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Your model for today was born October 24th, 1996 in Paso Robles, California.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 382536 and 138 lbs.  Please throw a rope to Miss Jessica Bartlett.



  1. Foist funbags!

  2. 10/10 would smash

    Prediction…she will win BBF of the year.

  3. Starting 2021 off with a bang

  4. Good song

    Currently listening to Mix – Monster Magnet – “Negasonic Teenage Warhead”

    If you listen closely it sounds just like the dank house stuff MJ posted

  5. Tax anyone with over 5M in assets at 95%.

    Billionaires get a 99% wealth tax on everything earned and all future earnings.

    PhDs get a 75% tax rate. They are the whitest and most privileged people in our society.

    Urban addresses get a 75% tax rate.

    Electric car owners should pay back the $7500 tax incentive and pay an additional $25000 in tax because electric vehicles actually consume more energy over their usable lives than gas powered cars. Until the supply chains mature, they should make up the difference.

    Athletes and entertainers should get a tax on all revenue streams of 95%. They’ll probably be taxed at that rate anyway, but I think its appropriate to make it clear.

    Anyone who works in social media should be taxed at 95%. Their product has been proven to be dangerous and should be treated as such.

    Consumers of social media should pay a ‘social media’ tax of $1 per click.

  6. *polite clapping*

    (Imgur Video)

  7. If you listen closely it sounds just like the dank house stuff MJ posted
    I can understand what you’re saying. Dark house, Jimbro. Not how your house smells after HSs mom leaves.

  8. dank house stuff MJ posted

    (Imgur Video with Sound)

  9. Have fun in Hawaii Mare!

    (Imgur Video with Sound)

  10. Boogaloo, Jake from TeeRoy

    Or DJ – as in DJTrump from Teresa and seconded by Chris

    Do you really want to yell in your yard TACO, COME HERE -Thermy
    Jake was a contender but I had a HS friend named John (Jake O’Sullivan) who refused to buy any beer but Miller Lite brown bottles when we were underage and he looked over 18, just can’t do it. Boogaloo has potential but I don’t think I’ll get buy in from my lovely wife

    Paula’s older brother goes by DJ … nonstarter

    My neighbors already think we’re touched, not a deterrent at all

  11. Thanks to Mesa for the drive by links to the graveyard of old blogs that still want you to Accept Cookies

  12. She seems nice, as is the model link for me.

    Hesitant to log on to the work computer this morning, pretty sure there’s a trip to Boulder waiting for me because two 30-somethings are too scared of covid to go.

  13. While preparing for interviews and pretending to work I’ll be watching Mad Max Fury Road.

    I think I saw it a few years ago and really liked it but there was some kerfuffle about how it was all women’s power or you go girl or something. I’m so tired of that. I just want to watch a movie.

    I’m excited to see it sans bullshit.

  14. I just want to watch a movie

    Most of my movie watching is on TCM. The quality of the movies and my interest in them varies but on the whole it’s a positive. The hosts occasionally add a little contemporary interpretation of the movies they’re playing but they run without commercial interruption so it’s easily avoidable.

  15. Pup,

    Your coinci-dance link was quite funny. And todays gal is very nice.

  16. Finally saw End Game the other day. What a disappointment. The captain marvel wench just about ruins the movie. Even if you don’t include her it wasn’t very good.

  17. My thoughts after skimming the articles linked in the WSJ newsletter this morning:

    As Rush said yesterday, all this talk of PDT 25th amendment and/or impeachment just means that they still fear Trump and want to marginalize him from future consideration from office or eliminate the possibility entirely and, simultaneously, decrease his influence on the GOPe going forward.

    [As an aside, does anyone have the backstory on the use of “GOPe”?]

    All the resignations at the 11th hour are just virtue signals by scared little people worried about their future employment opportunities. Chao is a permanent swamp creature, not sure why she’s worried.

    Another thing, people notice the difference between how Patriot protestors are labeled, treated and quickly investigated versus antifa/BLM protestors.You want a civil war? Because this is how you get a civil war.

  18. wakey wakey

  19. Ok, why did he move to GAB? I thought I heard Parler was supposed the better of the two, but I’m not on either so I don’t know.

  20. Is this the best they got?

  21. I think the owner of Gab is rolling out the welcome mat for him.

    Right now there are a lot of alternatives to twitter, facedouche and YouTube and the leaders among them will emerge in the next year or two. So far none of them has replicated the ease of use and content of the big ones.

  22. Going to cut a bitch.

    Gracious hosts are, unfortunately, MSNBC-watchin’, NPR-listenin’ Democrats.

    While I remain thankful to have shelter and transport, I am tired of having to silence myself in the face of constant bullshit. And now, with the Uniparty going full totalitarian as we knew they would…let’s just say my stress level is rising.

    Hoping to God I can bank enough money to get car and get out soon.

