HHD (fake) Cowboy Edition

Sam Elliott played The Stranger in the Coen brothers film The Big Lebowski. “That was great fun,” he says. “The Coen brothers are such brilliant guys.

This one is for PattyAnn, she dug Sam Elliot’s chili

Who doesn’t love TV westerns?
Random cowboy? maybe
I’m your Huckleberry
Disclaimer: One real cowboy was added to this post
Calgary,Alberta -July 14, 2016: Fred Whitfield, 8 time world champion tie-down roper pictured at the Calgary Stampede in Canada.(Jason Franson for ESPN)



  1. So hey I edited this a little PJM, I hope you don’t mind, you had a double hit on that last cowboy with the shirt on.

    If I may be so bold, if you are writing a post, I find it best to just give it a title and save the draft, then hit the “go back one page” in your browser to the dashboard/all posts, find your new post title and click on “classic editor”. This still works and doesn’t make you deal with the stupid wordpress blocks.

  2. Don’t forget to email Leon to get in on Secret Santa.

  3. Thanks, PJM!!

  4. Wagon Wheel is a great song, I didn’t know Hootie did a cover.

  5. nice music selection Eye-ball lady

  6. Secret Santa email sent

    I’m in and ready for sending a fabulous present

    *time to start planning my trip to that fancy butt plug emporium*

  7. Wakey wakey

  8. Good morning. Bread report: tasty but slightly underdone.

  9. I can’t wait for the, ‘first black SC justice’ stories when Joe Biden nominates Stacey Abrams to the supreme court

  10. Scott thinks Trump will prevail so that give me hope. He’s right so often.

  11. I hope he does, but it seems unlikely to me.

    Fraudsters gonna fraud.

    But everyone knows that Biden is illegitimate and the stench will rub off on Harris too. She’s just Biden without the superior intellect and excellent speaking ability.

    I’d like to see Ivanka run and then turn into the mad queen archetype. Burn it all down and kill all of her enemies.

  12. I saw a clickbait headline about Melania refusing to meet with Jill Biden. Sorry … DOCTOR Jill Biden.

  13. scott is usually right. Just saying.

  14. Doctor of Education Jill Biden.

  15. Style editors are dusting off their fawning story templates to describe the new FLOTUS’s attire.

    Make Mao Suits Great Again!

  16. That is entirely out of Melania’s character. ONLY if it telegraphs that they think Biden won would she not meet her.

  17. Eh, Mao Suits was Hillary. Jill Biden’s clothes are unremarkable. Which will make it all the more remarkable when they’re described in the glowing terms previously reserved for Big Mike

  18. What frosts me is the hypocrite haute couture designers who knock on Melania but all their shit sells out when she wears it.

    Because she can even make their garbage look good.

  19. Yeah, meeting with anyone on Biden’s team is out while it’s being litigated. After the lawsuits are complete hopefully Scott’s feeling is dead on right and the WH keyboards don’t need their J or B keys removed

  20. PJ, ISWYDT 👋🏻 Merv.

  21. the scum loves them some “arc of history” talk – unnh, uhhhnnnnnn, uuhhhhhhhnnn – they can’t make it happen in any way that doesn’t include deception.
    trashing a decent human being like melania is smal ball compared to other shit they’re doing.
    the gaslighting is extraordinary.
    i wouldnt’ have thought that it’d be possible – but holy shit have we become an incredibly ignorant and gullible society.

  22. I think it’s so funny that the media lies about things that don’t matter.

    Melania is ugly and crass but Big Mike is gorgeous and not at all fat.

    Bitch could play linebacker for the Packers IYKWIM.

  23. the gaslighting is extraordinary.
    can’t agree more

  24. Razorfist election rant


  25. If you join Parler you can skip the phone number part. I just did it.

  26. MJ, without being too over the top because I can’t stand her personality, Michelle Obama has a HUGE ass. They avoid showing it at all costs. And it’s not that natural black woman big booty bottom, it’s a fat ass.

    She’s no fitness queen. That was all fake garbage.

  27. This is a smart comment from the HQ

    I’m still disappointed in Biden.

    As a self proclaimed uniter, you would expect him to stand in solidarity with Trump, claiming that in order to restore the nations faith in our electoral process, that every allegation and apparent irregularity needs to be investigated to the fullest extent possible.

