BBF Championship 2020 Consolation Round 1

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2020 Championship – Consolation Round 1.



Contestant’s names in the headers are links to the original 2020 BBF post with additional pictures.


Miss Padlock lost ROUND 6 by one vote, but she’s a journeywoman grinder who deserves another shot at the title.


  • Age: 36 years young
  • Born: Sunday 13th of May 1984
  • Birthplace: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Profession: Glamour Model
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height: 5’6″ (or 167 cm)
  • Weight: 120 lbs (or 54 kg)
  • Body type: Slim
  • Measurements: 34E-24-35
  • Bra/cup size: E (34E)
  • Boobs: Real/Natural
  • Instagram follower count: 1,729,469



Miss Mertz is too fine for this blog; she is gorgeous, talented, funny and sweet, a high-caliber low-drag woman and a refreshing change from typical BBF fodder.


Birthday: November 21, 1986
Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky
House/Current Residence: Nashville, Tennessee
Age: 34 years old
Profession: TV Personality, Registered Nurse, Businesswoman, TV and Radio Host
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color:  Green
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 110 lbs
Body type: Slim
Measurements: 35-25-35
Bra/cup size: 35D
Boobs: Enhanced probably
Tattoos:  None
Instagram follower count:  54K




Miss Miller looks to be a lot of fun, she would carry in a bottle of tequila when you bring her home to meet the folks.  I dig her chilli.


  • Age: 28 years young
  • Born: Friday 18th of September 1992
  • Birthplace: Berne, New York, United States
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Profession: Centerfold, Playboy Model
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height: 5’5″ (or 165 cm)
  • Weight: 117 lbs (or 53 kg)
  • Body type: Average
  • Measurements: 34E-26-31
  • Bra/cup size: 34E
  • Boobs: Real/Natural
  • Tattoos: Various
  • Piercings: Both Nipples
  • Instagram follower count: 156,200




In a just world, Jem Wolfie would be the queen and all of us her loyal and devoted subjects.  Jem is a THICC fitness model, entrepreneur and small business owner.


  • Age: 29 years young
  • Born: Wednesday 7th of August 1991
  • Birthplace: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Profession: Fitness Model
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height: 5’6″ (or 167 cm)
  • Weight: 134 lbs (or 61 kg)
  • Body type: Average
  • Measurements: 36-25-38
  • Bra/cup size: E (36E)
  • Boobs: Real/Natural
  • Tattoos: None
  • Piercings: None
  • Instagram follower count: 2,700,549




  1. Amanda. Did everyone else seem kind of exotic? Or has my coffee not kicked in?

    Oh, and that douche Hotspur watches The West Wing? I knew he was a not so secret asshole.

  2. People who voted for Jem like them thic. I don’t really know what I’m saying but she has real boobs so that’s nice.

  3. Huh. Amanda can’t dance so I may have to change my vote. Would someone send me 10,000 mail-in ballots. Asking for a friend.

  4. Seeing the cover of People magazine at the grocery check out with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with the title: It’s time for America to Unite! made me want to puke more than Hotspur watching the West Wing.

  5. Oh, and take your “unity” and shove it up your ass.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  6. I’ll go with Jem! please clap, because fat girls need love too.

    7/10 would get smashed by her thiccness

  7. I’m all about America First so if our end of the year winner is not American there will be some antifa like shit going on here.

  8. I went though the SF 86 form last night. Seems pretty normal. No big deal.

    The problem is going to be remembering my 56 addresses over the past 10 years and all of the girls I dorked in the squeakhole. I can’t believe they ask about that.

    You have to fill out a whole separate form just for squeakhole dorking if you’re in to that type of stuff. Seems like discrimination.

  9. Since you’re gay, MJ, they want to know if you can be blackmailed. Since you have no shame and would smash anything you’re good.


    You would have been so proud of GND last night. We had a little gathering outside for our neighbor’s birthday and apparently the conversation turned to the election. I missed it. Our flaming lefty neighbor said something about Trump being like a super villain from a movie and she said, ‘that’s just a tad bit dramatic, don’t you think?’ and gave her a nice eyeroll.

    LOL, bishes are so funny.

  11. I think Chelsea would not be a stabilizing factor in your life. Just a thought.

    Doesn’t she look like she’d break your car windows if things turned south?

  12. Since you’re gay, MJ, they want to know if you can be blackmailed. Since you have no shame and would smash anything you’re good.
    Hahahahahahaha. That actually made me laugh.

    I read through the questions and I can’t see how anyone in congress has a low level security clearance, let alone a TS clearance.

