Our Hostages family is a global family. We have friends all over the world….some are lurkers (yes, we know you’re there), and some are active commenters…doesn’t matter, we’re all family.

Thanksgiving has always been about being grateful and about family.

Sometimes we disagree on things, sometimes we get cranky with each other, but we get over it. Why? Because we’re family. I appreciate everyone of you losers. Our little place in the blogosphere has always been an island of misfit toys…..yet somehow, we fit together.

Today, I want to express how grateful I am for each and everyone one of you. As we fill our pie-holes with good things, let’s take a moment to think of all the good things in our lives and to be grateful for them. Although the days may seem long, life is short. For today, find the good in your life, it’s there, sometimes we have to look hard, but just do it. It IS there. I love you guys!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and squishy hugs to all the Hostages!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Here’s hoping you all get the big side of the wishbone …

    (yes, that’s a set up for a nameless Hostage)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving friends. I’m thankful that PJM came back to us and I’m grateful for her posts and commenting.

  4. Happy T-giving H2ers!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to this merry band of reprobates! Couldn’t have asked for a better crew to fall in with!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, peeps!!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I think this will keep another year, Tim. ?

  9. wakey wakey. Been preparing for a while though, Finally earned a minute to sit and drink my coffee.

  10. Today’s goal is 3 chairs and an end table.

    packy packy

  11. Happy Thanksgiving 🙏🏻🦃🍽🍁 H2 Familia

  12. I don’t see how Joe keeps PA.

  13. *Gives PJM a Wet Willie!*

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, H2!!!!

    My husband, my daughter and I did our own turkey trot and we did a 10K.

    Huzzah!! Some walking involved but 647 calorie burn. Huzzah X 2!


  16. arent they dead?

  17. //

  18. Hahahahaha shut up, Jam!

  19. Scott, I can’t believe there are people that think Quid Pro Joe got 80 million votes.

  20. They mailed out 1.8 million absentee ballots then counted 2.5 million of them.

    Machines were counting votes at a rate that is impossible.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  22. I’m going to fill my pie hole with pie.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving, errybuddy.

  24. We’re doing roast duck, wild rice, asparagus, homemade bread, pecan pie.

    Just two of us. Wouldn’t want to be a super spreader.

  25. Mac and cheese, Mashed butternut squash, Mashed taters, stuffing, broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, roasted squash and brussel sprouts, turkey and a Mediterranean salad.

  26. The hay fields around here are full of resting geese among the bales. Sometimes a small group of them takes off to wheel through the crisp morning sky, and other times many little groups take off to whirl around or among each other.

  27. Hotspur made me think of that when he mentioned eating duck. I’ve had duck before, but always fried in Chinese food or something, so I wasn’t really getting the flavor. I’ve never had goose, either.

  28. Duck! It’s the Christmas Story!
    Howdy all!

  29. Stupid hostages off having turkey day all ready

    Mare, that’s awesome! How man turkeys did you trot with?

  30. Nice post, Peej!

  31. 2 I trotted with 2.

  32. The Traditional Thanksgiving Chili Con Carne is in the oven “low and slow 250” after browning the meat and onions on the range. It was a little dry after I added the meat so I went with a beer for added liquid. Well, 1/2 a beer in the Dutch oven looked like enough liquid and the remainder in the chef

  33. Step 1 of any recipe: Pour beer into the cook..

  34. Mini-me’s boyfriend had not seen the WKRP turkey drop. Fixt.

  35. I’m working today but the boss is hooking us up with Thanksgiving dinners.

  36. Boy 2 works nights so we won’t be eating until 6PM after he wakes up. Ham, steak, mashed taters, stuffing, rolls, corn, pie. I’m making two ribeye steaks because neither of the boys care for ham.

    I’ve only watched 10-15 minutes of college football and no Pro this year, I feel like there is a big hole in the holidays right now.

    In the 15 minutes I watched, there was one roughing the passer penalty that gave Penn State a first down, it was just a tackle on the quarterback and should never have been flagged.

    At the end of the half Ohio State had to kill 2 seconds on the clock on 4th down, so the quarterback dropped back, counted to 3 and took a knee. They only ran 1 second off the game clock and gave the ball to Penn State to kick a field goal.

    So, yeah I was reminded why I decided not to watch anymore.


