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The Jimbros got a new puppy!  Welcome Ollie to the H2 Family!!


Is this for me to chew on?


The pack (Rowan and Lola) says “WTF is this shit?”


Hello I am Ollie and adorable.


This is a nice spot.


A Sobek Original Portrait


  1. heh good stuff pups
    just found a dump that is a short sale opportunity of a lifetime 150k in a 400k neighborhood, offering 170 tomorrow. vacant lots are going for more, I figure gut to the walls and roof and rebuild for another 100.
    probably won’t happen but i can dream or buy a powerball ticket

  2. Good luck VMax, I hope it goes through!

  3. Still couldn’t hurt to pick up a Powerball ticket too

  4. Good luck vman.

  5. I buy them occasionally at random intervals along with the Mega Millions one. This week I bought both and successfully matched 0 of 10 possible numbers.

  6. Ollie enjoys chewing stuff we’d rather not have him chew. Despite putting the puppy nylabone in his mouth repeatedly he prefers fingers, shoelaces, Apple watches and the wooden table.

  7. Puppy pictures please.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. Welp. Read this if you want your day ruined.

    “Everything is Broken”

    Hoyt linked it at Insty last night.

    Gut punch quote: David and I looked at each other, simultaneously realizing that the after-school special we thought we were in was actually a horror movie.

  10. I sent some pictures to your sez mail, feel free to put them as an important UPDATE to the post

  11. Woof.

    I just read it again. I don’t know why it hit me so hard, I guess I’ve never had someone sum it all up like that in one quick article.

  12. Dawww. Thanks Jimbro!

  13. I’m sorry, what is your girl dog’s name?

  14. Rowan is the red male, Lola is the blue female and Ollie is the new blue male

  15. new blue male … things that sound a little weird

    not Chernobyl fleshlight weird, just a little funny

  16. ” Make a friend and don’t talk politics with them. Do things that generate love and attention from three people you actually know instead of hundreds you don’t. Abandon the blighted Ivy League, please, I beg of you. Start a publishing house that puts out books that anger, surprise and delight people and which make them want to read. Be brave enough to make film and TV that appeals to actual audiences and not 14 people on Twitter. Establish a newspaper, one people can see themselves in and hold in their hands. Go back to a house of worship—every week. Give up on our current institutions; they already gave up on us.”

    I don’t think the issue is with many of us. Its … them. I don’t say that to diminish culpability. As an individual, we can read books from alternative sources, and most of certainly read alternative media.

    I can’t go to church right now because the Pope is a commie. (insert response from Leon here). I know, I know.

  17. Poat and H2 Pets page updated.


  18. I think someone may have stepped on pupster’s third testicle. He’s making funny noises.

  19. Good luck vmax.

  20. I just dumped an albatross house. Lost a bunch on it but I’m relieved it’s gone. The local code clown is still on my shit about not informing him in writing I was selling blah blah blah

  21. Mrs jaminator put an offer on a house yesterday. Looks like I might be moving again.

  22. I don’t think the issue is with many of us. Its … them.

    Yes. I think her “solution” is simplistic and more about “how to not be them” rather than “do this and it will all be OK”.

    Unfortunately it’s not going to all be OK.

  23. Congrats on the puppy jimes!

  24. I can’t go to church right now because the pope is a commie and our local diocese does oblations to the Cult of WuFlu.

  25. I also think some of the things she sees as problems are not. Apps that make it easier to travel – are generally a good. Apps that encourage you to have 100s friends you don’t know and will never meet- not so good. Food delivery services? I don’t personally use them, but I think that’s more a function of either laziness or a sign that many people just don’t cook anymore.

    There are lots of ‘internet’ things that can be a positive – influencers who teach us things versus those that are just a vanity project. There *is* all sorts of creativity out there.

    The intellectual flatness – I think the reasons are more sinister.

  26. Yeah I don’t know. The useful apps are gateways to the flatness to be sure. GPS on my phone is stupid useful compared to paper maps and yellow pages. Google gets to decide what businesses appear on my map searches. That’s the tradeoff.

  27. Good luck, Vman. Ollie is so SQUEEEEEE

  28. I prefer paper maps.

  29. Problem is you can’t use a paper map while driving, and if you’re like most women you can’t read one so you’re no damn good as a navigator.

  30. It amazes me how folks can see so well what is wrong and fail to understand why. Probably because accepting the why points the way to potential solutions most good and decent folk recoil from embracing.

    Sadly, this war will not be won by good and decent folk. This is the tragedy of national decay.

    And yes…it is a war. Or as it was once put, “politics by other means”.

    Whether we like it or not.

  31. Pup, someone decides what goes on the paper maps, too. Difference is Google can change its mind and disappear something that was on the map yesterday, while a printed map is what it is even when the seasons change.

