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  1. First

  2. Sean was talkative last night

  3. Chatty.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. Going to go pick up my panic rifle this morning. Next week’s BBF will have to wait a bit.

    Technically it is my third panic rifle.

  6. They tried that once. It’s called Texas now.

    I think we can all agree that it worked out exactly as I’d want it to this time.

    Secret Santa Note: please let me know if you’ve received your gift. I would like to be able to assure the senders that they’ve arrived and not been porch-pirated.

  7. Raining like heck here. It’s like Spring without the flowers.

  8. What kinda rifle you picking up today?

  9. Off the wall laughed my @#$ off today-great collection.

  10. I’ve had my panic rifle since 2001. My gap is ammo.

  11. Interesting conversation you all had last night.

  12. I’ve thought long and hard (heh) about the coming troubles. I’ve thought of heading to places more in line with my thought.
    But the bottom line is this place is mine.

  13. I’m going to stay and fight.
    Half of this country is out like mind.
    And I’d like to think it’s the productive half.

  14. If America’s farmers tell the metroplexes to fuck off we’ll regain control of this nation in 1-2 months.
    The down side as a Christian will be the millions of poor deluded souls that will die of starvation and disease in the interim.

  15. I am bummed by what’s happened to our police and military. It’s anecdotal but I’m interacting with more and more of the aforementioned that have bought into the pop culture hatred of being an American.

  16. I’m worried about the rank and file mentality I’m seeing in the troops at Drum.

  17. I don’t get the hard core porn one.


  18. Local leo is lost.

  19. I’m with ya jam. its gonna be hard for a bit but I’m standing my ground. might be a little down now but don’t mistake that as giving up. fuck around and find out.

  20. we need to have a meatup.

    if you’re wondering if I’m talking about you, yes.

  21. I’ll be there.

  22. Now we just need a slogan

  23. FPOS – The Trundling 2021.

  24. I lost some weight since we last met. I think I’m almost keeping pace with j’ames.

  25. haha FPOSpalooza. we’ll have treats!

  26. have you had better BBQ since then? if so where?

  27. “fuck around and find out.”
    j’ames and I are like twins.
    Only he’s smarter and better looking.

  28. And doesn’t eat as much paste ….

  29. I’m the paste champion. the bench is named after me.

    but I am prettier. yep

  30. What kinda rifle you picking up today?

    I still feel kinda panicky.

    *hides debit card from myself*

    *realizes I saved the card to my account*

    Somebody needs to come over here and slap the internet out of my hands.

  31. pup – i see they make a 208 gr sub-sonic round for that…. interesting

    the ammo is a bit spendy

  32. Gud Doggie. You need a bandolier that’ll hold six mags so you can grab n go. Decide your sling set up. I run a single point (for reasons) but all the cool kids are running two points nowadays. Slap a Sig Romeo 5 red dot or a primary arms 1×6 ACSS on it and a low profile hand stop fore grip and you should be good to go. Or at least thats what works for me. Still economical, but effective.

  33. mad pupster, or pupster max?

    he’s already got a hot rod

  34. Sub sonic is hard to find, but yah even the full metal jacket is almost $2 a pew.

    I wanted an AR in .308 originally but tough to find unless you want to build it yourself or pay $3K for a SCAR. My friend at work is a 300 Blackout advocate and convinced me to give it a try. Now I have:

    22 LR
    300 ACC Blackout
    380 ACP
    38 Special
    357 Magnum
    5.56 Nato
    12 Gauge
    410 Gauge

    You think you got ammo problems.

  35. Ammo roster:

    22 LR
    .32 ACP
    38 Special / 357 Magnum
    9 MM
    12 Gauge

    Random calibers for Ben’s guns are 410, 257 and I have some .45 ACP for my dream1911 and shooting my friend’s one on occasion.

    I suppose ammo problems are universal

  36. Paula has a cold but is due to work Monday. Got the nasal swab/brain biopsy test about an hour ago. She has a newfound respect for the discomfort it causes and has pledged to be more compassionate when she administers it.

  37. Secret Santa Note: please let me know if you’ve received your gift.

    I thought I was ahead of the game – I had mailed my victim SS gift Priority 2-Day last Friday. According to tracking this morning, it has not left the post office here. I mailed a care package to Mini-me for finals week, it’s also “USPS has received the item” and nothing else for over a week. My package to RoamyDad has been scanned 5 times in Birmingham and is going nowhere. Shit.

