MMM 429: Old Format Returns

I originally started doing these as a way to stay motivated for health and fitness during the nightmare years. Since it appears that season is once more upon us, I’ll be going back to it on a regular basis. Most of this is recycled. The death of Tumblr really killed all my “fitness totty” sources, but there are still a few I can use.

Yellow might not be her color, but she looks nice.

I miss gyms.

And warm weather.

Never did build one of these. Maybe this year.

Nice socks.

Is that a mohito?

Happy Monday. Federal holiday for those who get them.


  1. I need to find a picture of DC as a blasted wasteland for the sidebar on Wednesday.

  2. Tacollie.

    The toc be silent.

  3. lmgtfy: for leon

  4. liked and thumbs up for the post, because mare won’t.

  5. in other news, the new The Equalizer TV series features Queen Latifah as the Equalizer.

    Any bets on if she is gay? Trans?

  6. Hey, what the fuck does it say about legitimacy when you feel you need 30,000 Military POLICE to guard your swearing in ceremony?

  7. Stacy Abrams fan fiction.

  8. Did anyone else catch that a lot of the Nat’l Guard that came to DC comes from Blue states that didn’t deploy the same numbers of Guard when the riots happened in their own cities?

    I mean CA sent four companies, which is a reinforced battalion, even though they aren’t organically connected

  9. the real question on how serious they deem a potential threat will be on whether or not live rounds are issued.

  10. south dakota sent a bunch

  11. DC mayor said live rounds were given. That was a preview for 60 minutes. I couldn’t stomach watching that.

  12. mr science, this was an INSURRECTION! someone tried to kill AOC!

  13. Just fired a potential client.

    You want somebody to be a Yes Man, call MJ.

  14. Queen Latifah as the Equalizer


    What a stupid time to be alive.



  16. It’s usually the dictator who is surrounded by troops. Mugabe.

  17. The preview of he equalizer looks like a generic action show from the late 80’s.

    Like the original Equalizer.

    Which was an update of “Have Gun, Will Travel”

  18. The equalizer movies were amazing. THis is a monstrosity. I saw a blip of Queen Latifa running after some bad guy in heels and … I dunno “Fashion” I suppose.

    Hard fail.

  19. Glad I have another day’s respite from the administrator’s “unity!!1!eleventy!!!” messages and post-test finger-pointing. The engine firing ended early, which means they have to reset and do it again. Some pointy-headed boss said it wouldn’t impact the launch schedule. Yeah, right. At least it shut down instead of blowing up.

    I feel like crap this morning. Mr. RFH wore the same pants a second day, the ones with wads of dog hair from our STL visits. I couldn’t figure out why my asthma wasn’t getting any better on the drive home or overnight, until I started doing laundry. Claritin is not making a dent, and if I take Benadryl, I’ll be napping.

  20. Congrats on the new puppy, Jimbro, he’s a cutie.

  21. Roamy, where did you wind up staying, while in St Louis?

  22. Any bets on if she is gay? Trans?

    Well she is in real life, so…..that might count?

  23. so there are national guard or military police or both in DC?
    I don’t see them being there having anything to do with ‘legitimacy’. I see it as a show of how the Deep State is going to operate. You don’t like paying off student debt and mass unemployment because open borders, don’t even think of coming here to whine about it, whitey.

  24. Question for MJ: a little while you, when you were posting vids of DJs doing their thing, you said one of them was a musical genius. What does that phrase mean to you, in the context of a house DJ? I don’t know enough about house to really know what that means.
    In the context of a house DJ its someone who can write, compose, and play / produce their own music in addition to having the ability to spin records. The former is obviously the harder part.

  25. Queen Elizabeth should be played by a man in the next movie about her.

  26. Worst workout ever this morning. NOt as bad as one last week where I almost threw up.

    I need to get motivated now. Its hard to do when you don’t have a job and most everything you normally look forward to is cancelled or highly unlikely to happen.

    A liberal friend’s nephew commit suicide apparently over the weekend. Curious as to whether all this [waves hand around] contributed. I won’t ask, of course.