    Where the hell I go from there, no idea.

    I fucking hate this century.

  23. pretty sure there’s a trip to Boulder waiting for me because two 30-somethings are too scared of covid to go

    Tell them a short bald man in Michigan thinks they are total pussies.

    If they are chicks tell them I think they’ll die alone surrounded by actual pussies and wine boxes.

    Today’s model has eyes so pretty I almost didn’t notice her tits a few times.

  24. Jimbro,

    I don’t think throwing Trump overboard is anything other than predictable. There’s no benefit to staying with him – as far as they can see. They, meaning people associated with the president’s administration or congresscritters, aren’t looking longer term. They don’t see that it’s not us who don’t have a party, it’s them.

    Short term is pain. Long term is pain.

    They haven’t figured it out yet.

  25. “Comment by PepeLp on January 7, 2021 10:35 pm
    that got a monkey style guffaww

  26. nice jerb sir pupsalot!
    this chick is a contender

    Mare dancing in HI link was entertaining too

  27. yeah, we’ll see her again come tournament time.

  28. your videography has really captured the scope of her weight loss regimen

  29. 30 mins in to Max Max Fury Road.

    Wow, what a fun movie. Visually awesome and I really like that it’s sort of too fast. I dunno. The frames are moving too quickly, almost jerky.

    Boob count is pretty low and the boobs I saw were not sexy at all. Non sexy boobs are just gratuitous. Totally shameful.

  30. I couldn’t make it through that, MJ. Good luck.

  31. My sincere hope is that on election day there aren’t riots in DC on election day but there probably will be.

  32. Blergh. Refrigerator is making a weird sound. Probably on its way out.


  34. Election day is almost 2 years away, so there’s time to clear up some stuff.

  35. The resignations is what administration officials usually do when a new one is coming in. Biden is not going to keep any of Trump’s people. Any pearl clutching over that is silly.

  36. I think you meant “cleanse”, Jay.

  37. If the media and establishment GOP think Trump’s supporters are going to turn on him, they’re smoking too much CHYna laced crack. Why we like him….his very presence has unmasked the lot of them for the cheating, back-stabbing, snakes they are.

    Do you see anyone having the vapors over democrat shock troops showing up at Josh Hawley’s home to terrorized his wife and newborn? I didn’t think so.

  38. Makes me wonder if you can just buy those paint bombs that banks used to use to spoil currency in case of a robbery. Might escalate things, but it might disperse a crowd and make ID easier if the cops actually give a shit.

  39. Also this…

    “Three additional deaths took place on Capitol grounds, but their circumstances weren’t detailed.”

    Funny that. Capital police are investigating capital police over shooting an unarmed veteran.

    My sister’s friend went to D.C. for the ‘protest’. She said there were shit tons of people there. All peaceful. Saw no skirmishes. Has pictures. Then I was listening to our local radio guy. Couple of people called in. They too said they were there. Have pictures/videos. Saw no skirmishes….and even walked around the entire building. Only thing they noticed was the lack of any police presence. On one side they did see an ambulance show up but since noone was acting like their hair was on fire, they were clueless to any shooting or violence.

    I suspect political theatre. Again. Remember when Pelosi walked through the crowds of Patriots, with her gavel, to rub their noses in them passing obamacare? And then next thing you know, Patriots are being accused of spitting on them when none of the sort can be seen on any of the video of the whole episode?

    (p.s. – never forget Pelosi’s family has close ties to mob bosses)

  40. Who are the other three people that died and under what circumstances? Even Mr. TheyDidn’tCheat is saying he can’t find any info on these other three.

  41. I heard one fatal cardiac event after Capitol Police tossed flash-bangs. Bannon’s guy at the event reported that.

  42. Yeah…du-uh. Dorsey is from MO. Parents still live here. Loves him some lefty rag St. Louis Post Dispatch.

    Viva Frei breaks it down and asks, “Did Jack Dorsey Endorse Doxxing & Harassment of Sen. Hawley’s Family?”

  43. This young lady gets my vote for best of 2021. Beautiful smile – pretty eyes, no silicone, no ink.

    Good doggie.

  44. Oops, Puppet Breath already beat me to it.

  45. Did you mean Inauguration Day MJ?

  46. er…puppet breath?

  47. Yes.

  48. Anyone into muzzleloading at all? Thinking of getting a C&B.

  49. Zoom Inaugurations are hard to protest. I expect they’ll be the norm until some further Names are Rectified.

  50. What do you think leon? Massive crackdown coming?

  51. ” is making a weird sound.”

    Order it’s replacement now. We paid for a stove in October, don’t have it yet.

  52. I have numerous muzzleloaders – .45 cal Pennsylvania rifle (flint), .50 cal Hawken, 12 ga. sidexside, .45 cal Kentucky pistol (flint), .44 Remington, .36 Navy Colt, .44 Army Colt.

