Big Boob Friday Championship 2020 Round 7

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday Championship 2020 Round 7.



Contestant’s names in the headers are links to the original 2020 BBF post with additional pictures.

GIF Links in Pupster posts are best viewed using the HOVER ZOOM plug in, YMMV.




Your model for today was born December 26th, 1990 in Oakland, California.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 37 – 26 – 37 and 115 lbs.  Please grab a raincoat and pour a glass for  Miss Devin Brugman.



Not my fav.

9/10 would smash cuz 2 reasons.


She looks expensive. She also looks worth it.


Leopard skin and white bikini photos make her look dumb with the half smiles.






Your model for today was born March 20th, 1990 in Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation.  She stands 5′ 9″ and measures 36 – 25 – 36 and 125 lbs.  Please save a dance for MisOlga Katysheva aka Olya Shokolad / Olga Chocolate / Ольга Катышева / Ольга Шоколад / Потешная.



She gives off a bit of “girl next door” vibe. If the girl next door had $10K worth of breast augmentation surgery.


Olga is pretty.


10/10 would smash





Your model for today was born on October 31st, 1994 in North Carolina, USA. She stand5′ 2″ and measures 34E-25-36 and 112 lbs.  Please maintain eye contact and provide assistance to Miss Layla London AKA Taylor Rodgers.



What a nice looking young lady. Why did she have to eff herself up with those shitty tattoos?


Hmm, upon further review, she seems to be quite comfortable around a variety of gentleman’s sausages.

*adds Actress to her bio*


9/10 would smash




Your model for today was born on August 24th, 1990 in Stargard Szczeciński, Poland.  She stands 5’10” and measures 35G – 24 – 37 and 130 lbs.  Please get yourself situated for Miss Ewelina Olczak AKA VictoriMacreatis.



Great smile. Second to last picture lets you know she might like to have a good time being bad.

10/10 would smash.


Wholesome lass

And by wholesome, I mean “Nice Tits”

She does the model walk thing really well, lots of motion IYKWIM


It’s like looking at the underwear section of the Sears and Roebuck catalog when I was a kid. Except it’s better.




  1. I don’t know if it was intentional but if you hover zoom over the first line of gifs and with the song playing it’s like they’re shaking their moneymakers to the tune.

    Probably unintentional but still brilliant!

  2. Comment by scott on November 12, 2020 8:29 pm

    They need to offer a Biden Bear, with real sniffing sounds.
    This made me lol

    Just before the election Ben was talking about how some of his friends are forever dumping on Trump (probably from their liberal parents) and he spends a lot of time telling them to CTFD. He sees the hypocrisy of much of the left’s rhetoric and actions and the standards they demand of the right. It helps that he isn’t brainwashed at home with liberal bullcrap. Working at Hate Chicken exposes him to a lot of normal people as well. [and wacky customers and hyper religious cow orkers and the occasional vagrant whowanders in]

    Anyway, the purpose of that stemwinder was to say I’m considering getting Ben a Trumpy Bear for Christmas to trigger his friends. After the 2016 election he got me a talking Trump figure that’s still up on a bookshelf in the living room. Still funny after 4 years.

  3. The whole Hound Dog Taylor tribute is on youtube, listening to it now and I recommend it to anyone who has good musical taste and Carin

  4. Paula was up at 0400 for gym before work which unfortunately coincided with me having a full bladder after an early bedtime. I’m up and have had a cup of coffee already. I’m being stalked by two hell-hounds who want their breakfast RIGHT NOW.

  5. I’m going to need a diagram and pictures to understand the Four Seasons Landscaping press conference thing. Maybe a cartoon animation and gifs too.

  6. Comment by Jimbro on March 13, 2020 5:23 am

    Friday The 13th calls for spooky boobs

  7. Round 7 is a real puzzler. Devin has fantastic knockers but there’s something about her smile that says “Lights are on, nobody’s home”.
    Eh, this isn’t a spelling bee. I’ll think about it more before casting my Legal Vote.

  8. Probably unintentional but still brilliant!

    It’s a feature not a bug.

