1. (Imgur Video with Sound)


  3. Mission Impossible Cowlick made me lol

  4. Fine bunch o’ memes.

    And no, it’s not getting out of hand. It’s going exactly where they want it…or at least, where they think they want it.

    They think they’re making him out as a monster. They’re going to create a martyr.

  5. There was a saying I learned (in public school!) that described the growth of the early Church. How it went from hiding in houses to the the central organizing principal of Europe, North Africa, and the Near East in just a few centuries. The public executions, the martyrs, were critical to that expansion. “The blood of the martyrs fed the seeds of the Church”. I’m praying right now that the New Night of the Long Knives stays digital, but you know they want to go farther, you can see blood in their eyes in the comments at Ars fucking Tecnica, FFS.

  6. Speaking of religion the “parliament of the world’s religions” came out for the impeachment of Trump.

    wakey wakey

  7. I saved a bunch of these to show Mini-me later. Those are some gnarly feet in the personal space one. Brown pebbles made me laugh out loud, because I’ve seen that same look.

  8. And no, I’m not saying Trump himself has any religious significance in the sense of a St Stephen or St Thomas More, but America is (apologies) an idea, a proposition, about how Man and the State ought to relate to each other. Ideas have heroes, and martyrs. The men who signed the Declaration committed themselves fully to being either, or both, if necessary.

  9. Speaking of religion the “parliament of the world’s religions” came out for the impeachment of Trump.

    Someone pointed out in the ONT that the only real punishment at this point would be the denial of future office. If the man really just lost a fair election to a barely ambulatory racist pedophile turnip, why would you worry in the slightest that he might run again?

  10. He’s not going to run again he’ll be too old. If anyone runs it’ll be Jr. Im not necessarily a advocate of that. Politics being a family business is a bad thing. But I really think they are going to legally hound Trump and family as a warning to any other “upstart” and at the same time lock us into one party rule. The GOP is going to collapse. The base is done with the donor class. The media outlets will soon see reprisals for their censorship. They are going to attempt hardcore anti gun legislation at that will probably be the final straw. Some states will comply and others will refuse, individual acts of martyrdom will occur within compliant states, refusing states will begin discussing secession.

  11. Those were good glutes.

  12. Teeroy, I hear what you’re saying WRT legacy, but the safest thing for the Trump family is Don Jr in the NY Governor’s mansion or higher.

  13. And if Barron returns from decades of forced exile with vengeance in his heart, I pray I’m there to help and see it first hand.

  14. Got some ferrocerium rods today.

    Very cool.

  15. Not to be pessimistic but no. I don’t believe there will be any free and fair elections again. I’d LOVE to be wrong, I just don’t see another “surprise” happening.

  16. If I do have to fly to Boulder, I’m going to see if I can get kicked off for supporting Trump.

  17. I’m listening to a podcast discussion Betrand Russel.

    Kinda want to go dig the guy up and punch him in what remains of his face.

  18. (language warning if you have the sound on)

  19. Amazon pulled the plug on Parler.

    If anyone has any questions where this is going, they aren’t paying attention.

    I’d be a happier person if I hadn’t extensively studied modern (1870 on) Germany in college. This is all a badly dubbed remake of an old horror flick.

  20. Parler is still up for the moment.

    Profile Photo
    Jack Posobiec
    1 hour ago ·
    @ Posobiec
    “In China you have state-run media. In the United States, you have a media-run state.”

  21. Just deleted our amazon account.

  22. Hosts have been watching the media drumbeat non-stop. I can’t talk to almost anybody I know about what I believe. I’m starting to worry what happens if it gets out I’m a relatively satisfied Trump voter.

    I kept getting told “life gets better” when I was young. Well, fucking WHEN?

  23. I’m not following the purges too closely but it’s sort of surprising that they don’t understand what they’re creating.

    They’re creating martyrs and mythology that’ll morph into straight up ideology. And you can’t kill ideology.

