You’re Off The Island!

this one has roamy written ALL over it!

For Pepe


  1. Comments from old thread, since I didn’t see this one:

    I’m making a lasagna for tomorrow. For thanksgiving I was feeling uninspired. I just don’t want to make the same stuff I make every time. Trying to spice it up.

    With mac and cheese.

    I mean, yea not earth shattering, but I don’t normally make it. My sister actually made a great mac and cheese.

    wakey wakey
    Comment by Car in on November 24, 2020 6:47 am

    I’m babysitting today. A friend just started a new job (nursing) and her kid doesn’t have school, and her mom has covid. The dogs are excited, but frustrated because he’s sleeping right now (he got dropped off a bit before 6).

    She’s one of my crossfit besties.
    Comment by Car in on November 24, 2020 6:47 am

    He brought a bag of toys – and there are shields and spears in there. Pat looks at says “Is he going to do battle?” lol
    Comment by Car in on November 24, 2020 6:49 am

    Since I’m not working, I’m pretty much back to not knowing what day of the week it is.

  2. Alone on the old thread, alone on this thread.

    At this point, what difference does it make?

  3. I hate you all so much.

  4. Get through today, bus to Thanksgiving tomorrow afternoon. Goals.

  5. I’m here. Relax you FPOS.

  6. I tell you what day it is..its ” Omg I don’t know how the world can get any dumber but I’m sure its gonna show me” day.

  7. Personal email and all links to any url shortener are now blocked at work due to “ransomware attacks”. They’re really sucking the life out of coming here.

  8. follow me for more recipes made me GLAR. Well done, Mr. Cycloneman

  9. They’re really sucking the life out of coming here.

    It’s weird because this is the reason I visit your mom.

  10. Ahhh, the morning Your Mom joke. *raises coffee*

  11. Interesting comment:

    “The real issue is, who is actually in charge? Are elected officials in charge, or not? Donald Trump was elected president, and unelected officials in the security/intelligence communities worked to sabotage his administration, military and intelligence officials worked to sabotage his policies to the point of collaborating with the opposition party to have him impeached and removed from office, etc. Rigging an election is just an additional step in the process of refusing to allow anyone but a select few to actually have any power. The entire point of elections is to peaceably decide the issue of who gets power. Everything that happened from 2016 until now is culminating right now, but it’s all just been escalating evidence that They don’t think that We get to be in charge, under any circumstances. In which case, as he says, We are under zero moral compulsion to listen to anything They say.”

  12. What kind of faggotry is the updated “since March 2009” header statement?

  13. Look, the womenfolk have keys to the joint, what can you do

  14. People in Ace’s threads always hit Trump about personnel being his biggest problem, but it runs deeper than that. The federal apparatus is literally a few hundred thousand people, and that’s just the green badges (GOV). Add in all the support staff and derivative classifier types (blue contractor badges) and you get near to a couple million or more. No one person can manage that, and their bread is buttered by .gov doing more and more. Short of firing all of them periodically in a Jubilee year, I don’t know how you fix that.

  15. Uh, yeah, firing them all and banning them for life from further government positions of any type would be the best possible solution. It’s the only way to clear out the corrupt culture at root of the mess.

    Honestly I don’t know how better to explain this without descending quickly into banworthy territory. Which is probably why I don’t even like discussing this shit any more.

  16. Obama started truly weaponizing/politicizing the bureaucracy. This is just the logical end.

    A stolen election for the favored party of the government class.

    It was bound to happen at some point. I’m interested in the reaction more than anything else. If history is a guide, we’ll end up with the bureaucracy fighting between themselves for power.

    I think we’re out of the game for the most part and I wonder if we were ever really in it.

    Trump seems to be a HUGE outlier in the past 100 years or so. No real outsiders have been president that I can think of. Quite the opposite.

  17. I’d be fine with term limits on federal employment. Some number of years as a greenbadge and you’re out for life, here’s a nice pension you can collect after 65. Bluebadges get twice as long but those years count against any future greenbadge time. Any time with a blue badge and you can never get a green one, ever.

  18. OTOH, I’m of a mind with you, Tim, but I’m not saying it either.

    This same class of people could be sufficiently motivated to serve the people fairly if they feared the alternative. As it stands, they are already motivated by fear, just of the wrong people.

  19. Ah, memes. They make everything worth it.

    I love the unsolicited deck pic.

