1. Ah, what a capital selection of light-hearted memery and what-not.

  2. Welcome to the jungle and Irish guacamole are my faves.

  3. I’m laughing at Irish guacamole and telling myself I’ll use that at a later date when in reality I’ll forget it by noon

  4. Good selection. Salve for the soul after getting gut-punched by one on the ONT.

  5. ONT had a good feel to it. Apparently a “picture” * ONT on Fridays is now a thing

    *what we and damn near the rest of the world call memes

  6. wakey wakey

  7. trunalimunumaprzure

  8. Have they said where Joe is speaking today?

  9. https://tinyurl.com/yyjqqygf

  10. They don’t dare reveal it until the last minute. Media probably knows but they’re sworn to secrecy. Omerta. Biden rallies attract Trump supporters in droves.

  11. My daughter was telling me last night that the kids in school are ruthlessly mocking the Biden supporting kids. I find that dynamic here in ny to be interesting.

  12. They don’t understand the importance of free cunity college.

  13. “Michigan”

    So Delaware in front of a green-screen with Chicago in the background.

  14. Full moon on Halloween three days before the election.

  15. I have to bite my tongue to not tell people how stupid they look posting selfies with filters. that make them look wrinkle-free/slimmer etc. If you use a filter, it better have bunny ears on it.

  16. I’m heading out for the “Last mow of the season” to mainly chop up leaves and put the fuel stabilizer in the mower tank

  17. I should do that. Clean the garage. Saturday is shaping up to be zero fun.

  18. I have never used fuel stabilizer and I’ve never had a problem – Porsche gets stored for 7 months, weed eater, generator, wood chipper, chain saw, my old ’54 Chevy that I would store all winter, etc. Never had a problem.


  19. This was an excellent selection of memes today, Pups. As always.

    I liked “How suburban moms riot” because I’ve been there.

  20. Brother Tim, what happened on the overnight thread?

  21. I also loved vengeance and guardian angel.

  22. Sean Connery has died.

    I liked that guy before I ever knew I would own my own kilt someday.

  23. I was never a big fan of spy movies so I never saw any of the original Bond movies. I’ve seen all of the Daniel Craig Bond movies but never saw Connery in that role.

    But I liked all of his other films, especially Hunt for Red October. It was a shame the Cold War abruptly ended just as that film was released. It took away some of the mood.

  24. Here’s a little story that will make Mare’s head assplode:

    Gal I work with. Twenty something, married just had her second child during the BEGINNING of Covid. Her family is PARANOID about Covid (they live here in Lapeer, where we’ve only has 37 deaths in the entire county and all but one in a nursing home).

    So – the baby is 8 or 9 or 10 months now – NO ONE has seen it. She quit working. She has her groceries delivered to the garage, and then lets them sit out there until all the germs die. She was “exposed” and wore a mask in her house for TWO WEEKS. Sleeping with a mask. She wears the mask if she is outside of her home. Driving, etc.

    The fil is going deer hunting and he has been informed by his wife that if he goes, he will have to be quarantined for 2 weeks after.

    Its become a religion. A cult.

  25. The Federalist article nails it.

  26. Carin, you are in fact, correct, my head did explode.


    This is insanity on an enormous level.

    Not see the baby, well they can eff right off.

    And quarantining from a deer hunt, I have no words. The world is insane.

  27. Carin, how do their lives EVER get back to normal? Really, when will they be okay?

  28. Oh, I liked Sean Connery.

  29. When HotBride had her girlfriends over Wednesday for lunch (which they didn’t eat) with the windows open (on a 45º day) in our enormous living room all sitting about fifteen feet apart wearing masks, she said it was all she could do to remain calm.

    She’ll only invite them back if/when this idiocy ends.

  30. mare – I don’t know. I think she /the family is most likely going to be … damaged by this. Either they realize at some point they’ve been “had” and have anger over all that lost time (not to mention how it’s going to shape their baby’s personality) … or they will become hardened that they -alone – were right among a world of fools.

    If someone tells you they isolated themselves – a YOUNG COUPLE – for a year or more… what is your reaction? Do you laugh? Feel pity? the rest of their life they will have to live with people knowing how they chose to react.

  31. Hotpur – this girl won’t even do that. Her cousin only saw the baby once, from a distance. She was allowed to stand at the road while Rachel brought the baby out.

  32. Our daughter invited us out to dinner tonight to a restaurant in her town. I won’t go. I’m not giving my name address and phone number for the privilege of wearing a mask between bites watching a bunch of insane sheep signal their virtue.

  33. That doesn’t start until Monday. So do today.

  34. do/go

  35. I only know one couple who are quarantining as thoroughly as car in described. They’re in their late 60s, he’s type 1 diabetic and had two kidney transplants, the first one didn’t take, and she’s a couple of years removed from uterine cancer surgery. It makes some degree of sense for them. I guess.

  36. Compare and contrast Trump rhetoric v Biden’s ramblings.

  37. How long are they being told to do that and by what authority? Even the lawyer pretenting to be an epidemiologist has no such power under law.

  38. Sure. But this couple is 26. No health issues.

  39. I think everyone should feel this way, I certainly do, that I’ve had time stolen from me. Couldn’t go to Hawaii, couldn’t see one of my daughters when I had a few opportunities, a couple of weddings I was going to were canceled.

    Compared to others who couldn’t see loved ones in a nursing home, or go to the hospital when their child was born or not having a funeral for a loved one, mine, of course, seems insignificant.

    However, as you get older you get smacked in the face about how short life really is and that you’ve got one shot on this earth. It’s frustrating to miss something that gives me such joy. I only have so many good physical years left and I enjoy surfing (I’m crappy but I enjoy it) snorkeling (and when I snorkel I wear a weight belt to spend lots of time underwater), I love to hike some pretty intense trails, and realistically that doesn’t go on forever. I missed a prime year and I’m angry at the media and lefties for blowing this bullshit up so that everyone is scared out of their rational minds.

