MMM 427: Office Mushrooms, part 2

This was yesterday before the harvest. The dark pinned cluster had been removed on Friday because they were stunted for some reason.

Top view:

And, ready for the pan, butter, and salt:


  1. When I was in the ambulance, they kept saying, “It’s probably just anxiety, not covid.” I was too out of breath and could barely talk but kept trying to tell him “No, I already went to Er once, I have covid.” And he wouldn’t listen. He wouldnt even hook me up to machines until I made him.

    This is a lesbian who’s never paid her own medical expenses. She has no children but wants to corrupt teach yours. She’s got the salary intended to support a family of 4 comfortably, but lives alone with many cats.

  2. Worse, she gets all the back and head pats she demands for her psychosomatic illness. Probably aiming for a medical out and an early retirement and full benefits because of “permanent lung damage” which is the real purpose to all the #longcovid bullshit you’re seeing on Twatter.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. About 50 people from my center retired in December. I’m going to miss a couple of them, but that’s probably a good start.

  5. Why was she in an ambulance for covid? No one would driver her to the ER? She must live alone with her cats.
    It’s a bit confusing because later in the blog she thanks her roommate for taking her to the ER all three times.

    She also says repetitively that she’s very healthy, runs 3-6 miles per day but then later says she ran 12 miles in a week post recovery which is the most she’s ever run.

    I think she might be lying about some things. Just a hunch.

  6. “Roommate”? I’d question it, but Lesbian Bed Death says she might be telling the truth about that alone.

    That she thinks WuFlu is something like communicable asthma is laughable. She shouldn’t be managing a 7-11, let alone a school system.

  7. Well, I went down MJ’s rabbit hole.

    I’ve traveled to at least 31 different countries, won multiple grants to study abroad in places such as: South Africa, Mexico, Namibia, Brazil, Japan, etc. I just won the Fund for Teachers Award for summer of 2021 to study in Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and Peru for 35 days.

    What does a special education teacher gain from all that travel? I mean, how does it specifically enhance her teaching ability? So that grants were worthy of sending THIS teacher to the Galapogos islands?

  8. Throughout my 11 years teaching, I’ve been a strike leader in 4 strikes, 3 were public school and 1 was a charter school strike. I’ve been on the CTU bargaining team for the past 3 contract.

    Impressive. @@

  9. Of course he is …

    My dad works at the American Islamic College in Chicago. He is an anti-war activist (ever since college) and has been fighting for Palestinian rights for over 10 years.

  10. I can’t read any more. She is such a victim. IF there is some lawsuit she’s gonna hop on.

  11. My favorite part is the list of 42 symptoms she had and others that she luckily didn’t get.

    Pink eye?
    Restless leg syndrome?


    My all-time fav part of the blog is the constant reference to smelling something ‘metallic’ as a symptom then later advising that everyone take high doses of iron, which she’s doing.

    C’mon. This can’t be real.

  12. 11 years? She’s a baby. She’s trying to milk this into early retirement, or at least 2 years paid vacay.

    In a more civilized society, she’d be washing other people’s clothes for pocket money and access to laundry starch.

  13. What does a special education teacher gain from all that travel? I mean, how does it specifically enhance her teaching ability? So that grants were worthy of sending THIS teacher to the Galapogos islands?
    I’m sure the turtles benefited from having someone less intelligent to pick on.

  14. It’s misting the slit day!

    It’s misting the slit day!!!

    And no, I will not calm down.

  15. Anything stupid now, MJ, is real.

  16. American Islamic College

    This should not exist.

  17. The conservative, God fearing, law-obeying, police supporting people are getting a helluva wake up call. They keep seeing police ignore Lefties who are rioting and destroying buildings, and arrest conservatives who are protesting, or even not following mask laws. It will get ugly when enough of them abandon the social contract and start ignoring laws and treating police like the enemy.

