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  1. Up with sun
    Gone with the wind
    She always said I was crazy

  2. wakey wakey. Moving day.

  3. Since it’s early and Saturday, I’ll begin the day with something mellower- Chevelle. That’s wakey wakey music.

  4. booked another trip to boyne – Hannah’s graduation present. Feb 7 for a few days.

  5. Derek entered Ramona’s parlor.

  6. Excellent plan Carin. That’s a great way to stave off boredom in the deep dark winter.

    For us, as spectators, we can share the fun vicariously with our Knocked Up Pool 2: Electric Boogaloo.

  7. So, they wanted to meet at 9 – 9:30. So I guess I should eat , shower and get moving.

    I’ve got a full day ahead.

  8. From Vodkapundit’s Insanity Wrap:

    “After two movie sequels and a long-hiatus, “Sex and the City” will be getting a revival on HBO Max and will explore the characters navigating middle-aged life. Kim Cattrall will reportedly not be returning.”

    If they really wanted to do a 10-20 years later thing they’d all be single, collecting cats and empty wine bottles while getting together after their dead end jobs to bitch about the tight little bitches that the guy who they had their eye on ran off with. With no Kim Cattrall they ought to give Lena Dunham a call, she’d be on it like a fat kid on a cake.

  9. Never watched a single episode of sex in the city.

  10. Same here. Only aware of it as a cultural phenomenon and the relentless pushing of the “Cosmo” as a drink which is another thing I’ve never had. As a bartender you must be aware of the Cosmo in a graph form in terms of popularity versus time

  11. Rich Chinese people aren’t like that from what I see.
    Their English is perfect.

    We had in intern at the previous jerb from China. She was attending a school that costs a cool 50K a year and planned on going straight to grad school for another 150K.

    Her English was very good and she dressed in nicer clothes than anyone I’d ever met. Who actually wears a Burberry suit? This 20 year old girl from China. That’s who.

    My first thought was…spy with a credit card. My second thought was…rich Chinese chick and probably a spy. LOL

  12. middle-aged life. Kim Cattrall will reportedly not be returning.”
    Um. They were middle aged 15 years ago.

    Kim Catrell would be in her mid to late sixties.


    Random Guy: I really like your shoes.

    Carrie: Oh, sure. You can bend down and admire them. While you’re down there, feel free to pick my titty up from the floor and suck on it.


    I’ve been listening to Dan Bongino lately with all the guest hosts filling in for Rush. I’ve been listening on Rumble rather than his site. Same difference. He’s got the manic energy so it’s hard to follow unless you’re focusing on what he’s saying.

  14. bongino is pretty good – he’s got the been there done that tone.
    former nyc cop iirc and former secret squirel – i’m not holding that against him tho

    i think he has some kind of health issue ongoing

  15. nice jerb Pupson –
    Estelle’s rodeo made me damn near choke on me coffeeffeey

  16. I think it’s lymphoma, could be wrong.

  17. Non-Hodgkins or Hodgkins? The former is very treatable and survivable. The guy who played Dexter has had it since like season 2 of that show.

  18. This site does sort of a hybrid of BBF/Meme Saturday but without the No Areola Rule (i.e.: It’s Rated R folks)

  19. Hodgkin’s

  20. One day our physics professor was discussing a particularly complicated concept.

    A pre-med student rudely interrupted to ask “Why do we have to learn this stuff?”

    “To save lives.” the professor responded quickly and continued the lecture.

    A few minutes later, the same student spoke up again. “So, how does physics save lives?” he persisted.

    “It keeps the idiots out of medical school,” replied the professor.



  23. With that many bombings is a country that small, you’d expect at least one to be a mosque, even if just by accident.

  24. Are y’all on gab? I can’t remember which yous were talking about being on after dumping twats.

  25. WooHoo…I’m still learning the tricks of my new smartphone and am sooper excited that I can share the memes up yonder directly with my contacts. My sister loves the throat punching one…says it sounds like paradise.

  26. Leon, I think there have been a couple suspicious fires set at mosques. But pale in comparison to the daily carbecues and various acts of terror against the host country.

  27. And the most ironic part…Sweden is run by a bunch if feminists.

  28. but without the No Areola Rule

    It’s more of a guideline, really.

  29. It’s more of a guideline, really.
    Okay, but I’m certain there’s a No Roast Beef Rule

  30. It’s the calm before the storm. Paula and Ben are on their way to choose and bring home the puppy. I picked Rowan out of his litter so I figured I’d give Paula the dibs on this one.

    And after hearing endless rounds of “I don’t want to name our dog Taco” along with several other inane suggestions I reached a compromise with Ollie being the least worst one of the bunch. I like my roast beef sandwiches.

  31. Another fine mess.

  32. Okay, but I’m certain there’s a No Roast Beef Rule

    That is a hard rule after what happened last time.

