Waiting for a Meme To Fall, Twice

Same song, but different scenes.


  1. Wakey wakey.

    Cut and paste from previous thread:

    woke up around 5. Glanced at my phone for a bit hoping to fall back asleep and saw that facebook had banned Ron Paul for writing an article about the suppression of free speech. Couldn’t go back to sleep after that.



  2. I really can’t believe this shit.

    What started out as a knuckleheads going too far at the Capitol has become a riot, insurrection, and responsible for the deaths of 5 people.

    None of that is true. Not a word.

    They just can’t seem to survive without the hate at a boiling level. I’m actually starting to believe the crazies out there that say we’re going to have to shoot our way out of this. The left is just too far gone.

  3. Well, this didn’t start with the “Insurrection of Jan 6th. ” (should we come up with a better name for it? Maybe add “great”? – big tech should get staff working on that – Bill Kristol can help).

    This started with the banning of Milo years ago. Its been building since then.

  4. Yeah, that’s a really good point. It’s been going on for a long time.

    We’re def seeing them take advantage of Trump leaving by banning all the things. I fully expect it to continue for the next few years as the Left defines what language is acceptable and what isn’t. 

    Patriot Act II is going to be aimed and you and I, mostly.

  5. Honestly, this just shows the inherent flaws in allowing “social media” to become a part of our lives. How did we share information before twit and facedouche? we managed just fine. Can that stuff exist w/o half the country?

  6. Twitter def can’t survive without half of America. I believe, and have for some time, that they’ll have to move to a pay model anyway so this only helps them in the short term. They’ve long been rumored to want to get rid of regular users and focus exclusively on the blue checks and their sycophants through a paywall.

    Facebook will survive easily. They’re an international company with many, many products. Google will be just fine.

    The only thing that will break up big tech is regulation and they currently own the P, VP, and most of Congress.

    I sort of wonder if it’ll ever be regulated at all. The generation of pussies behind ours (Gen X rules) has been raised on cigarettes. They’ve been smoking since they were grade school age. Everything cool happens with a cigarette in their hand. Literally everything that we used to do the old fashioned way is now done by smoking.

    They’ll not quit smoking, I think.

  7. Hows the fam, btw?

  8. Good. Hannah graduated, but needs to take one more course pre-med school. Ethan is a beast, working out EVERY day. He goes for a physical test tomorrow – once he passes that he gets sent to BUDs. He doesn’t want to just ‘pass’ – he wants to kill it. So we’ll see. No other news.

    I have to go help my nephew pack up his/my sister’s place today. So, some beers may be consumed. Stay tuned.

    I sure hope we have our runs this year. Its all I look forward to, almost. Everything else is cancelled already.

  9. Who is going to read twitter if it all blue checks? The illusion of Twitter has always been that just perhaps that famous blue check person is reading YOUR tweet or reply.

    They’re not. Or most likely not. That model would completely do away with that illusion and I hope PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE that they do it.

  10. As for facebook – well, the “kids” don’t do it . Some have accounts but barely check. NONE of Erin’s friends. They are on snapchat. So, I doubt the business model is as firm as they think.

  11. Actually, none of my kids are on facebook. Ian and matt have accounts but they rarely check them. If I tag them, they’ll see it, but they never post and their friends don’t really either. If they DO put something up, it will just be a vacation picture or something like that. So young people are not so into facebook.

  12. None of that is true. Not a word.
    Yet most people will hear it over and over until it becomes the true story

  13. I’m not on Facebook but I do have Instagram mainly to enter giveaways that I never win. I’ll dump that and won’t miss it but a couple of times a year … maybe

  14. They’re not. Or most likely not. That model would completely do away with that illusion and I hope PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE that they do it.
    I don’t know for sure, but I think this is why they haven’t gone to a paywall yet.

    The theory is that blue checks will pay for it – they’re addicted. And everyone that wants to see what they are saying or ‘report’ on it will need to have access as well.

    It’s too small, though. Not enough people actually care enough to pay.

  15. We should encourage them in those thoughts.

  16. They are on snapchat. So, I doubt the business model is as firm as they think.
    I’m assuming Snap will be purchased by FB or Google. Instagram is a facebook product, btw.

  17. Snapchat – the kids use it mostly as a glorified system to text each other. To create group chats.

  18. I interviewed for a job doing just that. Trying to develop pricing and payment models for tech companies.

    Most of it was boring and not really my thing but I considered the ability to kill a giant.