  9. You have to get past the opening, like, 20-30 seconds in and it’s hilarious

    * stands in corner with Jay’s paste bottle … at least I thought it was*

  10. Layla has a tattoo in a very suspicious area. I don’t trust parts of the body that are labeled. And I’m having a hard time voting. Olga has a cute face but Devin has a body that won’t quit.

    I’m so confused. I’m going to think, think, think, like Winnie the Pooh.

  11. It’s a beautiful sunrise here in St. Pete.

  12. MARE!

    Please detail your rescue operation, we were worried about your family last night. Not the cat though.

  13. Olga is my gal this round, I’m biased because I waded through her Instagram to make her first post and found her to be very cute, charming and funny.

  14. You have to get past the opening, like, 20-30 seconds in and it’s hilarious

    For some reason, the youtube video would not accept the #t=20s to make it play past the intro. I try and set the videos right to the beginning of songs and skip the intros because I know my audience has the attention span of crackhead squirrels.

  15. She is cute

    Cute Girl Friday?

    I think not!

    Devin’s mammary glands got my Legal Vote

  16. My new pistol is ready for pickup today, I’m pretty stoked.

    Now I have to decide on a long gun, I’ve got an AR in mind but I’m thinking of a lever action in a pistol caliber to match my acquired ammo in the arsonal. It’s a sellers market out there right now, hard to not overpay to get what you want, most everything is out of stock or overpriced compared to last year.

  17. Eh, all kinda weird looking.

    7/10 would smash all.

  18. Now I have to decide on a long gun, I’ve got an AR in mind but I’m thinking of a lever action in a pistol caliber to match my acquired ammo in the arsonal. It’s a sellers market out there right now, hard to not overpay to get what you want, most everything is out of stock or overpriced compared to last year.
    That’s what I did. Rifle in 9mm just to keep it simple.

  19. Well, the condensed version is:

    >my husband got the kayaks to get my daughter
    >by the time we got back into her neighborhood the water was low enough to drive his truck in. We found her husband stranded in a nice person’s driveway.
    >the people across the street from my daughter had a water restoration crew there so my husband ran over and asked if they could do my daughter’s house next and they said yes!
    >they ripped up the beautiful flooring my husband and SIL put in last year, the carpeting in the bedrooms, moved everything else, started dryers, took moisture readings, pictures, etc. The fans and dehumidifiers will be blowing for 3 days (much like your mom).
    >daughter and I spent most of the day getting estimates, looking at flooring, etc.
    We (they) lucked out getting the water restoration people there less than 12 hours after the high water mark.
    >because flood insurance is problematic in Florida, their deductible is $5000 so they’ll probably pay most of everything, but it could have been much worse, the plaster in the house has little to zero moisture.
    >not sure if we have to redo baseboards. They wisely have a “rainy day” *cough* fund. Dave Ramsey knows wtf he’s talking about.

    Thank you for asking.

  20. Flying this morning. Immediately after exiting TSA scanner the young officer asks me if I’m wearing a belt. (I had my shirt tail untucked). I responded, “If that fuckin machine can’t determine whether I have a belt or not then y’all need to junk it and just strip search everybody.” I then proceeded to get groped like a 9 year old senators daughter ata Biden presser.

  21. Today we have home depot coming over to measure. And the water restoration guys coming over to pick up all the old flooring/carpet. We will probably buy flooring on our own and install it on our own. We would save about 2-3 thousand that way. And when I say we, I mean my daughter and her husband. Bedrooms will now have waterproof vinyl planking. It’s what we had before in the rest of the house and it was gorgeous.

    The planking is actually waterproof but to reuse what we had you have to lay it out upside down to get the underlayment perfectly dry. You can’t reuse the cut portions because you don’t know where they went.

    For everyday use, the waterproof part holds up, you can spill or accidentally have water surrounding it and it’s still good. They had a leak from their air conditioning unit and they reused the same flooring but it was a small area that needed to be dried out.

    Holy crap, $20 but it’s soaking wet.

  22. Well that was quick work Mare. Good jerb.

    Folks who like to sit around and wait for the government to come help them are not going to like this one bit.

  23. Vinyl flooring is what I put in our old living room at the last place. It needed a rug on top, though.

    Fun fact: vinyl is a dielectric, so when it’s very, very dry in the dead of winter, you can walk barefoot and pick up lots of stray electrons for funzies.

