The Wall

Is there a more descriptive song for our times?


  1. As usual Pepe I lost half of what was in my brain on the way to the keyboard making me look more half witted than usual.

    The latest virtue signal by leftist twits is big trucks are more dangerous
    to pedestrians, it may have helped if I included that with my math

  2. Hold on, I got a meme for that.

    *checks binders*

  3. A girl with a tractor and a sawmill for Leon.

    I watched, and I enjoyed it, but I feel exploited.

  4. I just can’t read JJ’s morning thing anymore. Not (entirely) his fault, I just can’t marinade in the hell at this point.

    At least I got some sleep last night. Wish I was still in bed tho.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Weird, somewhere along the way “Black” and “White” stopped having anything to do with race and everything to do with culture. Whoda thunk it, yeah?

  7. the girl with a sawmill has lots of videos. They must not use a lot of that lumber yet, cuz they made a dining room table out of construction 2X10s.

  8. Because we don’t have a race war, we have a culture war, but white leftists don’t mind all the “white supremacist terrorist” talk because they think they aren’t on the menu, so it gets used to paint the opposition as “racist white supremacists” when they are really just “American” in the old sense of the word.

  9. Breaching and tail slapping sounds dirty.

  10. It is when your mom does it.

  11. I kinda want a sawmill. That would be fun.

  12. It’s easier to call someone a white supremacist than actually try to debate them.

  13. I gave up on Sefton ages ago.

    Pick ten stories.

    I’m sure he/she goes to a ton of work for us, and I hope some people actually read it. I just don’t have that kind of time or fortitude.

  14. getting kinda tired of Q on FB. Give it up, already, Trump isn’t taking over the government using the National Guard to arrest everyone in DC.

  15. … Trump isn’t taking over the government …
    What I’m looking for is the way they’ll explain his failure to do so in the coming days.

  16. I’ve seen a lot of weird theories out there and one of them is that Trump is in on the whole takeover of America which explains all the failures to arrest and convict all the actors who worked against him

  17. “Secret President” you see. This is all for show to get Biden’s popularity to drop before he’s shown to be illegitimate as well as absolutely awful. Trump was secretly inagurated by ACB in Mar A Lago.

    Trust the Plan.

  18. so tired of the conspiracies.

  19. On my way in this morning I heard the news reader say they won’t be broadcasting the inauguration live in schools because of the threat of violence.

    1. Are kids even in school anymore?
    b. The same schools that had walk outs for BLM?
    &. Caulk

  20. red beans and rice await me at home today. It cooked last night, and is happily bubbling away all day. can’t wait for supper!

  21. Mrs Jay is working from home still, I feel sorry for her.

  22. Typical Q nonsense

    Really? Pelosi is under house arrest?

  23. The conspiracies are intended to flood the conversation. The wilder the better and then they just lump in the voting irregularities with that crap, so that efforts to fix it fail.

  24. J’ames, one of my friends sends me the wildest conspiracy stuff. She’s always been out there, but she’s gone around the bend.

  25. Jimbro – how long does this zombie book continue on with the spreading of the virus? I mean, I get it. We all know how this happens. The spreading part is getting less interesting.

  26. Zombie apocalypse would really be an upgrade in this timeline.

    Any time now, Solanum, we’re waiting…

  27. Q was always garbage. So was Sundance and his crap. I’m done with all of it.

    I swear, I got no idea WTF actually happened in November, but the way “our side” gelled into a narrative so quickly just like the Left does creeps me the hell out.

  28. Wonder what new fuckery that Congress will gift us today…

  29. We can never get any of the really cool apocalyptic scenarios. We just get half-assed cyberpunk dystopias with shitty music and a depressing lack of nice, shiny chrome.

  30. Cash 4 Clunkers 2 is almost certain. Gotta destroy the inventory to usher out gas-burners for lithium burners.

    I’m skeptical of a write-off of all the student loan debt Sallie Mae owns, but it could happen.

  31. can’t wait for student loan forgiveness.

