Stacey Abrams is So Hot

Stacey Abrams photoshopped to appeal to suburban women

You know what I find really odd about the Stacey Abrams phenomenon? Nothing. I find nothing odd or interesting about it.

She’s a person that claimed, without evidence, that she won the 2018 gubernatorial election in Georgia and along with her media allies, spread the claim far and wide in the run up to the 2020 presidential election.

They lied repeatedly for political gain and no one cared. I did a bit of research about her claim and only USA Today had the courage to run a fact check rating the claim ‘partly false’. They were so brave that they fact checked an anonymous Twitter account and made sure that even though there was actually no evidence of fraud or cheating in 2018 and that she’s been lying for 2 years about it, to give her a 500 word tongue bath for registering 800K new voters. As if that matters. Something is true or not. It isn’t ‘partly false’ because you go girl! or whatever. It’s either a lie or it isn’t.

The sad reality is that her story is totally normal now. She’s a loser that lies without hesitation because she can. Everyone around her lies to keep the lie rolling, and normal people that question the lie are called out for not lying enough or squinting hard enough to see that the lie is ok because she’s…you know. And you have to treat…you know…people differently because those other people that treat…you know people equally are probably racist.

The same narrative is used for almost everything now. It’s all the same. It’s all lies. Happy Monday!

Stacey Abrams summed up in one picture


  1. *files lawsuit against the use of #Championshiplevelboobs tag for this post*

    *Supreme Court refuses to hear case, turns out Roberts is a hogger*

  2. So this is going to happen on Jan 5th…

    The Republican asshole candidates will be up by huge numbers and then…magically…the absentee ballots will be counted at 3am and, magically, they’ll both lose.

    Why would they bother to do anything different this time?

    I’m voting both absentee and in person but it probably won’t matter.

  3. You might not want to admit that MJ. Turns out it’s still illegal if you vote for R’s. Who knew?

  4. Hogger. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    It’s a hog tax.

  5. I just want to see if I can. Not that I will.

    Uh huh. Sure.

  6. abrams can lie because d. and not the kind your mom has an affinity for

  7. glomerule

  8. It’s a lazy stay at home day today. Crappy weather and I don’t feel like working on my projects. I may do some cleaning and tidying-if I want to- but that’s it. And I’m ordering takeout today. Not sure what. I was leaning toward pizza, but now I’m thinking Mexican.

    It’s the world’s least interesting party up in here. wooooo

  9. SCOTUS has ruled that this poat will stand as the legitimate winner of Monday, because I am not a BIPOC Georgia voter, and thus lack standing.

  10. Whose turn is it to capture Leon and take his Lucky Charms?

  11. I started reading the comments in the top sidebar link at Ace’s to Gateway Pundit, the one about the folded or not ballot pictures to prove fraud. The comments are all in on the Executive Order being used to bring the hammer down on the fraud but “we just need to wait a little longer for them to do their criminal deeds”. As much as I’d like to believe this is true I’m just not seeing it happening.

    One of the things that makes me wonder though is how relatively quiet Trump has been since the election. I mean he’s done his usual tweets but held few press conferences and appearances.

  12. Take ’em, it’s not like the fargin’ thin’s ha’ done much for me lately.

  13. I suck at Lazy-day-ing. Already creating a list in my head of things to do. Sigh.

  14. The extent to which I wanted to stay home and crawl back into bed today cannot be underestimated. Not for any particular reason, just bog-standard Don’ Wanna Get Up Syndrome.

    Seriously, if it wasn’t for seeing family at Christmas I’d completely hate this time of year, and I’m only getting partial at that this year on the ONE FUCKING YEAR I don’t have to head home on the 25th to work the next day because OH OH OH WE ALL GONNA DIE SHUT DOWN ALL THE THINGS BECAUSE SOMEONE COUGHED and seriously, please, I don’t ask much, just complete nuclear annihilation, we don’t fucking deserve to live if we’re going to be this fucking worthless.

    OK, it may have been more than just not wanting to get up this morning.

