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  1. Worst post ever. Must be Tuesday.

    Not sure I get the Biden one but I LOLd at a few others. Wreath of Khan is pretty good.

    IHOP made me laugh.

    Acid story. LOL. Never tried acid…too scary.

  2. Its only tuesday? This week is going awfully slow

    wakey wakey

  3. I will never ever use the US postal office again. WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?

    I mailed it on the 7th. Priority – just because “free box”? Amiright? So, priority, on the 7th. From near as I can tell, they picked it up from Lapeer, and drove it to Detroit and it’s sat there for a week.

  4. its

  5. *looks for Biden meme*


    How you feeling MJ?

  6. You’d think sending something priority w/in the US mainland wouldn’t be an issue if you gave them … oh, i dunno – 18 days.


    I have another word for you. LAZY. How about this phrase: “YOU HAVE A WORKFORCE THAT DOESN’T WANT TO WORK AND YOU PAY THEM IF THEY CHOOSE TO STAY HOME.”

    Oh, but let’s bail them out.

  7. I have half a mind to go up to my local PO and start bitching. I mean, its not really fair because from all appearances THEY seem to all show up to work.

  8. I have a biden meme I like. I used it for my facebook cover page. I’m going to be leaving it up for there for a while.

  9. We’re having the same problem. Anything going through the post office takes a month. UPS and Fedex seem to get it done on time.

    Dunno- what do you think the difference is?

    I wonder if it’s like the pristine, clean, modern hospitals and the VA?


  10. I’ll add it.

  11. What could possibly be the difference? Humn … lets look at the “problem” centers – Detroit is one.

    Oh wait. Nevermind. Lets not look at that.

  12. Pretty sure if my package had gone through a main hub in – oh say … Grand Rapids, it would have been delivered last friday as promised.

  13. The second one up there. I don’t get it.

  14. And now that you got me fired up …

    So Hannah got “wait listed” for Med school at Wayne State (her “safe” school). I mean, it’s a GOOD medical school. So, not her “grasping at medical school straws” choice. But we figured it was a safe choice (she refused to apply there only, which would have upped her chances, but we didn’t figure she needed that. )

    So. Wait listed. MCAT in the 96th% for this year. Waitlisted. 3.8+ GPA in HONORS college, dual major. Worked as a scrib for the last few years at a major hospital DURING FUCKING COVID.


    Gee … I wonder if it has *anything* to do with Whitmer appointing WSU president to her covid task force on racial disparities? And Hannah’s white skin. And her NOT being a potential black doctor/numbers that the university can brag about.

    Naw. That’s just kookie talk.

  15. Well, mj … you see Biden Cheated, and its as obvious as a dude with blue hair. And most of us can see it.

  16. Its going to be awesome when we all have affirmative action doctors. It will be like the Detroit post office.

  17. I love Nick Searcy. On a post suggesting that restaurants should rebel and open up:

    Carole Semanision
    You are so very lucky that you don’t know or even feel empathy for a healthcare worker who needs a break

    · Reply
    · 1d

    Nick Searcy
    Carole Semanision
    Oh, SHUT UP. My sister is a nurse. My friends are doctors and physical therapists, ALL OF WHOM SAY the hospitals are hospitalizing people that do not NEED to be hospitalized so that the hospitals can recoup the losses they suffered this year because of the SURGE OMG that never happened, and now they are getting some of the sweet sweet COVID graft money.
    Write back when you would like to show your empathy for all the suicides and the bankrupt family businesses and the young peoples’ lives you and the other asskissing scaredy-cat Democrats have destroyed over this bullshit.

  18. We know affirmative action has hit corporations hard this summer with all of the BLM nonsense.

    The job I didn’t get – came in second – the hiring manager had many years as VP of Diversity and Inclusion on her resume at a company I know well. She went to grad school at Nwern and she held a few COO positions but I wonder if I didn’t dodge a bullet there. She had zero experience in insurance or transformation but was hired as the VP.

    Seemed like I could have been walking into a huge mistake.

    But 2 interviews today and one is a really good opportunity.

  19. Scott said he doesn’t fear December 15th any longer.

    I’m not sure why …

    The accumulating evidence of fraud? Did I miss a comment before he said that?

    Additionally, Trump’s 2018 EO requiring an investigation and report by John Ratcliffe (the DNI) 45 days post election is this Friday.

