MMM 430

Enhanced shadows? Yea or nay?

Must be a couple days out from competition or photo shoot, looks awfully lean.

Tasteful monochrome.

Looks warm there.

Why do her shoes have pom-poms?


Wonder if I can still do these. I’ll try later.

Remember back when home workouts were just trendy rather than enforced at gunpoint?

Have the best week you can, and don’t let the bastards grind you down.


  1. Wakey wakey

  2. Overslept again. I really need to get on a more rigorous wake/sleep cycle.

  3. Wake shed-ules are overrated.

  4. Spaghetti and meatballs …
    It’s probably a big reason for why I’m a FPOS.

  5. I’m thinking venison steak tonight.
    Wild rice or jambalaya as a side.

  6. Not sure what this exercise is, but it seems to be working.

  7. For those breathlessly waiting on a critique of the venison tongue attempt – it got 0 stars and 2 FPOS thumbs down.
    It was not worth the effort.

  8. isn’t jambalaya wild rice with sausage?

    Your mom is wild oats with sausage.

  9. Deer tongue sounds like an excellent dog or chicken treat.

  10. Tonight will be faro, sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts with bacon.

  11. Let them eat cake!

  12. Hipster food.

  13. Last day with the dozer. We have to clean it up today. Of course there is a storm moving through, 20 – 30 mph winds, high temp in the mid 30s. No fun at all.

  14. Bonus MMM content

  15. WTF is faro?

  16. Brussel sprouts are vile.

  17. Pepe were you able to flip it over a couple of times?

  18. WTF is faro?


    I think it’s a card game they played in old westerns.

  19. anybody here read The Navarro Report? Judging by who hates it, seems like it would be right up our alley.

    Navarro report 1 of 3, The Immaculate Deception

  20. *ignores j’amesez’s attempt to carb shame”

  21. Hell, no. Rice is a mainstay in the J’ames diet. Just no potatoes.

  22. It’s a grain. Kind of like barley.

    High protein and fiber.

  23. Jam, nope, no flipping. They are remarkably stable. It did sink into a really bad spot. I was cleaning a dirt tank, then switched with #1 son. After his second pass, he was backing up and it sank into a soft spot. Bloop, mud up to the top of the tracks. Took us a week to unstick it. Not recommended.

  24. I made another batch of kimchi last week. It’s not fermenting very well.

  25. whoa, lots of low hanging fruit there.

  26. Do you think these chicks mist their slits?

  27. Deer Tongue is what your mom calls me.

  28. I had a little dozer (d3)over the tracks in mud once. Major pain in the ass getting it out. I had to hook it to a dump truck and excavator … took hours of fucking around.

  29. I watched a guy tip an excavator over once … he said a lot of potty mouth things.

  30. NRCC was just mad at me for not sending money, said this will be THE LAST EMAIL!

    Now they are polling.

  31. Yeah, the scale of heavy equipment is hard to work with. Unsticking a truck can be tough, unsticking a 40,000 pound piece of equipment is a whole different deal. We put a couple of loads of rock and a dozen railroad ties under it. Finally had to get another dozer to help pull.

  32. Does anyone know if it’s possible to scan a vote more than once and have it count?

    Isn’t there a way to know if a vote has already been counted? As in, a mail in ballot is scanned and because it has a unique identifier it can’t be scanned again?

  33. Ballots with unique identifiers can also be tracked back to a specific voter.

    Much easier just to clean house and ban Democrats and their associates from anything to do with the conduct of elections.

  34. Does anyone know if it’s possible to scan a vote more than once and have it count?

    Not every state has unique bar codes on ballots, and “provisional” ballots may not have them even in the states that do have them for regular ones.

  35. What I’m guessing is that a mail in ballot can be scanned multiple times.

    1. scan ballot
    2. rescan ballot
    3. error, ballot has already been scanned

    I don’t know if 3 happens. I doubt it, but it would be very simple.

  36. that exact scenario was alleged in multiple cases.

  37. I just looked up a fact check on it and its very squishy.

    In Detroit the lady in charge of something or other at the sec of state office said that if ballots were scanned multiple times there would be more votes than voters.

    Um. No. That would imply starting at 100% voter participation. No further questions, which assures both she and the reporter are total idiots.

  38. so they just have to limit the runs, to how many voters they have. Perfect, now they just have to pause in the middle of the night to figure out that number, and run those votes.

    Wonder what such an influx of votes would look like on a graph. Hmmm.

    Plus PA is incompetent. They actually did have more mail in votes returned than what was sent out.