  32. fucking pisses me off, working my ass off, paying for it myself.

  33. bout the time I get done paying for my house they will come along and pay for those, too!

  34. huh, kinda like Covid, huh?

  35. Zombie literature is not where you go for complex, plausible plots. It’s just fluff, to be read as quickly as you can assimilate the words and understand how the plot is moving along. Besides, it’s an apocalypse, any character could become a zombie after a slip up at any point. That can be a crutch for the author to change directions if needed.

  36. So, this is going to continue for a while?

  37. From insty: “Trump’s Last Full Day—What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. “From a personal perspective, I’ll tell you what I said on my podcast that will be posted later today: the overwhelming relief of not having to endure a Hillary Clinton presidency is something that I have been grateful for every day since Trump took the oath of office. It’s also made it all worth it. This great nation really dodged a bullet when Trump stunned the world and banished Granny Maojackets to Chappaqua to spend her days cracking open boxes of Franzia and pulling the wings off of flies.””

  38. I fear we only delayed it. The dems will be back with a vengeance. The first 100 days are going to be awful. Starting with rolling back everything.

  39. I mean the spreading of the virus in Jimbro’s book recommendation. lol

  40. I mean … I get it. OOPS, those guards ran from the building to escape quarantine but they’re already infected. I get it.

  41. The lockdowns will continue in order to prevent anyone from organizing against the usurpation.

    It was never about the COVID.

    Trump was only ever going to be a reprieve. I hope to God people prepared for what’s coming.

  42. GND and I have been debating this for months. When will Covid end?

    I kept saying Nov 4th, but that was naive. It’ll end on Jan 21st.

    The month’s long narrative about how Biden saved us from Covid is just about to begin. By November, they’ll be talking about how only the evil right wingers locked people up and made them wear masks.

    It was all Trump’s fault and because Biden campaigned so hard for your vote and listened to the science, he was able to create a vaccine to save the world.

    He did this even though the media, big tech, and all of pop culture were against him. He did it even though Trump cheated.

    He did it for you.


  43. but I feel exploited

    If she don’t I don’t.

  44. I mean … I get it. OOPS, those guards ran from the building to escape quarantine but they’re already infected. I get it.

    Stolen from The Stand. If you’re going to rip off another author, at least pick a good one.

  45. I’ve got to vent about this here: The vaccine rollout is a fucking sham.

    First off: To those morons who want a single payer health care system: Get Fucked. This is what it would be like.

    Second: I qualify as a “Health Care Provider” under the California system since I have been “hired” by the state to do the things that they would have to do if MiniScience was institutionalized. SO I signed up to get my vaccine.

    And I have been waiting for a date to get it since January 4th. Every day I log in and get told, “Nope, not today! Check back tomorrow!” Can I make an appointment for tomorrow? “Nope. That date is not in the system.”

    The dumbasses that got put in charge of this should all gargle bleach. How can you fuck this up so badly? Case in point: A vaccine distribution center (now closed as they are all in the Disneyland Parking Garage Area) was set up a Fire Training Center for Orange County.

    Great Idea! A minuscule plot of land with no parking on a side street near Anaheim Stadium. So they want people to park at Anaheim stadium. Walk across the street and stand in line.

    Old people. With limited mobility. Also many older people who are of the opinion that no one can tell them where to cross a street. “Du ma nhieu Crosswalk! I go where I want!” they seem to be saying.

    Why didn’t they use the stadium parking lot? Because some entertainment company rented out a portion of it to sell tickets for a drive through light show.

    In one corner.

    After dark.

    I weep for this level of governmental competence being displayed

  46. Everyone at the VA is considered a ‘healthcare worker’. There are 400K employees at the VA.

    I’m working on an HR project and everyone works from home and pushes paper. They’re all getting vaccinated as we speak. Some are taking the day off…for reasons.

