Piss off!

This encapsulates my feelings upon reading the news. Sorry Alabama, you got caught in the crossfire of this momentous poat.

Feel free to push this down.


Cercle is a production company that takes famous DJs to amazing locations to play a set. Generally they do so at nighttime so the sun sets during the production. This is one of my favs. It’s boring in the sense that there’s no crowd, and the music often reminds me of what you might hear in a movie. A sad movie. I find it to be good background music if I’m working on something where I need the mood to be reflective or contemplative. Christian Loeffler is a musical genius and he’s a pretty cool guy to boot.

I sleepy.

This is Christine de Witte. She lives in Belgium and spins something called ‘Dark House’. I like if I’m sorta pissed or need to do work quickly. Also good for spin if you like that sort of thing. The beat is perfect, goes for hours, and you can just sort of get hypnotized by it. Lose your mind a bit and bag some miles.

I am cute

Adriatique is a duo from Geneva so they are very cultured and both named Adrien. You have to be cultured and named Adrien to be from Geneva. It’s a rule. The music is more straight house, what you’d expect to hear in a club that only allows cultured people in, preferably named Adrien. They’ll settle for Adrienne or Adriana on a slow night. The location for this set is the famed Alpe d’Huez which is the mountain that crushes men’s souls in the Tour de France. It’s impossible to relate how awful it is to climb for 45 mins at an average grade of 8%. Ouch.

Very sci fi. At 1:14 Adrien taps Adrien and they both enjoy the sunset, which is very cultured.

Carl Cox has been DJing for so long, and with such a strong following that he’s been able to invest in a Formula One team. I think this is something like his 45th year, although it’s hard to tall cuz black don’t crack. Carl the King looks like he might be 30 but he’s pushing 60 – which is great. Sometimes I just like to watch him dance around in his weirdly hypnotic way. Above all, Carl Cox has fun and he embodies the idea of house music, which is to dance, lose yourself, and wonder why the sun is coming up. Where did all the time go?

Carl Cox likes house music, racing cars, and food.

Black Coffee is an DJ that spins really interesting house music but has started to incorporate a newer genre called AfroHouse. I guess there’s a fairly burgeoning house scene in Africa and some of the music is really, really good. You definitely get a tribal feel form it – lots of heavy drums and complex rhythms. I was reading a bit about Mr Coffee and apparently his left arm was pretty much smashed in an accident and up until recently he would place his hand in his pocket inside of a hoodie or something because he was so self conscious of it. We all have our hang ups, regardless of how what other’s perceive. I’m glad he’s over it.

Geek Sheik

Lastly, if you skip to 4:11 in this video, you can see me hanging out with all of the cool young people. The comments are absolutely hysterical btw. I’m a good dancer!

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

There’s no evidence of voter fraud.


  1. Do you mind if I add to it?

  2. Roamy must be busy.

    Or having the breakfast of champions: bourbon and nails.

  3. hell no, add away! consider it venting.

  4. Willowed:

    The violence from the left will stop, you mean.

    75M people were just disenfranchised and then forcefully told that they’d never get it back. It won’t be me doing it, but there are going to be some who’ve lost everything in the Lockdowns and now their most sacred right as citizens who decide to Make It Burn.

    Even if there aren’t, the FIB will invent them for the desired crackdowns. I expect Kumala to ascend by way of a false flag op to remove Buyden and the 2nd amm in one fell swoop. China needs us disarmed, and they’ll do what they feel is expedient.


    And I was wrong. The violence from the left won’t stop, it will move into the category of officially government-sanctioned instead of unofficial. Communist revolutions need lots of skulls.

  5. Sorry, I’m venting. I’m stuck in Program Increment Planning, where a bunch of nitwits figure out what to pretend to do for the next 12 weeks while passing the buck to the 20% of staff who actually get things done.

  6. … and I killed it. Sorry again.

  7. oh you didn’t kill it. no one is up.

  8. Puh, puh, pa puh pa purge, purge. Purge us the word. Puh puh puh pa purge purge purge, purge is the word, well everybody’s heard about da word. Puh puh puh pa puh purge purge purge purge is da word.

  9. Pretty spot on

  10. WTF MJ?

  11. Sanctioned violence. Hmmm.

    Interesting idea.

  12. I dunno. I just thought we needed something less upsetting today.

    At least to me.

  13. MJ wrote after the the Nov. election to not worry about what you can’t control. I’ve been trying real hard to do that, but mostly failing. I’ve mostly stopped listening to the news, it’s too depressing. The next 2 years is going to be interesting. The democrats have gone crazy, but maybe we can get a purge that is needed of the Republicans to get rid of the old guard. McConnell and his ilk has been stabbing Trump in the back the last 4 years. They need to go.