    There’s a whole section on drug use, alcohol use, and criminal conduct.

  13. GND had a nice start. Then she should have said, “stop speaking, you sound like a complete dumbass and my tolerance for dumbassery is low right now.”

  14. Coffee kicked in.

  15. I should go do a workout but I have a dental cleaning this morning.

  16. Doesn’t she look like she’d break your car windows if things turned south?
    Def looks like white trash to me.

    Squeakhole status:

    [ x ] dorked

    [ ] undorked

  17. I have a phone screen for a job I really want this morning at 9am.

    Need to prepare for that a bit.

  18. I watched The West Wing pretty much front to back and enjoyed it very much for a TV show. Not a lot of ‘merica bashing, good writing and acting, a lot of stars. When this was made you could show differing opinions without hounding from the twitter mob.

  19. I must be low T this morning. None of these vestal virgins appeal to me.

  20. A lot of people have told me to watch The West Wing. We don’t watch regular network shows but I have heard it’s good. I’d have to stomach Martin Sheen and a few others that get on my nerves though.

    I’m okay with Longmire reruns. Actually starting to read the series. Have read the first two but really can’t afford to kindle all sixteen or thirteen or whatever.

  21. Ditto. My vote logged via the fickle finger of fate.

  22. All the books are good Mare, I’ll see if I can send you a couple.

  23. West Wing is totally right wing now. Bartlett is basically Hitler and wassisname should never work again.

  24. Is the FPOS in the lead?

  25. *super high fives pups!!!!!!!!*

  26. Wakey wakey

  27. I read through the questions and I can’t see how anyone in congress has a low level security clearance, let alone a TS clearance.

    Oh, they don’t have to go through any of this bullshit. They get it when they’re sworn in. They wrote the rules.

  28. Honestly, MJ, the worst part about SDA* is that first line. When you have to answer “No” and then the rest of the page is just blank.

    *Squeakhole Dorking Appendix

  29. What fresh hell awaits me today?

  30. Chin up, car in. At least you didn’t Fuck and suck your way into the White House.

  31. True. 141 covid deaths in michigan yesterday. or something. 61 of them flat out didn’t happen yesterday – and its iffy if they’re covid deaths.

    The rest – who knows, right? You can’t see anything but the raw data.

  32. What fresh hell awaits me today?

    You ready to hear me sing?

  33. Oh, we have a contender: “President Cognitive Decline Word Soup strikes again…”

  34. Amanda, cuz she can build things. With wood. She has woodworking skills. She is good with wood.

    *wonders if I’m tipping my euphemisms enough

  35. oh come on, Car in, you know the thing.

  36. Any thoughts on a Ford Explorer?

  37. Holy hell, word soup is not a lie.
    Oooh sorry, we dumped the words to your speech on the floor. Please pick them back up and don’t forget to put them in the right order

  38. my dad had one, loved it, lasted a good long time.

    I think Chief had one with penis wheels.

  39. Any thoughts on a Ford Explorer?

    Get the Ranger! It’s fun!

    also, I think I have low T today also, these BBF gals are just doing nothing for me

  40. Isn’t the explorer just a closed in Ranger?

  41. We rented one for a week and loved it.

  42. I think mare needs this link.

    Over/under on when her head explodes.

  43. Also, Consolation winner is just first loser.


  44. I can’t look at that idiot. He’s a FPOS above the neck.

  45. *wonders if PJM ever sleeps.

    she was up late, and now here she is again in the AM

    It’s early in The People’s Republic of California.

  46. Isn’t the explorer just a closed in Ranger?

    You’re right…get the Explorer. I thought by getting a shorter bed would keep people from asking me to help them move. Turns out. Not the case.

    Course, it’s my 19 year old daughter and she’s moving back home (yussssss)
    so I’ll allow it

  47. Heh, imagines a Joe Buyden Fathead on someone’s mancave wall

    (Fatheads are those huge wall size posters)

    (this was inspired by MJ’s FPOS reference above that just a little late)

  48. Maybe people ask you the help them move because you’re such a sturdy chick.

  49. *wonders if PJM ever sleeps.

    hahaha Merv says it’s unnatural how little sleep I get and still have so much energy
    He said something like of the devil or possessed I dunno. My head was too busy spinning so I only caught every other word

  50. Mrs Pendejo has been driving an explorer since 11. My only complaints are that the road noise is pretty bad and the stereo system is weak. They may have corrected some of that in the last nine years. Other than that, we’ve loved it. I’m 6’2” and pushing 300 so I have a hard time getting in and out of a lot of cars. Explorer is really easy to get in and out of.