  18. Fuck Tom Cotton. And not in a good way.

  19. Speaking of lies, there was a whole foofaraw on Twitter with a dad telling the story of his 9-year-old daughter learning how to use a can opener. He wouldn’t show her how to use it, and he let her (and himself) go hungry until she figured it out on her own. It sounded fake to me, kinda like the woke 6-year-old who knows who Ruth Bader Ginsberg is. True or not, the guy sounded like an asshole and a bad father. He deleted his account after it went viral.

  20. Ba haaa haaaa … I didn’t pay attention yesterday but AOC voted for San Fran Nan. LOL. So brave. SHe withheld her vote until it was needed.

    Ba haaaa haaaaa haaaaa …

    Yea, those are some real firebrands there.

  21. Remember her photo sessions at the prisons? lol. She’s nothing but a social media politician.

  22. “And keep in mind, I went to a hospital listed #1 in IL and one of the top in the USA. They were not busy when I arrived (I asked and they said it was a slow day). I can’t imagine what other hospitals are like.

    I know hospitals are busy and working hard, but the whole reason one goes to a hospital is to get a diagnosis and treatment. If they aren’t telling you those things, isn’t something wrong?

    I also think many hospitals treat women, people of color and LGBTQIA+ folks worse. When the nurse took me for triage, I saw that the people before me, all African American, were still waiting there. I immediately asked why I was being seen before them (even though I arrived later), and I told them to see them first.”

  23. Oh yea. that is all totally 100% believable.

  24. So, do people who go into “special education” actually come from special education as well?

  25. The last time she spent any real time in special education… she was the student.

  26. That’s what I’m saying.

  27. My point was that she has spent no time as a teacher in her “11 years”. All those trips and conventions and no time in the classroom in at least a year now. She’s never actually worked as a teacher at all.

  28. Tanya Roberts has passed. I should watch Beastmaster in her honor.

  29. And my point was that she doesn’t seem very smart.

  30. In a more civilized society, she’d be washing other people’s clothes for pocket money and access to laundry starch.

    A civilized way of saying “Go Get Your Shinebox!”

  31. It’s amazing what social media has allowed people to elevate themselves to.

  32. And my point was that she doesn’t seem very smart.

    Smart people have been systematically run out of K-12 education as much as men have.

  33. What the hell is going on with Liz Cheney? I thought she used to be one of the good ones. Now she’s just a payroll employee of Big War?

  34. When did the GOP become Big War? At least we get congressional approval for ours (Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11) and not just start bombing, like Libya.

  35. What I don’t get is how CCP bought Big War. Mainland Chy na would be an excellent testing ground for all sorts of new toys.

  36. What war has the democrat party objected to? I can’t think of one.

    And lately they seem to be more pro war than the Republicans.

  37. The Republican base has shifted to Populism. They aren’t anti-war, exactly, but they have this fanciful notion that no war should be entered into without a plausible, defined “win” condition. Big saber, sheathed, only to be drawn if you mean to cut the opponent to ribbons.

  38. Agreed.

    I find it funny that most democrats cling to the late 60s view of the party that hasn’t truly existed for a LONG time.

    They’re basically a pro war, pro big business party masquerading as a populist party. That shit is gonna come to a head eventually although they’ve been able to keep it contained for awhile.

  39. It won’t come to a head if they control the counting. The polls will reliably say they are slightly ahead, and the counts will come out the same, and social media will permit only approved thoughts. Their base will be gaslit permanently and electorally irrelevant to victory in any case.

  40. Bleak but probably accurate

  41. What I don’t get is how CCP bought Big War. Mainland Chy na would be an excellent testing ground for all sorts of new toys.

    Heh, once again it’s a Tom Clancy book. He’s called quite a few situations, hasn’t he?

