MMM 421: Malinalco

This is in Modern Mexico, and the majority of the ruined site was built by aztecs in the AD 1470s. It includes plentiful evidence of Aztec architecture and building techniques, as well as forensic evidence that they practiced normal Aztec religious observance in the temple area (i.e. ritual sacrifice of a living human being). But the Spanish were the bad guys, y’all.

Curiously, there appear to be older, carved-from-the-cliff ruins under/within/near the Aztec site, suggesting that they found the same “good spot” as an earlier culture and built there later, possibly even by quarrying the earlier buildings. There’s an excellent write-up of the site archeology here if you’re interested, and that’s where I excerpted most of the photos:

Full site, artist’s depiction
Aztec Architecture, “House of the Eagles”
The main drag
Carved aqueducts
Main altar for Aztec ritual space. There’s a drain in the floor for blood.
Older ruin carved from the cliffside stone. Natural rock strata nicely displayed.


  1. wakey wakey

  2. Post is much more inviting now. Amiright?


  4. U R right.

    Also, I don’t really care if anyone’s offended by my text. It’s impossible not study the Aztecs objectively without concluding that they had a real reckoning coming, and they are damned lucky it was Spanish Christians that did it rather than, say, Mongols.

  5. Leon, now you know all native people are one with nature and mother gia and perfect in every way. Western civilization – in al it’s various form – were a undisputed evil.

    Just imagine how wonderful the americas would be if europe had never invaded?

  6. For all we know the Aztecs murdered the stone carvers, quarried their temples, and built over them, erasing their history in the process. It would only be the eleventy-hundredth time they’d done it.

    We only know about the Aztecs because the Spaniards wrote shit down and converted those who surrendered rather than exterminating them to the last child.

  7. Well, that’s the Western-centric version of things.

    I should write a book about what the America’s would be like w/o western civ.

    You think Bernie would be president? Probably.

  8. NO – Elizabeth warren. Duh.

    She’s probably have some Indian name like “Drinks beer awkwardly” though.

  9. I’ve found a replacement for MJ’s now-defunct cocktail of the week show.

  10. The only way the Americas aren’t conquered by Europeans is if the North American Ice Sheet never happened, so you’re going to have to start somewhere around 100,000 BC and figure out how to get Asian migrants across the Pacific without the Bering land bridge, first.

  11. She’s probably have some Indian name like “Drinks beer awkwardly” though.

    It’s funny that you think they’d have ever invented beer.

  12. Morrissey would vote for Trump if he could.

    Brett Easton Ellis will vote for Trump.

    What a timeline.

  13. I guess everyone is still watching Irish Tinkerbell.

  14. OFFS now she has an accent.

  15. All I need to know about the Aztecs I know by the fact that all of their tributaries sided with the Spanish against them.

    Aztecs were asshoe.

    Also, small Western force with technological superiority allies with larger local forces to overthrow a bloody theocratic state. Sound familiar anyone?

  16. Libs on FB this morning:
    Can’t wait for Biden to be declared the winner tomorrow night and the GOP suddenly switching to “every vote must be counted” rhetoric.

  17. My neighbors who moved here from Israel 20 years ago have a Biden sign in their little front yard. They invited us over to watch the results so we can all be overjoyed together.


    They also wanted to know about my new flag. My stars and bars was damaged a few days ago so I ordered this:

    How can they not know? HOW? HOW?

  18. There’s a non-zero chance that the media will declare Joe the winner regardless, just to set it in the public mind.

  19. I’ve considered that.

    This is either going to be a FL 2000 cluster fuck or a red wedding. No idea which is correct. No idea who will be the Starks and who will be the Lannisters.

  20. You know you’re as bad as the kids who make everything into a scene from Harry Potter when you do that, right?

  21. No way. Harry Potter was lame ass shit. Cute, but lame.

    The red wedding was a solid jaw dropping scene. Now, if I constantly referred to GoT I’d be right there with you on your side of the douche line.

  22. Nice flag MJ. Reminds me of this one

  23. I’m not going to go watch the show just to understand the reference, bucko.

    And clean your room!

  24. GoT is totally made for weirdos like you, Leon. It checks all of your boxes.

  25. Nice flag MJ. Reminds me of this one
    Very nice. I guess a pine tree was a symbol of liberty.

  26. Too much nudity and nihilism.

  27. LOL douche line

  28. Why that flag, MJ? I don’t get it. You’re not a New Englander.

  29. Man, fuck GoT. A pale imitation of a book series that got so far away from its author that he can’t even finish it properly now.

