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  1. Imgur video link-


  2. ‘Nother one-


  3. Car parking video was crazy. I’d love to hear the story behind that one.

  4. Security doesn’t stand a chance. Dave’s the undisputed champion.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Everybody musta got a dose of the rona. This dump is dead.

  7. Last day for SS2020. I’m sending out names tomorrow.

  8. People are actually crazy right now.

    My neighbor has a son that’s actually a FPOS. He’s kind of a jerk too.

    Apparently his girlfriend that dumped him recently wanted to get back together but he won’t see her cuz of the Rona. Too scared.

    He looks 40, not 23. He’s lost almost all of his hair. Just has it on the sides.

    He should crawl over broken glass to see any woman. But he can’t. Too worries about something that can’t kill him.

    Poor FPOS.

  9. People are crazy. They’ll post things about how horrified they are about local cases.

  10. He looks 40, not 23. He’s lost almost all of his hair. Just has it on the sides.

    He should crawl over broken glass to see any woman. But he can’t. Too worries about something that can’t kill him.

    Historically, only 20% of men reproduced. This is only a regression to the mean as part of the Great Reset.

  11. Security doesn’t stand a chance. Dave’s the undisputed champion.

    Work sends out deliberate phishing attempts, and if you click on the link, you get more training. If you report it as spam, you get “congratulations, you passed”. I would love to know who the Daves are.

  12. We get the same bogus emails too. In the last few days it’s been crazy. Half of the authentic spam emails are from recruiting companies telling me about the position available in my own practice.

  13. I was on a plane Friday. A black girl took the seat two rows in front of me and across the aisle. She used Clorox wipes on all three seats in her row of including all three arm rests. Th backs of the seats in front of her including folding down every tray for a good wiping. She then scrubbed the wall of the plane and the window looking out. And finally she wiped her seat belt and buckle. Took her about five minutes and 20 wipes. By the time it was over I was almost hoping for us to crash just to spite her.

  14. You should have seen if she would clean your house, Pendejo.

  15. I don’t drink coffee or alcohol, but that was still my favorite. I guess I just really respect that kind of unearned confidence.

  16. Sorry for your loss Oso.

  17. I “liked” this and was acknowledged on my screen, but for some reason it’s still not showing up in the gravatars. Good job, Pupster!

    Love the Easter basket meme!

    And Dave.
    Gotta love Dave.

  18. Roamy thanks for the link yesterday.
    It’s good to see the sheriff Dept back down.
    We’re surrounded by petty power tripping progs at all lvls of govt. especially code enforcement.
    Many of the states’ sheriffs are pro individual liberty.
    He’ll land mass wise the state is actually red, but population centers (nyc Buffalo Rochester. Albany ) shove their agenda down our throats. If the local DA wants to make an example of that guy they’ll have the state police jack boot him.

  19. Inch and a half of snow – still falling.

  20. So sorry, Oso.

  21. No one even notices an inch and a half. At least that’s what your mom said.

  22. Used to hike in Ashburnham ^^^ back in med school. There was an abandoned ski area we’d often visit.


    Crazy guy spitting is undoubtedly a loonie liberal

  23. It’s interesting because this is our first snow of the season. Trees are covered, ground is covered, it looks lovely. This happens in February and I’m going to be going “Fack!”

  24. To get Hotspur in the mood


  25. Thanks guys. Dan’s results are back, no Rona. I’m still waiting.

  26. From the current link on the sidebar at AoS


    I haven’t heard of this one yet but it looks interesting

  27. I’ve had 3 negative Covid tests so far. Two from blood donations and one because of travel to MA. Paula works in a Rona pit in the ER 3 x 12 hours weekly and has had no symptoms.

  28. Comment by lauraw on November 21, 2020 3:18 pm

    Take the collar off before you leave the yard, Carin

    gawd I needed this
    ahahaha hell

  29. Awesome.

  30. The new Drudge…..refresh

  31. LauraW is a sweet person. I don’t care what Peej says about her behind her back! 😉

  32. I had a super spreader event at my house last night. 14 people. from many different households. There was zero social distancing.

