PJM Thursday Filler Poat

Just mailing it in!


  1. Holy fuq – there’s at least 3 foots of snowflakes here.

  2. The tundra haint going nowhere in this.

  3. j’ames absolutely NAILED IT!!!!11!!!!!!!11!!!!!! with this paot

  4. Light snow all day today with only a few inches of accumulation is what the weather dude said. Colder than a witch’s tit out there though.

  5. best poat EVAH!!!

  6. for Amesian gets five of these:


  7. for=the

  8. “1000 hp with a blower. Wide tires, Rack”

    V-dude was droppin’ the specs on yur mom last night…


  9. don’t make me own this joint like mare w/a donut….

  10. 6

  11. Pleh.

  12. A wreath of Franklins.

  13. On my way to Michigan ski bump

    Wakey wakey

  14. i tried to steal mares email:


  15. tasteless i know

  16. ok now that there are reinforcements i gotta go shovel snow……

    AVENGE MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I added a Carin-Cam to the post for the chance to witness either the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat

  18. 3 feet of snow sucks.

  19. Mr. Mare: Calm your tits.
    Mare: https://tinyurl.com/y8x6hba4

  20. fuckfuckfuckfuck

    Y’all know that flu that’s been AWOL? Yeah, one of my hosts may have it.

    Aaaaaaaand that’s the sound of my Christmas probably doing a peace out.

    Fuck 2020.

  21. heh, nice add jimbro.

    Car in, what are you wearing?

  22. sounds like jamster’s gonna have fun this morning.

    It’s been butt cold all week here. Usually you get a little melting when the sun comes out? Not this week. Everything is frozen hard now.

    Should have dug up the horseradish earlier.

  23. Wife dropped an egg in the driveway last night. I’m hoping it stays below freezing until 11am or so when I have a chance to go try to find it with a shovel.

  24. Drop an egg, dutch oven, potato, po-tah-to

  25. I’d be much more angry if she dropped my dutch oven in the driveway.

  26. Looks like we got about a foot or more of Picturesque Winter Joy here.

    Usually we skip breakfast but today I’m gonna make home fries and western omelets.

  27. Americandigest.org

    Worth a visit today. No political stuff, no gun stuff, just a cool post

  28. what’s the difference between western omelettes and eastern omelettes?

    What burner you use?

  29. Eastern omelets have tofu and rice in them, I can’t recommend them to anyone.

  30. Too bad about North Face, they make good gear.


    Car in is wearing a blue jacket and white helmet, crash cam viewers.

  32. They won’t make it for much longer, Pupster. “Woke” isn’t as good of fabric as polyester or flexible, impermeable plastics.

  33. I don’t think they are giving up their use of those products, just their support of them.

    That’ll show them oil people and their dirty product!

  34. It’s weird that all of Carhartt and Duluth Trading Company’s best employees are on the board at North Face.

  35. So I made the fried potatoes the way my grandfather used to make them, very simple fried chips, lightly salted. I fried two batches in different fat. One duck fat, one beef.

    Beef fries win. So much for the vaunted duck fat fries. Guess I have some confit in my future, because fries will only be made in beef fat here from now on out.

  36. didn’t McDonalds used to fry in beef fat, and that’s why their fries were always so good?

  37. Leon, if it were sabotage that would at least make this idiocy more entertaining. But no, it was probably just some huffy leftard dipshits in corporate sales. They should be getting expectorated from the company as we type, but judging by the silence with which the oil guy’s letter was met, it’s probably woke dipshits all the way down. I hope they fail.

  38. I made the beef fat last night so it’s really fresh too.

  39. I love using animal fats to cook with. Turkey/chicken gravy is awesome when you use turkey/chicken fat to make the roux. thicken Au Jus with beef fat.

    but why does pie dough made with lard taste so darn good and not taste like pork?

  40. Employees going woke at corporations is so fucking stupid I can barely comprehend it.

    I think this will be the outcome:

    1. Corporations will deal with the issue by offering 2 weeks of severance for every year of employment if you decide your ethics don’t match those of the company’s.

    2. People will quit, but not many.

    3. The people that do quit will either find employment elsewhere and the same pattern will emerge.

    4. After 2 times they will be unemployable.

    5. We will support the super woke through welfare and what not.

  41. Oh man, chicken fat is the best. Especially flavored with some rosemary. I love frying eggs in it. Nommmmmmm

  42. They should be getting expectorated from the company as we type, but judging by the silence with which the oil guy’s letter was met, it’s probably woke dipshits all the way down.

    If I worked in the factory making coats or tents or whatever, they’d be defenestrated already.

    But the factory is likely slaves in mainland China, so that doesn’t happen.

  43. Woke Face was founded in San Fran. Moved to Colorado a while back.

    Not sayin’ they’re woke top to bottom, but they’re woke top to bottom.

