Juicy Wiggle Meme Time

They played this song during a ISU-WVU football game, and the crowd was going nuts. It has become a theme at ISU football games.

When it starts to get out of hand, it’s Juicy Wiggle time! Freakin hilarious.

Now, On to the memes!


  1. I don’t get the Star Trek one. I like Che, january 2021, Amy Winehouse (mean but true), definitely the can opener.

  2. Everyone who keeps wishing for 2020 to be over, well I guess I just wish I had your optimism.

  3. Oh. Duh. I got it. Sometimes it takes a second, you know?

  4. Wakey wakey

    Hopefully 2021 is the year everyone decides they’re tired of fucking listening to politicians.

  5. Thanks for the Winehouse meme. +10,000 Sponge Bob points.

  6. It will surprise no one that I’ve never heard of the Juicy Wiggle song or dance prior to this morning. After viewing it up loud and full screen I can see why it’s successful as a rally dance. I’m not sure when it came out, the screen had 2015 on it which makes sense. Absolutely no fun was allowed during the Orange Man Regime and all works of art were meant to be direct or implied protests about something or another.

  7. So. I’m out of work again for another few weeks.

    Might get to the point where angry people with nothing to do may become a liability.

  8. They haven’t yet. Pretty sure the plan at this point is to keep us on our knees until we’re begging for gubmint handouts, and to prevent us from gathering anywhere but online to discuss just how awful and illegitimate the government is at this point, or to compare notes on just how few sick people we all know.

  9. I’m at the “making a list and checking it twice” stage. Ho ho ho.

  10. Justice would be some poor folk who lost everything thanks to the lockdowns deciding to have a very special Christmas at the governor’s mansion…invited or not.

  11. Jimbro, imagine sitting in the stands with 60K other people, and watching everybody dance around. It’s quite fun.

  12. Sorry to hear that Yeager has passed away (thanks roamy, read that on last nights poat). Lots of Beeman’s jokes on twitter, will have to catch up with that one.

  13. oh yeah, now we’re in the “we’re all working, so we’re acting busy” part of the morning.

  14. I was exploding IP ranges to avoid a cartesian product.

  15. and Jorge Ramos complaining about racism? WTF ever, you asshole. Watch you lie all the time.


  16. I’m an equal opportunity racist. I hate them all.

  17. Commies aren’t a race, and I only hate commies.

  18. It’s pronounced “Whore-Gay”.

  19. I really hate that guy, bro-tim

  20. That ratfuck Ramos is whiter than I am.

  21. It probably speaks poorly of me to insist on pronouncing the name “whore-gay ram-ass”, but after the last several years, I’ve declared the fucks I once gave extinct.

  22. I’m really sick of obvious ethnic spaniards all calling themselves POCs because their family parked ass in South America for a couple generations and now being white ain’t cool. Thirty years ago all these people knew they were white. But now they’re in full pretense and denial.

    We got a blonde one at work who accuses people of racism when they have a problem with her. She’s fucking blonde. An obvious Spaniard. One of my other coworkers who gives no fucks asked her what race she thinks she is and she turned red, lol.

  23. Your Democrat House Speaker, dems. Own it, you assholes

    Speaking of hating someone, this lying bitch. I can’t even.

  24. Carin,

    What was your video about? Youtube pulled it. Same with Jays video of Tucker Carlson last night.

  25. Aha! Now we see the violence racism inherent in the system.

  26. Pepe linked that one, Therm, and yeah, “Removed by the Uploader”


  27. Fox news probably would do that. They need every viewer they can get.

  28. I was going to ask about that. My employer is really into blocking stuff now and I wondered if the video was blocked by them. Apparently not.

    Anyone got a brief rundown on the content of Tucker’s video? Was it removed for wrongspeak or to force people to watch Fox news at the source?

  29. Found this on Not Fox’s channel, but I can’t hear a damn thing right now because I’m getting my ducts swept.

  30. That’s supposedly the entirety of the 12-7-20 show, and it’s 36 minutes.

    So 24 minutes of an hour on Fox is Not Show.