  33. I’ll add funds to your commissary account when you’re in the re-education camp Carin

  34. Burkhead, broken leg or dislocated knee. Probably wont see him again this year.

  35. Comment by Car in on November 22, 2020 2:46 pm
    I had a super spreader event at my house last night. 14 people. from many different households. There was zero social distancing.

    Was this an orgy? It sounds like an orgy……

  36. Bengals QB on track to break rookie QB records…and not so fast for Joe Burrow.

  37. Can anyone pick out LauraW?


  38. https://tinyurl.com/yygnrlr5

  39. Ah, the sweet science of medicine. Sometimes you need to hit a patient with a motorcycle helmet, but you’re not supposed to put that in the chart.

  40. 🤪🤪🤪 Dan’s cousin works the psych ward at UNMH. What she has seen in the last 20 years, trumps the crazies on the streets. As crazy as the people on the streets are, the hospitalized are so much worse. Prayers for Lauraw.

  41. I’ve talked about this before. I’m the asshole that hides puzzle pieces. I’m the asshole that takes pieces out of puzzles at the VA and adds a piece or two to other puzzle boxes. I am Wiserbud’s worst nightmare.

  42. LauraW is a sweet person. I don’t care what Peej says about her behind her back!

    Don’t you have a ballsack that needs squeezing?

  43. Dan is making Beanie Weenies. Homemade blanco basura.

  44. Sean Moore and Dan Gorton are my Jiminy Crickets. They are my better angels. I know my family is old. I know they’ll never change. I’m not the forgiving person that Sean and Dan believe me to be.

  45. I’m eating yummy Beanie Weenies. Dan is screaming at the TV.

  46. There’s gotta be a possum pic for that scene.

  47. Is he watching the Packers?

  48. Red Zone. All the games!

  49. Lauraw, Possum or Marmot

  50. Donkeys just beat the fish

  51. I’m looking for places for my nephew to rent, and this just has to be a mistake, right?


  52. I’m looking at houses for rent for $800 in a shitty neighborhood, and the windows are boarded up.

  53. That’s crazy, Carin.

  54. Rustic.

  55. The 2nd photo may explain it.

  56. Packers into OT. Thanks, Scott. AKA Even Steven guy.

  57. Bummer. I had GB by 1-3.

  58. 💩 Dan had the Saints QB

  59. Not sure what to make of this


  60. Carin, did you like the book I recommended. If yes, I have another recommendation, if not.
    Fuck off

  61. Yeah, not sure what’s going on with Powell. Either she has nothing, or the fact that she implicated Republicans in the cheating, means they want some distance for political reasons.

  62. She was also banned from Twitter for 12 hours.

  63. I’d like the book recommendation, PJ.

  64. Not sure what to make of this

    I have never thought Trump really wanted a second term ( I am sure no one here will agree with me) but he doesn’t like losers as he said so he’s gonna say there’s fraud so he doesn’t look like a loser then he can go on his merry way…if it actually gets proven, he’s stuck for 4 more years.
    If Powell wasn’t working for/with you, why have her at that news conference?

  65. Here Pepe!
    “Rise of the Ranger (The Echoes Saga: Book 1)” by Philip C. Quaintrell

  66. Exactly. Why would she be at the same news conference as Giuliani, but not be on Trumps law team. Makes no sense and is probably a lie.

  67. I know my Trump theory is far fetched and ridiculous, but I know it’s not more ridiculous then some things I have seen
    So there’s that?

  68. *than

  69. She implicated the Swamp. We know that the Rinos made deals to stay in power. PJ, one of my Members never thought Trump wanted a second term. The absolute fraud made him fight. Kemp is bought and paid for.

  70. But if this is a direct quote fromGiuliani…then what? This isn’t un names sources

    “Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own,” Giuliani and Ellis said. “She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.”

