It Ain’t My Fault

Mantra of the Republican Party.


  1. This poat needs more fucking categories for fuck’s sake.

  2. *throws flag*

    Harding was a better (and hotter) woman than Wretched has ever been. Harding only hurt 1 person, and she actually worked and trained to be good at something that others could enjoy.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. Wretched’s current assault on MI citizens has a stated end date of Dec 9.

    This is merely a coincidence.

  5. Coincidence link not working is ironic.

  6. Fixed.

    I blame early AI censorship from werdpuss.

  7. Well, my race counting of victims in Death Wish was prescient. At a holiday party one of the guests calls the vigilante a racist for killing more blacks than whites. He’s technically not correct but I can roll with this argument.

    The lady he’s talking to says that more blacks are muggers than whites so it should be expected.

    Nothing has changed in 45 years.

  8. At Instapundit, there is an Amazon link at 7:29 this morning for a really good price on a pistol safe, it is the same brand I have and I like it a lot.

  9. Man, there’s garbage everywhere in NYC. Trash is just sort of covering the ground like snow. Gross.

  10. I don’t get the one with the giant cupcake on the witch.

  11. Nothing has changed in 45 years.

    If anything, the disparity is worse now. We’re two more generations into the War on Poverty, globalization (i.e. the export of manufacturing and textiles), plus the immigration act of 1965, all of which have essentially amounted to The War on Black Men Getting Real Jobs and Forming Families.

  12. The police inspector went into a glass box with al little folding door to make a phone call. Not sure why he didn’t just use his cell.





    -Ben Roethlisberger

  14. Ding dong the witch is dead, which old witch, the witchy witch.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  15. I listened to a podcast last night with Dr. Paul Saladino and Ivor Cummins (BE in Chem CEng MIEI PMP Biochemical degree in Engineering in 1990). I don’t know what all that means but they were discussing how stupid it is to lock down and how stupid it was to do it in March. It made things worse. They used only info from the past 40 years, not the last 4 months.

    Everyone knew we would have a surge in the fall…because we always do.

    Nothing earth-shattering other than the people making decisions about lock downs and masks are making stupid decisions.

  16. Ah, okay. Not educated on Hostess snack taxonomy. Mom never bought that stuff.

  17. If it’s any consolation it took me a bit to figure it out too Lauraw. Roughly the time needed to create a vegan pepperoni

  18. I haven’t seen Death Wish in a while. It was within the last 5 years though. The acting by Bronson was pretty wooden. Maybe that was just his style.

  19. At least the vegan pepperoni looks like it tastes.

  20. Mare, at this point I think they’ve dug themselves into the Covid-hole so deep there is no way to gracefully exit without burning everything down on the way out. There will be untold suffering but the “experts” and the politicians will save face and, after all, that is what is really important here … as I’m sure you Plebians will agree

  21. I say we just mail in our ballots for Ossoff and Warnock in GA, get it over with. Let the dems have it, burn it down. Watch Slow Joe blame it all on GOP candidates and the people that voted for them. Pick out curtains for camp.

    Tucker is staying on Fox. Mgmt decides it likes money, so they are keeping their cash cow happy.

    Senate GOP sitting on their hands with election stuff, and nothing in the evidence dept. rears it’s head.

  22. The article about putting a nuclear reactor on the moon was cool. At least someone is thinking about project. How many Muslim gay women will it take NASA to build a moon port?

  23. This is gonna be long but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I’ve probably mentioned it in passing before. Dunno.

    The calls for lockdowns because the experts advocate for them or endlessly repeating, ‘listen to the experts!’ is exactly the opposite of the decision making process that is taught at the Kennedy school of government, where most of these people went to school.

    You are taught to build a team with differing viewpoints and to assign each of the groups to build the best case possible for the opposite view. If you’re in favor of lockdowns, you need to spend the next 2 weeks advocating the idea that lockdowns are not and best answer and come back to the team. Same for the anti-lockdown group. They need to work on the best case for why a lockdown would be the best option. The decider, then reviews the options and the decision is final.