  39. Not sure what this exercise is,

    I know what I call it.

  40. Joe Biden doesn’t ride a Peloton bike. And neither does his wife.

    It’s more than likely that they are either being paid to pretend they do or someone at Peloton’s PR firm planted a fake story in order to gain free publicity.

    If he were asked who his favorite instructor is, he’d have a blank look and Jill would say all of them.

    Just like Obama did when he was asked about his favorite White Sox player. Oh, you know, the shortstop. All of them are my favorite. Yes, all of the sports ball players.

  41. heh, all of them. Yep, MJ is correct.

  42. Pepe, was your dozer stuck as bad as this excavator?

  43. BIden opened the door for tans folks in the military, AND we get to pay for it.

  44. Zhou Buy Den needs to ensure a weak military so that Great Dragon may not be opposed by western imperialists.

    I’ve started to think that the single best thing you could do for the world is Christian missionary work in mainland China.

  45. Not quite that bad, Thermadin. It was just wet clay, except for one pocket that was just soft. Top of tracks are about 5′ high, and it was a little deeper than that, especially on one side. Rippers would just push the railroad ties down. Eventually we got some purchase, but then the rippers weren’t strong enough to break the suction and lift it. We also don’t have big track hoes to do the work, lots of shoveling of sticky clay.

  46. I am constantly amazed at the power of hydraulics.

  47. And I’m sure it was cold too while you were having to dig clay. Sounds like a major pain in the ass. I buried a tractor up to the axil when I was still in high school. It was a pain to get out, but nothing like that. Clay sucks.

  48. Yeah, this was like something a sculptor would use, Had to cut it and throw it out. It would stick to shovels, just nasty. Spent part of this morning chipping chunks out from between the tracks and the body of the dozer. Hard to get to. Waiting for it to get above freezing so we can use a pressure washer to knock the mud off. (Hopefully, it’s nasty stuff.)

  49. Say that to my face, Mothefucker.

  50. Looks Clay dead in the eye.

    ” You suck, Clay.”
    “You really, really suck. Not in a good way like your mom, either.”

  51. Huh?

  52. Here’s some Tool that I really dig:

  53. MJ, how soon are you hiring for your team? I pee clean and I can pass muster as a data scientologist or systems anal-is-ist if the need arises.

  54. I’ve seen all the O’Keefe ones. Brass Against has done some cool ones too.

    This guy does a few cool ones. He plays all the parts.

  55. I like his Stinkfist better but I know that lyrics are ones you don’t like. Even though I explained it was really about being numb to experiences. lol

  56. He nails the drums though. man.

  57. here’s the stinkfist one. so good.

  58. The best Brass Against covers have Samuel Hope. I’m not as big of a fan of the female singer.

  59. Should we talk about trannies again now that they’re allowed back in the military?

  60. Nice selections today Leon.

  61. If I take the offer it’ll be over the next few years. I’m guessing 10-12 data acquisition specialists per year.

  62. Let me know when there’s an all female, gay, or tranny combat unit.

    We should send then in first when Biden’s new war kicks off.

    Oh…you mean these are middle aged men that want to bring their kink to their no show bullshit jobs pushing paper?

  63. I told Ethan and he said he figured the number of trannies in the special forces (where he hopes to end up ) will be rather low.

  64. When they try to dress it up with the … I don’t want to say most ‘attractive’ but perhaps the most sellable younger soldiers, it still doesn’t look so great.

    Lets see – you had MEN with testosterone, who probably were meeting all the PT standards, and you made them …. sorta women.

    They now have long hair and nails and wear girly shit. I’m think the best female soldiers aren’t really girly in general. So now you have men who want to be girls.

    How’s that work?

  65. And I’m pretty confident that no ex-female could ever hit the PT targets of any of the special forces. I see they got rid of pullups in teh entry level stuff (Ethan has to do pullups) so perhaps they could squeak by.

    Pullups are really what differentiates the men from the women.

  66. Buds competitive standard:
    Competitive Standards: Swim 500yds -10:30, Pushups -79, Situps -79, Pullups -11, 1.5 mile run -10:20

    Ethan’s #s 98 situps, 98 pushups (yes for both) . Swim 11:30. Run 9:22. Pullups 19.

    Minimum for the swim is 12:30. So he’s not THAT bad, but he wants to get closer to 10:30. his other numbers are really good.