    Rant off.

  40. They are not doing it by any authority. Its a religion now.

    In other news, this couple already decorated the house for Christmas.

    To flesh out the big picture.

  41. Either they realize at some point they’ve been “had” and have anger over all that lost time (not to mention how it’s going to shape their baby’s personality) … or they will become hardened that they -alone – were right among a world of fools.

    Nobody wants to admit they were conned, even to themselves. Some of these folks are going to remain damaged for life, and Wretched is going to keep this charade going until she’s out of office.

  42. You are dead on Mare. Totally agree. Add in, that we’re mostly talking about protecting people who only have a few years left.

  43. Agreed Leon. I thought the idea that they’ve ever come to a realization was long odds, but there is a chance so I included it in the possible future scenario. it’s going to be a or b.

  44. I only know one couple who are quarantining as thoroughly as car in described. They’re in their late 60s, he’s type 1 diabetic and had two kidney transplants, the first one didn’t take, and she’s a couple of years removed from uterine cancer surgery. It makes some degree of sense for them. I guess.


    That’s living? Why bother to get a transplant or survive cancer to stay shut in your house? Honestly, I rather go do things I enjoy and take the “risk.” And not seeing family? Forget it.

  45. Hotspur, just say you’re Robert Gordon and give a fake number. Whoever’s reading those lists deserves to be lied to at the very least.

    Battered with an axe handle would work too, but lying is a good start. Pay cash, too.

  46. Either they realize at some point they’ve been “had” and have anger over all that lost time (not to mention how it’s going to shape their baby’s personality) … or they will become hardened that they -alone – were right among a world of fools.—–Carin

    Nobody wants to admit they were conned, even to themselves. Some of these folks are going to remain damaged for life, and Wretched is going to keep this charade going until she’s out of office.—–Leon


    These are both correct.

  47. So, if you have 5 years left (magic knowledge, but everyone over a certain age is going to start thinking like that). You’re 80 maybe. Are you willing to lose 2 of those years, advancing to a state where visiting and activity are ONLY going to be diminish to some extent.

    We’re keeping people alive by isolation so they can live longer w/o doing anything fun.

    And the … rhetoric people use. It drives me nuts. this was written on a friend comment thread on facedouche:

    “o all of you that think masks dont work and restrictions dont work. Have a little respect for other humans other then yourself. My sons doctor pulled him out of school BEFORE any of the shut downs with school. My sons cardiologist had us wearing masks 9 years ago so we didn’t catch anything from all of the assholes who like to take their kids out shopping with the flu. Why because it does HELP prevent the spread and he was born with health issues. The problem is people like you. I havent heard one kid complain about wearing masks, its all the cry baby adults who dont care about anyone but themselves. How many doctors have you talked to yourself or do you live on facebook and facebook news? Go talk to an actual cardiologist, pulmonary specialist, or a hospice nurse. Your just self absorbed and do whatever you want because you dont care about anyone but yourself 😘”

    which is actually weird, because in reality this chick only cares about HERSELF and her family. The rest of the world must live differently because of her special needs.

  48. Probably would have been nice if I’d blockquoted that. Oh well. Mistakes were made.

  49. I have never used fuel stabilizer and I’ve never had a problem
    It gave me Covid

  50. For some reason seeing a 30 something healthy, young, woman (she was wearing running shorts, running shoes and was very fit) wearing a mask that said VOTE on it while walking her dog this morning incensed me.

  51. I miss it now and then but it’s cheap insurance. Does your Porsche recommend premium gasoline?

  52. Well her son should live in a fricken bubble so as not to inconvenience the rest of us. Eff her.

    She’s one of these assholes who like to make you feel guilty for believing in personal rights and freedoms.

    Eff her again.

  53. I’m glad work is slowly (too slowly) getting back to normal. For me, anyway. There’s a bunch of desk monkeys that are screaming to stay home and keep teleworking. Git outta my way.

  54. Biden victory: Covid disappears after a few more months of mandatory shutdowns and federal mask mandates to let the Normals know who is really in charge

    Trump victory: Hysteria never ends and vaccine causes birth defects in liberal women’s babies and health problems predominantly in Democrats

  55. WTF would anyone get a “vaccine” for something that is 99% survivable?

    FFS this country is dumb.

  56. Does your Porsche recommend premium gasoline?

    Both of my cars do.

  57. In Michigan are they really making you wear a mask between bites or was that hyperbole? I know in CA they suggest it. But I thought that was the governor trolling normal people.

  58. My response to the Karen in Carin’s comment:

    “Look Karen, you have a kid with a birth defect. Sucks for you. We know you are angry at God and want to take it out on all of us. Get over yourself.”

  59. Patriot Post pointed out something nice. Supreme Court’s rule is that four justices need to agree to hear a case, otherwise it’s kicked back to whatever the last court decision was. There’s only 3 liberals left, assuming we can keep Roberts in line (probably bad assumption). With Trump putting so many conservative judges in the federal courts, maybe we can not have more shit cases like Obergefell and Kelo.

  60. … or was that hyperbole?

    Maybe, but I have no intentions whatsoever to find out.

  61. I don’t know what happened to my alma mater, but a Virginia Tech professor is now saying beer is raaaaacist. Glad I didn’t send my kids there.

  62. Just put $100 in predictit for Trump to win.

  63. No, we don’t have to put our masks on once we’re at the table. Just sitting down/ getting up.

    [trusted Michigan restaurant freedom source for all H2 needs ]

  64. Are we still allowed to pinch the waitress’s butt?

  65. I got a new phone a few days ago, and in going through my home screen I have deleted the following:

    – Drudge
    – ESPN
    – MLB
    – HBO
    – Hulu
    – Netflix
    – Weather Channel
    – NASA

    Fuck all y’all.