  20. I mean, I am conflicted. Dad was civil service with DoD. Made a good life for us, raised two boys well and did the best they could with me. He retired when he saw where things were going under Clinton. So it’s maybe a little hypocritical for me to just go burn-’em-all.

    But…well, the folks in now, they made their choices. And I can’t ignore the results.

  21. How would banning everyone in government be any different than doxxxing and shaming every member of the Trump administration?

  22. It’s a permanent bureaucratic class, Jay, and that has to stop. Term limits of some kind aren’t the same as doxxing.

  23. as long as it’s term limits, and passed by a legislature. Executive order would be BS.

  24. lasagna and mac and cheese are diet foods, right?

  25. “Look, the womenfolk have keys to the joint, what can you do”
    I always try to feed them donuts or ask them which restaurant they wish to go to, and that keeps them occupied for a LONG time, thusly keeping them out of the men’s business.

  26. I’m resigned to the fact that it’s over

  27. Nah. That’s what I thought when Barry won. I was wrong.

  28. We may wander in the wilderness for a while, but there’s always a turnover. And 80 million Americans know in our guts we won and were robbed by obvious, embarrassingly out in the open, thievery. It ain’t over.

  29. MJ Johnson is correct. I was in the Baltimore airport last Friday and prominently displayed in the window of my me of the shops are President Biden 46 T-shirts and Biden Harris Inauguration T-shirts and caps. When I get home and go to th grocery store the magazines at the checkout have covers with the same bullshit. The media is all in on making this a fait accompli. To go the other way now would be Dewey Defeats Truman multiplied times a billion.

  30. Biden is an usurper, backed by the Chinese puppets in media and government. The last shreds of legitimacy the US Federal Government has are rapidly unraveling.

    Trump was never more than a reprieve. It was one man against the millions in the swamp. A valiant effort, but…

  31. ok good morning everyone! We are gonna be positive today!
    *looks at clipboard*

    Who’s bringing teh funny today?
    I see leon started with a yer mom joke…who’s next?

  32. Oh, okay, yeah, we’re likely losing the election. But it’s not over.

  33. That’s right!!! We are gonna keep fighting. We are not gonna get our tummys tummies? all tied up in knots over things we have no control over………doesn’t mean we can’t do something, but those MAGA ralleys and protests ain’t going away and I’m joining them

  34. this all starts with a voice. Fox has been dethroned as voice of the right. something has to emerge. the left has everything else.

  35. I still want someone to explain the fraud. then prove it.

  36. If you can’t control your own emotions, you’re forced to control other people’s behaviour

    That’s why the touchiest, most oversensitive and easily upset must not set the standard for the rest of us~ John Cleese in a twitter argument with woke people

  37. Hopefully Trump will continue to be that voice
    We used to have Andrew Breitbart

  38. They’re using every lever to keep any new voice from arising. Deplatforming, cutting off financial services, legal challenges…they’ve gone full totalitarian.

  39. We have talk radio, we have crowder, and newsmax, and ace’s, we have Bongino, and Parler, and MeWe…we have each other. Nope. We’re ok

  40. Depressives should never study history. I miss peace of mind.

  41. But when depressives study history, they see that there is a rise and a fall and a rise and a fall. We will rise.

  42. Oh, okay, yeah, we’re likely losing the election. But it’s not over.
    I needed that. I wasn’t talking about the election, I was thinking about our perspective. Our values and way of life.

    But it’s not. There was Ancient Greece, the Roman Republic, and pre WWII Europe.

    Freedom will come again – hopefully here and hopefully soon. Compared to all of the examples I can think of we’re still the most free. Perhaps I’m just being dramatic.

  43. Holy crap, it’s like a funeral up in this bitch
    *slaps everyone with a feather*
    What has happened to you people?
    * hands everyone prozac*
    Don’t mix that with alcohol guys…could be bad

  44. You just can’t party

  45. ay in Ames on November 24, 2020 at 10:06 am
    lasagna and mac and cheese are diet foods, right

    Am I supposed to serve houseguests diet food? Green smoothies and protein powder it is.