    They teach this through two case studies. The first is the Bay of Pigs. Kennedy got snookered by the generals and military people into thinking the assault would be totally successful. He deferred to them because they were experts, and followed their advice to silence any opposing views. The end result was a lot of dead cubans, international embarrassment, and a direct lead into the Cuban missile crisis. Kruschev correctly intuited that Kennedy was young, inexperienced, and weak so he put missiles 90 miles from Cuber as Kennedy would say.

    During the crisis Kennedy used the methodology above and was rarely present for the meetings. He gave them their tasks, a timeline and checked in to break ties or guide the team from a very high level but wasn’t in the weeds. The result was much better obviously mostly because diversity of opinion and thought was encouraged, not silenced. And most importantly it took away the freshman level debate tactic that is generally called, ‘appeal to authority.’ When making an argument, if you go right to, ‘4 out of 5 dentists agree’ you are admitting that you have no argument. Of course, people don’t really know this or see it, but once you start to see it, you can’t really unsee it. It’s the old, ‘trust me, I’m a doctor’ routine. It’s not an argument. It supports nothing and is only used to limit further thought.

    My point of writing this out is that most of the politicians use the appeal to authority argument exclusively. They know the tactic, know its bullshit, and use it anyway because they believe you are stupid and will fall in line if enough people with enough brass stuck to their uniform tell you to. Or enough people in white coats stand behind them.

    Most politicians have taken this class at Harvard or are familiar with the case study but they don’t use the process even though they know the outcome will be better. They don’t want a better outcome. They want you to obey. The big heads in boxes on TV do it all the time, in every situation – although I think they’re probably ignorant of what they are saying. They really believe experts are the only way to manage society even though this gets you the Iraq war, the TSA, the great recession, an anemic recovery, Obamacare, the green new deal, and endless other examples of total failure.

    Each one of the examples above ends in disaster. Unless you believe control is the best outcome. In that case, everything worked great.

  24. Oh man. Looks like its NYE in NYC and Charles Bronson is on the prowl.

    I predict lots of cold bodies.

  25. One dead honkey, one dead brother.

    One brother running, really, really fast. Probably ran track in HS or something. I mean, he’s fast af.

    There’s just no way CB is going to catch him after getting shot in the leg.

  26. Bullets are faster than track stars.

  27. The cops let him go and told him to get out of town.

    Terrible. Should have been more killing. John Wick had something like 400 kills. I think Death Wish had maybe a dozen.

  28. Ending scene was good. Mixed race group of assholes are messing with a chick in Chicago where CB has relocated. He points a finger gun at them and smile.


  29. DW 2 was… okay.

    Don’t go further than that. You’ll be sad you did.

  30. CB is def more grey in Death Wish 2. Still pretty fit but his face looks like a well used catcher’s mitt.

  31. Pretty nice tan member’s only jacket.

  32. Chicago is perhaps dirtier than Chicago.

  33. So far, it’s exactly the same movie. A group of bad guys steal his wallet and go to his house to rape his maid.

    Dude needs to stop being so cavalier with his personal information.

  34. Look at who did the soundtracks for those two movies.

    It will probably surprise you.

  35. Fulton county completed their audit. They hand reviewed 528K ballots in two days with 300 people. Each person review about 1760 ballots, which if you assume they worked 12 hour days, which they most certainly did not, that’s less than 60 seconds per ballot. More like 30 seconds.

    Total fraud.

  36. Seeing that total bitch face reaction when the dumbass didn’t think she was on camera was priceless.

    The one where someone from the Trump administration says, the press doesn’t decide who has won the election.

    And she says, “we called it.” And has a total immature, bitch face attitude as in– how do they not know we are authorities.

    Eff you, stupid bitch.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  37. Whoa. Herbie Hancock.

  38. Seeing that total bitch face reaction when the dumbass didn’t think she was on camera was priceless.

    oooo who?!

  39. “error”

    When all the “errors” go one way and one way only, it meets the standard of fraud as understood in US courts.

  40. I’m confused…says this dude won the 90th house district, but when I look on like Politico’s election map, it says CT has only districts 1-5
    someone please explain

  41. Terrible. Should have been more killing. John Wick had something like 400 kills. I think Death Wish had maybe a dozen.