  66. I think everyone should feel this way, I certainly do, that I’ve had time stolen from me
    For me it was the last few months of my mother’s life where she was awake, coherent and, although compromised, still able to move around and appreciate being with people. Between her rightful fear of getting sick because of the hysteria and my employer forbidding travel out of Maine, I wasn’t able to visit until it was her last days. At that point it really didn’t matter.

    Similarly, my office nurse couldn’t see her brother’s newborn baby for the same reasons and she got there for her funeral only.

  67. Drudge, NFL and BDN are the ones I deleted

  68. ONT was fine. But the Pepe meme just reminded me how all I really wanted out of life was a home and a family and I have neither. Probably did not need that. Especially on what would have been dad’s 80th birthday.

    Fuck this world and all the worthless shits that make it so awful. And then have the nerve to call you toxic for pointing out how they’ve made it so shitty.

  69. My grandma is 99. If, God willing, I should live so long, no one is going to be able to tell me not to visit anyone I care about. Or that the cigar I’m smoking is bad for me.

  70. I like Hotspur’s response to Carin’s Karen.

  71. I’m sorry Tim. Pretty sure we were both born in the wrong century.

  72. Sorry you deleted NASA, but I understand. It’s not the agency I hired into. There are good things going on, though, the Osiris-Rex mission grabbed some asteroid dirt and is headed home with it, the space station is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and we’re not relying on the Russians any longer to put astronauts in space.

  73. This is cool. All the boat parades, too.


  74. My hope is that after Trump wins a lot of the big stuff will be moved to the Space Force, and NASA will transition to a NOAA type organization.

  75. Oregon deserves what it gets, good and hard.


  76. I’ve never listened to Joe Rogan or Alex Jones, but someone recommended the recent podcast. Gotta say these guys are hilarious. Rogan is desperately trying to keep Alex Jones on topic, and he keeps heading off on tangents like a toddler on crack. This is the funniest thing I’ve heard in years.

    Alex Jones: Wild ass claim.
    Rogan: Woah, woah, waoh, Let’s check this.
    Fact checker guy: Wow, he’s right. Here’s the article.
    Alex Jones: Wilder claim of bat shit craziness
    Rogan: STOP!! Let’s check that.
    Fact checker guy: Ummmm, he’s right.
    Rogan: No way….. Seriously?

    Worth a listen, just for the entertainment value. I assume Leon’s reptoids will make an appearance presently.

  77. When they aren’t in the launch business anymore, I could easily see merging NASA and NOAA. The remaining missions wouldn’t be especially different after that, and there’s a lot of overlap in sensor needs.

  78. I assume Leon’s reptoids will make an appearance presently.

    The cracks in their facade widen daily.

  79. ‘Sup, lame-os and hawt chicks?

  80. Biden voters rioted in Portland again last night.

  81. I’d keep NASA and NOAA separate. NASA should be focused on space weather, asteroid tracking, and space-based scientific research. NOAA will still focus on the atmosphere and oceans.

  82. Space Force organized as a USAF org is stupid. Stupid Space Force! Pffft!

  83. Hey, a dead guy.

  84. The Space Force should obviously be organized along a Legion/Chapter model.

  85. NASA will transition to a NOAA type organization.

    Ew. Then I’d retire.

  86. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on October 31, 2020 2:16 pm

    Ew. Then I’d retire.

    Move over to the Space Force.

  87. NOAA has some of the shits who are “adjusting” the temperature files for global warming. They got busted for changing some of the data as much as 9 degrees Fahrenheit.

  88. If I could work for something like Air Force Research Lab, Naval Research Lab, or National Reconnaissance Office, then I would.

    How are you feeling today, MCPO? I saw the memory posted of your granddaughter in her Halloween pumpkin outfit, that was adorable.

  89. If I were 35 years younger I’d def join space force.

  90. Growth industry

  91. Have you guys seen Kamala Harris doing campaign stops? Holy Lord, this woman is a lightweight. She’s ridiculous.

    “Hey, Texas, how ya doin’?”

    *crazy laugh*

    “It’s great to be here.”

    *crazy laugh*

    The Biden Bus was followed by a huge group of Trump trucks and cars and of course the Hillary hearse. The Biden campaign cancelled because of reasons, nothing having to do with the being pointed and laughed at by a majority.

  92. And please tell me about the focus group who inspired the Biden campaign to run on “We’re working on getting rid of that tax cut!!”

    ^^actual quote^^^

  93. And no one in the media thought to ask Nancy Pelosi a few questions after she made this statement:

    “I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday,” “Whatever the end count is on the election that occurs on Tuesday, he will be elected. On January 20 he will be inaugurated president of the United States.”

    Ummmmm, That’s third world crazy talk.

  94. Roamy – Not coughing any red stuff up today, so I’m count it as a win. Stupid tired from doing 3 loads of laundry though. Sucks.

  95. Biden and Obama are at a highschool parking lot in Flint (Northwestern). I’m desperately searching for who they’re speaking at – but so far haven’t found any pictures.

  96. Friend of mine said he’s heard Trump plans on campaigning after Election Day which makes a lot of sense given the stated plans to keep counting votes until Biden wins

  97. There are a couple of cars there- I can hear the cars honking, that’s all I hear. He’s got that “We choose X over Y” quote memorized, and it just sounds so horrible.

    He is everything bad about a politician.