  42. Just wait until the Dem landslide in GA happens tomorrow.

  43. Been listening to Bannon on Rumble and he has made occasional pleas to the Bernie Bros on the Populist Left, pointing out that “we agree on a lot more than we disagree on” and I don’t doubt that he’s right. Left and right both look at that bullshit appropriations bill with billions for Iranian transsexuals and $600 for Americans and get rightly irate. Romney and his kids are every bit as dirty in foreign pay-for-play as the Bidens.

    The really freeing thing about the unmasking of the GOPe as the Washington Generals is that we can start the conversation at points of agreement on how fucking corrupt the Republican pols are, and how phony elections have become. Bernie didn’t get screwed, his supporters did, Bernie was just a puppet to keep them engaged.

  44. I’m actually left to wonder if you cut all the paybacks, graft, and sinecure out of what passes for a “budget” that makes millionaires out of congressmen with $175k/year salaries, we couldn’t actually afford some of the bullshit the populist left wants. Not UBI, per se, but some “economic nationalism” that could get you something like it. Tariffs, grants, and tax breaks that bring production back home. Basically what Trump was trying to do by EO, but (trigger warning) “progressive” in how they phase out as your enterprise grows in scale.

    A nation with 20 million family farms is a safer one. A nation that makes her own timber and steel is a stronger one.

  45. I wonder about the GA election tomorrow. I saw a lot of Ossoff signs in my neighborhood recently. A lot.

    But Loeffler, Perdue, and Ivanka were about 500 feet from my house a few weeks ago…

    It’s strange but the burbs seem to be the fighting grounds.

    My guess is that Ossoff wins, Warnock loses. Wine moms don’t really like-like black folks. They like suburban black folks, as in, the ones that go to their spin classes but not anyone from the city.

  46. I think with the Dominion machines still there, and unchanged, ossoff and warnock both win. Not handily, but just enough. If GOP turnout is heavy, look for another “water leak” about 2 am.

  47. Kristol is on The List.

  48. It’s sort of incomprehensible that both republicans will win.

    They almost took the house, improved their margin the senate, but Trump lost.

    It makes no sense at all.

  49. Kristol is totally on the list.

  50. Certain Corrupt Powers want the US a distracted, exhausted, ineffective husk, freeing them up to pursue their own agendas and interests (usually getting rich and powerful). A US-Russia war would theoretically knock both powers completely off the stage, and I don’t need to tell you who that would benefit directly.

  51. Wow, he’s really getting tough on Antifa:

    “Wheeler suggested that he will consider “tougher penalties for rioting, as well as requiring offenders to do public service and meet the owners of the businesses they damaged.”

  52. Nice looking shrooms Leon.

    Had to start a bit of a kerfuffle to get back in to the office today, office manager still wanted a negative test, I just had a Dr. release note. I got the owner and my boss involved and then went to Waffle House to await judgement.

    I’m back but everybody is staying 10 feet away. Office manager slammed her door shut when she heard my voice down the hall.


  53. Bill Krystal has gone full retard.

  54. “Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity

    1h ·
    Unemployment claimants receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) will not be able to complete certifications and payments will not be issued for weeks after Dec. 26 until the UIA receives further guidance from the USDOL and the changes are implemented.
    The UIA is working as quickly as possible to restore these programs. Please continue to check for updates. There is no need to contact UIA customer service number regarding the new laws and programs.”

  55. just get on the cart, pupster

  56. Leon, I’ve had actual, sane, quasi-productive discussions with “left-populists” before with a lot of common ground. It’s amazing how that goes when one of your shared assumptions is “America is good and Americans deserve to be able to have good lives”. Not saying all their ideas are good, but in comparison to the blatant American-hating crap we get out of the Uniparty, it’s the height of responsible governance.

    The Globalist/Progressive/Nihilist cabal is the enemy. Ignore the party descriptives and never forget the truth.

  57. The argument with the establishment is whether America deserves to exist as anything but a slave farm for Xi.

    The argument with the Populist Left is how best the government can be structured for the interests of Americans.