  19. Just come to me if you want to know what the kids are doing.

  20. I also assumed Trump would be assassinated. I was rong rong rong.

  21. Ain’t that the truth, and an utter shame.

  22. ““Vogue’s intentions with its cover, as clarified in a public relations statement, were to highlight the vice president-elect’s ‘authentic, approachable nature.’”

    Which, as I told Pat the other day – is like the woman two martinis deep at the bar, and won’t shut up.

  23. Part of me thinks the show trial impeachment might be a bit of a tell that they know everyone else knows that the election was stolen.

    It’s like they realize how shitty they look and are determined to dial up the outrage to 13 for some other reason.

  24. This is so weird. I am 1 of like 2 white people at the VA job.

    Out of hundreds of people that have been on different calls – no crackers.

  25. This started with the banning of Milo years ago. Its been building since then.

    I’m pretty sure the first casualty was Joseph McCarthy, followed by the JBS.

  26. Watched that whole first clip. All those scenes of joy happened before globalism and the internal threat had completely wrecked us. That was the last time America truly believed in itself.

  27. This is so weird. I am 1 of like 2 white people at the VA job.

    The best part of that situation is that you’ll be the person who’s not invited to be on a committee for minority representation.

  28. I dunno. I keep going from Doom and Gloom™ to Nothing Really Changes™.

    I can’t make up my mind.

  29. So, Kamala is a bitch. Who could have seen that, other than every democrat voter in the primaries.

  30. Sports radio show this morning talking about the “riot” at the capitol, and how disrespectful we are to police, since we haven’t even buried the “murdered” policeman yet.

  31. For roamy and Car in: https://babylonbee.com/news/us-postal-service-wishes-everyone-a-happy-thanksgiving/

    From xbrad, who posts on FB and twitter but never comes here.

  32. I dunno. I keep going from Doom and Gloom™ to Nothing Really Changes™.

    The only hunch I’ve got right now is that they won’t come after 401Ks in the next 4 years or so. They’ll just MMT any new spending, even UBI. DJIA will go to 40K, but gas is going to $7/gal, probably milk too.

    Your salary will not increase, but the minimum wage is going to $15/hr.

  33. On my way to work this morning I thought I ought to snap a picture of the gas prices when I next filled up for posterity

  34. leon called it. Speaking of DNS entries:


    For the tech-deprived, this means their name http://www.ar15.com won’t be forwarded to their server. Can’t access their website.

  35. They’ll just MMT any new spending, even UBI. DJIA will go to 40K, but gas is going to $7/gal, probably milk too.

    Your salary will not increase, but the minimum wage is going to $15/hr.

    This. And they will continue to crow about increase in wages, while the economy flounders, because the rich will not be spending. Static money not in circulation doesn’t generate taxes.

    Don’t forget medicare for all, and single payer.

  36. There are other DNS servers they can flee to. For now.

  37. I dunno. I keep going from Doom and Gloom™ to Nothing Really Changes™.

    When I started therapy, that got me diagnosed with severe depression. That’s what they’re trying to do to everybody. It’s why I do try to at least be a little mirthful here and there, for my own sake if nothing else.

  38. Entry level jobs are going to get whatever occupational testing the law permits, and likely some that it doesn’t. McDonald’s is going to be a glorified kiosk with no human interaction.

  39. Catholic Answers finally caught up to Futurama.


  40. Carly Fiorina

    Now we must begin the urgent work of restoring faith and integrity in our political systems and institutions. What is necessary is to demand accountability.
    Why does every business fraud happen? Because little by little accountability is ignored. Little by little things that we know shouldn’t be happening are allowed to happen until at some point it all blows up. In business when people are held to account, we can begin to restore faith, integrity and rebuild.
    And now to restore our political systems we also must hold people to account. Not just the President, of course. Not just those who stormed the Capitol building and need to be arrested, of course.
    But those who actively enabled this clearly unacceptable behavior like Senators Hawley, Cruz, Marshall, Hyde-Smith, Tuberville, Lummis, Kennedy and Rick Scott.
    Even this is not enough. Silence is assent. We need others to follow leaders like Sen, Mitt Romney, Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger.
    We all need to come together. We must hold people to account for their unacceptable behavior by speaking out. We must do so even when it is politically perilous or inconvenient. There must be consequences.

    Fuck the GOP

  41. Reform Party’s time has come.

    A nation turns its eyes to the ghost of Ross Perot.

  42. Honestly, there’s a lot of automation coming.

    The interest I see from hiring managers is about automating processes using RPA, AI, etc. There are a lot of transactional workers who are going to be displaced in the next 10 years or so.

    Offshoring for anything that can’t be automated but is systems related.

  43. What a face on her. Jeez. Just go away.

  44. AR15-com is pretty big, people will be howling.They

    I wonder what else they will go after.