    (Imgur video)

  33. jimbro’s ollie-fur-twist

  34. So I should be singing the gun parts in my mail box happy song soon.

    I bought and extra lower back in march and have been trying to decide what to build on it. I went with a 9 mm build on the AR platform. CMMG makes a nice upper that is said to work better than most. The one I bought come with a 8″ barrel.

    I screwed up and didn’t buy the ammo I found last night soon enough. Prices are at least double from a year ago. In case anyone is interested here is a site that crawls all the ammo suppliers and gives you a list of options of where to buy online.

  35. I’ll check it out, thanks therm. I’ve been using .

    Good luck with your build.

  36. 75 cents a round for 9mm? Holy crap.

  37. Wow, it was around 19 cents a round, delivered, a year ago.

  38. Scott shopping for ammo.

    (Imgur video)

  39. I paid .35 during the Obama shortages.

  40. Hopefully the hoarders are not shooting.
    We’re gonna need suppliers when the 200% sin tax hits and mfg are driven out to offshore venues.

  41. I bought a couple of large crates of mixed shotgun ammo a year or so ago for next to nothing. It’s probably worth a decent used car now.

  42. Mrs j said nra declared bankruptcy.

  43. The Red Cross is spooling up plans for mass care shelters for civil unrest.

  44. NRA declares bankruptcy while moving headquarters to TX. Same week.

  45. I think it’s all part of the plan for the NRA to stay solvent

  46. Nephew’s place is super cool. I think he’s going to be happy there

  47. I’m not a fan of la penis.
    I truly believe he has grossly mishandled the organization.
    I have no problem with good leaders being well compensated, however he’s not performed to pay grade.

  48. Happy for your nephew. And very glad you helped him.

  49. They’ve squandered a tremendous amount of cash and feather bedded a bunch of blue blood retirement accounts.
    Under his watch he has also allowed known hostiles a foothold in thevorganization.

  50. Great views. Really happy for your nephew. You are an awesome “Tia”.

  51. To circle back to hot-slots’ point ; we lack clear leadership on many fronts.

  52. Jam2, yes. He’s a grifter. I think he got envious of the Clinton Foundation. Wanted his “Share”.

  53. I wonder what Jenny Beth Martin is up to. Haven’t heard anything about her in a while.

  54. Oso encounters Mask Karen. Mask Karen “There’s a woman with a dog not wearing a mask”. Oso’s brain “Dogs don’t have to wear masks”. Oso’s Mouth “We can’t do anything about that”. Mask Karen “You can’t enforce the law?” Oso “Pfft. There’s no mask law”.🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mask Karen “I hope you stay safe”. Oso under cover of the mask “FU, bitch”.


  56. She’s pretty awesome. She has been fighting for “Freedom”. For “Men of the West”.

  57. I’ve been out drinking with a buddy who is leaving in a month or two. We had to set outside in the cold (like animals) so we compensated with beer. Not any beer, but really good micro brew that is up to almost 10% alcohol. I may be a little drunk. Currently splitting a bottle of wine with the wife. Liver damage is the goal.

    I’m reluctant to buy too much ammo at this price. Apparently there are 1 million plus new owners of firearms this year. If they all buy a couple hundred rounds the supply can’t keep up with demand. Hence the price increase. Hopefully it will come back down, but with Biden in it’s unlikely.

  58. We’re enjoying our $4 Powerball win. We’re buying again next week for TU/WE.

  59. Jimbro is probably covered in puppy spit.

  60. I paid 60 cent’s per round for 5.56 back in March of last year. It’s gotten insane. I can’t believe what they are asking for 9 mm now. I could have paid 70 cents a round last night for 9 mm, but I could make myself hit buy. Should have, but I’m stupid.

  61. Long haired Dachshund with the working dog vest. Good doggo. Taking care of business outside. IYKWIMAITTYD

  62. He’ll be outside at 3 am, telling puppers to hurry up.

  63. So this lying bish is who did the banning of Trump on twitter. Both lied their asses off when they my were on Rogan’s podcast.

  64. We hadn’t had a puppy for at least 18 years till this one a year and a half ago. I forgot how much fun a puppy is and how much a pain in the butt too. I hope Jimbro is having fun. It doesn’t last long and the time flies by.

  65. I may have to cut a bitch. Former landlord. Cashed January rent check while going forward with eviction. Shit loads of unnecessary verbal abuse. My sister may have deserved it but my nephew didn’t.

    This may get ugly. We need a h2 resident lawyer to aid with threatening letter writing.

  66. Pretty sure MJ is pre-law.;.

  67. hmm, better hit up BiW on FB. I’m sure he’d love writing a few words.

  68. Haha, flooded with GOP orgs begging for money.

    Get bent, assholes! You first, Heritage!

  69. actually, BiW is on mewe

  70. Fake news, bullshit, a distraction, or what?

    Things that make you go hmmm…

  71. Diving effortlessly, Raphael plunged.

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