  15. I’ve got a list of things to do today.

    Wakey wakey

    There. Now I can cross that off my list.

  16. I was going to try and track down some good photos of the Roman villa they unearthed in a farmer’s field in Sussex, but they’ve made it too much of a tourist attraction.

    A Roman family lived there, in a style close to that of Rome itself, in 200 BC. The floor had vents beneath it so that steam could be piped through and keep it warm in winter. There were scorch marks and ash from fires on top of the floor when it was unearthed, but those were later determined to be campfires from ~800-900 years later.

    A house with hot and cold running water, abandoned at some point, then huddled in almost a thousand years later by people who didn’t even have a word for plumbing.

    It made me think of Atlanta.

  17. The comments are all in on the Executive Order being used to bring the hammer down on the fraud but “we just need to wait a little longer for them to do their criminal deeds”.

    meanwhile, the electors will be seated today, and Buyden will officially be the President-elect. One more thing to overturn. Waiting out the clock was only an option for the dems, because the courts were on their side, in the places they needed them to be. Still can’t see why 7 justices thought that we shouldn’t hear the Texas case. Not even frakkin hear it.

  18. Heh, reminds me of the old joke:

    What did socialists use before candles and torches?


  19. Whatever happens comes January 20th, 2021, there are 80 million of us who voted for President Trump, and probably upwards of at least double that who support him and/or do not want whatever is left of this republic to be wiped out. We are not going anywhere. And we are enraged.

    From the Morning Report. Blah blah blah, the dems know they have little to nothing to fear from this. We obey the rules, even when the rules work against us.

    War. Not in the literal sense, but Breitbart’s. We need to retake the institutions that brought us here.

  20. So there’s some huge hacking operation that’s been going on since March? Solar Winds? Legit? or BS?

  21. Been going on since before March. Maybe not that specific operation, but some probing is always present.

  22. Governor Cuomo has been credibly* accused of sexual harassment.

    1) Don’t doubt it for a second.
    2) This is a serious charge, he should step down immediately.

  23. I don’t believe it, leon. Too many have tried this route, and my skepticism is off the charts every time this happens. Too many Chicken Littles have done this, and I feel bad for true victims.

  24. That’s just it. He’s an arrogant, stupid man. I have no doubt he has a trail of real victims. Is this one? Dunno. Don’t care anymore.

  25. Retake, hell. When a house is in this poor shape, you tear it down and start over. It sucks but that’s where we are now.

    Too bad most of the available architects for the rebuild are corrupt imbeciles.

    Ah well. All good things, etc. Not the way I saw this phase of my life going, but no part of my life has gone even vaguely to plan, anyway, so it is what it is I guess.

  26. Too bad most of the available architects for the rebuild are corrupt imbeciles.


    That is a true statement.

  27. Retake, hell. When a house is in this poor shape, you tear it down and start over.


    This is a true statement.

  28. Look, wear your masks you stupid sheep. They don’t do shit but they show you’re compliant. You’re a cog, less than that even. We’ll give you $1200 to shut the fuck up.


  29. You know what they say, if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.

    I think I need to continue to remain off social media garbage. Have a good one, H2 turds.

  30. I mean turds in a loving way.

  31. President Trump Claims He Will ‘Declassify Everything’ Over Democrat ‘Lying’ And ‘Treason’

    Good. Unlike Snowden and the guy in Britain whose name escapes me at this moment, he has the power of law behind him.

  32. H2 isn’t social media garbage

  33. mare and PJM are on H2 vacation. Someone in HR should have their paperwork, right?

  34. I asked HR and they saw that I was a middle-aged white guy and just laughed at me.

  35. PJM has to come back for SS, at least, she participated.

    Unlike that FPOS Mare.


    But we are denying science. Got it.

  37. Peej is on facedouche, so I’m calling bullshit.

  38. I, on the other hand, am not on facedouche.

  39. you dropped out completely? thinking about it, but I’ll still monitor, since that is what my family uses, and also for oppo research.