  98. Jimbro – And you can thank. Niece Justice Roberts for that! Most liberal “conservative” Chief Justice ever!

  99. They should make the cars park in circles.

  100. He’s a rat bastard

  101. fb libs are really mad about the trump trucks following the biden bus. some doctor posting about them running people off the road

  102. There ain’t no us in pretending
    Your eyes give you away. . .

  103. If not for Covid this would have been the best Halloween ever

    Weekend night
    Full moon/Blue moon
    Extra hour to trick or treat

  104. I love This Week In Pictures.

  105. I love. . . Lamp.

  106. heh

  107. We’re attempting trick-or-treat in my sister’s subdivision. Possum looks forward to this all year because she gets candy and time with her cousin. I’m hoping it’s mostly normal.

  108. What’s her costume plan?

  109. She will be a unicorn princess.

    I will be a shuffling middle-aged shlub who hasn’t shaved if I don’t hop to it.

  110. Unicorns are big for kids. Pre-Covid I used to buy unicorn pens from amazon for giveaways and the kids would absolutely smile with joy.

  111. I will be a shuffling middle-aged shlub who hasn’t shaved if I don’t hop to it.

    Just put peanut butter around your lips and go as an asshole.

  112. Just put peanut butter around your lips and go as an asshole.


  113. Hopper followed by Bear. Bear followed by Beatles earworm. I feel targeted. 🤣👋🏻

  114. I love that Trump supporters are following the Biden bus in Houston in a hearse labeled “Official Democrat Cemetery Vote Collector” and “Clinton Foundation Suicide Limo Service – 1-800-HANG-URSELF”

  115. “What do you want to be when you grow up, Suzie?”

    “A unicorn!”

    “You can’t be a unicorn when you are an adult.”

    “Yes I can. Mom and Dad’s friend Jane is one. She comes to visit all the time. She’s teaches mom and dad yoga!”

    “That’s called a ‘yoga instructor,’ dear.”

    “No it’s not. I heard mom tell dad that she was a unicorn!”

  116. United States v. Silverman, 9-0 ruling, was my favorite and heartily endorsed.

  117. Two more CoWs with the Rona. All young. All recovered in 3 days. I’m so over this 💩

  118. Dan is watching Lawrence Welk Halloween shows. Bitch doesn’t even recognize the songs. I knew he was deprived. Only learning the extent now.

  119. LW did Halloween shows? Did one person dress up?

  120. Is Dan wearing a dress?

  121. https://tinyurl.com/y5yjwwtz

  122. Alex, what does unicorn mean?

  123. Two documentaries I highly recommend:

    Trump Card

    Uncle Tom

  124. Chicks who like doing it with married couples.

  125. re: the doctors for Biden ad. How can smart people believe that Trump didn’t do everything he could? How do they say that contact tracing is going to save lives? We didn’t test enough? Dr. friend of mine believes the same thing, finally said See Ya! on FB, couldn’t stand it any more.

  126. Happy Samhain pagans

    Don’t forget to set all packed clocks back an hour

  127. If it’s any consolation Jay, this doctor thinks the hysteria over America’s Covid response is complete bullshit

  128. Signing off of the Chucky marathon. Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky feature Jennifer Tilly’s ample talents but I’m drifting off despite that

  129. Well, final DSM Register poll out in Iowa:

    Ernst 46, Greenfield 42
    Trump up 7 points (!) over Biden.

    Wow, that is not what I expected, after all the stories in that paper lately. Ads have been non-stop and brutal here.

  130. I just don’t understand it, jimbro. I know I’m not a doctor, but I’m careful to listen to both sides, and it just doesn’t pass the test for me. Everything I’ve learned, points to a BS elevated response being bad.

  131. Mmmmm, Jennifer Tilly (even with that voice).

  132. having medical pros in here to bounce things off of helps. And that’s past the usual “does this look infected” questions.

  133. Remember to set clocks back!

  134. Well so far we haven’t got a single kid for trick or treat. Usually get around 30. Apparently they are all scared of the covid or our esteemed gov forbade it and I didn’t get the memo. I guess I have a bunch of candy to eat.

  135. Comment by Jay in Ames on October 31, 2020 9:59 pm
    Mmmmm, Jennifer Tilly (even with that voice).

    The voice is a plus, IMHO.

  136. Concurrence from me.

  137. My brother the surgeon and my brother in law the cardiologist both say it’s BS. Of course neither of them is a virologist, so take that for what it’s worth.

    More important in my view is that a) flu deaths have somehow dropped by 98%, and b) when Trump got it, and everyone in the world knows he’s not a healthy man, literally no one anywhere actually expected he would die. Hoped for, sure, but not expected.

  138. And in the subject of real- world consequences, I put a link up a few days ago about a guy who shot his ex to death. A week before, he was arrested on outstanding warrants, but the jail refused to take him because of Covid fears, so he was cited and released.

  139. How do you know that about flu deaths? Didn’t the main flu season just start about a month ago?

  140. 2.5 earthquake just south of here.

  141. Just in case 2020 wasn’t 2020 enough.

  142. Desmond enchanted Rebecca’s parents.

  143. hahahahahah, I told my daughter not to forget to turn her clocks back and as I’m sitting here I just remembered it’s an hour earlier. D’OH.

    I get up early so it doesn’t really matter.

  144. Yea, I don’t care what the clock says.I get up when I get up.

  145. e: the doctors for Biden ad. How can smart people believe that Trump didn’t do everything he could? How do they say that contact tracing is going to save lives? We didn’t test enough? Dr. friend of mine believes the same thing, finally said See Ya! on FB, couldn’t stand it any more.

    Doctors are like artists. They know what they know, but when they waver outside of their lane, ymmv as to whether or not it makes sense. Do they understand statistics? Do they understand the layers of misinformation given by the media? With 98% of professors – probably even in med school – being liberal, its not really a crazy idea that med school is turning out liberal doctors as well.

