New Year’s Meme

Just because I had a crush on Susanna Hoffs.

Or did they?
This was the first song in The Grand Tour on Amazon (the old Top Gear). Very good! Both the cover, and the show.


  1. My neighbor came over wearing a mask yesterday. He got our mail while we were out of town. We’re not to be trusted because we travelled. Never mind that they travel to their second home all the time and have no problem with us watering their plants or getting their mail.

    He certainly loves the cookies GND bakes for him. Those are no problem.

    People are crazy but they love the new rules.

    Wait. Correction. They love pretending they love the new rules for you, but they can be trusted to make decisions for themselves.

    He stood on our porch in a mask. Wouldn’t come in. Poor Mr. Dave. He’s so silly as MJr would say.

    GND made fun of him for it.

  2. Lots and lots of Dave’s.

  3. Don’t be a Dave.

    (FULL DISCLOSURE: Eldest brother is David. Not Dave, never Dave, David.)

  4. What a stupid time to be alive. My poor kid.

    Let’s hope this shit calms down but I fear he’ll be navigating a landscape of pure hell in his young life.

  5. Smell is gone. Repeat. SMELL IS GONE over.

    *pulls MJ’s finger*

  6. Wakey wakey

  7. Pupster, you taking vitamin C, D, and zinc?

  8. My Uncle Dave is the only other member of the family who listens to Rush Limbaugh. His siblings give him a lot of shit, so I try to go out of my way for the guy.

  9. What a stupid time to be alive. My poor kid.

    Let’s hope this shit calms down but I fear he’ll be navigating a landscape of pure hell in his young life.

    Simpatico, mi amigo. Finding other free-range kids is going to be the trick in the years to come. I haven’t yet figured out how to find a home-school “pod”.

  10. “With vitamin D, there’s a therapy that can be done that I recommend, and it’s 1000 international units (IU) of vitamin D per pound. So if you’re 100 pounds, you would take 100,000 international units of vitamin D for three days. After that, you don’t have to keep taking those higher doses, but three days of high dose vitamin D will elevate your serum vitamin D levels to adequate levels”

  11. Also this: “So far, here’s what we know: people with low vitamin D who get COVID have a greater tendency toward dying, have a greater tendency toward hyper-inflammation in the cytokine storm that comes with COVID, and have a greater tendency toward getting on ventilators, which are very bad because ventilators don’t work very well for COVID. ”

    But nevermind all that. Just wear a mask PEOPLE. And listen to your government.

    Someone fact check this for me, because I’m pretty sure people are dying of covid because of deniers and racism.

  12. Possum’s former school sent a letter asking us to enroll her for the 2021/2022 school year and made a point of assuring us strongly that they are aware of our concerns about in-person learning and that they were confident that the protocols they’ve put in place will prevent the spread of disease.

    Bitch, you do NOT know my concerns at all. I pulled her out because you red-lined her for entering kindergarten because she’s so tiny and then wanted the kids to wear masks 100% of the school day and not touch their friends while they were there.

    I should write a very diplomatic letter.

  13. Skip the diplomacy and tell them to go fuck themselves. Maybe include optional instructions because they’re so fucking stupid.

  14. My actual goal is to get them to relent on the school being a dystopian nightmare.

    IN’s governor is an R but almost as much of a shit on this as Wretched and DeWine, so they have that to contend with, along with a whole sh’load of freaked-out parents afraid of their precious ones somehow magically giving the coof to grandma in spite of all evidence to the contrary. What I have never once heard from them is a goal post for when it ends. I’m also not going along with any plan that insists on holding her back in kindergarten after we’ve done the hard work of getting her ready for what ought to be first grade.

  15. But Leon, how could you possibly know what’s best for your child? They are trained professionals. Some of them are doctors.

  16. Subsidiarity says I know better, and if they ask me what that means they aren’t fit to educate Catholic children.

  17. At around 5 AM this morning I walked outside in my underwear and screamed SHUT UP as loud as I could.

    Neighbor’s dog stopped barking.

  18. Day 2 of government jerb. I still have no idea what I’m doing and none of the equipment works. Everyone swears the right access has been given but alas, I am just sitting here.