    And that he is confidant that his lead will remain, and be sworn in, with a united citizenry, fully accepting that the election results are indeed valid.

    But…..that’s not what’s doing.

  28. She’s a big boy. Close to 6 feet tall and almost 200 pounds.

    You can’t make that look nice in a haute couture dress. It’s just not possible. Thus the gaslighting.

  29. But…..that’s not what’s doing.

    Joe’s not running the show. Even if he was, if he said this I’d trust him not at all on it, it would just mean the fix was in and he was confident that they could hide the fraud or silence the witnesses.

    She’s a big boy. Close to 6 feet tall and almost 200 pounds.

    When she was on Sesame Street, Big Bird had to wear lifts.

  30. https://tinyurl.com/y338b8tq

  31. Nailed it, Pepe. *cough* the picture that is…

  32. If any of this election bs ends up at the Supreme court, I don’t trust Roberts. He didn’t even believe what he was saying when he ruled in Obamacare. This will definitely test CoAlex’s theory that Roberts is sending stuff back the legislature to fix. The PA law is clear on accepting late ballots, the PA Supreme court overruled it and legislated from the bench. Roberts would have to take a firm position that 90% of his neighbors will hate. I don’t know if he has the character.

  33. I always remember the contrast in that pic, Mare. The hulking posture vs. the trained posture of the other two ladies.

  34. This is probably the first HHD post ever that didn’t feature at least one dude who had first hand knowledge of the taste of a penis. No offense, Roamy.

  35. I gotta be honest with you, Pepe, posture was not the first thing I noticed when I clicked on that pic. Nor the second.

  36. If you lined up the left two asses and placed them side by side with the ass on the right they would be equal. I’ll volunteer to line up the ones on the left. Pendejo, you’re on the right

  37. Sam Elliot, voice of the 2020 Biden Campaign

  38. https://tinyurl.com/y2bcwznm

    Newsmax segment on the lawsuits

  39. She has a backside 3 ax handles wide.

  40. And that he is confidant that his lead will remain, and be sworn in, with a united citizenry, fully accepting that the election results are indeed valid.

    Buyden will do what his handlers tell him, just like he has been all along. Whatever personality is left has been taken away for the greater good.

    The good of the many outweigh the good of the few.

  41. WTF?

    Everett “Erika” Bickford of Allentown confirmed Wednesday she tendered her resignation last week at the urging of Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin

    Gotta check the pic.


  42. You hadn’t heard of the transgender election commissioner?

  43. “She” was an election judge.


  44. She has a backside 3 ax handles wide
    I’m gonna need a conversion to chains

  45. ” … we see the Trump team collecting every piece of evidence possible showing massive voter fraud. Lots of pieces it appears. People are showing up with their phone photos of election workers covering windows so Republicans cannot see in. This week the litigation starts. That’s an offense of sorts.

    While that is critical, it fails in one key respect — these lawsuits have antidotes. The other side shows up and their in-the-bag media pals gaslight America with one story after another about how some fraudulent act was just a process error — happens all the time.”
    There’s that term again, gaslight


    Hmmm …

  46. https://tinyurl.com/y6d7o9k9

  47. Everyone must be off crunching numbers

  48. I was blowing up balloons.

  49. Heh, now I have something to go with MSDNC and Faux News (appropriated from the left, I’m bi-partisan, bitches!).


    thanks John Nolte!

  50. “Gotta check the pic.”
    Haaaahaaaaaahaa holy shithhhhhhhaaaaahaaaa.

  51. The funniest part about that pic and stories of trannies is that we’re the crazy ppl because we don’t see how “normal” that guy is.

  52. Gaslighting.

  53. When errors never get corrected, one can say they aren’t errors at all, but desired outcomes

  54. 45% positive tests over the last week, 32792 new positives. Just heard 2 people in our manufacturing plant have tested positive twice.

  55. Mom is cancelling thanksgiving.

  56. Damn, Jay. That’s incredible in a bad way.

    My brother just texted and my mom is getting taken off of O2 today and may be released tomorrow. Thanks for yalls thoughts and prayers.

  57. It has to be testing. Hospitalizations are higher than they ever were, adn 143 deaths last week. Hadn’t been keeping up every day.

