MMM 425: Ain Dara, before

This was a 3000 year old temple, built by the Hittites. Yes, those Hittites.

It sat in the northern part of modern Syria, and was a world heritage site, sort of a national park. Thousands of tourists every year.

Beautiful, ancient carvings.
Tourists on site in 2003

Erdogan’s Turks bombed it to gravel in 2018.

This is iconoclasm, again. Ancient evil, once more given life. A new Caliphate will do this and far, far worse.


  1. wakey wakey

  2. We have several computers at work. Maybe that’s the multiple votes?

  3. Many devices in the Caruthers home…

  4. Sounds like Ix.

  5. It’s not entirely dissimilar.

    I’ve seen “colonization” plans for Titan that are basically all-computation, on the assumption that such activity is going to continue to (1) expand geometrically or better as the species spreads and (2) continue to need to dump vast amounts of waste heat.

    Reversible logic gates that don’t dump waste heat per FLOP would change the calculus on that (and calculus itself) pretty dramatically.

  6. Ugh. I remember when the Taliban destroyed those stone Buddhas in Afghanistan. Outrage in April. Five months later their allies decided to take their tour of destruction to NYC. Fucking barbarians.

  7. Why worry about the hordes of backward ass wife beating pedophiles when we can be scared of something we can’t see and don’t understand?

    I prefer my fear to be of the virus type.

  8. Condylomata acuminatum is a real bitch I hear. Does your ass itch?

  9. ’tis the season to fiddle with avatars. Thinking of a new one for the new year.

  10. I’m not sure I give a shit about a historical site like this. It’s really cool and all but the fucks I can muster to be mad at the snackbar people is certainly less than one.

    Not one fuck.

  11. but removing statues of US history is TOTALLY different than bombing historical sites in Turkey and Afghanistan.

    Stupid american Taliban. Idiots wearing Che shirts would have been killed by Che.

  12. I’ve been to Stone Mountain about 10 times recently.

    It’s all confederate stuff. There’s even a GIANT, and I mean GIANT mural or Lee, Jackson, and some other SPOS on the side of the mountain.

    It’ll be blasted off soon.

  13. Can’t have history recorded or anything. Unless we can move Stone Mountain to a museum.

    That one always cracks me up. “That belongs in a museum, not out in public!”

  14. I care because there were supposed parallels to The Temple, and those are as erased as the one in Jerusalem has been for nearly 2000 years.

    Also because these aren’t the sort of people who just stop when they run out of “their” icons.

  15. Exactly. They want the world remade in their image with no trace that it was ever otherwise. We have folks like that here, too, and they seem to have the upper hand for the moment.

  16. I get what you’re saying and it’s not that I don’t care. But I certainly don’t care enough to do anything about it.

    It’s their country. Destroy it as they see fit.

    When they come here I’ll care more but probably not enough to do anything about it except vote for some FPOS that’ll sell me down the river anyway.

    I just want to be left alone by these CPOS.

  17. I’ve been thinking about this lately…

    Why do people retreat to silly bumper sticker political beliefs?

    My answer is because they really don’t want to think. It’s easier to just say we should move all statues to museums because it alleviates the person from really thinking it through.

    We need to dumb this shit down. Not overthink it.

  18. people have elevated social media shaming to a level where public perception is taking precedence. It’s their identity, and they are actively involved in shaming others.

  19. So people just adopt whatever they see as socially acceptable?

    That makes sense.

  20. everyone has been tuned in to what people think of them on twitter and facebook. Of course their perception of reality is being changed when someone dislikes something. Plus there are groups now that send out action messages. Local group here does all their organizing for local protests online, in twitter and FB groups. They are decidedly leftist and censor anything that is to the right of Bernie Sanders.

  21. I can totally understand that.

    It’s pretty smart to completely ostracize your political enemies. Conservatives suffer from thinking they’re a fringe group. As in 50% fringe.

    Makes no sense to me.

  22. It’s their country. Destroy it as they see fit.

    Au contraire, Petit Souris.

    Is your yard your yard? Is your child your child? Is your body your body?

  23. Conservatives suffer from thinking they’re a fringe group.

    Me and 74+ million of my closest and bestest friends are in that group.