  47. Someone linked an Epoch Times article about people dying from the vaccine, I don’t know if it’s true but:

    1 you know who’s fault it will be
    2. A good excuse to stay locked down

    Why would they ever want Covid to go away? I’m serious. They can pick the winners and losers and keep the fear going with zero effort. It’s never going to be rolled back.

  48. no shit they want covid to stay. St. Fauci keeps saying this is going to go on all year.

  49. GET THE VACCINE. Well, no. Not you . When have no idea when YOU can get it. we’re busy vaccinating the health personnel (at least that makes sense for doctor and nurses), then public employees (because reasons) and teachers and and and.

    No . You. Get in the back of the line. But even after you get this impossible to get vaccine, you still have to wear a mask and you can catch it and spread it and we’re only guessing how long you’ll be “safe” with the vaccine. Plus – Had covid? Too bad. Still have to get the vax. Because reasons.

  50. My neighbors can’t get the vaccine for their elderly parents. Complicated process and the line is apparently very, very long.

  51. I just need a few images of the “I got vaccinated” paperwork.

    For reasons.

  52. Nobody’s requiring I get it. Just as well, I’m on record as saying, “Well I will, but I want to wait to make sure all the bugs are worked out first.” Which seems reasonable enough and placates most folk.

    Learn to work these bozos for all they’re worth, since we’re stuck with ’em for a while.

  53. Sometimes it’s ok to be at the back of the line. I’m totally ok with that.

    I also think it would be goddamn hilarious is everyone who got it dropped dead on Jan 20th around 5pm. At this point it seems to be bureaucrats only.

  54. And Jimbro, but you gotta break a few eggs and whatnot.

    Acceptable losses.

    RIP Jimbro

  55. The other way will be to say there is a new strain of the virus and the vaccine doesn’t protect against it. That way they can drag this out indefinitely. However you would think at some point the economy is going to tank so hard they will have to let up. Honestly the stupid level is so high it impossible to predict what they are thinking, if they are at all.

  56. Falsi got it on camera in one shoulder, then rubbed the other claiming it was “sore from the shot” in a later interview.

    None of the scammers are getting it.

  57. You don’t think Cameltoe got it?

  58. Nope. She might think she did, she is an idiot, but I really doubt any of them got the real thing.

  59. My neighbor couldn’t understand why the government didn’t just set up a website so people could schedule appointments with their local provider.

    People really think like this. Just set up a website and magic happens.

  60. maybe they haven’t tried wixy. it’s magic! you can sell anything!

  61. However you would think at some point the economy is going to tank so hard they will have to let up

    I used to think this until 8 years of Obama showed me THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE ECONOMY. They pick the winners and print more or borrow more to cover the continuing resolutions. No budgets, no accountability.

  62. My SIL and BIL go to Carriacou every winter. You fly in to Grenada, then a short hop to Carriacou. This year they had to quarantine in Grenada for 7 days before they could make the hop.

    Evidently in Grenada you wear a blue arm band when you haven’t been tested, and a green arm band when you have and you’re negative.

    Anyway, day before yesterday she told HotBride they just got their green arm bands and could leave. HotBride said, “Did they make you turn in your yellow stars?”

  63. David Goodman (The Survival Gardner, David the Good) was living in Grenada until very recently. Civil order broke down there along tribal lines under WuFlu and he couldn’t trust his neighbors any more, so he and his family of like 9 bugged out late last year to… Alabama.

  64. you have totally corrupted hotbride. Congrats!

  65. Mrs Jay is a more angry conservative than I am. amazing to watch.

  66. They aren’t in “The Economy”. They’re all finance and government grift. What happens to us doesn’t affect them in the least. They don’t suffer the consequences for their actions, they shift them onto others.

    Until that changes, nothing else will.

  67. They’re already pushing reports of a “new strain” in California. Perfect excuse to close those loonies in with each other for a good long while if you ask me.

  68. you have totally corrupted hotbride. Congrats!

    That’s what her sister and all of our liberal loonie friends think.