  14. I’ve stopped listening too, Thermy. I’ve unfriended a lot of people crowing about this, just can’t listen to it.

  15. GND is way more worried about things than I am. It’s pretty interesting to see actually.

    The college thing REALLY gets her. Worked her ass off through college so she wouldn’t accumulate debt. Went to a state school when she could have def gone somewhere more expensive. Hard choices for an 18 year old with a drug addict dad and an alcoholic mom.

    And now she’ll be paying for it anyway.

    The futility of it all.

  16. I’m going to have to put in a lot of time securing the perimeter here on the farm. I won’t be able to fully enclose it because the easement/east field will always need at least gated access to the power poles, but I should be able to put in a fence around the whole thing, and a living barrier (juniper, cedar, or forsythia) to the herbicides and pesticides used by the farm to my north. I’m planning to move livestock in a small, electrified paddock, but a wire fence at the perimeter is a necessary backstop.

    I’m going to have to force myself to do this, so I’m toying with the idea of not buying any food for myself going forward. I’ve got a few hundred pounds of meat in the freezers, so I’ve got some lead time, but I think that’s the right motivator for getting myself set up to only buy live animals, seeds, and plant starts going forward.

  17. I’ve mostly stopped listening to the news, it’s too depressing.
    Same. Following the Fox early call of AZ I stopped Fox cold turkey and stopped local news as well when it became obvious it was only nonstop pandemic porn.

  18. And now she’ll be paying for it anyway.

    I have also considered dropping my taxable income to basically poverty levels so at least they aren’t getting anything out of me. The trick is doing that while also stashing wealth for the daughter and for retirement. I don’t know what the world is going to look like in 13 years when she’s going to be looking to go elsewhere, or how best to invest for her. Part of me thinks I should just buy her precious metals and bury them in the field rather than count on $$ in a money market account.

  19. I’ve not seen anything on FOX since the election night too. Well, maybe a clip or two of Tucker on YouTube. I’m trying to move to Rumble, but there just isn’t enough content there yet.

  20. Listening to Wiser’s ghost on the Ouija board

  21. Just checked the attendance reqs for the local Greek Orthodox church in case they had a school Possum could attend.

    Anyone thinking the OrthoBros are less cucked than Catholics is fooling themselves.

  22. Yeah, Rumble sends an email or two daily and I watch/listen to the Bongino Show every now and then. He’s excellent. Most of the content on Rumble is at the level of early social media with fascinating dog and cat videos

  23. Save something for Thursday’s.

  24. Can’t go wrong with a little PM investment as physical silver or gold. Buying a little at a time on a consistent basis is a good strategy to avoid the highs and lows although they’re currently at a high.

  25. Rumble doesn’t appear to have a lot of homesteading/gardening content yet. If they don’t censor animal harvesting like yooboob, I sense an opportunity.

  26. Put all of your money into forever stamps.

  27. i was willing to forgive the AZ call, but when Cavuto cut the McEnany press conference that was when I quit.

  28. I haven’t seen Fox news since election night. I only watched Tucker anyway, but he can piss off as well.

  29. Ahh, the mysterious middle of the night vote spike is back!

    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.
    There’s no evidence of voter fraud.

  30. √ 13 supreme court judges
    √ DC statehood (What will they name it? Columbia? I don’t think.)
    √ Puerto Rico statehood
    √ Forgiven student loan debt
    √ Reparations
    √ Amnesty
    √ Open borders
    √ Defund police
    √ “Assault” weapons ban (again)
    √ Ammo registration
    √ Forced gender pronouns
    √ Universal mask regulations and group gathering prohibitions

    Add your favorite causes.

  31. Added to post.

  32. I think Hotspur just started tomorrows poat.

  33. Fucking Georgia thieves.

  34. Well the Ga GOP is run by people Perdue put into place and he/they allowed Dems to get away with it. Hopefully this will be the end of his influence and some competent people will take over. However, the GOP is the stupid party.

  35. Add your favorite causes.
    Truth and Reconciliation Commissions

  36. Why did they allow the midnight spike AGAIN?

  37. My panic rifle purchase was smart. I wish is was superfluous.

  38. The dropped DeKalb and Fulton county last. What a joke.

    It’s just so odd to watch this methodology get copied from PA, MI, WI, etc.

    They hold the vote totals then BANG drop them all at once.

  39. Add your favorite causes.
    National commission for fair speech codes. (to go with Jimbro’s)

  40. They are saying that to cover up the real spike, MJ.

  41. Add you favorite causes.

    _ _

    Ban fossil fuels. For the children.

  42. Add you favorite causes.

    _ _

    Modern Monetary Theory as the basis for our economy.