  32. So far we’ve been keeping him within arm’s reach of one of us. The big dogs aren’t too sure he’s a member of the pack yet. There’s been a couple of snips at him that were quickly curtailed by us. Gradual process …

  33. The biggest and most critical difference is that the map isn’t tracking you.

  34. After reading carin’s link, I want to know what was wrong with the author’s son.

  35. I must not be a woman, then…or Hotspot can eat a bag of CAULK!

    I usually look at a map before going to an unfamiliar place. I study it, then write down the directions for a quick reference, while driving.
    When we went to the st. Louis meatup, that is what I did (well, I looked that one up on the internet, visualized, and wrote down directions) but Mr. B insisted we use GPS, which got us lost in north St Louis. He kept recalibrating and we kept going in circles until I yelled at him.
    My map reading and direction writing got us there in 10 minutes.
    Had we done that from the get go, we’d have arrived at our destination an hour or so earlier.

  36. When we take road trips out of state, we rely on paper maps…of which I am the navigator. His GPS can alert us to road work or other blockage…which may or may not be hapoening.

  37. If people are visiting, we send them directions. About half insist on using a gps app. The problem is, only Verizon has service here, and it’s sketchy at times. They get 20 miles away, and no service, no directions, can’t call. There’s no address where we live.

    People will follow those GPS directions right off a cliff. A few years ago some reporters from Albuquerque were doing a story and chose most direct path on the GPS. It guided them up a closed forest service road over a mountain range. They got stuck in deep snow and had to be rescued.

  38. Present company excluded. We all know H2 women aren’t like most.

  39. I like that the phone always has a map, but I usually use maps not directions to get places. I really like to just SEE where I’m going not follow directions.

  40. I did field service for a lot of years in the ought-nineties, street guides (the books you could buy) and folding maps. No cell phone, had to find a pay phone or ask the current customer if I could call my next customer on their land-line phone. Dash-mounted compass.

    I used mapquest for trips before GPS was common. Mrs. Pupster and I were on one of our first road trips, and I relied on her to print the directions and navigate to an address in Indianapolis, IN. Turns out she printed out directions to Indianapolis, IN, without the street address, so MapQuest sent us to the geographic center of Indianapolis, IN. I was really angry, because the two of the biggest things I hate are being late (we were very) and not knowing where I am or where to go. As a side note, the geographic center of Indianapolis was an area that you didn’t want to be at the time unless you were cruising for crack and/or crack whores or wanted to get carjacked.

    I bought a Tom Tom and then a Garmin in the early 2000s, I didn’t do field service anymore but still traveled quite a bit. Garmin was my map until cellular data wasn’t an issue and google maps took over the world.

  41. Years ago my sister moved to Tucson. No mapquest or services then, so we bought a map. The only problem was, the map showed streets that were planned, but nor built yet. You’d be driving toward your destination, and the street would just end.

  42. The only way to get to Casa de Pepe.

    (IMGUR Video with Sound)

  43. (IMGUR Video with Sound)

  44. Scuse me.

    (IMGUR Video with Sound)

  45. the geographic center of Indianapolis was an area that you didn’t want to be at the time unless you were cruising for crack and/or crack whores or wanted to get carjacked.

    Yep. That is north St. Louis. Two lost crackers driving around in circles, in the ghetto……double-checked doors were locked RAYCISS!!, ring and i.d. in pocket in the event someone needed to i.d. my carcass, and slouched low in my seat while hollering ‘QUIT LISTENING TO THAT POS AND GET TO A MAIN ROAD, AREYOUTRYINTOGETUSKILLED? WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE AN HOUR AGO, WHYDON’TYOUEVERLISTENTOME!! ….is not good.

  46. So, the guy at the INSURRECTION ELEVENTY!! who picked up a bag of zip ties, has been arrested. Fedzilla is accusing him of conspiring to take hostages. His lawyer says he found them and was going to give them to the capital police.

    We are supposed to believe that a mostly orderly crowd, who were let inside the capital building, were going to overpower an entire congress and take hostages? We’re talking what a hundred…two hundred, max…with only a few dozen causing some shit.

  47. Mr. Reagan asks the question and lays out the evidence he sees…

    Was The Siege of The Capitol Orchestrated by Democrats?

  48. He mentions that the cop who died was a Trump supporter and another cop, who committed suicide after…also on the red side of the aisle. I didn’t know about the latter cop.


    “Liebengood’s death came as the department was still mourning Officer Brian Sicknick, who was pepper-sprayed and fatally bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher when supporters of President Trump stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday in a futile attempt to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory.

    The department itself is under intense scrutiny for the ease with which the mob overwhelmed Capitol Police and forced their way into the seat of American democracy.

    Chief Steven Sund has announced his resignation from the force, effective Jan. 16.”


    Don’t you love the over-the-top language still being thrown out there?

    1. How could the crowd STORM and OVERWHELM the capital if the police mostly let them in? And most of the videos of people inside the building, they weren’t storming/raging/overwhelming.

