MMM 428: Throwback edition

Going all the way back to year 1, 28th week.

Her shoes look silly.

Tackling practice.

Seeing if her knees are dried out.

Looks sunny out.

Very sunny here.

I remember beaches.

Ordinarily, I like the socks. Not these, weird design.

Veiny and ready to punch.

Tramp stamp or shadow in the mirror?


  1. FIRST

  2. What an accomplishment!

  3. So, post going around that Trump declared the Insurrection Act. Anyone else think that would be a bad idea?

  4. It’s only a bad idea if the effort fails. If it fails, it was a terrible idea and would be a defining moment in our decline.

    If it succeeds…

  5. Welp, Gab and Mewe it is.

    Former friend on FB calling me a racist. Laughing about Parler, and how everyone there is a racist. Told him that he would see his hypocrisy someday. Still laughing.

  6. YAY ropey ab veins!

    CARin that book is about the raised beds as high production low footprint gardens, but you might find good info in there on other stuff. I sent you a link through Dropbox, it might be in your spam folder.

  7. If it succeeds, 1/2 the country is right where we are right now.

    Sorry, if we don’t have evidence of this election being stolen, which I completely believe happens, then we don’t take control by force, which is what this is.

    If the evidence is there, then all bets are off. Are you willing to do that with the stuff listed? Better be a thorough case, better than a bunch of rumors put on a page.

  8. Definitely tramp stamp, phoenix rising from butt crack.

  9. agreed pupster, tramp stamp.

  10. Lucky phoenix.

  11. any of you on Gab? JayInAmes here.

  12. and that site is running SLOW!

  13. You know my rule. If it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t, then dammit, do it!

    …and it’s odd, I don’t recall seeing that category re my old nic before…guess I really don’t read the things that often.

    (…you bastards are going to create a new one on that basis, aren’t you…)

  14. I read “Tackling practice” as Tucking practice first time around

  15. Blergh, 5 degrees this morning. No fun at all.

  16. I’m still planning on setting up MeWe, may wait on gab to give them breathing room.

  17. Tramp stamp FTW.

  18. quite a few on Mewe. Not sure why they aren’t in the news.

  19. Give it time, Jay. I’m assuming all conservative sites or platforms will be banned in the next 90 days or so.

    It’s totally nuts to see this.

    You’re a fascist! Ban all the things! How do they do it?

  20. They can’t ban everyone. I can host on my home server, nothing they can do about it. Blind proxy and they wouldn’t find me.

  21. If there isn’t already an alternative DNS registrar, we’re going to need one soon.

    Probably an alternate DDOS protector, too.

  22. I don’t see them being able to deny DNS.

  23. I’m so old I remember when impeachment was a HUGE step and wasn’t to be taken lightly. Now it’s an everyday thing.

    Censure? Badge of honor.

  24. “Extended warranty” scam robocallers should be garrotted with piano wire in front of an audience of rabid weasels.

  25. IKR? If the lefties aren’t REEEEEEEing about you, you aren’t doing your job right.

  26. so tired of warranty calls.

  27. A joyous day indeed….
    Manly mens and veiny tuckers!!!

  28. We’re all hypocritical about some things. No question about that.

    What I don’t get is the cognitive dissonance that is so obvious. You know the people that talk about super strict lock downs and then fly off for vacation.

    Trump is a fascist dictator as they march in a rally. Trump is an evil fascist so we should ban him, reeducate his voters, or ban them from civil society.

    It’s all so silly. I just want to be like Hotspur (without the breath that smells of peen) and just not care because I’m totally confident in my beliefs.

  29. Gohmert is a rock star. He’s one of the very few to have always stayed the course. I’ve got a bro-crush on him.

  30. I did the gab dealio yesterday

  31. Jam2

  32. Question to the aethers:
    What would it take to make you take up arms against a corrupt us gov’t?

  33. We know we’re being spied on

  34. More evidence, jam, more evidence.

  35. Our taxes are almost universally out of control.

  36. With the exception of (evidently) 4 congressman, the legislature is rotten to the core.

  37. hope that @jam2 is you, jamster!

  38. We are truly being led by criminals and mentally unfit ppl.

  39. True. The smart and ethical ones are running businesses.

  40. They shoot our fellow citizens in cold blood.

  41. The executive arm of the federal govt is out in the open as a rogue agency.

  42. FBI.

  43. Local State and Federal administrators are making policy decisions w/o over site or repercussions.

  44. State/
    Local law enforcement seems to be now dominated by social engineering and the obvious abrogation to rule of law that that brings.