    Almost everyone working here seems to have a doctorate or at least a masters and multiple certifications. About half seem to be ok or competent. The other half wouldn’t make it 30 days in the real world.

    They use 16 letter acronyms.

    Some people have been working on this project for 5 years. They just switch badges when a new contractor comes in.

    Everything seems to be a scam.

  19. Some people have been working on this project for 5 years. They just switch badges when a new contractor comes in.

    I’ve been on the same project for 7 years. 2 as the prime, 5 as a sub under first one prime, then another. I have more time on the project than anyone managing it, and the customer values my input and has no trust for the management at all.

  20. It’s as if a contract gets set up then it never ends. It just keeps going and going.

    People like me have jobs but the company that won the contract makes money for what exactly? For lending the people?

    I could understand that model if the employees were short term, say under 2 or 3 years, but not when it’s obviously permanent. It makes no sense at all.

  21. In general, the performers who actually do the work are the only “permanent” ones, and the switchovers serve to shake out a lot of the dead wood. When things work properly. The issues are manifold, though, and the pathology tends to increase over time.

    1) the GPOCs that award the contract $$ only want to talk to big integrators because they want assurance that the contract will be executed.

    2) the big integrators don’t actually have many employees, because they use their slots primarily to ensure that they meet all the diversity quotas so they can win the contracts

    3) the subcontractors aren’t held to the quotas, so they hire by merit but are stuck negotiating rates with the prime contractor, and might not be able to actually pay for merit because the prime isn’t giving them the whole rice bowl, the prime gets a cut

    4) the prime eventually loses the follow-on contract, mostly on $$ or connections, and the subs get dropped

    5) the subs pitch themselves to the new prime with the added bonus of continuity and already having all the needed access, and the cycle starts again

  22. We had a pathological situation in our last changeover, which is part of why I spent that year at F*rd. Two different companies that hadn’t won protested the win, which doesn’t make you friends but can result in a re-compete if the process finds malicious or illegal acts. That happened in succession, and the government still needed work done, so the former prime (my employer at the time) kept getting 6 month extensions.

    For another 30 months.

    For a 3 year contract, that they’d lost the bid for a follow-on.

    So the new prime lost all the people they’d hired for the contract because they didn’t have anything for them to do, and the old prime lost anyone who had anywhere else to go with a real future. By the time the handoff finally happened, it was has-beens and never-wases handing a mess to people who got scraped up in Beltway job fairs at low rates that won the new prime the contract 3 years ago.

  23. And this is why I should just quit and try to be a farmer.

  24. Two different companies that hadn’t won protested the win, which doesn’t make you friends but can result in a re-compete if the process finds malicious or illegal acts.

    Everyone expects the losers of the lunar lander to protest, no matter what, and we have been promised disciplinary action if we do anything that could be construed as illegal help in the process. Basically, STFU or else.

    When our janitorial contract switched to an Eskimo-owned company, they didn’t retain any of the previous contract’s employees so they wouldn’t have to pay for any seniority. Surprise, petty theft spiked. Not saying Eskimos steal (it was just the owner, probably just on paper for the minority set-aside), but the previous contractor had already weeded out the problem employees, and the 20, 25-year employees they had could be trusted to go through the offices and empty the trashcans, not the purses.

  25. Everyone expects the losers of the lunar lander to protest, no matter what, and we have been promised disciplinary action if we do anything that could be construed as illegal help in the process. Basically, STFU or else.

    And this is a big part of the success of private space. Not living under FAR rules is a massive advantage on how fast something can just plain get started.

  26. A casual observer might get the impression that the government is inefficient, incompetent, and corrupt.

  27. The inefficiency is legislated. Congress spends taxpayer dollars and mandates all these processes to attempt to force “fairness and transparency”, at least on paper.

    The incompetency and corruption follow as natural consequences of the former.

  28. Eskimo-owned company

  29. But nevermind all that. Just wear a mask PEOPLE. And listen to your government.
    The fact they are not promoting Vitamin D and C, zinc, weight loss, etc as vigorously as masks and shutdowns tells me a lot. I can’t imagine what would happen if all the Faucis of the world promoted these things as well. Maybe something that would expose their duplicity?

  30. MJ, yes.

  31. I figured. they were contracted at MacDill when I worked in Tampa.

    It’s just a scam. Not really eskimos or anything.