  43. BTW, hope Pat and Pay are doing ok today. We need their combined incomes for the upcoming tax hikes.

  44. Car in isn’t carrying her weight, with that dead end restaurant job.

    Restaurants. Remember those?

  45. Hate speech. That’ll happen and be used to tear down blogs, right leaning media outlets, etc.

    I’ll die laughing when they go after Jonah Goldberg

  46. He’ll be shocked.

  47. There will still be restaurants. All takeout. UberEats.

  48. Demolition Man was a documentary. All restaurants are Taco Bell.

  49. Yesterday a colleague was in my office going over a case I wanted him to do one one of my patients. It was early and the door was closed. I don’t wear my chin diaper unless I’m in the hallway. After our surgical discussion, I think prompted by my lack of a mask, he segued into a discussion about the vaccine. Short story: he’s a proponent of ending the government mandated restrictions on society and targeted vaccination of vulnerable people while allowing everyone else to get the Rona if they’re going to get it. The thought that it will be a year or two before some pencil neck at the CDC says we’ve achieved “herd immunity” is disturbing to him. It was a strange and hush hush conversation and I felt like I had to reassure him I was on the same page. We left it at “Spread the word”.

    This morning I had a dental cleaning. I’ve had the same dentist and hygienist for close to 20 years and I’ve seen both their now adult kids for various things way back. Anyway, the hygienist got me in the chair and made some small talk while she was prepping her instruments. It soon became apparent she was a Trump voter without coming right out and saying it. All the crap she has to go through to do her job is crazy. I really have no idea how they’re making money with all the equipment they need just to clean one guy’s tooth. She was very in tune with all the small businesses suffering through the shutdown.

    The people are becoming increasingly restless

  50. That’s the weird thing Jimbro. You can’t tell me that over half the population isn’t really upset about a great number of things. And yet the media, etc, powers-that-be are able to suppress all of it.

  51. Nice.

    Trump said he’d never concede. Ever.

  52. For every voter that hates the control there’s a voter that loves it.

    I can’t tell you how many people I know behave exactly like the governors telling you to stay home while vacationing in Mexico.

    They show up without a mask in a crowd and tell you we need a mask mandate. They travel extensively. They go out to dinner. But they tell you that its dangerous if you do it.


  53. Rules are for the dumb people. Everyone else. They do thinks right so they deserve more freedom.

  54. LOL

    We’re leading in PA, MI, WI, by hundred thousands of votes late into the night and then this BULLSHIT happens.

  55. Whoever is tweeting from H2 twitter is blaming Trump for this. andy?

  56. Dana Loesch is blaming him too.

  57. I’ve wondered who is in control of the H2 twitter account.

  58. Biden taps Merrick Garland for Attorney General

    More unity.

  59. Trump said he’d never concede. Ever.

    This should be a good time. Capitol police are gonna taze him in the nuts.

  60. Twitter and Facebook will ban him the minute he is out of office.

    And he will be out of office. Jan 20. no way he stay now. Why would he want to?

  61. I’ve wondered who is in control of the H2 twitter account.

    It’s Andy, or Sean, I’m pretty sure.

  62. I can feel the healing begin.

  63. I always thought it was Andy

  64. Paige owns a PR firm, for progressives. She has deleted that tweet, because she is bad at her job and forgot the internet is forever.

  65. She’ll look good in somebody’s crosshairs.

  66. I guess she’d hate it if I put it up on facebook too?

  67. Huh. Surprised there are no comments about my sub genres of house music.

    I guess I’ll wait for you guys to watch all 7 hours and then we’ll talk about it.

  68. I took no conceding as never admitting he lost, not trying to stay in power.

    Although he was giving Pence and Congress bigly pressure to step in.

  69. Member when I said the Indians really like to squeeze the fruit before they buy?

    Just found out that the 5th and 6th interviews are just a cutoff.

    There’s a 7th and 8th interview, potentially. What a colossal waste of time.

  70. Been on meetings all day and haven’t been able to listen.

    I’m not planning to, or anything, but I have a very good excuse.

  71. Everything is Theatre.

    Nothing is real anymore.

  72. Straight from the horse’s mouth

  73. well, so much for no violence

    guess it’s just too much now.

  74. Other than the bitter feeling of being cheated, in actual fact our lives will be not much different materially going forward. Yeah we’ll see shit in the news that make us mad or sad, but our day to day lives won’t be much different.

    Maybe some day the masks and isolation will ease up, but that’s about it.

  75. hope you’re right, but I don’t think so. This time they are really gonna change things for the worse.

  76. one good thing: we smoked out a bunch of fakers from the conservatives. always good to clean house.