  40. My lib friends are quite useful to see what idiocy they are all about at this point.

  41. I have a three day ban.

  42. But yes, that’s what keeps me on facedouche. Work page is on facedouche. Gym page is there.

  43. The trans shit has to stop. Irreversible damage for nigh-universal negative life outcomes.

    We’re back at lobotomies here FFS.

    Anyone arguing for it or doing the ‘work’… I shouldn’t type what comes next. If there’s a List, they should be on it.

  44. So, that release is highlighting errors of judges and a GOP consultant?

  45. I don’t know what pisses me off more about “social media”, that it’s such a corrupt load of shit, or that I can’t seem to get regular communication from certain friends and family by any other means.

    Fucker could be snuffed out overnight, but folks are too lazy to do things any other way now. I’m about stroking out just pondering it, which is why generally I just fuck off and find something else to occupy my brain activity.

  46. Other story in Free Press saying that officially 50% of Detroit turned out to vote. Bullshit.

    50% of detroit had votes counted. Mail in included people who don’t and didn’t vote, so it was safe to send in Biden ballots for them.

    Are you going to also tell me that 50% of Detroit, which is HEAVILY dem and black, voted for a non-black Senator, when the other senator was a black man, and would have been the first in MI history?

  47. before social media the same people wouldn’t try to get in contact with you either, you would just have 0 idea what they were doing. Our grandmas and aunts would keep up, and we’d get an oral history at family gatherings.

  48. In Iowa, one of the House rep races went to the Republican by 6 (yes, 6, no zeros). The dem rep, Hart, is skipping the Iowa courts and going directly to Pelosi and the Dem house to seat her.

    But Trump has no evidence. And if evidence is there, Dems will ignore it, and will completely skip a judge if there is any reason that they should lose. This is heavily dem Eastern Iowa, and those seats were held by dems. It’s a flip for the GOP.

    Still you’re telling me Trump lost? Iowa went to Trump, because we don’t have mail-in voting. We have absentee voting.

  49. President Trump Claims He Will ‘Declassify Everything’


    He might order it, but the administrative/deep state won’t do anything. I think Judicial Watch took the FBI? to court to force a FOIA document. After the judge ruled for them, the FBI released the report with EVERYTHING but the title redacted.

    Trump can order whatever he wants, like “Get us out of Syria”, doesn’t mean it will happen.

  50. From Twitter

    “Antrim County Audit Report: “The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant & fatal error in security & election integrity.””

  51. I may not be awesome at math, but …

    “The FDA authorized emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine following an overwhelming 17–4 vote of confidence from an advisory panel of independent experts.”

    That’s 80.9% . I mean, in some areas, that is barely passing.

    Someone needs to ask Buzzworthy what the meaning of “overwhelming” means.

  52. Someone finally asked me about my Christmas list. I’d laugh to keep from crying if I wasn’t 80% dead anyway.

  53. Our grandmas and aunts would keep up, and we’d get an oral history at family gatherings.

    My mom was the glue that held the family together. I have failed in trying to take her place. My sister apparently sold her house and moved back in September and didn’t tell my dad, my brother, or me.

  54. I will likely see most of my cousins for the very last time when my grandmother passes.

    I’d laugh to keep from crying if I wasn’t 80% dead anyway.

    That’s slightly alive, and that’s not nothing.

  55. I love my cousins/aunt and uncle. I don’t see them much because they live in Florida. Given that my dad/grandparents are all dead, now my sister –

    I hope to go see them soon. Mostly its circumstance right now (they called me last weekend, and you know how I hate the phone – I have to call them back.)

    Honestly , when I’m with my cousins and family its as if we’re never apart.

  56. I just listened to a pretty good discussion of the vaccine on a podcast so I expect it will be banned soon.


    JustTheNews report expands on Carin’s freep link. The software creates errors on purpose, which allows the user to delete/change votes without oversight.

  58. Got a lot of work emails about the vaccine today and over the weekend. My takeaway from them is that vaccine administration is voluntary … at this time.