  27. When we make a movie about MJ we should get Justin Long to play him.

  28. So GND was watching the real housewives of Atlanta (don’t judge…wait, judge) yesterday and I saw about 5 mins of people with hundreds of millions of dollars between them talking about how hard it was to see people that look like them getting killed by police.

    They were sitting by the pool of an actual mansion. After this scene a butler brought them each a box filled with champagne, caviar, and other gifts.

    It was totally surreal.

    Do you guys see some asshole on Cops and think, ‘that white guy is just like me?’ Of course not.

    People have been brainwashed to think their least interesting immutable characteristics are the more important determinants of their lives even when they are literally the evidence to the contrary.

  29. Lauraw’s going to be played by Whoopi Goldberg. Not because there is any resemblance, but we’re going to need to add some “diversity” to the cast, if you crackers know what I mean.

  30. I want to be played by Elliot Page and Lena Dunham. It’ll be a dual role.

    Carin will be played by RuPaul.

  31. Beasn can be played by either Francis McDormand or Jamie Lee Curtis.

  32. I won’t ask, of course.

    Why not?

  33. RuPaul is way too tall. And my boobs are smaller.

  34. Just In Long

  35. Thanks Roamy, he’s getting a little more confident moving around the house. He had the poor judgement to try biting Rowan’s tail as it was wagging back and forth in front of him. You can guess how the rest of that scene played out

  36. Kurt’s new one will make you smile. Kinks in the Cheney.

  37. Beasn, I stayed at the Sonesta in Chesterfield. It was okay. It was a 2-bedroom, 2-bath suite, but the open 2-story layout meant I couldn’t make a pot of coffee when I woke up at 6 AM without waking up everybody. It was nice with all the space – great kitchen, comfy sitting area- but I wouldn’t stay there again.

    The guy working the lobby in the morning needs to find a different job before the stress kills him. I walked into the lobby to get the “grab and go breakfast”, and he barked, “Stop right there! What do you need!” with this panicked tone in his voice. Made me feel like a leper. I should have coughed at him.

  38. Josh hawley’s book to be published by Regerny

    Someone figured out capitalism, and Simon and Schuster will lose business.

  39. siesta at sonesta

  40. Tried to eat at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House then First Watch for yesterday’s breakfast (no one wanted muffins again), but it was chock-a-block and a long wait at both.

  41. Clint Eastwood played me, several times.

  42. Oh, and the first church we went to for Mass was closed due to Covid (update your danged website!), so we ended up at another one four miles away. I was glad there were a lot to choose from.

  43. would you call that a mass update?

  44. I said last night that I was still processing meeting the boyfriend’s mother and brother. I’d like the Hostages’ take on this.

    We were bringing the boyfriend’s dog back to him, so we went to his house. Mini-me texted the boyfriend when we saw the Arch, so 20 minute warning. She gets a message back that the mom says the house is too messy, she doesn’t want us to come inside. I said mess doesn’t bother me. Mini-me is hedgy and unhappy, so I’m not getting good vibes about this. We’re still meeting the boyfriend, his mom, and his brother for dinner at a restaurant, so that’s good.

    We get there and as soon as we pull up, boyfriend is outside to greet us. He is apologetic but says his mom doesn’t want us in the house. It’s snowing, and I have to pee. Answer is still no. We walk the dog so at least one of us can do his bidness while Mini-me and boyfriend move her stuff and the dog’s stuff. The mom comes out to say hi and make sure we know where the restaurant is. Shakes my hand, doesn’t smile, goes back inside, shuts the door.

    I cannot fathom having guests standing outside in the snow and not inviting them in or allowing them to use the bathroom. Mini-me and the boyfriend have been dating over a year, and Mini-me has spent the night there on a couple of occasions, so it’s not like we’re strangers walking off the street.

    Then I found $20 which I spent on beer.

  45. If she was hoping to present herself in a way that gives a better impression, that ain’t it. However, some people are really freaked out if
    other people see that they are messy. Scott is like that. He used to lament to me about how when my friend or my mom visits they always have to use the bathroom. He never wants to let people in the house. Embarrasses him that people see our home. And that I don’t care as much about presenting a perfect picture. I think he gets it from his mom, who is immaculately neat and fastidious.