  77. And we gain some good ones: Vernon Jones changes party affiliation to Republican

  78. They want you depressed.
    They want you despairing.
    They want you to think you’re alone.
    They want you to think you’re powerless.
    They want you to think you’re beaten.
    They want you to think you have no other options.
    They want those things because they know what happens otherwise.

    It is very, very hard for me. I know what I want to say. I know what needs to be laid out, clearly, point by point. I know what needs to be done, the plans I pray someone’s been making long before now, the preparations that needed to start a decade or more ago.

    But they are listening. And if we speak in the clear, they beat us down.

    I hope I don’t need to tell you where it needs to go from here.

    But this is the last I’ll speak of it for now, and it’s probably best that way.

  79. all the never trumpers are saying mcconnell gave the greatest speech of his life.

    Ryan Saavedra did too, seems like an outlier

  80. hmm, are we sure the rioters aren’t antifa posing as trump supporters? They’ve done it before.

  81. Seriously, what will change?

    Will my clients quit building buildings?
    Will I still be able to buy gas?
    Toilet paper?

    It would be nice to go out to restaurants again.

    But my boat will still be there, and my house and yard are pretty darn nice, so in the big picture none of this hand-wringing and awfulizing are worth the negative vibes.

  82. hmm, are we sure the rioters aren’t antifa posing as trump supporters?

    Should the time come when people with whom I’d happily share a drink with riot, assuming it hasn’t, I surely hope that the tactic won’t be lost on those fine folks. Antifa made their uniforms pretty easy to mimic.

  83. when the economy shrinks because of their idiotic policies, less clients will build buildings. I’m in construction too, it will go down, because less money.

    Gas will cost more. Food will cost more.

    And restaurants will go out of business because no one will stand up to idiot Buyden and lockdowns.

    So yeah, things will change.

  84. Capital on lockdown.

  85. Then come the foreign conflicts.

  86. Will my clients quit building buildings?
    Will I still be able to buy gas?
    Toilet paper?

    Venezuelans went from wealthy to eating zoo animals in less than 10 years.

  87. Hotspur – we’re going to have to have a little conversation about your guns, too.

  88. Dems had a supermajority in 2008. So theres that.

  89. I’ll still love ya Hotspur after we purge you from the blog.

    *ppssssttt don’t tell Hotspur we’re all at the H3 now

  90. Cigars are only for Party Members.

    Have some cockroach milk.

  91. All of my guns were lost when we moved.


    Even the new one. It was lost last weekend at the lake.

  92. Glenn Beck’s Twitter motto nails it:

    Journalism is printing something that someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.

    Some say it’s Orwell. Randolph Hearst also said:

    “News is something somebody doesn’t want printed; all else is advertising.”

  93. Pictures are pretty amazing. They’re climbing the walls

  94. Comment by Hotspur on January 6, 2021 2:05 pm
    Seriously, what will change?


    Well, over 40% of all the money ever “printed” occurred in the last 11 months. I don’t see it getting any better, and probably much, much worse. Those hard earned $ you saved will be worthless.

  95. Police are putting on riot gear

  96. Venezuelans went from wealthy to eating zoo animals in less than 10 years.

    In ten years I’ll be 82. Most likely dead.

  97. well then life will change quite a bit for you, contrary to your prior statement

  98. Oh hotspur, that’s cute. But after 75 or so … unless your a politician …

  99. My daughter will be 15, MJr will be 14 or so.

    Anything in my power that can be done to keep them from competing for scraps of anteater is a moral obligation.

  100. And, as I mentioned earlier, awfulizing isn’t worth it. Even if all of my checkmarks posted earlier happen, we aren’t going to be Venezuela, and my money will still buy me the things I need. My clientele is not really affected by the economy all that much. I’ve lived through lots of recessions in 72 years. We always came through despite everyone saying it’s the end of the world.

    Society is transforming before our eyes, but in the long run it doesn’t affect me day to day.

  101. Next we should storm the media.

  102. Wow. Congressman from Florida saying they were debating in the floor and the process bla bla bla.

    YOUR FUCKING PROCESS DOESNT WORK. The rules are against we the people.

  103. Sales Dog: Hey Pup, did you see the news? Trump supporters stormed the Capital building!

    Pup: Good.

    *End of conversation*

  104. This entire event should be evaluated and explained to those who don’t get it. The media and elected politicians should play very close attention.

    This isn’t a threat. We’re saying that your process SUCKS. So we need to go alone to get along while they steal an election and tell us to suck it quietly.

  105. Chris Wallace is very disturbed and hopes to never see this unseemly behavior again.

  106. Kurt Schlichter
    Man, I keep looking for footage of burning cars or looted businesses and I just don’t see it, but it is the worst thing ever was accordingly to my media betters.

  107. Chris Wallace needs a more visceral experience of unseemly behavior.

    I don’t think he really groks it yet.