  31. all ads. That’s why Fox makes a lot of money. Most hour shows are 40 mins.

  32. most of the ads on Tucker are MyPillow, too.

  33. MyPillow should just go buy a network at this point, it’ll be cheaper.

  34. Video of Tucker was a Chinese official explaining that they have bought people in high positions on Wall Street, in business, and in government. They were doing great until Trump won, because he stopped their program. Now that Biden won, things will be back to usual with them controlling government officials and big business. Also gloated about setting up Hunter Biden’s business.

  35. Note, this was leaked video from a presentation in China.

  36. That was pretty remarkable to watch. Of course nothing will come of it except job insecurity for Tucker.

  37. Re: Yeager – I have the wrapper from a stick of Beeman’s taped to my work computer monitor.

  38. A pack of Beeman’s gum always makes me think of the lovely Cyn who always listed it in her shopping lists whenever someone offered to pick up a few items for the blog when at the store

  39. Chrispy brought the funny last night I see.

  40. And having Will and Russ joining in on the gun fray is nice.

  41. Roamy – re frangible rounds. IMO they are not a useful tool for the burning times.

  42. 1/3 rapid blood loss zeros out your opponents effectiveness.

  43. If I have to break the 6th Commandment there will be others in line before me at judgement.

  44. Jam, I figured there was probably a good reason why it was the only ammo left.

  45. It’s better than nothing, but so is a .45/70 C&B revolver.

  46. Pointy sticks and slingshots will eventually be outlawed

  47. But fresh fruit is still legal.

  48. tick tock, sobek

  49. *goes to freezer and conceals crate of frozen tangerines under a DiGiorno pizza*

  50. Jimbro, is your avatar a sentient fruitcake?

  51. are you saying self portrait, laura?

  52. No, I actually wasn’t sure what it is, but okay, sure why not, it’s H2. And your mom is cheap and easy.

  53. Via GG. You may want to bookmark this one:

  54. There’s more. That’s just the first tweet.

  55. You know what really yanks my chain? People really beating up strawmen.

    It just …. irritates me so much.

    A friend just posted a story:”Still thinks Covid-19 is a Hoax? Visit a hospital”.

    NO YOU DUMB FUCK. WE KNOW THE VIRUS EXISTS. But ok, let’s visit that hospital. Let’s go. No, a real visit. Not some journalist describe the “horrors”, and interviewing the nurses who haven’t had a day off in 97 days, and have cared for people dying who scream “its a hoax” with their last breath.

  56. Sentient Fruitcake indeed

  57. Juicy Wiggle Fruitcake

  58. I think UPS is broken. Last week i ordered something, and it got shipped … and then tracking just disappeared after that. Nothing. For days, nada.

    So I cancelled and reordered. Now it says its going to be delivered tomorrow – but when I try to track I get an error saying the tracking number isn’t valid.

    I have trust issues.

  59. DId anyone secret santa for Barack Obama’s new biography?

  60. Make It Sew and Mask on Your Mom’s Dresser are my faves this week.

  61. Daughter ordered a computer which UPS was supposed to deliver a week ago – still hasn’t arrived, and no idea where it is.

    I’m thinking some enterprising yutes have boosted a few trucks to play Santa for their homies.

  62. DId anyone secret santa for Barack Obama’s new biography?

    If that’s whats in the box in my dining room Imma Biden my pants.

    Then ship my pants.

    Right back to the sender.

  63. toilet paper is running short, leon. Just sayin…

  64. Only if you’re not on a sufficient number of mailing lists, Jay.

  65. Modern problems require modern solutions.

  66. Car in, sometimes the barcodes get wrecked.

    If they have enough info they will issue a new label but it will have a different tracking number. They normally inform the shipper when it happens.

  67. Gotcha. I just have trust issues now.

  68. Leon, if you get the book – will you make dramatic reading videos for us?

    /claps hands

    That would be AWESOME.


  69. I still have to start my epic video series of dramatic readings from How to Avoid Huge Ships.

  70. Buddy just texted me a train passed thru N MTG loaded with tanks. Included pic so I know it’s legit. Not ominous at all.