    Explosions? Or a fizzle like so much else?

  20. There won’t be affirmative action doctors because of malpractice law suits.

    Perhaps if we get to full government healthcare but not in the current system.

  21. Doesn’t matter.

    There could be pictures of Joe Biden’s kid with his wang out while his underage niece is laying on a bed in the background and they’d ignore it.

  22. An affirmative action doctor isn’t necessarily going to be bad. He’s just not going to be top notch. Cutting edge. Definitely not a surgeon – Wayne state might start churning out a lot of “family practice” doctors. No offense, but I’ve met some pretty shloppy family practice docs.

  23. Do med schools care where their graduates place? What residencies they get? What specialties they go into?

  24. Its going to be awesome when we all have affirmative action doctors.
    It’s been happening for years. In my Class of ’91 we started with a group of minority students who ended up graduating as Class of ’92, ’93, ’94, etc. A few decided on other “health-related” careers.

    At least they made them do remedial work back then. It’s probably racist to apply uniform standards now.

  25. Our FP residents are all over the board. We have a bunch of foreign grads who are actually pretty smart because they need to jump through a few hoops to get into a US based residency. The US grads are a mixed bag ranging from those having both some smarts and common sense to blithering idiots who probably know how to pass a standardized exam and kiss ass to the right people.

  26. Workie workie

  27. I keep getting book ads on Facebook. This one came up this morning.

    “Broad-shouldered marine turned covert agent named Bear Thorenson wants his girlfriend, Maddy Marshall, to join VanOps, but the software expert and aikido black belt isn’t sure she’s ready for a hazardous dark-operations role that might risk the life of AJ, the nine-year-old boy she wants to adopt. Things change when an armed Russian thief escapes over a wrought-iron fire escape carrying her ancient star chart. She chooses to join Bear in the pursuit, because if her royal family legends are true, the mysterious chart leads to a superconductive meteor capable of powering the ultimate quantum computer.”

    WTF?? Who reads this crap? Oso?

  28. White Doctors Don’t Matter.

    The ironic flipside is that if you do find a white doctor in a few years, he’ll be the most competent professional you’ll ever encounter in the field, because that’s the only way he could have gotten his MD. Meanwhile, all your affirmative action docs will be failing at everything, and it’ll make people think minorities are incompetent, even if there are plenty of good docs like Ben Carson. We encountered the same thing at UM in engineering classes when the AA was going really strong there. The end result is that it ends up creating racist attitudes where none were before, when uniform entry standards were applied.

    But at this point, I don’t believe that’s a bug. It’s a feature. The “diversity is GOOD!” people know what it really ends in, but that perpetuates rather than ending the problem, and that’s exactly what they want.

  29. Pepe, that sounds like it was written by an AI fed modern pulp.

  30. Dammit, I’ve seen the commercial blue hair references, so I actually get that one.

    Just…just put me out of my misery.

  31. I’m in the same boat as Carin. Mailed packages Dec. 4 Priority 2-Day, and as far as the tracking goes, they haven’t left Huntsville. Bastards.

  32. The end result is that it ends up creating racist attitudes where none were before, when uniform entry standards were applied.

    This. If you’re female, black, whatever minority, you’re assumed to be a quota hire; if you’re white and male, you somehow beat the system to get in and are assumed to be freakin’ brilliant.

  33. Found out this morning that they are making the vaccine mandatory for certain projects. Couldn’t get a straight answer to, what if we’ve already had it and have antibodies?

  34. As Car in and BroTim point out, #2 (heh) is based on this commercial, at 19 secs: Progressive Insurance: Group Outing

    We all see it, we all see it.

  35. I didn’t think antibodies applied this time, because some (probably .0001%) of people “got it twice”.

  36. Another “decade” weight loss goal goes down! 40# and counting.

    Feels good not carrying a large sack of dog food around with me every day.

  37. My secret Santa package arrived this morning. USPS but it was probably a contractor as it was on my doorstep between 6 and 7 AM.

  38. Congrats, J’Ames!

  39. There won’t be affirmative action doctors because of malpractice law suits.

    Perhaps if we get to full government healthcare but not in the current system.

    Saw this pointed out in a Clancy book, of all places. Russian in America: your doctors make so much money! In Russia they get paid the same as factory worker!

    reply: That’s why your doctors suck.