  108. Agreed. Add in most of the fox news staff.

  109. How dare we threaten the safety of those ruining our country?

  110. Will my clients quit building buildings?
    Will I still be able to buy gas?
    Toilet paper?
    I just discovered my go to pipe company will no longer ship pipe tobacco to Maine. I bought a Peterson Christmas pipe in November (yes, “Christmas pipes” are a thing) and it came with a free tin of pipe tobacco. In December there was a sale on MacBaren tobacco and I ordered a couple of tins. Nope. Not allowed to ship to Maine any longer. I contacted customer service thinking there was a mistake but they confirmed it. I’ve got more than enough to last a good long while before I make a trip to New Hampshire.

    That has nothing to do with Biden* and everything to do with Democrat Governor Janet Mills wanting to make her constituents pay more tax on loose “pipe” tobacco that was being rolled to make cigarettes to skirt the cigarette tax.

  111. Bahaaaa haaaaaaa :fat man moore:

    “Trump terrorist mob has now entered and taken over Senate chamber. Glass on doors to House chamber broken. I am communicating with a Member who is inside and taking cover. One thing seems clear: This isn’t random. It was planned. No police presence to stop it.The coup is underway

  112. Pup: Good.

    *End of conversation*


    didn’t want this to go uncommented

  113. good lord, there’s cops everywhere in the videos.

    drama queen much, fatass moore?

    FPOS In Name Only

  114. Anyone getting Jimbro for Secret Santa this year has a massive hint up yonder.

  115. THEY WERE GOING THROUGH THE PROCESS. they were giving speeches. how could these rabble rousers have interrupted that? Have they no respect?

  116. The media is acting as if they speeches that were being given MEAN anything.

  117. Elijah Shaffer was in Nancy Pelosi’s office

    They couldn’t even shut down their computers, it was so quick! The horror!

  118. still not seeing any fires

  119. Anyone getting Jimbro for Secret Santa this year has a massive hint up yonder.

    Oh sure, like we’re having Christmas. There’s COVID to worry about, and this administration is taking it SERIOUSLY!

  120. Second cow-orker “Hey Pup, did you see the news? Bunch of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building!”

    “Good. Let me know when they start decorating the light-poles.”

    *stunned silence*

    Maybe you shouldn’t talk to me about current events.

  121. “Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Wednesday afternoon that she was instituting a citywide curfew for the entire city at 6:00 in response to Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building, which forced an evacuation while forcing others to shelter in place,” The Daily Wire reported Wednesday.

    It was 10pm when they were burning shit they didn’t care about.

  122. I heart pupster.

  123. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi is reportedly in a safe location.

  124. Friend tells me that a Trump supporter has been taken down (shot and killed) by capital police . Early report so we have to wait.

    So … we see … protests of patriots are handled a little differently from antifa and BLM riots.

  125. Nice picture:


  126. COmpare and contrast that picture with any of the MILLIONS of pictures from the protest over the summer.

  127. I heard someone was shot. There’s a picture of Jeremiah Johnson lookalike in the senate chamber.

  128. still no fires

  129. worst coup ever!

  130. Trump is merely setting the tone for political discourse going forward

    Complete amnesia by the Democrat Media Complex of the last 4+ years

  131. The coup was early in the morning on Nov 4, 2020.

    This is the Counter Coup, which may or may not also be the Electric Boogaloo.

    Shabba Doo, pray for us.

  132. This is possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in ages

    Florida Man, has to be.

  133. cop, right there, fatass moore

    And now Capitol police can use live ammo on a protestor, unlike the invasion of the federal building in Portland, where it was full of “war crimes”.

  134. How long have those “protesters” been camped out in Layfayette Park? 4 years?


  135. Great plan.


  136. Portland OR, they attacked a federal building, which is why Trump sent federal officers there. no live ammo.

  137. They killed a young woman.

    Some FPOS (you know this will be true) killed a young, beautiful woman for no reason at all.

    Hoo boy. Gonna get sporty.

  138. Martyr?

  139. I forgot to mention she was unarmed.

    The cop will probably be promoted.

  140. I wonder if she’ll get a gold and glass horse drawn hearse?

    Nah. The feds will probably destroy her families’ life. I’m sure the media is already working on it.

  141. So, quick review for all the pearl-clutching republicans, media, Juan Williams and all democrats:

    The only violence that occurred was a woman who was shot for breaking a window.

  142. Donna Brazille is calling it an insurrection.

  143. well well well. Will you look at who was at a BLM protest in AZ?

  144. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  145. So glad they take seriously keeping our capital safe. The rest of America can go fuck themselves.