    Black powder is highly regulated by BATF, so if your idea is to beat the registration dick around, they know who has the black powder.

  53. Maybe. If there’s real fear at the top, there won’t be. They’ll lull complacency by boosting Hawley, Cruz, and Gaetz, to give us hope for a peaceful correction, then wait to crack down after 2024 is stolen.

    The crackdown now will be from Big Tech, which now fears nothing from the government they just bought. They’ll keep crushing the 1st and just count on ammo shortages by way of “Green” rules to make smokeless powder onerous to produce, or Big Finance to make running the production of arms impossible.

    Black powder is no harder to make than moonshine. It was invented by alchemical accident more than once. Flintlocks suck, but it’s better than nothing, and I can hunt with one in any season but Archery.

  54. And yes, I’m aware of the BATFE‘s interest in the subject.

  55. But, on a practical level, how do you like them/how do they shoot?

    I know I’d need powder, wadding, and balls, but do you need anything else to fire a flintlock beyond the flint? I know most modern muzzleloaders rely on percussion caps, and I think that’s going to be the regulation target if things get really serious.

  56. Dude, I’m not sure I would advise you fucking around with that shit. Unlike smokeless powder, which is flammable, but in an unconfined space merely goes *poof*, black powder is an explosive, and even when not confined goes *BOOM!!!!!!!.

  57. When I was in Yosemite there was a guy who lost his dog, also named Yosemite.

    It was pretty comical.

  58. cap and ball is a pain in the ass.
    if you’re not going with a flintlock you may as well go with an in-line – they shoot better and are easier to deal with.

    if you’re looking for end of the world no one left to mfg caps or 209 primers then flintlock is the way to go

  59. I love my flintlocks. I have hunted with the Pennsylvania rifle for many years. And I’m a real good target shot with the Kentucky pistol. With a good lock they almost never flash.

    You get used to the delay between pulling the trigger and the gun going off and you just learn to compensate for it.

  60. 1:30 mins in.

    Good movie. Extreme violence. Very weird.

  61. flint lock is truly a pain in the ass –
    if you can come up with a lifetime supply of crossbow bolts and stock up on strings/harnesses you’d be ahead with a good crossbow. you can shoot more accurately and quieter out to 70 yards withone.

    if you’re looking for any kind of accuracy and or distance with flintlock youd have to get a shutzen rig and that will be a custom build – read – expensive… and it’s still a weather dependent rig

  62. I have no intention of fucking around, I do not want to find out.

    I’ll let some guy with 8 fingers sell me powder after the world ends, I just want to be sure I have some way to use it.

    MJ, I watched Fury Road in the theater (remember those?) with wife when it premiered. My takeaways:

    1) Shiny and chrome!
    2) Max is essentially superfluous to the plot, you could almost delete him and the story changes almost not at all.
    3) Immortan Joe was the only thing holding that place together. It’ll be nothing but a damp spot of mud six months after the movie ends.

    In sad news, Billy Connolly is dying of Parkinsons.

  63. Arrows, jam. Modern crossbows fire short arrows. Bolts are basically long bullets with no fletching.

  64. arms opinion (unsolicited) – if you can only have 3 guns:
    -30-06 (can kill anything in north america , can shoot effectively out to 1000 yards – ammo is available , reloadable for a broad range of applications.
    – 12 ga slugs or shot
    – .45 1911 – easily deployed and stops shit fast within it’s effective range

    you can easily set up for reloading if you’re so inclined

    if you can only have 1:
    -12 ga – slugs or shot

  65. Use what you have to get what you lack. True now, true in the Troubles.

  66. Got all that covered already, but I’m only sitting on a few hundred rounds. Should have stocked up last January.

  67. yep you can shoot arrows thru them too.

  68. My point is that you can’t even get bolts anymore. The bows are built for arrows, right down to the groove they rest in before launch. You’d have to make a bolt yourself by ripping the fletching off and adding a blunt head if you wanted one.

  69. Is it supposed to be a prequel or something? I dunno. I’m ok with Mad Max being a supporting character.

    I like him in this movie. He’s clearly insane.

  70. I deg get the whole, ‘I am woman here me roar’ vibe of the movie but if it wasn’t pointed out to me I don’t think I would have thought the movie had some sort of message.

    I fucking hate politics.

  71. I read it as more of a side quest either after Thunderdome or between those events and Road Warrior. The whole story is only a few days’ time, so it could have happened at pretty much any point after the war.

  72. I deg get the whole, ‘I am woman here me roar’ vibe of the movie but if it wasn’t pointed out to me I don’t think I would have thought the movie had some sort of message.

    I actually didn’t get that out of it. Yes, the “brides” were basically captive sex slaves, but the autonomous women’s commune was a complete failure and they said so. There was no functional society, and the events of Fury Road don’t build one, they just break one dysfunctional society and install a new one on a model the movie already told us failed.