  51. And we call Jay the FPOS?

  52. I will not fall down chi-com chuck’s hole right now.

  53. I have no idea what’s going on in the real world. I sort of get from Ace’s blog that the media is just embargoing the fraud stories. Telling everyone that only nut job conspiracy theorists think that way.

    The hypocrisy is sort of beyond the normal dumbshit media stuff on this one but they’re all bagdad bob now. Do I have that right?

  54. I will not fall down chi-com chuck’s hole right now.

    I think he sent me a friend request a while back….I have NEVER paid attention to him. I”m going in

  55. Do I have that right?

    nailed it

  56. Carin, why are we friends with this douchenozzle?
    The only libtard friends I have on fb are ones I know in real life.

  57. MJ, the TV is frequently on at work. The talking heads are openly ridiculing and berating the president for not conceding as well as saying it’s extremely dangerous threat to security and safety that Biden’s transition team is not being allowed to be briefed. If I didn’t know any better I’d be really worried about this unstable man who is in denial and his crazy violent supporters who are being lied to.

  58. It’s what the left does – otherize.

  59. Typing and deleting a lot lately. Mostly on personal shit, oddly enough. Probably a sign of something, not sure of what.

  60. And MJ, you need to stay far away from girls like Jem Wolfie. You get in the hay with that chick and she rolls over on you, you’re a goner.

  61. I need help…the person complaining in this article is “trans non-binary” HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!?! what does that even mean?..also, I hate every the one

  62. Peej, it would be better if he were a bit more interesting. Merely repeating that China doesn’t have a problem anymore because “the followed the science” is just boooorrrrring.

  63. so … I’m thinking they’re mad they cast a male in what is a female role. They’re confusing it with all that other bs CIS stuff.

    Gender doesn’t matter and is fluid, but we don’t really mean it.

  64. I mean, if the guy said he was a woman, could he then play an ex-woman who transitioned to a guy?

  65. MJ, the TV is frequently on at work. The talking heads are openly ridiculing and berating the president for not conceding as well as saying it’s extremely dangerous threat to security and safety that Biden’s transition team is not being allowed to be briefed. If I didn’t know any better I’d be really worried about this unstable man who is in denial and his crazy violent supporters who are being lied to.
    Thanks. I assumed this was the case but I can’t bring myself to find out. Just straight up propaganda.

    I’m sure this will end well.

  66. And MJ, you need to stay far away from girls like Jem Wolfie. You get in the hay with that chick and she rolls over on you, you’re a goner.

    Worth it.

    Thanks. I assumed this was the case but I can’t bring myself to find out. Just straight up propaganda.

    Awaken with JP had a fun video about “how to start a civil war” that’s relevant here.

  67. I super love JP


    for me, I’m under no illusion that our government is dishonest…I know they are
    For him to have such faith in the Chinese government is nonsensical

  69. I’m thinking Biden will have a major health crisis before the inauguration, just ’cause it makes the story more interesting.

  70. MJ, also big tech is coordinating with each other to suppress any discussion of voter fraud like they did with Hunter’s laptop.
    I sense a trend.

  71. not sure if you guys watched this, but I’m gonna marry Kayleigh when I grow up.
    I heart her

  72. love the yeller in the back crowing about losing the election.

    Doesn’t someone have a taser?

  73. Heh, I don’t call on activists.


    Can anyone see that?

  75. I can see the cat turd quote of RL.

  76. I can click on show comments and see them.

  77. It only shows 20 or 30 some comments then a box that says “see more at parler” which I assume will require logging in.

  78. “Hundreds of thousands of people showed up in Washington DC last weekend to support Trump, and not one elected Republican showed up to talk to them.”

    – Rush Limbaugh

    honestly…that’s sooo effed up

  79. so, we can post parler links. I wasn’t able to see what was up the other day when there were complaints about it, then I forgot.

  80. DC just wants to get back to normal where everyone plays their part.

    They’re lazy, corrupt, older men and women that don’t gain anything when Trump threatens them.

    Biden? Rubio? Business as usual. Everyone’s kids go to Sidwell Friends, the Ivies, then make hundreds of millions of dollars doing…something.

    Not a bad gig. I can see wanting to take the easy road.

  81. Rush had a great point. Never Trumpers are worried, because Trump supporters might not show up to vote for Loeffler and Perdue.

    Probably a valid worry. Why show up? Burn it down.

