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  1. Moorrnnnnniinnnnn

    IMGUR VIDEO with sound

  2. I need to start watching the news again, I was not aware of this


  3. Wakey

  4. I don’t know if you do BBF models who have passed on or that’s solely Hotspur’s gig but Julie Strain would make a good one


    No shortage of pictures out there for the “B-Movie Scream Queen”


    I want to know more about her role in “Tales from the Crapper” as
    Ivanna Dance

  5. Golden therapist 14/10 would see again

    Also I doubt “lil endocarditis” would sell, maybe “Lil’ Rottenheart”? Yeah.

  6. Thanks Jimbro.

  7. Book 1 (of 23) is free on kindle for now


    Reviews were mixed but if it appeals to you as a reader the rest of the series is not too expensive

  8. https://tinyurl.com/y62g7zh2

  9. Julie Strain sounds interesting.

    Julie was dealing with dementia resulting from a head injury she suffered after falling off a horse in her 20s.

    Uh oh.

  10. The Federalist bit on Fauci is pretty illuminating.


  11. RIP Julie. This is why I don’t ride horses.

  12. Weird. I went to school with a girl named Julie who fell off a horse. The horse ran under a low branch and she was knocked off with an apparent trauma to the head. She was found wandering and covered in blood. She remembered nothing of the incident. Nice kid, hope she has no negative sequelae.

  13. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m convinced that falling off a horse was he ultimate cause to the start of the Anglican Schism.

  14. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m convinced that your mother is as easy as falling off a horse.

  15. I don’t recall you having mentioned that. Must have missed that thread.

  16. The thing i have in common with solar neutrinos is that we’re both constantly penetrating your mom.

  17. Dan made White Chili and cornbread. I asked when will the soup be ready. Dan “It’s not soup, it’s chili”.

  18. dan is corrdct

  19. seriously auto cucumber? you correct everything else I type, making me enter correct words, and you let that one by?

  20. Chili is a stew

  21. I made ham and navy beans with carrots and celery in the instant pot. I found a ham based “better than bullion” for the base since I didn’t have a ham bone. We ate it poured over cornbread in a bowl. At this point I’m not sure if it was ham and bean soup, ham and bean chilli, or beans with ham side dish.

  22. Spaghetti and Meatballs with garlic bread.

  23. Chicken breasts and brussel sprouts still in the oven

  24. Lumps, I don’t like stew, either. (I don’t like hot beverages. Are soups/stews beverages?)

  25. Steak and deer chops – oven roasted potatoes. Erin and pat are watching football and I’m reading/ cooking. The zombie book 1 ended on an interesting note and the second book is 99 cents. But I’m going back and forth with that and “Thought Criminal “ – recommended by a local radio guy.

  26. Chowder is soup.

  27. I H8 chowder.

  28. chicken tinga, fried tortillas.poached chicken iss pretty good, I don’t do that usually. now I have chicken stock too.

    so I could make soup.

  29. Brady being Brady. incredible

  30. haha gift pass int

  31. wires holding isn’t called. luck of the Brady

  32. J’ames, I have no idea what you made, but fried tortillas? Corn or flour? Did you just steal mi cultura, you FPoS? 🤪🤣❤️👋🏻🥰

  33. We had hot cereal from Nov-March. Oatmeal, Farina, Cream o Wheat, and Malt O Meal. I H8 hot cereal. Are Grits hot cereal?

  34. Worst national anthem ever.

  35. grits and hot cereal if you have them for breakfast

  36. are

  37. carl Lewis and Rosanne barr disagree scott

  38. It was bad. Not quite Bleeding Gums Murphy. But close. While I was wallowing in my grief of losing MA, Beasn sent me a bear. An adorable bear. Today, watching the NFL Network, Jim Kelly had the bear that Beasn gifted me with, on his bookshelf. Sweet Lou is a Buffalo Fan. I’m torn.

  39. I forgot about Roseanne. Still in the top 5.

  40. Barbecued pork loin chop, kimchi, and salad.

  41. The lady who archived/published trumo’s tweete, up yonder, says they do have Volume 1 in stock…2 and 3 are. Coming, and election edition about to get printed.

  42. Beasn, Oso ❤️ You

  43. Damn.


  44. Back at you, oso! ❤❤🐻🐨🐼

    Ooo, hey, do you take your own pillow when you travel, so as not to have pillow crabs, left by droolers, crawl in you ears and eat your brains?

  45. …re: hotel pillows…?

  46. https://tinyurl.com/yylcppqm

  47. Spaghetti and meatballs sounds so good right now.

  48. Travel with pillows, blankets, and Lysol since 1990.

  49. Best thing about Rona travel? Hotels are cool about not having staff going into and out of your room. We stopped locking up our luggage and tipping.

  50. If you bring your own pillow, you bring home mattress crabs.

  51. Sitting on a couch chilling with a cuddly dog. Not my couch or dog, but not a bad evening regardless.

  52. there are worse things, BroTim

  53. On the rare times we do hotels, I’ll put a towel on the creepy hotel pillow OR take my own pillow…with a travel pillowcase and a beach towel wrapped a certain way. I never put the pillow on the bedspread. Though, recently we only go to those hotels that advertise they wash ALL bedding between guests.

    Anyhoo…I found something so oso, for oso, I squeed.

  54. Scott, spray and wash. Beasn, Sweet Lou was on national TV. JIM KELLY. We love you so much. Push we needed to get more bears.

  55. Mattress crabs have eaten the soup portion of your brain.

  56. Fat 51 year old as The Equalizer.

    Good luck with that.

  57. KC and Tampa. Time to knock Brady down.

  58. Violence against the elderly?

    Shame on you.

  59. Seeking Predictions:

    Now that Colchine has been peer reviewed as a treatment for Chinese Lung AIDS, will the Left embrace it or repudiate it?

  60. reporter standing away from the KC players, yelling through her mask over the PA.

  61. anything and everything is allowed now, Mr Science

  62. It’s ok when we do it.

  63. Dana enjoyed Randy’s presentation.

  64. Now that Colchine has been peer reviewed as a treatment for Chinese Lung AIDS, will the Left embrace it or repudiate it?
    The Biden Cure?

    Pretty sure they’re already working on the branding. At least they waited a few days…Jan 20th would have been gauche.

  65. The Biden Cure
    I like it … you’re going places in my administration DJ. When the MAGA’s point out the research was done during the Orange Man administration your job will be to let minorities know that he wanted to kill them before the election. My EO raising insulin and epinephrine prices is necessary, you see, to pay for this Colci-cure drug, even though it’s as old as dirt.

  66. Holy crap. A good night’s sleep. Those have been kinda rare of late.

  67. https://greece.greekreporter.com/2021/01/24/greece-approves-drug-colchicine-in-the-fight-against-covid/

    Colchicine can have side effects. I wonder, if adopted as the Biden Cure, these will be highlighted like HCQ side effects were?


  68. workie workie

  69. It suddenly hit me that the “Charles M.” visible in the top meme with a certain notably familiar “therapist” stand wasn’t an accident. Looked it up and lo and behold, it’s the Charles M. Schultz Museum.

    Why it took that long to put together, I don’t know.

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