  46. I wouldn’t read too much into it. Doesn’t sound like anything illegal, but she’s certainly a strange one. Especially to use the bathroom?

  47. headline from our local TV station: Twitter has temporarily suspended the account of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Republican U.S. Congresswoman from Georgia who has expressed racist views and support for QAnon conspiracy theories online.

  48. She is probably either a hoarder of some stripe or compulsive about another behavior.

    My mom is dying to Alzheimers. My sister and I went to clean out her house so we can sell it for her care. We found directories from her work that went back to the 1970’s, She has receipts from car purchases she owned when Ford was President. (Interestingly enough, a Plymouth…) She never threw out old mattresses just stacked them in the back yard against the house.

    And the clothes…some of the polyester crumpled to dust when you touched it

  49. Comment by Jay in Ames on January 18, 2021 1:26 pm
    would you call that a mass update?


    Wow, cringes in Oso.

  50. Don’t let people into your house. J’ames still carries on about my windows.

  51. Well, I still apologize for the mess even when I’ve spent four hours cleaning house, so I understand falling short of the Southern Living / Better Homes & Gardens look. Xbrad has a sign that says, “Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy.”

    Mini-me said to not take it personally, so I’m trying but not succeeding yet.

    Mr.Science, sorry about your mom.

  52. I’m torn on who should play my part:
    Koko – evidently likes to look at wimmins breatsez
    Nim Chimpinski – because you gotta like the name
    Bubbles – always a contender and he knows freaky-deaky shit
    And last but not least….
    Grape Ape.

  53. Roamy I wouldn’t sweat the house thing.
    Besides you don’t want to be drawn into disposing of bodies or be implicating in aiding and abetting a mass murderer.

  54. Yea, I wouldn’t take it personally at ALL. It’s not about you.

    My sister wouldn’t let people in her house and my mom can/has been the same way. I’ve seen things.

  55. No one will need to play me in the movie. I will just be a voice off screen.

  56. Just those 2 windows, at the top.

  57. Mini-me and the boyfriend have been dating over a year, and Mini-me has spent the night there on a couple of occasions, so it’s not like we’re strangers walking off the street.

    But you’re from fucking Alabama. Ick!

  58. Hoarder house. Gotta be.

  59. , ‘that white guy is just like me?’ Of course not.

  60. She let mini-me in the house that time or no?

    She was cooking meth.

  61. Making meth is a stinky ass process. Smells mightily of ammonia.

  62. 184 Covid deaths in IA, last 6 days.

  63. Those top windows are really freakin high. And I’m afraid of heights.

  64. That’s why you have children. You could make more.

  65. I can’t make any more – not at my age. And they’re not exactly producing me any grandchildren either.

  66. You could adopt.

  67. You know, like MJ’s parents did.

  68. Must have been a blind draw.

  69. 184 COVID deaths in IA?


    How many regular flu deaths?

  70. Mare, you can’t die of the flu.

  71. Pretty sure I worked a double today.

  72. My mom did not like anyone in her house. She’d go beast mode if someone made the nap in her carpet go in the wrong direction. I was only allowed in the basement at Mr b’s house when we were dating. Only time he entered my house was when my parents weren’t home….and after we married.

    When I was recovering from surgery, I didn’t clean the bathroom for several weeks and the terlit began to look it. I really didn’t want anyone using it but sisnlaw and her sister stopped by when MIL broke, and they have small bladders. So, just warned them and apologized.

    Don’t take it personal, roamy. You’re a southern lady with good southern manners….boyfriend’s mom…not.

    Btw, I know you mentioned it before, but where do they live, Chesterfield?

  73. RFH: I know you. You’re cool. Other mom is not.

    It’s a first impression thing too. Everyone is being super nice about it but that’s something that would stay with me. Usually people are very welcoming and you know, put out a little veggie tray with gherkins and shit. Especially for other moms.