  82. Gov Andrew M Cuomo of NY will receive the International Emmy Founders Award in recognition of his leadership during the Covid19 pandemic & his masterful use of TV to inform & calm people around the world. The Emmy will be presented to @NYGovCuomo on Nov 23

  83. I decided to shave today. Other than that, I tried to eat and napped.
    No need to alert the media.

  84. Loeffler and Perdue


  85. Metz is for me. Has to be the eyes.

  86. The GA Senators.

    Unless you’re being sarcastic. Then “Heh”

  87. *Mertz

  88. Mertz here too. Cuz of her wood creations.


    Can anyone see that?

    Yay I can stop my bitching more or less on that. Except it doesn’t show the content until you click it, but that may be my phone.

  90. The content doesn’t show until you click it because there isn’t a plugin written in WordPress to process it, like it does for Twitter and Youtube links.

  91. Tying all the Fox ends together:

  92. I think the pro gun chick from CO was there and the Qanon lady from GA, but they were just elected and not already in office.

  93. This word, “overturn”, it is being abused.

    What’s happening now is what happens in an annulment proceeding. What’s being sought isn’t a refutation, but truth itself. What really happened? Was it, in fact, a valid thing. or not valid, and thus the truth is other than what it appeared to be, or were the apparent proceedings the real, valid truth. Let that play out, and truth wins, whatever that truth may be. Demand that the seeking of truth cease… and it really should call your motives into question.

    But the press no longer asks questions. Not real ones.

  94. Thanks to everyone who commented concerning an Explorer! Appreciate it.

  95. I don’t know a fucking thing about Explorers, but I definitely think you should get one, Mare.

  96. I want to know what exactly MCPO is shaving

  97. also…all the lulz

  98. fund the transition, my ass.

  99. The Biden-Harris transition is when they kick Joe out.

  100. 3 more CoWs tested positive yesterday. 5 more came back to work. 19 currently in Quarantine.

  101. This is what libs post as a rebuttal to the Sidney Powell article I linked before.

  102. Fuck all the e-thoritarians.

  103. Sidney has given these cunts more than enough warning about steps forward. She even used their terminology for the fraud. Stop, Drop, and Roll. She has everything. Nancy asked the Reps to not resign for Biden jobs. Kamala hasn’t left her Senate seat. GA backed off on certification. Kemp was warned yesterday that they have him in a deal with Dominion. Guy on Twitter was calling out the Trump team for naming precincts in MN, not MI. Helloooo…we know Dominion fucked the MN ballots. Hearing gossip that NM vote will be challenged in the Dominion lawsuits. Good guys have the German servers.

  104. I have hope that we won, but not all will be revealed. It would be too much for the National psyche.

  105. I understand they are in a legal battle and don’t want to tip their hand, but time is short. You can’t spend a couple of months preparing your case. I really don’t understand how it will work, but I assume they have to file, make arguments, and then the case will make its’ way through the court system, potentially all the way to the Supreme Court, and be resolved before 12/14. That’s 24 days which include a major holiday.

    They can demonstrate where the vote totals for Biden miraculously jumped by 100,000+ at the same time, in separate states, but unless they can find someone to squeal, I don’t think they can get any traction. Look at the people who have called shenanigans: Fired, doxxed, they and their families threatened, no protection. Why would anybody help?

    I used to deal with the IRS. You can demonstrate that you are correct and they are wrong, and they don’t care. “You’re right, but I don’t care. See you in court, it’s going to cost you $50K in legal fees and take a bunch of your time, it doesn’t cost me a dime.” Trump’s attorneys can prove there was rampant fraud and the courts might say “So? Too bad, dismissed.” Who wants to be the judge who ruled for Trump and get mobs of psychos showing up at their house?

    If they are basing their arguments on an insecure voting system, it’s too late. They should have fought the system before it was adopted. However….if the people fiddling with the voting machines are for sale, who is to say republican politicians haven’t benefited.

    Nobody in the club wants change. All the politicians are happy with their power and opportunities for graft. If the republicans keep the senate, Mitch McConnell is the most powerful politician on the right. I imagine he’s pretty happy about that. Do you think he’s really going to do everything in his power to help Trump?

    I don’t trust anything the government or the media says.

  106. Pepe, check out Trumps EO from 2018. Extends the investigation to 45 days if foreign Govts involved. Assigned specific justices to states to expedite cases.

  107. Hmmmm,

    BREAKING: Look who is now in charge of PA, WI, MI, and GA

    Circuit Courts have been Reassigned

    Effective November 20, 2020, ordered pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42

    MI – Brett M. Kavanaugh
    WI – Amy Coney Barrett
    PA – Samuel A. Alito
    GA – Clarence Thomas

  108. The Explorer isn’t for me. I can’t afford shit. My daughter (youngest- not the house flood daughter) is looking at cars.