  40. You not gonna eat that Jay?

    *puppy eyes*

  41. Aww William Barr stepping down. Might as well, with all the good he’s doing. Just at the right time too!

    Take Durham with you. Worthless sacks of shit.

  42. Mrs. Jay is working from home, since NY state is locked down. That’s where her home office is, so that’s the rules she lives by. So Elliot has a new place to hang out

  43. I’ve probably put on 40# since my lowest before Possum was born. Stepping on a scale isn’t worth the trouble of moving things in the bathroom, the waist on my pants tell the tale.

  44. I’m almost down to the old dress pants. Already down one belt.

  45. Thanks for explaing Wreath of Khan, MJ.
    Found myself thinking of lines from the movie, should have known better than to think anyone here is as big a Star Trek nerd as me as to have selected a meme that would go that in depth…. or maybe Jay is and I just overthink things.

  46. roamy is the Star Trek nerd. We all look up to her and her Vulcan ears.

  47. Jimbro, if you own a pack and ship store December 15 is the worst day of your life.

  48. Is Elliot behaving these days?

  49. [Fist bump roamie]

    Not to go on a tangent but,

    One of my guilty pleasures… pretty sure Gene Roddenberry was a Communist based on no one has money in that universe except the filthy rat-like untrustworthy would sell their mother Ferrengi capitalists.

    I justify it in my own mind based on the existence of transport technology… the one way communism would work is if you could literally pull shit out of thin air / replicate items using free energy, eliminating the need for most real labor.

  50. Anything going through the post office takes a month.

    Anyone noticing ‘next day delivery’ is actually 3-4 days, they just say it hasn’t shipped for a couple days longer than before?
    (Based on Amazon. Yes, I know I shouldn’t use them either but working 3 jobs and freshly divorced makes it mighty convenient. Bastards.)

  51. The ClarkeTech in Star Trek would get you necessities, even luxuries, at essentially no cost, but they do not eliminate scarcity, they merely change what is scarce. Roddenberry was not a deep thinker at all, and an utter failure at thinking about technologies and how they’re used. The transporter is basically a criminal act against the sci-fi genre. It’s magic to cover a hole in the production budget, and no one thought past that.

    If I told Roddenberry that I was using lightbulbs and coal to make eggs, he’d never work it out.

  52. The work collar method is working great. Elliot has been doing good, every once in a while he has a little bout of guarding something. Luckily, he’s been in his work collar at the time, so ZAP goes the training collar, and he’s learning that’s unacceptable.

    It is going so much better, because now Mrs. Jay walks him, without his leash, and he actually looks forward to having the work collar on, and doesn’t associate it with punishment. He used to cower and shiver when we put the collar on.

  53. I knew a guy like that. Great storyteller, but couldn’t think to applications. He was talking about a blood-sugar monitor that ran on glucose, so you didn’t need a battery to power it. Didn’t occur to him that you could use something like that to reduce blood sugar just by burning more of it, which would basically be a mechanical cure for diabetes. And obesity.

  54. Elliot enjoys working.

  55. Michigan rep Paul Mitchell changes to independent, because of you wingers protesting the election results.

    Boo hoo. Trump isn’t allowed to use legal methods, but the dems can crow about make believe shit for 4 years. Hope this guy gets primaried.

  56. So Mitchell is The Thumb district of MI (Car in’s district!). I would think that’s quite GOP. Good luck in your primary.

  57. Pretty sure he’s also retiring, isn’t he?

    He’s got that great hair-care product biz going, not sure why he bothered with politics.

  58. Good time for him to come clean with his true feelings, and not the views he fleeced his constituents with.

  59. Guy like him couldn’t have won the Thumb without lying about who he was.

    Pay should run for his seat.

  60. Couldn’t you win in MI just by saying Whitmer is a cunt?

  61. Or Carin, since restaurants are now a dead industry forever.

  62. Couldn’t you win in MI just by saying Whitmer is a cunt?

    Anywhere but Lansing and Detroit.

  63. And Flint!

  64. I lump Flint in with Detroit without thinking, ditto with Dearborn and Hamtramck. It’s all the same ugly rustbelt democrat-run ruin. The only difference is whether the ethnic food is Polish or Arab or both.

  65. THIS IS HUGE: “It’s a Real Simple Fact to Prove that There Was Massive Fraud in This Election” – Inventor of QR Code Can Prove It (Gateway Pundit)

    Yep, voting machines have a record of every ballot fed in. Why haven’t they been checking these? Computers can scan millions of documents for folds.