    No terlit. No refreshments. No manners. No second first impression.

    Sorry it went down like that.

  74. Car in is going to be played by Hillary Swank when she did that movie about being a girl pretending to be a boy.

    Leon is going to be mostly computer generated.

    I think Rosetta should be one of those jedi ghosts that comes back and tells you really deep shit but then later when you’re taking a dump in his bathroom you see he’s got novelty toilet paper with a different stupid saying on every square. The jokes on you.

  75. Jay will be played by Tom Hanks. The skinny Hanks from Castaway, not the FPOS from his later movies.

  76. Scott will be played by scott. It would be PERFECT.

  77. Jimbro will be played by Alan Alda in blackface.


  78. RFH will be played by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and young RFH will be played by Dustin Diamond or the girl from Blossom.

    It’s complicated.

  79. RFH will be played by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    Man, what did I ever do to you?

    I was hoping for Emma Thompson, though preferably not the Nanny McPhee version.

  80. Turns out President Trump changed his mind and will attend the inauguration.


  81. Here’s a Hostage moment from the weekend. “Truckin'” by the Grateful Dead was on the radio, and I was singing along. “Livin’ on reds, Vitamin C, and cocaine…” Mini-me said, “That sounds like one of your shopping lists”, then had to explain to the boyfriend, “see, Mom has these online friends, and there’s a running joke about shopping lists, and they are really funny…” So then I had to come up with a shopping list on the spot.

    Beasn, yes, they are in Chesterfield.

    I made a point of telling the boyfriend that he was welcome in my house any time. Pretty sure he already knew that, he stayed with us a total of six weeks last year and hadn’t worn out his welcome yet. I won’t hold it against him, just concerned for what Mini-me has to deal with.

  82. This morning I packaged the biggest baseball card collection I have ever seen, approximately 192,000 cards.

  83. 768 lbs.

  84. A girl with a tractor and a sawmill for Leon.

  85. Why did President Trump order 25,000 National Guard troops to Washington DC?

  86. Trump didn’t.

  87. The left is “protecting DC from Trump”.

  88. and showing us who is boss.

  89. Scott, that’s a lot of cards. My mom, my brother, and his sons, went through her card collection in 2017. All the valuable cards went to Vegas. She gave him my college roomies Griffey family Christmas card. Her mom was 1st cousin to Griffey Sr. When my mom’s boyfriends kids robbed her blind while their dad was dying, they got shit cards.

  90. Blue states volunteered NG after the “Insurrection”

  91. I dreamt Dan and I were whale watching on Maui. Dream seemed so real…until I asked Dan how we got to go to Maui without “Testing”. Straight to B&W Kansas. IYKWIMAITTYD

  92. Who has the authority to call the National Guard to DC ? Pelosi?

  93. The part of “Brother Tim” shall be played by the dwarf planet Sedna (2003 VB12).

  94. Whales are really active now, Oso. Been on one whale watch will go on a couple more before I leave.

  95. But you can see them breaching and tail slapping from the beach.

  96. I’m tired from shouting at clouds. Stolen election in America and we have to go along with insane policies over 50% of the country does not want.

  97. Comment by mare on January 18, 2021 9:07 pm
    Who has the authority to call the National Guard to DC ? Pelosi?


    You keep acting like the rules matter. They don’t. The establishment does whatever it wants. No consequences for them.

  98. Swamp agencies.

  99. I was disappointed to find that house I wanted was cash only.
    I also found a house in a neighborhood I have always liked with an asking price I could afford. The listing was 4 hours old.

    Already had 5 offers all were over list price one was cash and well over 10k more than asking

  100. Buying sucks in a sellers market.

    Start spreading sink hole rumors.

  101. sinkhole

  102. Comment by scott on January 18, 2021 9:29 pm


    How is your mom?