  146. I’ve met plenty of doctors that don’t make a lick of sense.

  147. The oldest living ex-Bond is now George Lazenby. Somethin’ off about that.

  148. So, on facedouche I belong to this group that sells compression tights /leggings. They talk a lot of fitness too, so it’s actually pretty cool. I wake up this morning and this woman mentions that she deadlifted 455. That got my attention. Humn … receding hairline … not terribly pretty… lots of makeup … THAT’S A MAN.

    So, yea, creep on “her” group posts and “she’s” bragging about her lifts and now she can outlift many men and women.

    Yea, ok. Whatever.

  149. My legs were really sore yesterday from working on the combat side stroke. Had to learn it to teach it to Ethan. But man, am I sore. Still.

  150. How do you know that about flu deaths? Didn’t the main flu season just start about a month ago?

    While there is a “flu season” there are ordinarily some number of deaths attributed to flu in any given time of year. Not this year. We cured that sumbitch.

  151. Bad Halloween jokes for Roamie


  152. While there is a “flu season” there are ordinarily some number of deaths attributed to flu in any given time of year. Not this year.

    Yeah, my mom was pestering me to get a flu shot this year, but I said “Why? I can’t possibly get it this year.”

    Your mom was pestering me on an entirely different matter.

  153. Guys! – Guys!! – GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. It’s baba nanak’s birthday.

  155. I’ve met plenty of doctors that don’t make a lick of sense.
    Fact check: True

    I first heard the phrase “Smart in school, dumb in life” somewhere along the way and it stuck with me because I’ve witnessed it so often. A lot of medical doctors have been on the path to get accepted to med school/residency/a good practice for so long they have tunnel vision. Brilliant if your cataracts need fixing but no more qualified to opine on politics than Joe Shit The Rag Man. And don’t ask them to change a flat tire or their windshield wipers for that matter.

    I like to believe I have more of an open mind to other people’s opinions. I really wasn’t on the fast tracked singular focus path to med school. In fact, if I had not got accepted to UMass my second time around I would have said the hell with it and went active duty per my ROTC scholarship requirement. Just one year of working made me understand that it was probably not a good idea to go to BU or Georgetown if I was accepted there due to the outrageous tuition which I’m sure is even more ridiculous now.

  156. Baba Booey


  157. “Not this year. We cured that sumbitch.”

    Haaahaaaha. It’s a miracle of science.

  158. Pat likes to talk about doctors not knowing shit about statistics (unless they are on the research end – which then you HOPE they know something). So they are no more of an expert when looking at the information than I am.

  159. I took a year long course in statistics in college, took a night class at BU the year I worked there in Epidemiology which was heavy on stats and in med school we got exposed to stats in all our classes the first 2 years. I don’t use stats on a regular basis now and I need to look up terms all the time if I’m reading a research paper I actually give a shit about learning something from. That being said, the orthopedic literature is not where you want to go for high minded research studies.

  160. “chop foot off here” (arrow pointing to dotted line)

  161. I only got stats in the context of other courses. Data mining, solid state and particle physics (because behavior of gases is essentially a collection of statistical phenomena). And little things like std deviation get skipped over or assumed when you learn it like that, so I had to go back and autodidact quite a bit.

    As much of a douche as Taleb has become, his early books were decent at teaching that.

  162. Stats is weird because it’s as much philosophy as math. What does it mean to say “X chance of an event”?

  163. Stats is weird because it’s as much philosophy as math. What does it mean to say “X chance of an event”?

    The AI in autonomous cars that does the actual decision making is based on doing bayesian arithmetic on giant stacks of these “facts”.

    It’ll be fine.

  164. “chop foot off here” (arrow pointing to dotted line)
    You are not wrong

    Lotta pictures in the old JBJS

  165. Hey, Keto people, this is a really good recipe. Moist and delicious. I sifted the flour:

  166. Also:


  167. The rally in PA looked amazing. Come on, America, let’s get this done!

  168. I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday,” “Whatever the end count is on the election that occurs on Tuesday, he will be elected.

    Because she, like Biden who spilled the beans on the very large voter fraud apparatus they put together, is in on the fraud.

  169. Dogs with medieval weapons are fantastic.

  170. I may be watching too many youtube videos but Koalas seem like really sweet animals.


  171. I didn’t hear any kids tear through the neighborhood last night. People across the street are big on Halloween. Had their firepit going in the driveway, couple of friends over, while dressed up. It’s the only time I’ve seen the wife not wearing black. They may have been disappointed.

  172. Weird weather day. I slept in till 7 (old time) and got woken up by Rowan looking for warmth by snuggling in beside me. Fortunately he was soon replaced by my lovely wife who reminded me why I married her. After breakfast and a shower I decided I’d stick with my pajama pants for the day … rainy, overcast and in the high 30’s so it’s a great day for sloth. My only duty is prepping dinner later and I’ve already cooked a chicken on Friday. Vegetables will be sliced, roasted and consumed.

  173. Guinea pigs are more sweeter than koalas.

    I’ve been watching KPop videos and some Rogan clips (<—- only because my son mentioned watching and I wanted to see how he got his 'news'). Definitely sounds like a pothead on many occasions but at least he talks to all kinds of people.

  174. Brother Tim, are you an uncle to anyone?

    Prager has a wonderful video about the importance of aunts and uncles. How aunts and uncles can get joy from nieces and nephews if they don’t have any children of their own.

    My children adore their aunts and uncles and I appreciate the important relationship between them. I have one brother and one sister who don’t have children so they, in a sense, use mine.

    I love it.

  175. I like the scolding the cat meme. Reminds me of when I tried to shoo a raccoon away from picking the peanuts and raisins out of the birdfeeder. He turns around slowly and had a look on his face like ‘The Fu you want?’

  176. Our long dirt driveway keeps the trick-or-treaters away. It’s been at least 10 years since we’ve had anyone here. Just as well, my dogs are not polite with anyone in the yard. Despite the lack of kids coming here we always stock up on candy. Got to fill the big plastic pumpkin! We just tossed a bunch of Laffy Taffy from a mix bag.