  71. See also Lin Wood.

  72. Ugh, my iPad and me in the tub makes for bad typing

    Stupid wet fingers

  73. What does that mean Lin Wood?

  74. Ain’t no wood like a Lin Wood

  75. Haha he is amazing, but he hasn’t been at their press conferences…is he disavowing her also or are they distancing from him?
    For the love of Pete Oso, I must know!

  76. My cousin, Melinda, has two surviving children. Her daughter married a guy with Yoda ears. They have two babies. Yoda ears. I don’t comment. I like their photos. I’m seriously creeped by the ears on these kids. FYI Sheridan’s older brother killed himself a few years after her loss. I don’t think I shared this before. He created her YouTube page. He gave his cat to his sister one week before he killed himself.

  77. He’s not part of the Trump team. He’s team Powell. Representing the GA electorate.

  78. If Trump loses, who do we run in 2024?

    Don JR?

  79. But …but Giuliani had her up there.gave her a platform to speak. Surely he asked her what she was going to say it before she did..if he didn’t, then he’s a shit lawyer.

  80. Dang Connie, all that is rough 😦

  81. I’ve listened to Don jr speak. He’s no spoiled trust fund baby. He’s passionate, articulate, intelligent. I can’t imagine they’ll allow another Trump in

  82. He changes his name to Jose Garcia Jr and plays the race card.

  83. First hispanic president!

  84. Win!

  85. I think that if Trump didn’t want another term, he would have been more aggressive. He could have just retired and let someone else run.

  86. He won’t want to be viewed as a quitter

  87. Don’t get me wrong, if he’d have won by like huge margins ( and he may have…we don’t know cuz fraud) he would have served another four years
    But I feel like Trump has my attention span with things and fraud that he can’t do anything about is a great way out and he still looks like he tried and isn’t a quitter and he fought like he told his supporters he would

  88. and then from Lin Wood
    it’s all so delicious…….as in WTF?

  89. and the only things in a court are dismissed by judges. we haven’t seen anything. knowing the gop there is nothing, and we’ll just take it again, just like 2012 with romney.

  90. It’s really frustrating having no idea of what’s really going on. Everyone is gaslighting like crazy. There was no fraud. Trump needs to concede. Cases are all dismissed, etc. Time will tell, but uncertainty is tough.

    My best guess is they prove there was huge fraud, but don’t change the election results. Nobody wants to be the one the mobs come after, and if they rule for Trump, there will be violent mobs. I can’t see any politicians wanting to take that kind of heat. I can’t see Roberts doing it either.

  91. thats the outcome I’m expecting, nothing happens

  92. When Guiliani had the press conference, he made mention that a couple of their lawyers backed out due to threats upon their persons/families….and thus the reason he wasn’t going to name those who signed affidavits to the fraud they were told to engage in/witnesses…except for the one lady who gave permission.

  93. Something happens. The right loses all confidence in our government and starts saying “fuck it! “. We’re the ones who play by the rules and do the right thing. If that goes out the window, society will really start to devolve.

  94. As to Lin Wood, isn’t he the guy who Barnes said took that kid, who killed the pedo and the other freak in Kenosha, case? But better lawyers, who wanted to help the kid once he was passed over to WI, weren’t going to stick their neck out to help because they didn’t like the guy (Wood)..he was hard to work with…something like that.

  95. Kyle Rittenhouse
    Lyn Wood did an amazing freaking video timeline about it when you can clearly see Kyle acted in self defense

  96. I can’t see any politicians wanting to take that kind of heat. I can’t see Roberts doing it either.
    thats the outcome I’m expecting, nothing happens

    Yep, same ole same ole

  97. Exactly, Pepe, but I’d say it’s already devolved in that they are brazen, in your face, with fraud at all levels, fuck yous all the way down. The system is rigged – we see it and yet only the meth heads can riot/loot with impunity at the command of their democrat overlords. What do you think happens if ‘we the people’ decide to riot/loot D.C. ? Will our thoroughly corrupt DHS, NSA, FBI, CIA let it happen? What about RINO fucks like McCain, whose office was the one that suggested lawfare against the hobbits? Will they call for calmer heads, let’s hear the complaints of the people or will they stand with democrats/ATF/FBI in tear gassing the ‘mostly peaceful protesters’ who have a seriously legitimate gripe? From what I see, their complete silence and lack of any fight to ensure fair elections tells me everything I need to know.