  73. That’s what I got out of it as well. There was no functioning society.

    They were going to try to build one with water and a few seeds but I didn’t get the sense that paradise was just over yonder.

    Just seemed like one warlord knocking off another.

  74. Not intended as an argument, but…

    a. I have hunted in the rain and snow on occasions too numerous to count – never had a misfire with antlers in my sights. It’s not that hard to keep your powder dry.

    2. Set me up a 6″ target at 200 yards and it’s toast – off-hand or bench rest. I’ve never had a live shot further than about 75 yards in Michigan. Vast majority have been under 40.

    iii One guy’s pain in the ass is another guy’s fun. I love loading them, I love shooting them, I love cleaning them, I love holding them, and I love looking at them. I even like the smell.

    Anyway, it’s just personal attraction.

    And, BTW, when you have used your last cap, (and this happened to me one weekend) that caplock is good for nothing but a club.

  75. How quickly does the flint degrade?

  76. I don’t own a muzzleloader (or any firearms or ammo or pointy objects for that matter) but my take on them is

    -easy way to extend your deer hunting season by 2-3 weeks
    -modern muzzleloaders sound more convenient than old school flintlocks
    -spear chucking might become a thing again

  77. It varies. I have some that I bought in the mid seventies that still work great. They were machined out of some kind of tight grained granite I think.

    The actual flint-flints will go hundreds of times.

    It’s the frizzen that sparks, not the flint.

    I’ve never tried it, but you could probably grab any decent stone, and as long as it will fit the jaws of the lock, it will probably spark.


  78. -spear chucking might become a thing again


  79. Spears are better for close combat than as missiles, anyhow.

  80. Riot or no riot, protest or no protest, no way in hell are they going to allow demented Biden out in public.

  81. Saw that mentioned in the ONT, Pup, thanks for the link.

  82. Check out the propaganda horseshit from an earlier breathless ‘report of The SEIGE-ELEVENTY-Psyop.
    From The Hill

    The other deaths I asked about…one was a Capital hill cop who succumbed to not specified injuries and the 3 others were from unrelated health emergencies. So does that mean they are counting all deaths in D.C. in a 24 period? Note how everyone is breathlessly parroting the 5 person death toll..of which 3 are unrelated.

  83. I don’t know why anyone reads/watches/scrolls anything. It’s all lies meant to keep your eyeballs on their product. If it’s free, you’re the product. Duh.

    Why can’t people understand this?

    People have a device in their hand all day that tells them that they’re special, beautiful, and important. And they never think that maybe, just maybe, there’s a motive for doing so.

  84. I remember asking my idiot FIL a few years back how he could possibly explain that every story about Trump on MSNBC was negative. How is it that it’s so consistent.

    He told me it was because they’re telling the truth.

    I couldn’t help it. I laughed out loud.

  85. “The Ohio Democrat said police were able to hold off the violent mob for an hour and fifteen minutes, but backup such as the National Guard did not arrive in time to prevent the crowds from overtaking law enforcement.

    Ryan said that the up to 1,500 Capitol Police present plus another 1,000 D.C. Metropolitan Police were overwhelmed by an estimated crowd of over 10,000 people.

    “These were violent people who were swinging lead pipes at cops,” Ryan said. “They were hell-bent at bum-rushing the cops.”

    Police said four people at the Capitol died, including a 12-year Air Force veteran who was shot after she tried to climb through glass broken by protesters near the House chamber.

    Top security officials have been under pressure by the security failure after Democratic and Republican lawmakers were left shell-shocked by the threat to their safety in a building considered to be impenetrable. ”

    1. 2500 cops? Those who attended the protest noted a lack of police presence.

    2. 10000 people did not bum rush anything and certainly not 2500 invisible cops.

    3. I thought D.C. cops were told to stand down, so I highly doubt 100 of them showed up.

    4. Poor widdle lawmakers so shell-shocked that noone breached the floor of the PEOPLE’S HOUSE, which usually allows people in to view their tax dollars getting pissed away.

  86. All lies.

  87. lead pipes? where do people get lead pipes now? Methinks rep ryan tells the truth as much as Schiff does.

  88. remember asking my idiot FIL a few years back how he could possibly explain that every story about Trump on MSNBC was negative. How is it that it’s so consistent.
    He told me it was because they’re telling the truth.
    I couldn’t help it. I laughed out loud.
    And this is the reason they’ll be hands off on Biden* and the Dems going forward. Because they’re truth tellers! Trump FORCED them to behave like that!

  89. There’s a lot of info out there on how they were letting people into the capitol through open doors. Perfect set up for the false flag op

  90. Trump ought to give the guy who shot Ashli a service medal so everyone knows his name. Alternatively, award her a posthumous medal. I like the second choice better

  91. Lead pipes haven’t been made in decades. Black iron or copper.

    People should hound him with PVC every time he’s in public.