    Symptomatic of the pre-John Woo era.

    Hopefully film is evolving toward the Holy Grail ==> >1.0 deaths/frame.

  42. “European Vega Rocket Suffers ‘Major Failure’, $400 Million In Satellites Destroyed ”


  43. I just tried to join Parler. They want my cell number.

    Nope. Douchebags.

  44. Come to mewe! Tons of morons on mewe.

    yeah, the phone number thing bugs. FB doesn’t even have my real number….they sure try though.
    Share your personal link:

  45. I guess I misunderstood. I thought Parler was a news aggregator – alternative to Fudgepacker.

    I don’t need a social media time suck in my life. You’re stuck with me.

  46. They really upped the gratuitous nudity.

  47. Didn’t see that coming. The daughter, also gang raped, runs and jumps out of a window and gets impaled on a wrought iron fence.

    CB is going to be mad.

    This movie is actually awful. I might have to stop watching it.

  48. MJ, cool your jets.

  49. How low do I have to drop my income to dodge the penalty of cashing out a 401 at age 45?

    Asking for me.

  50. Message Donald Trump. He’s a pro at tax evasion.

  51. Avoidance is not evasion.

  52. Besides, the dollar is about to crash like a mofo after we print 3T for reparations and student loan writeoffs.

    May as well buy some things before I’m a pauper for having waited.

  53. The student debt thing can’t be real. How does that work? Does everyone get 50K in free college forever or just the people who can’t pay their debt right now?

  54. Don’t worry. Buyden will take care of you.

  55. How about those of us who never went to college? Shouldn’t we get $50,000 too?

  56. How about if you never went to college AND you served your country in the military? Seems like maybe we ought to get $100,000.

  57. I want my.

    I want my.

    I want my 50 K!

  58. Ok CT people…23 and me let me know I have some new relatives that have joined in the past month. CT ain’t big. His name is John and he’s a Trump supporter. You guys know him?

  59. Money for nothing, and your chicks for free.

    -Mark Knopfler

  60. The student debt thing can’t be real. How does that work? Does everyone get 50K in free college forever or just the people who can’t pay their debt right now?

    It’ll be a one-time thing so they can set the precedent and offer it again in a few years.

  61. One time thing cuz pandemic. Then one time thing cuz whatever.

    Ok sure, I’m on board with it. Who cares anyway? It’s just idiocy all the way down.

  62. wooooooooooohooooooooo take away most of my student loan debt
    AHAHA SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Hey, did they mention that under US tax code that $50K in forgiveness will be income? That the IRS does not have any chill in it whatsoever? That you can’t discharge IRS debt under bankruptcy either and the thresh hold for tax evasion is around $50K?

  64. It’s funny that you think the IRS is going to do a goldarned thing to the FSA.

  65. The IRS may do political hits, Leon, but they also aren’t going to ignore several million people owing taxes. They may settle, but they will be paid.

    And a large portion of those millions stand to lose many benefits from the feds and state gov’t when they exceed income levels.

    My schadenboner will be able to cut glass

  66. If they write off the debt, nothing will happen to those people getting fat checks for their Womyxns Studies BAs. Nothing. They’ll write it straight into the EO and no one with authority to follow up on the actual law will have any will to do so.

    Unless your degree is from BYU or Steubenville, then you might get raked.

  67. Yes, leon is right. The waste of time that receives 50k for a BS degree will face no consequences for bad choices.

  68. That you can’t discharge IRS debt under bankruptcy either and the thresh hold for tax evasion is around $50K?

    You can’t discharge student loan debt under bankruptcy either

  69. Comment by Hotspur on November 17, 2020 10:32 am
    I guess I misunderstood. I thought Parler was a news aggregator – alternative to Fudgepacker.

    I don’t need a social media time suck in my life. You’re stuck with me.


    Hey, you old, POS, you got confused like old people do. Parler is a social media site like Twitter. You can get all the news you want there.

    Also owned by Bongino is the Bongino Report which is a news aggregator that is a better substitute for Drudge.