  38. I may not have been sober last night when I was ranting, but perhaps now I can be more coherent.
    There are 2 things I am considering.

    The tea party championed the take the party back movement and while there has been some progress, it hasn’t gone anywhere to speak of. Exhibit A is the Trump presidency and the deep state.
    A good example is abortion, it has been legal 47 years. We have fought a long battle with some victories along the way but it is still legal and selling baby parts is no big deal so I don’t think victory is around the corner.

    How to you even co-exist with someone who thinks killing an unborn child is not murder? Likewise someone who insists that there are more than 2 sexes? I do not think it is possible short of totalitarian means and of course that is what we are trying to avoid.

    Therefore the world has a long history of leaving oppressive places and starting over somewhere else. The Jews, the pilgrims, pioneers all struck out on their own to somewhere else and it was always dangerous for them to do so. The world has a equally long record of liberals ruining those very places. Perhaps Brother Tim is right that a Central American country is not the place to go. If that is right then perhaps I need to start saving for a ticket to Mars, didn’t Mr. Musk say something about going there soon?

  39. Yeah… all those calibers look distressingly familiar, plus a few more oddballs.

  40. I unfriended a cousin on Facedouche today for her latest rant, that anyone who supported the Texas appeal to the Supreme Court is guilty of treason and sedition.

    To borrow the phrase from Dave in Texas, you can’t reason someone out of a position they weren’t reasoned into in the first place, and I’m tired of her hypocrisy, her Russian collusion, her emuluments plus every pet rescue group in three states. I have the feeling she’d happily cheer me getting rounded up and sent to the re-education camp.

  41. 22 LR, L, S
    22 WMR
    380 ACP
    38 Special
    357 Magnum
    44-40 Winchester
    44 Magnum
    45 Long Colt
    20 Gauge
    12 Gauge

  42. Hummingbird video on Mothership is wonderful. That guy/ gal must have quite the camera.

  43. I bet I could hit Roamie’s cousin at 50 yards with every one of those on the first shot.

    (Well, maybe not the 22 Short.)

  44. It’s not real. There aren’t any dead bees or ants in the feeder mesh.

  45. Feel more better soon Paula!

    I’d like to visit Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Virgin Islands, Guam, Turks and Caicos, those kind of places to scope them out.

    It is much more likely that I will relocate into some deep hollow here in NC where I can carve out some space and grow mushrooms, chickens, ducks and rabbits. Maybe figure out how to make blackberry brandy.

  46. My ss gift was mailed monday US priority. I assume it will get there in time. I don’t think I’ve ever mailed mine this early. I have the tracking info in my purse, maybe I’ll dig it out.

  47. Closed down our holiday fundraiser. Looks like we raised around $35K for local charities. A lot of the local organizations have been hit hard this year so we’ll be able to help. The knife/edc crowd always steps up.

  48. I’m not fucking going anywhere. Fuck these people. The form of government they espouse exists in other places. I dont have that luxury. Think ill just stay right here and carry on some American traditions started by my fore fathers.

    You may want to give some serious thought as to what constitution 2.0 should look like. I think we can improve some critical points and eliminate corruption while ensuring individual freedom in the digital age.

  49. There’s no place to go. This is the last stand. I can’t fight worth a damn and may just wind up dead in a ditch, but if I can find any way to resist, I’m staying in America. This is MY homeland. Those bastards who deem themselves our rulers aren’t Americans. They don’t deserve a damn thing.

    Conquer we must, for our cause is just.

    Victory or death.

  50. I’ve got elbow room and some ammo, my main problem is the government here in NM is full commie right now. Most of the rural places are center to extremely right, but the cities are full commie. We do have some hippie types who are granola eating lefties.

  51. Proposed constitutional amendment: no elected official shall be eligible to serve more than two terms, after which he or she will be permanently disqualified from holding public office or having business dealings with any holder of public office.

  52. Proposed conditional amendment: No, the third, fourth and fifth amendments do not imply a right to kill an unborn child and sell its organs on the black market, you fucking dipshit.

  53. I’m not going anywhere. Fuck that.

    And Rush had a good point- caller asked about forming another party. he said “why should WE form a different party?” How about the never trumpers, and go-along Republicans form a new party.

  54. Proposed constitutional amendment: anyone who tries to edit the profanity out of the previous amendment will be tazed in the genitals repeatedly.

  55. Victory or death.

    Give me one Gunstar and a gung-ho iguana and I can set things right by Christmas.