  92. Just ate my second-to-last persimmon from this year’s shipment. One more sitting there. I’ve been spacing them out. I love how long they last on the countertop and just keep getting better.

  93. Jimbro, someone poated on facebook a video of one single cop talking to a group of people, who looked to be ‘protesters’, at the door of the room, I’m guessing after ‘the breach’. Noone was acting confrontational. Then the cop would ‘retreat’ a little, stop, look back and say something….the group slowly, almost looked like hesitation?, advanced behind him. Cop kept doing this…on up the stairs. It’s like he was leading them. The only other cop disappeared before the first one headed upstairs. The group wasn’t charging nor appeared angry/raging. Who was running the camera behind the cop?

    Saw another clip of people, who were let in and walking between the velvet ropes…calmly. Then other pictures of undercovers,guysinsuits, and cops, pointing their guns at doors/windows. Who was taking those pictures and why weren’t there cameras on the other side of the doors/windows?

    I smell false flag, too….especially with all the extra huffing and puffing going on.

  94. I really haven’t seen any evidence of malevolence. I have seen evidence of total stupidity. I can’t stress this enough…people who work in jobs like the secret service, capital police, etc are basically garbage humans that have clearances. They do almost nothing all the time.

    The simple explanation is that they were ready for lunch, not a protest.

    Also, I read that Chuck Schumer’s security killed the girl. Not sure if that’s true but if it is, that’ll be priceless. Gun grabbing asshole has armed security that killed an innocent woman for no reason.

  95. There are still persimmons on the tree, I really don’t know what I’m doing here. I’m a dog, not a persimmon farmer. The mocking birds peck them until they are shriveled up gunk on a stick.

  96. People have a device in their hand all day that tells them that they’re special, beautiful, and important.

    Where do I get one of these devices? It can’t be a mirror because mine cries when I look at it.

  97. Schumer’s goon? Yeah, if bitch Schumer can’t sweep it under the rug, he’ll destroy the woman’s reputation with the help of the swine media.

  98. …they are shriveled up gunk on a stick.

    Woooo, won’t touch dat.

    *snickers in my knickers*

  99. This guy has a lot of fun with The Diablo, if you have a half-hour to kill and want to see a 12-gauge pistol in the hands of a gleeful, happy, immature gun nut.

  100. I need a sign from God that he cares about us. I know, I know. God doesn’t do signs.

    But it would be nice.

    Pelosi escaping this mortal coil would do it.

  101. HOnestly, doesn’t it seem sometimes that the worst ones last forever? She probably eats the hearts of babies or something to stay alive.

  102. Why do you think they were so mad about uncovering the baby parts market?

  103. I need a sign from God that he cares about us.

    God the Father loves God the Son so fiercely that the love itself is a divine person.

    God the Son was tortured to death as a part of God the Father’s plan of salvation for all mankind.

    God loved all His martyrs. Even on the days when I faintly believe, just for a moment, that God loves me, it gives me little comfort.

  104. God put all the tools we need in our hands. It’s up to us to use them.

  105. Can someone tell me how Trump “whipped up the crowd” in DC? I honestly do not know.

  106. He gave a campaign speech. And he sort of egged on Pence to do the right thing. He also said they should march down to the capital after his speech.

    I’m pretty sure if he wanted them to kill everyone in sight they would have. But he didn’t say that so the media is pretending that he did.

  107. Facebook banned #WalkAway and it’s followers.

  108. Tommy LaSorda died, boooo!

  109. Can we stop pretending they’re not deplatoforming conservatives yet?

    It’s exhausting to keep up all the lies.

  110. I’m disgusted. Feel like I’m getting scammed in all ways by everyone about every thing. A day like this usually I’d just burn some PTO, call it a day, drive home and chill. But no vehicle or place of my own, so stuck. It’s the shit you gotta deal with when you didn’t take care of business when you should have.

    Which, at risk of repeating myself, is kind of a larger theme right now.

    Still sucks.

  111. It’s def meant to be a prequel. In Mad Max 2 he’s featured prominently with the bolt cutters and the sawed off shotgun.

  112. Sort of Mad Max was always my favourite handle at AoSHQ. Wish I would have thought of it.

  113. Ok, short story. When my sister died, she left my nephew with an expensive upper flat and an elderly mean dog. Plus, baggage of all my sister’s stuff, etc.

    Things were getting worse and worse, and in November Pat told me he wanted me to find a place for Jack to live (his landlord didn’t want to renew). You guys know the luck I had with that. Nightmare.