  45. I don’t see them being able to deny DNS.

    De-listing from public DNS is a weapon that’s already been used.

  46. not in spam. sure you got the email right carin dot obrien @ gstring

  47. Carin has been cancelled.

  48. I know they say that raised gardens can be more efficient or whatever, but the wide distance between my boxes is wasted space. And given that I have to weed, etc, that area anyway, it’s a pain in the ass.

  49. carin actually answers her emails, i can attest.

  50. wide box

  51. I’ll check it from home tonight.

  52. The primary advantages of raised beds are the higher working height and the slightly lower weed pressure. Beyond that, they can be aesthetically pleasing, but they aren’t automatically more productive or anything.

  53. I signed up for Twitter but never figured it out, I don’t even think I have that email anymore.

    I’m not going to mewe gab parlor or anything else until some of this dust settles, maybe not even then if it is too hard to figure out and you kids don’t get off my lawn.

  54. Well, I’m no expert gardener, but the book guy makes a pretty good case for raised beds, he doesn’t plant in rows, more like pods. And he’s farming in New Hampshire so a raised bed a couple of degrees warmer than ground temp is a big deal for him.

  55. Raised beds are primarily so you don’t have to bend over so much.

    Probably because of back pain from cross fit.

  56. I get how they can be better. But our’s waste space. Initially it enabled me to use good dirt. But the dirt is now good everywhere.

    They’re not high enough to save your back either.

  57. Just finished a meeting where the organizer said “we’ll circle around”, “we’ll circle back”, etc. so many times I’m dizzy.

  58. Rush lives.

    Talking about PixelNacht.

  59. nice, gonna listen at 1, our station is delayed

  60. PixelNacht is a really good name.

    99.99% of the left won’t understand the reference. They know nothing of history.

  61. If they shut down all the conservative sites we’ll need a super secret conservative code to communicate. It will need to involve very common words so if they ban those words on their sites communication will be impossible.

    Way back the surgical techs told us when they said “Thank you very much doctor” in a specific tone of voice it translated to Fuck you very much doctor.

  62. Well…no twitter, no Parler

    Deleted Facebook years ago

    No Fox

    So…anyone know what’s going on?

  63. My beds are ‘raised’ a few inches just from piling on organic materials and not tilling, but not framed in wood anymore. The wood frames caused a lot of wasted space, IMO. My paths are narrow and filled with wood chips. The path area then is good root and fungal interface area. Much less waste of space.

  64. Heh, just saw a story about Drew Brees warming up in a t-shirt with #SAYHERNAME on it. Someone tweeted a picture of it which was … deleted. Just when you thought the NFL was coming back

  65. #SayYourMomsName


    I love how they JUST say its Trump. They don’t want to talk about how many people left Twitter. That will be the second level shit storm.

  67. Wow, the news reader on WJR actually has some balls.

    He played the part of Trump’s speech and then said “Does that sound incitement? ….” LONG PAUSE

  68. She is so fucking stupid:

    “Stephanopoulos read a letter by GOP lawmakers to President-elect Joe Biden in which they opposed efforts to impeach President Trump so close to Inauguration Day. The lawmakers said that moving forward with the effort was “unnecessary” and “inflammatory.”

    Ocasio-Cortez slammed the tone of the letter, calling Wednesday’s storming of the U.S. Capitol “insurrection against the United States.” She said both Trump and the rioters were complicit.

    Ocasio-Cortez said any “healing” – as the GOP lawmakers alluded to in their letter to Biden – would require accountability.

    “And so, if we allow insurrection against the United States with impunity, with no accountability, we are inviting it to happen again,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “We came close to nearly half of the House dying on Wednesday.”

  69. Half?


  70. She’s always wrong but never in doubt.

  71. #yourmomsaysmyname

  72. Beasn, that something else they have in common with the Dems then

  73. White husband of Kameltoe must be pretty nervous.

  74. My son has twitter stock. Said it’s been making him money. Says he’s not going to read any articles on market fluctuations.

  75. Assuming he bought at the right time, but Twitter has always been a poor performing stock relative to its peer group and overall.

    They don’t have a sustainable business model and have never been able to monetize its users like other social media.

    They’ve floated the idea moving to a pay model for awhile but can’t seem to get that moving either.