  38. That’s a banging ACDC track.

  39. Hey, I need help, yea, yea, anyhoo, I forget do you wrap a ham tightly with foil? You know just around the ham OR do I tightly wrap the pan?

  40. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on November 26, 2020 12:32 pm
    Step 1 of any recipe: Pour beer into the cook..


    High fives Roamy.

  41. Obviously I meant tightly wrap the edge of the pan with the ham under it.

  42. If you’re not going to roast it uncovered, I would think you need to wrap the whole pan. Because hams give off some liquid, right?

  43. I just wrap the ham and so does your mom.

  44. Here’s another song about a train:

    Today I’m grateful for Megadeth. Especially Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction.

  45. Comment by Pupster on November 26, 2020 2:01 pm



    I want that for my screen saver.

    So, I’m just wrapping the ham instead of what your Mom likes to do with ham…and mashed potatoes. Don’t need the gravy IYKWIMAITTYD.

  46. Finished my packing

    * punches out *

  47. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    Romy I saw your comment in the other thread. It’s a small world.


  49. Just heating up the ham. It takes a little over 2 hours at 275. You wrap it so it doesn’t dry out. This particular ham said wrap around the pan. I’ve never done that before.


  50. If I had any linkfu, I would link Gorsuch’s Opinion on Cuomo’s NY lockdown on religious communities.

  51. I just read Roamy’s comment from last night. I need a wordpress sticker. Settling. 🤓

  52. I hope you massaged the ham before wrapping it. Makes for a super tender ham. Nothing like a well massaged ham for the holidays

  53. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang bitchez


    Hopefully there won’t be a lot of people faddishly picking up Scottish Deerhounds. They seem like they’d be a handful. My general rule for dog breeds is not to consider purchasing any dog that can take a bigger turd than I can.

  55. That seems like a poor litmus test to me. My first GSD Wolfgang ate an entire 3 pound pot roast and pooped as big as his head the next day.

    Maybe that’s a bad example.

  56. Why does anyone need an apex predator for a dog? (Making fun of people. YKWTA)

  57. Miniature Dachshunds have cat size 💩.

  58. Lola killed a mole yesterday. Not sure what the hell the mole was doing out in the middle of the day in a snowstorm. It might have got chilled when it was between its burrows or just unlucky. Either way, it missed mole Thanksgiving

  59. Step 1 of any recipe: Pour beer into the cook..


  60. My dogs were supposed to be Badger Dogs. They were afraid of bunnies and birds. Birds they were afraid of: Owls, Hawks, Roadrunners, and Canadian Geese.

  61. Well, we’re going through with it, Dog #3

    We were still on the fence as recently as last week (mostly Paula but me buying 2 new vacuums was helping sway her opinion) but then we found out this is the owners’ last litter … forever. They’re getting out of the dog biz. We’re hoping for a red boy, too early to see their colors in the pictures.

  62. Could it have been a vole? They like to party under the snow because they are invisible to birds of prey.

    Not invisible to dog nose.

  63. The couple are older, retired nurses from MA who retired in Maine a good while ago. Paula sees their facedouche stuff and tells me they’re very nervous about the Covid stuff. I’m guessing they’re late 70’s so not inappropriate for them to worry

  64. Vole! Yes, thanks. Just looked them up and it looks like the critter.

  65. Dog #3 YAY!!!!

  66. They travel above ground to get from tunnel to tunnel. If you look closely at your lawn you will find their little highways.

    I have bagged a bunch of them by setting traps on those.

  67. Traps? I thought Team Scott shot the (Fat) bastards?


    One less furry little fucker gnawing on my roots

  69. Lola in action

  70. Voles. Moles. Vermin. KTA

  71. I love the IB comments. I don’t Math. Even when Geoff reenforces our potential bugout states. Why are the smarty pants artistic guys, commenting on the window licking paste eaters posts?

  72. Why are the smarty pants artistic guys, commenting on the window licking paste eaters posts?

    We’ve been here since the beginning. Since before the wickedpinto cataclysm, all the way back to the genesis of the original site.

    Watching. Always watching.

  73. Decision Desk HQ that got their start at Ace HQ, still acting like anyone GAF about their opinion. See also Gabe.

  74. Oso loves Geoff. Oso loves Sobek. Oso loves the Geezers.

  75. I love the IB comments. I don’t Math.

    Hey little girl, I’ve got some elliptical partial differential equations in the van . . .

