SS 2020: The openings

Leon’s gifts. It has magnets and made Possum giggle a lot.

Teresa got some lovely art and a Space Pen.

Jimbro got some “fashionable” Chinese Coronavirus masks… made in China.

Carin’s gift (her santa says this is the wrong mug).



J’Ames secret santa is quite generous
Dragon emblem, mucho coolio!
Perfect for the desk at work, facing out.
A lovely blend for the morning.
Something for the meats.
Recipe ideas? For all you smoking rookies.
Side label.
Another variety of rub, my favorite, Chipotle!
Thanks Santa!

**********PUPSTER UPDATE***********
I got some really nice stationary with original artwork, animal portraits by Michelle Koch!  A cool little flashlight, and a pupster facemask which I LOVE.



  1. Carin’s mug was supposed to have a dinosaur saying “don’t be a cuntasaurus”.

  2. Everyone must still be at church.

  3. I love you guys.

  4. I like the avengers too. A cunt mug would have been epic.

    The outside SAID don’t be a cunt … so … mistakes were made

  5. Hahaahahaa.

  6. Post updated with Pupster swag. Very cool, thanks Teresa!

  7. Teresa’s lovely art is a Mrs. Pupster original on a serving tray for to be bringing the sandwiches.

  8. I would comment but I’m busy booby trapping my house

  9. What did you get Roamy?

  10. I have a copy of that book, as well as the improvised munitions manual.

  11. Someone ought to send Peej a jingle … I’d love to see her gifts*

    *her Secret Santa gifts not her “gifts” IYKWIM

  12. I just don’t want her to send me dick pics.

  13. Roamy got douched by the USPS. They are saying tomorrow now. 3 weeks for 3-day priority mail.

  14. Updated with a very generous Santa of southern hospitality, and space shit!

  15. sorry for the wait, just got home. Thanks Santa!

  16. Tired of saying “next year”, but…next year…

  17. Woot! The mug didn’t break!

  18. That was the reason for the ziplock bag, if the post office idjits were demolishing packages, that shards wouldn’t get into foodstuffs.

  19. love it. The patch, wow. That’s just awesome.

  20. I just quoted a job to a country I have never heard of.


    Show me your Mauritius!

  21. Mauritius is where the dodo used to be.

  22. Holy cow, Trump signed the porkacalypse bill. I was really hoping he would veto it.

  23. Roamy,
    All may not be as it seems…

  24. I’m in for the split pea soup New Year’s. I don’t have a hambone but I have the homemade cured and smoked turkey leg ‘hams’ that I prepared for this purpose of SUBSTITUTION in just such a recipe.

    *flips the bird at no one in particular*

    Might do lentils instead of peas, too. Nobody can stop me.

    I’m working on NYE but I can crockpot it so it’s ready when I get home at midnight.

    It would be hilarious if we shared pics of our meals. Green SPS is one of the least photogenic meals of all time. Yellow is probably worse, though, evoking some kind of horrid creamy curry-filled diaper nightmare.

  25. This one would make a cutie for Carin’s seasonal baby avatar collection.

  26. Pupster, the tray is just lovely – your wife is VERY talented! I can’t serve sammiches on an original artwork!

  27. And how funny is it that Pupster and I got each other for Secret Santa, and each of us sent the other one something with art drawn by one of our loved ones?

  28. Debutantes expect romantic promises.

  29. Green SPS is one of the least photogenic meals of all time. Yellow is probably worse, though, evoking some kind of horrid creamy curry-filled diaper nightmare.
    The pediatric nurses used to have a tradition of hazing the new interns in the summer with a microwaved mushed up Snickers bar in a diaper. They’d call the intern frantic with worry about a baby’s diaper they just changed. Intern would come up to the station where a gaggle of nurses would be pointing at the diaper and giving the phony back story. At some point one of them would take a finger full of it and taste test it.

    In the old days I’m sure the intern would get a face full of Snickers bar but those days are sadly gone

  30. Jay’s update must have been to an old version of this post, I re-added my pictures.

    Thanks everyone for participating and sending such thoughtful and timely gifts.


    Special thanks to Leon for the administration and organization, best Santa ever.

  31. The post office promises me it will be delivered today. But I have trust issues.

  32. I emailed PJM and asked her to check in.

  33. Should I leave this up or take pictures of my in-office mushroom farm?

  34. Tough call. I’d go with the mushrooms.

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