  30. Comment by leoncaruthers on November 10, 2016 8:42 am
    I’m gonna laugh my ass off if the liberals trying to buy guns and learn how to use them get clued in to WHY we care about them so much.

    Sooooo, this is actually happening. Merv’s parents’ have friends who have requested he teach them about guns.
    At first I was like, wtf? Those guys are extreeeeeeeeemely liberal and then it dawned on me. OOOOOH! they’re waiting for the hillbilly proud boys to come destroy their town (cuz that’s been happening nightly since June, right? Just ask Dan Rather) so they want to know how to defend themselves.

    Merv told me he’s going to show them, because he’s hoping he can teach WHY guns are important and to bring them to our side regarding the 2nd amendment. A lot of headway in the 2nd amendment arena has already been made since the George Floyd deal because now you can say, “oh, so you’re saying you only want cops to have guns?”
    that argument has gone right out the window now

  31. GRRM was always a better editor than he was an author.

  32. The red wedding was obnoxious because people died in the show that didn’t die in the book.
    Very irritating. Yes, I turned into THAT guy when I tried to watch the series after having read the books….I even slugged through book 4 and it took me a bloody year because I hated it so much, but I was determined to finish it.

  33. I’ve been to NE a lot. My parents lived outside of Boston for 12 years so I spent all winter and summer working there through college. My dad actually moved before I finished HS and then my mom moved when I left for college. Def not from there but been around a lot.

    I’m also a bit of a history buff and I wanted an early American flag. There are some really cool ones out there before those damn insurrectionists settled on the current stars and bars.

  34. I gave up after the second book when it was clear the author had not real plan for the book. It happens in a lot of fantasy stories.

    The show was better. Much more concise but there’s literally no way to tie up all of the plots without just saying, ‘oh fuck it, this guy over here is now the king because he sorta kinda seems like it might happen but not really. Whatever. I give up.’

  35. Comment by Brother Tim on November 2, 2020 10:12 am
    Man, fuck GoT. A pale imitation of a book series that got so far away from its author that he can’t even finish it properly now.


    He was never going to finish it.

  36. Some people are too full of shit to realize that they’re full of shit. And too stupid to realize that other people can easily see how full of shit they are. Case in point:

    Last night after work I go into the neighboring convenience store to purchase my regular drive across town beer. There’s a new clerk working and he’s a white guy who looks to be in his mid to late 20s. He’s all “Hey Boss, good to see you Boss” bullshit as I walk in the door. I grab a muffler from the ice box and put it on the counter and discover that I don’t have enough cash to cover it. So I grab my visa and stick it in the little machine. It bonks at me and flashes a message that it can’t read the card. So I flip it around and stick it back in. While the machine is talking to the bank and the nsa and whoever else I say, “ I never can remember which way I’m supposed to stick that thing in.” Clerk replies, “Boss, I hate plastic money. I wish we could go back to just paper money like it was when I was a kid.. Back then Boss, either you had money or ya didn’t. There wasn’t none of this pay it off next month bullshit back then, Boss.”

    He hasn’t seen his thirtieth birthday yet but remembers when nobody carried plastic. Yeah.

  37. This was THE best read I’ve had in a good while I couldn’t put it down.

    We read at night before bed and I had this fantasy that Merv and I would read books and then we could discuss them. Only…he finishes a book about every 3 days and I take weeks, so yeah, doesn’t work. This book? I finished in a week which is huuuuge for me. It’s a great book.

  38. I gave up on sword of truth and GoT because they became overly long and convoluted. Plus they were just poorly written, IMHO. Awful characters that were impossible to like.

    Fantasy stories should be no longer than a trilogy.

  39. 90 minutes to patch a tire. I’m not going to make it to Indianapolis in time.

  40. Did you ever think, Pendejo
    that maybe that guy at the liquor store was from another dimension?

  41. I couldn’t hack the gratuitous nudity in Game of Thrones. I’m no prude by any stretch, but if you’re putting naked women on the screen just because the director knows he can make young nubile actresses take their clothes off or lose their jobs, fuck you. t’s exploitive and degrading and I’m not watching it.

    I did the same thing with Deadwood and its gratuitous use of foul language. HBO did it because “they could.” I was in the Navy and we didn’t even swear that much.

  42. Hotspur…I really appreciate that perspective. It actually gets old after a while. So, so, so very many times a fade out would have been far more appropriate and they never do that anymore. I haven’t seen a time where the sex scene actually added to the story

  43. I’m getting a little paranoid/ nervous about my home’s position on the outskirts of a shitty city for the next couple nights. We’ll see if there are riots proceeding from the place or not, I guess.