  109. No offense but kavanugh is a douche imo.
    ACB is unproven. Alito is ok.
    Thomas is a rock star.

  110. Jay who is that guy in the picture?

  111. I never liked Exploders, they are very twitchy on the road, that seems to be common with many Fords but the high center of gravity makes them prone to roll. I am partial to Toyotas the Highlanders and Rav’s routinely go for 300-500k miles on just routine maintenance. If you are going to keep a car that is the way to go

  112. Vmaximus, we are partial to Nissan. We really love our Kicks.

  113. I have owned 3 Nissans Oso, and while they were utterly reliable for the first 100k miles they seemed to fall apart quickly after that. It could have been just my 3, my cousin had a Altima that ran for 20 years with just regular maintenance, don’t know how many miles were on it.

  114. I h8 people. Before COVID. Gov Wuhan says 75 customers at a time. Young girl at door refuses to enforce the Governors order. 150 people had me freaking. I spoke with the frontline leads. They’re afraid too. I lose it with a manager in the presence of Customers. Get called on it. 15 minutes later, Doors are wide open. 200 people in the Club. I lose it again. I’m ready to tell customers just how many COVID cases we have!(I wouldn’t, but fuck me)

  115. Dan had a POS Datsun 210 when we met. 1978-1992. Our Xterra was 2001-2019. Versa 2013-2020

  116. I forgot about my 2 Datsun 110’s they were garbage cars that I loved

  117. Comment by jam2 on November 20, 2020 7:16 pm
    No offense but kavanugh is a douche imo.
    ACB is unproven. Alito is ok.
    Thomas is a rock star.

    If still rather have them than Sotomayor and Kagan.

  118. I have high hopes for the new justices, but I have been often disappointed so waiting to see

  119. “I’d”

  120. Bill Sammon

  121. exploders haha. thats what we called it too. was still a pretty good vehicle.

    Toyota better be good, they charge enough for them. Nissan was reasonable.

  122. My new 2001 Tundra went 16 years and 130k with only oil, brakes, and batteries. At 130k the handle on my tail gate (plastic) broke and the radiator top (plastic) leaked. I am sure I could have gotten to 250k it ran great

  123. Then I bought my Scat Pack, I wish I kept my Tundra, but the clunker Camry I picked up to drive in the snow in Colorado still runs like a top

  124. I had a Datsun 510. Loved that car.

  125. Had a couple of fords. Never liked the exploder. It sell destructed at 85k miles.

  126. Had rams – like them.
    Had an avalanche – really liked that.
    Have a tundra now. It’s ok. Handles like a truck. Rides like a truck.
    Goes thru fuel faster than your mom thru the varsity boys swim trunks.

  127. If I ever hit the lottery I’m going to add a unimog to the fleet.

  128. I like that Russian truck that one of you all linked one time. XNad maybe.

  129. SHERP

  130. Had a couple of rx 7’s. They’re fun.

  131. I had a couple Mitsubishi Monteros. High and heavy.

    The only emergency maneuver was braking in a straight line.

    One actually had a level built into the dash that told you when you would tip over.

  132. Comment by Jimbro on November 20, 2020 9:04 pm

    That made me laugh so hard


  134. Wiser’s 60th was tonight.

    Good time.

  135. awwww, did you guys go to his party? Happy birthday wiser!!!

  136. Yes. He has the most thoughtful kids on the planet.

  137. and his kids have the best dogs!

  138. Beagle Dachshund mix?

    Stole the show.

  139. What did the kids do?
    His kids have to be like a million years old now if he’s almost at retirement age
    holy hell
    omg this means I’m getting old too

  140. PJ, Embrace the hate. I’m there with you.

  141. My Mom is doing pretty well. She got worried tonight about how she felt and they called an ambulance. Her neighbor who is her cardiologist saw the ambulance on his way home and stopped in. He checked on her and saved her a trip to the hospital. He even went over some of the results of tests she hadn’t seen yet. He had video of when they put the sent in and went over her echocardiogram. Small towns can suck some times, but there are some advantages. He most likely saved her life and he’s a good human being. Trump supporter too.

  142. Drama engulfed Remy’s party.

  143. I see there is a poat scheduled for about an hour from now, so I don’t have to come up with a poor substitute.

  144. Or maybe it’s Eastern time, and it’s up in a minute.


  146. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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