    Finally, last week (the 30th) I called my nephew and told him that he needs to put himself first. To work on HIMSELF. He’s gained weight and started getting late to work. I didn’t mention that stuff. Anyway, so I called him and told him he need to either put the dog down or find a rescue, and that houses were impossibly expensive and stupid. But that I had found some good apartments, adn that the quality of his life would go WAAAAY up. I found them right by where I grew up. Its VERY cool there, especially right now.

    Well, I was working on a rescue and had found one, but he found one quicker and the dog was gone yesterday. He visited one of the apartments earlier this week and just a bit ago he got approved for a lease. He called Pat, and Pat said he’s never heard him sound so happy.

    This is the place:
    The apartment building is mostly windows on the outside of the building (all windows should I say) and sits basically right downtown in a park. You can walk to the baseball stadium, greektown, river walk, etc. So while they are expensive, for a young man who needs to break out of his previous existence, I think this could be awesome.

  114. Plus, if he needs nature he can come out to our place.

  115. All windows, for your no-privacy future.

    Ignore me, I’m in a mood. Tried to price some things to replace stuff that’s wearing out and it’s all “Ships from China”. Tired of feeling like I can’t have anything nice without helping someone kick me in the face.

  116. I see Dominion sued Sidney Powell for 1.3 billion. They might not like discovery for that trial.

  117. I’m hoping it’s fair, Jay. I suspect it will not be.

    Tim, I will not ignore you. I’m looking at the same sort of problem. I think I want to minimize my wardrobe and at the same time my “light weather” shirts are almost all threadbare now. Can I even buy one made here?

  118. On this day in 1697, Thomas Aikenhead became the last man to be executed for blasphemy in the UK.

    They’re generally more subtle about it nowadays.


  120. Next to nothing gets made here anymore, and our best chance to change that just got the shaft in a screw-job Vince McMahon would probably find egregious.

  121. Thanks Jimbro.

  122. *sends Leon a bag of flaxseeds and a loom*

    Good job, Carin! That kid was mired and just needed a supportive kick in the butt from his favorite Auntie.

  123. So the editor at the Wall Street Journal thinks Trump should resign?

    At least Surber hasn’t jumped off a bridge, like a lot of others seem to be doing.

  124. I just dropped Mrs. Pupster off at the ER. Found a little hole in the wall biker bar around the corner to wait in, just had one of the best burgers of my life. Really really good. We came to this location because the hospital was advertising a 30 minute wait versus 2 hours at the closest ER. Mrs. Pupster just texted me “30 minutes my ass”. They wouldn’t let me come in with her.

  125. oh no, what happened? complications from covid?

  126. Her O level was 96% and EKG was fine so I think they plopped her at the end of the line. Waiting for blood-work and a chest x-ray.

  127. She has had a headache for two and a half weeks, bad cough, last three days breathing problems. No energy, can’t catch her breath, winded after a short walk.

  128. someone must have hammered gab. way slow today, trying to log in!

  129. So yeah if anyone has some positive things to say or link I’m all for some good news like a good cheeseburger.

  130. definitely praying for a positive outcome

  131. My friend’s mom had similar. Not bad, but around week two the cough. She just needed the good drugs, and she got better.

  132. Yep, got to go to ER for the good stuff, Urgent Care wouldn’t see her.

    The band starts at 730, Rockaholics. Looking forward.

  133. someone must have hammered gab. way slow today, trying to log in!

    Seismic events in migration to alternatives today.

  134. Our “pause” was extended to Jan 15 … but how does this sound:

    “She also added that restaurants and bars have posed challenges for contact tracers because the serve such a high-volume of people and only began collecting contact information a week prior to the shutdown. “Our tracing capabilities are underwhelming on that front, so I think that’s part of the data issue that we haven’t seen translate and that’s why we’ve continued the policy.”

    We don’t know anything, so lets continue the policy.

  135. yet no one can prove that people spread this at restaurants, bars, gyms, or church. But definitely keep them shut down!

    Barbers too!

  136. I’m housesitting for a neighbor. Their bird chomped me good. Am I going to turn into a parrot?

  137. I’m not a chicken yet.

  138. Can you imagine how funny it is when I have a “Save the Earth! Plastic is bad! Ban plastic straws!!!” person on my show and in the middle of our conversation, I point out that they walked in with water in a plastic bottle and then I show them my aluminum water bottle that I refill numerous times daily?

    It’s kind of the same feeling I get when I take calls from assholes who have been defending the “mostly peaceful protests” all year who now want to complain about what happened on Wednesday.


  139. “Anyway, it’s just personal attraction.”
    H-n-T I completely agree with you – if you like it – shoot it. if you get out this way make sure you let me know. I’ve got a couple of originals that you’d like I’m sure.
    Not sure If the blunderbuss is safe to shoot but I’ve got an original (c.1700’s) pennsylvania rifle that I’m told is a tack driver. I’d definitely let you shoot it if youre game.
    I’ve got a shitload of cap and ball stuff from the 1800’s. They’re all functional.
    On a more modern (hehe) level I’ve got a model 1888 trapdoor that’s an absolute pisser to shoot.
    I weeded out the black powder fowling pieces so no pew-pew with them. Also have a 68 surcharged charleville. That’s not one I’d want to shoot tho.