  66. so this will be the next thing that the GOP ignores on the way to Buyden’s inauguration

  67. Heh, “everybody was speaking geek”. This guy really explains it well.

  68. I hope no one sent anything perishable for SS.

    We might have to open presents on Epiphany at this rate.

  69. Is the meta narrative on the left that republicans vote on election day, democrats voted by mail. The votes in the six states that seem suspicious happened like this:

    All day of voting votes were counted and it looked like Trump had a big lead. Then those states started counting the mail in votes and the lead quickly vanished because dems vote by mail. If there were giant dumps of votes in the middle of the night that seemed implausible it’s because we were working super duper hard to get everything counted so it wouldn’t be drawn out too long. Those were all mail in ballots. It took a really long time after that because we wanted to be sure that all votes were totally legit. You’re a nut job if you believe something else.

  70. Or, option 2, the count stopped to determine how many extra votes they had to drop in to the regular counts, to mask them. They miscalculated and had to drop in a LOT more votes than they could easily conceal.

  71. 50% of people in Detroit even voted? Bitch, please!

  72. Pretty sure that’s the same as the functional literacy rate.


  74. backsquat PR this morning. 220. I could have done more but 1) I warm up slowly and 2) ran out of time.

    Literally my 185 and 205 looked like shit. 210 and I was finally in form (low enough). So I did the 220 while class was getting ready for the workout. We don’t have mirrors, so it kinda sucks – you need a coach to watch and tell you if you’re low enough. No amount of explaining how the immediacy of a mirror is helpful …. will change anything.

  75. I do more than 220 bending over to pick something up

  76. (you’re right about the mirror, or a coach)

  77. The coach can merely tell you that you failed. Even if he says “lower” I don’t think its … quick enough. your body – at a HEAVY deadlift, is thinking a few seconds ahead of your mind/what you hear. So, imho, they can just tell you that you failed.

    A mirror is just immediate. You see as you approach, etc.

  78. Squatting without a mirror has the upside that you’re less likely to strain your neck by looking.

    But I’d much rather have mirrors to front and at least one side. Absent a coach, you could record video on your phone and play it back, but that’s hardly immediate.

  79. j’ames with that construct I can add my body weight to my backsquat.

  80. Yea, mirror to the front. That’s what I would want. No way I could look sideways during a backsquat.

  81. Xmas Party / Range Report, but First

    KILL IT LEON. Make that test yer bish.

    The Bad: No .40 or .45 calibre in stock. No Kris in stock. SCAR malfunctioned after 1st round (this after the armorer boasted he had just “rebuilt” it today)

    The Good. Fired the CZ Evo and SIG PDX. Would happily take either home. Definently top of the list for future acquisition, great “vehicle” platform and fits in backpack. Fired the SIG top of the line full size 320. Great trigger, didn’t care for the stock sights. Front post is very slim and while it did have a fibre on it, it wasn’t tritium and didn’t “pop” for acquisition. Rear sight had no enhancements, no dots, lines, or fibre. Very poor low light acquisition and alignment.

    The Kicker, we got out the S&W 500. A 5.5 pound beast revolver with 10′ ported barrel. Gun so heavy that along with the ports made it manageable but still quite the boom.

    PS. I won a hunerd dollah at “raffle”.

  82. You don’t use the side mirror by turning your head, you use peripheral vision to keep track. I didn’t use it much, but I did miss it when I didn’t have it.

  83. Just looked at my coach’s 245 squat (she did it before class). Who was such a stickler on my depth. Her 245 is parallel and no more. SHe busted me for not going below.

    I’m gonna call bs.

  84. Crossfit standard is hip crease has to go below height of knee

  85. The barbell doesn’t interrupt your line of vision?

  86. No one ever holds them accountable.

  87. To be fair, we’ll know “safe and effective” well into 2021 at earliest.

    Let’s just say, I’m doing my usual wait-and-see.

  88. Comment by Jay in Ames on December 15, 2020 10:34 am
    I mentioned that yesterday (it’s old!) mainly because after reading the comments on GP they were all in on Trump declaring martial law and the 2018 executive order stuff.

    I don’t know what to believe anymore which I think is what the Dems were hoping for with this bullshit.