  177. mare, my sis-in-law has a sister who is unmarried/childless. I think it’s great how involved the sister is in her nieces/nephews lives. She’s very close to those kids and did a lot of helping when they were babies/small children. So in a way, she got a small taste of motherhood thanks to her sister. Now, she is enjoying sis’s granddaughter, too. Gets to babysit on occasion.

    Fun fact…I didn’t know until after BIL and SIL got married that this particular sister was my classmate in high school. First time we went to their house for some holiday, SIL had also invited her side of the family. We looked at each other and said, “Don’t I know you?”. We didn’t hang out or in the same circles but we were friends/acquaintances with some of the same people.

  178. Our long dirt driveway keeps the trick-or-treaters away…..Just as well, my dogs are not polite with anyone in the yard.

    That’s too bad. It would be a great Halloween experience to be chased by devil dawgs.

    I stopped handing out candy when my kids moved away. The moving away made me depressed. Used to have a ton of kids in the neighborhood back in they day.
    I will still buy a couple of bags of increasingly shrinking fun-sized candy bars for Mr. B., though. And this year I did finally decorate my mantle with a ceramic pumpkin ‘Jack Skellington’ head, and some silk fall leaves garland.

  179. I like the houses that do outdoor displays, always fun to see. I like to pretend they have kids or live in a kid-filled neighborhood. Same with Christmas lights although not in May or June, that’s just weird.

  180. I don’t trust keto recipes presented by fat folk.

    Not that I have any right to talk about keto lately, as I’ve been denying myself nothing. Just this morning I made and ate a short stack of dosas (Indian dal and rice crepes) which my gardening student taught me how to make, with toasted cheese. Om nom nom.

    Don’t tell her I used bacon grease instead of ghee to fry them. She’s a vegetarian.

  181. Found some chocolate for me at the fancier grocery store. Since I’m fasting at the moment, the tiny corner I tasted is pretty good.


    Got that one…a blueberries and dk choc…and the cinnamon, cayenne dk choc. The latter I tasted a corner, and it might be too intense. Aftertaste was as if I ate one of those red hot candies.

  182. lauraw, do you have a recipe handy for the kimchi you made? I’m thinking I need to make some.

  183. They’re all over this one!


    Hunter’s laptop?

    Not so much

  184. Mine is loosely devised, more like how you make sauerkraut. No gochujang powder, no starch paste, no pre-soaking. I doubt a Korean would recognize it but it’s a good shortcut to pickled veggies, I love it, and it makes me feel good after eating it.

    So it’s a cut-up napa cabbage or bok choi, about half as much by volume of daikon radish (cut about double matchstick size), a bunch of `sliced whole scallions, some grated ginger, garlic, sliced carrots, and maybe some sliced hot peppers. I used serranos in the last batch. Mix all together and measure by packing tightly in a measuring cup. Pour back into bowl and *I* add a scant 2 tsp of kosher salt to each quart, or more to taste and mix in well. I can use less salt because I also inoculate by adding a couple tablespoons of juice from the last batch of natural pickles or kimchi (that I keep in the fridge just for this purpose). So mine gets colonized and protected from baddies straight away. If you have no inoculant of lactic acid bacteria like this available, then use 1 tablespoon of kosher salt per quart instead, and understand that your first batch will be saltier. You can scale down and make a small batch in a pint jar to start out with and save some of the juice to inoculate future lower-salt batches if you like that.

    I pack this mix into jars, pouring any pooled liquid in there, and pressing/ mashing down with a blunt tool to bring the brine up above the level of the veg. Sometimes I wedge a plastic disk or smaller glass lid in there to keep the veggies pressed down, sometimes not. Then I put on a lid, not too tight. I let it ferment on the counter, pressing it down with a fork a couple times a day and/or burping the lid. I sit the jars in a bowl or tupperware container so that if it overbubbles the um.. fragrant…brine is captured and doesn’t run everywhere.

    After a couple days, it should be bubbling well. It should smell fermented and cabbage-smelly, but it should not grow odd colors of fungus or smell actually foul. If it does, pitch it. I have read that a little white layer of yeast is safe, don’t worry about it, although I’ve never had that appear on mine. One day I will invest in fermentation locks, but so far being too much of a skinflint hasn’t harmed a single batch of my pickles.

    Taste it periodically. After it gets as sour as you like, put it in the fridge. Mine usually takes about 5-7 days or longer depending on room temperature, but I like it pretty tart.

  185. Thank you, Humpy!!

    Never heard of gochujang powder. I was watching some foodie thing on PBS and they were downtown St. Louis at a Korean restaurant somewhere on the riverfront. The chef was describing how they did kimchi. Didn’t mention the above powder but what they did was take the napa cabbage/ginger/garlic/peppers and just put salt/other seasonings all over and between each leaf and let it sit in containers for however long.
    Chef then took the host home to meet his Korean speaking parents, who brought him over when he was little, Their hole backyard was a veggie garden and in large ceramic and glass jars, sitting next to the house, they were fermenting all kinds of stuffs for his restaurant.

  186. Last Sunday at church, the priest pretty much laid it out that you can’t be a Catholic and vote democrat. He didn’t say ‘democrat’ but did say you can’t vote for candidates who do not respect life/protect the preborn and who takes God out of their platform.

    Can you imagine if we didn’t have the lavender mafia running rampant in the Church and if bishops found their balls in confronting the evil within/without? Abp Vigano has come out recently to criticize the marxist in the pope hat again and indirectly endorse Trump…that he stick to his guns/hold steady.