    It’s us against them. And you know who will shoot the first bullet.

    Makes me sick thinking about it. And I have nowhere to go to get away from it all.

  98. It’s really very sad that one lone OrangeMan seemed to be the only one working for the country. All them other f*cks are in on the take or easily cowed.

    Open borders, CHYna $$, and Big Tech wanting their imports, red states lights will go out in short order.

    p.s. – There are now 6 cases of china plague in MIL’s place – 4 in memory care with her and 2 in assisted living. Plus 2 staff out with it.

    We usually do Thanksgiving with BIL’s family. BIL and husband nixed it this year. My kids are coming over but I have to set up a table in the other room for my daughter/her husband. Pretty sure I’ll get no help. I only have myself to blame, I guess. But, the way I feel right now, if we still had the farm, that is where I’d go for awhile. By myself. I’m at level – f*ck it.

    With that, have as good a Thanksgiving as you can get. I love you freaks. I’m going to lay low for awhile to try and deal with the year’s cumulative black funk I find myself in.

  99. There was a clip from the Rush Limbaugh show going around a few days ago. Emotional guy that sees all the Republicans as abandoning him. They just roll over and give up.


    I think the Republicans better start working for the people and stop doing failure theater. 70 million people didn’t vote republican, they voted for Trump, he’s the only one who fights.

  100. I heard that clip, and it’s just how I feel, too. How could that crowd not get one GOP officeholder to say anything? Trump went by.

    And yes, we won’t see a turnout like this ever again. Dems won’t have to cheat as hard anymore. It’s a good thing, they almost got caught this time.

    And Abrams cheated in GA, she can’t say anything or she’ll get exposed. This way she looks like a hero.

  101. get ready for McConnell obstructionism. If the Trump voters turn out on Jan 5, that is. That’s not a sure thing right now. Dems are all set to cheat their way to another win. Yang is encouraging people to move to GA.

  102. Yang is encouraging people to move to GA.

    yeah, I saw that…he’s rich. I don’t think he understands that people have to have jobs and a new place to live and money to move.

  103. he’s the hero of Tim Pool, along with Tulsi Gabbard. I know lots of people who were in the Yang gang. Universal Basic Income.

  104. “If Trump loses, who do we run in 2024?”

    Personally, I think DeSantis would be a good bet for 2024. That is assuming we even are still going through the motions of having an election.

  105. Universal basic income is the darling idea of stoners. It will never work. It’s an idea for people who don’t understand human nature and math.

  106. Darren escaped; Reuben pursued.

  107. PJM, Trump didn’t lose. If you think that, well don’t know what to say other than you’ve been in CA too long.

  108. If we lose the cheating will be so regular so ingrained that conservatives will never win nationally again. EVER.

  109. My kids are coming over but I have to set up a table in the other room for my daughter/her husband.


    That’s fucking stupid.

  110. Yeah, they aren’t renting that house for $800/900 they are selling it.

  111. Wakey wakey.

    Yea, I was trying to see if they were trying to sell it, it was just weird. But I kept seeing homes for rent with boarded up windows – but maybe they board them up when the home is empty so the windows don’t get broken?

  112. I was going to bring this up yesterday but forgot.

    I know you guys like to make fun of Crossfit, etc, it’s a cult.

    But I’ll tell you who is really a cult. Those Peloton people. I think they want to hoodwink everyone else into spending that much cash on something they don’t need. I mean, they’re great if you have excess cash and can’t get to an actual class. But otherwise, there is nothing on that machine you can’t get for a LOT less. Video of other people working out? Meh. When I’m working hard on my spin bike, my eyes are closed half the time. All you need is something in your ear telling you what to do.