  140. Oh, yes! Please tell me more about how we should be cracking down hard on these violent protesters! I’m keen to learn!!!

  141. Btw, sorry for going off topic. Sorry. I know how that is frowned upon here…..

  142. Nice boobs for a short chick.

    Or a tall chick. Or even a normal-heighten chick.

    Overall, nice boobs.

  143. Lincoln Project is going to be making me a list of companies to support. I didn’t even ask and they’re giving me a gift!

    Maybe they aren’t so bad after all.

  144. Wiserbooty, are you still on the air?

    Is the chair against the wall?

    Use ecclesiastical latin if you need to.

  145. Hah! Jokes on you she’s a dude.

  146. Hah! Jokes on you she’s a dude.

    *reviews evidence*
    *adds Jessica to “dudes I’d totally bang” with Elliot Page*

  147. Watching the local news on mute in the biker bar earlier, headline banner (chevron?) Top: “Covid Cases Soar, but hardly any Flu cases”
    Bottom: “It shows that masks and social distancing is working!”

    Goalposts are officially over the horizon.

  148. Wiser, how did plastic and riot lovers, respond?

  149. Yea, wiser. They’re stupid hypocrites. But they appear impervious to logic so what can we do?

  150. Wonder what my neighbors will say when they come home and their bird greets them with ‘YOU LITTLE FUCKER!’

  151. This is all so predictable. The Right is running away from Trump faster than Hotspur can devour a bag of gentlemen’s sausages.

    But that’s not going to work. No one voted for a republican. They voted for Trump – and he has the hardened support of a millions of people. They’ve all forgotten that both he and they believed he could shoot someone on 5th ave and no one would give a shit.

    When precisely did they think his support evaporated. If anything, they’ve made it stronger.

  152. Here is something to cheer you miserable jerks up:

    Today when I was driving MJr to school he asked why it was raining. I told him the clouds fill up with rain and then they get to full and it all comes down. He looked at me with one of those light bulb moments and said, “THE CLOUDS ARE PEEING ON US”.

    I told him to tell that to everyone at school.

  153. That kid is going places.

  154. I told him to tell that to everyone at school

    See you in therapy.

  155. Not college, but places.

  156. Possum read for me today.

    But she still thinks her pooping flamingo toy that sings “uh oh! gotta go!” is hilarious so she still needs work.

  157. She probably eats the hearts of babies or something to stay alive.

    Pelosi Crime Family by Mr. Reagan

    Her daughter describes her this way, “She will take your head off, and you won’t know you’re bleeding.”

  158. Hospital Security here have firearms. Probably for the best.

  159. When I clicked on that video, the first ad was about babies.

  160. 5 hours. Still waiting.

  161. Oh FFS, 5 hours?

  162. How far away is that hospital from home?

  163. Pups, my neighbor had nearly the same symptoms as your wife…minus the headache. He was admitted and responded well to oxygen and steroids. Don’t think he was given anything else. Was there 4 or 5 days.
    Faceass friend similar symptoms with chest pain. Two days in hospital with oxygen, antibiotics, and antibody stuff.

  164. Oops, gotta watch for power lines…..

  165. Hahahaha, Tucker story on CNN trying to take Fox News off the air.

    News flash, Tucker. Your network isn’t the king any more. And they did it to themselves.

  166. Tucker should leave Fox, let their marketshare tank entirely, then buy the fucking network.

    But he’s too craven.

  167. it’s the golden goose.

  168. >>>> Wiser, how did plastic and riot lovers, respond?

    The ones in studio respond with a “yeah, I should do better….” kind of apology.

    The callers who have been defending the rioters all years are more and more argumentative.

    At least 4 times this week I’ve had to cut them off because the moment you attempt to engage them on this, they literally flip out.

    Everyone thinks I’m angry at them. Honestly, I find them hilariously stupid. I actually asked one of them if he was clinically insane, before I hung up on him.


  169. It’s fun when you engage people. They aren’t used to responding civilly. And you do that, not giving them a reason for anger.


    Gab describes false flag efforts at its site

    Gab and Parler are running slow tonight. Getting a lot of action following Twitter’s bonehead move to ban Trump

  171. Tucker went over that. Google took Parler off it’s app store, too.

  172. Another reason we may want to move to h3-h8: if the mothership goes down, we’re going to get boat people and need the space.

    Be nice to have more than 7 of us for Secret Santa.

  173. “asked one of them if he was clinically insane, “””
    Nice job!

  174. From Facebook

    “A candy necklace, but it’s Xanax that you bite off every time you need one. ”

    Me as a jewelry designer.