    Good news for yo mama!

  58. Hmmm. looks like Georgia is going to do a hand recount.

  59. Glad your mom is getting better, PG.

  60. Gracias.

  61. Blowing up balloons


    I’ve never heard of that euphemism.

  62. Wow, PD, that’s fantastic news. Very happy for your family!!

  63. I’m glad to read YOUR MOM is doing better PG. I am offering a 6 week your mom joke amnesty in your case. You’ve got a sister, right?

  64. That is great news about your mom pen dee joe.

  65. Hope Mom gets healthy and home soon, Pendejo. Are they recommending she quarantine for another couple weeks after getting home?

  66. “You’ve got a sister, right?”
    THAT is why Pup is front of the pack.

  67. “seester”

  68. My one friend just got released from quarantine – she came into contact with someone who got a positive on a rapid test. Now, she got the regular test back and she’s negative – in addition to not having ANY symptoms. Another friend is out for two weeks because her boyfriend has it. For him its like a pretty mild cold.

    One girl from my gym lost her great uncle on the 7th from covid. He was only 56, and she says he was healthy. BUt who knows. “healthy” isn’t something you necessarily see /know – and I’m not going to pry (not my business).

  69. My childhood dentist died at 39 from a lung attack. Guy was a jogger, super-fit, played a ton of intramural soccer with the Optimists League.

    If it happened today they’d code it as Covid, but it was just a freak thing.

  70. We have had several breakouts on different floors of our facility. A few people sent to the ED, one death a couple weeks ago. It’s frightening for the older people. They don’t circle the drain and give you much warning. They have mild symptoms but are up walking around and talking to you, and then an hour later weak and gasping for breath and satting in the 80’s, like BOOM, so quick.

    I’m pretty sore over the guy we lost. Before he got sent, I had had several phone conversations with his family about how great he was doing. Really liked that guy, and his fam. Ugh.

    One of my coworkers lost her 60-something year old uncle. I don’t know what if any comorbidities he had. Her 85 year old dad got it and survived.

    Apparently blood type plays a role with the severity? I don’t know, I hear scuttlebutt from time to time and discard it because we are still in the ‘fog of war’ period. Panic controls the day.

  71. “it was just a freak thing”
    Are freaks more prone to that kind of thing?

  72. I’ve heard that about blood type. I think its worse for A? I don’t know. I don’t remember what I am but I think I’m b+. One of the more common ones.

  73. Well, I guess it’s not most common. O+ is most common. Then A+ then B+.

    BUT its UP THERE.

  74. You can take this mini hurricane and shove it.

  75. I’m still leaning toward perturbation in cell signaling – specifically membrane transport.
    It is in keeping that vit d would be crucial or telling because it is an essential component in how cells maintain redox potentials and signal transduction.
    The short story is the virus fucks up the lung cells ability to maintain homeostasis – things like surfactant regulation etc. And that is why we are seeing patients crash so fast.
    I’m hearing lots of anecdotal accounts of ARDs setting in with stunning rapidity.

  76. Comment by Car in on November 11, 2020 12:55 pm
    Well, I guess it’s not most common. O+ is most common…


    Your mom is ” D+ “

  77. I’m getting a little old for a career change but it appears that there’s a huge need out there for people with my knowledge and expertise.


  78. I’m glad to read YOUR MOM is doing better PG. I am offering a 6 week your mom joke amnesty in your case. You’ve got a sister, right?

    Yeah I do. Get after that shit til you can’t stand yourself anymore.

  79. LauraW the answer to your question is, I don’t know.

  80. Concerning the Vitamin D issue, my mom is a life long milkaholic. That may play in her favor.

  81. Pupster’s racist
    He took out the black cowboy
    what on earth does a double hit mean?

  82. My parents are getting a bit nervous about it. They know a few people that have gotten the vid and want to be safe.

    Hopefully Biden will save us.

  83. In Joe Biden’s America all women and prepubescent girls will KNOW where their vagina is located

    Hell, he’ll even help them find it!

  84. Glad your mom is doing better Pendejo…that shit is scary

  85. Still praying for your mom, Pendejo

  86. Speaking of fat obnoxious unattractive black chicks, whatever happened to Oprah.

    Isn’t it time for her to open her yap?