  24. We have vinyl plank in our laundry room. SO far I really like it.

  25. This was in the ONT. Pretty much confirms everything you might have thought about this bullshit.

  26. Your laundry room isn’t big enough to exercise lightning bolt zotting with.

  27. I just read that Leon.

  28. The nominated standard community test for Covid-19 is an unprecedentedly bad one, far from any gold standard test. Potentially up to 93 percent may be false positive.

    But cancel Thanksgiving…

  29. How did those nice people in Salem start burning all those witches?

  30. Witches were never burnt in Salem.

    They were hanged.


    How did those nice people in Salem start hanging all those witches?

  32. I voted for the sweet embraceable Ewelina.


  33. One of my liberal friends posted a meme that has me seeing red. Since I can’t post images here, this is what it says (imagine there are stupid emojis) :

    If we are in a lockdown situation for Christmas and you don’t get to visit your family remember this …
    It is NOT the government’s fault…
    It is the Public’s fault …


    Wear a mask
    Wash your hands
    Stop having house parties
    Stop meeting in big groups
    The list goes on …

    And DON’T ruin it for Everyone else …

  34. Literally everyone I know who has gotten covid hasn’t done any of those things.

    They were wearing masks, and all that bullshit. These idiotic citizen propagandists can go fuck themselves.

  35. I guess I don’t see how everyone thinks lockdowns, masks, hand washing, distancing, etc. will change the situation.

    We’re told its awful and getting worse but we’ve been doing all of this stuff for 8 months.

    I don’t get it. Is it working or not?

  36. A better question is “why are those skeletons in cages hanging from the outside of Wittenberg Cathedral?”

    The witch trials were mostly accusations from Karen neighbors and spiteful children. The people in those cages Had It Coming.

  37. bewbs

  38. lockdowns are like socialism
    we just never had a real lockdown yet

  39. Carin, there’s some hag on Twitter whining that she hasn’t gone home in 10 months, her parents haven’t seen their first grandchild yet..wear a fucking mask

    dude, my almost 80 year old parents have been going out and doing shit non-stop since this pandemic began. They’re not going to waste their lives

  40. Every legit scrap of data says that mask mandates do nothing to slow the spread.

    “They weren’t following the mandate! It’s basic science!”

    You mean like my niece’s schoolteacher, who was under total scrutiny by students and teachers and wore masks and gloves and sanitized everything, then tested positive anyhow?

  41. “If that fuckin machine can’t determine whether I have a belt or not then y’all need to junk it and just strip search everybody.” I then proceeded to get groped like a 9 year old senators daughter ata Biden presser,/i>

    ahaha you had a good point though

  42. I don’t get it. Is it working or not?

    We haven’t destroyed the middle class entirely yet, but we’re very close. So it’s working, but the task remains unfinished.

  43. well at least they feel good about themselves

  44. We haven’t destroyed the middle class entirely yet, but we’re very close. So it’s working, but the task remains unfinished.

    well, that’s why we need the 4-6 week lockdown
    or was it months they wanted? It’s all a blur

  45. we just never had a real lockdown yet
    My neighbors make this argument all the time. They want people locked in their houses for 3 months.

  46. I don’t get it. Is it working or not?

    Trump didn’t take it seriously. This is their one and only reason. It’s as if we’ve been out licking each other’s face.

  47. well, that’s why we need the 4-6 week lockdown
    or was it months they wanted? It’s all a blur

    4-6 years, it’s the only way to be sure.

  48. Trump didn’t take it seriously.

    My major fault-find is the incentivizing of coding deaths as “COVID” with federal dollars. I doubt that was his personal decision, but no one should have made that call. Disastrous.

  49. The moment the government said they’d pay for everything covid, everything became covid. Insurance, hospitals, etc must have pinched themselves at the windfall.


  50. If someone wants to hide in their house fior 2 years – we should let them. Knock yourself out. But why should I hide?

  51. because you can spread it to them. You are responsible for keeping them healthy.