  70. Snowing here.

  71. I’m already tired of this winter.

  72. Fighting a civil war in the snow is gonna suck.

  73. PJmomma it was Sandra Smith and she’s obviously very dumb. Here is the video, scroll a bit.

  74. I still can’t believe we had a coked out Hunter Biden taking 100000 of dick pics, some with his 14 year old niece in the background and the media embargoed it.

    Can you even imagine if Don Jr did that?

    We always knew the media were democrat operatives but this is sort of beyond what you can imagine. They’re Baghdad Bob.

    Hey there super smart, totally ethical member of the press…I have a presidential candidate’s son taking millions of dollars from our enemies, using crack and coke for 20 years, fucking his dead brother’s wife, taking 10000 dick pics, spending tens of millions of dollars on hookers, filming it, and taking weird photos of his dick while trying to get his niece in the shot too. Oh, and he also relapsed two weeks ago and stayed in a 1500 a night hotel room with hookers while his kid was just weeks old.

    Oh, you’d like to pass? Ok. I see why this isn’t a good story. Sorry to bother you.

  75. Well, when you put it like that, it make them sound a wee bit biased.

  76. PJmomma it was Sandra Smith and she’s obviously very dumb. Here is the video, scroll a bit.

    oooh right, I remember. She’s like the popular girl in high school when the nerd answers a teachers question

    that’s not me though…no. I never sat in the front row and raised my hand every time
    ok, that was me for a while, but I rebelled, ok? I DID
    also, at least I never said
    I was never that asshole

  77. I guess the only good to come out of the media embargo of ALL the crazy stories about dems, fraud, and made up Russia collusion stories are the several hundred missed opportunities for Pulitzer’s.

    These stories are incredible and not one of the idiot “journalists” wanted to be the one to break them.

    An exception is that gal (can’t remember which channel) who said they had all the info on Epstein and CLINTON, however, her station would not her air it. Incredible.

    She should write a book. But who would publish it?

  78. Heh, sounds like the Big Tech hearings are going well.

    Like mare questioning an IT developer about this website. They run circles around the senators.

  79. Like mare questioning an IT developer about this website. They run circles around the senators.


    Knowing I’m a technical dumbass is one thing, hearing it on the street is another.

    Punches Jay in the junk.

  80. Who wants to kiss Jay’s boo boo?

    OMFG I’m so gross.

    *pays Hunter Biden to kiss Jay’s junky boo boo

  81. not that you’re a dumbass, just isn’t in your wheelhouse.

  82. listening to someone in the office passively aggressively talking about people not wearing masks. Ugh

  83. Mooooom, jay’s trying to make up for being mean and it isn’t working because he still wants someone to kiss his boo boo.

  84. well, I AM a fat piece of shit, so being mean just goes with the territory.

  85. I thought you were a less fat pos?

  86. well, yeah, but still got some to go.

  87. I have a friend who insists masks work because ‘I’m married to a nurse’.
    I’ll be linking him what ChrisP poated yesterday before I delete my alternate facefuck acct along with the marine corp study.

  88. well, I AM a fat piece of shit, so being mean just goes with the territory.
    Dude, that was sort of hilarious in a non hilarious way. Hard to explain.

    You didn’t deserve it. And you’re not fat anymore.

  89. I’m just having fun with it. we all say things we don’t mean sometimes.

    I’m still fat. I’ve only lost 10% of my body weight.

  90. I guess that makes me the Hostage Fat Bastard Designate now…

  91. I’m pretty fat right now. COVID 40 is a thing.

  92. Comment by leoncaruthers on November 17, 2020 3:18 pm
    I’m pretty fat right now. COVID 40 is a thing.


    I’m definitely not at my lowest but it’s only by the grace of God that I haven’t gained 20.

    Not hyperbole. Covid/Election has me pretty frazzled.

  93. My gym was shut down, Possum still doesn’t sleep, and my wife needed all of the “one of us needs to stay home with daughter” time to go to the gym herself and prep for her fitness test to stay in the AF and keep us on TriCare.

  94. Plus I think I’ve drunk more alcohol in the last 8 months than the last 43 years combined.

  95. Mandatory tests start tomorrow. 21 positives here. One positive was so terrified of the Rona, he wore his mask at home. His wife works at UNMH. He wore his mask on his motorcycle. On break. Outside. Social distanced like a MoFo. Meat cutter. Still got it.