  87. Oprah is taking over HUD from Ben Carson. Real Doctor Ben Carson.

    “You get a Section 8 Apartment, you get one too! Everyone gets one!”

    She’s been auditioning for this role half her life

  88. Oprah was really good buddies with Weinstein. Procured “talent” for him. She’s been a little timid since his downfall.

  89. Mare, I’m going to be arriving St. Pete Beach 12/13, leaving 12/18.

  90. If you join Parler you can skip the phone number part. I just did it.

    How? I didn’t see an option to skip. What’s your hashtag over their mare?

  91. following beasn on parler now

  92. Jimbro, please tell me you are kidding re: Oprah.

  93. I don’t know how pendejo ever thought he wasn’t funny enough.

  94. I’ll have to ask my neighbors what their blood types are. She is older than her husband by 5 years. She didn’t get it as bad as her morbidly obese husband. Rarely see them outside when the Vit D making is optimal. Think she said they take Vit D supplements. (MIL takes VitD but blood levels still very low.)

    I can’t do dairy and try to get out in the sun several times a week. Worried what will happen if I catch it.

  95. The problem about making jokes about a Biden cabinet, etc, is that its really hard to tell the jokes from actual truth.

  96. Ab-so-fucking-lutely

    Oprah needs to hide in a country without an extradition treaty is what she needs to do

  97. Jay, what is your hashtag?

  98. Beasn, all sorts of people around me have had it now. Was a mild cold for almost all. My friend’s mom got a bit sicker, but she’s almost 70 and never had to go to the hospital .

  99. Remember when Oprah lied about being treated poorly in London when she demanded they stay open late so she could shop for bougie purses?

  100. At Parler, over to the side, there are hashtag ‘suggestions’. One of them is #fatkidclub. WTF?

  101. Okay Jay, I think I found you.

  102. Carin, I thought that was France. I could be wrong or maybe she did it in France too. But she wanted to shop there while they had another ‘private’ showing going on. The shopkeeper came out and defended herself. Maybe I’m misremembering.

  103. Again, thanks all for the well wishes.

    Car in, back in the day when Rosetta, Mesa, Wiser, DiT, BiW and Sean (not sober at the time). LauraW, PJM, and probably a couple of others I’ve forgotten would all get rolling, a poor bastard like me would be the humor equivalent of a jack donkey at the Kentucky Derby

  104. hashtag? you mean pxystick?

  105. oh dang, I had to add my number to Parler AND they won’t let me change my email address. I’m ditching google and using protonmail
    I’m sick of being owned by everyone and everything

  106. robably a couple of others I’ve forgotten would all get rolling, a poor bastard like me would be the humor equivalent of a jack donkey at the Kentucky Derby

    and that right there is funny as fuck

  107. I shouldn’t have done it but I watched ‘The Rise of Nazis’ on PBS, last night. It dialed my anxiety up to ELEVENTY, again. Too many similarities/parallels to whats going on today….brownshirts/stormtroopers/antifas.

  108. yeah, the fact that they’re compiling lists for Trump supporters? It’s insanity
    and not just high level Trump supporters…too bad most of them aren’t armed, eh?

  109. Meh. I’ve always thought you were funny.

  110. Beasn you may be right. My version is false but truthy

  111. We’re funny but I do believe our predecessors were way funnier. As Pendejo said, it got rolling along and I’d have to stifle myself to not look like a weirdo laughing to myself as I read the comments. I know exactly what he means

  112. I think it was the combo of everyone playing off each other, but rosetta and wiserbud had a special knack for sure
    but it was the camaraderie and love we all felt for each other. We all needed each other for one reason or another.

  113. You had 2 copies of the same picture of Fred “Cooter” Whitfield at the end of your post, Diamond.

    I deleted one.

  114. also, I may, maaaaaaaaaaay have snuck Merv in as one of the HHD cowboys

  115. oh weird, cuz neither of them showed up, so I just stuck a different one of him in…I may have screwed up again ahahaha I’ll look

  116. I know you don’t take the D because of the lanolin which I was unaware of prior to you mentioning it but there are vegan D supplements out there. And I think there’s a special lamp for limited use that can induce D formation. No idea of the cost or effectiveness of them

  117. Your mom takes as much D as she can get.

  118. The rona is just another ploy by Big D to insert itself in the game again.

  119. Beasn, all sorts of people around me have had it now.

    The people I know who have had it, it’s been like a 24 fluey kind of fever/aches and then second day, they feel much better. By Day3, they’re 95% back to normal.
    We’re thinking son-n-law had it last February. He had fever/bad chills/felt awful, for about a day and got immediately better. If daughter had it, she was asymptomatic.