    I think there are very few payment processors. Many front end, but maybe only one major one that clears everything. If that one blacklists you, you can’t receive money electronically. That will kill most businesses.

  45. There has to be room for a conservative option, then. If no one will accept, there’s a HUGE market to be picked up.

  46. Is Peter Thiel still around?

    He should invent PayPal again.

  47. Might be best if we went beck to commerce in person with people we know and can track down if they fuck with us.

    Life was so much better when the people you were tempted to screw over knew where you lived and could get there and back in an afternoon.

  48. The directions from Amazon’s chinese garbage make “Reg Fake” seem like Shakespeare. I always laugh and then think about those fuckers who don’t even bother to translate very well. That’s what they think of you.

    They think you’re garbage and put in a garbage effort.

  49. BitCoin wanted to be an alternative, and to some extent all crypto is, but “mining” crypto is basically turning electricity into shitty currency.

    Somewhere in the space of ideas is a way of tying something like certificate or right of ownership to a physical good. A barter system for the 21st century, where you can trade labor for an ownership cert on a store of physical gold or silver, or even a future delivery of a commodity. Etherium tried to do that with “smart contracts”, but there were some massive thefts and sketchy business. The model isn’t unsound, but people are people, and wherever trust can be violated, it eventually will be.

  50. Farmer’s markets are the future.

  51. Silver eagles are up about 50%.

    I should have bought a lot more.

  52. It’s going to be interesting when the next BLM riot happens and how it gets played in the media. Some predictions:

    1) It will happen in a conservative area of a Dem controlled state
    2) It will be shown to be organized via Twitter and Facebook
    3) It will happen between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, unless this winter ends early (it seems pretty mild this year, for some reason. No “SNOWMEGGON 2021! OMG! CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!!eleven!” this winter for some reason…)
    4. Trump will be blamed

  53. Why would there be another BLM riot until 2022? Mission accomplished, paychecks to the organizers and brick delivery folks will stop.

  54. I’m with leon. local tv says Iowa Statehouse could be target for protests this weekend. FBI warning all 50 states.

  55. FBI is organizing those, then, ’cause our side isn’t.

  56. Farmer’s markets are the future.

    There is a farm here who is accepting subscriptions for produce boxes. I may get the biweekly one just to support them and get on the loyal customer list. I have room to farm here but have a brown thumb.

  57. The lady on this presentation keeps saying “furnolic” instead of “phenolic”.

  58. 79 more deaths with covid in iowa, 5 days.

  59. I kind of think this whole domestic terrorist thing has been set up for awhile now.

    Remember over the past few years when we kept hearing about these huge gatherings of white supremacists? There weren’t any but it really felt like they were starting a narrative.

    Oh yeah, and the line about white supremacists killing more people than muslims.

    WTF? It’s pure gaslighting. But I think it has a purpose. This 50 state thing is more of the same.

  60. They’ll riot for the same reason Pelosi and every other Congrescritter (don’t fool yourself, Ron Paul et. al aren’t different) runs for Congress every two years: They are addicted to the power.

    Racism will be the new Communism/Fascism in the coming years.

  61. The lady on this presentation keeps saying “furnolic” instead of “phenolic”.
    I started a list of words that are pronounced incorrectly on my calls but I stopped after it was obviously racist.

    So lemme axe you…

  62. I have room to farm here but have a brown thumb.

    Chicken tractor/eggmobile.

  63. So lemme axe you…

    Watchu wan no, dawg?

  64. The black people on my calls don’t talk like that, but the mix on mine is much more varied. I wonder if it’s an “I’m around my folks, gotta keep it real” thing.

  65. We just bought an 1/8th of a cow. Never done this. Last night I had the best T-bone steak ever, and I’ve never been a big t-bone fan.

  66. I’m gonna follow through on my “don’t buy food” idea this year, as best I can. For now, that leaves me buying dairy and (until Summer) salsa. Going to have to figure out spices at some point, not sure cumin grows here.

  67. If it’s a mix, you’re probably getting the folks whose IQ at least stays above room temperature. If it looks like the hood, though, it sounds like the hood.

  68. We’re all contractors, not govvies. Probably helps.

  69. And we’re tech workers, not soft-“skills” types who think a spreadsheet sorted alphabetically is some sort of achievement.

  70. LOL @ Leon

    Yeah, it’s funny seeing science teachers that can’t make a 1M NaOH solution tell me that I am uneducated because I think schools were more dangerous in the 90’s, racism was worse in the 60’s, and government worse in the 40’s

  71. 1M NaOH solution

    Making some soap, Mr Durden?

