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  1. If Bruce Jenner were to get one more facelift, he would exactly like Gretchen.

    that was my joke last year. try to keep up.

    wakey wakey

  2. I get what you’re saying about shoegaze, but workout music isn’t the only reason to listen to music. A

    I suppose …?

    no, I’m joking. I listen to plenty of stuff that I don’t workout too. I love Radiohead, but that’s more running music.

    AIC – I love but it breaks my heart every time I listen to it.

  3. Name that cocktail: “Mustache Cum”

  4. Very punny meme day Pupster. I liked it for myself and Mare because I know that’s what she would have wanted

  5. The chocolate cake one reminds me of when I had Ian (my first). I just couldn’t believe they were just going to LET ME TAKE HIM HOME.

  6. Heh heh, how old were you at the time?

  7. MJ would have asked if you had graduated HS yet. Be glad he’s sleeping off a mayonnaise bender.

  8. Who had “Syria” in the betting pool?

  9. Oh no, what happened now?

  10. I spent the morning putting together next week’s BBF, and dissuading a sparrow from building a nest in my stove vent. It has a metal flap/cover, but this little guy pried it up and was hopping around in the vent pipe trying it on for size. He left when I turned the fan on, and when I went outside he was in the persimmon tree explaining to the wife that it was not a good location. She seemed unconvinced.

  11. I was 24. So not super young. I looked like I was 15

  12. When I was a resident and trying to figure out my subspecialty I remember confiding in one of my attendings that I really liked working on the kids but I always felt intimidated when I was talking with the parents. She had a really good laugh at that and told me that by the time I was done with all my training and in practice I’d be older than the majority of the parents I was dealing with. At the time I was probably about 27 years old. And she was right.

  13. I think Trump had it right when he figured out Americans have had enough of endless war. “Joebama” will fuck up the ME peace process as well.

  14. And I just remembered Scott wondering if it was Hillary pulling the puppet strings. My take is the Obama cabal. As Leon pointed out, Barry and Mike never left DC. I don’t think the Clinton and Obama camps get along very well.

    Clintons are grifters period. Obamas are grifters with a mission to usher in socialism. At least that’s my take.

  15. Pupster, you do a fantastic job on these posts.

  16. Ok which one of you bought the ticket up there?


  17. It was nice knowing you, Leon.

  18. So … apparently the owner of my restaurant finally found his balls. Word is fuck 25% capacity.

  19. Pupster, you do a fantastic job on these posts.

    Thank you. It is a labor of lurve.

  20. I unfortunately did not win a billion dollars yesterday. I didn’t even buy a ticket, so it really would have been beyond a miracle if I had.

  21. News flash – Larry King is dead.

    News flash – Larry king was still alive until recently.

  22. I have to report that Motor City Battery Company gave yesterday’s bbf a thumbs down. I don’t want to overstate, but the whole store looks forward to it … and … it was universally rejected.

    It wasn’t because she was black. It was because she was just generally sorta nasty looking.

  23. I thought she was quite fetching.

    Please let the crew know that I will try to do better next week.

  24. Car in, I saw something recently about Layne’s last recording session. He did a cover of The Wall with Tom Morello, and apparently by that time all his teeth had fallen out. The thing about the teeth really makes me sad, so I try not to think about it.

  25. If I won a billion dollars, I’d go buy a chocolate bar.

  26. I’m so hungover

    Mayo and vodka shooters.

  27. I kept telling the wife to buy a ticket. Every damn time she went out.

  28. IMGUR Video with sound

  29. Some people might scoff at my plan to go buy a chocolate bar, and talk about how they would buy ten Lamborghinis, but the way I see it, I’m a lot more likely to get what I wish for.

  30. I’ve got plans. No sports cars, though.

  31. I’d buy CNN.

  32. About a year ago I read everything I could get my hands about about Layne. It just gets sadder and sadder. The last song he ever recorded hey had to really work with it to hide the fact that his singing was affected by so many missing teeth.

  33. Leon, that idea is genius.

    Of course the FCC would suddenly care about what was broadcast…

  34. Smokin’ hot brunettes and gingers reading straight news.

  35. The guy who won Mega Millions is probably moving right now.

    If he cashes in that ticket as a resident of Florida he will save $42,5000,000 in state income tax.

  36. Well I knew my excursion Thursday night to the GA border wouldn’t get me a billion dollars, but it got me some extra time with best buddy.

    Always, always understand what in life is worth your time.

  37. I’d buy a different kind of chocolate bar


  38. And a few Hank Aaron cards and maybe a Honus Wagner for the hell of it


  39. CoW was wearing Buffalo Bills gear. I reported him to management for wearing “Offensive tee shirt”. Managers face. I demanded he be sent home or buy a new shirt. Managers face. “We can’t have people wearing Bills gear on Chiefs weekend”. Manager starts laughing. Buffalo Bills fan CoW has a vintage OJ Jersey. His wife won’t let him wear it.

  40. I’m not sure who I want to win that one, Bills or Chefs. Bills have suffered for a long time after the Jim Kelly years. Although losing all those Super Bowls isn’t comforting either. If Tampa Bay gets by the Packers that would set Tom Brady up to face a familiar opponent.

  41. I am sick of Mahomes. He is every other commercial on Sunday.

    Go Bills!

  42. Car in, do you eat a banana before you run? If Laura eats one before a hike she kicks my ass. They really work.

  43. Sometimes I do. Before big runs.

  44. I’m a lifelong Chefs fan, rooting for Tampa Bay, until SB Sunday. I get where Scott is coming from. Does anyone believe that Mahomes has faced systemic racism?

  45. I love Hamilton and The Greatest Showman. I sing along and watch when Dan is running errands. He hates Hamilton. Watched it once with me. I was watching Showman for the 3rd time today. He didn’t make me turn it off. Win

  46. Imgur Video with sound

  47. Waterpik.

  48. Darren’s elderly. Rhonda’s pretty.

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