  24. Is ccleaner a lot of BS? I ran the full complement of scans/cleans, twice, then restarted my laptop and did it again, and upon restarting it said I had 72 trackers.

    Seems like no matter how many times I ‘clean,’ there is still at least one tracker still in there or 0.50mgb of crap to remove. Seems fishy.

  25. we allow ourselves to be pigeonholed, because twitter and facebook don’t run our lives, and the govt doesn’t either. but the media keeps trying to force us into something.

    As someone posted, if you think things are bad now, wait until the people who want to be left alone get involved.

  26. ccleaner is good at finding trackers, but no, 99% of them are harmless, and just take up computer cycles, which you have in abundance. When they pile up, performance goes down.

    ccleaner helps out with that cleanup, but it is a little excessive sometimes. Windows requires lots of jumping through hoops to clear items from a computer, because of how it operates.

  27. BUmper sticker thinking is the only thing many people are capable of.

  28. OK, fanks, Jay. So when it said that I somehow had new trackers even though I just cleaned and restarted, those are 72 real trackers that…hid from the last scan? Were reactivated somehow even though I didn’t go on the internet in between?

  29. SNL ran a skit bashing protesters in NY.

    Questions – Is SNL considered a crucial industry? Why are they not quarantined at home? And if they are allowed out, why are they not wearing masks?

  30. all of those trackers are in your registry, that’s what needs to restart. ccleaner probably isn’t running as administrator, or it’s a paid feature. registry changes have to be administrator.

    Think of it as the DNA of your computer, but you can write to it.

  31. because you said it, SNL is ESSENTIAL!

    When life is based on what Hollyweird thinks, it’s no wonder.

  32. I told Scott that when I worked at Lowe’s, the guys talking sports in the lunchroom were regurgitating the same things I saw some talking head on ESPN say the prior day. Literally the same words and intonation, like parrots.

    People who watch CNN do the same thing, and the listeners who watched the same program nod along, even though they know they heard the same exact thing the night before, like EXACTLY the same thing, from some newsdork. They nod along and praise the parrot as if these were original insights.

    And they all become not only programmed, they spread the programming far and wide and become willing propagandists in their private lives. They mistake this rigid conformity with virtue. And when someone like me comes along at work and makes direct observations of reality that do not jibe with their programming, because I have killed my TV and am using my own powers of thought, they get distinctly ugly and uncomfortable and look askance at that person.

    Guys, one of these days I’m going to get fired. It’s gonna suck.

  33. A restaurant owner lost her shit on Saturday because they closed down her outside dining but in the parking lot next to her they set up a HUGE outside dining area for a movie production crew. Some pigs are more equal than others.

  34. MJ, the problem isn’t that they do it to their own country, it’s that they don’t ever stop there. Radical Islam and Leftists are both hegemonic cultures. It never stays in “their own” area, because they see “their own” area as EVERYTHING.

  35. Movie production crews are ‘essential’ because their business may go bankrupt. So they have to work.

    /blink blink

  36. Tim is using one one of my old Christmas avatars. I almost grabbed that one this year but went for one of the arrest ones instead.

  37. that reminds me of your mask story laura. You can see the light bulb go off above your co-worker’s head in your story, just imagining it.

  38. A restaurant owner lost her shit on Saturday because they closed down her outside dining but in the parking lot next to her they set up a HUGE outside dining area for a movie production crew.

    I found it especially ironic that the outdoor tents were exactly the same. Really drove the point home.

  39. Bitchmer is sure to extend the closures today.

  40. so did Woodchips get their license taken away, or did Bitchmer just threaten them, if they stayed open.

  41. More shit in the Hollyweird trying to tell you what’s what. In this case, critics are trying to silence a film they disagree with. More to the point, they disagree with the protagonist, even though the director is a member of the lefty club. ron Howard has been experiencing cancel culture first hand.

    I had ignored this one, thinking it was going to be another hit piece against the right wing from Howard. Seems I was wrong, and will be watching when I get a chance (Hillbilly Elegy, memoir of JD Vance, a conservative).

  42. Someone said that woodchip’s LL was suspended. I don’t know if that’s true or what it means.

  43. if it was actually suspended, I would think their lawyer would have a case to sue. If it was a threat, then not so much.

  44. Bitchmer is sure to extend the closures today.

    Rotten whore hasn’t missed a meal, paycheck, hair appointment, or skin greasing since she started in on this shit.