  72. Give it a couple of years, Leon, give it a couple of years.

  73. Odd. Disappearing commentitis…

  74. Hell…almost all classes use the 1M solutions of HCl and NaOh for both simulated labs and real labs.

    I used to do saponification reactions as an ‘fun’ project once upon a time when doing O-chem in the classroom, but a student did a stupid, so I got told “Can’t do that any more…”

  75. Saponified some epidermis or did they do something exothermic?

  76. They will never stop mostly peaceful rioting, with the gaslighting involved in ATTACK ON THE CAPITAL11 I think they will have to call in their own shock troopers again after the next police shooting. One will surely be along, shortly.

    Trump supporters arent going to gather like that again, probably ever, so they’ll have to target their own for the OH THE HUMANITY scenes.

    They have to have the hate, fear and violence at a fever pitch so they can DO SOMETHING about it. I suspect there will be another Las Vegas style mass shooting (remember that?) to kick off the gun control legislation.

    Instead of the bump-stock it will be something something bullets, like SUPERSONIC KILLER CARTRIDGES that must be banned.

    Wow that was dark. I think I’ll stick to bewbs and memes for the duration.

  77. MMM is returning to fitness totty for the foreseeable future.

  78. Sheldon Adelson died. Are the lefties dancing around their teepees yet?

    Yet another conservative passing that will have effects, like Murdoch’s kids running fox.

  79. I used effects/affects right? Don’t want to cross you grammar scolds.

  80. Yes. There’s supposedly some ambiguity, but “affect” is closer in meaning to “adopt” and is always a verb or adjective. “Effect” is a noun or a verbed noun (valid English, but cumbersome at times) meaning something akin to “result” or (when verbed) “to create”.

    I don’t like to verb it. “Effect change” is valid but awful. If I were writing fiction it’s something the pompous antagonist would say.

  81. One correction, “affect” can be a noun, but must have an explicit or implicit adjective.

    “The man molesting the muppet had a noteworthy feminine affect.”

  82. Might be worth following. You decide.

    Nunes is one of the good ones.

  83. and just found out Twitter unfollowed Nick Searcy for me. Assholes.

  84. also kristy swanson, dean cain, kevin sorbo. Assholes.

  85. I have a new alloy to play with, might get to go to the lab tomorrow. Supposedly more resistant to hydrogen embrittlement, would be used in liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen engines. (looking for good news where I can)

  86. Unfollowed or did they leave?

  87. well their account names still showed up, but I wasn’t following them any more. If they left, then I should still be following. If they deleted their account, then they shouldn’t show up. Unless they were replaced, hmmm.

  88. I have a new alloy to play with

    Yaaay! Did it come out of nowhere?

    Is it feldspar?

  89. I am working on both Europa Clipper and Europa Lander. Both are challenging but not in the kill-me-nao way The Project That Must Not Be Named is.

  90. Jobs people look down on:

  91. Pupster, as best as I can tell, someone tweaked Inconel.

  92. Though a feldspar engine would be really funny.

  93. jeez roamy, didn’t you see the movie?

    Anybody want some paste?

  94. Leon, one of the e-boys tried to use the 8M solution to trace the name of his favorite band on the sleeve of his shirt, soaking through to his skin.
    Ended up with scarring.

  95. Jobs people look down on:

    The weirdest thing is that the internet was fixing this, to some extent. There are legit celebrity farmers now, because they are social media influencers.

    I have a dream that Joel Salatin’s eldest son gets to be SecAg someday.

  96. Leon, one of the e-boys tried to use the 8M solution to trace the name of his favorite band on the sleeve of his shirt, soaking through to his skin.
    Ended up with scarring.

    He can’t watch Fight Club, can he?

  97. MMM is returning to fitness totty for the foreseeable future.

    Yaaay! Anníe Mist Þórisdóttir !!


  98. Parler found a home

    Epik is hosting them, also hosts Gab.

  99. jeez roamy, didn’t you see the movie?

    No, but somewhere in this shithole dump is a pic of me posing with feldspar. Wish I still looked like that.

  100. To me, you do.

  101. hehe, yes yes there is

  102. btw, the movie is 2010

  103. oh, since Trump isn’t attending the inauguration, he is telepathically telling followers to riot there.


  104. I actually have not seen 2010. Have seen 2001 a couple of times, fell asleep during one of the viewings. I have the book and am sure I read it 30 years ago but couldn’t tell you anything about it now.

  105. Every time I open the telepathic channels, all I get is spam about extending my new car warranty.

  106. Have there been any real race crimes, other than the fake lefty stuff, over the past few years? I can’t think of any.