  175. So Pups had been killing time at a biker bar for 5 hours? What could go wrong?

  176. He probably turned his phone off.

  177. No, I couldn’t stay at the bar and still be able to drive Mrs. Pupster home. I was waiting in the hospital parking lot. Had to come home because my phone was almost dead and the only charger in Mrs. Pupster’s car was stupid apple shit.

    After 6.5 hours they took blood again, the first sample was mishandled. At least an hour for results, which will tell them what kind of Xray or Cat Scan to do, which I’m sure will be another couple of hours. In the “Emergency Room”.

    Fucking goddamn I’m about to go crazy on these people.

  178. She checked in at 3:07 PM EST.

  179. Prayers for the Pupsters

  180. Hospitals are like government.

  181. Apple and Google removed parler.

  182. That so sucks, pupster. I’ll stay up with yous.
    Wtf do you need blood to xray lungs for pneumonia?

  183. Thank god Obamacare fixed all the inefficiency.

    Try not to stab anyone, Pups.

  184. I think u boob knocked Bannon off.

  185. Maybe hire some bikers to back you up at the hospital and intimidate the receptionist and doctors.

  186. You guys are noobs. 3:30 on a Friday in the er? You should have known.

  187. Er Docs keep bankers hours.

  188. I’m about done with Alex‘s break. Can he come back now? Erin has some friends over from lapeer creek days and I’ve forgotten the nicknames

  189. Refrigerator is in its death throes, so Penelope is looking for a new one online. Everything is out of stock, no indication of when they will be available. She’ll probably start calling around tomorrow.

    This means we’ll have to move in the little refrigerator made in the 50s or 60s and use it for a while.

  190. Thanks for the Diablo link Jay
    Prayers for the Mrs Pups.
    buy a bottle on the way home and powerball ticks.

    I have gone through 25 emotions in the past few days. I still would move in a minute but nowhere is better, Iceland a small number of people could influence, but Ice!

    I have settled on let them.
    I think they will overextend and make fools of themselves.
    I will support anything they try to do to Trump, if they apply it to anyone who has incited anything. Barack, Maxine, Sharpton, et all.
    We could probably come up with 100 dems that have actually incited violence.

    While I think the cowards are right in condemning this violence, any and ALL violence should be condemned not only one side. When we go for 4 years of allowing violence on the left this is what you get, SO SUCK MY BIG FAT FATTY! You are 4 years late.

    I finally understand why people want to disconnect and live in a bubble. I have not been able to do it but I have pulled a few plugs and just watch car shows on Motortrend. Anything Roadkill is teh Bomb!

  191. The only way we were able to get a fridge was to take a semi-damaged one temporarily. Mostly cosmetic damage, but we needed a replacement.

    Pupster, tell Mrs. Pupster that we are praying for her quick recovery!

  192. Heavy equipment day for me, (not the kind of heavy equipment your mom craves…) Had to fuel up and add DEF to the rental dozer. While #1 Son operated that, I had to do maintenance (change filters and grease, etc.) our backhoe. I needed to make sure The backhoe was running right because the grandmother of #1 son’s friend died, and they needed #1 Son to dig the grave. #1 Son is the guy who always helps out, so he took the backhoe to the cemetery and dug the grave. I told him to cross his fingers and hope he didn’t hit an existing coffin. Evidently grave spec is 8′ x 3′ x 5′ deep here.

    While he was doing that, I was running the dozer. Fixing washed out roads and grading them smooth is challenging in a dozer.

    This is the kind of stuff that reminds me our life isn’t typical.

  193. Hope the Pupsters made it home. Last thing she’ll need with a respiratory problem is a bad night of sleep in a hospital before any care or diagnosis.

  194. Prayers up for Mrs. Pupster.

    I didn’t get a Christmas card from one of my aunts, and I didn’t really think anything of it because the post office has been focked, and I hadn’t done my post-Christmas ritual of going through the Christmas card list to see who sent cards, who didn’t, and whose address changed. My middle brother also noticed the lack of a card and decided to call. Turns out she was hospitalized for having dementia and being a danger to herself, and she was released to go home, but she has to have a family member with her 24/7. I know a lot more about Florida’s Baker Act now.

  195. Pepe,
    A few months ago, after designing a 4,000 sf subdivision (40’x100′ lots) I decided the ultimate subdivision was a cemetery. 4’x6′ lots, why doesn’t everybody do that!.

  196. ouch Romy

  197. Thinking of yous pupsterseses.
    Hi Vmax!


  198. Desiring entertainment, Ramon played.

  199. I hope Mrs. Pupster is on the mend soon. One of my female coworkers had a similarly bad bout of covid with the persistent exhaustion and had to be hospitalized a few days.

  200. Anybody on Parler? Give me your profile name, I’m joining.

  201. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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