  120. I think humor used to be more central to the stupid blog. We’re more friends now and shit.

    Rosetta was a funny bastard though. His posts, especially political ones, were hilarious. Now we just mostly do picture posts.

  121. We’ve got torrential rain happening here.
    Been a while.

  122. >>>I may, maaaaaaaaaaay have snuck Merv in as one of the HHD cowboys

    LOL, I knew that had to be him! Good jerb!

  123. I just rub lanolin all over.


  124. hashtag? you mean pxystick?

    I meant like @beasn. What do you call yourself over there?

  125. I’m in St Pete from 11/23 – 12/7

  126. You’re @andersoniowa, yes?

  127. If I rubbed lanolin all over, I’d be in the hospital due to shock. That shit gives me itchy, weeping, blisters, wherever it’s applied. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why I kept breaking out on my face/lips…and then it hit me that Mr. B. used a lip balm that had lanolin in it.

  128. Top story now at AoS is how Soros is the majority owner of Parler …

  129. Reading further it says Bongino said Fake News

  130. This morning I caught the weather at 7am and it was all about Eta. It is only a tropical storm and the typical summer thunder storm here qualifies as a TS so NBD, however you know they are going to upgrade it to an OMGGTFOOH it is a category 69 Hurricane that will pull Florida off of the United States and kill everyone!!!!!11eleven.

    But everything is still open. 10am voluntary evacuations, 11am shelters are opening, etc. Noon, closing down because Hurricane!

    Who could have seen this coming? It is not like we have radar or anything. BTW I had to drive 40 miles through torrential downpours so bad I couldn’t see the end of my hood. It must be safer to close down when you are actually IN a hurricane then before it gets here.

  131. no, I’m @pxystick

    Hashtags (#) are topics

  132. LOL, I knew that had to be him! Good jerb!

    hahaha I figured either you or oso or carin might, might notice

  133. Thanks Jay. Guess I’ll unfollow the other Jay with your name, in your state with your interests.

  134. Approval me.

  135. hah, turns out I’m already following you in Parler J’ames

  136. PJ, see 7:45 AM ^^^^

  137. haha sorry oso
    I actually thought you would be the first person to notice…guess you were!

  138. See what happens, Fox is going in the crapper and everyone is heading to Parler so they want to sabotage it. Parler is owned by Bongino. I’ve listened to his podcast for months. He’s a good guy.

  139. I’m @Jimbro on Parler and I just followed Jay @pxystick.

    Who else there?

  140. #denied

  141. *asks for the manager*

  142. Merv is hot.

  143. Top video on Rumble

    Security cam captures man frightened by squirrel hiding in recycling bin

    Exciting stuff!

  144. @Marewood

    I haven’t parlered but I will read anything anyone care to comment if they are from here!

  145. Merv is one of the kindest, most patient people you’ll ever meet
    no one will ever meet him though because he is THAT introverted
    it was only crazy fate that we even met
    even though we went to the same high school, had a lot of the same friends, graduated the same year…but didn’t know each other

    also, I’m @pjmomma


    Please interpret
    does this mean I AM allergic, or I am not. I’m guessing not?
    my value<0.10 kUA/L standard range<=0.34 kUA/L

  147. Meh. I’m wary about adding more social media to my life. I think I have accounts, but they’re not intuitive.

  148. wait, this one means I AM allergic, right?
    mine 3.84 kUA/L standard <=0.34 kUA/L

  149. https://loinc.org/forums/topic/allergy-testing-units/

    No idea. Are your lips swollen? Any stridor? Can you call 911?