  113. It does say rent.

    Are those all black neighborhoods, Carin? Wasn’t the city going to tear down abandoned houses?

  114. Yes, they’re all in sorta rough neighborhoods. I mean, it can really vary from block to block though.

  115. My brother has a Peloton and uses it but you’re right it’s an unnecessary luxury item. I didn’t know he had one until I saw it in the background of a pic, so at least he wasn’t talking about it like he was in a cult.

  116. If the left wins this election and the psychos get what they want and all those who supported Trump (like his administration, or public figures) get doxxed and cannot find work, I think that just speeds up the two Nations idea.

  117. Absentee ballot requested in GA.

    Experiment is underway!

  118. My spin bike was about $400. The cyclecast app (which has 5 coaches posting new spin workouts a day) was about $8 a month- and was GREAT. You could pick out 20 min, 45 min or hour long “classes”. I was a sweaty mess after each one, and the coaches were pretty entertaining.

    The base Peloton is $1900. That’s no shoes, no nothing. The membership for the videos is $40 a month. Which- if you’re not getting that, you basically have my $400 bike for $1900.

  119. Which brand did you get, Carin?

  120. Sunni. Maybe just one “n”? Suni? Not sure. You can buy a sensor for about $20-$30 bucks to track all the stuff (how fast you’re spinning, for example – which is really the only thing you need to know)

  121. That is literally the ONLY thing you need to know. The coaches will have you adjust the resistance, and spin at 70 reps per min, etc. It is hard for a newbie/ or anyone to know what they’re spinning at. A little “computer” is all you need.

  122. I’ve done lots of spin classes. When I lived in Hawaii, I belonged to this little health club. They had 5 bikes outside. It was fantastic.

  123. I bet there is a LOT of that. I wish effen reporters would do their job.

    Yea, I wasn’t sure. People just get so caught up in bells and whistles of things. You really don’t need to know most of that stuff.

  124. https://tinyurl.com/y6mmvgym

  125. Just woke up because I couldn’t sleep until 2am. Already getting work texts and I have to go let the chickens out. Going to be a long week today.

    I don’t have a poat ready. Someone please punt.

  126. I’ve been up since 6 so I could have, but now i’m on the way out the door.

  127. https://tinyurl.com/y3mz647s

  128. Huh, I just realized that not all bleach is disinfecting bleach. Took 60 years. Well, crap.

  129. Bleach in any form that qualifies for the word shatters cell membranes on contact. If your fingers feel slippery when you touch it, it’ll disinfect.

    Your fingers feel slippery because the cell-membrane is a double-wall of fatty molecules and the top layer is being burst by the bleach.

    “Disinfecting” bleach is marketing jargon.

  130. Mare loves Leon.

  131. I was using bleach, and casually looked at the bottle and it said, “Not for sanitation or disinfection. To sanitize and disinfect, use Clorox disinfecting bleach.”

  132. my $20 steps watch tracks cycling too. wonder if it would work for spin class. free app tracks location by GPS and heartrate.

  133. There might be additional caustic agents in whatever they’re calling “disinfecting” bleach, or the concentration of bleach in the solution might be lower so you can use it more safely on common surfaces (because higher concentrations, will, well, bleach them) or in areas with lower ventilation (like indoors).

    It’s entirely possible that disinfecting bleach is literally just more water. I’ll go look it up.

  134. Thanks, Leon!!

  135. https://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-bleach-and-disinfectant/

    Yep. Lower concentrations. If you had the time, you could probably just dilute the stronger stuff and decant it into reusable spray bottles to save money. I do that with ammonia and vinegar, but I’m generally using those on surfaces I don’t care about discoloring.

  136. My husband was spatchcocking a turkey last night and the “juice” was here and there so I went into disinfecting mode on the counters, sink, knives, cutting boards and paper towel holder.