  89. We actually do okay with the USPS around here. I’m assuming that’s because we’re not routing mail through a minority majority layabout city. I don’t often mail overnight or priority letters but when I do they seem to make it on time.

  90. I can’t see my head or anything to the side, but I can see the reflection of the side mirror IN the front mirror, and I think that’s where the extra information really comes from.

  91. To be fair, we’ll know “safe and effective” well into 2021 at earliest.

    If it interrupts fertility in wealthy white women, we may never know. Those are the fertility clinics’ bread and butter, and going to them is trendy and empowering and stuff.

  92. My ss package has LITERALLY been in Detroit since the 7th.

  93. I tried tagging you on mewe car in, and failed.

  94. Probably with the other mail-in ballots.

  95. I just send a package out USPS that was insured for $26000.

    Guy is going to freak out if that stuff happens to him.

  96. gah, why do fitbits have to be wrist-worn?

  97. Because wearing it on your junk leads to massive overcounting.

    And blindness.

  98. meh, the band wasn’t big enough for that. Your mom bought it for me.

  99. Just got back from an auction. They foreclosed on the property next to us. People bought it in 2017, and never made a payment. Only a couple of people showed up to bid, and they weren’t really interested. I was getting excited thinking I had a shot, then some woman from FSA walked up and bid $572K! We had looked, and there was only one mortgage for $275K. But, evidently some other government agency loaned money on it and didn’t file a mortgage.

  100. well that sucks!

  101. That does suck. Buying the neighbor’s land is pretty much the best way to ensure quality neighbors. Which is to say no neighbors.

  102. Even with the vaccine, you can’t go back to normal

    No travel, no contact, nothing. Stay at home, prole!

  103. Sharyl Attkisson interviews the guy who did the analysis on the Antrim county Dominion voting machines

    She’s good, asking probing questions from both sides.

  104. Test cancelled. My clearance is due for re-investigation and mine apparently hasn’t started yet (probably a WuFlu/electionfraudyear issue), so I can’t actually do that job even if my test is stellar.

  105. Went out to a job site today in the NC wilderness, saw a little hole in the wall bbq place and stopped by for takeout. It was not good. Pulled pork sandwich was like a magic trick, greasy and dry at the same time. Amazing.

  106. I’ve screwed up a pork roast or two and managed that. Overcooked or let too much steam escape, usually. Only way to save it is to dice it fine and then fry it again with lots of seasoning.

  107. The Good. Fired the CZ Evo and SIG PDX.

    Very cool.

    I’m a little unsure if I should even ask this question, but I have this friend who has an AR pistol with a 10.5″ barrel in 5.56. Attached to the buffer tube is an arm stabilizer that is kind of shaped like a stock. My understanding is that my friend can shoot this pistol with the arm stabilizer resting on his upper arm no problem, but if he were to place the arm stabilizer up to his shoulder he has just created a short barreled rifle that it is a felony to possess without the proper permit /stamp. Is that correct?

  108. OMG the NFL ratings story at AOS has given me a condition that may not subside for more than 4 hours

  109. Find the Mrs and take advantage of that. May as well get some use out of it before you go to the ER.

  110. bad thing is, I’m at work

  111. Ba haaaa haaaa haaaaaaaaa

    I think I have a female boner.

  112. Yes, Pupster. I believe the cut off (heh) for a short-barrelled rifle is 16″.

  113. Beautiful.

    Get woke, go broke.

    Republicans buy sneakers too.

    But we don’t have to.

    This is why we read AOS

  114. Is this normal?

    /points down

  115. Is this normal?
    /points down
    Quality H2 comment.

  116. There are four big venisons grazing in our neighbor’s field right now.

  117. It’s like watching Bugs Bunny cartoons, when all you can see is that delicious roast out in the field, isn’t it?

  118. Pepe, I don’t watch Hallmark, Lifetime, or read crap like that. I read crap, just not like that. Binging Letterkenny. It’s a show about Hostages, but in Canada. The Your Mom stuff is epic!

  119. I’ve seen deer out front at Gracious Hosts’ place. A definite plus to my exile in the sorta-country.

    Also, the blue heron nesting on the creek down the driveway.

    Honestly, even the opossums are cool by me, anything keeping the tick population at bay gets cred here.

  120. I like the short clips of Letterkenny, haven’t watched a whole show.

    Probably better than Mandalorian, but it’s a low bar.