  76. Mini-me’s boyfriend has also not heard “Alice’s Restaurant”, so that’s on deck for later tonight. If we put up the Christmas tree before he leaves, he will hear the Crap Tree story as well.

  77. I’ve been too lazy to look this up, so since we’ve got ceramicy folk about:

    Why come the CTE of zirconia is so high compared to other ceramic oxides?

  78. Hey little girl, I’ve got some elliptical partial differential equations in the van . .

    Eigenvalues still make me cringe.

  79. When I took quantum, I ran around saying “momentum eigenfunction” to everybody I knew. It seemed like a gypsy curse.

  80. That’s because it is.

  81. I don’t know why zirconia is that way. I’d guess crystal structure, but maybe Thermadin knows.


  83. Mini-me’s boyfriend has also not heard “Alice’s Restaurant”
    When did he first step out of the dungeon?

  84. LOL, I did start with Arlo Guthrie.

  85. but me buying 2 new vacuums was helping sway her opinion

    Y’all are weird.

  86. I’d guess crystal structure

    Well yeah.

    I worked with Penn State on improving zirconia (YSZ) for thermal barrier coatings for turbine engine rotor and stator blades. Normally I only work on active cooling for high heat flux/high temperature systems,so I just work with high conductivity, superalloy, or refractory metals. But that project exposed me to the wonders of ZrO2.

  87. Nerds

  88. I love you guys, but seriously

  89. Nerds

    You were infected with nerd cooties the moment you stepped in my house.

    We sold that house, BTW, and moved 50 miles north.

  90. To what town?

  91. Fort Collins.

  92. Y’all are weird.
    #1 complaint: THE HAIR! I CAN’T KEEP UP!

    Now you can honey!

  93. We fell in love with the Loveland area.

    Lakes! Colorado doesn’t have enough of them.

  94. Yep, we are underprivileged, water-wise. But that does mean fewer mosquitoes.

  95. I want to congratulate Jimbro on posting the 100th comment on this thread. It’s a pretty momentous occasion. We should do something to celebrate.

  96. My fake take. I love Hamilton. I’ve watched it once a week on Disney+. I cry every single time. Shut up

  97. Fort Collins is bounded on the west by Horsetooth Reservoir, which is a pretty big body of water by Colorado standards.

  98. I thought we celebrated the 69th post. As window licking paste eaters would.

  99. I love you too, Oso. The first thousand times I saw your name I misread it as osso, so I thought your name was crazy bone, which I thought was cool. Crazy bear is cool, too, but in a different way.

  100. We may or may not go to Fort Collins on our way to SD and Scott’s Bluff

  101. If you leave Denver headed west towards Grand Junction, you pass through this little mountain town called Frisco, which is both a mountain town and a lake town. The place looks absolutely amazing. I’d love to retire to a place like that.

  102. Sobek, Rosetta always called me Osso buco

  103. Crazy Bear would be a cool care bear, if they had the balls to explore the studio space on a concept like that.

  104. Ah, Rosetta. Love that guy.

  105. Geoff,

    ZrO2 is on the high side for most ceramics, but it’s not crazy high. It’s generally around 10×10-6 while alumina and TiO2 are around 9. MgO and CeO2 are higher ones at 12. Now why is it what it is? If I remember correctly there is some sort of correlation between melting point and thermal expansion. Ah here it is.

    Now that’s for metals, and kind of makes sense with higher bond strength leading to lower thermal expansion. But it looks like it’s the opposite in oxides. MgO has a higher melt point than ZrO2 which is higher Al2O3. So I don’t know. It gets weird with oxides due to crystal changes. You can actually have negative thermal expansion.

  106. We attended a baseball game in Grand Junction. I70 to Denver. I will never passenger that route again. White knuckles.

  107. Chemistry is witchcraft.

    Seriously, you add a proton and a neutron, and all of a sudden the thing changes completely? Density, melting point, color, odor toxicity, everything? It boggles the mind.

    I was going to add stability/reactivity to the list, but that’s the only part that (sometimes) makes sense, due to electron orbitals.