  32. I chased one of the janitors out of our storeroom, where we keep spare vacuum pumps, copper gaskets, etc. There’s no garbage cans in there, and there was no reason for him to be in there except either to hide while taking a break (there’s both a break room and a chair in the janitor’s closet) or to scope out what he could fence.

  33. It’s just a scam.

    It is. At least 80% of the “women-owned” businesses I have worked with are owned by the wife of the guy actually doing the work. At least veteran-owned businesses seem to be on the up-and-up. I guess you just play the game.

  34. Any business venture I start will be owned by my wife on paper.

    Woman and veteran-owned. The rules are stupid, and no one has the balls to get rid of them. Can’t have men running things, especially white male patriarch types.

  35. Same experience for me.

    If we have to spend 75T dollars to help just one woman own a business, it’ll all be worth it.

  36. I feel attacked.

  37. I’ve interviewed with a few companies that are mostly run by women and it kind of scares me off.

    The latest has a 75% female to male ratio, which they are quite proud of.

  38. I think its so funny that they don’t get it at the HQ. So shocking that all of the incoming people are from big tech and Wall St.

    The Democrat party IS big tech and Wall St. They’re top two people represent Wall St and Silicon Valley. They’re fake ass VP is from Silicon Valley.

    A decently intelligent Republican, of which there are very few, might actually use this to their advantage.

  39. I feel attacked.

    You shouldn’t. I’m not attacking the idea of women owning businesses, running them, or working at them.

    I’m attacking the tax code and corporate code that makes legal distinctions between categories of people.

    That said, you and Pay should put errything in your name until the rules change.

  40. “Smell is gone. Repeat. SMELL IS GONE over. “

    Febreeze ?

  41. Question:

    Why does my thermal mug keep my coffee hot for like 30 seconds but my tomato soup scalding hot (without the lid off) for hours?

  42. Thermal capacity of soup > thermal capacity of coffee.

  43. Explain it to me like I’m 5 years old, please.

  44. its the skin on the soup

  45. you’re not 5 years old, just the same size

  46. Why does my thermal mug keep my coffee hot for like 30 seconds but my tomato soup scalding hot (without the lid off) for hours?
    Is it plugged in? Make sure it’s plugged in

  47. I’m just joking. I don’t feel attacked.

    I own the company because my money went into seeding it (inheritance).

  48. Soup skin … Mmm mmm good!

  49. I think you’d understand the heat thing better if you were a Doctor, Mj. Maybe Jill can explain it to you.

  50. if smell is gone, does everything taste like styrofoam?

  51. I’m like 90% sure Joe Biden claimed to be a professor because a college pays him a few hundred thousand dollars a year to attend cocktail parties.

    They’re all so dumb.

  52. I know how to sail a boat.

    Call me Captain MJ

  53. Different matter holds heat better or worse, or conducts it better or worse to whatever it’s touching. Soup and coffee are both basically water, and water holds a lot of heat for its mass before it changes state. My hypothesis for your question is that the soup is different enough in either holding heat or exchanging heat that it stays hotter longer in the thermos. The other — very likely — scenario is that the soup is going into the thermos at stovetop temperatures just short of boiling, whereas the coffee is going in at “hot coffee” temperature which is quite a bit lower.

    212 F is boiling, so your soup might just be closer to that at the start than your coffee, which normally gets brewed at like 160-180 F.

  54. I like hazelnut coffee. Mrs. Pupster likes french vanilla cinnamon roll chocolate everything except hazelnut. When I tried to figure out what was in the pot this morning I smelled nothing. Void. No smell.

  55. Not a big fan of flavored coffee.

    I am a huge fan of having an intact sense of smell

  56. “Explain it to me like I’m 5 years old, please.”
    one of my favorite subreddits

  57. There’s a difference between sailing the boat and being the little man in the boat.

  58. Mine came back about a week after my last respiratory symptom faded.

  59. No taste, huh? What about Country music?

  60. Pup,

    Talked to a fitter at work yesterday that just got back from being in quarantine. He lost his sense of smell too and still hasn’t got it back. It’s been 3 weeks for him and he said he was told it can take up to 8 weeks or more.