  121. did you see the link of a heron eating a juvenile crocodile? very cool

  122. Car in, my cousins Ana and Monica got into Med School ahead of white guys with better grades and higher scores. UNM Law and Medicine are committed to 51% diversity. For over 30 years. They both do well. Monica is Dan’s dermatologist. Ana is a GP.

  123. what shocks me is that scoring in the 95% wasn’t enough to overcome the diversity stuff. Plus she *is* a girl.

  124. How can you have 51% diversity, when they don’t make up that much of the student body? Doesn’t that make them over-represented?

  125. Spiderman might be gay too?

    What is the % of superheros who are going to be gay? 50% a safe bet?

  126. Honestly I’m done with superhero movies. Story’s done. Time to move on.

  127. In NM, they do. Being female isn’t enough in NM. Native Female. Hispanic Female. Illegal Mexicans. African Americans from other states. Africans and Indians. White chicks are pretty much White males unless they are gay or trans. It’s been that way for a long time. My Hispanic cousin that graduated from Notre Dame, didn’t have a high enough MCAT to get into Anderson (Our business school). She was competing against other minorities at UNM. Ended up getting her Masters at University of Chicago.

  128. OMG the NFL ratings story at AOS has given me a condition that may not subside for more than 4 hours

    Been boycotting for 4 years now, gnashing my teeth every time Scott or my brother started talking about NFL games. Looks like the final victory shall be mine!

  129. FIVE venisons now. The light is fading.

  130. I’ve told this story before, but my ex wife wife in 2 choral groups, A student, 27 ACT, and got waitlisted at UM. She got a degree in English and now teaches ESL kids.

    She made a friend who was half-cuban, no extracurriculars, C+ average, 18 ACT, no waitlist. Because half-hispanic. She got a degree in Womyn’s studies, married and then divorce-raped a friend of mine, then became a lesbian. I think she was working as a portrait photographer at a mall last I knew, but that was 20 years ago.

  131. Car in, Feige is trying to cancel Chris Pratt, because Pratt attends a church that is traditional marriage. He didn’t attend Biden fundraiser. Social Media tried to cancel. Now, Disney/MCU is forcing him into an untenable position.

  132. what shocks me is that scoring in the 95% wasn’t enough to overcome the diversity stuff. Plus she *is* a girl.

  133. Carin, she is a far better candidate than I was at that stage. Took me two rounds to get in. I was wait listed at 3 schools first time out of 8 applied to and 2 the second time (out of 5) before UMass sent me the acceptance letter. I’m so glad I didn’t get in to the schools that wait listed me because the tuition was outrageous compared with UMass. It allowed me to pay off my loans relatively fast, about 10 years. The payments weren’t that painful either.

  134. From jimbro’s article:

    Applicants who identified as Hispanic, Latino, or of Spanish origin increased 5.1%, to 5,858; matriculants grew 6.3%, to 2,466.
    The number of black or African American applicants rose 0.6%, to 5,193; and matriculants increased by 3.2%, to 1,916.
    American Indian or Alaska Native applicants grew by 4.8%, to 586; while matriculants rose 5.5%, to 230.

    Weird what they don’t say. “matriculants increased by 3.2%” … what total percentage “martriculated”.

  135. I mean, if you merely accept MORE “minorities” certainly more will graduate. Doesn’t say anything about if the percentage of the minority class is graduating at an increased rate.

  136. Its really no shock that as the k-12 classroom has become … more female focused both in agenda and style of learning, etc – that more women are making it through to med school. Get rid of gym. Criticize male behavior. Denigrate the fathers and say that toxic traits are basic to boys.

  137. Getting a teaching job as a man is almost impossible anymore, especially as you go down in ages. I didn’t have one until 5th grade, and he was… well, he was a talented singer and dancer.

  138. Its just crappy. She had letters of recommendation from doctors she worked with (not friends of the family doing us favors). Honors college, dual major, awesome MCAT, GPA 3.85.

    Wait listed because someone can check the right box. Even more infuriating is that there a LOT of very privileged minorities in Detroit – arabs – children of doctors themselves. I bet THEY get in easier – despite coming from a much more privileged lifestyle than hannah.

    Hannah used to complain that the arab girls didn’t have to work and their parents lavished money on them – and how hard it was competing with them.

  139. 3.5 hour fireplace video playing on the TEEVEE, Christmas music on Spotify while I clean the house.