  146. I’m not a big twitter person, but I just went though and unfollowed a whole bunch of people.

  147. I’m the only employee that knew why we were on Riot Protocol this AM. OSO “80 million Americans are pissed off about being disenfranchised”.

  148. I stepped away from the internet for a while. Did I miss anything?

    Don’t answer that. I’m stepping away again. I just ran a mile in 6:33. That number is moving in the right direction, but my all-time best is 6:00 even, so I’m not there yet.

  149. Running a mile? all in a row?

  150. I was going for 1.5 miles, made it to 1.25 and had to tap out. I’ll hit the distance next time.

  151. Nice pace!

  152. You can be on my ragnar team.

  153. Ethan’s been working on 3 miles under 18. He did 17:42 or something.

  154. I’m going to have to unfollow the H2 twitter account.

  155. David Burge. Unfollowed.

  156. the h2 account is retweeing Gab, for …. craps sake.

  157. I did a Ragnar, that was probably 2012 or so. My wife’s cousin worked for the company so we got in for free. It was a blast. I got some yellow soap and wrote “FBI Undercover Surveillance Vehicle” on the sides. It was hilarious until after the race and I went to drop off some of the team members in some seedier parts of town and i got some looks.

  158. This is it:

    Instead, the House should impeach Trump for inciting this attack on Congress and the Senate should convict and remove him for it.

  159. Ethan is more of a man than I’ll ever be.

    In my defense, I didn’t start running or exercising at all until I was in my thirties. But I could crush it in Super MarioKart.

  160. h2 and gab are buddies

  161. what did Iowahawk do?

  162. David Burge is Iowahawk, right? That dude is hilarious.

    I read a couple headlines about the capitol, shrugged, decided I don’t care even a little bit. I’m sad to hear about the woman who was shot, regardless of who she was or why she was there.

  163. His comment irritated me. Yes, he can be hilarious. But he’s a never trumper.

  164. And I’m NOT a TRUMP LOVER. I’m just sick of the lies. That man was a better president than any other in my adult life. Is he prefect? No. But he kept us safe, and was good for the economy. Everything else is hateful deranged bullshit. I could give a crap if he’s taste in furniture is gaudy or he has a womanizer history (no man is innocent of that behavior- NONE, sorry , if you had an opportunity, you probably would have had a bit of fun at some point). All that NOISE. What did all these never trumpers do for us? Did they find us a better candidate, or did they think that JEB! would be “good enough”?

    Fuck all that. I’m too irritated right now to listen to it.

  165. I’m losing respect for quite a few people being gleeful over illegitimate election results. Gleeful over judges afraid to hold hearings. Gleeful about the Swamp protecting truly evil people. Pedophiles. Human trafficking.

  166. That man was a better president than any other in my adult life. Is he prefect? No. But he kept us safe, and was good for the economy. Everything else is hateful deranged bullshit
    He played politics the way the Dems and media played it.

    You’re insulting me? Fuck you pussy!

    GOP is the party of graceful losers and shrinking violets who fold at the first hint of a racism accusation

  167. If that bit of crisis theater is a “coup”, it’s the most half-assed coup I’ve heard of in a long time.

    I smell a false flag.

  168. (Imgur Video)

  169. I’m sleepy.

    (Imgur Video)

  170. It’s not about Trump the man, and never was. It’s always been about somebody who finally did the job we sent him to do- the job he promised to do, unlike the Failure Theater crowd in DC. I hate this, but it looks like the national divorce is really happening now. I’m sick all day reading about this stuff.

  171. I’m ready to sacrifice my 401K for every single fucking Biden voter in my family to lose their money. Starting with my mom.

  172. It’s a National Divorce if we’re lucky. The globalists really, really don’t want to give up the hostages (small h) anytime soon.

    If it was just Proud Boys on one side and Pantifa on the other, we could probably meet and divide lands and wave over the fence. It isn’t. It’s a new oligarchy that needs a peasant class, at least until the robots are ready to replace us.

  173. I’m ready to sacrifice my 401K for every single fucking Biden voter in my family to lose their money. Starting with my mom.

    Um…. gimme like, a couple of weeks before that trigger gets pulled.

    Seriously, though, I might just pull it out now and take the tax hit. Pay off the mortgage, plow the rest into assets and infrastructure, and keep my income at the poverty line or in the red (on paper) in perpetuity.

  174. Tomorrow I will make bread and soup, share with my family and my friend, and try to live the best life I can for as long as possible.

  175. Is there anything that Trump can’t do?

    He caused the riots this summer and the Jan 6 riots.

  176. Leon, You have until the 20th. I’m worried about “Cyprus”. Trying to get Dan to move most of our money out of our “IRS” account. I won’t be taking the vaccine. Hotel chains and airlines talking about vaccine proof for travel. RV shopping. Lauraw, at least you are making bread for your soup!