  59. That’s slightly alive, and that’s not nothing.

    There is that. I’m hoping to finally have wheels of my own again this week, which would be a big plus. Then I actually have a prayer of getting anything else resolved at all.

  60. Can’t believe Car in wants to travel to Florida? Why does she hate my grandma? Why is she trying to kill her?

  61. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the vaccine killed off like a third of the population?

    Think about it. Trump reduces the Karen population to basically zero.

    Glory days.

  62. Food for today will be 4 roasted turkey wings, because you gotta clear out the old stuff from the freezer sometime.

  63. Karens aren’t getting it, though, it’s all the heroic* first responders.

    *wasting PPE while dancing on tiktok

  64. I wonder who will pay for the class action lawsuits when people are forced to get vaccinated by their companies?

    Regardless of how safe it is, lawyers are gonna sue.

  65. What’s crazy is, you can see the coercion coming. Without your proof of vaccination card, you can’t: Fly, stay at a hotel, travel to a different state, shop in a store, go to a public event, vote??, etc. How long until your government mandated insurance goes through the roof? No vaccination = high risk.

    Half of all the batshit crazy stuff that Alex Jones said is evidently correct.

    I can see the gun regulations coming. No mail order ammo. Permit necessary to buy ammo or components. “They’re explosives!!! You need certification! And a license! And to account for everything, subject to on site audits. Is your storage locker up to code?” Even without new laws, they can strangle you in red tape.

    I’m just glad we can trust that the FBI doesn’t keep records of the gun background checks. It’s against the law, and I’m sure the FBI is rigorous about following the letter and spirit of the law.

  66. You’re right. Vaccine manufacturers can’t be sued, so it’ll be the companies that do the forcing.

    Doesn’t protect armed service members, though. They have no recourse. It’ll be Gulf War Syndrome all over again.

  67. Just saw an ad with Ed Harris. He’s looking a little rough these days. Better that, though, than over-botoxed.

  68. In looking up Ed Harris, I discovered that he and Amy Madigan have been married for 37 years. Quite the accomplishment for a Hollywood couple.

  69. Ed is quite the liberal spokesman, too

  70. What’s crazy is, you can see the coercion coming.

    This is a frikkin’ warning about the Internet of Things. Sorry, comrade, you get no lights, no heat, no internet until you toe the line. I hate that I have two cars where the dealer will email me, “It’s been 5,000 miles since your last service visit.” Leave me the fuck alone.

  71. I didn’t know that, Jay, he was plugging Disabled American Veterans.

  72. So you’re in a play about the anger of working-class Americans. A bit close to the bone right now?
    ‘Yes. Obviously rural America was responsible in a large part for electing Donald Trump as our president. Just how much of a travesty that will be remains to be seen. He got himself elected by persuading a lot of people who really had no reason to vote for him by spouting the kind of rhetoric that he did. And the people who are most likely to be hurt by his presidency are the very people who voted for him. It’s like that Bob Dylan song, “Only a Pawn in Their Game”. A lot of pawns voted for Mr Trump.’

    from this:

  73. hey pepe and leon:

    maybe this is the attack that pepe was referring to?

  74. I can’t comment on that, Jay, except to say that I can’t comment.

  75. FireEye is a solid company with an excellent track record. If they say it’s a threat, you can take it to the bank, and you should.

  76. Company Xmas party tonight. They’re going through with it even though we ceased operations 3 wks ago. But I will attend. Its being held at a pretty high end gun store with a good in door range. Unlimited rentals and ammo. Anybody got anything they want me to test? I already intend to fire the Kris (MJ gun) and with be looking for the Sig 320 and other similar expressions.

  77. Anyone pushing for socialized medicine should be forced to visit their local VA.

    I’ve now been to two and they are the most depressing places on earth. There are hundreds of people just sitting around. I guess they are employed but they basically do nothing unless someone walks up to them. They are signs. Human signs.

    And the facilities are basically shit holes. It’s almost as if politicizing medicine leads to…how shall I say this…politicized medicine.