    Mrs. Pupster will be home tomorrow night!

    (Lemme know if that link doesn’t work for you, I’ve changed my search engine back to Duck Duck Go and it does weird shit.)

  140. Car in, it sucks right now. Hannah will be fine. Didn’t your 23 & Me show a significant African influence? Wink wink

  141. I’m in the most male dominated specialty in medicine but my subspecialty has the most chicks in it. When I passed through my residency there were a total of 3 women who had been trained in the program. Four residents a year for at least 20 years (not sure how many classes went before mine, the med center opened in the mid 70’s). After the women became more numerous we had to take down all the centerfolds taped to the walls of the call rooms and make a better stash for the porn mags. One of the Mormon guys in my residency class disposed of a killer collection and replaced it with the Book Of Mormon.

  142. Isn’t Hannah a liberal now?

    She should be happy that her spot is going to a more-deserving minority.

  143. One of my coworkers who is a minority was telling me about how she could continue to go to school free, basically by writing scholarship letters and always winning scholarships. I told her that I wrote for a couple but my story was not compelling enough to win anything. She looked shocked. “Well, I write really well…” she said.

    *SNORT.* OMG, they don’t even know. They think it’s because of their writing skills. Although I doubt they overlook to mention ethnicity prominently in the written assignment.

    The chick who won all the scholarship money during my last pass at school, was an AA from a far more affluent family than mine, who used the extra cash to go on trips to Aruba and the Caribbean, even while school was in session, and ended up having to retake a whole year of classes because she couldn’t pass. But who cares? Free money.

  144. @ Pups

    The answer is yes, that is the prevalent theory. Then again, there’s a theory that we are free men in a free country.

    My particular outlook at this point. Fuck them and all their rules. I’ll worry about rules when the rules are applied equally across the board. None of this rules for me not for thee bullshit for the elites

  145. If only you’d had a baby out of wedlock. That would have really made the money roll in.

    Maybe hannah could get knocked up?

  146. Another friend told me about one of her family friends having a huge gathering at Thanksgiving (with no masking at all) and where (so far) 8 people have come down with Covid. But that careless family has no one to blame but themselves for being in the predicament. Perhaps their family’s story can serve as a warning to others.
    Yes, it sucks to have to have a family gathering virtually, but if that’s the way we keep everyone safe, I am okay with that. It sucks that I can’t even hug my parents and that my siblings will not be together for any of the Christmas holidays… but I would rather be able to gather again in 2021 for Christmas with everyone present. We are not going to act like small, bratty children and be selfish and disregard the health and safety of others. My parents raised us better than that.
    We won’t be able to move on from the pandemic if our nation does not take it seriously. Too many lives have been impacted or lost already. 😢
    I won’t hesitate to remove any comments that attempt to spread any kind of non-science based “theories” or consipiracies. This is not the time or place. Feel free to rant on your own page, but not on mine. Doing it on my page is the equivalent of walking into my house and pooping in the middle of my living room. Please be respectful. Thanks.

    This is my halfbrother’s cousin. There is so much here, I don’t even know where to begin. But I will so – no Facebook is not your livingroom. It is a soapbox. And if you stand on the soapbox, you should be willing to take the blows.


    And she and her husband have BOTH had COvid. Yet they continue with quarantining. Because of science. Or something.

  147. Please tell Hannah not to be discouraged. Apply herself to her task and double down on meeting and schmoozing with doctors at the ER and elsewhere in her scribe role, taking a class or two at the graduate level and even retaking the MCAT exam. Feel free to use my story as an example of a guy who was despondent but persevered. If I didn’t get in second time around Uncle Sam was looking for payback for my ROTC scholarship. There was too much math involved with Artillery, Armor smelled like a locker room so the Infantry was calling. I actually studied for the MCAT’s (just winged it the first time around) and raised my scores significantly across the board, worked a research job and learned rat surgery skills, took a couple of classes at BU School Of Public Health and wrote better essays for my applications instead of the crap I put out the first time.

  148. *poops on Carin’s half-brother’s cousin’s living room floor*

  149. I don’t know if she can do better than 95th percentile. I mean … her score and gpa could get her into U of Mich med school. She got a really good score. And she really did put it all into her applications. There are a LOT of schools she hasn’t heard from yet. Including U of M.