  52. Even when we had the “real” lockdown…it wasn’t real. All the grocery stores were still open, big box stores, fast food joints.
    Daughter works at Lowe’s…they’ve never been busier. grocery stores…packed.
    now in San Diego, churches are closed, but strip clubs are open
    that’s because the strip clubs sued. I guess churches are gonna have to sue

    We lockdown again, guess I’ll make good money doing ubereats
    I delivered food like suuuuper expensive food to a condo place in the La Jolla area and I’m almost 100% certain, these people haven’t left their house since March.
    There was a big ole note on their door thanking the delivery drivers for risking their lives to give them “yummy” food
    I had to laugh because I imagine they probably think it looks like an episode of The Walking Dead outside

  53. MJ, in reply….hahahahahahahaah, no, it’s not too much, it’s perfect.

    My email sucks harder than your mom.

  54. mare!!! I need to ask you sumpin!! Lemme know when you’re gonna be here so we can do a back and forth

  55. I put a pic of my daughter’s floor we put in our media library. I can’t remember how to link it in a comment. It looks like a delineation between the kitchen and living room but it’s just a shadow but the floor is really great.

    Link to floor pic

  56. Sup, PJM?

  57. put the link in your comment, mare

  58. Jay, you are an excellent person. Not like the other reprobates around here.

  59. ok. open the comments section up, but scroll to the bottom of the actual bbf post and please tell me if you can now see a “like” button

  60. awww, that’s sweet your daughter has a picture of you on her living room wall

  61. If someone wants to hide in their house fior 2 years – we should let them. Knock yourself out. But why should I hide?
    I feel the same, but people don’t seem to get this. They want to be free to move about themselves but want everyone locked down.

    My only guess is that they’re special or ‘get it’ and can be trusted. Everyone else can’t.

    Dunno. It’s all a big bag of stupid at this point.

  62. They want to be free to move about themselves but want everyone locked down.

    This is what I observe too. We should have a society that is germ free enough that immune compromised people are not inconvenienced in any way.

  63. Yes, I can, PJM. It must be my computer because I can like on my phone. When I click it on my computer I get a sign-in screen that disappears for about 2 seconds.

  64. It’s just my computer.

  65. ok dang. I did some behind the scenes clicking as I wasn’t ever able to see the like button and now I can…I was hoping that would fix your sitiation

  66. Car in, tell your liberal friend to GFH, after linking what leon linked and what Fauci is saying, “Stop the lockdowns, You only need to mask and social distance, FFS you loons.” I may have added that last bit.

  67. Mare, big congratulations to you, Grandma!! I’m so jealous.

    I meant to tell you yesterday, but senility. Although it was a highlight to my day. So happy for you guys.

  68. Is that post by your friend, ‘public’? If so, which friend? I’ll link her some Fauci.

  69. Masking and social distancing is still going to mess up all the kids who have to put up with it, for no benefit whatsoever.

  70. But Fauci saved us all from AIDS by not shutting down bathhouses in SF, so we really should listen to him.

  71. Oooo, your daughter’s place is lovely!! Did all of her furniture get ruined too?

  72. Update on my neighbor. Still in hospital but feeling much better with the oxygen and breathing treatments given him. Husband asked what they were giving him and that was all he listed.
    So, really big guy with circulation/vascular problems, is surviving pneumonia brought on by plague. Imma ask his wife their blood types just to see if they may match up with the Type A gets it up the rear theory.

  73. Beasn – I put that piece up on my facedouche before I saw Leon’s link. She probably doesn’t read anything I post because – you know, I’m an evil Trumper.

  74. oooh you guys!! I’m very excited about mewe and what a long way it’s come!! THERE ARE GOOD CROCHET GROUPS IN THERE BEASN!!

  75. Are there? I’m wondering if the groups I’m in on faceass are there. I’ll have to check later. I’ll check to see if the quilting group is over there, too.
    Peej, did you look through Tinna’s mosaic crochet link I sent you? I’m going to be starting the Queen as soon as I get a project for my daughter, finished. She’s about to release a pattern called ‘Montana’ I think you’ll really like.

  76. now the Georgia Secretary of state, who was supposed to oversee the vote audit, is being quarantined due to covid. Not suspicious at all.