  107. Polar Bear Game.

    Famously race-reversed for propaganda purposes on American Horror Story.

  108. Some Black separatists shooting up a kosher market in 2019…I remember that one

  109. The current thread at the mothership will give your breath long-lasting freshness.

  110. Big Red?

  111. The biglyest.

  112. The commenters at the mothership are pretty annoying sometimes.

    I was wondering if the stories I read as a youngster about the slave trade were actually correct. As in, it’s taught that like half of slaves died. Some were tortured, raped to death, killed for fun, etc. But most died of disease because they were in poor conditions.

    It makes no sense. Why would anyone treat their high value cargo like shit. I’m not saying it was a cruise but the official story seems suspect.

    I’d like to do some research on it and find out if there are actual facts here, not just cutting edge feelings.

    IIRC you and I went to school when the bullshit/lies were just getting injected into everything.

  113. We need a slogan.

    Something catchy like “Eat the Rich”.

  114. “You’re a Cunt” is pretty pithy and universal.

  115. The fatality rate for human cargo was about the same as for livestock, iirc. Not zero, but nowhere near 50%. And no, you’d no more torture or kill a slave “for fun” than you would a plow-ox or a tractor. You might make an example here or there, but killing or even crippling something that cost as much as a breeding stallion? Bullshit.

  116. “Liberty or Death” was a pretty good one.

    “Fuck Around and Find Out” is too long but kind of captures the spirit of what I’m looking for here.

  117. No

  118. Accepted mortality rate is 12%.

    It’s a little higher than ship mortality rate in general except for some noticeable outliers, like the Irish famine.

  119. Why do we need a slogan?

    How about, ‘Reach around! Be nice!’

  120. Marketing MJ, we need a slogan for marketing, and later…merchandizing.

  121. What are we marketing and merchandizing?

    Whatever it is, I’m in.

    *polishes monocle

  122. Let’s look within George Michael’s best song for inspiration.

  123. “Freedom” is what he named his penis.

  124. I’ve had my fill of empty slogans, thanks.

  125. “Get Off My Lawn” is not an empty slogan.

  126. Freedom – You Give What You Take

  127. KYFHO


  128. We’re not gonna use, “You’re mom likes it!!” as a slogan any more?

  129. They don’t listen.

    They don’t learn.

    And that’s why we’re lost.

  130. Good and plausible explanation of why Biden won

    According to these numbers, he had independents. This is an argument I can listen to. This is no Biden sycophant.

  131. Jay, if that’s true, I will never respect an “independent” (in that sense) again. They are weak minded and stupid. They deserve nothing but contempt and scorn.

  132. “Power to the People.”

    I’ve had my fill of empty slogans, thanks.

    That’s because they were empty. We need umph. Gravitas. Big dick energy.


  133. we already knew that. They play the middle of the road.

    But it’s an explanation, and a credible one. One that I’ve been searching for, and gives me some peace of mind.

  134. Fuck, I’m pretty much an independent, I just fucking know better than to vote for the oligarch-owned fascist at the urging of oligarch-owned media blaring fake crises backed by oligarch-owned pseudoscientists trained in oligarch-owned “schools”.

    How fucking hard can it actually be? I marinated in this stuff and still pulled away!

  135. No peace of mind here. It means I can’t ever trust my fellows. They’ll sell out everything good and worthy for the illusion of “fair-mindedness”.

    They deserve to be ruled and ground down to dust.

  136. It makes no sense. Why would anyone treat their high value cargo like shit. I’m not saying it was a cruise but the official story seems suspect.

    They didn’t have the same sense of value we do now. yes, a trucker going across country with cows isn’t the same thing, and he doesn’t mistreat them on purpose. But he doesn’t treat them as humans, only cargo. Just like what the slaves were. Callous as hell, but that is how they had to treat it. a moral person can’t treat other humans like that.

  137. Jay, you are searching for explanations other than what we saw very obviously play out on election night and the next day, because the truth is too much for you to bear.

  138. probably true, laura.

  139. something just doesn’t ring true, and I’ll continue to look. I won’t be suppressing any opinions, that’s for sure.

  140. My question is, who decides whether the slave owners were immoral?

    What they were doing was legal.

    Negroes were not considered fully human.

    Ultimately society came to the belief that slavery is immoral, but that wasn’t the belief in those times.

  141. morality was different, as it is in any timeframe, HS. I agree.

    What would we have done, since it was legal? And it was a BIG part of the economy in parts of the world. GA H2 members would view it differently than IA members.