  150. I’d say yes but I don’t know allergy stuff

  151. Does it hurt when I do this?

  152. It peej having a seizure?

  153. hah, no too late…I am le ded

    actually, I’m switching providers come January 1st and I’m trying to copy down as much crap as possible to bring to the new provider.
    Like 2 hour glucose test gives me a something something 59 and makes me feel like teh crap and that apparently these trees want to kill me Oak, cedar, mulberry, alder, birch, elm
    Kaiser has not given a crap about me and has been not fun…so I’m gonna pay a little more and transfer to United
    that blood sugar level of 59 had me sick for days because I was afraid to eat anything sweet cuz it made me feel like shit, but no one told me that I probably SHOULD have a piece of fruit or something to stop the hallucinations and blindness from bubbles

  154. @BrotherTimMTG here.

  155. I just joined, Jimbro. I am what I am, here.

    Now, someone tell me how it works.

  156. It peej having a seizure?

    c’mere carin…gimme an injection ha cha cha
    *raises eyebrows seductively*

  157. Split the difference and have a bowl of Fruity Pebbles

  158. Nevermind, I’m figuring it out. PJ, who are you over there?

  159. I followed everyone here this afternoon. I’ll see how this develops

  160. Facebook friend is saying she isn’t exploring other options because then you’re doing what ‘they’ want….as in scattering to the winds.

  161. PJ, if you’re allergic, shouldn’t there be something on your sheet that gives you a range of what’s considered ‘allergic’?

  162. I dunno, he said I’m allergic to some trees…I’m just gonna go discuss all this with the new provider. They’re honestly just minor irritations. I’m very lucky that non of this stuff is horrific.

  163. How do I get on Parler without using the App Store? Yes, I’m really that low tech.

  164. Mini-me tested positive for the Chyna virus. Not sure what that means, if she gets kicked out of the dorm or not. I’m ready to bring her home, but she says wait.

  165. Mini-me tested positive for the Chyna virus. Not sure what that means, if she gets kicked out of the dorm or not. I’m ready to bring her home, but she says wait.

    awww damn, that sucks….if she comes home, what are you going to do to keep yourself from getting it?

  166. @carinObrien

  167. Carin is capitalized too if that matters.

  168. Thank you, PJM, for the HHD poat. I was exhausted after my trip and kicking myself for not putting one together on Friday or Saturday.

    Took all kinds of pics, then was told I can’t post any of them to social media. Phooey. Maybe after the green run is complete, I can post.

  169. So … Parler is like Twitter right? What’s the other one?

  170. I honestly think I had it back in February, but if she comes home with it, she has her own bathroom, and I have Lysol and Clorox.

  171. MeWe

  172. Roamy, it is going through NM Tech and UNM dorms. They are keeping the students at the dorms. If they are home, they have to have a negative test before they can go back or Quarantine for 14 days. All classes are remote anyway.

  173. Mini-me has a mix of in-person and online classes.

  174. youtu.be/ebzxYAIOb-w

    I was mostly working on the level above the flame bucket, did go about midway up the tank despite being terrified of heights and not too keen on all the wasps either.

    I need to work on upper body strength, I lost a lot more than I thought with the surgery this year.

  175. mewe sucked…I got waaaaaaaaay too many dick pics and just freaking hated it. So gross

  176. Awesome Roamy

  177. What’s up, hawt chicks and low-T soy bois?

  178. I got waaaaaaaaay too many dick pics

    But, you kept mine, right?

  179. The students that have tested positive or come in contact with have all been transitioned to online only. UNM students are angry that they don’t know who but still get the disinfect and the transfer to online only.

  180. Happy Veterans Day Hostages!

  181. Ditto, happy Veterans Day!

  182. Car in, there were a couple of stories of that hawg Oprah pulling her racist shit. I went and checked. One of them was in Zurich.

    1. The owner of the high-end Swiss boutique where billionaire talk show queen Oprah Winfrey charged racism after a sales assistant refused to show her a $38,000 bag, said her employee did “everything right” and Winfrey is perhaps “being a little over-sensitive”.

    “I don’t know why she talked of racism. I am sorry, but perhaps she is being a little over-sensitive here. Maybe she was somewhat offended because she was not immediately recognized in the store,” said Trudie Goetz, owner of the upscale store, Trois Pommes in an interview with the UK’s Daily Mail.

    “It’s absurd,” noted Goetz of Winfrey’s racism claim. “Oprah came into the business, wanted to see the crocodile bag. She inquired about the price. When my saleswoman told her that it cost 35,000 francs and then offered to show her cheaper ones, she walked away.”