    The latter is the argument we used to have, before Woodrow Wilson and the League of Nation and all that shit got started. It was the argument we kept having through most of the FDR years. The globalist takeover of both parties proceeded gradually after Truman was “elected”, but WW2 set the stage for it.

  58. Jimbro from yesterday: “People don’t want to live in a one Starbucks town …”

    The more time I spend in the rural parts of my state, the more I like the rural parts of my state. If Mrs. S were amenable I’d definitely consider downsizing.

  59. SHe withheld her vote until it was needed.


    Attention whore. Wants to be important, but she’s stupid.

  60. I miss those days. I also miss my parents, my truck, having a place of my own, music that doesn’t suck, not needing to go out looking like I’m going to rob a bank, and being able to get pants that fit in fewer than three tries, so I miss a lot of things it seems.

    I dunno, I guess 50 looked cooler from 15.

  61. Bill Kristol tweeting that is proof he’s on medication. His mind is not rational. SAD.

  62. I’d live in a no-Starbucks town in a heartbeat. Of course I’m a no-coffee heathen so that makes it a bit easier I guess.

  63. I was considering the current obsession with making historical figures a different race or whatever and thought it would be downright hilarious to make all of the Third Reich black lesbians in a WWII movie.

  64. I don’t think there’s a Starbucks within 75 miles of my house.

  65. The more time I spend in the rural parts of my state, the more I like the rural parts of my state. If Mrs. S were amenable I’d definitely consider downsizing.

    We’re rural, but it’s “Always Winter, Never Christmas” MI and if I said yes next time the wife asks to move to South Dakota we’d be there as soon as the ink was dry on a few real estate transactions.

  66. Trafalgar polling has both Loeffler and Perdue down by about 1.

    That’s close enough for them both to lose by fraud.

  67. Who goes to starbucks?

    (My husband when we’re on a long driving trip.)

  68. “Roberts was out walking her dogs on Christmas Eve when she collapsed. She was admitted to the Cedars-Sinai hospital where she died. The cause of death is not understood to be related to COVID-19.”

    i read that as : “Ms. Roberts had a cardiac event, which the CDC and local DOH officials will deem to be covid related when the updated tally is released later next month.”

  69. re: social contract – at some point in the foreseeable future a large percentage of us will stop bothering to vote at all. At that point it’ll be completely in the hands of the upcoming master class as to how they want to proceed.
    Will they want to go the semi-peaceful route and ignore us into oblivion or will they go the zeke emanuel way and start the push to liquidate the 20% that are not re-educable.

  70. it’s good to see that zombie-Pup is still howling at the moon.

  71. Jam, the Gates/Schwab types are pretty sure there are about 6 billion excess people in the world. They won’t bother killing us, though, just sterilizing us and waiting it out.

  72. i’d walk past karen’s office frequently – coughing and clearing my throat….

    sounds like an opportunity to negotiate a few more weeks of leave.

  73. If Trafalgar has them behind, I believe it. Trafalgar was the only one even close again this year.

    Welcome to the suck, dems get the senate too.

  74. farnham’s freehold-esque

  75. Fertility is the main reason I think this “vaccine” is bullshit. I read an article talking about fertility and how safe the vaccine is, then at the end of the article they say, “men may want to bank their sperm to make sure…”


  76. My nurse friend says her hospital is down to 6 covid patients (outside of the ICU). There were floors of them for a while.

  77. I think there’s going to be another covid scare along the lines of SUPER COVID or whatever marketing term works best.

    SUPER STRAIN would be good. Alliteration is pretty catchy.

  78. We were a 3 Starbucks town briefly, well Bangor was. The main one is at the dying Bangor Mall which is at roughly 50% occupancy and there’s a small kiosk style counter at the Target. They opened one near Husson University but that closed within a couple of years. My town has coffee at the gas station and there’s a tea place on the main drag run by a retiree from out of state that caters to tourists. Never been there.