    Surely there is someone else who will take his place and surely there are watchers from Trump’s team. There better be.

  77. [REDACTED by request]

  78. Scuttlebutt I’m seeing is that the GA SoS is dirty AF and using this to run and hide.

  79. [On second thought, please delete preceding. I’ve sanitized it beyond belief but no point taking chances.]

  80. All tidy.

  81. Neighbor responded to my blood type inquiry.

    She is Type 0. She just had fever and lethargy. Still feels tired after 2 weeks but no secondary infections, no loss of taste/smell.

    He is Type A/B. Fever off/on for 2 weeks. Pneumonia.

    Both circulation/vascular issues. She’s normal weight. He’s morbidly obese. A lot of factors, here.

    If this blood type theory is really a thing, would A/B fare better than just A?

  82. Oh gag, just saw that Barry O has finally put out a 768 page book of bullshit. And it’s a Part One.
    Who do you think wrote this one?

  83. Thanks, PJM.

    And thank you, Beaanananasnsn, we are incredibly excited.

  84. mare, did daughter’s furnishings get ruined, too?

  85. Thanks, leon.

    Going to have to replace my nice heavy duty office chair. It was stuck outside for a month through two tropical storms because I couldn’t get it moved and secured. It’s only a thing, it can be replaced, but I’m about sick and tired of constant losses.

  86. OH YEA. very excited that you’re going to have a little grandkid. Not jealous at all.

    Not a bit.



  87. Peej – I see you suggested friends on mewe. Should I accept or was this some sort of automatic thing?

  88. WooHoo! Gotta love some autopilot.

  89. This makes me a little nervous

    Probably nothing, right? Just decreasing protection at an inopportune time, that’s all. We can trust no one will get through … because an assassination would never happen in America, right?

  90. You know what would be nice?

    A true, 2 week lockdown where no one is allowed to leave their house.

    That’ll fix everything.

  91. heh, that would be interesting. I could make it, right now.

  92. wouldn’t a month make it for sure? we should do that.

    Right now, too! Lets make it after christmas!

  93. Happiness, is wearing an old belt, cuz the current one is too big.

  94. *less of a fat piece of shit than I was before!

    woo hoo!

  95. Peej – I see you suggested friends on mewe. Should I accept or was this some sort of automatic thing?

    That was me, my gf Vanessa is one of us and she doesn’t know how to find people so I was helping out…you don’t know her, but you’ll be glad ya did

  96. No Beasnsnsnsns, “just” all flooring, carpets, area carpets and a couple of items sitting on the wet floor. Very, very fortunate to have the water restoration people here so quickly. I’m sitting at her house now, very loud with high velocity air blowers about 6 and 3 huge dehumidifiers.

    Need to run them for about 3 days.

  97. So mare, is i rainy weather or a burst pipe…like in Atlanta? Are you guys trying to stop a vote count?
    is that what’s going on?

  98. >>Probably nothing, right? Just decreasing protection at an inopportune time, that’s all.

    If Trump has already had it, why would they need to isolate from him? They could use their possible infected status as a double barrier of sorts.

  99. Elon Musk tested 4 times for covid in one day, 2 positive, 2 negative

    but yes, let’s base our economy on testing.

  100. 48% positive tests last 2 days, 10617/22031 and 50 deaths.

    Uh huh.

  101. That’s all I needed to know Peej. Added her.

  102. I get an email at least every two weeks saying someone at one of my kids’ schools got covid…last night I got this one
    We were notified today that an individual at our school has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Due to privacy laws, information regarding this individual’s identity cannot be released. This individual is currently not on campus per public health guidelines. However, it is essential that we share what we can to ensure that anyone who may have been in contact with the individual is aware.

    The school will remain open for in-person learning. In the meantime, we have cleaned and disinfected appropriately.

    We understand that this information is concerning. Staff members and students who may have come into close contact with the individual will be contacted directly by San Diego County Public Health with further instructions. We are working with public health to continue monitoring the situation, and we are strictly following all public health guidelines.