    It’s a terrible idea that will force everyone into a shitstorm unless you can 1) afford something else or 2) are politically favored.

    Fuck this noise.

  78. Wapo says DHS is being hacked by Russia.

    So that’s who we’ll be going to war with under the commander-in-thief, to procure timber for China.

  79. I expect a full review of my baby, TreeRot.

  80. interesting, thanks leon

  81. Nothing but the best for our veterans. Wonder how many people ever heard of the Bonus Army?

  82. and I had no idea, listeners for the CIA who are taping everything

  83. The attack is no doubt real.

    “Russia!” should hold precious little water with anyone at this point.

  84. Nah, J’Ames, it’s all digital these days. Makes it NSA’s job.

  85. Suffice it to say my primary defense against such is that, aside from this and Ace’s place, my transmissions are by and large boring as fuck.

  86. “Significantly, the computer system shows vote adjudication logs for prior years; but all adjudication log entries for the 2020 election cycle are missing. The adjudication process is the simplest way to manually manipulate votes. The lack of records prevents any form of audit accountability, and their conspicuous absence is extremely suspicious since the files exist for previous years using the same software,” the report, authored by Russell Ramsland, states.

    “We must conclude that the 2020 election cycle records have been manually removed.”

    Nothing to see here. The adjudication is the process I said above, removing votes in error from the machines. The logs would show who did it and when. 2020 is missing.

  87. so is Buyden president yet?


    I’ll send you some spores. Start saving your coffee grounds.

  89. Boringness is my defense. People know to worry if I get interesting.

  90. Okayfinethen.

  91. Tomorrow I have to take my second hackerrank test in 3 days. Previous one was grueling, so I’m hoping this one isn’t as rough.

  92. Good Lord, an avalanche of email for the GA Senate. 19 so far today.

  93. Good luck, Leon, we’re all counting on you.

  94. Michigan seems so fair. Your Governor is way out of control, emergency power went to her head.

    “Today, Trump electors, from the state of Michigan, were denied entry to the Michigan State Capitol after Governor Whitmer and other officials sent 200+ troops to guard the building.”

    “MI Attorney General is threatening legislators w criminal investigation and possible prosecution if they disagree with her, and the MI Governor and other officials are shutting down the peoples’ house and preventing them from gathering today to perform their constitutional duty.”

    “The Michigan Secretary of State has ordered deletion of e-poll books and other evidence, and has taken affirmative steps to seal forensic evidence regarding the flaws in the operation of Dominion machines from the public view and also from legislators.”

  95. The King Ludwig Oak is a perfect metaphor for our times. Prove me wrong.

  96. Kill it Leon. KILL it. No mercy. Slay that mofo.

  97. Good luck, Leon.

    Is this one of those Hollywood tests where you’re unwittingly actually breaking into the Pentagon and stealing files?

  98. Just fucking perfect.

    Christmas may be less and less. And the car deal I was hoping to close on may be falling through.

    I just want to find some hole to crawl into and die.

  99. No, it’s story problems to be solved in Java.

    What’s happening in Lansing is basically the opposite of what you’d do if you were certain there was nothing hinky about the election. What a shitshow.

    If the Insurrection Act isn’t for this, it’s a dead letter.

  100. Repeat but still makes me laugh.

    Imgur video with sound

  101. Turkey wings suck. Do not roast. Broth or dog food, nothing else.

  102. Lol, I coulda told you that. I cure and smoke them and use them as the ‘hambone’ or bacon in soup or beans.

  103. The drumsticks are not quite as useless, but close. I do the same with them.

  104. Turkey basically sucks, IMO. I only eat it for tradition. Only ate it today because of the CSA. Pretty sure it’s all beef, pork, and lamb from here on out.

  105. Not a huge turkey fan.

  106. NM sent up contested electors and a new lawsuit targeting our SOS with illegal drop boxes. I wonder what 45 has on MLG and MTO that gave Steve Pierce a spine?

  107. Poultry is poultry. Twice a year, Dan is the Bubba Gump Of Turkey.

  108. I’m not a turkey fan either.
    Wild turkey breasties marinaded and grilled are ok. But otherwise I pass on the stuff.

