Hopefully no repeats

Ugh, the new editor. First, a song.






Mmmm, that fresh new poat smell.


  1. gormemmeh

  2. *liked post
    *thumbs up post

    because i can

  3. Darkness was upon the face of the Blog.

    And they spake among themselves, saying, “It is a crock of shit, and it stinketh.”

    And the Hostages went unto Pajama Momma and said, “It is a pail of dung, and none may abide the odour thereof.”

    And Pajama Momma went unto MJ, saying, “It is a container of excrement, and it is very strong, such that none may abide by it.”

    And MJ went unto Leon, saying, “It is a vessel of fertilizer, and none may abide its strength.”

    And Leon spoke amongst the other Hostages, saying one to another, “It contains that which aids plant growth, and it is very strong.”

    And the others then went unto Carin, saying unto her, “It promotes growth and is very powerful.”

    And Carin went to Roamie, saying unto her, “This new plan will actively promote the growth and vigour of the Blog; with powerful effects.”

    And Roamie looked upon the Plan, and saw that it was good.

    And the Plan became a Poat.

    This is How Shit Happens. (To the Blog.)

  4. It’s funny because it’s true.

  5. It would seem hotntot descended from the mountain.

  6. it’s old

  7. Little happier now

  8. heh, wiserbud is literally phoning in his radio show.


  9. How’s the sound quality?

  10. …and some days it just rains; thus do a great many things come to pass.

  11. sound is not ideal, but ok.

  12. He sounds alive in spite of the Covid death sentence he received

  13. The late night comedians would have had fun with this one back in the day


  14. What if I were depressed because I couldn’t get a boner?

    Like, say, Ellen Page?

  15. Wife and I have decided that we’re going to try and get pregnant again (which for us means medical interventions, but that’s already TMI). Gets her exempt from taking any vaccines the military requires, as does breastfeeding, so that will run out the clock on her enlistment no problemo.

  16. Hopefully things work out for you guys. In the meantime you get to delay or hopefully avoid the mark of the beast

  17. We’d been thinking about it anyhow, this just helped make the choice.

    For my sake, I’m 100% remote and I don’t foresee the client getting eager to do travel for meetings again any time soon, but eventually my badge will expire, and I’ll have to go to a Federal building. I might be able to go to Grand Rapids, but I also might have to go to DC. I’m not allowed to drive if it’s DC, even if I want to, and airlines are going to be the enforcers for the foreseeable future.

  18. My nurse and I have had conversations about the vaccine at work. She’s not a fan. Not sure what my response will be. It’s probably unavoidable in the long run and I’d hate to lose my job over something that would be inevitable within a year or two.

  19. Listened to an Alex Jones show yesterday where the guest suggested very strongly that we were likely to see negative outcomes on female fertility when the longitudinal studies finally come. Something to do with the specific mRNA and placental growth/implantation.

    The leftists/globalists are desperately trying to bring Handmaid’s Tale to life, it would seem. We know Bill Gates thinks there are way too many of us but just the right amount of him and the bitch who lets him visit his balls semi-annually, so I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

  20. Jimbro, if you get me some details about how the record of the event is tracked, I’ll get you what you need so you can be “vaccinated” when the time comes. I just want mine recorded right after yours.

  21. MJ, you around?

    I just brainfarted a fantastic bidness opportunity. We just have to talk Jimbro into compromising his professional ethics for fat stacks of cash.

  22. Leon,

    The phone number on Rumble is for if you want to comment or upload a video. It’s used to cut down on the bots. Apparently it’s the best competitor to youtube because unlike the other alternatives the creators can monetize their videos.


  23. it’s old

    When did you change your name to Dick?

  24. I posted about the infertility issue on facedouche and Chi-Comm Charlie was all over my shit. Because, I mean fertility is just such an inconsequential issue, we may as well say fuck, amiright?

  25. Here’s a funny one though – CCC posited today the superiority of one party rule to deal with serious issues, because with multi-parties, they are always paralyzed into inaction by the politics of it all (summarizing what he said, can’t remember exactly how he put it).

    I responded, yea I guess that’s fine but w/o an independent media or judiciary, a one party system doesn’t have to admit there is anything wrong.

    Pretty sure he deleted the thread. lol.

  26. I don’t get the need of some ppl to be led by anyone let alone inferior minds.

  27. The phone number on Rumble is for if you want to comment or upload a video. It’s used to cut down on the bots. Apparently it’s the best competitor to youtube because unlike the other alternatives the creators can monetize their videos.

    It won’t let me comment without one.

  28. We’ve had single party rule for quite a while I think.

  29. Here’s a funny one though – CCC posited today the superiority of one party rule to deal with serious issues, because with multi-parties, they are always paralyzed into inaction by the politics of it all (summarizing what he said, can’t remember exactly how he put it).

    Always nice to find a fellow monarchist. He’s okay with Donald the Golden, First of his Line, then?

  30. Thanks for posting Roamy.

  31. We’ve had single party rule for quite a while I think.

    Reptoids are in charge, Globetrotters vs Generals is just the circus.

  32. Rumble wants a phone number, give it a trac-phone number.

  33. Meanwhile, in liberal Ames:

    My neighborhood Facebook group is losing its mind right now.

    There is a chicken on the loose and it is not listed on the pet spreadsheet.

    Total. Fucking. Chaos.

  34. I have had a few dozen chickens. None were pets.

    I have mice and woodchucks, too. Not pets.

  35. Six states officially join TX in lawsuit

    Actual document!

  36. I will also buy the documents. Up to $500

  37. Jimbro, retirement is calling. We can do this.

    I can hang a shingle in some places where people buy things that you aren’t supposed to be buying, IYKWIMAITYD.

    I’ll make it clear that we only accept DogeCoin.