  67. I can do ONE pullup. And it’s ugly. lol.

  68. “”These people look 100% competent””

  69. Is that xbrad in the the green skirt?

  70. Really obnoxious tranny on Twitter was a Navy Seal before he transitioned to Charlotte.

  71. I’m a FPOS and I can still do 6. Last one is somewhat ugly.

  72. Those…err…people…are from the Brits. Whose Navy has more Admirals than it has ships,and less than an Army (three corps of fighting troops)

  73. The thing that truly amazes me the most is the insane level of stupid… nature always will win.
    History will be a brutal judge of this lvl of ass-hattery.

  74. If someone was pointing a gun at me, maybe I could do three. But obviously the upper body strength difference between men and women is a big fucking deal.

  75. I’m proud of your kids in a crazy-second-cousin-nobody-invites-to-family-events kind of way.

  76. But obviously the upper body strength difference between men and women is a big fucking deal.

    It is. We used to know this as a culture but grrrl power action movies have destroyed that knowledge.

  77. Christopher/ Kristin Beck. Ex seal. Now a gal. She’s now a lesbian, apparently.

    I’m confused.

  78. This is the shite they threaten to call out on us?

    They’ll ask for Chinese “peacekeepers” first. Guaranteed.

  79. Matt Kroc insists on being called “Janae” now. Also a “lesbian”.

    Bad batch of ‘roids broke that mofo.

  80. It all started with Sarah Connor working out in her cell in Terminator 2.

  81. I’m proud of your kids in a crazy-second-cousin-nobody-invites-to-family-events kind of way.

    I’d invite you to all the family events.

    Bring your own beer seeds.

  82. The BUDS scores are interesting. My all time best for pull ups was 21, but I’m not there now. I can do 70 push-ups, but probably not to SEAL standards. I can definitely do that run, I can get the situps with enough prep time, no way could I do that swim.

  83. Oh, but I couldn’t do them all in a row.

  84. If you’re a guy, and you become a girl, and then you decide you want to fuck girls, are you back to being a guy, or are you a guy who turned into a lesbian?

    And if you’re a guy who turned into a lesbian what exactly is it that makes you a girl instead of a guy?

  85. Prettier fingernails, watching Jane Austen movies, and not telling the other person why you’re mad.

  86. I was expecting a package delivery today. Friday tracking had it in Detroit. I thought “Great, it will be in Ann Arbor Monday as scheduled.”

    This morning tracking showed it is in Toledo. Now it’s still in Toledo but status is “MISSENT”.

    The USPS could fuck up a train wreck.

  87. Mushmouth is talking.

  88. Yea, you have to do it all, right after each other. Buds standards is that you go to the depth of a fist at your chest. Push ups are in 2 minuets. So the first 40 come fast … then they slow down.

  89. What the fuck is he signing now?

  90. Who can recommend a cell signal booster?

  91. And if you’re a guy who turned into a lesbian what exactly is it that makes you a girl instead of a guy?

    Never killing a spider again.
    Making your own sandwiches.

  92. You should fold BUDS into a crossfit routine and call it The Ethan.

  93. 10 inches of snow predicted. I said probably one will fall, but there’s already 2 on the ground.

    OOps, maybe I should drive home.

  94. I really have questions about the ex-guy lesbian thing. Both parties. It’s just very confusing.

  95. IKR? Ok, so you like girls, but you want to be a girl, too? gender dysphoria is a bitch.

  96. oh nice, the next round of stimulus checks is tied to $15 minimum wage and more time off.

  97. 40% of earners at $15/hr or less.

    Say hello to 20% U-3. But that’s part of the plan, along with UBI.

  98. they will just change what they report on, as usual

  99. On Sunday, the Biden administration met privately with a bipartisan group of 16 senators, mostly centrists, who were among those instrumental in crafting and delivering the most recent round of COVID aid. The ability to win over that coalition, led by Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., will be central to any path, a test-run for working with Congress on a bipartisan basis.

    “Any new COVID relief package must be focused on the public health and economic crisis at hand,” Collins said in a Friday statement.

  100. Car In, I have a fit test for my job (that they keeping dumbing down every three years or so) that gives 5 minutes rest between events. No time limit on the push-ups, you just can’t stop. I go sternum to ground when I’m training, but I don’t have to go quite that low on game day so I can do more.

  101. Let’s solve the economic crisis by borrowing trillions of dollars we can’t ever repay from our mortal enemy. Good idea.

  102. The worst economic crisis in America is Congress.

  103. Carin?

  104. are we actually borrowing the money, or are we just making it up?

  105. so impeachment is even more of a kangaroo court. Roberts will not preside. Leahy, Dem senator, will.