  61. Mini-me lost her sense of smell, got it back after 2 weeks.

  62. Comment by Hotspur on December 29, 2020 9:24 am
    Skip the diplomacy and tell them to go fuck themselves. Maybe include optional instructions because they’re so fucking stupid.


    hahahahahahahahahahaha Please do this.

  63. I hadn’t seen this, it’s about 2 weeks old now. Cardinal Burke got his crook out and started swinging.

  64. I am trying to travel to Hawaii. The State of Hawaii requires a negative test either ID NOW or PCR within 72 hours of the final leg of your flight.

    The tests I’m seeing are $135 cough*bullshit*cough The upside of the paid tests? You MAY get your results in time. If I go the “free” route. I have to go to a shitty part of town, hope they have enough tests left and hope I get my results within 72 hours (sent to the right email/text).

    I have called (several times) the state department of health, the Pinellas county health department and 2 private clinics. No one can tell you anything because they are all dumbasses and enjoy sending you to another department that promptly causes the call to fail.

    Any suggestions? Even your stupid ones.

  65. Somewhere out there you can find “negative” test results for < $80 or a sufficient quantity of Tide.

  66. Mare wants to kill POC grandmas in Hawaii.

  67. The upside is all your moms just became that much more attractive.

  68. IDGAF who I give COVID to.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  69. I would suggest you not go to Hawaii – it is a liberal welfare tax suck on the rest of us already. Why do they need your tourism dollars?

    But that would probably make you mad.

  70. When I go to Hawaii, which In fact is a socialist tax drain, I am not a spendy tourist.

    I stay with my sister and my brother and his wife will be there. I’m looking forward to seeing them, it’s been a year (FU Covid).

    I need to get the heck out of here for awhile. And Hawaii has my heart. Other than driving to Savannah at the last minute to help our daughter move, I haven’t gone anywhere since October and I’m the type that needs new scenery.

    I never feel the need to explain my actions, suffice it to say, I want to go. My sister and her husband have a place there (free housing), I have miles (“free” flight) and except for a shopping trip to Costco I’m not spending much. HUZZAH!!

  71. Oh and my brother stays at nice places and invites us to fun restaurants for puu puus and drinks. Double Huzzah!!

  72. Well, I guess you can go then. Just wear your mask.

  73. An observation:

    My husband and I do not watch the news. We have zero fear or care about COVID.

    I can tell the media is ramping up the fear when I see people out walking and driving with masks

  74. puu puu in your muu muu

  75. Yeah, Hotspur, I’m a little worried about mask wearing. Hope I don’t have to wear one walking.

  76. My sentence structure sucks.

    I’m staying with my sister and her husband. My brother will also be there but in their own place.

  77. I’m wearing a mask right now, since pupster died of covid.

  78. I poured out a vente hazelnut coffee in his honor while wearing my Biden-Harris mask

  79. Get a job at Sam’s Club. We get tested every other week. 🤪

  80. I fuzzed my dog’s head and told him he was awful.

    Best I could do.

  81. Mare, Tampa Bay airport tests …….” Passengers departing from Tampa to states, countries or territories requiring negative PCR tests are advised to take the test three days before departure and can expect results within 48 hours.”

  82. My copy of the positive test from the lab is not definitive nor clear or easy to read. Who is checking the results? They won’t know the difference, I could produce a not detected document in about 5 seconds with microsoft paint.

  83. Our Governor is killing people with her Fear Porn lockdown BS, and nobody cares.

  84. Scott is right. Airport tests at ABQ and Las Vegas. We tested at work. Airlines are updating their BS at the last minute. Southwest doubled down on no bandanas or single layer masks at the gate. Nothing on their website, but a big FU to travelers.

  85. I just learned about agitator dogs. Ours are worn out.

  86. what, now the airlines are picky about what kind of masks?

  87. Yes. At least Disney puts acceptable masks on their webpage. Our illegal visit to Disney Springs last month was eye opening. In Vegas, they have long range thermometers and facial recognition cameras.

  88. Southwest isn’t the only airline changing shit last minute. AA and Delta are notorious. United as well.

  89. Ours are worn out.

    Did you try yelling at them in your underwear?