  108. Roller coaster highway. I got vertigo on that one.

  109. We should do something to celebrate.
    T-shirts for everyone

  110. I’ve made that drive a million times, and I love it. I don’t love the clouds of bugs around Glenwood Springs. But the drive is beautiful, and the twisty turny doesn’t bother me.

  111. T-shirts are a good idea. I was thinking about making some confetti out of all these blank ballots I found in my trash can a couple weeks back, for some reason.

  112. negative thermal expansion

    You can say contraction here, we will know you aren’t pregnant.

  113. Seriously, you add a proton and a neutron, and all of a sudden the thing changes completely?

    Adding protons ain’t chemistry, that’s physics. Chemistry’s all about electrons ‘n’ shizz.

  114. Whatevs. Every Chem lab I’ve ever seen has the periodic table on the wall.

    Physics is way freakier than chemistry. That’s not witchcraft, it’s what happens when you take the brown acid.

  115. But yeah, I know you don’t gain or lose protons in a chemical reaction.

  116. My cats breath smells like cat food.

  117. We use Zirc for some stuff. Crazy how hard the oxide layer gets when you hear it past cherry red. Neat colors at the lower temps.

  118. Comment by scott on November 26, 2020 8:21 pm
    My cats breath smells like cat food.

    I don’t want to know what your mom’s breath smells like.

  119. You can actually have negative thermal expansion.

    Been working with Zerodur for a while.

    Though tbh, I don’t know the crystal structure of any of them. I’m sure I memorized them in college, but those were the weak brain cells.

  120. Osita, we may try again during this year’s spring break to visit NM. Not buying plane tickets just yet.


  122. Hope you all overindulged at the dinner table!

  123. Mini-me’s boyfriend likes a lot of 70’s and 80’s music, just not 60’s hippie music.

  124. MCPO, I did! How you doing?

  125. I’m muddling along smartly! 😉


    after we cooked the turkey
    oh well
    at least the plastic didn’t melt?

  127. Yep, we are underprivileged, water-wise

    Did someone say underprivileged water-wise?
    *nods in understanding, tips hat*

  128. Hahahahaaa, the gibs were hidden in the neck hole, right? So sneaky.

  129. I’m pretty essited about cooking my turkey tomorrow.

  130. Time to get into my bed and wait for tomorrow. Nightall.

  131. Hahahahaaa, the gibs were hidden in the neck hole, right?

    yep, we’d never cooked a turkey before…this was also my first time making an apple pie!! I was so excited. I even made homemade ice cream to go with it!
    and now, my feet hurt and I can’t move because I’ve cooked for 3 days straight only to have a team of vultures come through and plough through everything within minutes

  132. Night mcpo! happy turkey day

  133. I’m pretty essited about cooking my turkey tomorrow.

    Let’s play, find the giblets!

  134. Take the plastic off.

  135. ugh, scott…coming in with soooo many rules

  136. Laura is super helpful. Many years ago, I was too late in getting a bird from the normal sources. I found a guy who sold me one, but when I got home I realized it was an endanger California Condor. I asked for advice on how to prepare it, and she was kind enough to give me a great recipe in the comments section over at IB. All I remember was that the last step involved throwing the finished stew over a cliff rather than feed it to my family. I wish I could find that recipe comment, but I guess the search function doesn’t look through comments. Sigh.

  137. We’ve had some great recipes at IB over the years. Here’s one:

  138. I’ve also just discovered that I can’t find my recipe for Adorable Baby Seal Tagine. Nuts.

  139. Never mind, crisis averted. The adorable baby seal tagine recipe was in the same thread as Laura’s hummingbird kebab recipe.

  140. dang, our search function allows us to search through comments sobek…however, you have to do it on the admin side of things

  141. ok yeah, laura is a funny mofo

  142. Oh man, Cathy’s pea salad, and your Emo Pea. I wish the pictures were still there. I loved that little Emo Pea. I wanted it to be a stuffed toy.

  143. Huh, imma go check.

  144. I can’t see a search function there. Maybe someone smarter than me whose name is geoff can figure it out.

  145. go to My sites in upper right> left hand side at bottom WP Admin>left hand side middle-sih Comments>upper right hand side “search comments”

  146. gah, Harrison is in the thread laura posted
    That guy was just the coolest. Made me sad when he passed

  147. Darnell’s edginess rankled Paula.

  148. Glad to see you Sean.

    Happy Thanksgiving friend

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