  187. Yeah, the Korean recipes I see, they soak the cabbage in a little water with salt in between each leaf for a few hours until the leaves pre-wilt a bit to become very flexible. Then they rinse the cabbage thoroughly. They make a cooked starch paste and add a large quantity of hot pepper powder (gochujang), a little sugar, fish sauce (I sometimes add the fish sauce) or fermented shrimp, all the cut up veggies, maybe a whole oyster or two, etc and rub and layer this mixture in between each leaf of cabbage. They press the cabbages into crocks and ferment. Cutting up the cabbage first and mixing it all up together is considered a casual ‘quick’ kimchi method and not as traditional or elegant for diners as serving the whole cabbage, sliced neatly on a platter. I guess the idea is that if you serve it as a chopped dish, people might think you’re serving yesterday’s leftovers.

  188. Ooops, gochugaru, not gochujang. Gochujang is the chili sauce. Gochugaru is the korean chili powder.

  189. Having some pulled pork for lunch. So dang good.

    I’ve been checking the store every other day for more since it’s on sale for .99/lb but it’s either ‘out’ or the ones left have too much fat. May have to travel to another store in another city to see if they have any.

  190. I may need to adopt a korean who already knows how to kimchi.

  191. Question, if she told the ER she was a tranny, then why didn’t she tell them she could be pregnant so they could do a proper eval upon arrival. Patients do have some responsibility in their healthcare. Not to mention, if the dumbass quit taking testosterone while still having her parts, then why didn’t the dumbass use protection while having heterosexual sex?

    “This week, The New England Journal of Medicine published a bizarre story. A “transgender man” entered a hospital with severe abdominal pains. Because she was identified as a man, the doctors naturally did not think to treat her for labor and delivery, so she tragically lost the baby. Rather than emphasizing the danger of placing gender identity over biological sex, both the journal and The Washington Post made the absurd claim that the hospital should not have ruled out pregnancy for a man.

    “He was rightly classified as a man” in the medical records and appears masculine, Dr. Daphna Stroumsa at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, wrote in the journal article. “But that classification threw us off from considering his actual medical needs.”

    “The point is not what’s happened to this particular individual but this is an example of what happened to transgender people interacting with the health care system,” she added….

    ……..Hours later, a doctor evaluated her and confirmed pregnancy. They took an ultrasound and found clear signs of fetal heart activity, but part of the umbilical cord had slipped into the birth canal. Doctors prepared to do an emergency c-section, but the baby’s heartbeat stopped in the operating room.

    The Washington Post reported these words, “Moments later, the man delivered a stillborn baby.”

    Tellingly, the authors wrote that if a clearly identified woman had shown up with similar systems, the woman “would almost surely have been triaged and evaluated more urgently for pregnancy-related problems.” In other words, the confusion of transgender identity prevented the doctors from giving this mother the care she needed.”


  192. Jimbro, there is a picture online I’ve seen 3 times that shows that white SUV partially in the lane of a Trump truck. It appears that the white SUV caused the problem himself by trying to be cute and moving into the truck’s lane.

    The FBI is shit. It would take an “investigator” about 5 minutes to dismiss the incident.

    Fuck the FBI.

  193. I need to know if any of you have put your christmas stuff up.

    I have THREE local friends who already have. I actually think a few more have as well.

    What the actual fuck?

  194. Huh, Jesse Kelly twitted this a bit ago.

  195. Carin, I have not, but I follow quite a few “influencers” on Instagram and although they often put stuff up early to sell things and to get the lead on whatever, the feeling is fairly universal online that everyone could use the positive feeling of Christmas in the home because 2020 has been garbage.

    Don’t know if I made any sense.

  196. I actually am not sure what the name of the Chineses Soap Opera I watch on youtube is called. The name of the channel is Drama Forever. lol

    This is one of the clips titles:

    Bitch ignored me and broke my servant’s leg, I retaliated against her fiercely in front of everyone

    The retaliation was to make her wear earrings that hurt her ears.


    I love this show so much.

  197. I put my bear nativity out. (I’m lying. I never put it away).

  198. Meh. I know that’s the excuse people are using. Sorry, decorating my house for Christmas before Halloween doesn’t undo the damage right now. it doesn’t replace everything that’s been taking away.

    So, hard pass.

  199. I am an uncle, four times, ages from 32 (eldest niece) to 14ish (youngest niece), with one nephew a year out of college and another mopping up. Three I see maybe one day out of the year when the holidays don’t get borked. The eldest I see maybe two with the same proviso. Eldest is in Atlanta, others are scattered around (VA / NY).

    So I have family, yes, but…it’s not the same.

  200. I put my one-way bat door up, but it is not very festive.


  201. Festive

  202. Sorry, decorating my house for Christmas before Halloween doesn’t undo the damage right now. it doesn’t replace everything that’s been taking away.



    I don’t do Christmas stuff until Thanksgiving. But I will decorate whenever I feel like it. They can’t dictate that.


  203. Almost through Kansas. Hoping to make it to St Louis by tonight.

  204. Biden is on Fox News right now, trying to talk through two masks, and I can’t understand a word he’s saying.

  205. Blocking a road with a BLM protest: good.
    Following a bus in your truck with a Trump flag: bad.

    Got it.

  206. Masks: Rational vs irrational

  207. it doesn’t replace everything that’s been taking away.

    So, hard pass.

    Cheer up CARin the Grinch. Haven’t you heard?


  208. Where are you going to be staying Coalex?

    Had I known, I’d have gotten the bed from the farm set up and the other crap moved out of the way, in the basement apartment, for you.

  209. Breasn, thank you. I’ll probably just find a hotel once I’m too tired to keep driving.

  210. I won’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It may be the day after Thanksgiving since Mini-me will be home, but it will be after Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time.

  211. Thank you, Pepe, I forwarded that link to Mr. RFH.

    One that wasn’t in there:
    Sign in an Egyptian funeral home: Satisfaction guaranteed or double your mummy back.