    Thank you for your cooperation and support. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school.

    guess I wait to see if I’ve come in contact…not reallyconcerned though

  103. Polish Barbie is running away from the rest of the pack.

    PJM, the “like” issue isn’t that the button is missing, it’s that I hit it and get a blank popup for a second then nothing happens, does not register. If you can’t fix it I’m calling your supervisor.

  104. I’m not concerned because we’re all going to probably get it.

  105. ooh well dang, I didn’t even have the like button on mine til I enabled it on the backend haha

  106. out of curiosity…what would happen if you enabled pop-ups for this site?

  107. I enabled pop ups but it still doesn’t count my like.

  108. Congratulations on the Grandbaby, Mare.

  109. so is mare trying to stop a vote count? Is that why she bounced as soon as I asked the question?
    What is she hiding?

  110. and pupster, you’re logged into your wordpress account?

  111. Un-huh.

  112. Comment by Jay in Ames on November 13, 2020 12:40 pm
    Happiness, is wearing an old belt, cuz the current one is too big.


    Congrats, J’Ames!!

  113. Think Trump is about to concede?

  114. well then, I’m at the end of my wordpress like button troubleshooting
    and heck yeah james, that’s a great freaking feeling isn’t it?

  115. also, where is that trump conceding comment coming from?

  116. someone mentioned it, no reason. He’s speaking for the first time in a while at 4. Just wondered what everyone thought.

  117. well, with PA refusing to do a recount…what recourse does he have?

  118. evidently his team dropped a lawsuit in AZ about a vote count. I assumed it was because one already started, but you never know. Also, NBC news has reported that GA is officially gone to Biden. If they already finished a recount, then you know they didn’t find anything.

    Just things floating around in the innertubular systems.

  119. Without an audit, recounts are bullshit. You just have the same people feeding the same paper back into a rigged machine. I thought GA was to be audited.

  120. And then you have shitheels like Yang telling people to move to GA so that they can skew the run-offs in Biden’s favor.

  121. Georgia’s secretary of state on Wednesday announced an audit of presidential election results that he said would be done with a full hand tally of ballots because the margin is so tight.

    Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said at a news conference that his office wants the process to begin by the end of the week and he expects it to take until Nov. 20, which is the certification deadline.

  122. 4pm presser is about the Rona. He thanked everyone for the spontaneous rallies and hinted he would attend the one in DC tomorrow.

  123. I like the “Sure there was fraud, just not enough to overturn”. (You 73 million Nazis). Followed by Unity message. Lawsuits are exposing “Obama” Judges). How do you overturn an election that hasn’t been certified?

  124. In PA, judge throws out challenge to late arriving ballots. So I guess if you are democrat you can keep voting until they get the numbers they need.

    PA SOS will not do a recount.

  125. I thought PA had a GOP legislature. Aren’t they the ones who can decide a recount? Or is that another state?

  126. Think the PA GOP suit is still before SCOTUS.

  127. gah, I’m dying
    wiserbud tweeted this

  128. Treacher is a douche, sometimes

  129. PJ, I hope I can do that for somebody, someday. Make them that happy.

  130. Someone’s cuttin’ onions in that video.

  131. wait……aren’t you married?
    *feels awkward*

  132. Also, FFS people, don’t get all wrist-slicey on me with this shit, I’d really like to be able to meet more of you one day!

  133. I used to be friends on fb with treacher, like a super long time ago…but he was SUCH a whiny little bitch and I had to unfriend him…and I RARELY do that

  134. Treacher left facebook because he felt too many people were picking on him.

  135. probably because he was a whiny little cunt

  136. EoJ chased him off the HQ. I understand he was in pain, after being run over by HRC, but EoJ is fucking funny. Morons are funny. The IB is cerebrally funny. The Hostages are paste eating funny. Pendejo is fucking funny. I know lots of Morons that are too “Intimidated” to comment here.

  137. oh, we’ll have a meetup at some point brother tim

    aaaaaaaaaaah yes, Trump ain’t buckling

  138. If Trump has evidence, he needs to lay it out.

    I just went down the rabbit hole in the twitter sewer. I can’t even.

    1. KellyAnn Conway’s husband is a giant prick. WTF is she still married to him. If that was Mr. B., I’d already have walked away with half his shit, 3 years ago.