    2. I want to see how much was put in Chief Sund’s bank account for understaffing the event.

  50. Have you guys heard of “warrior penis”? Pay is trying to tell me that it’s a thing … but then wouldn’t it be more common now?

    Leon, I’m expecting you to know the answer to this. And no I haven’t googled. I’m researching pot seeds and I figure that’s enough dancing on the edge for today.

  51. Uh, wut?

    Is that the penis weight thing? Only “works” for showers, not growers. Pay is Irish, so he’s SOL.

  52. miles Garrett, nominated for nfl man of the year, attacks Mason Rudolf with his helmet

    Rudolf later accused of racial epithets.

    your nfl people

  53. Congrats on the new pupper.

    Now tell that lazy good for nothing sack of crap to wake up*

    *Mrs Jimbro, not the pupper.

  54. *reconsiders


  55. 60 minutes story on more terrorist attacks from trump supporters

  56. speaking of charged language

  57. mahomes out, there’s the break for the Browns

  58. We were in FL for the Summer of the Tourist. Tourists were being gunned down at rest areas. Mostly Europeans. Rental Cars. We were going to Miami for a Marlins game. I had my paper map directions. As we traveled South, there were armed guards at every rest area. Hit the Interstate north of Miami…get detoured into Little Havana and Little Haiti after recent race riots. Detours end and we’re still in burnt building Mecca. Sunday morning. Few people out and about were in church clothes. We find a police substation. Desk personnel was like “Oh, shit, we’ll take care of this”. We got a police escort to the ballpark. When we were in FL in November, Dan used Google Maps to plan our trip. 5 blocks of sketchy to get to our hotel later…we are leaving my way.

  59. J’ames, must be nice to pull a QB around by his neck and helmet

  60. Great

  61. Piss, NFL

    Some assembly required.

  62. (IMGUR Video with Sound)

  63. all hail chad henne. what a ropeadope.

  64. Ever hear of mixing mayo into raw hamburger?

  65. no, but I’ve put in on the surface for searing.

  66. It’s in a lot of hamburger recipes.

  67. I’m reading jimbro zombie book . Lots of dead bodies. I’m going to need main characters and more plot really soon.

  68. Grilled cheese recipes, too. Scott, Juicy Lucy for the hamburger win

  69. Supposedly, the guy who swiped Pelosi’s laptop committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest. Fortunately he had time to dispose of the gun…..

  70. Sunday Funnies:

  71. Does anyone believe Nancy Pelosi can operate a laptop? That’s the part of the story I find least plausible.

  72. She has people for that.

  73. It’s an apple. A toddler can run one of those.

  74. Richard can’t.

  75. Add a decimal point and Hotspur will buy another one.

  76. How much mayo per pound of hamburger?

  77. was watching viva and Barnes talk about the suits…parler vs. amazon and rumble vs. Google. Interesting stuff and it feels like it will all depend on who the judge us.

  78. …is…

  79. One of my good buddies is 80 years old. She can operate her phone and maneuver around the internet pretty darn good. And she’s got glaucoma.
    Pretty sure Pelosi can do same as regards her mob activities.

  80. Message from parler

  81. **waves at beasn**

    Had a good trip to STL, miss Mini-me and the puppeh terribly already. I met the boyfriend’s mother and older brother. Still processing that.

  82. Question for MJ: a little while you, when you were posting vids of DJs doing their thing, you said one of them was a musical genius. What does that phrase mean to you, in the context of a house DJ? I don’t know enough about house to really know what that means.

  83. Don’t ever relinquish property.

  84. I love Ollie. I’ve been looking through some old photos and found pics of the last two dogs I had, back in high school. I loved both dogs, and both have good memories mixed with bad, so I’m feeling kind of melancholy about dogs at the moment. Glad to see your adorable puppy.

  85. Sleep, what’s that, never heard of it

    Damn good thing this is a three day weekend for me

  86. Post updated with a Sobek original Ollie portrait.

    You rock, Crok.

  87. Boys were up Saturday night, and matt has decided that the perfect place to sleep is right on the floor with his new sleeping bag. moose say Matt asleep like that and just lay right ON Him. Matt amazingly was fine with it.

  88. The pot sleeping spray is working well.

  89. Weighted Newfie Blanket Solutions

  90. Moose doesnt’ understand how much he weighs.

  91. Thanks for the Ollie Dog portrait Sobek.

    He’s already getting nicknames. Ollie Dog. Polliwog. I’m sure there will be many more. Lola is protective of him. Rowan is still showing his teeth when he gets to close but after he chased them outside while they were playing fetch he lightened up a little bit. Still won’t leave them unsupervised until he’s bigger.

  92. i hope this day brings peace and pacificity to all!!!

    but mainly peace –
    and armaments;
    yeah lots of armaments with pew pew pills…
    lots and lot of pew pew pills

  93. hmm, what if one of the nicknames is Taco…

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