  24. They’re turning Trump into Emmanuel Goldstein.

  25. The atmosphere in this country is rapidly approaching powder keg status.

    We have been cooped up in our enclosed spaces for too long, deprived of interaction with people who may not share our views, thus being denied an opportunity to talk this out face to face with each other.

    It’s a scary and sad situation.

    I support President Trump.

  26. You know how most of the world thinks of Dracula as “ultimate vampire evil villain” while Romania sees him as “penultimate patriot hero”?

    Yeah. That.

  27. Impaling seems so labor intensive.

  28. While I’m disappointed that Parler was taken off the amazon servers I’m also disappointed that the staff at Parler didn’t anticipate this coming down the pike. The struggles the Gab guy has gone through with having everything deplatformed (hosting service, credit card service, etc) should have been a warning for every conservative out there.

    Ace often mocks the pretend conservatives who ridicule people who get deplatformed when they claim it’s a private corporation with the “Don’t like it? Build your own internet!”

    So, completely legit question for our tech minded people … can we “build our own internet”?

  29. How can you storm a capital when the doors are opened for you?

  30. Impaling seems so labor intensive.

    It’s how you let them you that you’re serious about making it hurt.

  31. We had hell for a while. PayPal froze our account because somebody bought a knife for a friend and put “donation” in the description.

    They wanted all kinds of info to restart it. We’d provide something, then they’d ask for more. I’m not sending photo id and tax returns to anyone, much less someone in India.

    So, we got a Shopify website. Payment processing was great, until they reviewed our website and discovered we sell weapons. No more payment processing. Turns out, PayPal, ApplePay, stripe, googlepay, etc. are all the same, no weapons. Most are fronts for the same processing company. We finally found a company that works with Shopify, and has been good.

  32. Knives aren’t weapons any more than hammers are, so that’s a lame excuse on their part.


  34. Right, especially the ones I make.

    The reason I posted was in reference to his easy it is for people and businesses to be shut out and strangled financially.

  35. Agreed. My last beef supplier was willing to take bitcoin. I probably should have obliged him with it, as a tax dodge if nothing else.

  36. I’m starting to see more signs of life at the “alternative” sites just in the last few days. Catturd who was a big twitter guy is now posting his stuff on Gab and the little thing I posted above ^^^ well, I haven’t seen funny on the Gab before. Even at 10:40, that Rumble video of the glutes is sort of an evolution for them. How long before they have music that’s decent to listen to? Soon I hope.

  37. Gab takes bitcoin. Otherwise you have to mail a check. I guess they’re making enough money to keep the lights on so it must be working.

  38. I keep thinking the first of the “wholesome homesteading” channels to start in Rumble will do really well. Wranglerstar and An American Homestead both left in the early censorship battles, but Wranglerstar went to BitChute and AAH went to steemit, which was crypto intertwined with platform, and then his wife died of cancer and he was offline for a while.

  39. Rumor that DC airspace is closed. Anyone hear anything?

  40. Anyone hear anything?

    All your communications are ours

  41. I saw a gab post about apple doing an update that will deactivate the emergency broadcast system and warning people to turn off their automatic updates.

    This is either mass hysteria from the tinfoil hat brigade or sound advice.

  42. Don’t accept any updates to your phone’s OS any time soon.

  43. Excellent post!

    It’s snowing here in North Texas. It’s not much, and the ground is too warm for it to stick – not that there is all that much to begin with – but it’s fun when you’re not used to it!

    And the InstaPot that I got for Christmas has the very first batch of beef stew cooking in it. Paul is very happy.

  44. Saw some story about Italy claiming the switching of votes happened there. With aid of state dept.. I can believe almost anything about our thoroughly corrupt fed.

  45. Gag. Granny Botox is telling her insurrection horror story to 60 Minutes tonight.

    I say it’s about time the pampered poodles in DC were reminded that We The People are a cantankerous bunch.

    Freedom isn’t for sissies.

  46. How is it possible that 60 minutes is still on?

  47. Cancelled my Amazon cc too.

    Walmart better not do anything stupid.