  71. That’s tanks as in treads, turrets, and big thing that goes boom.

  72. must be little tanks. Didn’t think they could send M1A1 on rail. Too heavy.

  73. Do we have another sort of tank? Not that I’m an expert.

  74. you are probably right, just thought I heard that they were too heavy for rail.

    Maybe I’m thinking of roads. M1A1 is a lot of weight.

  75. Might have been troop carriers or mobile artillery. Pretty sure I’ve seen big boomers on railcars but I may be misremembering.

  76. I’ll post the pic when I get home. It sure looks to me like whatever the latest M1A1 version is but, like I said, not an expert.

  77. Snakes on a plane?

    screw that! Laura gives you

    Tanks on a train!

  78. M1A1 Abrams ready to rock is ~60 tons. They can ride commercial rail and drive on the interstate.

    You might not want to drive on it after that, but the guys in the tank won’t give a fug.

  79. https://therightscoop.com/breaking-supreme-court-denies-pennsylvania-request-challenging-election-results/

    So, SCOTUS denied PA request to overturn. Pretty much over.

  80. A little DDGing says a modern railcar can be 131.5 tons fully loaded, so an Abrams or two should be nothing much by comparison.

  81. Probably just headed for maintenance anyway, so eh.

  82. Wait, am I going to be mistaken for laura since I recycled one of her holiday avatards?

  83. Fine, y’all be like dat.

  84. Made fathead pizza with white sauce tonight for dinner, crust was just missing a little…something. I got the texture right, just not quite the taste. One of the fathead pastry dough recipes suggests adding active yeast for flavor, maybe I’ll try that after my next visit to your mom.

  85. I find oregano, black pepper, and garlic in the crust are critical.

  86. Hey BEASNES hold this please.

    (Imgur gif link)

  87. Made venison chops tonight. Pretty yummy

  88. Did you do anything special or just cook them?

  89. Pups, I always love your imgur links. Often I make the mistake of scrolling down. How some people are so stupid but still manage not to strangle themselves in their shoelaces is completely beyond me.

  90. Browsing imgur is a bad time. Just Say No.

  91. If you want to watch a Stoopid Christmas movie…Fatman. Mel Gibson. R rated. We loved it. On Redbox if you don’t want to pay $8 to stream.

  92. Moron/Hostage linked Letterkenny BITD. Now, that we are streaming OMG hilarious. H2 if we were Canadian.

  93. Yeah I don’t really browse Imgur’s front page anymore, I look for memes and gifs with the search functions.

  94. I enjoyed Fatman. I found myself thinking “they could have done so much more with…. wait, no, they’d have fucked it up if they’d done that”.

    As movies go, it was terse. Good, but terse.

  95. Comment by Sobek on December 8, 2020 7:22 pm
    Pups, I always love your imgur links. Often I make the mistake of scrolling down. How some people are so stupid but still manage not to strangle themselves in their shoelaces is completely beyond me.


    They can’t use shoelaces, slip-ons or velcro, seriously.

  96. I really expected more of a reindeer presence. 🤪

  97. Venison chops sounds good.

  98. Grilled a couple venison steaks tuther night.

  99. I just heard a joy behar (?) clip saying the media needs to show ppl dying of COVID all the time to impress upon us how pressing this matter is.

  100. So much wrong with these ppl.
    So much.

  101. hmm, my Merrell shoes are slip on…

  102. Media finally broke down the moving company I work out of.
    They started wearing masks this week.

    Just the office, the warehouse is still mask free.

    It made me sad, but the owners wife is high risk so I will respect his decision.

  103. Houseguest’s place of employment masked up this week as well.

    Their receptionist, the only one in the office to wear a mask, tested positive.

    The only one wearing a mask tests positive.
    Now everyone has to wear a mask.

    That’s some fancy logic right there.

  104. thought you would have been mandated months ago

  105. Scott, old guy we were worried about, came back today. His wife was sick, he coughed a few times. Mask shamers were all about Walter. Multiple customers took his picture with his mask under his nose. Reported him to management numerous times. Mask Nazis got sick first. He tested positive, nada. I just hope the Rona doesn’t ruin Christmas for us.