  109. Stuffing and dessert and family are the t-day draw for me.

  110. Tree rot – give the 1911’s a good test for me.

  111. US postal system is broke dick

  112. Wonder how many people ever heard of the Bonus Army?
    Had to look it up. I’ve heard of it before but had forgotten it. Good thing it wasn’t on my hackerrank test

  113. Whiskey Rebellion is another fun bit of history.

    As is the 1876 election.

  114. I got a turkey leg at a street fair once. Once. Too many tendons. I like roast whole turkey but only a couple of times a year. Part of the problem is that it’s too much meat. Freezing the extra doesn’t really work for us since it rarely gets used before it turns into an unidentifiable mass of freezer burnt meat.

  115. First day of early voting. The line was wrapped around the library.

  116. Next Thanksgiving I’m just going to roast 3 chickens.

  117. Ooh Whiskey Rebellion. Good one. George Washington was a badass.

  118. I am no longer afraid of December 15th.

  119. I am, but I am turning old and have to take a test tomorrow.

  120. well I like turkey. And turkey legs. Guess I know how to cook.

  121. I’ll take lamb any day. The good lord has blessed the modern turkey with too little to recommend it for consumption by man.

  122. ha ha ha, touche, J’Ames

  123. lamb + beef + spices = the best greek food, gyro meat

  124. sous vide + smoke + gyro meat, mmmmm

  125. I will say that I had one sublime turkey in my life and it was when I was with the ex, at his parents’; they got a bird from a friend who had a local livestock farm. This thing was juicy and moist, every bit of it.

    Butterball ain’t even in the same solar system.

  126. cured smoked turkey legs does sound good, with beans

  127. haven’t you smoked a turkey? fried one? both of those are really juicy

  128. something like this, laura?

  129. I had fried turkey once. Sitting on a deck next to a lake with friends.

  130. I wanted to have some fried turkey once, on a deck by a lake with friends, but some hogs went and ate it all before I could get some.

  131. they were HOGS


  133. Totally forgave dorkus for taking a dump on the deck anyway

  134. That was the last good turkey.

  135. hogs huh. well who ate all the clams, and threw them in the woods?

  136. everybody, man, everybody, and it was awesome

  137. wonder what the beer tree harvest will be like

  138. Way back when I was in private practice I hired one of my secretary’s sons who was a chef to cater a Christmas party. He did a great job overall but the fried turkey was a big snafu. The turkey displaced about a gallon of cooking oil onto my back porch. It took a lot of cleaning by me and 4 dogs to get the grease stain of the deck. The turkey was great.

  139. Next lapeerpooza, the clam and beer trees should be big enough to provide for all our needs

  140. Woweee, picking ripe littlenecks straight from the bush. That will be amazing.

  141. Lapeerpalooza II Electric Boogaloo, Carin bought one thousand lake perch so I could try some. Life just doesn’t get any better than this.

  142. I will never be able to eat lamb or cabrito. I’m Sofa King happy that misogynistic Messicans wouldn’t allow females to participate in Matanzas or steer pits.

  143. CoW lives on the Rez. She lost 3 family members yesterday. It is beyond criminal that New Mexicans are being denied the Zelenko Protocol.

  144. Moron in NM keeps trying to sue Gov Wuhan over the lockdown. Cases keep getting tossed due to lack of standing. Who has more standing than a citizen of a state being denied their rights?

  145. Standing is made up by the courts. Robert Barns claims ( at least I think he did) that it has no basis in law. It the courts way of saying FU.

  146. I smoked a turkey once. It was hard to find a rolling paper big enough, but I’d say it was worth it.

  147. I’m with Jay in liking turkey. Pete’s poultry seasoning (see hostagerecipes site, basically an overnight brine) is foolproof and makes a great turkey, though you can’t use the drippings for gravy, it’s way too salty. I use the wings and sometimes the drumsticks in turkey frame soup.

  148. Do engineers resent programmers?

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