  48. Got my 3rd negative or maybe 4th on Friday. While at work, I got progressively more sick. Got sent home. Called out Saturday. Fully healthy today. Food poisoning or sinus infection. Watching football. Cancelled Amazon Prime. WalMart is walking the line between Woke and American. Walton family and customers.

  49. Regular sickness still is a thing. My friend Dana is on day … 7 of covid. No one else from the gym or at NYE at my house show anything. But her daughter has it now too. Her ONLY symptom was being a little tired the first few days and lost her sense of smell/taste.

  50. Today she was able to taste a timbit. I think that was muscle memory.

  51. I wa# told I can’t come back until 100%. Nothing about a negative test. Going back tomorrow.

  52. Yeah so Mrs. pupster is feeling a little better, I made sure that she asked the “health professionals” if she was still conatageous, and if I could get it again. They weren’t sure on either.

    Is Dana the redhead hottie?

  53. I had to lie to my haircut lady today.

  54. Did you tell her you were a man and not a dog or something?

  55. Pupster, COVID is different from every other virus. If you had it, mask up. Didn’t have it, mask up. Vaccine, mask up. No vaccine, mask up. Contact with a positive, mask up. Contact with a vaccinated, mask up. Just mask up, bitches

  56. I was violently ill on Friday. I was told I cannot work until I’m 100%. Got a negative test on Friday. Ready to work tomorrow. I didn’t claim COVID. It wasn’t COVID. I could lie and get 14 paid. I don’t lie

  57. Tough night to be a Steelers fan.

  58. To get a haircut you have to answer a series of questions about having symptoms or being exposed to sick people in the last two weeks, and they check your temperature.

  59. Hey Leon, I just finished a book and I wondered if you were familiar with it: “Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre” – by Brett Markum.

    Hey covers a lot of ground and honestly for a dog like me it was overwhelming.

  60. *whips out mask*

  61. Is there a slaughter/mercy rule in the NFL?

    ‘Cuz the Steelers might need that tonight…..

  62. Oh, noes – members of Congress may have been exposed to COVID while they were on lockdown.

    Weren’t they wearing their magic masks?

  63. Oh, noes – members of Congress may have been exposed to COVID while they were on lockdown.

    Pelosi specifically wanted two Covid-positive Congressmen to return to vote for her as Speaker.

  64. And then some shithead CBS reporter was helpfully pointing out that one of the Congressmen trying to bar the door wasn’t wearing a mask. Priorities, you know.

  65. “Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre”

    It’s on the shelf behind me, haven’t read it yet. I’ve got twice that just in the front lawn, so I really ought to. My plan had been to focus on meat production, does he go there at all or is it all gardening?

  66. The PGA of America will strip Donald Trump of the 2022 PGA Championship, which is scheduled to be held at Trump National Bedminster golf club in New Jersey.

    In a blistering column that says the golf world must sever all ties with Trump, Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch said the PGA has been debating for two years the need to move the major championship and, once Trump is out of office, will announce the tournament will be played elsewhere:

  67. PGA doesn’t know who watches.

  68. Violently ill on Friday. Thought I had the Rona. Sinus infection. Told I couldn’t go back to work. 100%. Vitamin D and Zinc.

  69. I was wondering how liberals could ruin golf.

  70. I am frustrated because I have a lot of home projects that I should be working on, but I don’t feel like doing any of them and can’t seem to concentrate on what I’m doing when I force myself to work on them. I am crocheting an afghan for Rocketboy and FDIL, and I had to rip out a bunch of stitches because I screwed up the pattern.

  71. Pups at the spa

  72. I was lazy today, didn’t do much. It snowed yesterday, and the high today was 31. 13 degrees now. Tomorrow I’ll be back to running the dozer.

    Working on knife stuff in the back of my mind. Have a couple of ideas to pursue when we’re done with ranch stuff.