  79. And what Zombie Pupster said, nice shrooms Leon. Your slit misting has really paid dividends

  80. Second crop is growing but looks pretty spindly so far.

  81. there’s a tea place on the main drag run by a retiree from out of state that caters to tourists. Never been there.

    LOL, I have.

  82. 900 people arrested for celebrating New year’s eve.

    in canada, Police raided a NYE party. population 6 people. A neighbor reported them

    (per Glenn Beck)

  83. I did not get raided. I had … I dunno 12 people, and erin had another 10.

  84. So, if all the other bs wasn’t enough to make me completely lose interest in football – yesterday’s ass raping of the Lions was the final nail.

    We haven’t watched as much football as year’s past- but erin is a HUGE football fan, so it’s still on here and there.

  85. What’s the beer tree seed sitch?

  86. I don’t believe any got planted.

  87. Never been there.
    LOL, I have.
    It used to be a barbecue joint but the owners divorced and moved out of state. They had bands on the patio outdoors. That’s the kind of business our town needs!

  88. We don’t watch tv except for an episode of a series we get on cable without commercials.

    Against my better judgment, we got a free trial of HULU live to watch the 2 semifinal college football games. Let’s put the actual games aside, the commercials were garbage and way, way, too many. The social justice commercials were puke worthy. And players wearing equality on their helmets was fart worthy. These dumbasses don’t know that football is a meritocracy. Will never watch network/live TV again. Absolute garbage.

    Oh, and the crowning turd was having to listen to Kirk Herbstreit and look at his fat, pussy face and all I could think about was him crying like a bitch over BLM.

    FFS, it was awful.

  89. ^But I mean that in a nice way.

  90. Football has been a non-event for me this year. I’m a big fan of the Patriots/NFL and will hop on the bandwagon of winning college teams. That’s a huge change for me. Between the BLM activism, the players opting out due to Covid, no crowds or tailgating atmosphere at games and Brady heading to Tampa Bay it was time for a break. I read about the Patriots during the season and watched the occasional highlight on twitter but it just wasn’t the same. If Tampa Bay makes it to the Super Bowl I’ll root for Brady and watch the game but otherwise I’ll wait to see what 2021 brings.

  91. Even more physical evidence of differences in Dem/Rep ballots

    This is the QR code guy.

  92. Jimbro, the bottom line for me? I was bored because I didn’t care. They beat the caring out of me with their Social Justice bullshit. *

    The term Social Justice is also bullshit. There is either justice or their isn’t.

    Haven’t watched the NFL since the curfuffle with that pussy whipped, dumbass Kapernick garbage went off. About 4 years??

  93. Kurfuffle?

    Oh, who gives a shit.

  94. My house was always a huge football home. I have to say just having it on brings a bit of normalcy in these horrid/weird times. As long as I don’t look at the empty stands.

  95. So we’re having a kerfuffle about kerfuffle?

  96. do we need a spelling tab?

  97. You should just make everyone watch you do burpees.

  98. Me doing wallballs would probably be more entertaining because sometimes it his me in the face.

  99. I’m with Mare on the football. My whole weekend used to revolve around OSU Football on Saturday and NFL Sunday, and I’d watch ESPN shows in between pretty much every night.

    Congratulations fuckers, you’ve ruined all sports for me forever. Eat a dick.


  100. “men may want to bank their sperm to make sure…”


    Your mom is gonna be busy…..

  101. I remember when we were in Texas I would watch college football all day. And I mean all day. The west coast teams started about 6pm or later my time. I really enjoyed it. It gave me something to cheer for.

    So I would not describe myself as a casual watcher.

    Eat all the dicks, assholes.

    Punctuation is important, or so I’ve been told.


    Car in wasn’t supposed to have a party, and PJM can’t go out to eat, and oso has mask face, and mare can’t go to hawaii.

    But she has to VOTE!

  103. s Morgan
    BREAKING: British Prime Minister @BorisJohnson
    orders new national lockdown in England, for 6 weeks until mid-February.
    Schools to shut, exams cancelled.
    Another very grim moment in this pandemic, but one that is clearly essential to combat fast-spreading new covid variant.