    It’s not generally that kind of a city, fortunately; it’s already ruined. No upscale districts or Vuitton outlets, etc., except for parts of the West end, but it would be ironic if they rioted there because that’s alllll wealthy liberal Trump haters over there.

  44. Synopsis of PJM book:

    The world is falling to the burning shadow of the Possessed and only the power of a battle mage can save it. But the ancient bond with dragonkind is failing. Of those that answer a summoning too many are black.


    Sounds kinda raciss….

  45. My position is good/bad/good/bad/WTF. MTG is “majority minority” and has been for a decade. Recently got its first black mayor. Crime’s been on a long uptrend, much flight to surrounding communities. State will go Trump but MTG tends blue.

    So of course I have temporarily decamped to the nicely red country…

    Living with Biden voters.

    Honestly I don’t know how the hell this is going to play out, but the “truck in random direction” plan looks better and better, if only because the status quo makes my head hurt.

  46. I finished in a week which is huuuuge for me.

    You can read faster if you don’t silently sound out every word.

  47. You can read faster if you don’t silently sound out every word.

    I think the main problem is the pop-ups are so exciting I keep closing the book and re-opening! SO…MUCH….FUN!!

  48. Driving across Missouri, I keep seeing signs for adult novelty stores. Apparently Missourians love their dildos.

  49. They only go to those stores for the books.

  50. I haven’t seen a time where the sex scene actually added to the story

    It never does. Ever. And when you realize it’s just the director “making” the actors do it for his own gratification it feels downright dirty.

  51. Any of y’all ever seen an episode of “Girls”? I can’t remember why I did but seeing Lena Dunham getting rogered by some antifa looking puke put me off of sex or a month or so.

  52. It never does. Ever. And when you realize it’s just the director “making” the actors do it for his own gratification it feels downright dirty.



  53. This rally ahahaha
    they have a big screen up and are playing all Biden’s gaffes

  54. the amount of people is insane!! CHILLS!!

    I can just see the left calling this a Hitler rally

  55. Why were Aztecs destroying their natural environment? BAN THE DESTROYERS OF STRATA!!

  56. whoever thought up doing speeches in front of Air Force 1 is a genius. Pull up, speak, take off.

  57. I had a little lookup service running in our production environment. Someone else did “patching” without regression testing and broke the damned thing. I’ve been trying to get it to work again for 2 fucking hours and it refuses to start.

    Fuck this shit. Time to resign, cash out the 401k, farm turnips, and drink hard enough to die before I run out of money.

  58. I can’t believe how many people show up, either. The one in Rochester MN? I didn’t know there were that many conservatives in the whole state of MN.

  59. Fayetteville is cold today? Poor southerners.

  60. Presented without comment:

  61. Someone else did “patching” without regression testing and broke the damned thing.

    My former boss’ pet….the one who never shows up to work. Used to run patches and whatever the hell he wanted w/out any sandbox testing
    the entire network would go down and my boss would cover for him. All of us were pretty sure they committed a murder together

  62. None of those woman arrested have ever tried meth in their life

  63. How can they not know? HOW? HOW?

    Tell them all about it and Beijing Biden who sniffs little girls.

  64. Early voting started at a few polls, this morning. Morning radio guy got the report from his/his wife’s friend, who went with his wife to the polls. They thought they’d get there early to beat any lines tomorrow. They arrived at 8 am and there were already 200 people standing in line.

  65. Why are they only arresting the white women?

  66. That’s pretty much all that lives in Portland. Even the men are women.

  67. Alex, what Walmart did you stop at? What city?

  68. the one 10 miles from the other one.

  69. ooh lucky us! We voted yesterday…no wait for us
    I was bothered by some bumper stickers on what I can only assume are the poll volunteers’ vehicle
    Trump’s Lies Matter
    and other anti Trump stickers

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    Absolutely insane

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  72. Man! Aztecs to Fantasy novels to the election!
    Anybody have a good cocktail recipe for the bottle of Tito’s vodka sitting here?

  73. Beasn – I thought the Michigan Supreme Court had reigned in this Commie cunt!?

  74. That’s crazy talk, Chief. When have democrats ever backed down from what they want?

  75. By the time the courts catch up to them, they’ve destroyed how many via lawfare?

  76. So, she’s just ignoring the State Supreme Court?

  77. We thought so too, Chief. It boggles the mind how the governor’s appointee (the 0bama lawyer she put in at MI Dept of HHS) has authority that the court said she categorically lacked, but that’s what she’s going with, and it’ll be another lawsuit before she finds some other way to punish Michigan. She’s an inhuman monster.