  46. Fine. Have alcohol with the Prozac!
    Today I am listening to rush
    Making fudge, yes I am adding walnuts kma
    Pumpkin pie, chocolate pudding pie, apple pie
    Pizza dough and rolls from scratch (I am cheating, I have a bread maker)
    Getting everything ready to brine the turkey tomorrow
    It’s a good thing

  47. Some of you fuckers are trying to interrupt my depression. Knock that shit off.

  48. Merv’s theory on things that I didn’t used to appreciate, but I do now

    This is the reality. “Do something to change it or get good with it”

    Some things you cannot change, but making yourself sick with worry only has the effect of
    Making yourself sick and does no good to anyone, especially yourself

    . It hurts my heart to see how sad everyone here is. That’s not the hostages spirit.

    Ok off my soapbox.

  49. *Hands Pendejo one of Carin’s green smoothies*

    There, much better
    *hides sprouting devil horns*

  50. Fuckit, I get Thanksgiving this year. That’s aaight.

    Christmas, eh. No list again, not even sure what I’d do with any of it. No place to get things for and no place to put them! (Yet.) Maybe some clothes. Hell, it’s probably too late anyway, not like I haven’t had other things to worry about…

    Well, if I get family time that’s just cool with me.

  51. hey, I’m just trying to justify making a pan of each! I don’t care what people eat!

  52. That’s the spirit Brother Tim
    Keep on, keeping on

  53. Fine.

    I’ll be happier. Biden will be dead in a few months.

    *cheshire grin

  54. 🎶 I hear you singin’ in the wire, I can hear you through the whine. . .

  55. MJ, that’s, that’s also a way of looking at it

  56. 🎶 I hear you singin’ in the wire, I can hear you through the whine wine.


  57. PJ – Hehehehe!

  58. How you feeling MCPO?
    please explain in one word or less

  59. Comment by pajama momma on November 24, 2020 12:37 pm
    We have talk radio, we have crowder, and newsmax, and ace’s, we have Bongino, and Parler, and MeWe…


    I think they’re trying to get Parler banned from Apple devices, and some other phones. Gonna start making your own phones? How ’bout your own data network?

  60. Browser. I don’t use apps, I go through browsers
    Where there is a will there is a way
    Stop using apple

  61. Making fudge, yes I am adding walnuts kma
    I make mine with corn

  62. I just didn’t want to make exactly the same stuff I make every year. Can’t everything be a variation on a theme, instead of EXACTLY the same?

    I’m make the green bean casserole from Test Kitchen cookbook
    Mac and cheese- test kitchen
    Butternut squash/ smashed deal
    Gravy and mashed taters.
    Maybe something with broccoli? I dunno.

    I was thinking maybe a salad. I don’t know. I need something with fruit in it maybe.

  63. I make mine with corn

    It all looks the same in the end….said Mr. Hankey

  64. How could then ban Parler on iphones? How could they possible justify that?

  65. PJ – Meh. 😐
    Although I did receive several cards from the folks here that raised my spirits!

  66. Falsely label Parler a white supremacist site and, voila, banned

  67. Damn mcpo, you were able to describe it in one word. I am impressed

  68. You can either bitch about it or write a song.

    (How most sad songs get their start)

  69. Hello, all!

    Having our annual Friendsgiving again this year – been happening since before oldest was born, so it’s been happening at least 35 years now. The attendants have changed over the years, but the tradition lives on.

    We do have one friend who has stayed away since all of the WuHu Flu deal started – I guess she is afraid of dying. Of course, I wouldn’t call being in fear for your life 24-7 any kind of “living”, but that’s just me.

  70. PJM’s pep talk with the hostages.

  71. Its not living Teresa. Quality of life .

  72. Hey everyone, the earth is a beautiful place. Some people are turds but most are capable of incredible generosity. And you all have an internet place where everybody knows your name.

  73. Sobek – Good perspective.

  74. Castiel bless us everyone

  75. Ugh madeleine configured my iPad to say castiel when I say God I didn’t pay attention when I typed

  76. And remember, every time you hear your hard disk at work, an angel is getting tossed out the pearly gates for public drunkenness.

  77. Ooh you sexist pigs! I try to be positive all day sobek comes in sprinkles some words
    Ooooooh good perspective sobek, you genius mother effer you!

  78. *overturns table of sandwiches*

    Now what? Huh?

  79. I’m still negative, don’t you worry Peej. Sobeks words went in one ear out the other.

    Oh, look here …


  80. Comment by Brother Tim on November 24, 2020 4:04 pm
    And remember, every time you hear your hard disk at work, an angel is getting tossed out the pearly gates for public drunkenness

    I wish that could be a sign for my shop

  81. Thank you carin!
    *skips off happily*

  82. I was just trying to follow peej’s good example.

  83. Who let Pollyanna Sobek out of the root cellar?

  84. I’m having a good, productive day. And I’m watching the shadows lengthen over the rolling, tree-dotted hills of my reservation, and just soaking in the beauty.