  45. well, to be fair, her husband’s boat WAS delayed the water for a short very entertaining period of time.

  46. I’d hit it.

  47. You can borrow the yard tool of your choice, MJ. I have a variety to choose from.

    *nods head toward 5# mattock*

  48. Oh, it wasn’t threatened. I just don’t know if they’ve “lost” it, or it was just temporarily suspended.

  49. If you “hit it” Mj, can you make sure you hit it REALLY hard?

  50. Shoulda known any given “drunken santa” pic was used previously by a Hostage. Oh well, it’s mine now! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  51. Pick me up for Leon only!!!! (Really hoping she’s over 20. Everyone looks young to me now.)

  52. Those are good thighs.

  53. She seems height appropriate, plus no visible tattoos.

  54. Indeed, she has a lot going for her. I hope she finds a good man and makes babies and doesn’t throw her life away on Instagram fame or some shit.

  55. A like for the post, not the bombing.

    I’m either getting phished at work, or there’s a Noo Yawk prof who needs a valium and lessons in work etiquette.

  56. Oh, and in an evil bit of schadenfreunde or karma or whatever, a certain upper-level manager, the one that threatened that if we were caught not wearing masks, our tasks would be cancelled and we would get a poor performance rating, got the Chyna virus.

  57. I told you about the chick who’s isolated herself, her kids, wore a mask AT home – she got chyna virus.

    I mean, we’re probably all going to get/have gotten it.

    This whole thing is so stupid.

  58. Wearing a mask means re-circulating your exposure for as long as you’re wearing it, while it’s stuck in your exhaled droplets.

    Plus, public mask nazis are pretty much all total hypocrites when they think the cameras are off, so they are (1) getting exposed and then (2) interfering with their natural ability to exhale viral particles out and away after that exposure.

    They deserve this. And much worse.

  59. One of my patients was in the same class as another kid who had the virus and his mother made the mistake of calling us before he came in. Given the hair on fire approach the hospital has I told the secretary asking me if he could come in to check with the office manager. You can guess where this is going. No entrance unless there’s a negative test. His pcp said he didn’t need one so mom got the number of the community testing clinic.

  60. For all left-wing parents who are experiencing problems with their adult children:

    Helluva job you did there. You raised a non-self-reliant angry narcissist a-hole. (sometimes more than one)

    In your next life try harder.

  61. Comment by Car in on December 7, 2020 1:25 pm
    I told you about the chick who’s isolated herself, her kids, wore a mask AT home – she got chyna virus.

    I mean, we’re probably all going to get/have gotten it.


    That was the whole point of the lockdowns to “flatten the curve”. We were told everyone would be exposed, we just had to spread it out to avoid overrunning hospital capacity.

  62. you guys are going to hate the song tomorrow morning. It’s going to be glorious, and MJ will dance with his Rainbow Village people flag.

  63. Those Atlantic parents are never going to have to worry about being overly relied on for babysitting. Or relied on at all.

    So they have that going for them.

  64. Flatten the curve long ago was abandoned for “NO ONE SHOULD GET IT”. Because Trump, etc.

  65. the orange man must be stopped, car in, can’t you see?

  66. wow, it takes a long time for avatars to appear, doesn’t it? I was thinking mine didn’t take, and I didn’t have time to look into it.

  67. Dump your cookies and wipe your cache.

  68. It’s always important to wipe after you dump.

  69. Wiping after dumping killed it

  70. Been busy feigning interest in my job as best I’m able.

  71. Going to start a side hustle as a “Life Coach Coach”, where I counsel people who want to be life coaches on how to get started.

  72. Well, I came in second for the job in Michigan.

    You’re saved.

  73. boooo

  74. He wasn’t going to move here. His favorite gloryhole club in Lansing shut down after all the press it got.

  75. Carin called it. “Always Winter, Never Christmas” extended the current lockdown order to Dec 19.

    I want Mel Gibson’s Fatman to give her the coal she deserves. A ton of it, all at once, delivered from travel altitude.

  76. Life Coach Coach

    It’s like you are reading my mind. I’m starting a holistic consulting company. Everything I say or do is now consulting. Every dime is spent as research into different ways to improve your personal economy or life outlook.