  78. Hey MCPO, once you’ve got that recipe….go ahead and mix up a drink for me too

  79. The court found that the 1945 law she was using as a fig leaf was unconstitutional. It had never been abused before so they’d never needed to rule on it prior. She’s now got the lawyer-turned-sooper-epidemiologist over at HHS issuing orders under a law originally passed in 1918 that were specifically for the Spanish Flu.

    She should be arrested for deprivation of rights under color of law. Ain’t dirty cop on the planet more guilty of that than she is.

  80. She’s also — per capita — twice the grandma murderer that Cuomo is.

  81. Beasn, columbia.

  82. So what are y’all planning for tomorrow evening? I have no intention of watching any news of any sort, but it might be hard to concentrate on a book or something.

  83. I’ll be glued to the TV

  84. Typin’ and deletin’. Just another day in 202x.

  85. Fallout 4 tomorrow, to prepare for the apocalypse.

  86. I’ll just go hang out with your mom.

  87. Fallout always has such good soundtracks

  88. I’ll be watching either a blu-ray or a movie on a streaming service.

  89. I’ll be pacing like a caged tiger and eventually wear myself down to the point of collapse.

  90. I’ve never made clam chowder before, so I might try that. I’ve been on a big soup kick recently.

  91. For everyone who plans on watching the returns come in, there’s a very real chance nothing will be called tomorrow night. Too many mail in ballots to count, and that could be days.

    Sorry to be the turd in the punchbowl…

  92. Sober – Yeah, we can’t expect the results until the Dems figure out how many mail-in votes they need to manufacture in order to win!

  93. I feel like if you’re going to rock someone like a weather event, a hurricane is a pretty good option.

  94. Tomorrow isn’t as much a election as a escalation. They’ve contested every election since 2000 with increasing intensity. There is zero evidence to indicate this yr will be any different. Nothing will be decided tomorrow . A bunch of shitbirds will use the occasion to be shitbirds, and then the pot will be set to simmer.

  95. Oh, you meant election. My bad. I thought you meant erection.

  96. Election, erection, escalation, eschaton, whatevs.

  97. I’ll be pacing like a caged polar bear named Linda. She lived at our zoo for a very long time. 15 steps toward the left. 13 to the right. New enclosure was beautiful. She mostly slept in the new home. I’m so worried about the margin of fraud. TFG 2012. No one contested JEF getting 110% of the vote in multiple precincts. Our dirtiest County is Dona Ana. Bern Co is really dirty in the South Valley. Illegals vote in NM

  98. So what are y’all planning for tomorrow evening?
    Working until about 4:30 so I’ll just see snippets of news here and there before being interrupted by the stuff that pays for my health insurance, other benefits, retirement accounts and a little walking around money. After that I’ll catch The Five and then turn on TCM for whatever movie is playing while I surf the web. In 2016 I think I went to bed before Trump uttered the famous words: “Sorry to keep you waiting … complicated business.” Even though it was close but trending Trump I still thought Hillary would pull a rabbit out of the hat and win.

  99. What should we do to kill the time so we don’t bite all our nails down to the bone?

    Should we play the question game?

    Or would that be too annoying?

  100. I paid no attention to the returns on election night 2020, and I intend to do the same this year. It was a fucking blast to wake up, check my phone, and see the news. I walked downstairs and HotBride was making coffee and asked, “Who won?” I said, “Trump.” She said, “No way.” And I said, “Way,” as I showed her my phone.

    Good times.

  101. Why do you assume it would be too annoying?

  102. *What* year didn’t you pay attention to the election returns?

  103. I don’t think its going to be close.

    There was a rolling Trump rally in CT over the weekend and it ended up being 11 miles long.

    He’s a rock star.

    Joe Biden has no Elvis in him.

  104. The question game?

  105. Oops. Didn’t you know I meant 2016?

  106. Were the cops called on your Trump Train?

  107. 96 miles in Az.

    I don’t know, the energy FOR Trump is so huge. It’s hard to imagine any energy voting FOR Biden. Okay, so some unserious people will vote AGAINST Trump. But FOR Biden? He’s a train wreck and Harris is unlikable. I get that 42% will always vote dem but there is just no special reason to go out and vote for Biden/Harris.