  85. Holy crap sobek, I’d read that novel…provided you stick like sword fighting in it

    *picks up table, brushes gravel off food*

    Sandwich anyone?

  86. CoWs 8 month old baby was on oxygen yesterday. High fever. Congestion. They gave her a rapid COVID test. Negative. I spent today praying for Zoe. Dr thinks it’s RSV, but they have to do COVID tests first. I still believe we won in an huge Red Wave. 73 million + Americans will not accept a rigged election.

  87. And what will you do by not accepting it? I don’t accept it, but neither can I change it

  88. And that is terrifying about your cow’s baby

  89. I’m a wuss. I can’t think of stuff on my own for a revolution, but I will totally join in

  90. Secret Santa gift is on the way

  91. Ooh Santa!

  92. Continue the MAGA rallies. Let the RINOs know that they are on our lists. A part of me wants the Biden win to hold, so my mom and her sisters lose their 401Ks.

  93. Find a bugout place and move. Get off the grid.

  94. And if you have poor skills and no resources? I mean, unless someone’s willing to trade whatever skills and talents I may have as a propagandist for food, shelter, and security, I’m about as useful right now as a pamphlet on the virtues of chastity written by your mom.

  95. I’m a Type II diabetic. If I can figure it out, so can you.

  96. Watching Yellowstone. Dan and I h8 Tate. We call him Taint.

  97. Fuck Thanksgiving. Waste of time. Bunch of people sitting around drinking and arguing about who won the election.

    Think of all the jet fuel and gasoline conserved.

  98. Don’t h8 T8. He can’t help if if his daddy is douchbag and his momma is a whiny cunt.

  99. HS, FTW. We pretty much H8 every character except for Rip and Jimmy. Emmett.

  100. We are ignoring the restrictions imposed by the transvestite Health Sec. I’m being careful because my immune system is seriously compromised.

  101. Ooh we had one of our contractor’s guys here
    He’s from Haiti and the hardest working mofo I have ever met…merv is thinking of stealing him
    I invited him to Thanksgiving and he is over the moon and now I’m over the moon.
    Plus, I’m now having 7 different families at my house for thanksgiving
    No social distancing, no masks eat a bag of dicks newsom!

  102. Mini-me has lost about 15 lbs. (some due to covid, some to stopping her workouts and losing muscle mass) and I’m doing my damnedest to put them back on.

    Going to bake a pecan pie and look again at yeast roll recipes.

  103. Lives. Fortunes. Sacred Honor. Of our “leaders” today, too few willing to chance the first and second, and way too few in possession of the third.

  104. Mini-Me is doing the COVID 15 backwards.

  105. Will!! Hi!!!!

  106. Also, smart move mcpo

  107. Chief, in your case you have every good reason to be extra cautious.

    Telling people in normal circumstances not to get together with their families for the holidays is evil. The Left has invented yet another evil religion. Its sacraments are social distancing and wearing a mask.

  108. My in-laws had over 16 cancers between them. We and they were always about safety. This year has been crazy. Wash your hands. Don’t eat out. Socially Distance. My FIL couldn’t defeat Esophageal cancer. MIL beat so many cancers it was unreal. Dementia/Alzheimer’s got her.

  109. I know I’ve said this before, TV movies had me prepared for the bald heads. The loss of eyebrows and eyelashes is what freaked me out. Arm hair.

  110. Hannah had RSV when she was three months old. Its really only super dangerous to very young newborns. She was admitted to the hospital and that was super fun.

  111. Mini-Me is doing the COVID 15 backwards.

    Pretty sure I found what she lost and then some.

  112. Pretty sure I found what she lost and then some.

    Herself claims the same thing about the 24 lbs I’ve dropped!

  113. I’ve been talking with my COVID + CoWs. They get 11 days after a +. CoWs wife works at a hospital. She got 11 days paid. They wanted her back to work on day 11. She’s a diabetic. State says diabetics get 10 extra days. Fighting it out. We’ve had 40+ positives. We need 4 in a 24 hour period to get shutdown.