    *sends H2 an invoice*

  77. remember Car in’s tale of the restaurant owner lamenting the movie studio opening up tents right next door?

    Garcetti doesn’t care

  78. He must be Made To Care. It’s the only way.

  79. I don’t want to be negative, but I’ve been thinking about the situation and feeling like a chump. If government does not fear loss of revenue (print more borrow more), does not fear negative press, does not fear the law, and now does not fear the ballot box, we really do not have any more tools in the box.

  80. why not be negative? It’s fun!

  81. There are four boxes.

  82. Of chocolates.

    Which is of course what I meant…

  83. Well, today’s refrigerator was ALSO defective (dented door), so no delivery.

    They can’t “Frankenstein” the two models to get one “good” model, so we are SOL in that regard.

    We reached a compromise, though – they are going to deliver the dented door fridge again tomorrow, then replace it when new ones become available.

  84. the second box will be checked

  85. TiFW, I hope you haven’t completely paid for “Dented door fridge”.

  86. Good point punster. We’re fucked

  87. then replace it when new ones become available.
    Yeah, the first of Never!

    Dammit, that was way too negative. Let me start again:

    Before New Year’s I’m sure. The appliance place deserves credit for doing that. Chain or local biz?

  88. What’s a race gun Jam?

    I have ideas but don’t really know

  89. Lowe’s

  90. BITD, we paid up front for our fridge. Delivery team ruined the linoleum in our new kitchen. Played phone tag for weeks. We wanted them to fix our floor. They’d been paid. Had no interest in working with us. Manager actually told us to “Never pay upfront”. Not worth the lawsuit. I’ve been badmouthing them for over 20 years. I take full credit for the loss of their Westside location.

  91. Tree Rot u around?
    Do any of you other louts have experience with springfield trp 1911?

  92. 3 more positives. Line averaged 45 minutes. More and more people are becoming unhinged. I blame EVERYTHING on Governor Wuhan. CoW had to work gas ⛽️ yesterday. He was getting Karened left and right. We are not allowed to enforce any mandates. De escalation. He basically told the Karen’s to call 911.

  93. No experience with the trp. Seems to be a top shelf offering. You carried a 1911 in the past?

  94. I like my Kimber 1911 a lot. Plus she sounds like a hot chick at a strip club. Or my yoga instructor.

  95. *googles springfield trp 1911*

    Oooooo prettyyyy

  96. Back in the early days, they had rifles with cylinders, like giant revolvers. Does anyone still make such a thing, or is it all semi-autos and bolt actions?

  97. Penelope had to wait over an hour to get into Costco. She had to take her mom to ABQ for a cataract issue. She said it was sooo empty with only 75 people. Fewer workers were there too. Insane to limit all stores to 75 people. It should be a percentage of capacity.

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been a recall vote on the governor.

  98. Jimes the circle of idiots I used to run with use it as a general term for a worked platform with higher accuracy and low failure rates.

  99. Tree rot yes.

  100. They’re heavy and hot. And a pain to hump around. But I’m looking for a cqb rig for when the ar and or 870 are not useful (Run out of gas or fuck up)
    I favor stopping over compact.
    If I have to strap on a side arm it means talking time is over.

  101. Leon I’ve shot some limbers in the past. They’re nice. But I think (and it’s been a while) you pay a 5 or 6 hundred dollar premium for a comparable shooting gun.

  102. K

  103. It’s their match series I think.

  104. It’s been a while since I’ve shopped for handguns.
    Last one I bought was a seecamp. In 32.

  105. I love the 1911. It fits right and they shoot great.

  106. I hate carrying tho.
    This one will be for the burning times.
    Concealment won’t be a thing.

  107. I bought mine in 2001, so I’m not up to date on relative pricing. They were the mid-range 1911 make available at the time, with a good enough reputation to persuade me not to go with a Taurus for my first gun.

  108. Wound channels are going to be paramount.

  109. There are folks still making old school firearms, mostly for cowboy action shooting and collectors. Lever action and pump action are much more common than long gun revolvers though. Cimarron makes some pretty guns:

    and Henry makes lever actions and single shots only:

    I am amazed and somewhat flabbergasted at the pricing and availability of firearms right now. Stores like Brownells and Buds Gun Shop who would normally have thousands of firearms are literally down in the 10s. It is unreal. I suppose I’m part of the problem but I just don’t feel like I’m done buying yet.