    My stepmother works for Wayne State and says that in addition to it being HUGE for diversity students, a ton of people use it as their safe school … and then get into elsewhere. Plus they get a lot of diversity applicants.

    So right now its a waiting game. We just assumed (foolishly) she’d get in straight away.

    Apparently if she’d ONLY applied to WSU, she would have had a much greater chance of being accepted (as in, almost a sure thing with her GPA and MCAT score). But she didn’t want to do that.

  150. Cleaning out tabs

    Someone mentioned this genre of rifle a while ago.

  151. /poops next to Jimbro’s poop on my step-cousin’s living room

  152. Haven’t really seen the push for the flu shot this year like in years past. Odd that.

  153. I just want to point out, that masks vs. the size of the airborne particles that carry covid, are like chainlink fences vs. mosquitoes.

  154. So far, most of my CoWs with the Rona, are mask gloves Nazis. Old guy, Walter in Produce always wears his mask under his nose. He coughed a few times. His stay at home wife got it first. Had more symptoms. Greeter Walter is old, too. Keeps behind the plexi. Gloves and mask 100%. Both are back at work. Produce Walter was constantly having his picture taken for bad maskmanship. Lately, I’ve been mixing it up with the Karen’s.

  155. What Lauraw said.

  156. That was me, Jimbro, thanks for the link.

  157. If you can smell a fart from a clothed person, a t-shirt over your face can’t stop a respiratory infection.

  158. Pupster, all the ads I was seeing on yootoob were flu shots and Liberty Mutual insurance.

  159. Happy birthday, Leon!

  160. Thanks, Roamy.

  161. 🎊🎉🎂 Leon

  162. Happy birthday, Leon!

  163. She made a friend who was half-cuban, no extracurriculars, C+ average, 18 ACT, no waitlist. Because half-hispanic. She got a degree in Womyn’s studies, married and then divorce-raped a friend of mine, then became a lesbian. I think she was working as a portrait photographer at a mall last I knew, but that was 20 years ago.
    My roommate freshman year got a 19 on the ACT. Financial aid, job at the school, etc. Wanted to go into architecture. Couldn’t do 6th grade math. Nice guy. Clearly didn’t belong in college. Hope he’s done well, actually nope, couldn’t care less.

    31, B student, played 2 sports. I was told the only way I’d get in is if I applied to the college of agriculture. So I did. Switched as soon as I could. Totally fucking ridiculous but this was the height of affirmative action.

    Everything is a lie.

  164. Happy Birthday Leon!!!11!!

    I got you one of these.

  165. happy birthday, leon!

  166. hmm, roamy, I was looking at Pete’s Poultry Seasoning, and if you are using an injected turkey you would leave off the salt. If it’s unbrined I don’t think that amount of salt is too much to use drippings, especially if you cut it with low sodium broth.

  167. Happy Birthday Leon! These are out of season but still pretty tasty.

  168. Thanks errybuddy. I splurged and had some cookies the wife made for us. I even left the house!

  169. HBD leon!

  170. Lauraw did you catch any of the deerz ?

  171. She didn’t even try.

  172. wow, National Review defending Barr in an article by The Editors. Not linking it, search if you want to read it.

    They don’t like Trump, at all. They also don’t like subscribers.

  173. Jay, my dad gave me his smoker, and I intend once life slows down a bit, to clean it out and give it a try.

  174. Happy birthday, Leon!

  175. Had a friend guiding some elk hunters stay at our place last night. We were talking this morning while the truck warmed up so they could drive around and look for elk. (It was 20 degrees with a 15 mph breeze, a good time to truck hunt.). #1 Son looks up and spots half a dozen elk on the hill about 300 yards away. Hunter shot but missed. They had been hunting for 4 days without seeing anything.


  177. you’re gonna love it, roamy

  178. probably not a PBC, but a smoker is a smoker


  180. Dad stuff

  181. Temps dropping tonight. A delicious Snowpocalypse scheduled for tomorrow through Thursday, to be set off by a tasty single digit temperature Friday night. Bon appetit!

  182. High of 35 here today. 15 – 20 mph wind. 20 degrees now. No fun at all. Stupid governor making everybody stand outside because of 75 people in a store limits. Penelope had to do toys for tots shopping. An hour and 42 minutes in line to get into Wal-Mart. It’s insane.

  183. Happy B’Day, Leon!
    Good luck on the second baby!

  184. Duck eggs require poaching.

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