  73. Carin?

  74. Car in doesn’t have a crazy bitch bone in her body.

  75. We won 4 dollars on Megamilions. Fuck you guys. Site won’t let me autocorrect

  76. I couldn’t take watching the news, or reading online, so I cleaned the basement. Got the workroom cleaned up, workbench freed up, garbage can is full. Have meal plan done, ready for the week now.

  77. Osita, glad you are feeling better. You think it was the Chyna virus and a false negative?

  78. After @Jacks fuckery, what do you think might happen if one seeded the alpha DNS servers with for twitter dot com?
    How long would it take them to notice, and how long to figure out why…

  79. Pat Toomey calling for Trump to resign?

  80. local news whipping up the anti Trump feelings into a frenzy.

  81. there’s no way twitter engineers wouldn’t figure that one out. Probably have a built in test case for configuration.

  82. I hope Trump does like Rush hinted at.

  83. Anybody remember the name of that Tom Clancy book where a Japanese guy flew a plane into Congress? Feeling kinda nostalgic….

  84. Donna’s excuses remain plausible.

  85. does he go there at all or is it all gardening?

    He does, but just chickens/ducks because he’s all about a mini-farm with limited space. Goes into egg chickens and meat chickens, has some links to chicken coops and tractors, butchering and plucking. He built his own tub plucker.

    He really dives deep on soil composition and the different pests and diseases you can have issues with, most of which I had never heard of, and how to minimize or treat them, both “organically” and “chemically”.

  86. I’m new to this site

    Interesting times as they say

  87. No Dana isn’t the redhead. That’s Kaylee. Kaylee ‘s boyfriend got it, but she never test positive.

  88. I wouldn’t mind a good gardening book, but I aint buying from Amazon. Especially today.

  89. Lemme see if I’ve got it on dropbox. Mrs. Pupster converted a bunch of books for me to share. If you get a dropbox invite that’s me.

  90. Are you still

  91. Nevermind, check your g-string.

  92. Nothing yet. Maybe it takes a few.

  93. We know how Right wing extremism goes. We get it. Hitler (black lesbian).

    We know how Left wing extremism goes. Well, half of us get it.

    I fear the half that thinks the Soviet Union, East Germany, North Korea, and China weren’t real socialism are going to lead us into a dystopian nightmare.

    I don’t really watch the news or do social media or anything and the mothership is just slightly biased but I’m starting to notice weird things.

    Shortages. Yes, I get people are hoarding TP and what not but other things are also in short supply. Ammo and guns for sure.

    Produce and food quality is basically shit right now. We still have produce here, but it’s awful. It never used to be. I wonder if I’m totally crazy or if these are the first, barely perceptible signs of further collapse.

  94. I want to get rid of my raised beds. We originally put them in because the ground was fill dirt. But I’ve had 13 years of improving the soil. I’ll have more room and less … fuss. I can go full lasagna gardening, which is just too hard with the wood frames.

  95. Mornin’ all. Didn’t want to crawl out of bed this morning, rainy January day here. I’m finding my brain is slipping back into “waiting for the end” mode, which I’ve been trying to claw out of for nearly three years now. Eh, if the 7 billion other fuckers who get to make choices all wanna choose Stupid, maybe it’s just as well.

    Got out of the house and hung with best buddy. One of the few people left I can freely discuss the Current Fuckery with. Boy howdy, am I sick and tired of not being able to get out and do things on my own schedule. Hopefully I can take care of the vehicle thing Soon.

  96. Just woke up. Completely forgot it was Monday. I’ll put a poat together.

  97. Huh. Amazon has something called “Echo Frames”. Looks like Google Glass never really went away.

  98. MJ, pretty sure for every Panic Rifle, there’s a Panic Chest Freezer. Been out of stock here even at the scratch ‘n’ dent store for ages.

  99. I bought GND a glock 43 for valentines day. LOL

  100. Well that was a fun weekend!

  101. nice article, jimbro.

    Government by internet, and social media. What’s popular is what passes.

    What could go wrong?

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