  69. I’m tired of what my liberal loony friends think.

  70. My best bud works in the labs of a large university. They are urging everyone to get the vaccine. She has decided to put it off for now because…something something pfizer mRNA which is new technology….having polyethylene glycol nanoparticles in it “and i dont like that. We have enough of it in everyday crap not sure i want it in my body for a vax that will most likely only last a year. ”

    Her son had a light case of covid but is having long term problems with dizziness. He’s on a low dose of Valium for it, which is helping. Just for peace of mind, he’s going to see a cardiologist to make sure it’s not turned into some myopathy….another side effect in young people.

  71. Myocarditis….STOOPID PHONE

  72. Might have been epoch times where I saw a headline about how China will only make the vaccine available to those between the ages of 18 – 59.

  73. so, McConnell pins all the blame for Jan 6 on Trump. Said it in front of the Senate.

    Hope KY remembers this!

  74. Do you have to wear a mask in a bathhouse but remove it at the glory hole?

  75. just cut a hole in the front of the mask. Works for band!

  76. plus you’ll be at band camp anyway

  77. you gotta break a few eggs and whatnot
    So far it’s “voluntary” for me. Delaying as long as possible. Paula had to get it for work. Dose #2 later this week. She’s younger and more vigorous than me, she’ll shake the side effects off like water off a duck’s back

  78. I deleted Twitter and Twitchy. Feel better already

  79. think that McConnell making that statement is political, paving the way to Schumer?

  80. I dumped twitchy a long time ago. Their posts were trying too hard to be hip and relevant. It reminded me of the old skit with (I think) Steve Buscemi posing as a high school kid wearing a backwards baseball cap while carrying a skateboard.

  81. I dumped Twitter when they banned the President and had the Ayatollah talk up destroying Israel on the same day.

    Twitchy got deleted when I realized I was just going back to Twitter through it

  82. From Vox Populi, a major rumor-ville site:

    “The idea is planted

    Further to the “sacrificial lamb” theory.

    President-elect Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley says she is ‘worried’ about her father’s safety at Wednesday’s inauguration… 24 hours before Biden is inaugurated at the 46th President of the United States, Ashley voiced her concerns over the safety of the event.”

  83. The real shame is that western technology is what’s holding China back from tearing itself apart like it has every few centuries throughout most of recorded history in yet another civil war. Social Credit is enabled by our tech, and it’s being used to keep the opposition from forming an effective revolt.

  84. Isn’t Ashley the one Joe molested?

  85. Granddaughter.

    She’s the one pictured with Hunter with his dick out. She couldn’t see but the whole situation is just weird.

    He’s walking around in a robe, she’s lying on the bed. He’s totally naked underneath.


  86. Why get a vaccine at all?

  87. Listening to Glenn Beck’s interview with Eric Weinstein. EVERGREEN!

    Has never voted for a Republican. Why is it that Harvard PhD’s can’t vote for Republicans? Smart people should be able to see evidence, and understand cause and effect. But they vote Dem.

  88. Weinstein isn’t that smart. He’s still ruled by tribalism and can’t be objective. I heard and interview with him and he doesn’t like republicans because at some time in the past some republican wanted to build in Yosemite or some place like that. Look Republican’s are mostly crap too. But you have to vote for the best of your options and work to get better options later on.

  89. Harvard PhDs are 100% white. Need to stop that ASAP.

    Rescind all PhDs now!

  90. Masks are the equivalent of:

    Hair shirt
    Red dot

    Just depends on what religion you choose.

  91. It’s pretty clear that Weinstein doesn’t like beck very much, he’s pretty hostile. Defensive. But he is fair.

  92. Weinstein is a Harvard educated jew. How much objectivity do you really expect?

    I asked a devout jew once why democrats are so hostile to Israel, and why do jews keep voting dem? His answer was so fucking convoluted and obtuse he may as well have been on drugs in a coma.

  93. I would think that intelligence would override ego once in a while.

  94. It’s not so much ego as it is never having been outside of a bubble.

    They think they are right because all of their friends and colleagues think the same way.

  95. you’d think his bubble would have popped when the left went after him at Evergreen.