  104. Restaurants have been closed for 5 months up here in Michigan.

  105. Remember how anytime there is some sort of shut down or strike – they interview all the people affected and ask how they’re going to make ends meet?

    Yea, they don’t seem so interested.

  106. And it pissed me off to NO end all the shit that is closed or by appointment only. STUPID. How come grocery stores can handle hundreds of customers a day w/o some huge outbreak, but I can’t walk into my bank or the secretary of state.

    This morning all the teachers I know where complaining about having to go back to work- even if they were working from home.

    What the serious FUCK. Honestly, I’ just can’t even.

  107. My family has worked through this entire thing. Hannah in the hospital. Everyone else at the shop.

    TWO FUCKING AMERICAs. The actually people who need to work and the … I don’t even know what to call them.

  108. And why are people who are working and getting paid getting a check from the government?

  109. I think I’m getting grumpier as the day goes. I need to go running or something.

  110. I’m pretty fuckin’ grumpy these days too.

    Something has to snap, soon, and I’m worried it’ll be me.

  111. Another very grim moment in this pandemic, but one that is clearly essential to combat fast-spreading new covid variant.

    The only grim part is that the English, Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish haven’t collectively set fire to their MPs.

  112. Speaking of going out to eat…

  113. im turning into a real grumpy bastard.
    i woke up this am with a real tude right out da gate

  114. The only grim part is that the English, Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish haven’t collectively set fire to their MPs.


    hahahahahahahah….But I do wonder why they haven’t.

    There are a number in this Country that need some heat. Your Governor for example.

  115. I’m grumpier too. The left, the cheating, the lies, the projection, it’s frustrating.

    Lately, when I drive, I’ve been saying words to fellow “drivers” that I’m hoping I don’t say in the nursing home when my children are visiting.


  116. If I lose my filter…hoo boy there goes whatever legacy I had as a sweet mom.

  117. Packed planes but churches are closed or restricted.

    Yeah, makes a shit ton of sense.

  118. Florida is truly Florida Man and Woman but we have a great governor.

    *Crosses fingers I’m not taking that back soon.

  119. i keep wondering about the lock down stupidity and extended timeframe of unemployment.

    what happens when ppl actually start to get hungry and bored and pissed?

    i’ve noticed lots of empty shelves at the stores around here recently.

    it is weird.

    i haven’t seen that in non-blizzard or flood times ever.

  120. cost of goods is really spiking too

  121. Mare, Florida Man went from being a joke to the Hero We Need.

    I’m not kidding, not even a little. I want a crazy motherfucker who’s willing to throw a goddamn alligator at the bad guys while giggling like a little kid winning a fart contest.

  122. i wonder what street drug pricing is like.

    any of you crackheads notice an increase in per unit-high costs?
    (or however you calculate your buzz)

  123. Apparently Bannon’s got or already had Archbishop Vigano on today’s show. I only watch them after they post to Rumble so I’m not sure if it already happened.

  124. I gotta believe the bottom has fallen out on the price of weed.

  125. The moment government employees are affected by the shutdown is the moment they figure out how to open back up.

    Important government employee update.

    This is day 6. I have done almost nothing at all.

    Tia is super fucking cute. So is Kate. Everyone is really nice. No one does anything but sit around and look cute.

    OH! Now I get why I was hired.

  126. No one does anything but sit around and look cute.

    Eh, that’s pretty much all I did today.

  127. What’s for dinner?

    (Imgur Video)


    I see this as a good omen for 2021.

  129. L to R

    Tia, Kate, Doing Anything at the VA, MJ


  130. I don’t know if you’ve seen the pic of the truck with Kentucky license plates. but it’s definitely something you’d see here in Florida. The back of the truck said:

    Fuck Biden
    And fuck you if you voted for him.