  106. Former CoW had a roomie test positive. He was told to quarantine. Tested negative. He doesn’t get paid for quarantine. He thinks he got a false negative, to cover for his employer. Early 30s. Other roomie also tested “Negative”. Primary caretaker for his grandmother. Grandmother tested positive. 78. Diabetic. She’s fine. Esteban is also not getting paid for “Quarantine”.

  107. For retail, yes. Everyone is masked.

    Every small to midsized business I deal with has been mask free.

  108. I work almost exclusively in their warehouse so it’s still a mask free place for me.

  109. CoWs that are administrators of the test, are our most recent positives. Next week, we are supposed to administer tests on ourselves 100% without CoWs.

  110. Isn’t it amazing how negative stuff about the Bidens is starting to surface after the election?

  111. Soaked them in milf, then garlic Rosemary salt pepper olive oil. Hot pan, a little butter. They were good. Very tender.

  112. Milk.

  113. Venison needs milf. Got it.

  114. Soaking in milf would make my life better in pretty much every way.

  115. We belong to a little independent gym. “Graham Fitness”.
    Started by his folks, now run by the son and his wife, 15 employees.
    The state initially said; “Two weeks to “Flatten The Curve”.
    Then it was two more.
    Then it was; As long as we feel like…
    Now, it’s until 2Jan2021.
    We are out in the sticks, South of Puyallup, WA.
    No one is gonna be sniffing around this one stoplight place in the sticks.

    Gym folks are spreading out, wiping down equipment before & after use. They are adults who can choose to be there or not. Same with employees, if they don’t feel safe, stay home. None of us voted for Inslee to be our father and “keep us SAFE” from the Covid, or anything else.

    Someone dropped a dime to one of the SeattleTV Stations, so they had to come out and report on the ‘little-guy’ “Defying the Great And Powerful OZ Inslee“!
    That brought more scrutiny, and L&I sent a guy to put a warning sticker on the door. Mike (owner) saw him and went out to see WTF,O?, and the guy ran away.
    There were some threats, so he talked to some of the members, that includes the local deputies, State Patrol, and lawyers.
    The state was implying loss of license and, possibly jail time.
    Mike told them that jail was possible, for ‘someone’.
    See 18 USC 242 under “deprivation of rights under color of law”, which would appear to be a felony – federal.
    His hearing was supposed to be today.
    The state dropped the case…

  116. https://tinyurl.com/yy7mop54

  117. Great news, ChrisP

  118. This will have people lining up for the vaccine.


  119. https://tinyurl.com/y6xwz3xt

  120. Dare I get my hopes up?


  121. I watched “Klaus” on Netflix, and that was pretty good.

    Carin, your venison recipe sounds good.

  122. I looked up that Redfoo guy in the video above. He is the youngest son of Berry Gordy, Jr., the founder of Motown Records, and he’s 45 years old. Crazy, looks like a big kid.

  123. Roamy, based on a quick read-through of Article II, section 1 clause 2, it looks like the only constitutional requirement is that the legislature appoint the manner of choosing the electors. My guess is that the defendant states will respond that the legislatures did so – by passing all of the state election laws and ending up with “whoever gets the majority of the votes in the state gets the electors.” So then an executive or judicial action that modified how the voting happens is not inconsistent with the legislature’s determination of how the electors get chosen.

    That’s just a guess. The reality then would turn on exactly how those four specific states have worded their election law statutes, which I’m not about to go research.

    Of course none of this would really be under consideration if the democrats hadn’t spent the last four years looking into faithless electors and any other possible end run around Trump’s victory. That kind of opened the door for similar thinking on the right, i suppose.

    I also suspect it doesn’t matter for a different reason. The fraud was so blatant that if Trump loses all avenues for election and Biden is sworn in, half of the country will reject that outcome to one degree or another because of voting fraud. If Trump wins at the Supreme Court, half of the country will reject the outcome as another election stolen by the judiciary. Either way we won’t really have a country anymore. Imagine how happy China and Russia are right now.

  124. Darren’s employer respected punctuality.

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