    “Senators preside when the impeached is not *the* [current] president of the United States,” a Senate source told The Washington Times.

    This is a fucking joke.

  106. Do Bush next.

    Pick one I don’t care.

  107. Then Carter. And Wilson.

    Let’s just work our way back through all of them. Living, dead, doesn’t matter.

  108. Start with Washington, something something Whiskey Rebellion.

  109. something something Whiskey Rebellion.
    Bacon Brussel Sprout Whiskey Rebellion

  110. Mrs jaminator found out yesterday that lots and lots of ppl are getting sick after the second China lung-aids shot… so hospital mngmnt has put out a referendum that the worker bees are supposed to schedule the 2nd one for a Friday …
    or a day before time off.

  111. Susan Collins was on local radio this morning and the host was asking her how much money already allocated in prior bills hasn’t been spent.

    Turns out the answer is “A lot”. But we need to borrow/spend some more to keep the Dems happy.

  112. This nation is being led by the jv cheer squad.

  113. Madison incited the British in 1814, big peach for that guy.

  114. There is a local Sports Bar that serves crispy brussels sprouts
    with bacon & balsamic glaze, it is not horrible. They fry them in the bacon grease I believe.

  115. After a life long aversion to brussel sprouts I had them roasted about 10 years ago and discovered they were pretty damn good. All my life I had been subjected to boiled or steamed brussel sprouts with melted butter if mom was in a good mood. Now I will voluntarily purchase them at the grocery store and prepare them.

  116. They may be roasted, the tips are brown. I only ordered them for Boy1 who likes unconventional foods and different tastes. He did not like the glaze but I thought they were palatable with the bacon bits.

  117. Imgur Video

  118. I am constantly amazed at the power of hydraulics.

    And the flammability

    (IMGUR video with sound)

  119. They do the brussel sprouts with balsamic and bacon at that place we went to lunch at Lapeerpalooza 2

  120. Should we just plan a LP3? Or is someone else going to think of something?

  121. I’m becoming known for my “superspreader” events. They have yet to spread shit, but I’m not giving up.

  122. I’ve got room, but no grill and no lake.

  123. I’d be 3 hours closer for Jay but 3 hours farther for Ws, too.

  124. How long until they make $15 the wage for everyone, just to keep things fair?

  125. T-Rex Yoga

    (Imgur video with sound)

  126. I think we should meet in Vegas.


  128. *passes out in despair and horror*

  129. *dry heaving*


  131. That makes no sense.

    No grills?

  132. Mostly peaceful protest can cook a steak.

  133. I don’t have a grill. Haven’t gotten around to replacing it.

    We could borrow the family cottage, but probably can’t use the pontoon boat unless I invite my dad the MSNBC addict.

  134. 1776 commission report. Haven’t read the whole thing, but has to be better than the 1619 crap.

  135. evidently my grill privilege has denied someone else a grill.

    Oh well.

  136. I heard that Brussels sprouts really did taste horrible, but that farmers have been tinkering with the strains long enough that they taste good now. So it’s not just that everyone grew up and realized they were better than they remembered.

    I’ve always liked buttery, steamed Brussels sprouts. Even better with bacon and balsamic.

  137. I don’t have a grill, either. Never cared to have one.

  138. My new favorite song:

    I knew of the legends, but I never actually heard the song until today.

  139. I cooked Brussels sprouts tonight, with bacon and balsamic. Served with chicken cooked with garlic, onion, pesto, and half a thing of Boursin cheese. Mr. RFH had a homemade buttermilk biscuit. I made them yesterday to use up some buttermilk, and I think I finally got them the right.

  140. One of the best covers in all of human history:

  141. MMT = print money until someone calls bullshit and the whole thing collapses

  142. Mr. RFH has a gas grill, I have the big green egg knockoff, and I also have a smoker which I have yet to use. I figure there is going to be some cleaning involved and then a learning curve.

  143. They are trying to make it collapse.

    And I am even more sad we sold the farm.

  144. Mr B was telling me that they don’t need the Chief Justice to oversee an impeachment of a president, who’s not president.
    Um, yahoo dot com is not known to be full of people who are constitutional scholars. They only know pull-it-out-your-ass Joebama bullshit.

    I think he’s trying to finish me off. Not in a good way so SYWM.

  145. ChrisP, that has to be my favorite one.

  146. I hope he sells tee-shirt and Christmas ornaments.

  147. Donald (eruditely) requires payment.

  148. Disco ended. Rock prevailed.

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