  96. So have people seen the picture of Hunter with what looks like a 13 year old?

  97. The only Hunter stuff I’ve seen is blurry low res video with pixels over the woman’s head. More than enough for me.

  98. I wonder if Hunter will be at the inauguration? It would be a shame if people printed out photos from his laptop for handouts, billboards, sandwich boards or handheld signs.

  99. Local radio guy was talking about it. He’s pretty moderate about a lot of things, and he said it is CLEARLY Hunter, and the girl looks very young and it is disgusting. This isn’t from my conspiracy nut folks.

  100. Biden had some pathetic ceremony for covid victims. No one there, of course. Him, Kameltoe and spouses.

  101. This whole situation is sickening.

  102. In the burning times we need to remember that turtle soup is fortifying.

  103. McConnell is one slimy mother fucker.

  104. It really saddened me to read that only 4 congressmen made the leftists kill on sight order. I was sure that we would of had at least a couple dozen rock rib Americans on the list.

  105. Maybe Louie is the leader that hot slit mister was yakking about.

  106. Jam2, your gravatar looks like a BM with legs.

  107. It is.


    Oldie but goodie. Lol’d at Canterbury Tales.

  109. Fucking GOPe leadership is going to Mass with Biden in the AM. The Catholic that loves killing babies.

  110. Coons daughter in cringe video with groping Joe, shows up in Nekkid Hunter video. Whole nother story emerging with D🐀🐀🐀 trading their children for political reasons.

  111. You can’t actually imagine the Hunter Biden story. It’s surreal.

    Public information is that he has children with three different women. One of them is a hooker / stripper.

    He dated his dead brother’s wife and made his dad give a statement about it, saying how happy they were. She kicked him out when he wouldn’t stop drinking or walking around naked in front of the teenagers. It was less than six months later.

    He’s been caught with cocaine multiple times but no charges were ever filed. Black folks totally get the same treatment.

    He was discharged from a stint in the Navy reserves because he pissed dirty. He failed a known drug test, which is actually an IQ test. It was on his first day. The first fucking day.

    He’s taken millions of dollars personally and billions through shell corporations from China and Russia (Ukraine).

    He’s been to rehab dozens of times. Rehab is for quitters.

    He routinely fucks hookers and brags about it.

    In DC it’s well known that he’ll take money for almost anything from a bumming a smoke to spying.

    But it’s all good. Democrat.

  112. The establishment was never going to let Trump win reelection. Dems, Republicans, judiciary, bureaucrats, press, all united to get rid of him. Got to get back to that sweet graft and corruption.

  113. The COVID hysteria is made up bull shit. Not the virus, the hysteria. A vaccine? Why? FFS.

  114. WuFlu hysteria is still hyuge. If the plan is to ramp that down so the economy recovers, they’d better get started. It’s been an entire lost year for some of us already. Not sure how they rub the letter off the golem’s head at this point.

  115. They got the left so wound up about the COVID, even Buyden is feeling the heat about The Caravan. He could GAS about illegals getting citizenship. TBF🎶 We’ve all been disenfranchised so who GAF?


  117. I just heard a very faint “hurry up”.

    Sounded like the guy might be shivering.

  118. Love him or hate him, he was our motherfucker.

    Nothing but love for DJT.

  119. A big beautiful motherfucker.

    A motherfucker like nobody has ever seen before.

  120. Gonna be interesting to see what manifestation of the cinematic vigilante hero is going to manifest itself in the President Asterisk administration.

    The Dirty Harry/ Paul Kersey type? The hack the planet type? Something else?

  121. Why not both?

  122. Gonna be interesting to see what manifestation of the cinematic vigilante hero is going to manifest itself in the President Asterisk administration.

    Something either bi or trans.

  123. My dad and stepmom got their first shot. They were scheduled for next week but got a call, can you be here before close of business?

    Glad we don’t live in NYC.

  124. Another good Tucker:

  125. Delegates espoused regional priorities.

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