  142. My people were always in the North, so slavery wasn’t in the cards, and my Irish ancestry came by way of Newfoundland, not the Potato Famine, so they weren’t in the wage slave class here either.

    That said, as a student of history, I’m pretty sure I’d have been against it on practical grounds if not on moral ones. Spartans had the same view of Helots, and that didn’t exactly end well for them. Better to never have started the Peculiar Institution at all.

  143. Everybody was enslaving everybody else. Muslim slavers were stealing people off the shores of Ireland, for chrissakes. They knew they were human, they didn’t care. It didn’t matter. We can’t imagine those times, we have no moral or economic frame of reference for it.

  144. Were they not seen as human, or was regard for human life seen differently at that time? After all, considering how poorly non-slave people were regularly treated by “their betters”…

    Presentism, it turns history into bullshit.

  145. my Irish ancestry came by way of Newfoundland
    Mine came through Logan Airport on TWA

  146. Well isn’t that faaaaaancy.

    Most of mine are still Newfies. Grandpa met Grandma when he was stationed in St Johns in the 40s.

  147. Happy Birthday MCPO.

  148. I read that the Muslims would leave out a shot of cheap whiskey in a snare to trap the Irish.

    The Portuguese would put a blunt and a Snoop CD in the snare for the Africans.

    Not sure how so many greeks got enslaved. They were probably addicted to tic tok and were easy to sneak up on.

  149. silly MJ, there was no Tik Toc. They used MySpace.

  150. MyChariot

  151. We can’t imagine those times, we have no moral or economic frame of reference for it.


  152. Some of my antecedents on my dad’s side, were indentured servants. VA. One branch became slaveholders. Some of mi familia were peons. Eventually, they were able to work their way out of the peonage system. When my dad’s grandpa Charlie came from England, he worked for a wealthy family in Columbus. Met his wife. She was a maid in the house. They never owned their own home or farm. They always worked for others. When their children turned 5 or 6, they were farmed out as workers. My grandpa was born in 1907. By 1912, he was lucky enough to work the same farm as his parents. My grandma’s family, owned farmland in OH, since the late 1700s.

  153. How cheap are we talking?

    I’ve got standards.

  154. no you don’t

  155. Dammit. You’re right.

    *pours whiskey from giant Kirkland bottle over some ice*

  156. *sips*

    Okay, ready to fight now.

  157. The English were pretty much enslaving each other, too, if you consider the raw deal some people got under indentured servitude.

  158. Dammit, now I desperately want to see a shot-by-shot, played straight remake of Drunken Master set in late-1800s Dublin.

    Appropriating the fuck out of Chy-nah.

  159. Kirkland?


    *pours valu-rite whiskey over imaginary ice

  160. Just got back from helping my nephew go through my sister’s stuff. Yes I have a headache, but it was ok. Just the reality of her situation. Ugh. I’d smack her upside the head if I could.

  161. I had a friend who took his life. Felt really helpless, he never reached out. Wanted to smack his head.

  162. Literally none of it had to happen. Her getting sick. Her ignoring being ill. Her being stuck at home depressed because of Covid. LOSING her job because of Covid.

    She also was really bad with finances, and lost her house- a house my dad Fixed up for her (all new gorgeous kitchen for one). But she lost it, and never asked for help (yes there are things she could have done) … and then never prepared to move until it was the 9th hour and apparently her and my nephew were just basically throwing things in boxes and bags. All the things that were left behind. In addition to the house.

    It was all just very depressing. And I understand how she would have been very depressed about it all. But IT DIDN’T FUCKING HAVE TO HAPPEN.

  163. I had a friend who took his life. Felt really helpless, he never reached out. Wanted to smack his head.

    Anybody we know? Was he bald?

  164. I went looking for a copy of that 1/4 acre farming book that Pups mentioned the other day, and since I no longer use Amazon and don’t want to fund the enemy, I checked it out at Christian Books. While there I saw this book advertised: https://is.gd/CXnfcx

    This is the kind of thing people need to do to wipe school teachers’ poison from their childrens’ brains. Doesn’t even have to be religious. It’s a shame how many years it took me to unfuck my mind after my public school education.

  165. Anyway, we got an entire room of stuff that had never been unpacked sorted and tossed or boxed. The kitchen done. A little storage space and odd things here and there. He should be ready to move now. He’s moving into an efficiency, so he doesn’t need much. Its just him. I’m excited for him.

  166. Depression does that, Jay. But you know that now, of course. As do we all, one way or another.

  167. Jay, we have 3 dead acquaintances since the lockdowns and bullshit started.

  168. I went through bags of clothes, tossed into brown leaf bags. JUST in case. Found Bennington pottery in the bottom of one.