  44. Most clothing manufacturers are really just supply chain companies.

    They’re piecing together stuff from low cost suppliers in many different countries then assembling them in South America or some other slave labor facility.

    So responsible. So woke.

  45. Automobile manufacturing (at least for Ford and — not kidding — Toyota USA) is much more domestic. Textiles were basically run out of the country between ’55 and ’85 or so, but we still make windshields and rearview mirrors in Michigan.

  46. http://sweasel.com/archives/22272

    I can’t be arsed but looks like something for people to peruse for buried treasure

  47. Second interview with an Indian company today. I’m going to ask them if they know Tushar and then tell them our various Tushar is Drunk™ stories.

  48. YOU’RE IN

  49. thank you, come again

  50. I’m really, REALLY trying to stay level about the smoldering ruins of my Christmas. This went from a holiday I was literally looking forward to for years to half-attendance to having to just call it off on my end. I’m switching between pity to rage. Trying to figure out how to make this not a complete and utter fucking wash when I have no vehicle to go anywhere is an exercise in frustration.

    So someone please, please show me how this can be Not Shitty. Because at the moment it rates as Extremely Shitty.

  51. well, do you know a good chinese place to eat? maybe start a new tradition. do something else you might have wanted to do.

    Make another memory, instead of dwelling on a bad one.

  52. There’s always Adoration.

  53. I wonder if anyplace in the area delivers on Christmas Eve, since I don’t have wheels to get to one…

  54. Church usually has a dinner. And I’ll be most places deliver, especially now!

  55. Closest RCC is taking reservations for Christmas Eve and Day…reservations. I may vomit.

  56. Most clothing manufacturers are really just supply chain companies
    A lot of companies use the catchphrase “Designed in RandomHipsterCity, Assembled in China” as a cop out

  57. well, there is probably limited space, and they might have to serve in shifts

  58. It’s COVID crap.

    It’s all COVID crap top to bottom.

    I should look elsewhere. Can’t learn courage from cowards.

  59. *turns up Spotify “Peaceful Christmas” *

    Y’all mfers need Baby Jesus.

  60. Trying to watch some Christmas movies by the fire and failing. I randomly chose one called “Pottersville”. It’s a low budget movie that follows all the stereotypical tropes of recent movies.


    After the opening scene the kind owner of the general store leaves his assistant to close up shop early in order to surprise his wife with a dinner he’ll make. Arriving home he discovers her upstairs in the bedroom with the police chief and they’re … both Furries.

    Nothing says Merry Christmas like a man in a wolf costume rubbing up against a woman who is not his wife in a bunny suit.

  61. Hey Jay and Lauraw,

    Stoatie posted about McDonald’s fries here:


    If you scroll down that thread to Uncle Al’s comment he describes the procedure from spuds to fries from back in the day. I thought it was interesting.

  62. I’m fooking around with Red Dead Redemption 2. Im playing it “honorably” which makes it much slower. Game has stupid good scenery.

  63. Heh, double fried, just as I thought. Thanks pupster! Have you thought of setting up your own search service?

  64. Have you thought of setting up your own search service?


  65. Arriving home he discovers her upstairs in the bedroom with the police chief and they’re … both Furries.


  66. BABY JESUS: Don’t make me come back down there




  68. ok – enough loafing – back to moving snow

  69. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a man in a wolf costume rubbing up against a woman who is not his wife in a bunny suit.

    So… was she hot?

    What was the name of this movie? Asking for a friend.

  70. The left is the master of shifting the Overton Window with outrageous statements to shift the narrative


    Let me try

    “All children need their own AR 15 before they can attend high school”

    “Every politician who orders a shutdown must forego their salary while its in effect”


  71. BABY JESUS: Don’t make me come back down there


  72. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3672120/


    Not worth watching

  73. Judy Greer AND Christina Hendricks…

    But Ron Perlman.

  74. Didn’t break anything on the first day. Drinking mead and about to go in the indoor/outdoor pool!

  75. 41 inches of snow in Jam’s neighborhood.


  76. Warning, link goes to a photographed image of evil incarnate.

  77. Ummm…..that picture. Yeah, Witless gets off on the power.

  78. Jimbro, Hallmark has a couple of cute movies that are actually funny and enjoyable to watch.

    1. The most Wonderful Time Of the Year. Henry Winkler is in it and he’s great.

    2. The Nine Lives of Christmas. The female lead is incredibly likable and whatever. It has cats in it that are also likable so bonus (and rare).

  79. It’s a Wonderful Life
    Die Hard

    Best watched back to back.

  80. Spent the day taking a steer to the processor, then off to Wal-Mart to do Toys for Tots shopping, round 2.

  81. If only the guy Whitmer really liked in high school would have given her the time of day. Instead she was earnest and hardworking but tightassed (although she would have put out for her crush) and second/third tier looks in school. She was always second best…at best.