  114. Also, Brother Tim..I have not been back long enough to know your story, what happened in your childhood that makes you think you’re useless, if I could take it away with a magic wand, I would
    But know this, you are worth something to me. at PJs Re-education and Survival Camp, everyone will be useful. Never you worry! I’ll teach you to crochet

  115. I’m sorry Rome, that is scary stuff no matter how old your kid is

  116. Thank you, Carin. I’ve been Praying super hard for the Chunk. (I can’t tell her mom that I call her Chunk. I just want to pinch her)

  117. Erin’s nickname is chunk. Her dad still call her that to this day.

    She was a CHONKER. Seriously.

  118. Oso, you guys are going to be at herd immunity pretty soon.

  119. I will say it’s not the university’s fault – they delivered meals to her in quarantine, and she said they were mostly good, she just found it hard to eat much.

  120. My Thanksgiving day will include me, Pay, my kids, and their girlfriends. My mom, stepmom will probably not attend.

    Because that’s the responsible way to do things. Those not at risk gather, and those who are – and want to – stay away.


  121. Hannah HATED the school food. She still doesn’t eat enough.

    She’s had two Med school interviews so far.

  122. Dear MCPO is exactly the person who should be cautious. Like Hotspur said, healthy people with fully operating immune systems should enjoy the holidays with people they love.

    Government dickheads telling people not to get together are tyrant assholes.

  123. Hey Hotspur, you might want to check this out, not sure when you bought the pistol:

  124. With a little practice hot spot should be able to send three shot bursts down range.

  125. Shield was my first choice, but there were none to be had.

  126. Roamy, Dennis couldn’t even look at food. He threw out everything his family left on his porch. Carin, I don’t know if you can lurk on my FB, but check out my friend Brittney Dillinger. Her baby is such a Chonk. I ❤️ Her

  127. Car in, yes. NM doesn’t believe in herd immunity. Our scientific Gov, has a limit of 4 positives in a day, to shut businesses down. 8 employees or 200 employees. Twat central.

  128. Mini-me said she skipped several days of ordering food, and she brought home leftovers. I just ate the salad topped with chopped chicken. It was fine.

  129. #1 grandson is chonky. He’s crazy strong. At 13 months he had been walking a few weeks and picked up a big push broom in one hand and carried it around like it was nothing. Both parents are chunky and athletic.

  130. Osita, that sounds about as scientific as the positivity rating for shutdowns.

  131. We probably aren’t doing anything for Thanksgiving. Penelope got back from Philly, and is trying to quarantine for a while.

  132. Wait until something happens during he Biden administration that splits the left like hotspur’s pants at an all you can eat peen buffet.

    An unarmed black man, just getting his life back together, killed by a whitey cracker ass cop. Russia invades Ukraine. Riots in the streets. A terrorist bombing. Dom Lemon sniffs Andrew Cuomo’s jock live on TV.

    It’ll happen and the grin with a body behind it will collapse.

    Positive thoughts, amigos. He’s a fucking faker. And we’re going to find out soon how he deals with the devil he made a deal with.

  133. And happy Thanksgiving people. Love you all.

  134. Paula is working 4 out of the next 5 days. Off Saturday so the turkey will go in the oven then. Toss up between gas station pizza versus Chinese from Ming’s on Thursday.

  135. Roamy, GovWuhan is right up there with Emmy winning old people killer

  136. It’ll happen and the grin with a body behind it will collapse.
    And Kamala won’t be much more reassuring to the American public

  137. race riots are only for election years. none of that will happen

  138. 73 million Americans. We didn’t GAF in 2012, because Romney. This isn’t your Mama’s GOP. BITCHES BE LUCKY THAT ONLY 6 states get a recount.

  139. Why hasn’t NM certified? We called it early enough. Dominion much?

  140. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  141. I hope gas station pizza loses.

  142. I hope someone shoves that olive branch up her ass.

    Who am I kidding, she’s Hollyweird, she’d enjoy it.

  143. G Gutfield on the election bullshit…

    I thought it was fun, but then, I am easily amused…

  144. Cookie Milano was a very cute child star and was passed around Hollywierd like a Halloween basket of candy. She is damaged goods and it is not her fault. She is just one of the Wienstein tragedies. She can’t help it, but it is not really her fault. She is ignorant, but not evil…

  145. Government & Media Ridicule;

  146. Here’s your zen koan for the day:

    Any hole can be a shithole if you shit in it.

  147. “Due east,” reported Perry.

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