesting there right now. This has gone from a rogue op on one sloppy fund to damn near a crusade.

  58. Make IT sew.



  59. Nice sausagefest you got going here.

  60. LOL

    The new asst sec of the VA is to be referred to as DR Malloy. This is very important. It’s not Miss Malloy. It is DR Malloy.

    She has an Ed.

  61. I guess we have to change Car in’s name to master Car in.

  62. I’m associate J’Ames

  63. Master Caruthers. Anything less is disgusting disrespect and racist.

  64. You almost had me murdered…says the woman who defends the murder of an unarmed woman shot in the back of the neck by police.

    How do you live like this?


    Fact check


    the bias in the story is unacceptable

  67. MJ, a minimal IQ is necessary to reflect on the possible inconsistency of an intellectual position, proportional to the complexity of said position and the technical knowledge necessary to express it.

    In her case, that puts the upper bound at something like 85.

  68. How do you live like this?

    All the libs I know live like this. Lady on sports talk radio that I listen to to avoid news refers to it as the murderous insurrection.

  69. And now folks’ stock is being sold without their consent.

    Strap in, gang, the ride’s about to get rough…

  70. *puts grease on rocket-sled to hell’s tracks*


  71. She has an Ed.

    Erectile dysfunction?

  72. Man, even if this is just legit margin calls, the idjits just lit up in a room full of coal dust…

  73. I’m not sure about the trading thing but where GND works they put a halt to trading, both buying and selling, because they have to.

    The trading apps? I’m not sure but my guess is they merely facilitate a trade with a brokerage, which means they can’t actually facilitate the transaction because it’s been halted per regs.

    This is a confusing and complicated story. I’m giving this at least a few days to unpack.

  74. Test

  75. Wow. Killing my gmail account. What a pain.

    It’s an assault email account.

  76. In Russia, your gmail account kills you.

  77. “Forward this email! And good fortune will follow you for next week! Or don’t, and Uncle Vladimir will be most displeased…”

  78. 200 covid deaths in Iowa, last 9 days

  79. PJ had to create a gmail account to get me on MeWe.

  80. What is MeWe?

  81. Alternative to FB and Twitter.

  82. Shim and Unclefacts are there. They left FB.

  83. Guess which old couple spent the early afternoon finding, then digging-up, the lids to their septic tank.
    That’s right, this old couple!
    Could be worse, could be raining.

    Nothing wrong with the tank or drain field. Input to the tank was blocked, but the tech was able to clear it with a high pressure hose.
    We tipped him $20.
    Funny, we don’t put anything in there that don’t come from our bodies or off the toilet-paper roll

  84. Those extensions for septic tanks are nice. Much better when you don’t have to dig.

  85. I am beginning to think that the GME/Citadel issue will be this generations Standard Oil of New Jersey vs US. And it will bring down the rest of the tech oligopolies

  86. I love Dan. He is using the C word more judiciously than I am.

  87. Corn bread?

  88. So oso, what happen to PJ? She hasn’t posted in awhile.

  89. Chili?

  90. So if the US military has the data thatTrump won by that much, what are they going to do with it? Disappear it.
    Asked and answered.

  91. Coup?

  92. Hope it isn’t Corn Pop, he’s a bad dude.

  93. casa?

  94. Beasn, I don’t buy it. The only evidence needed to know they cheated was the vertical line in the Biden vote count. Everyone knows they cheated that’s why it can’t be talked about.

  95. Gaetz’s speech that Ace linked to is pretty good.

  96. Carnitas?

  97. Wait Caulk!

  98. I made an offer on a house.
    Now I I have to come up with earnest? money. I have it but I can’t find my checkbook, I think I wrote a check in Texas 5 years ago, my address is sadly out of date. Where is my checkbook? I need to open more boxes of stuff I have hauled around for a decade.

  99. CAULK…….. of course that has to be it.

    Good luck on the house.

  100. That’s how it works for my VPN I have for remote login for work. I have to put a password in to log into the VPN, and after that just use your computer as normal. I’m not a computer guy though so I’m sure it’s more complicated.

  101. Dana enjoys reheated pizza.

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