  110. Last one I bought was a seecamp. In 32.

    Did you see these?

  111. I visited a shop today and he was literally unloading a fed ex truck.
    He said last year at this time he had over 200 handguns in stock – today he had about a dozen and it was weird shit.
    Same with the ammo. And he limits buyers to one box.

  112. The pricing was insane.

  113. I saw some pos rifles in there that I wouldn’t take home if you begged in years gone by – 6-7 hundred bucks.

  114. Hoo boy.

  115. There’s gonna be a lot of paper weights laying around when ammo manufacturing is socialized.

  116. The revolver question was mostly about the brass issue. Seems like a sure way not to leave evid… I mean lose valuable brass for reloading. Plus you’d get closer to a bolt action with regard to the gas column staying more stable behind the departing projectile, and not losing any power cycling the action.

  117. DJT Glock

  118. That seecamp is a good little piece if your looking to equalize a fist fight.
    I think I paid 275 for mine. That was a long time ago.

  119. E

  120. There’s gonna be a lot of paper weights laying around when ammo manufacturing is socialized.

    Your mom already takes small pistol primers instead of cash or bitcoin.

  121. Leon you made a great choice with the kimber.
    I had a Taurus years ago… not a fan.

  122. Leon, you lose a lot of gas in the barrel/cylinder gap on revolvers.

  123. Back in the 90’s cobray made a cm 11 and had a deal at one point for about 150 I think. I bought a few just because.
    I gave them away.
    I wish I had 1 or 2 still squirreled away.

  124. Oso?

  125. We can’t have a gun blog without Russ. Get busy, J’ames. We wouldn’t have J’ames without IB Russ.

  126. As much you do cycling the action in a semi?

    You’re likely right, though. Gotta go with single shot. Thompson Center FTW.

  127. We no longer have HR. Oso has spray bottle

  128. Mace doesn’t count.

  129. now I want a gun too

  130. Energy loss is negligible.
    The barrels aren’t long enough to fully burn the powder anyway.
    You could go with a straight blow back design like someone’s mom or a makarov.

  131. I sensed a disturbance in the force, drawing me back into the intarwebb’s hive of scum and villany……..and recipes.

    What could I add to a gun discussion? I’m simply a poor country mouse with a fondness for John Moses Browning’s 2 greatest creations…..the model 1892 rifle and the 1911 pistol.

  132. you could always pick a fight about alcohol mandates

  133. Ohhhhh. Makarov. Excellent choice. The 9×18 ammo is a bit offbeat, but shit, considering all the empty shelves out there it’s not like 9mm parabellum is easy to feed anyway.

  134. Mandates vs tax breaks. It’s Thunderdome but without that effed up chainsaw up top. Can’t be having that eeeeeeevil infernal combustion engine.

  135. There is always plenty of ammo for the victorious

  136. Speaking of ammo, plated frangible isn’t something I’d want, is it? It sounds like training ammo.

  137. That’s what Air Marshalls use, iirc.

  138. ***waves at Russ***

  139. TiFW, my older fridge also has a big dent, but they took $400 off the price to not have to take it back to the store. It was hidden pretty well by the counter when it was the main fridge, and no one cares about a dent in the beer fridge as long as the beer is cold.

  140. Interesting Tucker Carlson. On YouTube

  141. I got a discount on my stove for a dent that you can’t see unless you pull it away from the wall, so who cares.

    Ammo and primers are pretty scarce around here, or so i hear. I haven’t bought my own ammo in quite some time. I live a charmed life. Now if only I had more time to shoot…

  142. Makarov is a bit odd, because while it says 9×18, it’s actually more like 9.2×18. The right bullets to fit the lands are about .362, where 9mm para/luger, 357, and 38 special are all in the .357-.358 range. The things you learn when trying to reload commie shit.

  143. A Blue Whale’s anus can stretch up to 3 1/2 feet, making it the 2nd largest asshole, next to CA Governor, Gavin Newsom.

    — Errol Webber (@ErrolWebber) October 31, 2020

  144. Chuck Yeager has passed.

  145. Wow. Well, he picked quite the day.

  146. Dignity eluded Robbie, perpetually.

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