  97. That “potentially 93% false-positive rate” explains a lot, but watching mask cultists get positive tests makes me smile.

  98. Meat packing plants were early superspreaders but “Essential”. We’re down to one meat cutter, we can’t close the meat department. Leon, I giggled for 5 minutes when he was confirmed. He would rat me out for working in Electronics by myself with my mask down. The other mask Nazi is a cancer survivor. Type II insulin dependent diabetic. After his divorce, he lives with his mom. I get why he’s afraid, but it’s a big fucking building. He rats me out to management, too. He works grocery. I’m usually more than 100 feet away from him.

  99. I’m in concrete construction, and the federal government declared us essential too.

  100. I declared myself essential.

  101. yep, this tree about sums up 2020

  102. That tree reminds me of Mare trying to put her girdle on.

  103. I know that I don’t work with the brightest bulbs, but having to explain why previously positive associates don’t have to test was beyond my patience. All Biden voters. None of them had ever heard of “Immunity”. I didn’t even try to explain “Herd Immunity”.

  104. someone here tested positive twice, oso.

  105. Gov Whitmer, on and off camera

  106. 5 people worldwide have tested positive twice. Erica Badhu, whatever, tested negative in one nostril, positive in the other. The guy in AZ, is considered to have had a false positive on his asymptomatic test. I still think the response is sketch, while the virus is real. We have never responded like this before. Not to AIDS. Not to TFG, bringing the Ebola. Our best case scenario, is a false positive to a 99.97% survivable virus, 14 days paid. We are only allowing 75 people at a time. Going into Thanksgiving Week. People are still shopping 2-3 to a basket. They don’t care that people are waiting outside in the elements, but hey…masks up.

  107. We had a guy test positive, several months after he had gotten and recovered from covid. He wasn’t sick or infectious, recovered persons start shedding viral bits that the test picks up. Not sure how or why that happens.

    …OR it was a false positive.

  108. Bend over, put your head between your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye.

  109. **shakes my head**

    She needs to be sent to Venezuela or Cuba.

  110. Ok, that was pretty negative. Sorry about that.

    Success for today: guest room is clean and vacuumed. Still need to make up the bed. Not sure Mini-me’s boyfriend is bringing her home or if we are picking her up, but I’m a little more ready.

  111. I’ve been saying for how long there were a shitton of false positives? But noooooooo, some mysterious “asymptomatic superspreader” BS beyond anything seen before just HAD to be the answer, so we had to shut down EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE for all these phantom COVID Connies and the panicking Karen Korps. Nope, no possibility that a rushed test developed by people who might want to make political hay might just be garbage, nosiree.

    /commences throwing all the things

  112. I see that blue or purple hair, I just know they have nothing to say worth hearing.

  113. Lauraw, I just don’t know if we can trust the results of a test that has been so politicized. I’m glad that we have seemed to cure the flu. The common cold. Elon Musk had 4 tests in one day. 2 negative. 2 positive. Journalist called him out for tweeting dangerous opinions. Another journalist said that the tests are for people with symptoms and not healthy people.

  114. Roamy, potlucks are a choice. Not mandatory. Fatty McFatterson needs to push away from the buffet.

  115. Fucking cunt will bring the least amount of food of anybody, then eat until she sharts.

    Never fails.

  116. Ugly, fat girl trying to be interesting and relevant. Fail.

    She should have got more hugs from Dad and fewer trips to Popeye’s.

    And you know what makes you fat? Lots of potlucks.

  117. …OR it was a false positive.


    It was this.

  118. WTF picked that tree? It’s garbage.

  119. I see that blue or purple hair, I just know they have nothing to say worth hearing.

    I always think of the poison tree frogs and figure it’s a warning.

  120. Osita, some of the comments say the same thing. No one ever held a gun to my head to be at a potluck, and she’d be the bitch who brought a bag of chips and ate 5 desserts.

  121. Just got a notice that the anesthesia billing company got hacked. This makes me really, really, really glad I paid with a virtual credit card number.