  90. I thought the pupper is ded from COVID? Ouija Board comments?

  91. Scene: 5AM in the W casa

    lauraw has been awakened by the GSD next door whose owner lets him out to holler for 30 minutes EVERY FUCKING MORNING between 5:00 and 6:30AM. lauraw just came off a 5-day stint of work, including some 12 hour shifts, and got to sleep less than 4 hours prior.
    She has gotten up and is now in the bathroom, peeing.

    lauraw hears the bedroom door open, and her husband’s footfalls proceeding down the staircase, into the kitchen. She hears him jerk the house door open, and shut it behind him.

    A moment later, his roar of “SHUUUUTUUUUPPPP!!” interrupts Barky McBarkerson’s extended exclamations. Silence reigns.

    Scott, aka The Man, reenters the home. As he ascends the staircase, he is greeted by lauraw’s applause. They both have a good laugh and get back to bed.

  92. Scott,
    Cheap part, 5 minute fix…


    Wondering if the owner heard. Also wondering if they care. Hopefully both.

  94. Message from local hospital – they are not turning away patients. New York Slimes confirmed to be FAKE NEWS.

  95. **round of applause for Scott**

    **trying to imagine Scott roaring**

  96. In the movie version of the story the dog will be a vampire werewolf and scott will be a black trans woman in a wheel chair that was abused a child by a white priest that is said vampire werewolf.

    It’ll be called…

    Mz Amazing Potter and the Awful Whites of Werewolfenvampenpriest.

  97. The owner heard me. He is always on the other end of the leash.

    Leo woke us up 4 out the last 5 days before dawn, he’s lucky I didn’t shoot him.

  98. MJ, that would be original. Can’t have that. It’ll be a remake of Ole Yeller, but with the black trans woman, and the dog lives.

  99. Penelope is playing an old Pepe Le Pew cartoon for #1 grandson. Pepe is smoking cigarettes and drinking champagne.

  100. Yep. $6 for next day delivery, ChrisP.

    This time I unplug it first. The last time I worked on that machine I didn’t, and found the short with my hand.

    It cured my tennis elbow.

    Even Steven.

  101. Speaking of drinking champagne, my mostly retired partner sends a photo Christmas card yearly. This year it consisted of a few photos of him, his wife, their pets and a bottle of champagne being poured into flutes along with the usual well wishes for “the holidays”.

    On the back was a hand written scrawl “Champagne for Biden victory”

    What a dickhead

  102. Me reading the W’s bedtime story

    (Imgur Video)

  103. Passion fruit Moscato at Sam’s…tastes like Hawaii

  104. I bounce between Hamilton and Worlds Greatest Showman on Disney+. I’m singing…

  105. I normally work on New Year’s Eve, and often Erin has had a beer seeding session. But I’m having friends over for a game night. Sorta excited.

  106. Maybe you could invite a bunch of black folks over and play “Pin the Tail on the Honky”.

  107. Did you send out the invitations yet?

    Its getting late.

  108. I’m having friends over for a game night.


    Will alcohol and nudity be involved?

  109. 2nd cake looks a lot better. Test Danish Layer Cake (Lagekage) is cooling, for sampling tomorrow. Pizza place will get the rest after we sample. Making the real one for the ISU game this weekend, for the family.


  111. “But I’m having friends over for a game night. Sorta excited.”

    I’m gonna tell Gretchen!

    Just for S&G, after Nashville, I binged “windowless skyscrapers in Seattle”.

    I ended up at an ‘Intercept’ piece about NSA Hubs in Major Cities, including “1123 3rd Ave , Seattle WA.
    I started to resolve this with Google Street view and the screen blanked, network I/O increased, and I wondered about them watching me watch them. I ‘three fingered’ the browser and got the hell out.

    Yes, there is a building just like the one in Nashville, in Seattle.

    I see from the MSM that ‘They’ are still trying to determine what the target was. Never mind that the VBIED was parked right over the cable vault bringing power and fiber into the AT&T switch. It did what was intended and cut a bunch of fiber and power to the building. The back-up generators started and kept stuff running until the fire department showed-up, feared a ‘gas leak’ and shut off the gas, killing the generators.
    What a clown show…

  112. “Dig everywhere!” Randolph proclaimed.

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