  177. MJ, he can’t tweet for 12 hours.

  178. Urrgh. Eye twitching at the sanctimonious stupidity on Facebook. I can’t respond because I do business there, but the stupidity is strong in some people.

  179. SToopid Abbott! I don’t want to move to FL. NV is full of Californians rooting for state income tax.

  180. Sobek, Mesa lives in MT

  181. Oso, do you know where?

  182. so, attacking main street businesses, and homes, ok.

    attack federal buildings, and the police emerge. only in DC though, Portland is ok to attack.

    Tucker saying it’s supporters of the president

  183. Scott?

    (Imgur Video with Sound)

  184. I’ve been thinking about this quote from A Man For All Seasons: “WILLIAM ROPER: So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law!

    SIR THOMAS MORE: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?

    ROPER: I’d cut down every law in England to do that!

    MORE: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!”

    This summarizes my thinking about the past four years. Everyone who was willing to trash everything for the noble goal of getting the hated Trump, what is left to you now? You burned down the house because you don’t like Trump, but now where will you live?

    But I don’t think these questions mean anything, because too many people actually just wanted the house gone even without the Trump administration, so an appeal to this kind of thinking would be meaningless. Too many people just hate America, and don’t realize or care about how much suffering will happen when she falls. Cutting down the laws to get at “the devil” is a feature, not a bug.

  185. Tucker is spot on. We should rescue him from Fox

  186. Sobek, his face borg says “Belgrade”.

  187. Tucker can post on the weekends if he wants.

  188. Really getting tired of all the politicians and pundits shocked by this violence. You’ve demonstrated for 9 months that it’s okay to riot, nobody gets punished. You can burn down buildings and judges will just release you with no penalty. What did they think would happen? Idiots.

    Although it looks like several of the worst rioters were Antics types with Trump hats. Probably not too many Trump supporters with commie tats.

  189. Oh, buddy’s test was negative. Back to normal tomorrow, or what passes these days anyhoo.

  190. Belgrade isn’t that far from me. About two hours.

  191. One of my best friends has Covid. She was at my super spreader event. But didn’t get sick until three days later. And she’s barely sick.

  192. has anyone else got tested?

  193. Oh no.

    There goes Tokyo.

  194. Mom got tested. Ghonnorhea.

  195. I thought we were supposed to be more like Tokyo

  196. I’ve also been thinking about John Milton’s devil, who would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven. Better to be president of the smoking rubble of a once-great nation than get a job in a prosperous one.

    There are a lot of very very evil countries out there that are just rooting for more casualties. And one of them – China – owns the president and couldn’t be happier.

  197. No one else is sick. I ain’t getting tested.

  198. Gretchen is going to drain your lake.

  199. Elijah Shaffer is saying this was Trump supporters. So its on us.

  200. Big Sky area. I sent out a Mesa signal.

  201. Waiting for this week’s test result. Lost two more former CoWs. Fat Hispanics. Sketchy story from a CoW. His grandfather on vent for 2 months. Pneumonia. Tested positive for the Rona last week. After being in the hospital for two months. No DNR. Daughter is a nurse. Hospital wanted to pull the plug. She refused to allow the forced DNR. Fought the hospital. Fought every point they raised. Goes home. Father had a heart attack that very night with no symptoms other than being in ICU.

  202. Warpigs is running through me head.

    Generals gathered in their maaaaaaassses..

  203. DFC Burn the MF down

  204. Our Republic is done. There is no unity. I’m Team HS. I’m ok. Fuck y’all. I bet RVs will be controlled next. I’ll be illegally visiting you guys soon.

  205. Gaetz is really good.

  206. I emerged from the clean room, sat down at my desk to eat lunch and answer email, and said out loud WTF. It’s been a stupid day all around. Sorry I didn’t get HHD done. Haven’t been able to look at the news again since lunchtime, so I’m way behind.

    Co-worker is afraid of covid but wants to be an astronaut. I have no idea if my thoughts were showing in my face (mask might be a good thing here) but a healthy 30-year-old has a lot higher risk of death in spaceships than a bad cold.

    Family member announced that she is now a life coach and needs to have so many clients to be certified. I looked up the school she is getting her certification from, looks like she’s paying $13K tuition for this bullshit. Wonder if she thinks Biden will pay it for her.

    On the positive side, I edjimacated a couple of junior engineers on ASTM specs, solar spectrums, and my favorite work toys, measured some hardware, and they actually said thank you.

  207. They deliberately left Pelosi’s computer unlocked. Ctrl-Alt-Del, Enter, done. I would get written up as a security hazard if I left my desk with the computer unlocked.