    Or, rather, VPNing from there.

  124. There’s probably a huge shortage of bodacious tatas in Bahrain.

  125. Secret Santa gift idea:

  126. 2 Canadian votes each week.


  128. Guy who makes and sells COVID tests says it’s all bullshit. What while it lasts, it’s short.

  129. Also, Wayne Co, MI, is apparently deadlocked 2-2 on certifying its count of the Nov 3 election.

    Could be something.

  130. True the Vote. Hostages only. 🤣🤣🤣

  131. Can you view a Parlay from Parlor without being logged in to Parlor?

    Would love to see an example.

  132. Republican in Maricopa resigned after refusing to certify. MFM, she didn’t attend the test run of Dominion in October and that is why she resigned. Her GOPer second, also refused to sign off on Dominion.

  133. My point is NO.
    PARLOR IS A FAKE HAVEN. If you can’t spread parlays like you can ‘tweets’ then it is not a replacement. If anything they will encourage conservatives to go to Parler on purpose because no one will see what’s posted there.

  134. Hammy, use your laptop or computer. Not an app based source.

  135. LOL That kid wasn’t putting up with anymore of that fucking bullshit.

  136. Oso, what do you mean? I’m sending on Chrome. Issues?

  137. I’m blocked from MeWe and Parler on phone and iPad. Friend on FB said Parler is better on computer than App anyway. I have no way to test.

  138. Oso just made my point.
    Can you view Parlays from N incog browser?
    Chrome? Firefox?

    Can you copy and past a Parlay?
    If so, would love to see sonce all the people supposedly using it should have tons. I have seen None.


  139. Parler is a lie.

    No one that posts anything on Parler will ever be seen other than other Parler users
    – You cannot embed a Parler
    – You cannot even VIEW a Parler unless you arr logged in as a Parler user.

    Why the fuck is Parler even an alternative?

  140. Parler is either a deliberate trap or the makings of a samizdat. Trusting them to be the latter seems foolhardy in the extreme. I’d sooner trust MS-13 with package delivery.

  141. If GND ever buys the target brand graham crackers you guys are going to have to explain to the FBI that I was pretty normal until I got radicalized by shitty snacks.

    You’ve been warned.

  142. I built a crate today.

    It’s sexy as hell.

  143. I built one once for a convention. “Sexy” never entered my mind.

    You doin’ okay, Scott?

  144. Completely gratuitous. The black guy rapist used his victim as a shield. Of course, he blouse was open and her glorious tatas were flopping about.

    And when he tried to run away, CB shot him in the ass.

    This is def symbolism of some sort. Guy looked like a blacker, manlier Obama. Kind of like Michelle, now that I think about it.

  145. We have our first head shot.

  146. Tell GND that store brand graham crackers suck. See also store brand Ginger Snaps. True Story. Lauraw made me a Ginger Snap with sharp cheddar addict. I converted multiple peeps. Tate’s Ginger Snaps are available at WalMart.

  147. If Wood Crate Wednesday had playoffs, this one would win it all.

  148. Dan isn’t a fan of cheaters. He’s not happy that I continue to be friends with CoWs that cheat. Porfirio got drunk and called Dan about his wife finding out about his GF. I met his GF today. She’s a Trumper.

  149. Chris Krebs prolly shouldna said that this was the most secure election ever.

    Bill Kristol being alarmed about his firing tells me everything I needed to know.

  150. My wife hasn’t found out about my GF yet, so I have that going for me.

    I haven’t found out about her either, so that makes it easier to keep the secret.

  151. It’s the only way.

  152. Superthin crispy hot gingersnap + a slice of sharp cheddar. Marriage, heaven, assemble.

    I converted Houseguest before she left the coop, too. Meanwhile, I haven’t had one in ages.

    Suppose I need to find a recipe for keto gingersnaps.

  153. I’ve seen some crates in my time, all kinds. Rough, smooth, big, little, heavy, light. I used to stack crates of sweet corn made of balsa wood and wire. I packed plastic rolling crates with electronic equipment worth more than my house. Shoot, crates are the dang backbone of the economy!