    2. Saw an article where members of the DOD have been lying to Trump about troop numbers in the ME…and coming up with all sorts of reasons to keep them there, when he wanted out. Then it goes on to say…with this person who lied to his boss, that he preferred Trump’s moderate policy compared to Bush/Obama’s and that our allies in the ME will hate to see him go. (my 2 cents is because they know the swamp wants the endle$$ wars and the resulting profit for itself…FUCK ALL THESE PEOPLE.

    3. Target pulled Abigail Shrier’s book ‘Irreversible Damage: The transgender craze seducing our daughters’, because one anonymous bitch complaint on twitter. Federalist reached out to them and they say they are adding it back but would not explain removing it in the first place. FUCK TARGET IN PARTICULAR.

  139. yes, I’m married to mrs jay. It’s just a happy video.

  140. I wish EoJ was still around, he was a funny MoFo

  141. Who is EoJ?

  142. I know lots of Morons that are too “Intimidated” to comment here.

    Why? the paste is pretty good. lauraw put some butter in it, I think

  143. Empire of Jeff.

    used to comment at AOS

  144. yes, I’m married to mrs jay. It’s just a happy video.

    hahaha don’t make me sweat like that
    I mean to be honest…I needed you guys in my old marriage as a crutch
    now I need you guys cuz well, I love you man

  145. I ran across this blog the other day…you guys remember it? It seems awfullyfamiliar to me
    he ever comment at ace’s?

  146. Why would they be too intimidates to comment here?

    Is it maybe because they’re embarrassed about the bullwhips they have shoved up their asses.

    Or is it because they’re too protective of their moms?

  147. Pirates Cove links HHD and BBF in a blerg round up almost every week. I don’t think he reads or comments here.

  148. They lurk and don’t feel they are funny enough to be part of the window licking paste eating Club.

  149. pirate’s cove is a big fan of HHD


  150. Wait, I’m funny? When the hell did this happen?!? I should have been warned! But now…now it’s all too late…

    /starts mainlining paste

  151. LOL, so much for Eta, didn’t even last long enough to be a weather pest this weekend, fuck all these Greek letter storms…

  152. Hey Jam2, I found a new avatar for you want one:

  153. They vote on BBF surreptitiously, like a van full of Biden votes in Clark County.

  154. Man, these voters are nuts. The Russky is cute and looks fun, way better than the Polack. I think we need an audit.

  155. Dan has joined Pepe with the audit. We need a lawyer.

  156. Graph of Bellwether Counties. These counties almost always vote for the winner of the Presidential election.

  157. “But even as he praises the president’s support of what he describes as a successful “realpolitik” approach to the region, he acknowledges that his team routinely misled senior leaders about troop levels in Syria. ”

    These assholes should be in prison. It’s no wonder Trump had trouble getting anything done. Undermined by the deep state at every turn. It’s maddening.

  158. Jay – that wasn’t butter , at least not in a traditional sense.


  160. Polish wimmen are hawt.

    The person that was the liaison between the crew on MiniScience’s Make-A-Wish trip (NCL) and us was Polish. We stayed in touch and when he got his transplant, she sent us a card signed by the crew of the ship she was on at the time.

    She is married now and the director or owner of a travel company based in Poland.

  161. So I jumped into the Parler waters (@jam02)

  162. I just read a summary of the recount effort at PJMedia:

    Seems like some pretty weak sauce.

  163. These assholes should be in prison. It’s no wonder Trump had trouble getting anything done.

    Thanks for the link, Pepe. I mentioned above seeing that over at twatter but didn’t want to go back to get the link.
    Another reason why they wanted him gone.

  164. And I agree. Why am I sober right now?

  165. Why would anyone be afraid to comment here?

    I’ve spent weeks trying to get words that do not belong together to make sense. It’s not like we’re working on the a bomb here.

    Belly button micro penis. Lemon bear dick punch.

    Imagine hitting yourself in the head with a giant croquet mallet made of marshmallow and oso’s random thoughts. That’s the H2.

    No intimidation, please. Channel your inner dumb and let it fly.

  166. They lurk and don’t feel they are funny enough to be part of the window licking paste eating Club.
    Hahahahahahaha. I can barely follow this blog and I know you people.