  82. Watching It’s A Wonderful Life. I’ve never seen the entire movie, start to finish.

  83. “All children need their own AR 15 before they can attend high school”
    “Every politician who orders a shutdown must forego their salary while its in effect”


    These are really good.

    *I mentioned the Hallmark movies, Jimbro because Pups said we need Jesus and a close subsidiary of Jesus is wholesomness and clean fun.

  84. Jimbro, I think the dialog in the beginning of It’s a Wonderful Life is some of the best of any movie.

  85. Daughter in law got a call from a neighbor/friend that the friend’s husband was hurt, and to get help. She called for an ambulance, grabbed the baby and went out to help. He was working cattle and his horse stepped in a hole and tripped. They tumbled and his leg was trapped. He grabbed the bridle and held the horse down because he couldn’t tell if his foot was caught in the stirrup. If you’re hung up and the horse takes off, you get drug to death, not pretty. Fortunately he was able to reach where his phone landed and call his wife. Double lucky that he could get his phone and that he had service. Service is iffy here. She came and let the horse up. His ankle was badly broken (think Dak Prescott broken) and his leg and hip are really messed up. It took the ambulance an hour and a half to get there. They wanted to put him in a truck and take him to the hospital, but he didn’t want to move, so they waited on the ambulance. Probably 25 degrees out, so they covered him in a bunch of coats, but he was still shivering/shocky. When the ambulance finally arrived, they just lifted him onto a stretcher, no air cast or stabilizing anything. He’s in his mid 60’s, really hoping they can get him fixed up. Abby said he’s in bad shape.

  86. That’s awful Pepe. Miracles happened to get him to the point where he is now.

  87. I worry about that all the time with our hayfield and those damned woodchucks. Glad he didn’t get dragged by the horse, praying he and the mount make a full recovery.

  88. Gracious host looks to have had 24 hour bug. Christmas may be on the table after all!

  89. And hoping for the best for that fella, Pepe. That’s a scary situation.

  90. Yeah, that’s one of my main worries, especially for #1 son. He spends a lot of time alone out riding or working. Really easy to have an accident and no one starts looking for you until after dark. I’ve had horses fall, but I’ve never been really injured, fortunately.

  91. There’s a reason I don’t ride, even though we’ve had them for years.

  92. So now, even before the next president is sworn in, the batffff is changing the rules and confiscating guns. They can’t even wait until January. A company makes 80% finished Glock frames. You can buy it without jumping through hoops and finish the frame yourself. The company decided to sell a complete kit with all the parts to complete the pistol, barrel, slide, etc. The batffff decided that was wrong, so they, raided the company and are confiscating the kits from dealers, and PURCHASERS! Knock, knock, give us your property. No warrant, just a record showing you made a purchase. Each part in the kit can be purchased separately, perfectly legal. Sell them in one box and it’s illegal.

  93. https://tinyurl.com/yasmuxuw

  94. https://tinyurl.com/ybnqsh69

  95. Around here it’s woodsmen cutting trees alone. Either a tree traps them or they roll their skidder and when they don’t come home for dinner people go looking and they’re found. Fortunately it doesn’t happen all that often

  96. It’s a Wonderful Life is a hard movie to jump into if you haven’t seen it before and know where the story started.

    I picked up a pop culture reference. Zusu’s petals. The rose petals George Bailey puts in his watch pocket and doesn’t find when he’s never born. There’s a band with that name and I had no idea where it came from.

  97. Zuzu Petals was also a hot chick in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.

  98. https://tinyurl.com/y78eua2h

  99. Ha!

  100. Car in is probably making naked snow angels right about now.

  101. pretty good collection of the Election night numbers, and charts


  102. This is a little weird and I have no way of knowing if it’s real…

  103. Mini-me’s package is now in Jackson, MS. SS gift still hasn’t left Huntspatch after two weeks.

  104. USPS tracking is phony, you really don’t know where any of that stuff is.

    Pups, thanks for putting me the beef fries knowledge! Here’s a nice vid-blurb from ATK about cleaning frying oil for reuse. I like it better than plain old filtering through paper because it introduces a water-soluble component, and therefore hopefully removes some of the soaps that form in used fry oil.


  105. Lauraw, I microwaved some Yukon gold potatoes for 5 minutes, sliced them, tossed them with a couple big spoonfuls of duck fat, sprinkled salt and pepper, and roasted them at 425 for 25 minutes, flipping after 15 min. Totally worth the carbs.

  106. (Stealing a meme) I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better dissertation than “Dr.” Biden.

  107. Gonna let this one embed. Anesthesia no bueno. Bwahahahaha!

    **squishy hugs and good night**

  108. David enjoys renting Porsches.

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