  183. 2. We were both right and wrong……

    Hermes store in Paris had been closed for 15 minutes!

    “I’m sorry ma’am. You’re a person. Yes that’s right, a person. Not a celebrity. No ma’am, we aren’t letting people in after closing.”


  184. I have yet to get a dick pic due to my caustic persona and green fist of pain. That and I’m not as purty or curvy as Peej.

  185. Only dick pic I got was Dan recreating the Favre pic.

  186. looks like they have the dick pic stuff sorted out anyway…I created my account in 2016, but I’m looking now and I don’t have any freaky stuff on there

  187. But, you kept mine, right?

    you’re in a very special folder

  188. I gave your mom a dick pic. She just put it in the album.

  189. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I”ve got a dick pic. gah

  190. I’ve had more, but Dan’s pic was the funniest. I laughed so hard, I choked.

  191. In GA, the Republican running for Senate got 722 more votes than Trump.

    Biden got 99,932 more votes than the Dem running for Senate.

    Nothing to see here.

  192. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I”ve got a dick pic. gah”

    I was hacked!

  193. Red rocket!!! I just rewatched that episode on South Park.

  194. Dan just told me that one of the reasons he loves me so much is that I don’t watch Lifetime or Hallmark. We’re watching the Golf channel. Masters pre-game.

  195. I spent 2 hours in the dentist’s chair and he’s opening up early for me tomorrow and finish. I’m bringing them donuts.

  196. I would be a wreck.

    A simple cleaning ruins my day. I get so stressed my legs and shoulders are sore the next day.

  197. Sam’s Club has an IO that is the equivalent of a dentist visit. My last visit with masks etc had my claustrophobic BS on eleventy.

  198. His 3D printer for crowns went down. Not sure if it was software or hardware. . .

  199. It’s crazy. USPS whistleblower is grilled by the federal inspectors. They leak to the press that he recanted. Nothing to see here. Except he denies he recanted and taped the interrogation. MSM ignores the tape and his denial. No evidence of fraud, case closed.

    Don’t even know if the investigators even talked to anyone else, you know “investigated”. My confidence in federal law enforcement is zero. At this point, I have no idea why anybody would talk to them. Seems like their only goal is to cover up malfeasance by the Dems.

  200. Pepe, you would be right.

  201. huh, the boys in my house were like, WHO SCREWED WITH THE INTERNET?
    turns out, youtube is down worldwide
    thankfully, I have a linux video on youtube already loaded so it’s still running, cuz I was in the middle of a damned process

  202. Can you get a Parler account without giving a phone number.?

  203. I have a mewe and twitter never use them.

  204. Haint got a clue as to what my account name is.

  205. Don’t think so. I investigated and it appears they only use it to send you security codes

  206. Perfect for secret santa!


  207. Thanks Scott.

  208. Requiring a phone is obnoxious.

  209. Requiring a phone is obnoxious.

    and every other time I log in, they want to send me a text verification…I’m like dude, this isn’t a flippin bank account ffs

  210. I can’t even get past my Apple Cloud account.

  211. Interesting data on Dominion Machine vote switching and *losing*…

  212. I am going to give it a shot.

  213. baby monkey is out…this is the new thing

  214. I’m gonna send Scott a dick pic…I have one that I posted 1 year ago

  215. Apologies if this is a repeat. Also language warning.

  216. 2020 sucks. Mac Davis and Charlie Daniels

  217. Hillary wasn’t president.

    2020 was awesome.

  218. MY Tia Amanda just turned 106 today. She was my source for facts. She was featured in the last Lobo Alumni magazine. 30’s graduate.

  219. Scott is right.

  220. If Hillary were president the last three supreme court justices would have been….

    Bill Clinton
    Chaz Bono
    Oprah Winfrey

  221. Bill Clinton
    Chaz Bono
    Oprah Winfrey

    what could go wrong?

  222. https://www.space.com/president-elect-biden-nasa-transition-team

    Ugh. Diversity will be more important than exploration.

  223. Just had time to listen to your pallets full of ballots. ahaha I love it

  224. Canning lids in stock again at local stores.

  225. Distribution ended. Retribution proceeded.

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