    I can’t even imagine trying to figure it out from the outside.

    Also, Air Pinochet is the funniest meme from the 2020 election. FIGHT ME!

  167. 🚁🚁🚁🚁

  168. The fraud in 2024 is going to be lit.

    Republicans will learn from this and it won’t be pretty. Get ready for impeachment, baseless sexual smears, absolutely nothing moving through the senate (if cocaine mitch stays in power), widespread violence, and a massive, tremendous, most beautiful fraud effort since Chicago 1960.

    In a country with 190M eligible voters I fully expect each side to have 180M+ votes.

    I told Wiser on his show today that the fraud was deep and wide. Like your mom. He wasn’t ready to go there yet and I think I caught him a little off guard.

  169. “ I found a new avatar for you want one:””
    That’s how I’ve been behaving at work recently

  170. Seems like some pretty weak sauce.
    Out of my hands now.I donated to Trump’s and Collins’ campaigns, I voted and I donated again to the recount effort. At this point it either works or it doesn’t. I read an article a few days ago,something like 10 Ways Trump Can Salt The Earth For Biden. It boiled down to pardon Flynn, Remove all troops from the ME and Afghanistan, release all the records on all the stuff. I still think he needs an insurance policy.

    Scotch + Rocks + Glass

  171. If we concede, there will be no 2020 or 2024. #WAR

  172. FM 2022

  173. Only 6 more weeks of Christmas commercials.

  174. Andy broke my heart on Twitter. Maggie’s Song. Chris Stapleton.

  175. They keep cheating and lying and stealing because they never ever face the consequences. All the Assholes who are blocking Trump will be rewarded by the Dems.

    Everyone knows now that the government is corrupt. No rules for The political class. The FBI is corrupt, and these people are literally getting away with murder.

    People are going to say to hell with it, why should I follow the rules?

    There will be push back eventually. It will be interesting when they reclassify AR15 pistols as short barreled rifles. Go through a background check including fingerprints, and pay $200, or be arrested. There are 1.5 million out there, who’s going to go first?

  176. 73 million + Americans voted for Trump. We were cheated. We are angry. No comity.

  177. Gov Wuhan is doubling down on being the biggest Cunt ever, after Whitmer.

  178. We need to make a list of everyone who lives in Michigan.

  179. BiW is FROM MI. List him.

  180. I glanced at the NM state results. Looks like 2/3 of the state congress are Dems. Idiots.

  181. Yes. Most ran unopposed. Including my cousin.

  182. I deactivated twitter. Had to reset password to do it….even though I wrote down my password when I created it in the first place, 8 years ago.
    So how the heck did my password change?

  183. New Mexico is 2/3s commie. How long before the entire country is one party commie?

  184. How many republicans are left in NM? Or none ever runs because they know it’s all rigged.

  185. What happened to EoJ?

  186. Here’s a glimpse into NM politics.

    “ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A day after Republicans won back New Mexico’s only conservative-leaning congressional district, a top state Democrat said its boundaries will be redrawn in redistricting that will be guided by super majorities in the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

    New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf, an architect of the state’s progressive Democratic wing, made the announcement Wednesday after GOP nominee Yvette Herrell beat Democratic U.S. House Rep. Xochitl Torres Small in part because of a Republican turnout surge in the 2nd Congressional District.

    “So this is the last election for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District with a map that looks like it looks now,” Egolf said. “So next time it’ll be a different district and we’ll have to see what that means for Republican chances to hold it.””

  187. Treacher used to be funny. A long, long time ago. Mother may I speak with treacher.


  188. We need to make a list of everyone who lives in Michigan

    YEAH!! And Pennsylvania
    *looks around for MCPO*

  189. Only 6 more weeks of Christmas commercials.

    I’m trying to convince Merv to let me decorate for Christmas early
    I need a little jolly holiday right now

  190. Got a few hours sleep, woke up worrying about things. Sorry to be a downer. Here are some memes.

  191. Dudley experienced real pleasure.

  192. Sean derped. At least one thing is still right in this world.

  193. Nothing like a good derp to get you going in the morning. Just catching up on commentos, now for memes

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