  212. Ikea-pult


  213. I LOL’d hard.

  214. Beasnsnsnsns, when I was out of town, did your MIL end up moving to a dementia care facility?

  215. This is sooooooo uncomfortable to watch. People, I guarantee you this creepy old man has acted on his creepiness.

  216. https://is.gd/__BBF_Round_5_Results

  217. Well, I’m a little disappointed in Sierra.

  218. Mare, biden’s daughter’s diary was leaked and in it she wrote about taking showers with him.

  219. I have never once taken a shower with Possum. That is effin’ creepy.

  220. CoAl, that explains so much about the Pedo.

  221. I’m bummed that I won’t be buying my 2021 calendar in HI. Getting it shipped from Hilo Hattie. Hawaii calendars at WalMart locations, $.98. HI calendars at WM.com?$12.99. Free shipping, yo.

  222. The SS stories about Quid Pro Joe have been embargoed. Dr Jill is a monster. I agree with 45. Some of the videos of Biden are more sad than funny.

  223. Chris Wallace, FNC decision desk director.

    This will end well. Why do I hate this guy so much? I don’t hate Chuck Todd this much.

  224. I sold something on eBay today. With one minute to go the high bid was $33. It sold for $162.

    Nerve wracking. Especially since I turned down an early offer of $90.

  225. Yeah, I don’t care for the ebay bidding method.

  226. Ugh. Stopped for gas and saw a rear tire was very low on air. Filled it up and kept driving until I got to Kansas City, checked again and it seemed fine. Stopped for gas later and checked it again, and found the screw in the tire. I stopped for the night because I found a hotel near the walmart so I can try to get it repaired in the morning, but it means I’m about three hours behind where I wanted to be. I have to take a piss test in Indianapolis tomorrow so it’s going to be a bit hectic in the morning.

  227. If Walmart can’t help, or is too slow, give Slime a shot.

  228. Thanks, I’ll remember that.

  229. I was able to add about 10 years of life to my riding lawn mower tires with that stuff.

  230. I just want to get through the next week. Gotta get to VA, find a place to live, drive to Columbus, pack a uhaul, and drive back to VA.

  231. Also, happy No Nut November, everyone. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  232. That’s a lot of driving. You’re going to want a real patch if not a new tire.

  233. Sounds like fun, if you leave out the looking for a place to live part.

  234. In the past six weeks I’ve driven Columbus, Ohio to Glenwood Springs, CO to Norco, CA to Portland, OR and back to Glenwood Springs. I mean, there are times when it’s been great, but my diet has gone to shit and I can’t find time or energy to work out. I need to get settled.

    Saw a place online that looks promising. Two-bedroom guest house in Stafford. It looks like it would be about an hour each way, so comparable to what I was driving in CA. I emailed the landlord and the place is still on the market. I’ll email her again on Monday and set up a visit on Wednesday or Thursday.

  235. You renting a trailer?

  236. Yup.

  237. Practically free.

  238. It is.

  239. Ok, now I’m kicking myself. I ended up driving about ten miles out of my way to find a hotel near a walmart with a tire center, when it turns out that I could have just stayed on the highway another ten miles and found the same. Stupid phone didn’t show me that…

  240. Small potatoes in the overall scheme of things.

  241. meh, 10 miles is nothing, especially tomorrow morning.

  242. Yeah, but still annoying. I’m gonna get up early and see how the tire looks. If it hasn’t deflated much, then I might try to get a an hour or so down the road before the tire places open at 8-8:30. If something happens it will be during daylight, which is better than fucking around in the dark trying to get my tire changed out.

  243. If you can find a Discount Tire or Tire Discounter store I recommend them both. I’ve also bought the patch kits from auto parts stores that have the patch, cleaning and insertion tool, and rubber sealant all in one package. If the screw is in the tread you can do it yourself but you’ll get dirty, and will have to deflate, patch, wait for it to dry, then inflate to check. Most of the used tire places can get you set up with a decent tire pretty quick, but no warranty obviously.

  244. Didn’t someone at The Hostages post and article here about CT parents and their drive to get their kids into Ivy League college using fencing and squash and other some such sports?

    if so, here’s an update on that article

  245. That was probably me.

    I’ve been going through election night and aftermath poats and found this comment:

    Comment by leoncaruthers on November 10, 2016 8:42 am
    I’m gonna laugh my ass off if the liberals trying to buy guns and learn how to use them get clued in to WHY we care about them so much.

    Now there’s talk that all the gun buying in response to the riots may shift voters to Trump…

  246. Darlene’s ears rang persistently.

  247. https://is.gd/DoXIil

  248. HA! Seal with SEALS.

  249. I may make a BIG SHOW out of Thanksgiving decorations. I can be passive aggressive like that.

  250. Is no nut November a ban on sex or just a ban on wanking?

  251. I read that Gretchen is requiring names and numbers to get food or a beer?

    That seems…odd.

    Do you remember 2 weeks to slow the spread? Now we’re talking about getting personal information so you can eat and stopping evolutionary biology.

    6/10 would smash Gretchen.

  252. Is no nut November a ban on sex or just a ban on wanking?


  253. *barfs in dog

  254. I’ll let you know how that goes. I work at 4. First day of name/number taking.

  255. 6/10 would smash Gretchen.

    With a bat.


  256. Pretty sure I’d be harder to entrap than those idiots though.

  257. Should someone wake up CoAlex?

  258. I can see a light underneath his door …

  259. Just woke up. MMM shortly.

  260. From Stilton’s Place:

    “This is also potentially a good time to stock up on American flags with “only” 50 stars in case of a Democrat victory. These will not only be valuable collector’s items, but they’ll also be a handy way to identify your home as not belonging to an asshole.”


  261. Mommmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! car in is peeking under co lex’s door again!!

  262. Did she ever stop?

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