    Still, so much she left behind.

  169. https://azatb.com/2021/01/12/54-best-alternatives-to-amazon-for-online-shopping/

    I’m in the process of ditching amazon. Takes a little bit of effort and, as I say, it will be a process. We had a lot of subscribe and save items and I’ve weeded out 2/3 of it. Got rid of all emails from them, got rid of one click shopping, stopped kindle book emails.I’ve ordered from Walmart dot com before and it’s easy. Most of the subscribe and save stuff was household staples. Walmart has them.

    As I was typing this I heard Howie Carr saying Walmart suspended campaign contributions to some politicians. I wasn’t too focused on what he was saying but this virtue signaling is relentless.

  170. I’m stuck because a few of Possum’s shows are on Prime. I’d either have to buy them again after ditching the membership, or find them as torrents. I’ve just been ordering very little from them, and always one item at a time to screw them on shipping.

  171. Companies are suspending those contributions because they are aware that Democrats go after Republican donors with hammer and tong. Remember Obama and Gibson guitars? And many other companies, individuals, and nonprofits targeted by the IRS and the weaponized lefty feds.

  172. B&N might be an alternative for books, but they – if anything – more woke than Amazon. They don’t have a cloud service to screw with people. Pretty much the only difference.

  173. I’ll send it to you Lauraw.

  174. My gasket arrived today. 14 days to travel 335 miles.

  175. whaaaaaat

  176. Ditto for REI. It’s Asmodeus or Belial, there. May as well shop Amazon and get efficient delivery.

  177. Told my wife about Uganda banning Twatter. She asked if we could move there.

  178. I’m sorry about your friend Jay.

  179. Lauraw, yah, my family was just so happy to be in America. I’m thankful that my cousin, Carla, was so interested in genealogy. She really gathered so much information. Going to the family plot in OH, was so amazing. Family plot in NM, is pretty cool, too.

  180. My GM is a Trumper. He never assigned us CRT training. He’s also Hispanic. So far, corporate has left us alone.

  181. Does anyone have a good email for Mare? All I have is an AOL address and I don’t think it works anymore.

  182. it wasn’t our mutual friend, and it was a long time ago. Just know how Car in felt.

  183. Sorry, Jay. NM has always led the nation per capita in suicide. Mostly the Rez and Los Alamos. This lockdown is crazy. Business owners. A guy committed suicide after testing positive for COVID. His family said he’d been freaking out over the coverage. His positive was one line too many, for get this, a virus that is 99.9% survivable.

  184. Pups, she’s on Maui. She usually goes incognito

  185. sent an email pups

  186. Pendejo may know. He has Kevin Bacon contact with Mare and Mr Mare

  187. My MA was at home for a stretch because her kid had Covid. She was negative. No one told us why, just said the nurses and other MA’s would be covering for her. Okay. She was back today and told my nurse and I why.

    Also said my very part time senior (as in late 70’s) was mad at her for potentially exposing him to the virus. What a fucknut. Dude, every time you leave the house you could be exposed, never mind working in a healthcare facility. It goes without saying he’s an Obama lover and Biden voter.

  188. I need to start practicing my Spanish again in case I need to become hispanico.

  189. I usually use mare@calmdown.com.

  190. Maui is code for rehab.

  191. I need Maui rehab.

  192. Guess I just voted for the last time.

    Texas is next on the Democrats “destroy” list, anyway.

  193. I support mandatory vacations for all.

  194. My local vote hasn’t counted for years. My math is Sofa King retarded to understand the Dominion Math.

  195. Car in, I’m over it. Next vacay is Laughlin. Laughlin is AKA white trash Vegas. Blanco Basura Oso has been buying Megamillions and Power Ball. We won $4 on Powerball last week

  196. I can’t believe no one complained about the music

  197. I can’t go on vacations, because if I leave the approved 4-state area, I can’t go back to work and have to quarantine.

  198. Do you get to pick the states?

  199. Saw a guy yesterday who I treated years ago when I first began my practice. He’s older than me. His mom is still alive and pre-covid she’d cross the border from New Brunswick once a month to shop for him, clean the house and run through his mail and bills to keep him organized. Now every time she crosses the border it’s a 14 day quarantine for her. With no end in site she’s trying to get someone to do that for him. That sucks for both of them.

  200. I have been in 8 states over the last couple of months.

    We are going to vacation, but we will leave her phone at home.