  103. Wth, Vmax, are those New Yorkers snatching those homes up?

  104. Someone is Beasn,
    If anyone is interested I will put up a link. It is a nice house in a very nice neighborhood probably at the bottom of the price range got that area as most I have seen there are easily 100k more

  105. Sinkholes stop around Tampa Scott, we are all sand here no limestone to collapse.

  106. for not got, one key off on 2 out of 3 without a drink. Maybe I ought to start

  107. I killed it with boring

  108. Housing around here has been crazy for the last several years too. I wonder if some of it is caused by the SALT deduction being removed for Fed income tax. Florida and Wa both don’t have state income tax so people are move there to get away from the high tax states. Wa sucks otherwise with the dimmest Gov in the country and controlled by leftist.

  109. Don’t get me wrong really like the area of the state I live. But the stupid in state politics is something to behold. Unfortunately the whole country will now get the same thing with the Biden administration.

  110. Once the state went to mail in ballots is all gone down hill. Wa is following the same path as California. One party control.

  111. I am sorry Therm, Wash is a perfectly lovely state with lots going for it, but never in a million years would I even consider moving there.
    (Didn’t know you were there!)

  112. Hell I lived in Colorado and while it was a fantastic place to live in many ways (they were paying me stupid enough money that I moved there) The stoned people, the politics, did not make up for the mountains and the weather.

  113. I’m moving out of California when I retire. Probably Tennessee or North Caolina

  114. Honestly I really hope Trump comes out and bangs on the election reform drum with a large megaphone. The states that still have Republican control need to do it now or they will never will another election. The Dems have ramped up voter fraud to 11 and will not stop. I think the Dems know this is coming so they are going to jam all their stupid shit through as fast as they can.

  115. Which absolutely no one cares about but I wanted to confirm that I am still alive by crating a comment.

    My life is just as exciting as day old bread

  116. Mopar engine geek stuff, early generation 5.7 hemi naturally asperated 515 hp, Supercharged with only 10 psi boost 678 hp

  117. I’ve been wonder were to bolt after retirement. I’ve been looking at Idaho. Mr Science, Tennessee probably wouldn’t be too bad too, but it will probably be Mo. Most of my family is still there.

  118. I have to wonder about one thing: Why doesn’t Twitter and other news sources label the fact that the “rioters on the No Fly List” news is fake. None of them have been placed on a no fly list and truth be told, they won’t be absent a conviction for something egregious.

  119. The Biden Administration will outlaw that hemi. Our division director had a meeting and one of the Biden priorities will be to move away from fossil fuel. And Racial equity. Apparently now National Labs need to work on that too.

  120. Mr Science,
    Tennessee is great for taxes, N Car is not. Go with Florida or Texas if you do not like Ten. Texas has really high property taxes Florida is really low in most counties. I am not sure about Tn property taxes

  121. Texas is a no go.

    Texas will be California in a decade as it is importing them like they are going scarce

  122. I am stockpiling Mopar ICE engines Therm. Electrics are nice, I will take one, but nothing makes the sound of a V8, and as an old guy I will take both

  123. Mr Sci
    I spent a decade in Houston and except for August, weather wise Houston is the same as Tampa. August in Houston, crawl into the A/C and do not move.

    Texas did not go for O’Bumbles, Florida did 2x. Politics wise Texas doesn’t even sit a congress except every other year, that has to be a plus

  124. AN interesting and powerful Tucker tonite:

  125. I have heard this ignorance before, people saying that BIG trucks are more dangerous.
    A 5000 pound truck travelling 30 mph will hit you with 150,431.8 ft pounds of energy. If you want to factor it over the area of a body that is a whole lot of force. A pistol bullet from a magnum caliber hits you with about 1,200 ft pounds of energy. Please tell me what you would prefer? Dead is dead, a 1,200 pound mini cooper (one of the smallest ones made) going 30 mph will hit you with 36,103.6 ft/lb of energy again please shoot me! Big trucks are no more dangerous than small cars if 1,200 pounds of energy will kill you

  126. I was driving a Dodge 3500 when somebody slammed into me. His SUV disintegrated, my truck was messed up, but we didn’t get injured at all. If I’d been driving a smaller car, I would have been really injured.

  127. Divorce ended Rico’s prosperity.

  128. A girl with a tractor and a sawmill for Leon.

    She seems nice.

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