  38. wow, story about Yeager:

    he was in an unrecoverable spin, headed to earth. He says he doesn’t know how to get out of a spin, but he does know how to get inverted.

    And he knows how to get out of an inverted spin. And does it.

    Had to make it worse, before it was better.

    “The first time I saw a jet, I shot it down”.

  39. From this, Towards the end

  40. Damn Hippocratic Oath …

  41. You don’t have to do it, just tell me how and I’ll get whatever cert the people at CVS who give you the flu shot get.

    I’ll do the rest. You get a finder’s fee.

    In Doges.

  42. Sorry, consulting fee.

    For my novel.

    About white collar crime where the collar is a lab coat.

  43. My vaccine would be at the hospital. The nurses that administer them will be among the True Believers so the odds of getting slipped a saline injection with the mRNA being squirted in the wastebasket are low. I’m hoping to delay mine long enough that the side effect question becomes larger and they ease off the accelerator.

  44. Sounds like Rudy was able to get the Zelenko. My Governor doesn’t allow it. Lost my Tia Eva to COVID. She was in her 90s. This one hurts. She was always very good to me.

  45. Leon’s Quick ‘n’ Easy Vaccine Emporium will hook you up, buddy. We even have a drive-through for extra safety and security. Just stick your arm out and you’re good to go. We’ll hand your card straight to you as soon as the chamber in the hypo is empty.

  46. wtf is a pet spreadsheet

  47. I’m signing up for Leon’s Quick n Easy Vaccine Emporium.

  48. wtf is a pet spreadsheet

    Tyranny via Excel.

    Excel-ence in tyranny, if you prefer.

  49. Back home from what was supposed to be a quick trip to work, now finally getting to eat lunch.

  50. I vaccinated your mom with the Patented Meat Injection™.

  51. US patent office says you can’t patent your gametes. Believe me, I have tried.

  52. Patenting hunchback DNA killed it

  53. They might not be patentable, but they are marketable.

  54. Imagine a child support case where the guy countersues for DNA patent infringement…

  55. My takeaway from the surfer that died after surgery in Maui, HI is #2 in shark attacks in the US. #1 is America’s Australia.

  56. I enjoyed the trailer for Nobody someone linked at the HQ earlier. Looks a little derivative, but that can be fun.

  57. Nobody? You mean Bob Wick? Sonny Bunch, not me.

  58. I was hoping for a more-comedic Death Wish at the start of the trailer, but I guess you have to explain why he’s got the skills to pull the equivalent of a Hulk Smash.

    That’s essentially the same story, by the way. Same for the old Kung Fu show and the short-lived Werewolf. Basically, “you fucked with the wrong guy, shoulda left him alone”. Heck, that was the core of some of the best Quantum Leap episodes.

  59. Yep.

  60. Gratuitous hello kitty mention. Inserted here

  61. I’ve probably said this a few times, but I love revenge movies.

    If you haven’t seen Jim Caviezel’s Count of Monte Christo, you’ve missed a good one.

  62. The Caviezel movie was ruined for me by how much more awesomer the book was.

  63. https://tinyurl.com/yxbnlga7

  64. Nother John Wick. Not that that is a bad thing, I’ll watch it.

    Better Call Saul goes medieval.

  65. I like to see the swordfights and women in dresses.

  66. Plus Luis Guzman really shined as the Edmond’s valet. Cast was solid all around.

    And Jim’s a catholic who was willing to risk his career for Mel Gibson’s Passion, and actually took a lash or two when the costuming armor failed during the scourging at the pillar. I’ll watch anything he’s in at least once.

  67. Revenge movies are our favorite. Man On Fire is the best revenge pic.

  68. Pepe interrupts revenge movie thread with gorgeous art knife pics. Not boogie enough to afford Pepe knife porn

  69. Count was good, but oso is right, Man On Fire.

  70. Man on Fire is definetly top revenge flick I can think of. Its the best revenge flick cause it adds redemption as co-equal motivation. I like redemption movies cause I hope it exists.

  71. so whats the deal? Are MJ and PJ like the masculine / feminine expression of the same poster? And which one is which?

    *dives into bunker

  72. no, it’s MJ and mare

  73. PJ is the only one of the 3 with a penis.

  74. qdpsteve at the HQ speculated that Biden will die of WuFlu vaccine complications.

    Makes perfect sense. They can start over with even more money being thrown to the Big Pharma, and Heels-up can keep everything locked down and mail-in vote her way to victory in 2024.

  75. You guys are idiots. Biden is going to die or step aside in 3 years so Harris can run twice. She’ll be president for 9 or 10 years with Joe’s original 4 bringing the total to 12 for a non elected president.

    Awesomely awful. Think of all the dicks sucked in the Oval. It’s gonna be > 20, probably < 100. Maybe.

    Also I really wanted to call you idiots.

  76. MJ and Mare are the same commenter.

  77. Mare has caulk.

  78. She no longer sucks her own dicks, she has people for that.

  79. Wait a minute. She has > 1 dick? I was convinced she has zero dicks.

    Whoa. That really changes things.

  80. Kamala no longer has to give blowjobs. She’s on the receiving end now.

  81. Roamy thanks for the menu idea.
    I’m going with it.
    Or at least a variation of some kind.

  82. Kamel a will be sucking her chi com handlers’ shorty.

  83. Heels up Hobama.

  84. In the meantime, I’m comforting family that voted for this shit while losing family.

  85. Calabacitas. Messican succotash. Green chile was hot

  86. New Mexico, Old Mexico, on Milk Street now

  87. 👋🏻J’ames

  88. posole, and adovada

  89. Jasmine rice > long grain rice

  90. Jasmine rice is all we buy.

  91. Drive Evan’s red Porsche.

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