  208. Egg nog ice cream is for closers. Fuck you guys and election fraud

  209. Y’all, I’m in no condition for the shit that’s coming.

    Tryin’ to stay firm, but I can’t even stand up to my own voices.

    Fuck this world.

  210. 47 GOP house members say AZ votes are a-ok.

  211. Collins, 60 lawsuits have been rejected. Certify the results.

    Thanks Susan.

  212. meh, turning this off, and going to bed. Time to get to work again.

  213. Slush needs to slush.

  214. Young lady murdered in The Peoples House today was a 14 year Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbit…


    Billy Bagpipes is between gigs. Maybe he can defend the LEO that killed her ‘Pro Bono’, like he defended Lon Horiuchi when he murdered Vicki Weaver.

  215. Do all these other Republicans think their seats are going to be safe with all this blatant in-your-face cheating ?

  216. Jack Posobiec Flag of United States
    Twitter has removed several Erick Erickson tweets that called for police to open fire on the crowd

  217. Giving up on the news and watching Battlebots. Muting people left and right on FB and Twitter.

  218. Annnnnd I was just called a teabagger by a family member. Hope you get what you voted for, good and hard, and don’t ask me for help.

  219. Showed Mr. B the GA fraud spike graph and whispered…’Repeat after me…there is no voter fraud…there is no voter fraud.’

    That will be one sort of positive thing I will enjoy in the foreseeable future whenever the screws are turned…to rub it in the faces of Biden and NeverTrumper’s faces or those who think there are too many safeguards to prevent the corrupt, corrupting.

  220. Annnnnd I was just called a teabagger by a family member. Hope you get what you voted for, good and hard,

    Oh please tell me you told them that with a complimentary GFY.
    Srsly, that is effing rude to say you like gay balls on your face.

  221. She would probably say something about my white privilege then.

    I don’t have egg nog ice cream, but I do have these weird ice cream bits wrapped in dough. Moshi or something like that.

  222. Why does this dog eat acorns? I walked Mini-me’s boyfriend’s dog so he’d have one last pee before bedtime, and he was trying to eat acorns instead of doing his bidness. (Boyfriend is in MO, in case you are wondering why he’s not walking his own dog.)

  223. Is the dog young? Our dog just turned a year and a half and has finally stopped trying to put every leaf and piece of plastic in her mouth on a walk. I figure they are like babies and everything has to go in the mouth for awhile.

  224. So has the Reichstag Fire been lit yet?

  225. Screw it – ever since the steal, I have been going back and rereading all of the trashy romance novels of my younger years, escaping into the historical fantasy world of virile men seducing young virgins with a happily ever after ending.

    Paul has been REALLY happy the past few weeks…..

  226. Damage endured reduces pride.

  227. Pence is a worm, like the rest of them.

  228. Anyone who thinks this shit was done by Conservatives is a dumbass.

  229. What’s wrong with being a teabagger? Better than being a lefty.

  230. Pence told Trump it was a go, that’s why he was in his office, that’s what this was all about. Pence lied to Trump’s face.

  231. Alrighty then, I have to think about the future. Not caring about politics. Protecting my own (income, family, lifestyle).

    Voting appears to be for suckers. Trump was the greatest President in our lifetime because he wasn’t a politician. Politicians are self-serving.

    I’m marginally glad I live in FL with the governor we have. But really, now that cheating is rubber-stamped, well, I don’t know.

  232. What the flying fuck is with that video up top?

  233. It will be interesting to hear all the calls for “Unity” from the assholes who have spent the last 4+ years demonizing any conservative person, thought or idea. If you don’t embrace the unity you will be a problem to be dealt with rather than principled resistance to a tyrannical regime.

    BTW, Beto wants your AR15 …

    KILL COMMIES indeed

  234. All your comments Mare, I agree. It will be interesting to see how things shake out in the next month or two. I mean, the inauguration is the 20th I think, and Joe’s minders will at least try to put on a happy face of unity before enacting their planned agenda.

    I think the events of yesterday handed the media democrat complex the ammo they needed to permanently keep Trump from the presidency again. I might be wrong, I have been once or twice before. My only question about the certification of Biden* being official is whether Trump releases dirt from the archives or keeps it as a security measure from Swamp persecution. Hopefully a little bit of both. I’d love the corruption to be exposed in a wide open fashion as well as Trump holding a … trump card to deploy if needed in the future.

  235. I know MJ disagreed with the notion that Trump has or would deploy a secret trove of dirt on other politicians. I guess I remain hopeful that he does. His personal and political survival may well depend on it.

    The Secret Service will have a tougher time keeping him alive than Jimmy Carter IYKWIM. The Mad Mullahs are mad at him and the enemies list just starts from there.

  236. nu pooat

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