    You all best just stop yucking Scotts yum.

  154. So. What did I miss? Busy day today. Not much fun.

  155. Thinking of building a corner bookcase, to be surrounded by other regular bookcases. Trying to use some dead space.

    Across the front (face framed in) is about a foot. Back sides are 20″, sides are 12″, same as the bookcases.

    Front, Back, and Top views. Will be 3/4″ oak face plywood.

    Vacation next week, doesn’t sound like I’ll be going anywhere.

  156. vacation started yesterday here. Duration unknown.

    I was going to go to this awesome used bookstore in Detroit today (but then I didn’t really have time) but then I learned it closed.

  157. yeah, wouldn’t want your vacation. That sucks

  158. Sympathies, Carin. Sorry about the bookstore, too.

  159. Pretty sure the bowling alley in town is going to die if it’s not dead already.


    Parley for Hamslice to test. Lots of links in my feed, little original words.

  161. So my Mom apparently had a mild heart attack today. She wasn’t feeling good and they took her to the doctor and lucky they had a cardiologist there in their small clinic. He read he EKG and sent her on to a hospital. The did a scan and she had 100% blockage in her left anterior descending (LAD) artery. She’s lucky to be alive since it commonly called the widow maker. The were able to get a stent in and she’s doing fine right now. Will need to spend another day in the hospital. Just lost Dad on 9/11. It’s never good news when I get a call from one of my brothers during the day. 2020 will be remembered, but not fondly.

  162. I have no idea if anyone has seen this, but if not, it worth a look.

    I think it is surprisingly good.

    They have a fan dubbed version on the web as well. If you like that, they have ten episodes as well as two music videos, which I would hold off until you watch all ten episiodes

  163. And my link-fu is weak

  164. Well, my state has announced a return to “tier 3” level of mitigation as of Friday 12:01am. This includes the closure of all casinos and gambling machines. Looks like I’ll be out of work soon. Right after the obligatory mad dash across the state to retrieve all the money in circulation.

    I’m going to use the time to plot the harassment and demise of my enemies.

  165. My Metal Family
    Seeing if this works…

  166. The custom crate Scott built today is cute as a button.

    I read an article in our trade magazine many years ago on this subject; pretty crates are brutalized less in shipping. One high-end art shipper uses lovely varnished pine crates and gets good results this way.

  167. wow, lucky with the stent for your mom, Thermadin! My aunt got one, and it really improved her life. She had more energy after getting rid of a blockage like that, and she really enjoyed that!

  168. Holy crap Thermy, I’m glad to read your mom is going to be OK. Hang tough buddy.

  169. Thanks. My Mom is a tough old bird. She’s funny though. She was telling the doctor she just didn’t understand how this could happen since is she is religious about her exercises and walking. She never sets still very long and if she does she falls a sleep. Hopefully it will work out like with Jay’s aunt.

  170. This is interesting…

  171. WA state got shut down again and I went to the store last night and the ramen, flour and toilet paper were more or less all gone. The country has gone mad.

  172. The toilet paper thing is just mystifying. But I guess you will eventually use it and it doesn’t spoil

  173. Chris, Your link doesn’t work for me. However I read something like that before and anymore I’m willing to believe it. It feels like nothing is to crazy anymore.

  174. The ramen I get since so many are too lazy to learn how to cook. However you have to cook to use flour and I agree the TP thing is bizarre. If you wrote this up a few years ago as some crazy science fiction story people would have told you it was too stupid.

  175. Vote fraud in WA. I’m shocked.

  176. As for that link being dead, I’m not surprised. The original blogger that revealed this was scooped up by the secret service and imprisoned as a “Domestic Terrorist” during the Obama “Reign of Error”.
    There are some things one is not allowed to talk about…

  177. Prayers up for your mom, Thermadin.

  178. Thanks Roamy. One of these days we should have a conversation on materials so we can be like the IT folks and no one will know what we are talking about. What’s your background?

    Chris, That’s weird it works for me now. I don’t know why it wasn’t working before.

  179. Don’t ever rap, please.

  180. *raps about building beautiful crates*

  181. Glad your mom is bettah Therm.

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