  131. There is an evil part of me that hopes Rep. Moore gave covid to all her Dem compatriots. Sorry, God.

    Glad to hear that about Tanya Roberts, will probably watch Beastmaster anyway.

  132. No homo or anything, but Marc Singer was pretty ripped in that movie.


  133. BTW I am the Asshole. I wouldn’t let Dan serve my soup. I needed to cut back on the soup and the carrots. I compounded my asshole crown by adding ketchup to the soup in protest of no cornbread. Dan hates leftovers, so I don’t have to worry about navy bean soup until tomorrow

  134. Fuck Biden
    And fuck you if you voted for him.
    I’d probably go with a more subtle asterisk bumper sticker


    Heh heh

    “Meet the man who lost 178 lbs with the PBC!”

  136. Dan has two former fat Mexican employees with COVID. 1 Died. 30s leaves 3 kids. 2nd just left ICU. 2 kids. CoW lost his grandfather to suspicious circumstances . Vented for pneumonia. Family meeting on Friday. Hospital/Dr pushing for pulling the plug. Family refused. Grandfather had an unexpected heart attack after the hospital pushed for Euthanasia. I’m pushing the family for legal redress. They had no DNR. The Math is with them. NM is Cuomo killing territory

  137. I’m pretty sure a box of Jiffy cornbread mix could survive a nuclear holocaust and costs like 50 cents.

    It’s a lot of drama is all I’m saying.

  138. New car technology is just bananas. We got the new car today.

    I can start it with my phone from anywhere in the world.


    sobek, had this on my to try list. sounds close to what you described

  140. Im going to disable most if Scott’s access to my car. When I walk out there tonight it better not be flashing and honking.

  141. Keeping the pigeons at bay.

  142. it’s amazing what you can do. smart phone and waze, instant onscreen navigation, 0 dollars, voice activated. phone sounds better over the car speakers too

  143. podcasts for everything. miss rush? podcast with no commercials

  144. Haaaahaaaaa. That’s funny. I’d definitely do that too , Scott.

  145. I can start it with my phone from anywhere in the world.

    I have bad news about your car and literally every other phone if it sends the right binary signal.

  146. Re TANYA ROBERTS: she’s joined forces with zombie-pupster.

  147. Shits about to get real.

  148. I need to play with the navigation thingy. The guy at the dealership was having a hard time getting it to work with my phone.

  149. Pups, we had the ingredients for Jiffy if you don’t have an egg. I was the asshole. I picked over the carrots and I added ketchup to my soup.

  150. Scott, we can track our car if there is any movement.

  151. Yep, that too.

  152. “we can track our car if there is any movement.”

    can that be disabled?

  153. Laura is going to love remote start.

  154. Remote start is pretty great in the winter.

    You get in. Toasty butt.

  155. When I was in Houston I was often annoyed when I started the car and the seat and steering wheel heat came on.
    I moved to Denver and one day I took my hand off the toasty wheel and put it on the shifter, after I said Wow that is cold! I wondered why it wasn’t heated too. Spoiled and didn’t know it.

  156. Due to the high amount of car theft in NM, we keep our car app on 24/7. We have more car theft than any state per capita. Our App is worth it.

  157. Remote start is cool, as long as it doesn’t involve car theft. Carry. CoWs sister became part of 45s Legend after starting her car.

  158. I have had 5 small pox shots. No scars. As A kid, my scars showed up at 30. My face is a scarred up mess.

  159. My Lincoln has heated and air conditioned seats. The AC function feels like something your m0m would charge extra for.

  160. First grade had a putty fail at school. 6 hours of glass being extracted from m6 face. No memory. No scars. I turned 40 and suddenly I have scars. Mask me needs drama. I didn’t realize how many scars I had

  161. Just sitting here enjoying the last few hours of the country that I love.

    We all KNOW what is going to happen tomorrow night. Love you guys.


  163. Deanna emphatically rejected Patrick.

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