  137. I follow (on Instagram) this company called GoCleanCo and they said bleach degrades quickly in air and light. Therefore decanting it into a spray bottle is only good for a very short time. Like once.

  138. Also likely to be sodium hypochlorite rather than chlorine. Go with that if you’re going to dilute for disinfection rather than kill it and maybe make it blonde.

  139. Therefore decanting it into a spray bottle is only good for a very short time. Like once.

    Keep it closed and in the dark.

  140. I use bleach on granite a lot. Never had any problem with the surface changing in any way, although the container of bleach does say,

    “DO NOT use this product full strength for cleaning surfaces. Always dilute strictly in accordance with label directions. For prolonged use, wear rubber gloves.”

    Hoo boy, I need to start reading directions.

  141. Gasoline degrades quickly in air and light, too.

  142. Yes, as usual Leon is correct, Sodium Hypochorite.

  143. spelling is wrong but you know what I mean.

  144. restaurants use spray bottles of bleach solution for disinfecting all the time. don’t need much, couple capfuls for gallons of water in a sanitizing sink, higher concentrations for a spray bottle

  145. If you think that, well don’t know what to say other than you’ve been in CA too long.

    Lulz…I’ve been in California since birth…save a stint in other states for a total of 4 years. I believe there was fraud, but I also believe I can’t know everything

  146. On a fun note! Merv and I have started dining at all restaurants that refuse to comply. As I’m sure you guys know, our gov is a decroded piece of the crap and has everyone in purple tiers locked down again. No indoor dining. No going out past 10. We had a lovely dinner INSIDE a restaurant Saturday night and sometime this week, Madeleine will be going indoors to a 24 hour restaurant past 10. Because I am SUCH a rebel.
    In my teens, there’s no way I would have thought of this as rebellion

  147. The English forbade the playing of bagpipes in Scotland. That’s why “Scotland the Brave” is played on them.

    Rebellion takes whatever form is needed.

  148. The snow is still here. Okay, fuck it, I’m over it.

  149. oh crap!! I should go play bagpipes at the restaurants!

  150. My guess is that our version of it will be outlawing bluegrass guitar at some point.

  151. My guess is that our version of it will be outlawing bluegrass guitar at some point.

    That would be a most certain declaration of war in my opinion.

  152. The snow is still here. Okay, fuck it, I’m over it.

    Light a fire, grab a book and a blanket and SNUGGLE UP!!!

  153. Light a fire, grab a book and a blanket and SNUGGLE UP!!!

    Your mom already left.

  154. Re : bleach
    If it smells like bleach it prolly bleach.
    Bleach dissociates in water and is easily degraded.
    Easily is a relative term. If kept dark and cool (in a opaque container at room temp or lower ) it’s shelf life will be years.

  155. Bleach @ 2% in water is a common FDA recommended disinfectant. It works by oxidizing / reducing the material it comes in contact with.

  156. If it smells like bleach it prolly bleach.

    Overall, seminal fluid typically leans slightly alkaline. Anything between 7.2 and 8.0 is considered a healthy pH level. When your body’s pH levels are balanced, semen should smell like ammonia, bleach, or other alkaline substances. You might notice variations in this scent, especially after you have sex

  157. Leon is correct with the slippery feel … hypochlorite bleach is strongly basic. And when in contact with fats (the bilipid layer of your skin cells) it starts saponifying your fpos hands.

  158. Your mom already left.

    awwww, you want me to ask her to stay longer next time?

  159. Leon is correct with the slippery feel

    aaaaaaaaaaand one more time…cuz lulz
    When your body’s pH levels are balanced, semen should smell like ammonia, bleach, or other alkaline substances.

  160. Semen’s alkalinity is likely part and parcel of it’s immunosuppressive qualities. Fine in vaginal mucus, not so great in a rectum or throat that’s not built to handle it.

  161. *gags*

  162. Dark and rainy Monday here. Slept late. I have a list of things to do before work today but I don’t want to do any of it.

  163. Light a fire, grab a book and a blanket and SNUGGLE UP!!!

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