  56. My personal place of zen is imagining Harry Blackmun and Ruth Ginsburg in the flames of hell, looking up the souls of aborted babies in heaven, begging them to dip their perfectly restored fingers in water to bring a soothing drop down, and the babies looking down and saying it’s impossible.

  57. Proposed constitutional amendment: if you come here illegally and commit any form of homicide, sexual assault or theft, you have no rights – constitutional, human or otherwise.

  58. proposed constitutional amendment: the first clause of the Second Amendment is hereby expunged from the text.

  59. Jimes with the wildcat.
    257 Roberts was popular back in the day.

  60. Proposed constitutional amendment: anyone who publicly advocates for communism or socialism will be given, at public expense, travel costs to the country of their choice, and their citizenship will be permanently revoked. If they are found illegally within the country thereafter, they will have neither constitutional nor human rights.

  61. Comment by Sobek on December 12, 2020 3:34 pm
    Proposed constitutional amendment: no elected official shall be eligible to serve more than two terms, after which he or she will be permanently disqualified from holding public office or having business dealings with any holder of public office.


    This is good, but it doesn’t address the main problem, the administrative state. These people are dug in, not elected, and have civil service protections. The bureaucrats bog down and deflect any policy they don’t want, and fast track anything they do. They have no incentive to be productive. Enacting term limits only increases their power.

  62. I completely agree al of those things are good and should happen.
    They won’t happen without bloodshed. I am not going to do that.

  63. Pepe, I know, and I thought of that when I wrote my proposed amendment, but there’s no way to write a Drain the Swamp amendment. At least not that I can think of. That’s a constant theme in all of human history: as the empire expands, so does the bureaucracy, which ossifies and ultimately kills the state.

    When I was younger I read Jefferson’s statement about the tree of liberty with horror. Now I see it as more descriptive than prescriptive, and I understand better, I think.

  64. no public service unions.

    Bloodshed may be necessary, im not ruling out any appropriate response.

  65. I have received my Secret Santa gift, but I lost the receipt with the tracking number on the one I mailed out to my SS recipient. So I have no idea if they have gotten their gift yet.

  66. I’m loving Sobek’s Amendments. I thought 45 signed an EO making it easier to fire bureaucrats?

  67. Mask Nazi wanted me to kick out a woman wearing her mask under her chin. I explained corporate policy. She got pissed and said “That sounds healthy”. She was shopping with her hubby and kids. I walked away. That pissed her off even more. 🤪$20

  68. My SS gifts arrived and the one I sent was received according to the tracking #

  69. pup has me thinking about putting a 300 together.
    ive got a couple of lowers hanging around. looks like i can build one out for 500 ish


  71. That’s nuts.

  72. *debit card cowers in the corner*

  73. That’s nuts.

    You mean $2.75 per round? HAH!

    $3.75 per pew


    $4.25 per pew

  74. Glad I stocked up when I did.

  75. Help, does anyone know how to randomize the contents of a column on an Excel spreadsheet? It’s basically a list of names. If someone donated $100, their name would appear 10 times. I know you could probably do a complicated algorithm, but we cant . 😜

    We’re getting together the list of fundraiser donors and we need to shuffle the names a few times before we do the random number draws. Approximately 3,500 entries.

  76. Pepe,
    That’s pretty much the opposite of what Excel does.
    It would require code ‘rand between’ with a limit, like rand between ‘low number – high number’.
    A little wonky, but doable…

  77. Pepe,
    =RANDBETWEEN(lownumber, highnumber)
    gets integers
    Just =RAND() will get you fractions.

  78. And for those of you that don’t know, ‘Mostly harmless’ is Anita…
    Super systems geek…

  79. There is a weird series on Prime, called ‘Wayne’. Anita qued it up for me to get me to watch it while walking on the treadmill. I watched a 26 minute episode. The producers/directors of this did magic. It is depressing as shit, but setting up for some thing big. They did so much exposition of the players in that 26 minutes, it was amazing.
    It was painful, ugly, horrible, but what they did in 26 minutes was amazing.
    I have not watched the second episode. .

  80. Disney’s executives received payments.

  81. So, the percentage of the population that has tested positive for COVID is 5%, and the percentage of the population that has died from COVID is 0.1%.

    In other words, 95% of the population HASN’T gotten COVID, and 99.9% of the population HASN’T died from COVID.

    Remind me again – why is the country shut down?

  82. ww

  83. Anyone read the Erik Larson’s newish book? “The Splendid and the Vile”?

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