    No one in the investment community thinks they’ll ever turn a profit.

  76. Anyone follow Viva Frei and atty Barnes? They were talking about the fallout, etc.
    Barnes.. from what he saw,, most of it is disorderly conduct and trespass, though many probably didn’t know they were trespassing seeing as how they were let in and were calm walking about…capital police looked in disarray, getting mixed messages on what to do (I saw a French reporter say a capital cop told her that he was upset with superiors who told him and others to go home. This was before anything happened.)

    That the Capital police got a lot of their direction from the FBI…hmm.
    That the rhetoric coming from media/politicians was nonsense…COUP..SEDITION..INSURRECTION. Invoking the 25th is seditious behavior. Going to the military leaders to tell them to go against their commander, like Pelosi did, is definition of coup.

    Then he talked a lot about Qanon..that it/he could even have been psyops from cia/fbi. Meant to mislead, etc. Barnes had told his own followers to be very careful if they were going to attend due to bad actors who may have infiltrated.

    Scroll to the point Barnes joins him…

  77. Well, if my son loses money on Twitter, good. I warned him. It’s on him if he wants to support a weasel.

  78. Oh..oh, I was tossed from the Bastiat group on facechimp. Whoever is running the page appears ignorant of Bastiat…and their TDS is now full blown. Wtf?

  79. Makes me glad Mr. RFH dumped the Facebook stock he inherited. It tanked today, too.

  80. Should have told my guy to ditch FB months ago. Oh well. If it crashes, at least that means FB died.

  81. Hank Johnson has outdone himself. I repeat – HANK JOHNSON HAS OUTDONE HIMSELF.

  82. Out of fuckbook.

  83. What did hank Johnson say this time?

  84. I’d keep Facebook and other big social media sites.

    The demand curve is pretty inelastic. They’re product is addictive and they basically control congress.

  85. I want out of it. An investment is more than just a bet on a horse.

  86. Fair, but I have no morals when it comes to investing.

    Probably could have stooped at I have no morals, actually.

  87. I have vices, to be sure, but it seems wrong to entrust my money with a company who’s products I actively discourage others from using, whether that’s Facechimp, P&G, or MindGeek.

  88. Repeat after me, Hostages:

    There is ALWAYS More Stupid.

  89. “Half?



    pup brings teh funnny once again

  90. Me/life

  91. The reason Oso doesn’t work the lift

  92. other item:
    speaking of inelastic markets… your mom needs to start a better stretching regimen

  93. oso needed a spotter

  94. Michael Yon was there. He, too, noted the lack of police presence, the APs, and false flags.

  95. Michael Yon sounds like a white supremacist domestic terrorist who needs to get his mind right.

  96. Hank Johnson is saying he would have been lynched.

  97. So I still have yahoo mail. My old tablet wont aggregate my email anymore, so I have to go to yahoo to retrieve it.

    Yahoo News front page headline:

    Some notable people ID’d, arrested in Capitol attack

    Here are some of the dozens of people arrested in connection with the attempted insurrection carried out by militant supporters of President Trump.

    It’s an attack now FYI.

  98. I finally took the plunge and signed up for a protonmail account. They have a free one or the $48/year one. I’ve thought about it for 3 or 4 years and decided now might be the right time to dip my toe in your mom

  99. Hank, boobie, you aren’t important enough to be on anyone’s list.

  100. This is all so fucking stupid.

    It was an attack by a militia of people dressed in flags and silly costumes. Without weapons.

    LOLGFY media

  101. Planning to do the same, Jimbro.


  103. One more Christmas card came in, postmarked Dec. 7. Newsletter includes pics of them in masks, sigh.

  104. Sweet pupster. I got the link. Thanks

  105. Jamette just got a Christmas card from grandma… sent out on dec 12

  106. Grandma is 2 whole counties away. Prolly 50 minutes.

  107. I got a Christmas card from your mom. She wasn’t wearing a mask. But she was in a latex suit.

  108. No coffee for Grandma.

  109. Scott, WTF did I just watch? 🤣🤣🤣👋🏻

  110. I have actually reached the point where I hope the reserve steel collapses on the assholes that get so bitchy that we close aisles to drop pallets. Watching Bama THE Ohio State University. Saving Cobra Kai for tomorrow. I was sick, but now I’m well. Lost 10#. No COVID. Food poisoning FTW

  111. Did you’ll watch the Viva/Barnes video? At about 57 min in, he is saying that he’s not convinced the FBI didn’t have anything to do with THE SEIGE OMG! for these reasons..