  201. Lauraw, we have been cheating and hoping for negative results to cheat the supposed Test Nazis.

  202. We are violating the quarantine. CoWs are pissed that GM didn’t force me to quarantine. I quarantined with him, back in May. Our sickest CoW, felt better toba

  203. We are all hitting $15 litters are cute. Demanding. Trying to Ghost as many Doxie faughts they can. MA H8s Dachshunds

  204. *smacks Osolingo Translator 3000*

    Please run that through again, I had multiple processing errors.

  205. She stroked.

  206. Ditto for REI.
    Agreed on this one.

    Lauraw, thank you for the Christian books link.

    Carin, thank you for helping your nephew. Been there, done that, with my mom, my in laws, and three co-workers. It’s one of the reasons my sister and I aren’t talking to each other any more, she wanted her share of Mom’s stuff without having to step foot in the house or see Dad and has been ill at me ever since.

  207. Car in:

    Perhaps we can organize our own race for 2021 with your ne’er do well cross fit assholes.

    Perhaps we call it the Fagnar Relay. Last one to finish sucks HS’s peen.

  208. Roamy,

    What alloy did you get? I had to buy a couple mills run of Haynes 214 years ago to get the stuff in the form we wanted.

  209. Best underwear ever.

  210. Thermadin, HR-1.

    I did some work on Haynes alloys when J2-X was a thing. More recently, Narloy and GRCop-84.

  211. Scott. LOL. I’ve been working with the stuff for so long that never crossed my mind.

  212. I canceled all of my Amazon last night. I used to use Baen.com a lot, I will go back to them.

    One nice thing they have is a eARC Electronic Advanced Reader Copy, for $18 you get access to 6 new books before they are published.

  213. Hoping Haynes 215 is heated.

  214. HR-1 Looks like some carbon steel. Never worked in that area. Always worked with materials for 700°C plus work. Not that many alloys work at those temps.

  215. Roamy,

    Sorry I see it’s Nickle based, HR1 and HR-1 are too different things. Looks interesting.

  216. I saw HR-1 and thought hot rolled? I did work in a machine shop in the 80’s when we had stuff like O1, A2, D2, and 4140. Now I see S35VN and think they ran out of the easy numbers.

  217. Vmax,

    Yes the number of steels has gotten large and the same for aluminum alloys. Lots of new high strength alloys to reduce weight in the automotive industry. However the ones you listed are still quite common. Most of the new ones are just tweaks on older compositions. The same thing is happening with stainless steels.

  218. Thanks Therm,
    good to see you hanging here, and several others. A belated welcome

  219. Thanks Vmax. I’m an occasional poster at best.

  220. yes but your comments are mostly interesting, unlike mine that are mostly um, boring?

  221. and good to see you, vmax!

  222. Yes, it’s nickel-based. HR means hydrogen resistant, I think.

  223. What the hell?

  224. Doing work with aluminum-lithium alloys, too, to save weight.

  225. sup Jay!
    I am not where you are at but I understand it, I alternate between rage and retreating into a bubble. (cars, racing, gearhead stuff)

  226. Stolen comment from AoSHQ:

    “OMG, I’m dying.

    Someone posted a pic of Hunter and a very underaged young girl having sex on Meggie Mac’s Twitter and asked her if she was proud of her new First Family.

    I want to buy whoever did it drinks for life.

    Posted by: President-Elect Jane D’Oh at January 12, 2021 08:25 PM (ptqGC) “

  227. Chris,

    Did you ever find out the details of the car crash you had in front of your house last night?

  228. Ok a while back TeeRoy posted link to an article about the fate of empires. That post lead to the original paper which I just got done reading. If it was possible I’m more down than I was. It may be inevitable this nation does not survive in it’s current form. Link below.

    Click to access glubb.pdf

  229. Therm,
    We went and looked at the road today after it got light. Looks like the kid was going really fast southbound, dropped off the right shoulder into the *VERY* soft mud (been raining like shit), lost it and started rolling. Cut through a full size power pole, a tree, a telephone poll, lots of brush, and ended up on the road in the southbound lane. There was pieces of bumper, mirrors, glass, for 150′.
    Puget Sound Energy worked during the night and pulled the stump/planted a new pole. The telephone poll is hanging from the fiber-optic cables, as the bottom 10′ of the pole is laying down the road.

    The kid did not die! The neighbor said he was out there picking up CDs and cassettes, while his mother waited in the car…

  230. Picking up CDs and cassettes? Did he travel through time? I thought kids wouldn’t even know what those are anymore.

    Anyway good to hear no one was hurt. Modern cars are pretty amazing on crash protection, but that’s a crazy amount of damage to not be hurt at all. Trees and power poles tend not to be very forgiving.

  231. Debbie enjoyed raspberry preserves.

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