    It’s impossible for rational people not to believe the dems when they tell us they want to cheat. FFS that’s what vote counts after election day are all about. Not conceding to Trump on election night? Scarborough saying he’ll tell them to cut the feed if Trump declares he won on election night? WTFF. That’s ridiculous. The left has lost their GD mind.

  108. Does anyone else have a cunt Governor that doesn’t allow proven treatments for Wuhan?

  109. If Biden won and declared a Nation Mask Mandate, there would be trouble.

  110. He wants one through 2022.

  111. Psst…Mare, we’re playing the question game!

  112. Anyone else watching the Trump rally’s? Singing the “Votar por Donald Trump Song?

  113. Does Mare know the rules?

  114. CoAlex, my husband was in Columbia this afternoon! He had some business to do re: sale of MIL’s property and then visited with his college coach for a couple of hours. Too bad I didn’t check back sooner.
    We’re an hour and a half down 70 from there.

  115. I don’t think its going to be close.
    There was a rolling Trump rally in CT over the weekend and it ended up being 11 miles long.

    That is awesome to hear but never underestimate the evil in these demrat effers tossing/changing votes. Trump overturned not only their apple cart, but their gravy train. The beasts are cornered.


  117. I’m going to go vote tomorrow, sit on my deck for a little while (it’s supposed to be sunny and near 70), do some cleaning/straightening up, then crochet the rest of the day away between some rosary time.



  120. How was the beach?

  121. The question game is garbage.

  122. Calm down, Mare.

  123. The beach was great, 2 days of perfect weather and good food. Our little rental was quirky but just right for the four of us.

  124. Nice.

  125. Is it possible for Mare to calm her tits?

  126. Beasn,

    I was in and out in an hour and hauled ass. Got to the testing center a half-hour before they closed and then afterwards drove all the way to Dayton before I said, “fuck it.”

  127. Tomorrow I’m going to vote, pack a few things from my storage unit, and drive to VA.

  128. Is Dayton the one that smells funny?

  129. Kick ass, Colex. You can regain a lot of travel time by having snacks and cold drinks in the car, and also by wearing adult diapers. Godspeed.

  130. What’s to stop the man and Facebook / Twitter, etc. from declaring Biden the winner, regardless of the voting? What if enough people believe them?

  131. Laura, I don’t need adult diapers. I’ve mastered the ability to hang my ass out the window while driving down the highway on cruise control.

  132. Should be the “msm”. Fricking autocorrect .

  133. Too many lawyers.

  134. Comment by Hotspur on November 2, 2020 3:50 pm

    I’ll just go hang out with your mom.

    Hotspur never disappoints. Which is what your mom said, too.

  135. *upgrades windshield wipers*

  136. We’re closing out NM. TOMORROW IS THE REAL DEAL.


  138. Trying to make up my mind what this Wednesday’s poat is going to look like. Can’t decide between standard HHD or a post-election sigh (either of relief (please God) or of melancholy).

  139. So, usually you do a selection of appealing men mostly in states of shirtlessness.

    Wednesday after the election, win or lose, photos might reflect the dramatic mood best in b&w rather than color.

    Obviously, either way it goes, pro-America images will always be appreciated, flags, hot firefighters, etc.

    Yeah, so hot shirtless firefighters and Old Glory in b&w.

  140. I’m going to try to keep my self as occupied as possible tomorrow. Crossfit, swim, zombie run, breakfast with friends, reading, cleaning, cooking. Voting in the morning.

    Hopefully I’ll keep myself occupied until around 8:30 pm. That’s my goal.

  141. how was work, contact tracing carin?

  142. you forget how good of a speech Pence can put out. He’s really good at Grand Rapids right now.

    I hear Biden is campaigning tomorrow.

  143. We kept a list of names. Each party/table gave ONE name (first or last) and a number. Pretty sure that was Lucky’s way of saying FU to gretchen.

  144. He’s a greek immigrant, but a citizen now. He’s a Trumper 100%.

  145. We were SLOOOW. I don’t know if it was pre-voting day or the contact tracing bs.

  146. I’m going to download taht book peej recommended and try to read a bit before I fall asleep.

  147. We’re about an hour away from some rinky dink towns in NH holding their votes.

    With the way 2020 is going my estimates are:

    50% of Biden winning
    40% of Trump winning
    10% of accusations and recriminations devolving into a bloodbath ala the church scene from Kingsmen.

  148. Caucasian, Please.

  149. What’s this about a question game?

  150. I’m going to download taht book peej recommended and try to read a bit before I fall asleep.

    YAY? Is that how I make it a question?

  151. Diet experts recommend protein.

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