    1. Minimal capital police presence
    2. Capital police are being blamed for it but they get their info from the FBI.
    3. FBI for last two years that QAnon is on their domestic terror list. This leaked out awhile ago so you know agents were monitoring the site. They knew they planned on rauding the capital…so how come the info was not related to the president in his Intel meetings or the capital police.
    He suggests that criminal defense lawyers should be pursuing everything FBI knew and did not disclose.

    Also regarding the cop who died…no proof he died from injuries sustained from the event.

  112. Beasn, the FBI runs the Swamp. They got Aunt Becky, because the Judge said her lawyers weren’t allowed to put the FBI on trial. We’ve been buying Megamillion and Powerball tickets. Odds are better than all the 4AM votes going for Beijing Buyden.

  113. Beans, I watched the video yesterday. Barns has been pretty accurate on all this so far. He said in the beginning the courts were unlikely to do anything and the Judges Trump put on the supreme court were unlikely to help him. The Federalist society are not his friends. They are McConnel’s friends. Powel could be in for a world of hurt for the stuff she said/believed on the Q crap and Lin Wood is a nuts. Way too many people think that crap is real and the hammer is going to drop any time now and Trump is going to stay in office.

  114. Beasn,

    This one is good too. I like Richard Baris with Barns. Lots of info.

  115. Thermadin, I was wondering where people were getting the notion that the hammer was about to drop, from. I asked someone the other day their proof and I didn’t get a response. I didn’t think there were people still listening to Q after so many things he …or the CIA/FBI punks…never came to pass.

  116. ..that he..or they…were saying/predicting..never came to pass. I always thought something off about him/they.

  117. oh, that’s two hours long, will bookmark for later.

  118. According to Alex Jones, 😜, Q started out as legit, but was then taken over by the establishment as disinformation.

  119. So,
    About 1930 I was setting here looking at you bastards, Anita was on the treadmill watching an episode of “Wayne”, and I hear the sounds of a “Rapid Unplanned Disassembly” (RUD) out in front of the house.

    It sounded much like someone doing gymnastics in a southbound car. I saw nothing, as it’s darker than shit out there. Started in front of our house and ended in front of the property to the south. I saw no lights.
    Now, many broken trees and a power pole…

    Pretty soon there were cars stopped with flashers on and folks calling 911. Fire and cops and Puget Power trucks out there. Whatever vehicle was involved is now a shapeless blob with pieces of trees and bushes embedded.
    The neighbor texted Anita and said; “It’s bad. Nobody lived through that…”
    I have no idea what caused it. There was no collision with another car, no screeching of brakes. In the morning I’ll go out to look for a dead elk.
    So it goes…

  120. Beans,

    I don’t think a lot of them know it’s from Q. I had a buddy from work tell me today the pope had been arrested and Trump had signed the insurrection act and other crazy shit. Got an e-mail from my Mother in-law that was as a list of similar things and it’s all a trap set by Trump. I have to go to church with my buddy if he’s right. I’m not worried, not that I would be opposed to being wrong.

  121. mom sent me some Q stuff too. Sorry, don’t believe it. Neither did she, but wanted me to see it.

    Almost like your mom does.

  122. I always thought that “Q” was an elaborate hoax spun up by the ‘chans’ to suck in the rubes. That the ‘establishment’ regarded it as some evil organization/entity of some regard, and gave it credibility always puzzled me…

  123. Dale expected reliable protocols.

  124. as much as it pains my I deleted all of my amazon accounts, according to them I have been a loyal customer since 1988. I spend 10’s of thousands a year with them, I chatted with support who was quite polite and escalated it 3x yet i continued to tell them that if they wanted to alienate 73 million people who didn’t vote for who they liked that perhaps their employees that wanted to ban people who did not vote the way they wanted could pay for the lost revenue of those 73 million. I was taking my money to Walmart and Baine and target the scum sucking bathroom people

  125. ““Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, women-owned businesses, and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild,” the vice president said.

    Well, I work for a male that doesn’t belong to any of those groups. So those black, Latino, Asian, or native Americans folks who unfortunately WORK for a white person can go get foched.

  126. woke up around 5. Glanced at my phone for a bit hoping to fall back asleep and saw that facebook had banned Ron Paul for writing an article about the suppression of free speech. Couldn’t go back to sleep after that.

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